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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  December 21, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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that's it for us tonight for eight if you want more of me which i know you do, watched tucker tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. if you need another christmas gift for someone you love or even for someone you hate, order a copy of my book how i saved the world. visit they ingraham and graham tomorrow night when raymond arroyo sits in the chair. greg gutfeld takes it from here ♪ [cheers and applause] >> i am grinning. happy glorious tuesday my precious friends and fans, last sunday america's media suffered a tragic loss. no cnn didn't lose its fever, i happen on fox news sunday. >> if i can't go home and
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explained explain to the people of west virginia i can't put forth, and i can't put cake to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't break i've tried everything possible and i just can't get there. >> you're done, this is a no. >> this is a no. >> that was pretty good. who knew it took chris wallace to leave before the sunday show breaks actual news. i kid, we are very close. he went on to something that's called cnn plus. good luck chris, but avoid brin your children to workday. for their sake. a lot of perverts over there. they're is deep sadness for the press who invested so different outcome. it's like leaving a bunch of christmas presents in your car only to find out while you're i the mall getting a pretzel, somebody broke into your car an
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stole them all. >> ricky news, he has said he i a firm no on this. >> he's a mercurial person to b dealing with for people i talke to within the white house. we know this to be true. he may want to be a key figure in some ways when it comes to the decision. >> if he wanted to extend that. >> who is that guy anyway. did you hear that audible gasp from the first panel of it was someone was standing on his oxygen hose. may become as someone accidentally clicked on that would cause me to gasp it. it turns out they were devastated they didn't get the trillion dollar spending bill i they never to debate, but much less read. they were mad their side blast and that was it, it was once again politics. they bet $20,000 on the heavily
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favored team and they lost. like the crybabies they are the lost and wanted to take their ball and go home. although it was probably a meatball, because he likes to eat. just in case you didn't get it. rde's are, and poor jennifer rubin, one of the truly broken casualties steamrolled by trumk machine wrote that democracy is now hanging by a thread. which is exactly how your famil will find you in the basement every ever read her on a regula basis that crockpot has been wrong more times than boris johnson's barber. she makes no sense. he operated just as our political system should, it's o a public freight he stood up to both the hard left progressives and the media historical pressure and told them to shove it up their collective puckered leap.
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it's just a biological description per it put his constituents first, those ribs that the media flows to gasbag straight bet midler described west virginia is poor illiterate , and strung out, all things you have to be to sit through one of one her movies. i'd rather be water boarded wit mountain dew than watch beaches. i don't care. what she can i do to me. later she was forced to apologize for saying what she believed and what the media entertained in academia believe you that they are smarter than all of you, but of course they aren't, they're stupid. who mourns for the death of a bill they didn't even read and the bill sucked from the start it's based on a strategy mitt meant to make it impossible to analyze the fact is everything the government produces is gigantic on purpose. including their mistakes. it's like an insurance company that put you on hold for the goal is to wear you down so you give up. remember this great line?
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>> find it away from the fold o the controversy. >> have to pass it to see what' in it. which is exactly what my drug mule said to me. paid first, than see what you'r getting? that logic doesn't work in the real world, does it? >> and then he said it's probably malignant. and i'll get this. oak, excuse me, miss? this doesn't list what we ordered, and it says iou $18,000 . how can that be $18,000? >> you also ordered a diet coke. so why not you pay now and we'l discuss it afterwards. >> can you tell me why a cost that much now?
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it's a lot of money. >> just pay now you racist. >> you had to get the shrimp. >> they're is a bigger picture here when biden ran for office he had to clear a very low bar return to normalcy is what he called it. he pushed that bid to business than he returned the basement and pulled up next to an old bowflex machine. everybody has one. normalcy meant his resting hear rate of zero. that after four years of wearin a leather jacket, it was time for america to put on that fuzz warm cardigan that was old joe, it was made of a type of wall that everyone's allergic to. and even monts motz couldn't stomach the taste. with soaring inflation and escalating crime waves, still denied by the democrats and a
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pandemic panic worse then the new poll finds that 70 percent of voters call this a bad year. the other have saying it was awful for them personally, and that doesn't even include the cuomo brothers or alec baldwin that whole was on fox news that you know this is gauging how th voters feel i not the politicians or the media. it shows a record low for fighting, so how is that for. they don't look at it this way the, they don't ask you about it . when they say your suffering, they see it as how does that affect. that's why they ignored the grimly because it was bad news for them even though it was bad news for everyone including you. political worries that will use at least one if not both in the midterms. on worry they'll lose their rea houses as the economy thanks grady says everything everythin but the medium were in seville that will take inflation to new heights because their party last
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. everything is how it will affec their party, their bottom line. america didn't expect much or even ask for much just a little bit of order, little comfort a smidgen of optimism. we were promised a company backrub and we got a onesie mad of steel wool. it sounds kinda kind of good at this point. let's welcome tonight's guest, santa has her on both lists, nice and extremely nice, fox news reporter susan lee. he has the face of your nephew and the politics of your dad, both of the guys guy benson. he is a hockey fan who put the
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fbi on ice. and finally, his jokes get wors reception than at a high school dance. joe devito. >> guy, good to see you as always great it looked very comfortable. >> thanks, i am taking a page out of your book with the littl sweater tie combo. >> i figured it's been a crazy week, i don't feel like dressin up. he probably got some anonymous support. >> definitely i would say one o two.
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it works for you, it works for us to keep our mouth shut as long as this doesn't move forward. find it interesting with at-hom monologue and the physician wer in as a country, the white hous put out a memo to tell all of u that in fact we're better off today than we were a year ago. i read it, and i stood corrected . other things i've been feeling and witnessing and experiencing in my life is all nonsense. they're are very bill who think it's like sean hannity knowing his household. its no, it's a by interest bide at 41 percent. 29 among independents. >> and has been expert he's getting crushed by hispanics,
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not literally, just in the polls . >> how did i get invited into this reverse "outnumbered" episode. i'm the one lucky girl here instead of the one lucky guy. i'm not sure how i got the shor straw, but okay. >> webb which has hyped at to d with it. i didn't mean it that way but okay. >> what happened to this trillion dollar spending bill passed. what would happen to the economy . what would we see inflation unless it would go to at least that was my conservative prediction. 100 percent. >> so joe manchin said no to 2 trillion. buddies offering $1.8 trillion
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for that still lots of money. you still get 100 and i think he's making some reasonable counteroffers, you have to be a taxpayer in order to get a chil tax credit per se. that makes sense. and he's also offering a payrol tax to my trying to find a way to pay for this package, we're already at $29 trillion in debt that's like like one and a half times the u.s. economy, the government is for splitted 3 trillion more than they take in every year. ticket maybe we should. >> webb if you are wrong the whole time and you just keep printing money. what if we were completely wrong . just keep printing it. >> zimbabwe has tried this, it does not work. >> you know what? and bob wade dollar. cash, would he even have to
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campaign at this point? >> no. he went down to texas last weekend and i drove in about 40 fiftieths of his motorcades and he's no longer his texas motorcade was longer than his presidential motorcade. the secret service are what we are supposed to do. >> that's amazing. just because the crowds? >> the crowds and the people that showed up on the streets. no, he doesn't have to campaign. >> couldn't get any worse for joe? >> and ranger, why not. if you look at that photo, i would have to say yes. >> i had to use this analogy before i said the no when you have a new car, joe. you say we can repair this and we should pay the bill.
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it's never the same, has different spells. that kind of what this presidency is for the democrats. they just want to total the car. to get the old car smell. you don't hear a lot about that. they see cigarettes and after shame and shame. >> little bit of liniment that was stained into it. >> in covered with a blanket. exactly. exactly. >> those were the days. >> what should i ask you? >> fair enough. what isaiah is the question, is what the question it would be very. >> did you take offense to that midler, i think it's interestin that she has her apology but do
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you really think she's sorry. she has no conscious. i think one of the things we've seen over the past couple of years, the veil over the way that the rest of these people see the united states. sheep you clearly piece in then to say anything afterward. not that kind. i'm glad somebody in the democratic party and they say one man should. there's also the the 50 people before. and less he found a huge stack of cash somewhere.
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>> is christmas nears, aydin stokes fears, but is the newberry in really that scary? or is the exclusion of the new mild strain show that covid is on the wane? between naps, the president addressed the nation and wait out a plan to battle omicron wh he once thought was a giant
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space robot. the government will spend half billion at-home test to anyone who wants impaired. >> how concerned should you be if you're not fully vaccinated? you have good reason to be concerned. if you are vaccinated, than fil the precautions we all know well , you should feel comfortable celebrating christmas and the holidays as you planned. you done the right thing, get vaccinated now i honest to god believe it is your patriotic duty. we've added 10,000 vaccination sites, we should all be do not panic. >> thank you for panicking us. while new york grapples with omicron and south africa is almost gone where omicron was discovered, cases are falling
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and scientist are baffled. one scientist said it could be because they're running out of test or their it so mild people aren't getting tested. what do you have to say for this , joe? >> look chemically, i don't wan to hear any complaints, you better not cry because everybod gets a free test kit and the yo gotta get tested. together get boosted because th omicron is coming, is coming to town. climbing in your window you've got to hide the kids and hide your wife. come on, man. of throwback. on the five today i talked abou how it's time for americans to take control of this because th government is inefficient in implementing any leadership on
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it. the government can never say when anything ends. february 1st read how do i make this happen? >> one, is the most important thing. two, you have to have the best merchandise you've ever created for killing the only chrome virus. in three, instead of calling it omicron or amber crombie or whatever he did today. after color what italic, megatron. with that on the t-shirt, maybe a sweater even and then you sel the other that stuff. in donated. >> you know, i don't buy anything you just said. i think you're just trying to make a buck, cash. >> in trying to get invited to party. that's what you're so healthy. >> are these variants i think
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it's an exercise in cowardice, they are treating all the variants the same and they're not very. >> this one seems pretty weak. omnicom almost sounds like a star wars equal. it's everywhere, but it's not a strong as the original. maybe were getting lucky that it's margarines bendable, but it's less of a problem when you get it. we could getting close to herd immunity which because we have said that hurt that biden said, he was going to cure cancer, these are the kind of promises you can make when you're 79 years old and you know you don' have to have a 20 year plan. >> exactly.
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>> and his wife is a doctor. emin dr. jill biden, everybody, but i'm not going to let her operate on me. >> active intake the encased beach today. it was closer to a tone that i appreciated. it was a little less panicky. the thing is though, this is a guy who won by promising to crush the virus and that clearl has not happen. a lot of it is out of his control, but that's not how we treated trump. we blamed her for everything an now all of a sudden he's becaus he's got a higher body count than the last guy so that's not exactly super generous of him. they're are some things in his control. the fact that there are major cities in this long lines for testing, two years into this is insane. the fact that mister schartz, m parents have been waiting weeks to get there sprayed those are not widely available. where is the monochrome all
8:26 pm
antibodies. they're our things that he coul have done that would given all the speeches and shaming us constantly, he could've done some things differently and we would be in a better place than we are right now. he should own that. >> he made a lot of excellent points. >> thank you, greg. they needed your permission to clap. >> we have a lot of power. any time, i could have them rip you apart great i will just not my fingers until just review to shreds. susan. >> i have the opposite view. >> you're talking about infections, you not talking about severity or desperate i just want to note i can't go se my family overseas this
8:27 pm
christmas because i am concerne the government might get panicked and checked on the border. >> that's a good move. my wife is going to moscow for christmas in you're saying they might shut it down grade. >> it's also postabortion. i had to do $500 in testing in terms on top up at. >> and i get that. in europe you can get a test fo five euros, what is that, like $8? why can't we get that here. in london though you get a full english breakfast. >> while you pay for your own quarantine. i think we have to move on, right? >> if you don't want the rapid test, i would go for a test tha takes as long as possible. at like that swab to be in ther
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a good three or four days.
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metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day. ♪ >> who should play the man that sang bubba lou, woke stirs thin they know better than you. writer-director defending his castmate as a cuban character i his new film. apparently some people had a problem he was cast to plate desi arnaz who is cuban purred they called casting based on race, sexual orientation the mother of all empty gestures. they argued in doing so it's just the artistic community re- segregating itself not only
8:33 pm
cuban actors should play desi, think it is the mother of all empty gestures and a bad idea. i think this segment is overbearing when you see straight actors playing characters or vice versa, does it bother you? not really very the only thing that bothers me is there are a lot of gay actors. but i think there is a whole game that is played is tedious. of you not not exactly the righ height person than you can't do this because representation, equity, and all of that, i thin
8:34 pm
it's exhausting to most people. i am all here for you should just be ill it will get offende sometimes. it's probably because it's getting harder and harder for t cast for stafford and can't use them. like jeff daniels. >> the whole point about susan is, about acting is that you should play people that are unlike you you are. that shows your merits as an actor. i know i would be a great black female lesbian. to get you would you would do very well. >> so you don't have to be cuba to play desi, so that means som
8:35 pm
of you like me could play snow white don't you think. to get are you a good actress? you get better. i think minorities and hollywoo don't get enough opportunity. i think they should get more roles. gig to get the fact is though, like the phrase affable. >> it's like legible. >> the most underrated snack. the original plan was to have play lucy.
8:36 pm
you are 70, i'm in my low 40s. it's not that funny. i could be. i was pretty good for my age. people are not mentioning that nicole kidman is australian. she played the wife of tom cruise. >> thank you. this is why it's so absurd that acting now is is he supposed to become an alcoholic now to play desi arnaz? i don't like that and i don't like the way the black actors that are beautiful tried to get extra credit. the world is full of ugly people . give them the role. if you're going to play a seria
8:37 pm
killer, make it a hot one. you don't have to go ugly. you don't have to do that. do you feel like you're watchin a lot of liberals doing with that frankenstein monster they created. to give ducks what they're doing , they're also not watching hollywood. what infuriates me, it's not even about we have to get more minority actors or more gay actors. ico bronchi playing by a non- bronchi. there's like a billion of us on earth. >> it's either that or they hired justin trudeau. ticket leakages range. >> he could do anything great just play one role as long as some paint nearby, racist.
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coming up, he will play record taxes, but will lose liz warren still throw taxes grade >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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[upbeat acoustic music throughout] (vo) for fourteen years, subaru and our retailers have been sharing the love with those who need it most. now subaru is the largest automotive donor to make-a-wish and meals on wheels. and the largest corporate donor to the aspca and national park foundation.
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get a new subaru during the share the love event and subaru will donate two hundred and fifty dollars to charity. ♪ >> liz want him to pay more taxes, so he hit her with the facts. senator warren was on the warpath until elon musk showed him as math radio gladly pay 11 billion bucks to tell the world that pocahontas sucks. a little dr. seuss for you. what could be the largest individual payment ever to the irs affects he reveals he'll be paying over $11 billion in taxe this year. if he smart he will spread it out over a few months than it won't seem like that much. he tweeted this weekend, for those wondering i'll pay over 11 billion in taxes this year i return he got, but had roads in
8:43 pm
a senile president. 11 billion that's like joe to b does list of exes xers. lots of zeros. the treat was clearly directed at senator elizabeth warren who you claim that elon wasn't playing his fair share. they're not even 164 through. it turns out, he pays more in taxes then the entire gdp of several countries, and not just some of the leap ones, susan. he plays half of the massive budget while having infinitely more spaceships, so yes, it's a lot of money, but it still less than what brian spent on pie. the guy is sick of the fair share of fate phrase. it's inherently meaningless, i don't even know what it means. why don't we have a response to that?
8:44 pm
>> you could do the budgetary response which is the top 1 percent the dreaded top 1 percent of wage earners pay roughly 40 percent of all the federal income. is that fair, if not, why not? when he writes that tech to the government, elon musk, he could maybe have that memo, right? what is he supposed to deal. if it's not good enough or not fair enough, i would love to explain why and than also explain why she has ever contributed to society, which i would say as a lot less than this guy who's actually created jobs and created really excitin things. >> he is a force to be reckoned with. in terms of contributions, i think that's a good point. the float breaks down to $11,00 per person bright isn't it amazing that he's paying 11 billion. that's 1 million times 11,000. >> that works, sure.
8:45 pm
and he be allowed to do whateve he wants? >> i don't understand why the democrats vilify and condemn success. this man and sending rockets into space he's going to colonize mars, electrified cars i think his goals are in line with what the democrats want to i don't understand how he's a villain. by the way, i love him. without him come up my days would be much more boring. i think he is paying his fair share. >> he's got good twitter game,. >> he might run for president. >> i would definitely vote for him, i might even work for him. >> really? >> just to get close to grimes. so when i was over at dod,.
8:46 pm
>> he is doing some cool stuff every day. he's doing a ton of stuff that you would think is so global. he is almost no one knows about it, but has been building for five years witches we're free wi-fi for the world. and no one's talking about it. the democrats democrat should b championing this. i could be in africa and get free wi-fi on my $3 million if you watched from of these uploads, it's like as string of pearls being dropped in the night sky, we're all paying for it that's why he's a rich, the' biggest contractor is elon musk. >> interesting. >> never get tired from him now. drop it on the floor, does the government deserve his money? >> no, deserve has got to go. things in your life that you ca either earn them or you got lucky. elizabeth warren, very hard to take shots at the guy who's mad
8:47 pm
his own spaceship. i heard he made up with her, he sent her $24 worth of beef she said she's cool with that. >> that is classic socialism, the inability to innovate or create wealth, all they can do is try to take it from someone else move it to someone else. he has created a lot of value, am team elon. >> she likes to cut out the pie but he likes to just bake more pies. feed a man with a pie or teache man to make a pie. either way, the horse goes to the water, but it doesn't drink. anyway, as the bird is in his hand. up next, they candycane supply goes south
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to stupid stories. first up, peppermint supplies g from bad to worse and it's enough to make anyone curse. truth candycane lovers will go without, but things are good if you're a potty mouth.
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they're is a candycane shortage due to the supplied chain crisis . to make matters worse, the peppermint harvest have been declining for the last several years than 25 percent since 2011 . less peppermint more government. thanks, biden. you just can't make more peppermint by forcing peppers t have with mints. it's not surprising if you have been office near dana perino, the filthy farm girl. not to be confused with cnn's prime time lineup or related variations rose 29 percent from 2019 through 2021 on facebook right up 27 percent on twitter. everyone becoming comfortable
8:53 pm
with being casual as reasons wh were cursing also anyone watching the news constantly asking can you believe this leap . more power to the sky. and combine this story i would like a candycane that curses. >> you could say where's my peppermint. i don't think we should worry about a shortage of peppermints that's where the grandmas of america they have that dish tha sits on the coffee table for years you go to pick one up in the entire coffee table comes up . >> ribbon candy as they used to call it back in the day. >> spicy. do you swear? get a try not to parrot gig it' because of what we do and feel like if it infiltrator language in then you'll start using it all day at work great. >> what's weird it worked great i swear constantly at work.
8:54 pm
dena never swears and his horn three times on the fibroid i don't believe that. >> did you make her do it. >> no, she saw edit man treat a alligator badly in a bar. she didn't realize she was on tape when she said that. and then she also said leap a couple of times. i'm tired of hearing about this [bleep] and then she says whoop he. make fun of her dog, guys, she will say just about everything. in probably like candy cadence and hates wearing bright. >> i don't like candy canes because i don't like pender mel in general. i'm more concerned about the cream cheese shortage than the peppermint. keep your peppermints. i will take cream cheese if i can find it anywhere. on the cursing thing, one other things that makes you really feel alive is when you're on their show and you can curse because they can believe it, i've been on the show a few
8:55 pm
times this would be the perfect opportunity to do it, but i'm going to wait until next time. that's what i've come to admire he would've taken it, but he would've, he said that somethin everyone else would do. not me, restraint is your middl name i hear. or maybe it's restraints, plural . you could pick they candycane, swearing, both. this holiday season i'm going t eat candycane scum i go play hockey, get punched in the face instead of spitting chiclet, i' going to spit candy canes. >> read you play hockey? get every sunday in virginia. >> i did know they have hockey. to get it's the world greatest beer league team. they don's. i'll wear my jersey next time.
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>> please do. don't go akamai will be right back. ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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♪ ♪ we are out of time. thank you to our guests in our studio audience. welcome to fox news at night. i am shannon bream and washington pray breaking tonight , thought president biden outlining his plan to respond t the latest searching coronavirus . term says he's appreciative but surprised that he acknowledges successes on the covid front, the latest on the variant and what it could mean for your christmas and travel plans vaccine a


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