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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 27, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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broadcaster there. not really willing to swing with the punches. on to something different. seems like kate middleton wants to be known more than weaving and zipping tea. she's showing off a talent that some royal watchers didn't see coming. so there's the duchess of cambridge. she's playing piano at a christmas celebration over the weekend. thanks for joining us, mike. great to be with you. >> "the story" in with trace gallagher for martha starts right now. >> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher. there's no federal solution for this omicron surge says was biden telling the nation's governor as short time ago that this latest strain gets solved at a state level. the nation saw more than 214,000 new covid cases yesterday.
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numbers we have not seen in a year. but my next guest, dr. adjad says cases are no longer the major metric. first, to steve harrigan with the very latest on this. steve? >> trace, president biden meeting with the white house covid response team along with a number of governors. the president saying the omicron variant was cause for concern but he said it's not a cause for panic. he also said that the federal government needs to do more when it comes to ramping up testing. >> the lines have gotten very long in some states. that's why i order fema to set up pop-up sites in places with high demand. >> in many major cities across the u.s., there's huge lines for testing that go around block after block. people waiting for hours to find out whether or not they have the virus. >> we're traveling tomorrow. we want to make sure that we're clean. >> we vaccinated and everything.
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we didn't feel well, so we want to get tested. >> so the numbers of new cases continues to go up. many states including new york and new jersey setting records for new cases. roughly 200,000 a day right now.that's up 45%. one bright spot, hospitalizations have not kept pace with the new cases. in the same time period, hospitalizations are up 3%. back to you. >> thanks, steve in atlanta home to the cdc. let's bring in dr. ja. welcome. you made big news this weekend when you said cases should no longer be the metric we look at. we should focus on hospitalizations and deaths. are you going as far as to say that maybe this should with treated as an endemic, somewhat like the flu? >> yeah, first of all thanks for having me back. the way i think about this,
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we're shifting in this acute phase with what we until omicron that cases led to hospitalizations and that led to deaths. that linked between cases and deaths is starting to break. i think that is a feature of an endemic virus. i'm not saying it's endemic yet. we're still in a crisis situation. i think next month will be tough for the country. we're transitioning to a different way to think about this virus and how we learn to live with it. >> it's a key word, "transitioning." there's reports when you talk about the the therapies, they're exciting people, pfizer and merck. now they say the third booster shot from pfizer starts to wane after ten weeks. are you in favor of a fourth, a fifth, maybe a sixth shot at some point in time or should we begin transitioning to these therapeutics that seem very compelling in the early stages? >> yes, on the therapeutics, completely right.
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they're compelling. including the pfizer data out of the clinical trials. the challenge is making sure that we have enough of it and ramping up productions. in terms of whether or not we need more vaccines, we need it to be driven by data. i get an annual flu shot. i got one every year. it's not a big deal. the question is will it be enough? i want to see the evidence that we have against severe disease. if we don't, then we have to ask ourselves why do we need additional boosters. right now let's see what the data shows us before we make any decisions. >> you talk about a flu shot every year. when we're talking about getting boosters and added boosters every ten weeks, every three months, it seems to be something that would confuse people and put people off. >> yeah, i don't think -- i don't see a future that we get boosters every three months. the questions right now, the two big questions, down the road,
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are we going to need a variant-specific booster or one for omicron. what i'm hoping for is a booster down the road that is sort of a pan coronavirus that works around a variety of different variants. that might be really helpful. so what i want to do, see what wraps and what gets tested and what we need. in the short run, i don't think anybody should be concerned about the boosters. we need to get the current booster. >> dr. fauci said this about shortening the quarantine. i'll get your response on the other side. watch. >> this is something actively discussed literally on a daily basis. you'll have so many people infected at some time that you want to not just disrupt society. >> do you think we're at the point that we can shorten the quarantine? >> absolutely. i have said and pretty public about this, currently cdcs is ten-day isolation after you test positive. that's too long for most people.
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there's lots of ways of shortening it. i advocated for five days with a negative test. new york city is going for five days. there's a variety of reasonable approaches. asking people to stay looked up in their home for ten days after a test doesn't really make scientific sense. >> martha: you've been very outspoken about schools. they need to remain open. you have said -- i want this sound bite from the surgeon general around the ramifications of closing schools. >> i'm concerned about our children. there's an epidemic of mental health challenges and partly because of the pandemic. >> and yet here we are again with schools, colleges and other schools shutting down for a few weeks in the spring semester. what would you tell these schools? >> what i would tell the schools, what i've been telling school districts across the country, we're not in march of
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2020. we have the tools to keep schools open. in the past, can we do it safely? we can do it safely. we have the tools to do it safely. i believe firmly that schools should be the very last thing to close and the first things to open in any society. i so no reason right now that schools should be closing down. >> it's interesting. i have to go. but the president, we led this whole thing off. president biden saying there's no federal solution. this is up to the states. you can't get certain states on the same page. in california, for example, you know, los angeles county is going by cases as we started this conversation. that's their metric. in northern california, they're going by hospitalizations and deaths. how is it that you try to convince people that you should all be on the same page? >> yeah, this is a feature of or democracy. states do things differently. sometimes it works out well. other times it's maddening.
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we have to show people what is important. cases matter, too. no reason to let infections run wild. we have to keep focused on what matters most. >> dr. jha, good information. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> it's clearly not enough. president biden emphasizing his effort to make covid tests more available as americans grow frustrated with long lines and lack of access. joe concha, tom bevan on the president's pandemic response next.
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throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> we got here 15 minutes early. it was about a two-hour wait.
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>> they were going to ride it up. >> they had around doing the tests. it's not working. took too long just to get it. >> trace: many areas of the u.s. plagued by log covid testing lines even after the holiday rush. some people reported waiting several hours. some people said they waited to get on a list. president biden acknowledging the strain that is on americans. >> people waiting to get a test shows that we have more work to doing. went from no over the counter tests in john to 46 million in june to 200 million in december. we have to do better and we will. >> trace: let's bring in joe concha, fox news contributor and tom bevan, president of real clear politics. the "new york post" wrote this
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yet. "far worse that biden keeps promising the same thing when it comes to tests. fails to deliver and offers fresh vows as if the prior ones never passed his lips. does he think the american people are that forgetful or stupid?" apparently the answer is question. two hours ago the president said this. >> if we had known, we would have gone harder quicker if we could have. steps we had to take to increase the number of authorized tested, we're now able to purchase 500 million at-home tests for free. >> trace: tom, they did know. they got warmed in the spring and october and turned them down. now the. said 500 million tests are coming at you. >> yeah, the administration really bungled this. the president promised during the campaign and in the spring that testing is an important
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part of his effort to quash the virus. now we find out that if fact they dismissed this idea of sending tests. jen psaki did it from the white house podium, made fun of the idea. a few weeks later, now we're going to do it. by the way, we're signing contracts and they'll be there sometime after the beginning of the new year. >> trace: yeah, joe, tom just gave you a great segue. jen psaki made fun of it december 6. here's the sound bite and you can comment. >> should we send one to every american? >> maybe. >> then what happens if every american has one test? how much does that cost and then what happens after that? >> trace: 21 days ago, a little sarcasm and now we're in the same position, joe. >> patronizing is the word that comes to mix when it comes to watching the words from the white house press secretary. when asked about a report that the administration rejected a
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covid testing surge for the holiday season a couple months ago, they said it didn't happen. if the plan wasn't rejected, why is the president and his team and dr. fauci who never met a microphone that they didn't like, why are they so caught off guard here? why are testing centers and urgent cares seeing lines for blocks? why don't they have contracted for the companies that can facilitate these tests? this is a failure in a year of failures for this president. the polling reflects that. tom works well. on the economy, mr. biden is polling in the 30s on crime, he's in the 30s. in afghanistan, he's in the wins. you add up wins and losses, it's like looking at the detroit lions. very hard to find some big wins because they haven't had any. >> trace: jared goff did have a good game before he got hurt.
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the point here, the u.k. has 200 different home tests already approved. they're sending them out to homes by the packages. what are we doing wrong here? >> the administration again has been sleeping at the switch on this particular issue. biden promised to do this. this was part of his covid plan. it was part of his delta plan, that he talked about a few weeks ago. now they're rereleasing it. this is version 3.0. but we're weeks behind the curve here. now we're in a situation where people are in a crisis that they can't get the tests that they want and lines are around the block. the administration has failed to live up to all of the rhetoric that that i put forth in terms of how they would be in charge and on top of things tackling virus. >> trace: i have 30 seconds left for you, joe. i want to play this sound bite of vice president harris and a
12:18 pm
10-second response. watch. >> what do you think your biggest failure has been? >> to not get out of d.c. more. i mean -- and i mean that sincerely for a number of reasons. a large part of the relationship that he and i have been has been being together in the same office for hours on end doing zooms or whatever because we couldn't get out of d.c. >> trace: she's doing great, joe, except for the fact that she can't get out of d.c. last comment. >> i can think of one place to go to, the southern border. over two million people have entered illegally this year. triple the size of the population of boston. yeah, get out of d.c. and fix that problem that you have no interest in fixing, mrs. vice president. madam vice president. i'm sorry. >> trace: thank you both. vaccine mandates for domestic is
12:19 pm
something to consider according to dr. fauci. >> if you're talking about requiring vaccinations to get on a plane domestically that is another one of the requirements that i think is reasonable to consider. >> congresswoman nancy mace after this.
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>> if you're making requirements
12:23 pm
of vaccinations for people to get on planes coming in to the country, that's understandable. you don't want more cases in the country. if you're talking about requiring vaccinations to get on a plane domestically, that is just another one of the requirements that i think is reasonable to consider. >> trace: a slot in the arm for domestic flyers is worth considering according to dr. fauci after more than two million passengers passed through airports. first, david lee millner new york city where a private vaccine is in effect and the state reports the highest number of covid cases. david lee? >> trace, anyone going to work in new york city today must be partially vaccinated or they wouldn't be allowed to enter their office or wherever it is that they earn their paycheck. this vaccine mandates a supplies to roughly 184,000 businesses in
12:24 pm
new york city. testing is not an option. workers have 45 days to get their second shot. employers must keep vaccine records or face fines. some people say the mandate is too burdensome. >> they expect us to follow-through and want us to police it with 1983 technology, which is a valid covid, i have my booster and they want me to basically police this. i will not. >> 91% of adults in new york city are partially vaccinated. 1.9 million booster shots have been administered. mayor de blasio says a vaccination mandate is good for the city's economy. >> we have to double down because one thing we can agree and's talked to business leaders about this, covid is bad for humans, bad for our health and bad for business.
12:25 pm
>> meanwhile, other cities are preparing to beef up current mandates or implement new ones. for the vaccine mandate here in new york, its future is uncertain. in just four days, mayor elected a dams will assume office and he has said there's some changes likely regarding this mandate, specifically regarding the restrictions that affect small businesses. trace? >> trace: david lee miller live in new york city. republican congressman nancy mace from south carolina joins me now. congresswoman, thank for joining us. david lee was going over the numbers. 91% of the people in new york city are vaccinated and yet new york city along with the state looking at the highest number of covid cases ever. the people there must be thinking, we're doing something wrong here. what are your thoughts on this?
12:26 pm
>> well, and we just all read this morning that was over 50,000 cases in one day in new york. you're right, with that number of vaccines. i remember one of the very op-eds that i wrote about covid-19 when all of this started was about testing. in particular, rapid testing. if we have the ability -- i'm sitting in south carolina. it's not here in the way it is in d.c. and new york. it's yet to come. already testing kits over the counter are off the shelves. you can't find them anywhere right now. rapid testing is one way where we can look at where the hot spots are, where to make the decisions with regards to your healthcare. we're not in that place. as you mentioned just a moment ago, trace, you talked about how president biden was presented with opportunities to look at rapid testing where now just doing it about a year into his presidency. >> trace: right. in the spring they said we need
12:27 pm
more rapid testing. never followed up. october said the same thing. never followed up. dr. jah says we need to stop focusing on case numbers but we're obsessed with case numbers. they're high in new york city. there's got to be some voice of reasoning that says maybe we don't do these mandates based specifically on cases. we have to look for other metrics. would you agree with that? >> i would. i'm not a doctor or physician. when we look at other illnesses, we look at morbidity. looking at the percentage or number of individuals that die from that disease or illness. another way to look at it. perhaps look at how where hospitals are overwhelmed. and what we're learning about omicron, you can transfer it easier but they're milder cases. but the other thing to say about
12:28 pm
the mandates, the effect on the free market. every time you see these mandates, it will break down the free market. it will hurt labor shortages and shortages on goods you see at the stores. it's going to affect inflation. they're not good for business. >> trace: you talked about -- i know you're not an epidemiologist here. i was focusing on the political aspect of the shut downs. president biden said there's no federal solution. this is up to the states. yet these federal mandates keep coming. >> they do. when it comes to vaccinations, there's never been a federal main date on vaccinations. it's always up to states and governors and county administrators, down to that level. it's never been done blanket across the united states at the federal level. it's unconstitutional. and yet he still stands by his mandates. there's no precedent for that. that's not the way this country should operate. governors know best what's going
12:29 pm
on in their states and should operate accordingly. we have omicron here but we don't have the massive outbreaks that other regions have, which is why testing -- i go back to rapid testing. it's come so far. why we don't have enough tests on the shelves for folks as the hot spots are a requiring is a total failure and lack of leadership. >> trace: and people are waiting hours and hours to get their test results. thanks, congresswoman mace. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: a new request from the jury deliberating the sex trafficking case against ghislaine maxwell. attorney brian claypool is standing by. disturbing details in the involuntary manslaughter case of the parents of the michigan school shooting suspect. their son believes to have kept a bird's head in a jar and that's just the beginning. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history.
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>> trace: breaking right now, jurors in the ghislaine maxwell trial are considering her case. in moments, attorney brian claypool. first, to alexis mcadams. she's outside the courthouse. good afternoon, alexis. >> trace, good afternoon. that's right, we were waiting and waiting here the past several hours to see if the jury would get closer. there's been a sign that they still have a lot to do inside with the deliberations asking for lots of key evidence in the case. earlier this afternoon, asking for a white paper board and pens and highlighters so they can look at the charges. they have questions. now, this afternoon the jury in this high profile sex trafficking case asking to take a closer look at the key evidence including testimony of
12:35 pm
a retired palm beach police officer that was called to jeffrey epstein's compound twice. and also testimony of one of the pilots that testified, a lot more work could be done here. maxwell facing child sex trafficking and trafficking conspiracy charges, this is after maxwell is accused of grooming teens for jeffery epstein. during more than two weeks of graphic testimony, jurors heard for four women that were underaged. the women told the court that maxwell would watch the abuse and sometimes talk part in it. the allegations span a decade. the defense has been trying to discredit the witnesses saying the women just want money from the case. the main argument is that ghislaine is not jeffrey epstein and she shouldn't have to take
12:36 pm
the fall because epstein is deed. we're waiting to hear more details and what is happening in the jerusalem. maxwell was back in there. this comes after she celebrated her 60th birthday behind bars and christmas. she's pled not guilty to all the charges. >> trace: thanks, alexis. attorney brian claypool joins us now. thanks for coming on. i've heard two smart attorneys giving a good case saying they didn't think the prosecutor made their case about ghislaine maxwell. you agree, disagree? >> great to be back with you. happy new year. i'm not sure i agree with that analysis. i handled a lot of child abuse trafficking cases. that testimony in these cases is dramatic and compelling. here's why the prosecution has a
12:37 pm
chance. because maxwell did not take the stand. sex abuse cases are usually he said she said cases. unless you have some corroborating messages like texts or e-mail or another witness. we don't have that here. we have a he said she said. and the she, mrs. maxwell, never took the stand. you have the correspondent said she that she watched these alleged acts taking place and participated.there's no evidence in my opinion to contradict that. >> trace: the bloomberg writes the following. "more than 100 women said they were abused by jeffery epstein but only four were called to testify in the sex trafficking trial of ghislaine maxwell. it's a decision that lawyers that have represented some of the other women questioned." you know, 100 women came forward.
12:38 pm
prosecutors didn't like some of their stories or they would have put them on the stand. >> first of all, no court would have allowed 100 woman to come in to testify. but let's face -- that's okay. four is more than one. there's power in numbers. here's the point i'm trying to make, trace. you are asking 12 jurors to disbelieve these four victims. that's what you're asking them to do. the jury is doing their job. they're going back now.
12:39 pm
the jury would have been receptive to that. without that -- i'm telling you, i don't think she will get an acquittal. the best is a hung jury. >> trace: it's a very good point. we said at the intro, that jeffery epstein was a convicted pedophile. how long is the jury out? today, the next day? >> you have another day or two. i would not be surprised, trace, if you get a hung jury in this case. >> trace: nor would i. thanks, brian. thank you. >> you bet. >> trace: we are also closely following the case about the parents of the michigan school suspect. prosecutors now allege that they ignored their son's sad emotional state. his fascination with guns and other disturbing signs including head of a bird that he kept in a
12:40 pm
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>> a michigan prosecutor denying the bond for james and jennifer crumbley saying that they're a greater risk of flight now selling their horses and attempting to sell their house. the new court filing details how the duo willfully ignored dark warning signs from their own son. in moments, former federal prosecutor andy mccarthy. first, jeff paul live in los angeles. >> trace, the new details are coming to life by court documents filed by prosecutors. it's in response to the crumbley's response to lower
12:45 pm
their bond and be electronically monitored once released. the most jarring detail comes in the form of a drawing, this is the sketch that caused teachers to remove ethan from class hours before the shooting. in one version, there's a sketch of a gun with the writing "the thoughts won't step, help me." another portion shows what appears to be a bullet with the words "blood everywhere." we're learning in the weeks prior to the shooting, ethan's dog died, his only fred moved away and he carried the head of a baby bird in a jar to school. prosecutors say instead of paying attention to their son, his parents bought him a gun. they alleged ethan's mom had an affair. lawyers for the state say that james and jennifer crumbley's bond shouldn't be lowered and right now they're a greater risk of flight than before their
12:46 pm
arraignment. >> trace: thanks, jeff. andy mccarthy joins me now. he's a former prosecutor and fox news contributor. great to see you. the prosecutors are saying that the crumbleys ignored signs about their kid. they go on to further say, their son was torturing animals and kept a baby bird's head in a junior on his bedroom floor that he took and placed in a school bathroom. parents are focusing on extramarital affairs, financial issues and substance abuse. clearly the parents are not sympathetic figures but can you prosecute somebody based on signs that they missed? >> yeah, this is a big problem with this case, trace. i thought from the beginning and maybe i'm hard wired to think of this, think of things this way because i prosecuted real criminals for so long. the criminal justice system is not designed to address negligence, even negligence by
12:47 pm
very bad people who the more details you hear about them and you want to go -- it's just -- you can see this being a civil lawsuit of the century. but to convict these people of a homicide here, you have to know not only that there were the signs that they maysed but they should have known that the kid was going to go and shoot up the skill. that is a gigantic leap to make. the other thing to bear in mind here is that bail is about your confidence that someone will come back and face the charges and that the person won't be a danger to the community. a lot of this is going to they should be convicted. that's not the issue with bail. the issue is will they come back to court. i think this is a weak homicide case. if the charge was terrible
12:48 pm
people, they're already guilty beyond every doubt sounds to me. but for what they're charged with, you know, they ought to get bail, i think. >> trace: it's interesting. prosecutors have made a lot of these drawings. we'll put them up. but when you look at them that show the gun and the words and the blood and that stuff, andy, the bottom line here is that they brought the parents to school but the school counselors said we don't think he's a risk. that's got to play into this some way, doesn't it? >> it sure does. this goes to is the criminal justice system the right thing for this. you know, these parents and the school administrators all look like they missed a bunch of signs. does that mean we want to indict them for homicide? how many parents in this country that allow their kids to be involved in gang activity. is it now going to be an open season in the criminal justice system for that? >> trace: a different subject.
12:49 pm
you wrote this wonderful story about this dog, st. bernard dog that you lost. mcgelland. i compel people to read this. never in my whole life was i a dog guy. you say i'm not a real dog guy. feels like i lost my friend than my pooch. dog people, get another dog, this is not avoid that another dog could begin to feel for me. true to form, i never want to feel this pain again. a compelling, touching story about christmas, andy. give us 40 seconds about what gelly meant to you. >> so nice of you to ask. i appreciate it. what we're trying to learn and what i've -- what i have to learn personally is to appreciate the good things that we have, the blessings that we have when we have them. not be so angry about how they're taken away from us too
12:50 pm
quickly. just be satisfied and be thankful for the blessings that we have when we have them. that's the way we feel today. >> trace: it's a very well-written compelling story. tell me, andy where was it written so people can read it right now? >> at national review. >> trace: got it. the national review. the best thing was, even dogs that live a long life, you say it's just a snapshot. it's a moment in time, andy. thanks for coming on. hope it was a merry christmas despite the losing of your dog. see you soon. thank you. good news in the fight against covid. good news next.
12:51 pm
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>> trace: as omicron disrupts the holiday season, there's new hope in the fight against covid. fox business correspondent gerri willis live with more. gerry? >> yeah, president biden on a call with governors says he agrees with two stop state gop governors that say there's no one size fits all approach even as his administration is pushing major federal solutions to the pandemic now two years old. we're seeing a spike. flexibility is called for in
12:56 pm
cases for unvaccinated and the vaccinated. demand for tests reaching critical mass and driving hours long testing across the country. this is putting the need for strong therapeutics center stage. the latest break through but merck and pfizer being pushed through. experts are calling the drugs a game changer. the biggest advancements treating those with the virus. pills to be taken at home. the first of their kind. this is supposed to reduce the burden already to stretched hospitals across the country. now, as of yesterday, the rolling seven-day average for hospitalizations is just over 64,000. the biden administration already has committed to purchasing ten million treatment courses for $5.3 billion but will only have
12:57 pm
250,000 by next month and reach the ten million number in six months. dr. fauci saying the federal government is working to ramp up that supply. listen. >> we're going to do everything we can including defense production act to try to see if we can get this at a higher level. we're not sure what we can do and how much time we can cut off on that. but certainly it needs to be done. because it is a highly, highly effective therapy. >> so with cases rising even though fully vaccinated get covid-19, it's even more important that these therapeutics are available and that the federal government can manage getting them in to communities all over the country. >> trace: thanks, gerry. let's bring in dr. janet neshua. 89% effective. that is astounding.
12:58 pm
it's a game changer. doesn't take a lot of people's mind off of vaccinations. if you have what they believe is an effective treatment, some say why should it get vaccinated? >> that's a great question. the reason to become vaccinated, for example in my patients, everybody that is tested hasn't had a booster. if you're vaccinated, your 15 times more likely to be in the hospital. being vaccinated doesn't prevent covid but prevents severe disease. it minimizes the effects of what we call long covid. so it's really important despite there being an anti viral pull on the market. we want to do everything we can to prevent covid in the first place. >> trace: what about masks? maybe on the horizon that we can
12:59 pm
get the masks off of us and off of the kids? we have good therapies to combat this stuff. >> yeah, absolutely. when you're talking acted places like right now in new york city, we have a massive surge, a huge number of cases, highest in the nation. more than at the beginning of the year. in public, crowded indoor areas, in places where there's a massive outbreak, you probably want to protect yourself with a mask especially if you have obesity, heart disease, lung disease, undergoing chemotherapy. that i can that extra step but we shouldn't have to be wearing our masks forecast. >> trace: do you worry about interaction with drugs? some with comorbidities are on ten different medications. >> that's true. it's important for doctors to
1:00 pm
modify and adjust medicines accordingly. it's just a matter of close observation. >> trace: doctor, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: well, that is "the story" of monday, december 27, 2021. as us a, the "the story" goes on. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. "your world" starts right now. >> close to 1,000 u.s. flights cancelled. 2,500 or so delayed. staffs struggle to get folks 2 and from their holiday destinations. just as we see, more videos like this as tempers flare. this was the scene on a delta fight from tampa to atlanta where a fight broke out.


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