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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the fbi. it's a sad fall from the heights of bay watch. that's what mask rage does to a person. that's about it for us tonight for the show that the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. pete is in for sean hannity. pete takes it away right now. >> pete: i tried to put on my will cain outfit. see you tomorrow night as well as new year's eve. well done tonight. welcome to this special edition of "hannity." i am pete in for sean. a prominent nevada democrat harry reid died at age 82.
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first tonight we begin with this: a fantasy from joe biden dating back to february. take a look. >> as my mother would day with the grace of god and good will of the neighbors next christmas we will be in a different circumstance god willing than we are today. a year from now when it's 22 bow low zero there will be fewer people having to wear masks. >> pete: i thought i had a plan to shut down this airborne virus. on the campaign trail ron klain promoted this plan writing: i said since march we can beat
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covid. we have a national government for a reason. if donald trump won't use it to beat this killer disease, i know someone who will. starting on january 20, 2021. ron klain was either lying or naive. now according to joe biden: there is no federal solution to covid-19. you heard that right. in other words, everything joe biden said on the campaign trail was a farce. kind of like the kid in every middle school who runs for class president promising vending machines in every hallway. it was never going to happen, but it gets him elected. senate tom cotton pointed out: when joe biden say there is is no federal solution he is trying to avoid blame for his incompetence. if he believes this. he should rescind his
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unconstitutional federal mandates. amid a surge in covid-19, more than 30,000 healthcare workers have lost their jobs because of the mandates. they worked when there was no vaccine to save all of us and now they are out of a job and police officers and firefighters and members of our military. don't expect the white house to change course under joe biden and ron klain's rule. truth, common sense and basic sanity is in short supply. now with reaction form arkansas governor mike huckabee and former advisor to president trump steven miller. did they believe what they were saying or was it just a play what they thought was donald trump's weakness they would build their campaign on and we will figure it out when we get there? >> the truth is they didn't know
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what they were saying. that's what made it so bad. joe biden blurted out a little truth the other day. when he said there is no federal solution, i don't think that's what he intended to say but it's the truth and he knew it. that's what donald trump said from the beginning. we said we have to let governors manage this crisis. he understood and respected the 10th amendment. joe biden didn't. what i find most interesting is that all of the legal positions that the white house under biden has taken have been because he has the authority to set the policy. now he admitted not only does he not have the authority, but he doesn't have a clue how to fix what he claimed he would fix lock before now. the biden administration -- long before now. the biden administration needs to go to the courthouse and say forget that stuff we filed.
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mark it down we had no idea what we were doing. >> pete: i remember the trump administration being criticized. you are passing the buck to the states so you don't have to take responsibility if t things go wrong? or was it a recognition that there is no way a federal government in washington, d.c. could apply mandates that are effective in every place. new york city is different than rural oklahoma? was that part of the calculation for the trump administration? >> i had the privilege working for president trump when he launched the greatest national mobilization since world war ii when this pathogen landed on our shores. he respected local citizens and state governments. when it came to putting together a national response. this was a new pathogen.
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from scratch president trump bought us tests and home tests and therapeutics and monoclonal antibodies and 3 vaccines from scratch and masks and ventilators from scratch. joe biden inherited every one of those tools and a year of critical data. what have we gotten? record deaths and record cases? that's a failure. the statement he is helpless as president is a try for help saying he is in over his head and has no clue what he is doing? >> pete: is this the beginning of a back track? looking at a new variant and new lockdowns occurring in certain
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places. well, it's just not working. maybe the trump playbook was more effective? >> well, it was more effective. that's one thing we have seen. steven was right. if you remember what president trump did he made available all of the resources and assets and said if you are a governor, ask for the help. we will send it to you but you will manage it. they sent hospital ships to new york. they never needed them and he sent ventilators there. that's how it's supposed to work want the governors manage the crisis but the federal government assists to provide resources. joe biden said i will do it! it will be fixed by me. joe biden got in there and found out that the people he was most critical people of like ron desantis and greg abbott and others were managing the crisis
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better than he was. i don't think that he intended to basically wave the white flag yesterday with the governors but that's what he did. >> pete: it sure looked like it. governor, if you are a governor right now of a free state or take the mentality of balancing freedom and science, what is the move of the governors? now that bind biden said there is no federal response? >> they are frustrated they waited a year for joe biden to give them leadership. -- some thought they were supposed to wait and get orders from washington. the effect off governors have not waited. they took the crisis and managed it. their people are better off and they are more free. that's how it's supposed to
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work. simle reading of the 10th amendment would validate that. >> pete: steven -- if you were in the white house with donald trump right now, considering where we are. there probably would have been a delta and omicron. this omicron variant is much different. thank goodness it's much less lethal. at least we believe that to be true. what approach do youhink the trump administration would take right now? >> well, no doubt as to what president trump would have done in he continued to up on the oval office. he would have continued to push new therapeutics which would have massively cut deaths and hospitalizations. secondly he never would have undermined confidence in the vaccine the way joe biden did. he would make sure the states had the resources with testing.
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joe biden bungled that sunday manages. these toddler mask mandates are insane and dedriving children of a crucial development window. and he would have worked in partnership with governors for local strategies to shelter the highest risk individuals and not a broad based blunt approach -- >> pete: thank you very much tonight. tonight we have a grim milestone. more americans have died from covid-19 under joe biden than under trump. we mentioned it earlier. even though it was donald trump just moments ago who developed the vaccines that biden is attempting to mandate and ignoring therapeutics. it's clear.
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joe biden never had a plan to shut down the virus. he didn't even have a plan to secure enough covid-19 testing supplies. don't take my word. even the medical experts at cnn are very disappointed. watch this. >> how critical is the window we are missing right now for testing? >> incredibly critical. i can't believe this is where we are 2 years into the pandemic. everybody saw it coming. we knew we needed more tests. the administration dropped the ball on this. >> pete: how do you drop the ball? they knew a variant was coming. they knew they needed more tests. they decided not to? you can play the imagine if it was donald trump game all day long. according to the daily mail the united kingdom is performing 5 times as many tests as the united states. don't expect joe biden to take
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responsibility or be held accountable. accord to joe biden no one could have predicted a winter surge. watch this. >> the second thing we are doing is more testing. seeing how tough it was for some folks to get a test this weekend shows we have more work to do. we went from no over-the-counter tests in january to 100 million in october and 200 million in december. it's not enough. approximate it we had known, we would have gone harder and quicker if we could have. >> pete: i can barely understand what he is saying. he had a year. they did know. almost everyone on earth knew that a winter surge as things get colder and people move inside, it was all predictable. according to a report in "vanity fair," they still turned down a plan in october it increase the numbers of at home tests. maybe you would not be late on your flight if there were at
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home tests. and dr. fauci along with the rest of the biden administration is not focussing enough on therapeutics. they have down played them from the very beginning. take a look at what senator rand paul who is a doctor said about that. >> i think fauci is of the philosophy that vaccines are successful and are the way to go versus therapeutics. with regard to aids, he wanted to develop a vaccine. there is nothing wrong with that. vaccines can be great for polio or smallpox. it didn't work for aids. but some people said it hindered the therapeutics. right now we treat aids pretty well. the therapeutics were the best. he was biassed towards a vaccine. it's the same way now.
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i would venture to say that thousands of people die in our country every month from covid because he deemphasized the idea of therapeutics. >> pete: joining us now with reaction, doctor, why has it been an obsession with vaccines? >> good to get out quickly but therapeutics were suppressed. doctors were not allowed to talk about it it. now we have therapeutics. people look around and wonder why were therapeutics never part of the emphasis for joe biden? >> pete, it's been a longstanding bias of dr. fauci and hiv tells the story well. he funded a large hiv vaccine awareness campaign with $5
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million and got a lot of criticism from the senate. it's a bias he brings. it's come at an exclusion from therapists. the president is -- therapeutics. the president is getting bad medical advice. there was a big trial, already on the shelf. the trial came out last spring and then another trial came out 2 months ago. we have never heard him once say the word of the this drug that cuts covid deaths by 91%. >> pete: that's unbelievable. doctor, you have cut through the real disinformation that dr.
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fauci pedalled. speaking of delay, representative scalise, the covid task force in congress looking into the origins of where this comes from is not doing so. why are democrats disinterested in finding out where this came from? >> this is something we have been calling on for over a year. to have an investigation into the origins of covid. there are a lot of scientists across the political spectrum suggesting it started in the lab in wuhan. and democrats are covering for china. it was joe biden as a candidate who said anybody who presides over that many deaths from covid should not remain president of the united states. that's when he was a candidate and he said i will shut down the
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virus. how has that worked out? he had a vaccine only strategy. that vaccine was developed through operation warp speed which was donald trump's initiative that he criticized. now he is benefiting from it it. he's had a blind eye to therapeutics to natural immunity to shut down the virus. he won't confront china. we will when we win the house back. >> pete: i hope so. doctor, i don't know if it's because things are going so poorly they want to it live in a hypothetical fantasy land. let's say you were in dr. fauci's position with omicron and therapeutics and vaccines and mandates. 2 or 3 things you could advise the white house and say change this and do this? lives are saved, what would they be tonight? >> well, number 1 recognize
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natural immubt. -- immunity. we destroyed many years because they have antibodies the government doesn't recognize. get a testing czar in place right away. right now the testing czar carol johnson left her post in early december. the new person is not going to be taking the position until january. here we are in the middle of an omicron surge. we have nobody in charge. finally talk about early treatment. you are seeing some states like florida make that a big emphasis. including everything. things that can be used in combination, and maybe a multi-drug regiment to get to the point where no one should die of covid with rare
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exceptions. >> pete: with omicron, is this the type of variation we want? more mild and highly transmissile? is it an exit ramp off the pandemic? >> it is. -- now we have laboratory evidence that it omicron doesn't effect the deep lungs at the same rate. we have evidence it's mild. omicron for most of the world who won't get vaccinated will be nature's vaccine. >> pete: can they change their position on mandates and lockdowns and be responsive to what the american people want,
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a new normal? not a normal where they are told what to do in every way? >> pete you see some of the democrats can't give up the power. they want control of the people's lives. they are taking away freedom. president biden won't acknowledge what worked. he has disdain for ron desantis. he won't admit he was right when he had trucks going around in the hot spots with monoclonal antibodies to be administered where the outbreaks were happening. he was too busy criticizing governor ron desantis and governor abbott. he said there is no national strategy. then get rid of the national mandates and let the governors who figured it out teach the governors who have not what to do. people like government andrew cuomo who killed thousands because he didn't follow the science.
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>> pete: thank you both for your time tonight. straight ahead, biden's covid failures expected to have a devastating impact on the economy and our nation's class rooms. ronnie jackson and rachel campos explain when we return. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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>> pete: welcome back. despite campaigning on having a secret plan to shut down the virus, joe biden appears to have given up on stopping the spread of covid. telling governors this week there is no federal response. all while his administration remains in a daze trying to figure out everything they have done has gone so wrong so fast.
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we are learning that the effects of the omicron variant are expected to dent economic growth in the united states. and new york city apple is shutting down their stores completely and workers shortages are causing lockdowns in a lot of other industries. you have seen this. major airlines continue to cancel hundreds and hundreds of flights. my parents had their flight cancelled yesterday on their way home. can workers unavailable due to illness and covid and vaccine mandates. what is the democrat response to this chaos? not to get the country up and running and find sensible ways to balance freedom and health safety and not to just trust people. but to find more reasons to stay home and not work. all while working families and
6:27 pm
their children suffer the most. here's an example. the chicago teacher's union is polling their member over a possible shift to remote learning despite evidence that zoom school is destroying the quality of education and leading to a spike in mental health challenges. not to mention masking up 5 years old which remains child abuse. listen to biden's surgeon general laying out what is at stake. >> 1 in 5 young people experienced depression or anxiety. is the mental health toll an epidemic? >> many children lost loved ones. 140,000 kids lost a care giver. their lives were turned upside
6:28 pm
down. we have seen anxiety and depression going up among kids. >> pete: here is a texas congressman and rachel campos. congressman, you heard the stats, when our own surgeon general is on cnn admitting these numbers, they are not following the science. they are not balancing mental health. they have already chosen one path. >> absolutely. we did this to ourselves. statistics from the cdc said 7 kids between ages of0and 18 years old have died from this. less than 700. this is crazy -- from the beginning we should have been
6:29 pm
treating everybody the same. we knew that the kids were not getting it. they were not spreading it. they were not dying from it. we went ahead. because biden pushed it and shut down schools and punished our kids. we are seeing huge suicide rates in kidsment thousands of kids that are committing suicide and the other stuff happening to these kids -- their test scores. they will be so far behind they won't catch up. this is 2 years and they are talking about doing it again this next semseter. this is crazy. we did this on our children. we should have treated them differently from day 1. >> pete: yes. rachela --
6:30 pm
>> promote our new year's eve thing. >> pete: congressman, you are welcome to come along as well. we talked about this. there is a looming sense that here we are almost 2 years in. we know what we know about omicron. but going back to the same playbook. mandating vaccines to kids as young as 5 and back to school on zoom and zoom calls. they can't let it go. >> they can't. it's clear the virus is not killing children. you had a doctor on earlier. he put the numbers together because the cdc could not put it together. not 1 healthy child has died in america of covid.
6:31 pm
2800 have died of suicide. we have over 50% spike in female teenage attempted suicides. as the cnn reporter said, a spike in it anxiety and depression. adults who are loving and care about children, they would reassure the children they are safe from this virus. they have done the exact opposite. they destroyed their childhoods and taken away all of those moms -- proms and graduations and told them they can't sing. they wonder why we have a spike in mental crisis in a country that doesn't have enough mental health professionals to deal with this. this is one of the worst results of covid that i have ever seen.
6:32 pm
it proves that the democrats don't care about kids. they used children to advance their political agenda. it's deplorable. >> pete: absolutely. they listened to the unions who write the rules and tell us the rest of us to deal with. congressman, there are people that live in free straits. -- states. kids are going to school without masks. it's almost normal. then there are people who want to move to free states. there other people stuck in states where lockdowns and masks for 5 years old are where they are. what could a republican congress do if you take the majority in 2022 to losen that grip for people stuck in those states? >> how did we get to where we are at -- we need to go back and
6:33 pm
need accountability. the whole inature will change. they were able to use this. it gives them power and authority. this worked well and they blamed everything on covid. the biden administration whether it's the economy or crime. it's all because of covid. >> pete: rachel last word? >> i hope the republicans take over in the mid-terms. i want them to talk more about rolling back the freedoms we lost during the pandemic. the damage to our children is outrageous.
6:34 pm
we need somebody to do something before the mid-terms and in the governors can get back the power, maybe that will help. remove federal mandateses from airplanes and everything else. >> pete: well said. rachel see you in tennessee for new year's eve. coming up. with the mid-terms looming next november biden's failures may spell disasters for democrats.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> pete: welcome back to "hannity." with democrats desperate as ever for any signature political win,
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joe biden and kamala harris are becoming even bigger and bigger liabilities for any democrat. looking to keep their job in 2022. for example, not only is biden's approval under water, but republicans are holding a double digit lead among independents. tonight the biden agenda is failing on every front. inflation, energy independence is gone. supply chain a mess. the border a catastrophe. dangerous crime is up in every major city. we are still seeing fallout from the reckless withdrawal from afghanistan. no program covers that more than "hannity." build back better dead. and covid is spreading across big blue states as facilitate as ever. -- fast as ever.
6:40 pm
you have ever seen one man fail this much this fast? what do democrats do in 2024? does anyone really believe joe biden will run again? not really, no. according to joe, 2024 may be the match up between michelle obama and donald trump. >> i believe that if michelle obama runs she wins. >> she is great. the wife of the best president in our lifetime. >> for sure. >> she would win. >> pete: here for reaction american conservative union matt and a congresswoman. joe said donald trump paired
6:41 pm
with ron desantis would be equally formidable. looking at where joe biden is right now, would he run? what kind of match up are you looking at? >> it's interesting with the identity politics of the democratic party. this new socialist democratic party. i don't know joe biden. but he doesn't seem like he is physically or mentally up to another presidential race unless he stays in his basement and everybody can vote as many times as they want in the mail. kamala harris is a woman of color. comes from california and very left wing. now they have this problem, they have gotten to see kamala harris and she is terrible. they don't put her out at all because she can't connect with the american people.
6:42 pm
they will replace kamala harris, i have to look to the identity politics. michelle obama fits that type of thinking. another woman of color with good poll numbers. a very interesting idea. >> pete: congresswoman, it would be interesting -- you are up for reelection in 2022. every 2 years. i learned a few things. every name floated for that race was not your name. no one is floating joe biden or kamala harris. everybody else. it's a stark reality for democrats? >> and astonishing. the number of democrats in the house that retired. we are at 23 and counting. there will be more. i represent a swing district. i won by 1 point last year.
6:43 pm
i see independents and left democrats who are not happy with joe biden and kamala harris. i can't think of one good thing that president biden has done for this country in his first year in office unless you like inflation. that's the highest it's been in 39 years. and illegal immigration president biden is allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming across the border. and with covid, good luck getting tested. i don't know why anyone would want us to go back to it obama because they gave us socialized healthcare. republicans are in great position in 2022 and 2024 because of this year. >> pete: matt in it 2022. you are familiar with the
6:44 pm
mid-terms elections of 2010. how does this compare to previous red waves? >> if you look at the wave where republicans picked up the house and the senate after bill clinton's and obama's presidency. both turned on nationalized healthcare. it was obamacare which passed. biden's weak pole numbers are based on his failure to get the virus under control. the big difference is the culture shift. clinton and obama tried to pretend they were middle of the road democrats. the new socialist democratic party is woke. it is hard-core socialists. that is their biggest problem. the american people are seeing the practical implications of socialism. the lockdowns and washington knowing best.
6:45 pm
inflation and bad economics and mean policies hurting their families. that's yet democrats will get spanked next year at the polls. >> pete: nancy, when i look at the elections in 2021 in new jersey and virginia. covid was atop of the list and critical race theory was on top of the list. the numbers for independents. when you are talking to them, what is most significant to them? >> well, when we talk about what is going on in this country. many center left and moderates voted for president biden because they thought he would be moderate and center left and a common moderate, a voice in a divisive country. he's taken a sharp left turn rather than listening to both sides of the aisle. they are turned off by.
6:46 pm
that i like the word spanked. the republicans will take the win big time next year because of that. >> pete: they voted for a democrat. they didn't know they were getting a socialist. that's what they are looking at right now. thank you very much for your time tonight. straight ahead a chicago police dispatcher is calling mayor laurie lightfoot a disgrace. we will play the tape and get reaction. a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the #1 cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold!
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>> ♪ ♪ >> pete: welcome back to "hannity." the results they are in from the democrat's nationwide defund the police and bail reform
6:51 pm
experiment. surprise, not going well. in harris county, texas, where houston is. suspects out on low bail killed over 150 people according to our fox affiliate. in chicago a police dispatcher said things are so bad the cops just might not come when you call. take a look. >> i will tell you right now. 16th district is so shorthanded with offices when you call 9-11 you are not getting a quick response like other parts of the city. officers are not coming to you because they can't be assigned calls to go to you because we very few officers in these neighbors. a shooting came up a few days ago and we could not get a unit over there. >> pete: good on mr. thorton. and the state's democrat
6:52 pm
governor is rethinking his position on bail reform after a man on $1,000 bail killed 6 people at the waukesha christmas parade. you remember that but most don't. the left wing media wants people to forget. it was not the right narrative. the governor told a local tv station if everybody sits back and takes a breath maybe people with a violent past could have higher bail. imagine that. here with reaction are a fox news contributor and pam bondi. i can't believe that democrats have seen the light. this feels like a band-aid on a gash wound they can't come back from. >> you're absolutely right. the democrat lawmakers are part
6:53 pm
of the problem. whose side are they on? it looks like they are siding with the criminals more than the law abiding constituents. brooks should haven't been -- the streets. he was a ticking time bomb. the liberal media ignored the story because it's not part of their narrative. black males and white victims. you know who else is igvorring this story? the back-to-school idiots. referendum jackson and sharpton and the naacp because it doesn't fit their narrative. it's a disgrace -- >> pete: it is. pam, the governors and the attorney generals are giving speeches now. that's very different than official policy.
6:54 pm
that's different than actually locking people up and not giving low bail and empowering police officers. how difficult is it to unwind this once you went down the defund and no bail process? >> what i said all along. where we need to attack this and this is what the democrats have done the soros funded prosecutors and we have a couple in florida still. if you look at wisconsin, houston, all of the murderers out on bond. that's a liberal district attorney. her name is kim and a republican and conservative ran against her endorsed by the police. but the democrat won. voters you need to take notice. when you are electing these liberal mayors like in chicago,
6:55 pm
laurie lightfoot and in wisconsin and houston. you have to elect conservatives who are support our men and women in blue. that's what is not happening in the liberal states. >> pete: you are totally right. i don't even need conservatives, i just need common sense. if you break the law lock you up. thank you very much for joining us tonight am coming up, remembering nfl legend john madden. we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary
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>> pete: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." today, the legendary john madden passed away at the age of 85. madden was a hall of fame coach with an incredible record, and emmy award-winning broadcaster, as will cain said earlier, the voice of a generation of the stage of in the namesake of the popular nfl -- madden nfl football game, one of the
7:00 pm
best-selling sports games of all time, many of which are in my basement right now. after madden's passing, nfl commissioner roger goodell said nobody love football more than coach. he was football. unfortunately, that's all the time we have tonight. thank you for watching. i forget, you can catch me on "fox & friends," weekends, every saturday and sunday and on this friday night i will be posting fox's all-american new year's with my compadres, rachel campos duffy's and will cain, the weekend group is lately. you don't want to miss it. right now we turn it over to the very capable hands of sean duffy, who is in for laura ingraham. >> sean: pete hegseth, thank you very much and i'm looking forward to new year's eve as well, i will be at home with the kids while you are hanging out with my wife. >> [laughs] >> sean: i am sean duffy in for laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle." tragically tonight, legendary nfl coach and announcer john madden passed away at the age of