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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 29, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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mask adherent. i buy masks by the caseload. they are in every pocket. i wear them everywhere except when i sit down and i am certain that this is not a very and i can out run. sean: just keeping the fear mongering going? thanks for watching a special edition of the ingraham angle. now gutfeld. benjamin: republican governors taking control of the covid fight while president biden vacations at the beach and faces waves of criticism for breaking his campaign promise to shutdown the virus. >> he has admitted not only does he not have the authority but doesn't have a clue how to fix what he claimed he would have fixed long before now. benjamin: the first order of business ending federal mandates. we will tell you how governors plan to do it.
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>> liberal leaders in one state now wants to reduce penalties for drive-by shootings as a way to promote racial equity for the people actually pulling the trigger. benjamin: we are honoring the life and career of hall of fame or john madden. you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: the biden administration taking jabs from governors retarding a plan for covid from his beach vacation in delaware. benjamin: this after the president admitted there is no federal solution to combat the pandemic. good morning, lucas. >> reporter: two years into the pandemic the cdc coming isolation time in half for
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anyone who tests positive but doesn't show symptoms which instead of 10 days it is 5. resident biden says it is up to the states to figure out the way ahead. >> president biden: there is no federal solution. this gets all that the state level. >> reporter: many republicans agree including self the court's going to we finally agree the federal government isn't the solution, that's why south dakota took a different approach by trusting our citizens to be responsible, make the right decisions for themselves and their families. now we are seeing all the federal mandates. the president tweeting yesterday, quote, my administration at the back of every governor, i rolled out a federal plan to tackle omicron by adding vaccination and booster capacity, hostile agreement, staff and more. we are going to get through this by working together. after being sworn in the president rolled out his national strategy for fighting covid saying before he took office the states could not turn to the federal government but
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now they can under his leadership. arizona as republican governor pushed back, quote, the president wants it both ways, demanding governors rizzoli pandemic because his administration can't and continue to push vaccine mandates on businesses with no thought to the consequences. >> complete incompetence and lack of forethought by the biden administration where we are, we're stuck giving them out to every household, we are not in that position. >> reporter: their concerns about the mental and physical toll the pandemic a 7 americans and the impact of isolation especially on teens, some returning to mostly next month. benjamin: nice see you and there's been a lot of focus on this over the last few days because it is quite confusing. seems to be a reversal of what he said during the campaign that he had the solution to deal with it but mike huckabee said is admitting the plan or the power
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to shutdown the virus. >> president biden burped out a little bit of truth when he didn't expect he would be doing it. when he said there is no federal solution i don't think that's what he intended to say but it is the truth and deep down he knew it. that is what donald trump said from the beginning, that we have to let governors manage this crisis. he understood the tenth amendment, president biden didn't but what i find interesting is all of the legal positions have been because he has the authority to set the policy. now he has admitted not only does he not have the authority but doesn't have a clue to fix what he claimed he would have fixed long before now. benjamin: a lot of people saying the last he's giving it back to the governors because there is no 1-size-fits-all solution to this but it has taken a wild. the realization that can't be
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solved through federal mandates, vaccines, masks, all weather, a different stage of the pandemic, we don't know yet. todd: i don't understand the messaging from the white house. i don't know if anyone can follow it. there is no federal solution but we have lots of federal mandates. we are touting the federal plan, saying we need more test. governor huckabee heard it right there, taking extreme legal positions in the biden white house and admitting we don't have the authority. i don't understand any of this and we have is okay we are going to leave it up to the states to do this was a number of republican governors happy with this but a few months ago biden told those very same gop governors to get out of the way. >> president biden: we need leadership from everyone. some governors are not willing
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to do the right thing to beat this pandemic they should allow businesses, universities who want to do the right thing to be able to do it. i say to these governors please help. you aren't going to help, at least get out of the way when people are trying to do the right thing. >> reporter: my only instinct is this is all about a response or attempt a response albeit a jagged all over the place one to the sagging poll numbers. maybe the mindset if we are not doing well on covid. we campaigned on covid, we won based on what we told the nation we were going to do on covid but it is not going well. more deaths under the biden white house than the trump white house so we deflect this to the states and let them take the responsibility with 2022 on the horizon. i'm thinking that is what this is but who knows? this could have been a flub by president biden, one of these freudian slips.
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the messaging is literally a disaster. it is all over the place and quite frankly i don't know if at this point they can clean it up. their best hope is to pray that omicron dies down in the next couple weeks because this is an abject disaster for this white house, not just an abject disaster for the fact that an abject disaster for some states including new jersey where governor phil murphy took a lot of heat for going on holiday to costa rica despite covid case is spiking in his state and warning travelers to reconsider visits, and on a day trip in the last month, new jersey has seen a 600% spike in covid cases. state department issuing a level for a travel advisory on costa rica due to covid as we needed time together with his family, don't we all.
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benjamin: to block the vaccine mandate, governor kevin stern said the guard under his control, he believed the mandate would cause mass resignation at her the state's military readiness. a judge acknowledged his concern saying the court cannot ignore the potentially devastating effects of voluntary separation. >> >> it is across, and and distributing one.6, and critical public safety resources.
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>> and the biden white house needs to do more than throw money at the problem. and a lot of units on the street taken off the street of the previous mayor. if i were president biden i would partner with veterans and other mayors, great task forces to flood these cities with fbi. cannot have criminals believing they can smash and grab without overt but massive response not only from local officials as well. >> we are talking to raymond lopez. >> the fifth victim died
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following the denver area shooting spree. the suspect identified as lyndon mc lead is dead after a shoot out, targeted three victims who believe he knew. authorities say the alleged shooter held extremists views and had a history of psychotic episodes that was investigated for 2020 and earlier this year but never charged. still no verdict after day 5 of jury deliberation in the ghislaine maxwell trial, the astronomical omicron surge, jurors have to sit every day out of reach even on new year's eve. the jury did send a note on tuesday up session claiming progress is being made. 6 separate charges in jeffrey epstein's alleged misconduct.
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>> harry reid died tuesday after a 4 year battle with pancreatic cancer. senator chuck grassley saying even though i'm ideologically opposite i must say he did a good job representing the interests of nevada in the u.s. senate. as majority leader he ran a tight ship. longtime rival senator mitch mcconnell saying the nature of our jobs brought us into frequent and sometimes intense conflict but i never doubted that harry was always doing with your nestlé deeply felt was right for nevada and our country. senator joe manginseng harry reid was a quintessential public servant, serve nevada for decades, was a giant in the u.s. senate. my prayers are with his family and friends as we mourn this incredible loss, we served in the senate from 1987 to 2017. he was 82 years old. there is this. legendary nfl coach and broadcaster john madden dying unexpectedly at the age of 85.
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madden, one of our most iconic and recognizable names in football history. benjamin: marianne rafferty has reaction to madden's death. >> for many generations of football fans john madden cultivated a lifelong love of the game, most to remember his voice a claiming the most memorable plays and calling the most exciting championship games over three decades. madden in his own words. >> football is my life. it is complicated. >> you can't write the history of professional football without john madden. >> yelling and screaming at guys. >> a coaching genius. >> reporter: long before he was a sports broadcaster and had an nfl videogame he was a winning head coach of the oakland
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raiders leading the team for 10 seasons and winning we 7 afc title games and a super bowl in 1977. a statement from the raiders reads in part the raiders family is saddened by the passing of the legendary john madden. few individuals meant as much to the growth and popularity of professional football as coach madden whose impact on the game both on and off the field is immeasurable. the fox and prayers of the raider nation are with joseph michael and the entire madden family at this time. tributes pouring in from around the sports world. buccaneers quarterback tom brady saying john called the first super bowl. he was so good to me, our ip to a legendary game, condolence and love to the madden family and former raiders player and congressman burgess owens tweeting the raiders family lost a legends today. honored to have known john madden whose impact and love for the game will never be forgotten.
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nfl commissioner roger goodell adding nobody loves football more than coach. he was football, an incredible sounding board to me and so many others. there will be another john madden. and we will be forever indebted to him for all he did to make football and the nfl what it is today. john madden was 85 years old. back to you. todd: for so many in the younger generation john madden is a football game. they associate him with the various madden football games that have taken over our videogame lives, but for me he really was the voice of watching those first few giants games in those first few years when i got into sports and started watching these games with my dad and so that voice of john madden and pat summerall broadcasting giants games, the better nfc east rivalry for so many years with the cowboys, the eagles, the redskins. that is what i remember. he was a voice that brought the game to the homes of so many and
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made it so the common man could understand football. he did not talk down to the viewer. he talked to the viewer like he was in their living room, like he was a coach trying to explain things away so they could understand and did fun things like you see on screen right now. who can forget the various awards they gave out at the end of big games including the turk ducking at the end of the thanksgiving game. john madden was a legend. he was football and he will be deeply missed. benjamin: as someone growing up in the uk i can tell you he introduced football to the world. it is through him that so many of my generation started to play that game, learn about the game, and he spread it everywhere. there was a period in my childhood when everyone was
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playing. if he had been doing so. when you look at the pictures we are looking at now all you could get was the passion he felt for the game. love that he felt from the game. he lived it, he breezed it and people like that just resonate with everyone else. it is a titan who has been lost not just in the us but across the world. the impact he had cannot be overstated. todd: one of my fellow stories involves one of your fellow countrymen, madden and his agents were in a hotel lobby in new york city and this gentleman with our glasses with a british accent comes up to him and says i only watch football games that you broadcast. and that gentleman with a british accent and eyeglasses was elton john, great story. time now is 16 minutes after the hour. medical experts questioning the president over lack of covid testing capacity and concerns about the cdc's sudden decision
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todd: many americans travel minor continues for the fifth straight day. flightaware, 700 flights have been canceled with thousands of others delay. major airlines a workers, both contributed to the increase in delays and cancellations. holiday season one of the busiest travel periods of the year as we visit family and friends. todd: as omicron surgeons across the nation the cdc is updating its coronavirus guidelines again, to keep society functioning after two years of shutdowns and shifting rules. here to break it down is fox news contributor doctor janette nesheiwat.
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new guidelines, the cdc slashing quarantines from 10 days to 5 days. wear a mask for 5 days post quarantine, no quarantine needed, those boosted should wear a mask for 10 days. it is in a different phase and we need to move on. >> we need to move on, learn to live with and adapt to this virus and not let it control our lives, go on with daily functions but in a safe manner. if you to test positive the reason they want you to quarantine for five days is we know your most contagious one or 2 days before you test positive and develop symptoms and 3 to 5 days after.
1:23 am
that is when people are most infectious, most contagious to others during this time when it comes to omicron. keep in mind some people had no symptoms. what this plan does is allows people to get back to the workforce and reduce economic strain, doctors and nurses who were out sick because they are taking care of so many patients. looking for responsible way to get people out into the workforce. benjamin: omicron cases, they say not all of those cases are severe. they say many are going to be asymptomatic. we can safely keep society function. some would say those, the
1:24 am
administration, adult and other companies pushing them to do so and delta came out last week urging the administration to cut quarantine. with rapid spread of the variance, 10-day isolation for those vaccinated may impact our workforce and operations and i wonder if this decision could have been taken over because not enough potential was taken to the offense the pandemic had on jobs, livelihoods, economies and things like that and finally realizing those things are the bigger picture. >> i was talking to my brother the other day, only implemented these guidelines 2 or 3 months ago. football being canceled, and schools being referred to remote learning. and we are learning as we gather
1:25 am
more information to adapt this virus to better function and serve the american people and account emotional well-being, not just medical and physical aspect of this virus. you need to look at the big picture, absolutely right. >> one of the reasons these drastic measures were taken earlier. and the cdc reduce the estimate in the us. they said previously 73% of all cases of omicron, they updated that 222%, a huge discrepancy. how do you explain that. >> the cdc sampling and doing genomic surveillance and sequencing. and and the variances we are dealing with.
1:26 am
with the information tells us. nothing is more serious for many people whether vaccinated or not. and dealing with other types of variances that might be more serious or contagious, >> that are vaccinated. with willingness to get the vaccine. we appreciate you getting up early. >> we were talking about the state exodus.
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and you get your booster shot under the strict covid mandates. you can't leave the county. we are talking to a student about it next. ♪♪
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don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. benjamin: 11 time swimmer sounding the alarm on the future of women's sports saying laws should be in place to stop transgender athletes from competing. >> what you see right now in women's athletics is going to be the extinction of women's sports in general. we don't have our institutions and universities and governing bodies standing by watching this unfold. benjamin: she went on to say a few care about women you should care about this issue.
1:32 am
todd: a number of universities forcing students to jump through hoops to curb covid 19 and sanctions, princeton university the latest mandate covid booster shots and restrict student travel. miles mcknight, a student at princeton, joined me now. here are just some of the new requirements, covid booster shot is mandatory, and you must present a negative covid test, limited travel outside the immediate area talking about mercer county, you can't leave the county, can't leave the surrounding town. and or mask mandate basically saying you can take off your mask to even eat so you can't do events that involve eating and a 20 person gathering limit indoors. i understand the testing requirement. it is a smart move. are those other requirements necessary?
1:33 am
>> the university instated these requirements amid surging omicron cases, some are reasonable but some are cause for confusion. the university wanted to phase out winter break. instead of spacing out movement they condensed it, to rebook expensive flights and change itineraries and is a broader trend here which is a lot of inconsistency and policies, just to give you one example the university has a new 20 person capacity restriction where we have events of 20 people and no food allowed and so forth and the university is perfectly fine allowing hundreds of students to gather unmasked in large dining halls or travel restrictions, students aren't able to leave for personal reasons but if the basketball team wants to travel to indianapolis or anywhere else, they are perfectly fine so covid only spreads on ships that are not university sponsored. it is confusing and inconsistent
1:34 am
and frustrating. >> here's a statement from princeton. all of us are frustrated. and protect the health and well-being of students, faculty and staff. what will this do to the overall college experience that has been chipped away over the last two years? >> i am a junior and my college experience has been ruined by covid. we have to take into consideration this virus is not going anywhere soon and vaccines were promised, they've got to let students begin to do their risk calculation and a 0 risk strategy is not workable. what you have to do is medication. students are worried we are headed back to where we were last spring with virtual online
1:35 am
learning and the really negative mental health consequences that had, we had record numbers of hospitalizations and mental health appointments and a real concern that that is where we are headed. neil: college doesn't come around twice in most people's lives. the things you are going through and so many fellow students in high school having your high school years ruin and down the line it goes. wish you the best of luck, thank you for joining us. >> this push the iran nuclear deal, even though it has proof iran is lying to the us. we are live in the middle east coming up next. how low can they go. biden's approval rating is lower than kamala harris's. biden's issues started before he was in the white house, he will explain coming up next. ♪♪
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these folks don't have time to go to the post office they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. todd: benjamin: the biden administration has no progress in nuclear talks in vienna and is really deceiving the world. todd: the latest from the fallout from the 2015 deal with iran. >> reporter: the biden administration urging patients nuclear talks with iran saying it is too early to tell if
1:40 am
progress is being made. the conversation started again this week in vienna, austria, party to the 2015 nuclear deal. iran is still refusing to engage directly with the united states but claims there is progress. one top iranian diplomat described the ongoing conversation saying the vienna doctor had in a good direction. we believe other parties continue the round of talks which just started with good faith reaching agreements for all parties if possible. with iran increasing its origins enrichment of uranium, the united states accusing country of purposely slowing the negotiations. >> situation has, as of today not changed. iran has it best been dragging its feet in the talks while accelerating its nuclear escalation. >> reporter: us ally israel continues to warn it will act unilaterally against iran as the country gets closer to a nuclear weapon.
1:41 am
the israeli foreign minister said allies of the jewish state have been prevented with intelligence that proves iran is deceiving the west about his nuclear aspirations. if negotiations continue the question is about timing. the question remains how far will israel let iran get to a nuclear weapon before taking military action. todd: thank you very much. washington dc's population trending down for the first time in 15 years. according to census data the nations capital is losing residents at the fastest rate of any area in the country. dc lost 3% of its population in a single year, experts blaming a surgeon violent crime, high taxes and rising home prices for the decline. where have we heard that? benjamin: president biden's approval rating below kamala harris's for the first time, bill mcgurn said the president's
1:42 am
years in the senate could be hurting him. joining me now, bill mcgurn, thank you for getting up with us. whichever one i would advise should go and read, biden's shrinking presidency. 36 years in the upper chamber left its mark on the man in the oval office. you go on to say president biden referred to himself as churchill, you say he is becoming more like a carter. explain. >> the senate just doesn't produce executive leadership, they are legislators. the kind of thing biden was known for, being an affable guy willing to cut a deal and so forth is not the same as showing leadership. we saw that with build back better, his signature piece of domestic legislation. he never came out and sold this. that his allies in congress
1:43 am
decide what to do in the back rooms. lost and confused and one reason he didn't get it. the skills that work in the senate i do not think work in the president as well. i make he was going to bring america to a caller place, reset america. listen to what he said on the campaign stage. >> president biden: i am running because i have been around. with experience comes judgment and wisdom. i have more experience doing that than anybody on the stage. benjamin: i just wonder as america changes as it did under the trump administration you can't just go back to a time in 2008 and put everything back in the box and keep moving forward. if you look out the administration is full of people from the obama administration,
1:44 am
that is what he is trying to do, go backwards. what is needed is a new vision, move forward. >> the larger point is there is experience and there is experience and president biden's experience hasn't stopped him from the disaster in afghanistan, failures on covid and the inability to see inflation coming to the border. none of this seems to be working for him. because the senate is different from the leadership the president needs to do. what it is doing is creating his image of president biden of -- the divide between democrats and republicans. is not up for the job. it is over his head. that is why you see increasing illusions to jimmy carter.
1:45 am
benjamin: explained that more. how would you make the comparison? >> president biden came in and people were haley and as the next fdr, a transformational president. now they are talking about jimmy carter, after watergate, after nixon, after forward, everyone thought it would be a new day. it was a disaster. iranian's took hostages, we had inflation. the soviets invaded afghanistan. all sorts of disasters. jimmy carter to most americans when you use this word, his name, it is a synonym for political in the stand no coincidence that is the name increasingly attached to president biden. only a few months after we were told he was going to be the next franklin roosevelt. benjamin: we will see if years from now everyone will be calling for politicians biden.
1:46 am
a disturbing attack on a citizen in new york city caused on camera, the big apple is in the only city battling a crime crisis. >> it has never been safer to be a criminal in the united states and it has never been less safe to be a citizen in the united states than right now. benjamin: we are checking in with raymond lopez about what is playing out on the street is what needs to be done to stop it coming up. shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold!
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>> washington state lawmakers want to show the penalty, in the name of racial equity. the mandatory life sentence, one of those lawmakers telling fox news. i believe in a society that believes in the powers of redemption. and and it is convicted homicide and that is eligible for release. >> president biden thinks he can battle cities battling the crime crisis by sending checks
1:51 am
totaling $1.6 billion. chicago alderman raymond lopez, isn't this a little too little too late? is in the throwing money at liberal democratic cities that got business in the first place, not something we should be touting biden as mister hero for? >> reporter: absolutely. $1.6 billion, personally a drop in the bucket if you look at the money the federal government gives out but to give the money for their failed policies that have emboldened criminals doesn't make sense. a city like chicago on track to receive $1.5 billion in non-covid related funding in 2022 should be taken to task for its policies that enable gained a members and criminals the fuel they run the city and if biden truly wanted to have an impact on violence across the city's
1:52 am
the loan chicago, should hold those politicians accountable and say until you get crime under control, i'm not going to give you hundreds of millions of dollars you use for all your left-wing policies and you have to get your house in order and then we talk about money to the city. todd: let cops do their jobs, das to the job they are supposed to do and the problem goes away. let's break down where the money is going. $271 million to police department's operating $70 million to state law enforcement agencies, 85 million roughly 2 more than 900 cities and counties. 4.1 million to new york, 2.7 la, for you folks in chicago, 1.5 million philadelphia, one.4 baltimore, less than 1 million to seattle. if we haven't tried to defund police to begin with.
1:53 am
woke das, they deserve to be in jail into jail and kept them there when they do something wrong. >> none of this money would be necessary if politicians allow the police to do their job and they incarcerated the criminals who are committed to violence in the neighborhoods. all of that money is a headline grab for the president and to a city like chicago, 2.4 million might help. only if someone like lori lightfoot put it to work in arresting criminals and investing in technology. all of this is a backdoor check to those organizations we often see that are not working towards defeating violence in our neighborhoods, that are the backbone of politicians reelections in the months to come. todd: crime is rocking democrat led cities around the holidays. the one situation happening all over the place in chicago where these individuals are disguising themselves as what is about employees and praying on the elderly. what kind of sick individual
1:54 am
does that? >> the kind of individual that commits those crimes against our elderly are those that know there are no consequences for what they do, even if they are caught ten times they will be back on the street tomorrow doing what they do best which is victimizing law-abiding citizens. those individuals belong in jail, those individuals, no amount of programs will change, they are committed to that lifestyle and the sooner my democratic colleagues understand the, stop enabling people, the city we can get our city and country back on track. until that we are wasting good money after bad programs and we will see no end to the violence of criminality in cities like chicago and the united states. todd: a shame we have to have you want to talk about the situation that is not getting better and is only getting worse and is unclear, unlikely this money will do anything to change that.
1:55 am
raymond lopez, merry christmas, happy new year, thanks very much. benjamin: for books, ammunition and newspapers discovered in 1887 time capsule, the property lien opened in virginia. conservation expert carefully examining the search at the site, the statue of the confederate general was removed in september following protests for racial justice. conservationists will continue to examine a catalog them in the coming days. a jampacked show still have on "fox and friends first". congressman greg murphy, tom homan, joe concert and sean that we live this morning, don't go anywhere. ♪♪
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todd: it is wednesday december 20 eighth. republican governors taking the covid fight while president biden vacations at the beach and faces waves of criticism for breaking his campaign promise to shut down the virus. >> he has admitted not only does he not have the authority but doesn't have a clue how to fix what he claimed he would have fixed long before now. todd: the first order


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