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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 29, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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time this morning, thank you very much. >> you guys look great together have a good morning. todd: it's the men show right here. ben, it's been fun hanging out with you these two days, i appreciate your time, sir. >> ben: you too, todd. a real pleasure. hand over to our friends on "fox & friends." that will start right now. thanks, todd, have a wonderful day, everyone. thank you. ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ baby, baby ♪ you just ain't seen nothing yet ♪ here's something that you are never going to forget ♪ baby, baby, you just ain't seen nothing yet. will: good morning, welcome to "fox & friends," december 29th, wednesday, 2021. will cain, kayleigh mcenany, and lawrence jones, back with you again this morning on "fox & friends" on her second trip around the "fox & friends" three hour tour. kayleigh mcenany, we are glad to have you back this morning.
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kayleigh: it's great to be with you will and lawrence. outnumbered, we have an hour, "fox & friends" we have got three hours of fun. it's a lot different but, hey, i'm enjoying day two here early in the morning. lawrence: you are crushing it kayleigh. kayleigh: thank you. lawrence: we had that live shot of times square. i was originally supposed to be in nashville with will cain now i'm going to be in nashville to new yorkcity. will three hours that's a treat. wait until you put in a four hour show. one hour extra is not one hour extra. lawrence, am i right? there is did something about four hours that is much, much bigger than three hours. lawrence: after that third hour you immediately feel it going into that fourth hour. kayleigh: i will find out on saturday. [laughter] will: oh, well, good. and lawrence is exactly right. we will be together at least
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through the television the magic of television on new year's eve. we hope you will join us on december 31st, the last day of 2021. as we ring in the new year we welcome you in to 2022 from nashville. it's an all-american new year's special with your "fox & friends weekend" team. so go come join us please on the fox news channel. kayleigh and lawrence though we start this morning with a bit of sad news. news broke last night that nfl legend and quite honestly american icon john madden had died at the age of 85. almost everyone watching, i'm sure, is familiar with john madden, he was an nfl legend. won a super bowl with the oakland raiders the then oakland raiders he went on to become a legend in the realm of broadcasting. he was the voice of 1980s and 1990s. in the nfl, lawrence, i know you will agree with, this as a dallas cowboy fan my entire life, it felt like he narrated
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my childhood. you are much younger than me, lawrence, he was the voice of our dynasty, local broadcast game. that wasn't unique to us because the entire nation connected to this man, this voice, and this personality and it is no small piece of news that john madden has passed at the age of 85, kayleigh. do we still have kayleigh? kayleigh: yep, i'm back. we had a brief audio issue there but i'm back. yeah, you know, i was reading this morning about john madden and i was reading a magazine article "sports illustrated" by peter king. we all remember the ahmaden cruiser. greyhound he converted into a travel space for himself because he didn't like to fly. i was reading from through the
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eyes of the "sports illustrated" writer what it was like to ride on that bus with john madden. he talks about going to a small beach town and he loved observing the fishermen, going to washington and watching a man rake leaves. one account of john madden arrived at beaver crossing nebraska, a population of 480 people. someone recognized him at the gas station across the street. runs over, the next thing he knows he is standing in front of city hall and he says that the whole town had come out just to see him. emblematic of his experiences driving around the country. he said this. one woman brought me a rhubarb pie. i don't know what it was but it was great. whole town came out. 10 of them. the whole town. the story is emblematic of who john madden was. he was so relate being when he would broadcast. felt like your friend just sitting there in your living room. the story of his life, someone who loved the american people,
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loved traveling the country. he was that guy sitting with you as you twhached nfl football game he's broadcast in his famous way. lawrence: if you are in your house and you have children and did you go in their room, i guarantee you most definitely if they have a game console, madden is there. and it's because john madden almost became synonymous with football. he was football no one could narrate the game. no one could predict plays. no one could add context to the plays more than john madden. john madden said that football was his life. watch. >> football is my life. get rid. >> i say probably. but, it's complicated. >> you can't write the history of professional football without john madden.
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>> yelling and screaming at guys. >> what the hell are you trying to do? >> is he a coaching genius. lawrence: will, the moment that we got the news, all i could think about was that special on christmas day and, of course, none of us knew that he was on the rocks or anything like that. so to have this tribute to him on christmas day and get news, it was really sad to hear. will: yeah. it was -- i don't know the right word to use. but more than coincidental, perhaps fateful that the nfl had chosen to honor john madden just days, as you point out, days before the nfl lost john madden. commissioner of the nfl john goodell said nobody loved football more than coach, he was football. he was an incredible sounding board to me and others there will never be another john madden forever indebted to him for all he did to make football and the nfl what it is today. and then i want to share with
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you something that jim gray, long time nfl broadcaster had to say. jim gray in a fascinating quote that i thought put this into context said that john madden is the most famous figure connected dot nfl and i thought about that for a moment. and i thought about all the terry brad shaw's and roger staubachs, the tom bradies, i came back around to i think jim gray is right. if there is one name at the top of your mind when it comes to the nfl that name either because of broadcasting or coaching or to your point, lawrence, because of the video game is the nfl. it is the name of the nfl and tom brady who would perhaps be the only other name to rival that honor said the following on instagram. he said john called our first super bowl. he was always so good to me. rest in peace to a legend of our game my con dolan lenses and love to the madden family.
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kayleigh, to your point while being a legend so relatable. it felt like he was one of us. >> yeah. no doubt about it. you know, when someone passes, you learn a lot about them and you read all of the memorials that pour in and just the accounts i'm reading of his generosity, his kindness, his love for america, for life, for the game, it's really touching to read. and actually as it pertains to that fox documentary i heard bob costa say that indeed john madden got watch the documentary surrounded by family on christmas day, we all heard here on "fox & friends" that he was going to do it. bob costa said he was very very moved by it made the really good point that most people don't hear about the impact their life makes because the contributes come in after their passing. but, i don't know madden had the unique experience of getting to see how much he was loved and cherished through the eyes of this documented tri. we have a promo for it call all madden documentary tonight on
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fox sports at 9:00 and 10:30 eastern. tomorrow at 8:30 eastern on fox as well. we will take a look at that lawrence? lawrence: reflecting on john madden, this is surely a man that lived a good life. a great life but was a humble man. someone that was such an expert in the game. you know, will, you talk about the cowboys run. i was much young -- much more young during that period of time. i reflect on madden by rewatching those tapes of him calling the game. and adding so much color to the game. and we're going to miss that in the league. >> we have few people can predict the play. i mean, you got your tony romos of the day. it's very risky in the business to anticipate what was gonna happen and he had that ability, will. will: we will have more time to
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talk about in this morning but i think about why this is so important. i think about the cultural place the nfl holds in america today and the place that he then in turn holds within the nfl culture how relatable he was. you know, kayleigh, i think there are some parallels and they probably will make some people upset because whenever you invoke former president donald trump it always does make at least a section of people very upset. but there are some parallel notice relatability. nothing -- president trump's style of speech connected with americans because it didn't have to be perfect. it sounded the way that we talk. and john madden broadcasting that same way where broadcasters had always been taught to be perfect, john, madden's it will wasn't perfect addiction it was passion and predictability. tony romo shares that passion because is he passionate about the game. the voice, the personality, what it feels like for so much of
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america you lose a little bit of your if not yourself, you lose a little bit of your past today because john madden is nostalgia. he is our childhood. he is at least two decades of our lives. that's why this news is so impactful because it's about a talented and unique and important man but it's also about our lice. our sundays for the better part of 20, 30 years. we'll talk about this throughout the morning but still ahead we are also remembering democratic senate leader harry reid. a look back at his life and career. plus, another white house flip flop. republican governors blasting biden for claiming there is no federal solution to the pandemic while still pushing federal mandates. ♪
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kayleigh: welcome back to "fox & friends." you remember just yesterday we were talking about president biden saying that there is no federal solution to covid-19, to this vast omicron outbreak. well, he seems to have gotten the memo, that was not an appropriate thing to say. first, it was the white house's official twitter feed that was doing clean-up on aisle 5 saying this is what the federal government is doing. ron klain chief of staff went out to do an interview to tout the federal government's response. then president biden himself, here's what he wrote on tuesday. my administration has the backs of every governor fighting covid-19 in their state, last week i rolled out a federal plan
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to tackle omicron by adding vaccination and booster capacity, hospital equipment, staff and more. we're going to get through this by working together. so, an interesting flip flop there. noticeably absent from his new discovered federal plan. always had one in the basement, was testing. this is startling to me, will, the fact that testing is missing in this. and i think when you compare 2020 under president trump to 2021, there's a real difference in the story of testing. in 2020, there was a novel passage that came into our country for which there was no testing. there were no therapeutics, what did president trump do? he got emergency use authorizations, 100 of them to get new tests. between, i believe it was march and july, he upscaled testing by 32,000%. and by last fall we had the most advanced testing system in the world. testing more than western europe
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combined. so, that was what we had. it just seems, will, like the ball was totally and entirely dropped in 2021 by president biden. will: yeah, you know, kayleigh, humpty dump at this has fallen off the wall and there is no putting him back together again. >> look, there is no federal solution this gets solved state level. i'm looking at governor sununu on the board here. he talks about that a lot. it ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road. will: so that is the sound of admission, defeat, and an egg cracking apart. now president biden and ron ron klain. egg shells and fashion them back with together. broken and can't be put back together again there is no federal solution. i appreciate what you are
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saying, kayleigh about testing. testing has some value, as the coronavirus continues to mutate, lawrence, and variants, we will see how it goes. it certainly appears to be with all science and evidence that omicron is incredibly mild. i'm not going to say it's not a guarantee but the usually mutate viruses do into more mild forms as they go. so let's say that the next variant is even more mild and more transsiivel. the power of tests is only so much if we react to those tests as though the world has come to an end. right now that's what we're doing. positive tests mean shutting down business. what i'm getting at there is no federal solution. there is no solution to the coronavirus. it's endemic. it's here with us to stay, lawrence, real leadership at this point would be giving americans their lives back. lawrence: that's exactly right. what the biden administration should be doing from a federal
3:20 am
standpoint is providing the governors and the states the tools that they need. i mean, we should have one goal here, and that's to protect the vulnerable. covid is going to be here. it's going to continue to mutate us a correctly stated. you know, i was watching the president and i saw one of the quotes that he released to the press yesterday. essentially they asked him, mr. president, are you in favor of any mandates when it comes to domestic travel? he said if his medical team advised him, then he would be in favor of some sort of mandates when it comes to that. i go jeesh, you know, he flips again. and it's become abundantly clear that the president of the united states doesn't have a compass. is he all over the place. he is only reacting to the next story. whether he said that the feds shouldn't be involved, he really didn't mean it. he only meant it when it came down to the question that was at
3:21 am
hand at that point. he didn't mean generally, you know, and consistently every single policy the feds shouldn't be involved. so i think it's incumbent on us as i noted yesterday, to continue to highlight what the administration is doing because he is all over the place. and i think it goes back to the president not really running things. the staff is releasing statements, and is he just reading them to the public. there is no guide. there is no consistency. governors call on biden to do away with these national mandates. here is ron desantis. now that biden has admitted to the nation that he has no plan to shut down the virus. and that there is no federal solution. we expect him to withdrawal the unconstitutional and useless federal vaccine mandate. okay? then you ask governor criminals city nome, after a year, we finally agree at potus the federal government isn't the solution. now we're seeing all the federal mandate. and finally, governor doug
3:22 am
ducey, the president wants it both ways. he is demanding governors to resolve the pandemic because his administration can't. yet, he continues to push vaccine mandates on businesses when no thought to the consequences. so, that is where we are. we have the president of the united states saying, look, you know what? i'm not going to be involved. the courts have essentially rejected a lot of his federal mandates. they have said essentially he doesn't have standing. you can't really do this. in our federalist system, you can't be doing this. and then he wants to put more restrictions. so kayleigh, as the governor said you can't have it both ways. kayleigh: you can't have it both ways. there is no place for man daylights. the president went to walk his new puppy yesterday in row who are you ponderinganother mandate
3:23 am
vaccinateds to domestic travel. >> we seal what our advisers say. in other words, not shutting the door to more mandates, the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. it is absolutely appalling. but, here's -- that's the way of the biden administration. mandate, mandate, mandate, totally and counter productive. we have pretty existing guest of mandates, governor chris city nome you read her quote right there republican from south dakota, the governor. she is coming up at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. you will not want to miss that but, in the meantime, over to you, will. will: all right, in the meantime, the passing of john madden isn't the only sad news we have to share with you this morning. lawmakers are now paying tribute to a giant in the senate. harry reid who died on tuesday night. todd piro is live with reactions from both sides of the aisle. todd? todd: good morning to all three of you, tributes still pouring
3:24 am
in from lawmakers former senate majority leader harry reid. the senate pour house leaving distinct impression decade of service honors coming from both democrats and republicans. president biden calling reid a great american. harry looked at the challenges of the world and believed it was within our capacity to do good, to do right, and to do our part of perfecting the union that we all love. and if harry said he would do something. he did it if he gave you his word, you could banks on it that's how he got things done for the good of the country for decades. former president obama giving letter to the senator? final days quote you are more generous to me than any right i had to expect. i would not be president had it not been your encouragement and support. will mcconnell the nature jobs brought us into frequent and intense conflict i never doubted that harry was always doing what he earnestly deeply felt was right for nevada and our
3:25 am
country. and senator joe manchin saying harry reid was a quintessential public servant. he served the people of nevada for decades and was a giant in the united states senate. my prayers are with his family and friends as they mourn this incredible loss. reid served in the senate from 1987 to 2017. his death follows a four-year patel with pancreatic. cancer he was 82 years old and survived by his wife landra and five children. back to you. lawrence: harry reid, a gentle voice, a deeply partisan, but was dedicated to the cause of the democratic party and, you know, you don't get obama legacy without harry reid. he was the guy that was willing and dealing in the senate. harry reid on the left without these gentlemen, you don't get the foundation of this modern right or the modern left.
3:26 am
kayleigh: great point, lawrence, no matter what side of the aisle you are on. we have people who have left a mark on the country. harry reid is one of them. there are many others. you point to bob dole as well on the other side of the aisle. turning now to headlines, florida deputies arresting 27-year-old sean charles greer in a deadly hit and run incident. greer allegedly confessed to swerving around a bus and hitting a group of children on a sidewalk. killing two and injuring four others. he faces two counts of leaving the scene of an accident involving death among other charges. greer was also on probation for burglary. the holiday travel nightmare continues for the fifth straight day. just today flight aware says more than 700 flights within and to or out of the united states have been canceled with thousands of others delayed. major airlines say workers calling out sick and bad weather are contributing to the increase
3:27 am
in delays. the holiday season, of course, is one of the busiest travel periods of the year as americans visit family and friends. what a headache. now to fox weather. severe thunderstorms including tornadoes are possible across the south today, especially in mississippi, alabama and tennessee. and in california, lake tahoe breaks a 50 year record for december snowfall. and uc berkeley institute recording shows nearly 200 inches of snow so far this month beating the previous record by over 14 inches. look at those images. plus, in oregon, stunning will video captures the moment a large tree tumbles ton a highway. luckily state police say no one was hurt. lawrence: holy cow. >> those are your headlines. will: thank you. will: quite a piece of video that's what happens when you pa trolt street of america you never know what you are going to
3:28 am
run into. still ahead on "fox & friends" this morning, mandate madness, today, new york city will require kids, 45 and older to be fully vaccinated just to eat inside a restaurant. up next two restaurant owners join to us say they are fed up with liberal mandates. they are taking a bite out of a core business. coming up. ♪
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. lawrence: vaccine mandates taking a bite out of business. 5 and older must be vaccinated to enter restaurants and movie theaters and museums. mayor bill de blasio dismissing concerns about how this will impact small businesses, watch. >> even though i always appreciate any concern if folks in the restaurant community have a concern. if some of our visitors have a concern. i obviously appreciate that deeply that we want to be responsive in every way. but in the end the number one job is to protect people. this was the right thing to do for that. lawrence: joining us now to discuss jimmy, president of the restaurant group and tyler hollander festival cafe in nyc.
3:33 am
thank you for joining me. jeremy, how does impacting businesses in new york? >> i believe we need to get everybody vaccinated but i think we got to move at a little bit of a slower pace at certain times. we are having a difficult time as is with this omicron where people have slowed down coming into the restaurants over the last couple weeks and we still have never really gotten back to full, you know, capacity. so, this is coming at the wrong time when the weather changes and people are going out less, particularly in the northeast. and, you know, we agree and believe that you should come to our restaurants and be vaccinated but i think we have got to slow down. i don't think some of these kids have had the opportunity to get vaccinated. and i think they have to look at it from all different sides. lawrence: you know, tyler, there are some families that just don't agree with vaccinating
3:34 am
their kids. it's still a lot of testing that has to go involved with this. they have gotten the vaccine personally but they don't want to give it to their kids. how do you look a family in the eye traveling out of state where it's not required to new york where it is required? >> yeah, precisely. i mean jeremy is 1,000% correct here. what i have been say from the beginning the bars and restaurants, the hospitality industry ♪ vaccine police for the mayor. we are not being compensated in any way, shape, or form and the real victim here are the businesses who have lost tremendous amounts of business because these mandates. look, i'm not going to bounce a 5-year-old out of my establishment because they want to come in and have something to eat and drink after a long day in the city. just think of all these children and families spending thousands of dollars, hotel rooms, plane flights, coming to new york city for the holidays that now can't go to a bar or restaurant? that's insane. lawrence: jeremy, what is the
3:35 am
penalty if you don't abide by mayor de blasio's rule? >> we can be fined for it. and things to that nature. ultimately you could be closed which is a little strict and ridiculous. like tyler said, it's hard for us to be the bouncers, the door man and everything else. we have been doing it for various things some of them unfair. in general i understand and respect we want everyone to, you know, be vaccinated as soon as possible because we want this to go away. and we want everyone to be safe. but, i think they just have to understand there's two sides to this story and they have to look at what we're doing. i have people who have been working with me for many, many years who worked the entire time of covid and, you know, when they needed a job, and when people needed somewhere go or needed to go outside and get a cocktail or whatever the case may be. those people need their income
3:36 am
even worse than probably tyler and i doour responsibility to take care of these people. we want earn be vaccinated do it on a time frame and in a situation that works for the small business, the big business the people and the world in general. lawrence: very clear that the mayor doesn't care about the other side. it is forced compliance. and i'm just worried about the repercussions, gentlemen, thank you so much for holding in there and joining us on the program. jeremy, tyler, thanks so much. >> thank you. lawrence: ridiculous what's happening in this city. from the tragic afghanistan exit to the will massive russian cyberattack and refusing to stand up to china. 2021 was marked with misshapes and misfires from the white house on the world stage. we break down biden's biggest foreign policy flops of the year. that's next.
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>> are you confident he will change his behavior. >> i'm not confident what the hell -- what do you do all the time? when did i say i'm confident. >> 99% finished. the idea that anything was going to be said or done was going to stop it was not confidence. >> stand by your decision to pull out? >> yes, i do. kayleigh: well, 2021 was a year of foreign policy blunders under president biden. our next guest wrote an op-ed called top 5 foreign policy lessons biden taught the world and he joins us now to break them down. here is the heritage foundation's vice president and foreign offense -- of foreign defense policy studies james care fan know. james, i so enjoyed reading your
3:42 am
op-ed every day black friday sale. china building hypersonic weaponry. biden may face a north korea crisis within months. i think the world is noticing that these bad actors are acting up. >> so there is two footers that you know, when i say biden's foreign policy is failing, it's not me saying this we talked about this all over the world. other government officials, you know, international community and they are the ones telling us what is going on with u.s. policy. and from the adversary perspective, i think there is really two way points. afghanistan was really deer, afghanistan was a complete and utter blunder ally weren't consulted with, clearly the president spooked himself. that was very telling for the russias and chinas and irans of the world. they added that piece of information with the fact that
3:43 am
everybody in this administration virtually to a person is a former obama official. and what they are seeing is this presidency works just like the obama presidency and they know how that works. they put those two things together and they think now's the time. kayleigh: you are exactly right. your lessons were oso poignant first that the adults was not back was one of the lessons that you mentioned. that's clearly the case in afghanistan. but another line that really struck me and this is from your firsthand knowledge, you said that you have talked with scores of foreign officials from friendly nations who are absolutely gob smacked by biden blunders to afghanistan to ukraine. the allies are noticing he doesn't know what he is doing. >> i think ukraine is really will very very telling. when you talk to the central european countries, for example in the middle of the crisis i
3:44 am
have talked to the major biden allies. 20 plus countries and nato said what? we don't count? because you talked to france and germany and its and u.k., you think we don't matter? and we're the ones standing in front of russia. we are the ones, you know, dealing with the little green men from russia. we are getting cyberattacked. we are the ones that have to dealing with millions of refugees from ukraine and you didn't talk to us? so, look, i cannot find any friend in the world who is compel tent in this president's leadership. ironically, they are confident in america because they saw how strong this country was four years before this so there is great confidence in the country. there is not great confidence in our president. kayleigh: yeah, that's right. we only have about 30 seconds here. you mentioned congress is not brain dead when it comes to defense spending what did you mean by that? >> i think we got to give congress a lot of credit. this was the worst managed
3:45 am
national defense authorization act we ever do. we do it every year this one was horribly managed by schumer and the democrats. yet, they put a really good bill across the table added 25 billion to defense. biden's defense budget didn't even cover inflation. a really strong signal from congress. when allies look at our country they look at what congress is doing. how the americans feel about the president and our foreign policy and then we're confident. kayleigh: it's an excellent point, james, one that i have not seen made. thanks so much. everyone check out james carafano's op-ed it's on well done. will? will: thank you, kayleigh. start with this. jury dislictions entering day six in the maxwell trial. sounding the alarm the omicron surge putting at risk our ability to complete this try. jurors will now have to sit every day this week until a verdict is reached. even on new year's eve.
3:46 am
the jury sent a note after tuesday's session claiming that progress is being made. maxwell faces six separate charges pertaining to her involvement in jeffrey epstein's alleged sexual misconducted. and police are searching for this thief caught on camera forcefully robbing an 85-year-old woman dragging her out of an elevator in the bronx at her apartment building. you can see him trying to take her purse and cane but she held on. the attacker knocks the woman down he's runs away. the victim was brought to a nearby hospital for expblirns. civil war era books, money, ammunition and newspapers were discovered in 1887 time capsule found at the former site of the robert e. lee monument in virginia. conservation expert carefully examining the items after week's long search of the site. the statue of the confederate general was removed following protests for racial injustice.
3:47 am
and those are your headlines. let's now check in with meteorologist adam klotz for a fox weather forecast. >> a bit of wild weather across the country this morning beginning with temperatures as you see. warm air in the southeast once again but really cold air back behind it look at fargo fargo negative 22 degrees. wind chill warnings in place because it feels like negative 30, negative 40 across the northern plains stretching into the upper midwest. really frigid air. couple of weather systems we are paying attention. to say one in the southeast. another round of winter weather and heavy rain moving into the west coast. flood alerts in southern california. san diego, running up toker vine and areas a little bit farther inland. i will leave you with those storms in the southeast. we have a decent chance for severe weather today. particularly in areas of mississippi, alabama, stretching up into tennessee. of course, we will be watching those storms as they pop up this afternoon. will, back to you. will: yeah, got to watch those storms.
3:48 am
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lawrence: we're back with quick headlines, disney world says it will reopen typhoon lagoon water park after being closed for nearly two years it shut down in march of 2020 due to the pandemic. but its surf pool and water rides and everything else will be back up and running january 2nd. that's some good news. and a random act of kindness and compassion for a stranger. by dollar general employee going viral because of this youtube video. watch. >> super passionate, loving, he showed me what people ought to be. >> this overwhelmed when employee took time to talk to elderly woman and boss saw the
3:53 am
video, too. they are donating $1,000 to a local school paying tribute to the employee for upholding the company's values. a little good news on this wednesday. over to you, will. will: thank you, lawrence. all right. we have been telling you for months how to win big with the fox bet super 6 app. and our next guest, well, she hit the jackpot, winning a house on christmas. louise womack actually chose the cash option and she will use that which is $250,000 to pay off her mortgage and renovate the house she built with her late husband in oklahoma. and louise who i understand goes by lou -- let me just say you and i are going to get along wonderfully will: they did not tell me you would show up on national television in dak prescott jersey. this will be my favorite interview of the year. we are really happy for you, lou. first of all, i'm curious, tell
3:54 am
me about your fox bet super 6 prediction. your choice to enter. how did you find out about it? how did you decide to play the game? >> well, i was watching a game on tv. probably the cowboys. and i saw terry and howie on there, and they were talking about the house. and i was doing my bets there. and i decided as i was doing that well, what have i got to lose? and i put this to try for the house. will: you get in there. you play the game. and then my next question is the moment you find out that you win. how does that happen? i am always fascinated by that, somebody that wins the lottery, or somebody that wins a significant amount of money. tell me about the moment when you find out that you win. >> well, i was watching the green bay game. and my phone rang. and at first i thought it was a hoax. so i turned my phone off. and then my phone rang again,
3:55 am
and then i thought well, somebody is really trying to get me. so i looked. and i could see that they left a voice mail and i could read the transcript and so when i saw it was about the game, i answered the phone and when she told me, i still didn't believe it and so she said they are going to announce it at halftime so i sat there and i watched in amazement and i was totally blown away. will: and they announced it on national television at halftime that's got to be amazing. so what do you do now, lou? what do you do with the money? $250,000 was the cash option. >> oh my gosh. well, i want to do some upgrades on my house and pay off my mortgage and i had a million things i wanted to do. and all i could think about was i get to pay down my mortgage. if not pay it off. any left over i would like to
3:56 am
continue to travel. it's been kind of hard trying to do that. i love to cruise. so i'm looking forward to being able to do that now. will: might i make a suggestion and i can't make promises for fox but you should be traveling to the super bowl wearing that jersey, hopefully along with me. >> oh my gosh, that's my dream. will willful there we go. we, together, rooting on those dallas cowboys. rooting on dak prescott to win the super bowl. what do you say, lou, let's make it a date. >> i think that's a great idea. will: we are happy for you. all right. thank you for joining us this morning. and by the way, since lou chose the $250,000 cash option. the super 6 appear has now given $6 million since it launched two years ago. the next contest is this sunday. jackpot is $100,000. more "fox & friends" coming up. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game.
3:57 am
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♪ just let it be ♪ if it's meant to be, it will be ♪ it will be ♪ baby if it's meant to be ♪ baby, ride with me. lawrence: look at that view. we couldn't set up a better shot than that myrtle beach, south carolina as the sun is coming up on this wednesday edition of "fox & friends." i'm lawrence jones. also will cain kayleigh is here as well as her second day crushing it.
4:01 am
will, i have got to say that interview that you did with lou just warmed my heart. who would have expected her to have a dak prescott jersey on, brother. will: that was wonderful i think i made a date. lou is going to need to be at that super bowl dallas cowboys. the only hitch in this giddy up the only part i can't control is whether or not the cowboys will be there along with myself, you, i'm sure, lawrence, and lou. but i feel pretty good. i feel pretty good, lawrence. lawrence: me too, brother. bill will i know kayleigh is a florida girl has something about greatest of all time standing in the way. one of your losses the cowboys did lose to the bucs. i will point out. i will say this dak prescott what an amazing athlete he is. my dad played for the
4:02 am
mississippi bulldogs as well as a defensive end. dak prescott i can't say enough good things about him. what a man of character and role model a man of great faith. i will give you that dallas. lawrence: there is a lot of football talk today and rightfully so because mr. football himself nfl legend and american icon john madden is dead at 85. he was a true patriot. someone that embodied the sport. no one could call a game. he wasn't this typical broadcaster. he was the average day man that brought a lot of color to it in stories and could predict plays. peyton manning and troy aikman reflect on madden's career with this clip from all madden and this was on fox sports. take a look. >> we were playing the cowboys. they, of course, had achin', emit, dion, that was a big deal. but the madden summer all
4:03 am
combination coming to town was just as big. >> peyton manning reminds you of his dad archie manning, what a great job they did in raising him. he is what it is all about, man. is he my new favorite player. >> felt like we have a chance to be something special but we can't go out there and say that. but when john madden comes in and says it, okay. this must be real. >> you know how they say if you are going to be the man you have to beat the man,. >> when john spoke, hey, this guy has a future, i think even the critics would have to take heed to that. >> john was the authoritative voice for our sport. and in a lot of ways he still is. lawrence: will, he was the authority for the sport of football. he knew his stuff. will he was always the coach no matter in the broadcast booth or out on the field he was that man. he never changed. will: he was that man to listen
4:04 am
to two of the greatest of all times in troy aikman and it peyton manning talk about the greatest of all time when it comes to broadcasting. the titan that john madden was when it came to the nfl. manning went on to say i always appreciate his friendship and support of my football career. there will never be another like him may god's peace be with his family. rest from peace. aikman went on to say madden was a treasure, he was a gift. he was an incredible friend. rest in peace, john madden. troy aikman inherited the booth, the color commentary position at fox sports that was once held by john madden and troy aikman has done a wonderful job. he was also tasked with an impossible standard. for many of us who grew up watching football in the 1980s and 1990s and 2,000s john madden's final broadcast kayleigh was his broadcast of tom brady's first super bowl in 2001 with the new england patriots. so, for the better part of two,
4:05 am
almost three decades, his role in the nfl set an impossible standard for anyone that hoped to follow in his footsteps the relatability, the passion, he simply is greatest of all time. i think it's recognized by everyone. kayleigh: that's right, will. you speak about his relatability. i spoke last hour about this bus he rode around in called the madden cruiser. more than loving football. he loved life and america. i'm so struck as i read this account of what it is like to ride around the country with john madden as he would go and do all of his broadcasts and this passage stuck out and really to me summarizes hot real john madden is. they said peter king writes he was the tour guide answered relished the role. passenger found out soon enough that one of madden's favorite topics was america. he talked about his wide open spaces with the same fervour he uses for a chalkboard description of a lawrence taylor zac. he is loquacious.
4:06 am
he is engaging. he doesn't burn through walls as weigh was portrayed in light beer commercials. that is the madden schtick, that is the madden on madden avenue. real trip two booms, no waps significant. wap and boom as he would broadcast. real john madden loved this country and came out in his broadcast as he was so relatable as if he was your friend just sitting right there explaining football to you. and all of us that can watch the all madden documentary it's going to be tonight on fox sports at 9:00 p.m. 10:30 p.m. eastern time and tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. on fox. john madden, lawrence, did see that just three days ago, four days ago, rather. on christmas surrounded by family and he apparently was very moved by the tribute. lawrence: you are exactly right. will: a wonderful tribute at
4:07 am
just the right time. lawrence? lawrence: yeah, just to put a bow on this and we talked about this the first hour. you know, he was so different in the sense of, you know, when you get in this business, there is a tendency to say you know, to do it a certain way. he did it the madden way. and what made him so great is he could predict things before it happened. i mean, that is a very risky. because he you don't want to be wrong. no one wants to be wrong. he knew his stuff and he leaned in to it. i will tell you, it's really hard to do that skill and honestly, since madden has left the game, only tony romo, in my humble opinion, has been able to do that job in the sense of predict plays before they happen. will: yeah. you just made it fun. you know, he pulled out that tell straighter or in his day a white board of at times and before you knew it looked like mad man's abstract artist painting where scribbles were going everywhere. he knew it and he was self-aware it was part of the fun. it was fun to watch football
4:08 am
with john madden. we move to this. president biden is looking to take on america's crime crisis with the doj sending $1.1 billion, $1.6 billion to crime ridden cities. lucas tomlinson joins us live from washington with the details. lucas? >> good morning, guys, the nation's crime wave continues at least 16 cities stretching from coast to coast have broken their all-time homicide records in 2021. hundreds of others are seeing their highest rates in more than two decades. now president biden's justice department wants to fund the police, help reduce violent crime. spending 1.6 billion rising crime, task forces, crime prevents, domestic violence programs, courts, treatment and correction programs, according to the latest fbi stats, murder in 2020 was up 30% from the previous year. the largest single year increase ever. here is a breakdown of where that money is going doj. 187 million to 65 state law
4:09 am
enforcement agencies. and about 85 million to more than 900 cities and counties. police across the country suffered a 50% increase in the number of cops killed. here are a number of the cities receiving the money. chicago about 2.5 million. seattle 80 million. los angeles nearly over 2.5 million. philadelphia 1.5 million and baltimore 1.3 million and here's a list of the cities seeing record number of homicides stretching from stew son arizona, to jackson mississippi, to rochester, new york. some blame lockdowns, no in person schooling and it turmoil contributing to strikes. calls to defund the police now it appears president biden's doj wants to fund the police. guys, happy new year. kayleigh: thank you, lucas. happy new year to you, too. incredible to me, lawrence, throwing money at the problem is not going to fix things. there is a reason we have a crime problem in this country it started to uptick last summer
4:10 am
and that was directly correlating with the defund the police movement. and president biden could have come out unequivocally and said hey i'm against defunding the police. we have heard that from the president once or twice from the podium. he hasn't emphatically said stand down. not only that he dropped his you doj dropped half the cases against the portland rioters. did away with president trump saying if you are anarchist jurisdiction and not stopping the lawlessness of your city, we are going to take federal funding from you, he got rid of that is he directly to blame for this. defund the police. this whole movement which he didn't appropriately shut down, lawrence. lawrence: you are exactly right. and i would even go further than that you know, about three years ago, sean hannity came up to me and said look, lawrence, i think we have a crime problem happening across the country. i started traveling to all these major cities. this is before the defund the police movement. all these progressive das, you had george soros but you also had the former attorney general eric holder that started to get involved with a lot of these
4:11 am
races. they wanted a new standard of justice. it wasn't just about reforming the system and trying to get things equal justice under the law where there was some discrepancies at time. it was about a new standard of justice. that meaning and i have talked about this before. no one should be behind bars. to say find way to empty the prisons. well, when that started to happen three years ago, criminals started to run rampant and we have seen it uptick more and more and more. and then have you got the defund the police movement and then the pandemic, all of that piled on to this big mess that we have. and somehow the white house feels if they put more money on it without changing the way we do business in the country to law and order that it's going to solve the problem. you can throw money all day. but if the criminals are going to be just released back on the street, will, that's not going to solve the problem. will: no, in fact, raimondo low bezos of chicago alderman echoed your sentiments he said this is nothing more than a headline grab, watch?
4:12 am
>> $1.6 million is personally a drop in the bucket when you look at all the money the federal government gives out. but to give them money for their failed policies that have emboldened criminals doesn't make sense. a city like chicago already on track to receive $1.5 billion in non-covid related funding in 2022 should be taken to task for its policies that enable gang bangers and criminals to feel like they run this city. none of this money would be necessary right now if politicians allowed the police to do anywhere jobs as you said, todd, we actually incarcerated the criminals who are committed to violence in our neighborhoods. right now all of that money, all of this is just a headline grab for the president. will: let me give you an example of one of those policies that alderman could be referencing. last night i was hosting "tucker carlson tonight." i will again tonight. we did a story out of washington, the state of washington where there's an effort to lessen the penalties
4:13 am
for drive by shooting a gang banger that commits murder and does a drive by shooting that's an aggravating factor in a murder charge. they want to reduce that they want to do away with that aggravating factor it has dits patriot. more black americans are punished that under factor because more black americans are the ones committing drive by shootings. they do dispirit impact analysis. the backbone of social justice. same thing compelled the state of california or many cities in california to penalty for example shoplifting that's why we see more of the smash-and-grabs on your screen right now. all driven out of this idea that equity demands us to lessen these charges. so here's where i'm going with this. not only could this $1.6 billion be a drop in the bucket. but it's influential tool of the federal government to drive those ideologies, kayleigh and lawrence, by distributing money you can put strings on money. say hey, i want you to employ these types of policies.
4:14 am
and so what this country needs and both of have you said this we need ideological change, a positional change on how we approach policing and prostitution to your point, lawrence. we don't need more money -- yes we need more money at the local level. defund was the stupidest thing to come along in perhaps a decade of politics. that was largely a local problem. from a federal level we need them not driving and ideological perspective policy. i'm afraid that $1.6 billion is the exact opposite. it actually will be driving that ideology into police departments. kayleigh: yeah, will, that's exactly right. will: go ahead, kayleigh, please. kayleigh: you mentioned strength to the money. that's exactly what president trump was doing. you are not implementing the laws if you are not locking up criminals. we are going to take that money anarchist jurisdiction. point well-taken. will: yeah. by the way. speaking of local police issues, there's this. this is this out of the city of boston. the democratic mayor over there has implemented a vaccine
4:15 am
mandate. and one police officer in boston who is pregnant is set to lose her job on january the 15th. when this mandate goes into effect. her name is gianna my lane. and she had this to say about the mandate and her job and her pregnancy. >> when you were pregnant did you do drugs or drink alcohol. >> no. >> did you eat suturey or cold cuts did you live -- your saint -- did you make your own decision for yourself and for your unborn children? did you do everything you needed to do to have a safe and healthy pregnancy? do you right now put your faith, your person, everything that your research behind this vaccine right now and sign a document for us saying that you personally and the city will take full responsibility if something was to happen to us as mothers? and our unborn children?
4:16 am
would you do that right now for all of us? kayleigh: good for her. this is about personal choice. especially at a time where now the cdc guidelines that came out that reduced the amount of time you have to quarantine those guidelines now say unvaccinated equals unboosted. in other words, if you have a booster, you don't have to quarantine if you come in close contact with someone. but if you have just had the two doses of vaccine, you actually do have to quarantine just like an unvaccinated person. my point is, when we in the society where the definition of vaccinated is changing and a place where israel hospital is looking at do we need to do a fourth shot, you have every right, lawrence, to ask questions. you have every right to say this is a new vaccine and look, in full disclosure, i'm vaccinated. i have had two shots. i believe in the vaccine, operation warp speed under president trump. but where the definition of vaccinated is changing, you have a right to ask questions. and especially why are we targeting our police officers?
4:17 am
we just did a whole segment on crime. do we really need lose police officers because they are asking questions about the vaccine? lawrence? lawrence: do we have every right? you would think it was the american way that we had every right. they made it clear they are willing to squeeze everybody, police officers, everyday employees, parents, children, ,you have to get the vaccine or you won't be able to live life normal again that is the new standard. the more and more i reflect on this pandemic, i am regretful for ever giving an inch. it seems like when we gave an inch, that they took a mile. and i'm just afraid, guys, that we won't ever get these civil liberties back again until we just completely go cold turkey and say enough is enough. we are not complying at all. it's going to take all of us to get on board with that or i'm just afraid the path that we are on that since we allowed covid to be the standard. that any type of emergency that
4:18 am
they want to declare an emergency, they will be able to implement these same type of policies. kayleigh: yeah, they expect us to fall in line like sheep in a herd and just follow whatever the quote science tells us which always seems to be changing, lawrence. all right. turning now to your headlines. giant of the senate harry reid died on tuesday following a four year battle withbreak cancer. president biden called reid quote a great american. harry looked at the challenge of the world and believed it was in our capacity to do right, to do good, to do our part of perfecting the union we all love. adding if harry said he would do something, he did it if he gave you his word, you could bank on it that's how he got things done for the good of the country for decades. reid is survived by his wife and five children who are all in our prayers. five people are arrested at a new york city vaccine mandate protest on tuesday after sweeping order took effect in
4:19 am
the big apple. one of the protesters joined the ingraham angle to talk about what she calls tyrannical orders from city leaders. >> they know exactly what they're doing. they know this is wrong. they are ostracizing us from society. now 5-year-olds have to show papers in order to go to the movie theaters, in order to go to restaurants. it's an abomination. it's wrong and immoral. kayleigh: she says city leaders need to work for the people, not against them. the city mandate requires all people over the age of 5 to show proof of vaccine in order to participate in indoor activities. including events. including eating. a woman on tiktok is showing how love doesn't come easy but instead of a game of give and take, she is playing a game of give and survey. the nashville woman creating an exit survey for men who ghosted her. she said she started the survey as a joke but has gotten some
4:20 am
genuine replies. and those are your headlines. really interesting, will. will: absolutely. we get to this now. another white house flip flop, republican governor blasting biden no federal solution to the pandemic while still pushing federal mandates. and a new jersey police officer who dedicated 20 years of his life to law enforcement says goodbye. watch. >> i'm 10-3. >> dedicated career to law enforcement we would like to congratulate you on your retirement. wish you health and happiness and good luck in all your future endeavors. will: the officer that emotional send off will join us later this hour ♪ even if it takes all night ♪ ♪ hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad...
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4:25 am
>> look, there is no federal solution. this gets solved on the stated level. i'm looking at john sununu on the board. he talks about it a lot. gets down to where the rubber meets the road. will: president biden stepping on words and tweeting about a federal plan for the coronavirus one day after saying there was no federal solution. the president writing last week i rolled out a federal plan to tackle omicron by adding vaccination and booster capacity. hospital equipment staff and more. we're going to get through this by working together. here to weigh in former white house coronavirus task force testing czar admiral brett giroir. admiral great to have you this morning. does he or does he not have a federal response? is there or is there not a
4:26 am
federal response to the coronavirus pandemic? >> well, it's hard to tell because it looks like it's chaotic and confusing from the outside. look, the concept of operation is simple. it's federally supported state led locally executed. we supported the states through the federal government by sending hundreds of billions of dollars, by developing vaccines through warp speed. before i left, we had already spent 180 million free tests. every monday morning the governors got a 600 page report about what we recommended county to county level. look, they have really got to understand the role of the federal government is to provide that support to supply complete and clear recommendation, not to have mandates or coerce people in every single state to do what the federal government wants. that's counter productive and you see where it's led us in this pandemic. will: yeah, most of that federal response i could say for the better part two of administrations but actually for several decades now has been, dr. anthony fauci. fauci is now saying by the way after attempting to cancel every single holiday i believe over the last two years he is
4:27 am
strongly advising people getting together for new year's eve. should people cancel their plans, admiral? >> i'm not canceling my plans. i think everyone needs to be reasonable and make a risk assessment for themselves and their family. now, certainly, if have you cancer and on chemotherapy and can't be adequately vaccinated you need to be careful we had over 400,000 cases of omicron yesterday which means we have 1.2 million cases. if you are healthy, if you have been vaccinated and around people who you have relationships with, i wouldn't cancel it at all. i would feel very comfortable. i felt very comfortable going to football games this year with 100,000 people it depends on own individual risk. you have to make that assessment. risk reduction starts with veengsz. please get vaccinated and please get boosted. wear a mask, if you are in tight indoor settings new testament outdoors and among vaccinated people you don't need to do it. always remember to have a plan with your healthcare provider. if you do get sick, know where
4:28 am
you can get monoclonal antibodies and other therapy. will: well, i won't be canceling my flans i will be in nashville new year'sed admiral brett giroir great to talk to you this morning thank you. >> thank you. will: remembering an alegend nfl llweleynend john madden died at the age of 85. we reflect on his life and legacy with sportscaster jim gray next. ♪
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
lawrence: welcome back, this morning remembering an nfl icon. legendary hall of famer john madden whose oakland raiders never lost a season while he was head coach has died at 85 years old. a beloved football analyst madden is the namesake of the madden nfl video game one of the best selling sports games of all time. fox news anchor martha maccallum takes a look life back at john's life. >> john madden's booming voice and stature will always be associated with football. born in 1936 in minnesota, his family moved to california where he was a star football and baseball player. the sport legend began his football career as the oakland raiders linebacker coach in
4:33 am
1967. two years later the 32-year-old madden became the youngest head coach in the american football league. in 10 seasons he led the raiders to 8 playoff appearances and run super bowl title in 1977. he retired in 1979. and quickly transitioned to the broadcast booth winning 13 emmy awards while working on all four networks. >> now they are really mixing it up in there hey, watch this, they are really mixing it up in there. >> famous for not liking airplanes, madden traveled to games in custom built buses known as the madden cruiser. well known for his dynamic style the american sports association twice named madden sports penalty of the year. >> some people say they run in there and clyde or something. gets in there, boom. that's what i say. >> fabs and players enjoyed his tradition of handing out turkey legs to the mvps at the thanksgiving day game. madden lent his name and expertise to popular sports video games.
4:34 am
madden nfl. applying the same principles he did on the field. >> you never stay the same. you can say okay we are the top game. let's just stay right there. you don't because the minute you say we're okay. we're going to stay there, you slip. i will guarantee you. you have to say okay, we're here but we're going to get better. >> he was inducted into the pro-football hall of fame in 2006. martha mccallum, fox news. will: our next guest knew john madden well sportscaster jim gray. great to have you on this morning. your perspective is necessary. i was actually reading some of your perspective as you joined fox news last night, jim. there is so much to talk about here. you said something that i found fascinating. i have covered sports for many years. you said that john madden is the most famous individual associated with the nfl throughout that league's history. and i thought what a statement. and my mind thought tom brady,
4:35 am
roger staubach, terry bradshaw. at the end i think yeah, jim gray is right. can you think of another name more associated with the nfl than john madden, jim? >> hey, will, yeah. i would say he was the most popular figure in the national football league and he earned that did he it as coach, assistant coach, then, of course, broadcaster. retired the emmy, won 16 emmys and madden game kids today become familiar with professional football and love the game. some of them even go on to play the game because of the game madden, which he created. so, he just did it at all levels. he was a raider. he was the youngest coach there 32 years of age as martha just explained. he went on to win more games for his first 10 years he won three out of four games. just think about that for a minute, folks, three out of four games that he played. 75% he won with the raiders,
4:36 am
then after 10 years he and al davis decided it was time to move on and john went and embarked on another career. john often told me that he had just -- he had done as much as he could in professional football and he had just had enough. so he stopped. answered quit. he wanted to spend more time with the family and after about three weeks he told me the family decided they didn't want to spend more time with him. but he loved his family and joe and mike madden his son in virginia. my heart goes out to them. john was great man and a dear friend. kayleigh: what a beautiful tribute to him, jim. i was reading one of our colleagues ben domenech highlighted a story. it was so heart-warming it was about john madden being in baltimore and this little restaurant stayed open for him and john madden loved the crab soup at this restaurant stayed open for them. all he ordered was the crab soup but left $100 tip and signed pictures for everyone in the kitchen. tell us who this man was.
4:37 am
tell us john madden as a person? who was he? >> he loved people and he loved the people of the united states. he used to travel around kayleigh in a bus. he would hit all of the little stops. he would talk to the dairy farmers and he would go out of his way to go a restaurant to see, you know, a specific waiter or waitress who he had encountered years before and see if they were still there his favorite places in new york not too far from where he lived on 72nd and columbus was dallas barbecue and fine and shapiro, and ray's pizza. i remember we were going one time through a cbs seminar and john would just see things that other people saw and we walked into smith and walenskys which is a famous steak place and he would say gray, let me ask you a question. what's the difference between aged beef and old meat? and you think about how brilliant that is. you would see all of that meat hanging there and you would
4:38 am
think how come nobody else ever thought of that? what was the difference? this is who john madden was, kayleigh. he was a joy to be around. he made everything so much fun and made football fun for everybody. it didn't matter what your age was or what your interest was. lawrence: you know, jim, i was always fascinated with his attention to detail. with the game forever changing and evolving, what did he think, you know, as the end of his life was, you know, his life was coming to a close, what did he think about modern day football? what did he think about it? >> john loved professional football. and he said in that documentary that fox aired, which was a great documentary done by sandy monday tag and eric shanks and tom rinaldi, they put that together joel and everybody at fox. he said something i don't apologize for it i love professional football. lawrence, he loved every aspect of it. he loved the people. he loved the players. he loved everybody associated
4:39 am
with it. he was still involved with the commissioner in trying to give him advice moving forward with the game. and john wasn't the guy who spent any time really, probably until this documentary looking back, he was always looking forward. he used to tell me all the time what happens in your life? everything is looking forward when you are born, when you are going to crawl, when you are going to talk, when you are going to talk and go to school what are you going to be? go through the whole progression like nobody okay he was always in a state of mind of what's next? will: whatever it was it was next it, resonated with all of us. he was relatable. his passion was infectious and he made football fun. he was football on sunday for so many of us for the better part of two decades. jim, thanks for jumping on with us and putting into perspective this morning. lawrence: thanks, jim. >> kayleigh, lawrence, thanks for having me. whether you knew him or not you feel this morning like you lost a friend because you did. he loved football and he loved
4:40 am
the fans. lawrence: such a good point. will: thank you, jim. jim mentioned tom rinaldi, he is going to be joining us on the program later this morning. mentioned the all madden documentary it will air tonight on fox sports at 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. eastern time. also air tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. on fox. a good retrospective okay good look into the life of john madden. still ahead, are democrats losing their grip on two key demographics? our next guest explains how far left policies are pushing away black and immigrant voters. we will break it down next. ♪ i had a lot of pain. as far as my physical health, my body was telling me you got to do something. and so i came to clearchoice. your mouth is the gateway to your body. joe's treatment plan was replacing the teeth with dental implants from clearchoice. [ joe ] clearchoice has changed my life for the better. it's given me my health back. there's an amazing life out there if you do something for your health now.
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4:45 am
kepple graphics black and immigrant voters. here now ceo and co-founder of the cultural intelligence agency along with jack brewer white house presidential employee on black men and boy. welcome to you both. starting with you, jack, i saw this poll highlighted by nbc that showed that in november 48% of black voters said biden was meeting their needs but when you compare that back to the summer it was 66%. i think we just lost jack but coming to you lily on that point, what is motivating this shift away from biden for black voters? >> i think what we're seeing, kayleigh are the forces at play of what covid is showing as the need for economic policies that create jobs and activate the economy. and also the fact that the issues are evolving in shifting item gratification as well. the fastest growing segment of voters are diverse voters, hispanic, black, minorities,
4:46 am
immigrants and we need to reinvigorate a policy. a set of policies and narrative that activate issues which are top for us, which are jobs, the economy and education. i think we are seeing this red wave locally because of that. kayleigh: lili i saw you tweet about hispanic voters a poll i was look at independently when i saw your tweet, it was show that's we were 60% of hispanic voters voted democrat in last cycle. now it's tied. republican and democrats, hispanic voters, one of the fastest growing demographics in this country are evenly split. what is motivating that change? >> that's exactly right. so as everybody knows, i have never seen this in like over 10 years of looking at the trend. there is an even split of 37% among hispanics for the republican and democratic candidates and 22 undecided. 22%. that means there is no one size
4:47 am
fits all strategy when it comes to 2022, and 2024. hispanics are regard working. we're immigrants that believe in the american dream. we are creating new businesses that at a faster rate than other segments and ultimately is about anything that allows to you achieve what is possible in this great nation. that's what we're seeing in the valley in texas. a lot of people were assuming there would be a blue wave and we are seeing the opposite with mayor elected conservative and seeing in virginia and many other places are the writing on the wall that both parties need to pay attention in 2020 and not take us for granted. kayleigh: we have jack back. welcome back jack brewer. >> if we continue to reach out, i think, you know, like anything else, people are human. so if the republican party
4:48 am
avoids going out to black neighborhoods and black communities and addressing issues like school choice where, you know, just here in south florida, i'm seeing kids reading math proficiency level being 4, 5 and 6 grade levels below. you know, at some point common sense will replace emotion. when you see the violence that's happening in our streets, starting to come right to the door steps of suburban communities, these are not just, you know, urban issues, a lot of these things, because of the democrats policies over the last several decades have really come to a head. and at this point, you know, folks don't feel safe in their own communities. just over the christmas holiday, you had dozens of people shot in numerous american cities over christmas. a time where we should be celebrating and showing love and peace. people don't agree with that they are trying to take guns away except for in their circumstances just like had you democratic politicians who are legal gun owners who are
4:49 am
defending themselves from carjackings, these type of things cannot be hidden anymore. the american people want to be able to protect their family. they want to be able to put their kids in a public school system that works. and they want to be able to have righteousness at their schools. they don't want their kids taught all this nonsense when they go to school. they want them to be taught the word of god. and i think things will change and african-american voters, immigrant voters are waking up to this. ainsley: absolutely. well said, jack, i know you do a lot of good for youth in our country. thank you for that lili gil valetta and jack brewer, thank you for being here. >> god bless you. kayleigh: coming up next we will talk to this new jersey police officer who went viral for final emotional sign off after 20 years of service. ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> after a dedicated career to law enforcement, we would like to congratulate you on your retirement, wish you health and happiness and good luck in all your future endeavors. 84, you are officially 10-4. >> it was an honor and pleasure to serve the residents of north
4:54 am
arlington. lawrence: an emotional send-off for a new jersey police officer is going viral after an incredible 20 years in law enforcement. he joins us now, officer shawn peck. shawn, thank you so much for joining the program and thank you for your service to the country and your community. sir, what was going through your mind as that send-off was happening? >> there were so many emotions, half my life basically i've been doing this and now it's going to be over. sadness, excitement, scared, too many emotions to really describe lawrence: you know, shawn, as we reflect on the time that you dedicated to your community, why did you make the decision that it's time to retire? >> the decision came after
4:55 am
working 25 years in public safety, and the career that i established. one small mistake, it all could go away, and i didn't want to take that chance, so i had a very successful career, wonderful support with my family , my co-workers, i thought it was time. lawrence: you know, sir, you talk about that small mistake and i know you're reflecting on this current political climate and what cops have to go through on the day-to-day basis. what do you think it's going to take to get us back on track, recruitments that are at an all-time low, police departments are having shortages everywhere. what do you think we need right now? >> we need the people to support the police. we're human beings just like everybody else, and we go out there to protect everybody.
4:56 am
we don't go out there to hurt anybody, and the public needs to understand that. we're human just like anybody else. we make mistakes, but our main goal is to protect the public and that's what we do. lawrence: as we reflect on the time that you served the community, sir, we say thank you from the fox news channel, fox & friends and the rest of the fox news family. thank you, shawn. >> thank you very much for having me. lawrence: you bet. god bless. coming up, south dakota governor kristi noem mlb hall of fame erin in duct see mariano rivera had will join us live in the next hour of fox & friends. ♪
4:57 am
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5:01 am
nashville but we shuffled it up a little bit and i'm going to go out on the streets in times square and talk with folks out there, will. will: yeah it's going to be a little bit of a paired back celebration there in times square, there in new york city, but in nashville, as you mentioned, where pete, rachel, and i will be hosting an all-american new year right here on the fox news channel, to bring in 2022 along with lawrence and several other correspondents across the country. it will be a full-on party. exactly as it should be on new years. we hope that you will join us, but we start with this. go ahead, kayleigh. you'll be with us? >> kayleigh: i was just going to say no, i'm going to be joining you on television, will, because of your great acting promo that you did. yeah, that for new years eve. will: yeah, you know that thing where you can't tell if you're being mocked or complemented? i'm sitting in that seat right
5:02 am
now. lawrence: [laughter] will: i can't tell. is that sarcasm or is that sincere? i don't know with kayleigh. >> kayleigh: maybe sarcasm. all right, well, yes, yes, well moving on to more serious and very sad news, nfl legend and american icon john madden has died at the age of 85. just last night, john madden says football is his life, let's watch a clip from fox's documentary, "all madden." >> football is my life. it's something that i say proudly, but it's complicated. >> you can't write the history of professional football without john madden. >> yelling and screaming at guys. >> he was a coaching genius. >> kayleigh: will you've been in the sports world for a very long time, and you know, i think you get to know a coach best.
5:03 am
oftentimes through the eyes of the players, and you know, john madden, he had a huge career, more than just coaching, of course but he's a passionate guy , he had a lot of emotion on the field, but i was struck by some of the comments of his former players george blanda, who had 26 seasons longer than anyone in nfl history said of all of the coaches i ever played for , john madden was the kindest and most thoughtful, will, i was also very struck by the story of darryl stingley, a new york patriots player, new england patriots player who got injured with a spinal cord injury in a pre-season game against john madden and the raiders and john madden though he was on the opposing team went straight to the hospital, was reportedly pretty angry when he got there because the new england patriots coach had not stayed behind with his player and he called according to the new york times, called the airport and said you get back here, get off that plane, leading darryl stingley to say just before he died in 2007, i love
5:04 am
that man. john madden opened his home to that player. he was a man of great kindness to those who played for him, will. will: a man of great kindness and a legend in the world of the nfl. john madden possibly the most recognizable name with the name associated with the nfl for every single one of us, he was ours. i can speak, i hope, for lawrence here as dallas cowboy fans we felt like he was ours because he their ray ited dynasty of the 1990s, and this is a log as big as the legacy that john madden created a legacy of love, love for family, love for football, and for life. i'm not aware of anyone who made or who has made a morphining full impact on the national football league than john madden and i know of no one who loved the game more when i think of a person who of sports who is worthy of the term "larger than
5:05 am
life", i've always thought of john, and i always will, and i think jim grey said it well to us earlier, lawrence. we did lose a great man to kayleigh's point. we also lost a legend in the world of broadcasting who set an impossibly high bar but we lost a little bit of ourselves, our past, because john madden was simply sunday, for 20-plus year, john madden narrated our sundays and he was the personality that drove our fandom, and i can't help but sense just a little bit lawrence that we lost a little bit of our childhood or our fandom or our sundays when we lost john madden lawrence: you're exactly right, will. jim grey was on earlier today and and he reflected on the life and legacy of john madden. watch. he was the most popular figure in the history of the national football league and he earned that. he did it as a coach, an assistant coach, of course a broadcaster, and retired the emmy and won 16 emmys and of
5:06 am
course the madden game kids today become familiar with professional football and love the game some even go on to play the game because of the game madden. he loves people, and he loved the people of the united states. he used to travel around, kayleigh, in a bus and hit all of the little stops and he would talk to the dairy farmers, and he would go out of his way to go to a restaurant to see a specific waiter or waitress who he had encountered years before. he was just a joy to be around. he made everything so much fun and football fun for everybody. didn't matter what your age was or what your interest was. lawrence: it's very rare to be able to touch multiple generations, touched will, touch ed me, go to your kid's room and i guarantee there's madden in their room. this guy just, he wasn't just larger than life, but he understood the game. he loved the game, and when many people in the industry wanted to
5:07 am
do the industry away, he bucked that system, and because of that , we're remembering him today and it's a loss for football. he was football. just say madden and i guarantee you, if you're a football fan you know who john madden is. we're going to be reflecting on fox news all day, but also on fox, you could watch the all madden documentary tonight on fox sports at 9:00 and 10:30 p.m. eastern time and tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. only on fox. kayleigh? will: you know, i would say really quickly not only john madden did he come to define the nfl, not only did he come to define broadcasting, but lawrence, and kayleigh, he really also came in some part to define an american holiday. he came to define thanksgiving. what was thanksgiving, but for spending it with john madden and pat summerall and learning
5:08 am
about terducken, and seeing award of the turkey leg to the player in the game. john madden defined so much of our lives as americans. >> kayleigh: he was in all of our homes on those thanksgiving dinners as we turn from thanksgiving dinner to football indeed, good memory there, will. all right, next, gop governors, well they're hammering biden over useless covid mandates after biden said that there's no federal solution. remember that? but before he said there's no federal solution, he said president trump, where's your plan, you don't have one, i do. then he goes on to say, there is no federal solution, then there's cleanup on aisle five, the white house official the tweets out here is what the federal government is doing. chief of staff ron clain takes a break from whatever he was up to goes out there and says this is what the federal government is doing in aable news appearance and this from president biden tweets my administration has the backing of every governor fighting covid-19 in their state , last week i rolled out a federal plan to tackle omicron
5:09 am
by adding vaccination and boost er capacity, hospital equipment, staff, and more. we're going to get through this by working together. interesting, i don't see anything about testing in there. he dropped the ball on that, abbott stopped producing the same level of tests back in june or july because they couldn't get a signal, will, from the federal government as to if there was any demand for testing so it's just interesting to flip flop there's so much uncertainty, is there a plan, not a plan, it appears we're back to having a plan, at least a name. will: because the biden administration said they didn't see omicron coming. they didn't see the mutation and possible variants of covid, which in and of itself is a complete failure by their own stand arts of leadership through this pandemic let's never forget that joe biden's major campaign promise was to shutdown this virus. he essentially said the virus
5:10 am
existed. the pandemic was raging through the country, because of donald trump but he was here, he was shutdown this virus, now here we are a year later and he's clearly failed by his own standards so his answer to that was this. there's no solution. watch. >> look, there is no federal solution. this gets the state level, i'm looking at governor sununu on the board here and he talks about that a lot and it ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road. lawrence: you know the president of the united states is at his best,nd and i mean giving us the unfiltered truth when he was off the script. he was honest right there. he doesn't have a plan. they did a lot of press conferences during the transition saying they had a plan. you'd think they already implemented a plan and now we're finding out there's a new plan so the reason why we keep getting mixed signals and mixed
5:11 am
messages is because the president is being governed by the people that are unaring the white house, the staffers. his only win, he's off the cuff and unscripted that he tells american people the truth. only when he's on the tarmac heading to delaware, on the white house north lawn leaving that he tells us the truth. it's only when there's not a teleprompter or a script in front of us that we understand joe biden, and honestly, it's really disgraceful, because as i continue to say, we could have had these debates and these conversations during the presidential race. he won because of covid, let's be clear. he said he was going to be the guy to fix the virus. he was going to be the guy to lend from the federal government and he said the governors needed more help, so again, we were robbed of the decision in the last election because we weren't given the real truth and the media did not hold then- candidate biden accountable and they aren't doing it right now either, will. will: no, they're not and now we
5:12 am
move to this then if there's no federal solution then what do the states do? here's a sampling of governors across this country, dove nor ron desantis said now that biden 's admitted there's not a national plan to shutdown the virus we expect him to withdraw the unconstitutional and useless federal vaccine mandates. governor kristi noem, after a year, we finally agree. the federal government isn't the solution, now rescind all the federal mandates and governor doug doocy, the president wants it both ways he's demanding governors resolve this pandemic because his administration can't and yet he continues to push vaccine mandates on businesses with the thought, with no thought to the consequences. we, by the way, programming note we'll have governor kristi noem coming up on this show in about half an hour. so the governor is saying you can't have it both ways, you've admitted failure, now let us succeed. do away with your mandates. lawrence: [laughter]
5:13 am
will: we'll leave that here, for now, again kristi noem coming up in just about half an hour. but we turn to a few additional headlines starting with this. harry reid has died on tuesday following a four year battle with pancreatic cancer. president biden calling reid a great american. harry looked at the challenges of the world and believed it was within our capacity to do good, to do right, and to do our part of perfecting the union we all love. reid served in the senate from 1987 to 2017 and is survived by his wife and five children. >> the holiday travel nightmare continues for the fifth straight day. just today, flight aware says more than 740 flights within, into, or out of the united states have been canceled with hundreds of others delayed. major airlines say workers calling out sick and bad weather are contributing to the increase in delays. the holiday season is one of the busiest travel periods of the year of course as americans visit family and friends. >> and a new jersey police
5:14 am
officer's emotional send off over dispatch is taking social media by storm. watch. >> 84, you're officially 10-3 for your last day. >> it was an honor and pleasure to serve the residents of north arlington. will: officer shawn peck proudly served his new jersey community as a dispatcher and then as an officer, working his way up all the way to lieutenant. he joined us earlier to talk about his retirement, listen. >> the decision after working 25 years in public safety and the career that i established it all could go away. there was so many emotions, sad less, excitement. will: we here at fox & friends thank officer peck and all their brothers and sisters in blue for
5:15 am
their service now more than ever and those are your headlines. great interview lawrence. that was a great moment there. lawrence: thank you. real quickly, i was just really struck by his reasoning for saying he was done. i mean, that is going to be the death of us that cops are going to start leaving the job because they are afraid that anything, he wasn't indicating like shooting or anything like that. any little mistake and you're done. you lose your family, you lose your livelihood, that's sad. >> kayleigh: it's fascinating at a time we have a police shortage people are retiring in droves, great interview lawrence and thank you officer peck for your service. coming up the city of chicago is closing in on more than 800 murders this year but instead of focusing on the crime crisis and police shortage, the mayor is focusing on a massive fireworks show. you can't make this up. the stunning priorities from the
5:16 am
far left leader, that's mayor lori lightfoot plus he was at the white house last year, ml b hall of fame in duct see marino rivera will join us live on how he's giving back: ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. >> in chicago all hell has broken loose, you know? its been shenanigans and it's non-stop day after day doesn't matter if it's morning or
5:21 am
evening, whatever at all hours of the day, there is a massive amount of crime taking place within the city of chicago and i mean it's horrendous. people are being shot, killed, doesn't matter what age you are doesn't matter if you're female or male anymore, but what's more just horrible is the lack of leadership and the failure of leadership throughout this entire city of chicago. lawrence: he's right. that warning coming yesterday from chicago 911 dispatcher keith thornton as the city closes in on 800 murders this year, but instead of putting all hands-on deck to combat the crime surge, chicago 's leaders are busy planning its largest fireworks display ever, for new years eve. pastor corey brooks is the founder of project hood and joins me from his roof top where he slept for 39 days to raise awareness for chicago's crime. pastor, it's always a pleasure talking with you, because you've been out front on this issue. pastor, you know, we know that we pray that there are better
5:22 am
days in chicago and we hope that new years isn't like it normally is, but if it goes on like it normally does, what do we expect on new years night? >> well, the sad reality is that we're continuing to have to deal with the violence in chicago, it's non-stop, and fireworks, i understand, are in order across the country people are going to have all kinds of displays but the hard reality is that when we wake up on new year s day, it's likely, highly likely, we're going to be having to deal with murders and people who have been killed and shot all over again, and that's the focus that we need to stay on, that's the thing that we need to continue to work on. that's the solution that we need to come up with. our detectives are overworked and overwhelmed and they definitely need more funding so fire work displays okay, but the hard reality is we need to deal with this violence and not let that distract us. lawrence: so pastor, the biden
5:23 am
department of justice have final ly acknowledged that crime is getting out of control so they pledged a $1.6 billion grant to cities battling violence. is it just the money problem though for chicago? i know they have some money issues but it seems to me that the police aren't given the support that they need on the ground. >> you know, listen. we've been throwing money at problems forever here in chicago , and suburban areas across america and just throwing money at problems never works. there needs to be an all hands-on deck. us coming together trying to figure out how to solve the issues of this violence. there are issues that need to be resourced specifically, our police department, we never should talk about defunding them as i've already said. our detectives are overwhelmed and very working very hard to solve these cases and many times , they don't have enough adequate resources, so we need
5:24 am
to do everything we can to help them but no amount of money is going to help us solve the issues but we do need the resource and we do need to come up with solutions, that's the reason why we have project hood and the reason why i'm staying in this tent for 100 days for awareness because if the people we're going to help solve these issues not just financing and not just government. lawrence: yeah. and we need people that are just about, just aren't talking about it and if you want to support someone that is doing the work, support pastor corey brooks and you can visit it at projecthood. org to support what he's doing, now pastor thanks so much for what you're doing, be safe. >> thank you. i appreciate it. look forward to seeing you again lawrence: you bet. just ahead republican governors blasting biden for claiming there's no federal solution to the pandemic, while still pushing federal mandates. south dakota governor kristi noem is one of them, and she joins us next with her message
5:25 am
for the president. that's next on fox & friends. ♪
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will: president biden is taking heat from gop governors for tou ting a federal plan for covid just one day after admitting there is no federal solution, to fight it. >> kayleigh: south dakota governor kristi noem is among them, she is demanding he rescind those federal mandates and she joins us now to explain. governor noem, thank you so much for joining us happy almost new year to you. i love that your fighting against mandates, but it appears as you are fighting against mandates, biden is pontificating new ones, reporters managed to shout a question at him as he took his puppy to the beach there in rohoboth, delaware at his vacation home and asked him are you up for a mandate for vaccines if you want to engage in domestic air travel and he would not shutdown that idea just yet. what are your thoughts on that? >> yeah it's interesting to me that the president is so bold, in saying that there no federal
5:30 am
solution, yet continuing to impose mandates on the country, and the fact is that he doesn't have the authority to put these mandates in place. that's why south dakota and many other states and governors and attorney generals have challenged the federal government on this authority, in court, that will be heard here in january, and we'll win. we'll win because this president has taken unprecedented action to impose on the liberties and freedoms of the american people and sometimes the only ones that are left to fight are the governors. will: governor noem, what would you ask of the federal government at this point? what help does south dakota need and what help does the states need in fighting this pandemic? >> we really the thing they're doing the most is imposing restrictions and requirements on us. they need to back off. we really need to be able to take care of our people. we've shown that we do it the best. they've given us resources which is their role at different times to meet this pandemic head-on but then let us be flexible. let us do what south dakota did.
5:31 am
use personal responsibility to trust our people, to make the best decisions for themselves and their families that's why south dakota has the number one economy in the country. we're getting through this together. we've got historic revenues and businesses and people relocating to our state and it's because people respect the freedom that they can get here for their children and their grandchildren and know that it will be protected. lawrence: that's so true and that's why the folks of south dakota love you and i had an opportunity to visit with some of those folks. you're a new grandmother and you're a mom. we know the impact of this and pandemic on the kids but it seem s like we're prepared to shutdown schools again. can you talk about the impact, mental health, and just frankly being behind the rest of the world. >> we are, but not in south dakota, lawrence because our kids were in their classrooms. you came to south dakota months ago and our kids were in school then, they've been in school the entire time and they're
5:32 am
learning and they've got the largest gains and growth in their education of any other children in this country because they were interacting with their teachers, they were in the same social settings that they've always been in. they didn't struggle like the other kids did with isolation and being alone, like so many during this pandemic. lawrence, earlier, you said something that said you wondered if we'd ever get our civil liberties back in this country, and that's one thing that i have warned about now since way back in march of 2020, is that when you have a leader overstep their authority, especially in a time of crisis, that that's when you break this country, and we saw so many leaders do that over the last year and a half, and we've seen that those civil liberties have been continued to be degraded and lost by so many people and why it's so important that they have a beacon of hope and i think in south dakota what we've done in the decisions that we've done and taken and actions that we've taken here has shown people that when you do protect
5:33 am
those freedoms and those liberties that it really does create more opportunities and a better future for the people that live under that kind of an environment. >> kayleigh: governor, i have a two-year-old and it struck me the other day that all she's ever known is covid and masks and these onerous restrictions and you know it made me as a mother really when you look over at new york city and you have 5-year-olds that won't be allowed to eat in restaurants if they aren't vaccinated, it's simply amazing. what do you think of the freedom -loving governor when you look at a place like new york city and you see 5-year-old s forced to eat out in the cold if they aren't vaccinated. >> yeah, i think it should be a choice of families of parents and grandparents. i've got a little granddaughter, named adeline, but i look at her face and it seems like for hours , and i'm amazed at how she watches me, the actions that i take, she mimics, she learns from, she's starting to try to recreate some of the facial expressions that all of us in
5:34 am
this family do with her when we're spending time together. our children are missing out on that. they're missing the opportunity to learn and to see faces and build relationships from each other because of what they're doing in this isolated state and having masks over their faces so if families are in a situation where they need to do something like that to protect health and it makes them really reassured that they are taking the right action and step then certainly do that, but i don't think it should be mandated by the government and when you give the government that kind of authority to tell you that you have to act in that way, then it's the precedent that they are setting in other areas of your life is really incredible. will: yeah, both you and lawrence's point it'll be hard to reclaim that personal liberty but we have to try. governor christie governor kristi noem thank you for talking to us this morning. >> happy new year. will: coming up remembering an icon nfl legend john madden has died at the age of 85 we'll reflect on his life and legacy,
5:35 am
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visit >> we were playing the cowboys, they of course had aikman, emmett, dion, that was a big deal but the madden/ summerall combination coming to town was just as big. >> peyton manning reminds me so much of his dad, what a job they did in raising him. he's what it's all about and he's kind of my new favorite player. >> john was the authoritative voice for our sport, and in a lot of ways he still is. >> kayleigh: nfl giants reflecting on legendary hall of fame hall of famer john madden in the new documentary "all madden" which was just released ahead of his death yesterday, at 85 years old. lawrence: wow fox sports reporter tom rinaldi is the
5:40 am
executive producer of all madden and he joins us now, tom, thank you so much, incredible job on that documentary and i just have to ask the obvious question. when you were making this documentary, did you know john madden was coming to the end of his life? >> no, lawrence, certainly not, and good morning to you. john 85 years old, a big man, he certainly had his share of health issues in the past, but when we were with john over the summer, when we conducted the first of a few different interviews with him, his memory was outstanding, his acuity was excellent, he had all the passion that you would imagine. again, i think this has stunned his family and stunned everyone. we are so grateful, lawrence, that he was able to be with family on christmas morning, pacific time, in the den of his home, see this and experience what everybody felt about him. he got his flowers we're so
5:41 am
grateful for that. will: tom, great to see you this morning. its been sometime since we've talked but i'm glad to get to see you again this morning even under these circumstances, you have a way, tom, of putting things into context, everyone knows that. you have a way of telling a story. what do you think? i guess john madden's story tom at this point from the story of the nfl. what is the story of john madden , the man, and the legend? >> that's great to see you, and to hear you, will. hope we cross paths again in- person here soon. i think john madden is football, but he's also a great testament, will, to the power of authenticity. he was one of one, an american original, and that permeated all the different paths that he took , from being such a young head coach who would ultimately win the super bowl and have his teams play with the toughness that he wanted to then going into the broadcast booth and becoming a fixture in american
5:42 am
households all over the country, to then being important in the development of the video game which is one of the most important video game franchises in a huge industry in this country, but through it all , a teacher and a coach, that's how john saw himself. when he first left coaching, will, his first job was teaching at the university of california. that's how much he wanted people to understand more about football and he obviously was a huge success in that regard. >> kayleigh: yeah, tom, you know, it struck me i was reading an article by monte pool and he talks about being this young, upcoming sports journalist and how john madden took the time to talk to him. he never said he was in a hurry. he was this big famous celebrity to monte pool but he took time and as you point out a teacher who just simply cared about other people, it seemed that way
5:43 am
>> kayleigh in putting together this documentary we put out 38 requests and many of these requests for legends in their own right in the sport of football, 38 requests, 38 yeses. every single person who we asked to sit down and spend sometime as busy as they are, as packed as their schedules maybe, carved out the time to talk about john madden. every one of them having stories of exactly what you're saying, that personal connection, what he meant to them. somebody like the kansas city chiefs coach andy reed who wouldn't go into detail whose been in a lot in his life and talked about how much john meant to him through the different challenges and seasons of his life, young players, retired players, people throughout the nfl, throughout the broadcasting industry, how many people that he touched when he traversed the country on the madden cruiser? it's an amazing testament to how to live a life where you
5:44 am
continually touch people. lawrence: you know, tom, reflect ing on his life and you see it in the documentary, the amount of people that he touched and whether across generations, but i wonder, did john know that he was that good? as you're interviewing him through this documentary and having all these larger than life stars that are commenting on him, did he realize how good he was? >> i think jon hilsenrath great confidence but also wonderful and winning humility, lawrence, and i think that's why the device we used in the documentary of having john sit in the sound stage of the production company that he owns, pardon me, and hear and see those people paying testament to him, sharing those stories, showing their feelings, giving him his tribute now, meant so much to him. the documentary ends on what some may perceive as sort of an
5:45 am
unresolved note from john, when he said seeing and hearing these things, it helped him realize some things that he hadn't realized before. as for what that realization was , he left it unsaid, and i think that's something beautiful about john. will: if there's going to be somebody who can tell the story and say it for john, it is tom r inaldi, and we can all watch and learn a little bit more about john on "all madden" the documentary which airs tonight on fox sports at 9:00 and again at 10:30 and tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. on fox. tom, great to talk to you thank you for putting it into perspective, having worked with you in the past the stories that we will hear simply will be part of the story, i'm interested in what also didn't make the cut and we'll have to talk more about john's life and what else there's left to tell. tom, thank you. >> happy new year, guys. will: happy new year, take care. >> kayleigh: can't wait to watch all madden, so powerful. turning now to headlines, more
5:46 am
than 1,400 children were reportedly evacuated from afghanistan without their parent s. cnn reporting hundreds of those kids remain in government custody without family members to claim them. many were separated from their families amid the chaotic withdraw in august. some children also lost their parents in the august 26 bombing outside kabul's airport. tragic. >> the chicago teacher's union is polling members to gauge support on going back to remote learning as covid cases surge. the question popped up at a survey given ahead of last night 's all-member meeting in the middle of the district's winter break which is set to end on january 3. this follows a heated school reopening dispute earlier this year between the union and the city. >> and an 11-time ncaa all- american swimmer sounding the alarm of the future of women 's sports saying laws should be in place to stop
5:47 am
transgender athletes from competing. listen. >> what you see right now in women's athletics is going to be the extinction of women's sports in general. we do not have our institutions and our universities and our governing bodies standing by watching this unfold is complete neglect. >> kayleigh: she went on to say if you care about women, you should care about this issue. and those are your headlines. will, lawrence, i think it's an important issue, so i'm glad that we're looking into it, but before that, let's check in with the meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. >> hey, good morning, bit of a wild weather week out there as we're seeing some really warm temperatures across the southeast much colder up to the north but here is your early morning temperatures eventually some of these spots will get up to record breaking and then just behind this frontal boundary, you're looking at very cold air in the northern plains and negative 20 currently in fargo,
5:48 am
the feels like temperature in a lot of these places down to negative 40 as we got wind chill warnings across this entire region, as far as big storm systems we see another round offer very heavy rain in southern california and then i take you off across the southeast and eventually we're going to see big pop-up thunderstorms, some of these could turn severe today so we've got a bit of a bullseye here, from mississippi to alabama, up into southern tennessee areas where you could see severe thunderstorms before the day is over, of course that is something we will be watching those are your weather headlines for now back to you. will: thanks, adam. former new york yankee marino rivera is pitching into help those in need. he joins us live to explain how you can join him this holiday season. ♪ i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance.
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you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a difference together. will: former new york yankee pitcher mariano rivera helped lead his team to five world series and now he's helping lead a new mission for those in need this year the mariano rivera foundation is participating in the giving machine initiative where people can donate to dozen s of local and global charities through red vending machines during the christmas season. major league baseball hall of famer and presidential medal of
5:53 am
freedom recipient mariano rivera joins me now. marino, great to see you this morning. tell me about these giving machines. how does it work, how can people give back through the power of a red vending machine? >> well, i mean, first of all thank you very much for having me, and i mean, how it works is just that there's the machine in the rockefeller center and we have them all over in the united states but here in new york, just pick whatever you want to donate. it can be from five bucks and you decide what you want to donate, you decide to donate, we want to donate to the children's home in poughkeepsie and facilitate gloves and scarves and equipment for them this winter, so i mean,
5:54 am
the machine has been amazing. something special, something that you can choose to donate, because i mean, so many things out there that you don't, sometimes you don't even trust but this giving machine is one of them that you can trust and giving back, especially in times like this. will: yes, yes, we're watching it on the screen by the way we can see these vending machines located across the country by the way as you mentioned there's several in new york city, but they are also in nashville, oakland, kansas city, honolulu, arizona, all over the country, as well. what made you decide to get involved with this , marino? why is this a charity or why was this an opportunity to give back that you wanted to be a part of? >> well the reasons why i always wanted to be engaged in giving is just that. giving, especially in christmas. you know, times like this ,
5:55 am
we're battling with so much stuff and there's people that need hope and christmas is very special time for us to share and bring hope to those in need. therefore, i always love to make sure that we do the right thing and the right thing in this time is giving back and bring a smile to a child, bring a smile to a person in need. that's what it is all about. it doesn't matter how much we have if we don't share. that's the name of the game, sharing and christmas, it's all about sharing. it's all about giving, you know? giving to those in need is precious, that's why i always get involved because, i mean, it reminds me where i come from.
5:56 am
i remember that back then when i was back in panama, maybe seven or eight years old and the police department came through town and gave me a choo choo train and today, i'm 52 and today, i remember that. will: and here you are today paying it forward. you're paying it forward with the giving machine marino and we appreciate your involvement with the mariano rivera foundation and this initiative thanks for sharing with us on fox & friends thanks, marino. >> my pleasure. will: more fox & friends, moment s away. not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. getting out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies.
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>> will cain i'll be watching you on tucker carlson tonight and nashville for new year's eve. lawrence jones i'll be watching you in new york city and joining you this weekend on "fox & friends." >> julie: president biden touting his plan to tackle the omicron variant one day after he admitted there is no federal solution to the pandemic that has plagued the u.s. for nearly two years. i'm julie banderas. great to be with you again. >> benjamin: i'm benjamin hall. two days in a row, julie. a great day for me. dana and bill can take as much vacation as they like when we can anchor together. i'm looking forward to it today. this is "america's newsroom." the president is on vacation at his delaware beach house to


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