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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 2, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> fox news alert on three big stories we are following at this hour starting with the holiday travel nightmare. more flight cancellations in dangerous weather complicate the trip back home for millions of americans. hello again and welcome to fox news live i am kevin. >> i am molly, i'm delighted to be with you, eric shawn and arthel neville are off today. the holiday travel is linked to another top story this hour. omicron variant driving a surge of the covid infections, more
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and more states shattering records for new cases putting pressure on president biden to solve the testing shortage. meantime the president also faces big challenges on the global stage from china and russia. we have live team coverage of all of the stories rich edson is following the president and wilmington and charles watson in cdc headquarters. first we go to laura ingle working on the travel nightmare. >> we knew it was coming the inevitable travel trouble associated with the weekend before most people go back to work, you have the covid concerns and all of the staff shortages that go along with that and an extra dose of travel trouble going into the new year. let's take a look at where rat many spending the holiday weekend and airports trying to get on flights or schedule new ones. after thousands of flights nationwide canceled or delayed, several airlines blaming the flight issue on crew shortages driven by covid-19 on top of
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severe weather conditions "coast to coast" that is left some travelers like this one at chicago o'hare hoping they don't have to spend the night there. >> i'm not used to it, last year was traveling and there was no one here i like to see the people but this is a lot of people. >> a lot of people indeed according to flight, 2000 cancellations within and out of the united states on the sunday and over 2300 delays, new year's days numbered showed over 2700 cancellations and 7000 delays nationwide three aaa estimated 100 million travel this holiday season with road travel being the number one choice over 100 million people hit the road and 6 million took to the site. then 3 million booking buses, trains and cruises. as kobe continues to keep problem for people getting home with the new variant is raging
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on we are taking a look at how that is affecting many people. were talking about ticket takers for the train station and we got some new numbers from tsa that nearly 1800 workers have called out sick this holiday. that is what you looking at trying to get home today and this coming week. molly: hopefully people make it a new year end a new start and a lot of kids got to get to school tomorrow. laura ingle from new york, thank you. kevin: the winter surge of covid-19 is actually accelerating thanks largely to the highly contagious omicron variant, things like new york and florida are shattering daily case records. new york for example reported 85000 new cases on friday alone. we take you down to atlanta at home with cdc that's where we find charles watson. >> the nation top infectious disease expert anthony fauci says the u.s. is averaging
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nearly 400,000 new covid cases a day and dr. fauci says that we haven't reached the peak of the omicron variant just yet. health experts expect the tablet in the next few weeks. in the meantime the push for americans to get their booster shots is bigger than ever as early as tomorrow the fda has reportedly expected to approve pfizer's booster shot for children between 12 and 15 years old and some doctors say it is necessary. >> it's been the true sense of very beginning of his pandemic children are spared from severe disease and hospitalization and death tend to be the least vaccinated group and because of that this virus is going to find them. some of them have underlying condition like asthma or immunosuppression, that will put them at higher risk for hospitalization. >> this week schools are set to begin the bring semester of classes but thousands of students will not be going back in person many school districts and universities are opting to start the year virtually because students and staff a chance to
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get tested amid a supply shortage this is the week after the cdc released new quarantine guidelines from people who test positive. people are no longer required to test negative after the five day quarantine. an effort to get people back to work faster that is got a lot of pushback from the public but dry looking at making a change. >> that is something that is under consideration, the cdc is very well aware that there has been some pushback about that. looking at it again there may be an option that the testing could be a part of that. i think we will hear more about that in the next day or so from the cdc. >> dr. fauci is helping as long as omicron is at low levels it won't disrupt their society nor the economy. .kevin: charles watson from atlantic, we will have much more on the surge and whether americans will be told to get a
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fourth shot when doctor peter of baylor college of medicine joins us again, that is coming up later on in this hour. molly: the record case numbers for the omicron surge one of the crisis is, president biden is facing as we start the new year. there was pushback in court ruling against his federal vaccine mandate as well as foreign-policy challenges from russia to china, senior national correspondent rich edson is live in wilmington, delaware well the president is spending the weekend with more on this. >> good afternoon molly president biden faces a host of covid related challenges as he heads back to the white house soon and americans had back to work into school much of it has to do with testing many waiting hours in long lines over the holidays just to try to get a test. the administration is trying to buy 500 million of them to send americans free though it's unclear when exactly the be
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available many school districts are requiring students and staff to test negative before returning to their classes as officials say they're moving to vastly expand testing. >> we need to do everything in our power which includes getting access to those tests. let me remind you the american rescue plan when it came out in march had funding for testing. >> the president also faces a series of court challenges the supreme court friday will hear cases involving the administration mandate for employees at larger companies or many healthcare workers to be vaccinated were tested. the federal judge also blocked the federal vaccine mandate for those involved in the headstart program in 24 states. as republican governors challenge these mandates. >> i'm just saying given us a greater deal of flexibility in terms of how to manage and don't use the federal authority to take that away from us.
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>> overseas russia has massed tens of thousands of troops along the border with ukraine. the president warned vladimir putin that the west would enact unprecedented sanctions against russia if it invades ukraine again. president biden also says he plans on speaking with ukrainian president zelensky to show the american support for ukraine. back to you. molly: that the major update to be will looking to hear what happens with that. thank you. kevin: another crisis on president biden's plates, the migrant surge of the southern border showing no signs of letting up. critics have been slamming the administration for dismantling era policies. joining us tony gonzales a republican from the great and the house appropriations committee, a man who understands inner workings of capitol hill and ethic it's fair to say you
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understand in particular states along the border are so completely fed up with the lack of support that they seem to be getting from the administration, is that your perspective? >> that is right is not so happy new year at the southern border because nothing is changed. yesterday julio reported that border patrol agents were actually taking fire on the southern border and this is the first time it is happened. i asked where are the house democrats where is it going to take the house democrats to take action. apparently it's not the 557 migrants that died last year, people are dying at our southern border this is beyond her crisis and it should not be a partisan issue and should not be about republicans or democrats should be about americans and the start to the house intelligence committee where is adam schiff generic swalwell they need to investigate on our southern border to protect americans from another 9/11 event from occurring. kevin: you hit the nail on the
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head is not just about the coyotes and the human traffickers, were talking about who knows getting into the country right now this could manifest in a catastrophic way down the line and in particular for the communities along the border, as you pointed out this is about much more than today's politics. this is about real-life changes to the community that could obviously have wide range problems. let me share this the president said in april we have a handle on this affect. from your perspective you think the administration is turning a blind eye or being ineffective in the way that they're trying to manage the circumstance. >> there is one word for this, what the administration has done and negligence. they have been completely negligent on the southern border putting the vice president harrison charge as lazar when she is not shown up. a point to somebody else and put somebody that actually cares will happen in the southern border because there's an intelligence threat that is coming in dirty here, i spent 20
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years in the intelligence community and i spent time in iraq afghanistan fighting terrorism abroad this feels like terrorism at home. those that live and work along the southern border are being terrorized and is beyond the threat people are dying right now is migrants but it's only a matter of time before americans die. i asked folks go to stand with border and find out more border patrol and doing everything possible to keep her country safe and they need our . >> the time that we have left about 30 seconds or so if you had a prescription or top line you would like to see happen to alleviate the problem in the short-term, what would that be? >> the remaining mexico policy reimplemented but they only expelled a little over 200 migrants, turned out program on. people do not qualify for asylum they need to be sent back to their country of origin, bottom-line. put more boots on the ground,
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get border patrol agents the authority to do more and that starts by adding more border patrol agents to the equation. >> progress men tony gonzales a man who would know, we appreciate your time, have a good weekend. molly: a fourth covid shot, people are wondering if that could happen here now the israel is the first country to approve another dose for those most horrible to the virus. we will ask doctor peter hotez after country next i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein.
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molly: the highly contagious omicron variant is causing cases to skyrocket especially in new york and florida, both states reporting record highs in daily cases as people wait in long lines to get a test, let's bring in the dean of tropical medicine at baylor college of medicine doctor peter hotez. thank you for joining us we appreciate your time on a sunday afternoon. it's not just new york and florida new cases surging across america pretty dramatically but testing is way up many people who would not of gotten tested
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so ahead of the holidays to protect family and others with the new omicron very contagious people were getting sick, where are we on the impact of the surge on lives in hospitalization. >> you write the number of cases is going a pretty dramatically particularly in new york and washington. now we see in the south as well georgia louisiana, mississippi are going up it's going to be the whole eastern half of the u.s. the good news were not seen the same level of hospitalization and death with the number of new cases. so that is potentially good news. the part that i worried about were losing so many healthcare workers who are out sick, not seriously ill but sick enough not to report to work. that is a toxic mix when you have hospitalizations going up 50 or 60% in new york and washington, d.c. and so much of the healthcare workforce is being knocked out we have seen over and over this pandemic times where things go badly is
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when hospitals, emergency rooms and icus get overwhelmed. that is the part that concerns me. molly: once the dominoes fall stay ahead of the challenge. there is research from columbia university that suggest the united states could see a peeking cases in the next week or so january 9, what does that mean for the healthcare system in the coming days what is the post peak look like. >> here's how was going to look like a little bit different from the uk or other parts of europe just because the united states geography is so massive. i think we'll see this in a way picking up in new york and washington, d.c. the midatlantic northeast now it's extended into the south and i would guess as we head further into the winter and a pickup in the western half of the united states and that it will look line most likely in washington and new york. i see this more of a rolling wave rather than a single peak for the country.
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>> we might get a little idea of how things will look one step at a time. >> israel approved a fourth vaccine dose particular those most portable covid-19 ahead of the surge of cases. first the fourth dose is expected to go to people immunocompromised, will the u.s. follow suit will we do so and how quickly will we do so. >> the u.s. allows a fourth dose for those who are severely immunocompromised but it's relatively modest percentage of the population. the big question do we do this for other groups such as those under the age of 60 or 70 were for healthcare providers. three weeks ago i wrote in the los angeles times the big proponent of offering this to healthcare workers because what's happening based on data out of the college of london for the pfizer biontech vaccine. after you get the third dose it was holding up well versus delta but versus omicron it was starting to decline significantly after three or
9:20 am
four months so another words if you got your third immunization three or four months ago after you got your boost 70 - 75% protection versus omicron not as good as delta but pretty good but then modeling study suggest that that got cut in half to 30 or 40%. i thought if you get a knockout so much of the healthcare workforce, offer them the booster for that. but it did not go anywhere nobody was enthusiastic it is more time goes by i think the option becomes more limited as omicron wave progresses. molly: is there anything to be concerned about when we talk about a fourth, fifth, sixth dose and does not depend on shifts and coronavirus as we see more variance, that sort of thing. >> that's an important question is this because the mrna technology is not holding up in terms of long-term durability or is it because omicron variant is so different from anything that we seen.
9:21 am
it may be a combination of the two. earlier on in this pandemic i've said is not one in denver to indent it should be three and done based on the performance of other vaccines that we've had to get the third immunization six to 12 months after the first two doses. a lot of the pediatric doses a holdup for a period of years right now is not looking that way for the pfizer biontech vaccine after the third dose of omicron. that will be a big unknown in something we have to follow through very closely. molly: shifting to something that you're on top of, texas children's hospital and baylor college of medicine announced last week a new covid-19 vaccine that has approval in india to launch their millions of doses ready to go. what is different about this vaccine and why is it launching in india. >> this is our vaccine and when i say ours is texas children for center for vaccine developing cohead by myself and we've been
9:22 am
making low cost vaccines for global health for 20 years and we had a coronavirus program in flip this for covid-19 vaccines is different because the same technology used to make appetite is the vaccine for spinner for 30 or 40 years fermentation back into technology. we developed it and technology transfer this vaccine with no patina no strings attached to india, indonesia, bangladesh and the furthest along as india with our partners there an amazing vaccine producer, they have 150 million doses and they have a capacity of one point to billion doses. this is been one of the real problems in our covid response, we failed to vaccinate the southern hemisphere you will get cold air drop by my dad. delta rose then omicron in the
9:23 am
unvaccinated population and southern africa. the only way we will stop future variance is to vaccinate the world. unfortunately the g-7 countries have not made that commitment. we took it on here in texas, a little bit of texas faxing diplomacy and were very excited to make that contribution. >> i only wish ignore ms. success into the people around the world. doctor peter hotez thank you for joining us, we appreciate your insight. kevin: interesting conversation, thank you new data shows omicron is on the rise and a dozen big u.s. cities with murder rates setting records in 2021, chicago the deadliest year in a quarter of a century was 797 homicides, an incredible number were joined by lucas tomlinson he has more from washington.
9:24 am
>> is not just chicago violent crime is up nationwide 16 cities across america from portland, oregon to jackson mississippi to philadelphia all experiencing vacuum record number of homicides newark's new mayor outlined his plan to fight crime. >> would get a take down the larger gangs in our city we will reinstitute an anti-gun unit and 0 and. >> where adams appears the support of police. >> figure bringing a fresh perspective within policing and it will help us fight this battle that is going on right now with the increase of crime. >> the homicide rate 17% higher than the previous year, 2020 voting to increase police funding murder in the nation's
9:25 am
capital sword last year to levels not seen in more than a decade reflecting the trends nationwide homicides rose for a fourth consecutive year, and the county outside of d.c. there was more killings then anytime this past four years you mentioned off the top here's the windy city top cop his own officers face on the street. >> they were standing in the line of fire protected the people chicago. >> some critics claim defunded the police as a major reason the spike in violent crime and murder and other site the pandemic lockdowns for people not working or kids in school. kevin: every cop located issue but regardless of the prescription people are suffering all over the country, lucas tomlinson thank you i appreciate the report.
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molly: the searches on a colorado for three people missing after wildfires devastated the boulder area. this is winter weather put out the fire with the searching cleanup effort. will inflation finally go down in the new year we will find out the chances next. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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molly: at least three people are missing and feared dead after a massive wildfire in the boulder area northwest of denver destroyed a thousand homes as investigators are working on what sparked the devastating fire in the first place. alecia cooney is on the ground is a very challenging situation but she's picking out the heart of the story from colorado. >> absolutely, as you know behind each and every loss behind those numbers is a story in the family i am with one such person i want to introduce you tom wait from louisville colorado 30 year plus resident
9:31 am
of a neighborhood that was behind us that is now gone. tom, tell us why you are here today. >> we just came this morning to do about the only thing that we can do, i'm an air force veteran and my wife and by flow and the flag for most every day for 30 years. it looks like armageddon back there this was once a beautiful golf course community and now it looks like armageddon. the way it looks with the black charred and everything we felt like the american flag would go a long way in making this look a lot better. i want to do the only thing that i can do and replace the only thing that i can replace right now which is the american flag. >> your optimism is so inspiring and a little unbelievable considering the moment people lost so much in such a short amount of time. can you take us back to when you realize what is happening and
9:32 am
were you in your home at the time when the fire was coming? >> we were not in our home we were actually in florida and when we got the news it was going up it was only 20 minutes when we heard it was bad, we caught the first flight out and got here friday afternoon and here we are working to stay until we get things taken care of. >> do you plan to rebuild? >> it's really early in the game but if i had to say there's a lot of things we don't know we have to figure out discover that we're leaning toward yes rebuilding is a bit of a community we've been here 30 years and if i had to say right now we're leaning toward we probably will. >> we wish you all the best, thank you so much good luck getting your flag back into your property and we thank you for your service as an air force veteran. go strong we will rise again from the ashes. >> thank you so much, you two.
9:33 am
there are so many stories and about a people here people are talking about how they will rebuild again. it seems impossible but not in their hearts and in their minds. molly: that was an incredible interview we thank tom for the interview and his service in the amazing spirit and just pulling for the people in that community the devastation behind you that is shocking to see with the american flag is really heartening. thank you very much. kevin: thank you so much, obviously colorado that's an important story to me and 70 millions of americans and we wish them the very best. the governor of kentucky declaring a state of averages after tornadoes strike the commonwealth again rita hit the very same areas devastated by twisters last month. the very latest from hopkinsville kentucky, i'm not sure if this was an m0 or f1
9:34 am
what did you determine what you see in underground. >> the weather service will begin that hitting the exact rating it is hard to believe that we are back here in the same areas again discussing tornado damage, this is a park in the heart of downtown hopkinsville kentucky you can see the damage that is happened what you are seeing is the remnant of a gas station that was across the street. the poll is part of the canopy that was over the gas pumps it's all the way across the street there is a family dollar in the distance that lost its roof and damaged in several homes and businesses dropped his community. this is one of at least four counties considerable damage in kentucky down the road it also hit by yesterday's storm, several businesses in the shopping center and the roof collapsed there is a point yesterday when we were chasing the storms covering this in real
9:35 am
time we actually had the air conditioner on in the car in the upper 70s now it's taking a place is no falling in tornado damage all around us it shows you the power and what a difference it can make it 24 hours the power of the cold front the silverlining here no injuries reported yesterday and this doesn't have a long track and power that the storms that we covered in mayfield had. certainly plenty of damage to still talk about your heart just has to go out to kentucky. >> strong reporting by will, we appreciate it keep an eye on and be safe. thank you so much. molly: inflation soared last year rates not seen in four decades, higher prices are likely stretched well into 2022 analysts in the problem may get worse before american consumers see relief at cash registers john is a global economic contribute at the wall street
9:36 am
journal in a fox news contributor. thank you for joining us we really appreciate it inflation is a big huge story is it going to be a continuing big story for 2022? >> there are two stories as you said in your introduction if you go into grocery stores and gasoline stations you see a lot of inflation in the last year and you're quite worried if you look at news headlines are quite worried about inflation right now. that is one story that had a real impact in 2021. the other story is in financial markets that's a different story if you look at stock prices they've done very well stock investors are not worried about inflation in the area of the financial market that i look at which is forward-looking as the bond market treasury rates u.s. treasury yields. when investors expect a lot of inflation you tend to see the
9:37 am
interest rates rising and they haven't they have not budged right now the government borrows 1.5% for a ten year treasury note. what the market is saying inflation at some point down the road is going to slow down than what we saw in 2021 is going to go away. the big question is is the market right or what were seen at the grocery store is that the longer-term story? molly: a lot of people are going to the grocery store let's look at the consumer price increases. gasoline, eggs, exactly to be a big concern. >> its way to be a concern for some time, the market is saying
9:38 am
it's going to go away. the really big question is a federal reserve this is washington that manages interest rates and manages the money supply. basically what the fed did during the covid crisis was taken a 747 off from an aircraft carrier they just pump so much money into the financial system to prevent a crisis from happening with the whole economy shut down. now what they have to do is land the plane back on the aircraft carrier, that's what they're trying to do their gonna raise interest rates again next year to pull some of this money back out of the financial system. it's a tricky and delicate process. one of the risks we continue to have inflation the other risk
9:39 am
the fed over does it and we end up going back into recession, this is jerome powell the chairman of the fed yes to land the 747 on aircraft carrier and we can expect some turbulence in that process. >> let's talk about president biden he was a bull back better plan and go forward he was just quoted saying the challenge of crisis underscores the importance a congressman without delayed build back better plan what could this be with the social spending agenda. >> i think the big spending that was going to be done the biden administration cayman they passed new relief checks that went into bank accounts and they spent a lot of that money in 2021 which contributed to the inflation surge the build back better is more money certainly and is stretched out over ten
9:40 am
years and that's packed so tightly into one year as the first plan was done. the impact of that probably won't be as great as the impact of what they did in the very first few months of that administration. they thought they were doing something good by getting money into people's household accounts but what they found out companies responded by raising prices instead. it went in one account without the other. >> tough battles in washington ahead who knows what's going to happen high hopes were hoping the assimilation problem starts to take away in 2022 we can certainly dream, john, thank you for your insight this sunday afternoon. we really appreciate it. kevin: military conflict is not the answer, that is the new year's message that taiwan is sending to beijing after china's president said people in taiwan want to reunify with the motherland, the question is what's next as tensions rise china expert gordon chang
9:41 am
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kevin: welcome back 44 minutes after the hour tensions running high over taiwan with the country's president warning china against military adventurism after china's president xi said people in taiwan shared beijing aim of unifying the motherland china also warned if taiwan crosses any redlines it would lead to profound catastrophe joining us on gordon chang author of the coming collapse of china and the great u.s. china tech war. it's been a while always great to have you with us we appreciate your perspective i would begin by saying the obvious, do the people in taiwan based on what you know and what you read agree with this idea of wanting to reunify the motherland. >> no they don't when you look
9:46 am
at self identification which i think is the most important determinant about 80% of the people on the island view themselves as taiwanese not chinese. those people on the island who view as chinese not taiwanese are in the low single digits people say yes we want good relations with beijing but we are not china that's why xi jinping. for the people who don't study this everyday busy would appear to be parallels between the happening now in happen with hong kong can you draw any distinction from what happened then, can we seen any perils from your perspective. >> beijing believes it's one country, two systems not only to hong kong ruthless brutal
9:47 am
measures they lost people taiwan taiwan's president was awkward when for the second term what occurred in 2019 she not only one really, nomination she won in a landslide. basically beijing was responsible for a president who is very anti-china but pro taiwan. >> i would ask you this the question comes from the west and the u.s. perspective what if anything can be done you can read the biden statement that would say all sanctioned this or were warning against that language which could mean anything is there anything that the west broadly speaking in the u.s. can do to stop what could be an unfortunate eventuality? >> there are many things we could dupe to protect china from invading read one is from
9:48 am
president biden to state publicly that the united states will defend taiwan and offer a mutual defense treaty. the other thing that we can do is establish closer relationships with taipei. the japanese prime minister going to australia to sign a reciprocal access agreement which is a military treaty everybody knows that that is directed against china. it is meant to protect taiwan the region can come together under the leadership of the united states but if beijing thinks the united states is vacillated which has been under biden that could lead the chinese to adventurism which is what the taiwan president said at the new year's address. >> in the 30 seconds or so that we have left what is the message from the u.s. state department that's important as well while biden might not have a strong message it's up to anthony blinken to layout the clear american perspective in this instance. >> he would help the secretary of state blinken would do that but he really has not. he sometimes had strong words on
9:49 am
various things including taiwan but there has been very few actions to back that up. i think china looks at the state department and not really intimidated at all by what lincoln says. kevin: gordon chang one of the best in the business and was the smartest man from the gates and institute, thank you and happy new year good to talk to you. molly: israel and the palestinians starting a new year and a familiar way with rocket attacks egypt asking the two sides to keep a cease-fire in place, will they arrive live report from jerusalem next. sere. matrix... serena... matrix... ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream. ♪“i swear”♪ jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... with the best of live and on demand. and forgot where she was.
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molly: tensions heating up between israel and the palestinian militants. israel carrying out airstrikes on gaza one day after they launched rockets into the mediterranean sea in central israel. this is we get a sense of what president biden middle east policy nearly a full year. trey yingst is live in jerusalem on this. >> good afternoon the new year is not off to a good start in the middle east overnight is really airstrikes targeted along the gaza strip those strikes
9:54 am
weren't response to rocket fire that leading off the coast of central israel there was also sniper attack last week the injured one civilian though hamas claimed it was a robot talker. negotiators are working around the clock to prevent another escalation between the two sides after the 11 day war last may. the development comes region tension as a medical policies meant to decrease tension have only added to the status quo, for example the eighth round in vienna austria resumed last week between the u.s., iran and the parties to the 2015 nuclear deal iran is increasing its storage and enrichment of uranium that may push israel to act alone against the country a more passive approach to issues that have the potential to start a war could be very dangerous in the new year. they kept the rhetoric i will commemorating soleimani third top general killed in a drone strike one year ago. >> they will not be given an opportunity and their revengeful
9:55 am
that the nation will continue and they must not think that this amount of revenge is enough. the revenge will continue. >> issue arise when rhetoric turns to action and we see continued action by the iranian regime through their proxies and one wrong move could bring the entire region to a much larger conflict. molly: much to watch in 2022. trey yingst in jerusalem. kevin: 2121 solid huge, huge spike in illegal immigrants crossing the southern border during biden's first year in office. the question is what can we expect for the new year gillian turner will discussed that with dhs secretary chad wolf coming up in the next hour meantime we'll be right back. yeah, hant to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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kevin: it was so cold in minneapolis last night the league had to heat the ice involving seven below 0 at target field between the minnesota wild in the st. louis blues when chilled at minus 20 degrees nhl says the coldest game in league history outside in minnesota. the blues beat the wild. >> i had some blues debuts right before the new year the park zoo
10:00 am
showed off the two newest white lion cubs these are normal african lions for the unusual color as a result of a recessive gene they made their debut on new year's eve and five little guys at the south korean zoo just perfect and the zodiac calendar is the year of the tiger. kevin: well done we will see you at 4:00 o'clock. ♪ >> president biden staring down multiple spiraling crises as the new year kicks off the omicron cases are spiky nationwide right now and compounded the problem a test shortage crisis in vaccine mandate forcing healthcare workers and millions of employees out of business. welcome to "fox news live" i am gillian turner and washington we go first to reach edson in wilmington, delaware. good afternoon


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