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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 11, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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religious thing around covid an it's depressing when you're pop has that kind of idea as well. raymond, always great to see your grade thank you for joinin us and thank you at home for watching fox news primetime. don't forget to forget my podcast from the kitchen table, we will see you back here tomorrow, tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >>tucker: welcome to tucker carlson for tonight time for a civics class. here is how democracies were coming in a democracy, voters strike a highly straightforward deal with the government that rules them, here is what it is, politicians do they're best to improve your life, in exchange for that, you vote for them. that is a voluntary arrangement that works pretty well for 250 years, that's how it's worked here in the united states, but
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suddenly not anymore. during his entire first year in office joe biden did nothing to improve the actual lives of actual american citizens and he did it because he didn't even try. making people happy was not equity agenda. the equity agenda dispensing rough justice, media reparation by other names. in his speech as you can see clearly how joe biden feels about america. he is deeply disappointed in th country and he's annoyed with the people who live here. he doesn't can joel voters, he harangues and rates them, patronize as them and issued threats. you because the corona pandemic. no fourth of july hotdogs until you obey. for an american president, this is an entirely new way of governing and you've got to wonder how long it can continue. how are democrats going to hold onto power in the coming midter election? if you think about it there's only one way they can do that, they have to create a new form
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of government, one that keeps incumbents in power forever no matter what they do, no matter how incompetent and destructive they may be. one way to do that is by deleting the political power of. that's why they're allowing nearly a foreign nationals to vote in the election fraid that's why gavin newsom and california will now offer unlimited healthcare to illegal aliens are more of them will come. its white democrats are pushing for it they described as a transformative voting rights bill per eight it's her type to legislative priority. joe biden had a speech about it this afternoon in georgia the event didn't start well as he has before he referred to his running mate as the president o the united states, if only then as he almost always does during public appearances these days, joe biden got angry, watch. >> it's also time to pass the john lewis voting rights advancement act. i've been having these quiet conversations for the last two months, i'm tired of being quiet
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. >> so what is this john lewis civil rights act that grouchy old joe biden is tired of being grouchy about. at its heart, the bill would give the federal government the to control how the elections ar conducted across the country. states obtain preclearance from the federal government before they can set the rules of their own elections. this means that among other things, the states would no longer have the authority to require voter identification or registration at the polls periods states would lose the power to pick the locations for polling sites as well as the ability to draw the boundaries of their own congressional districts. before doing virtually anything related to democracy the states have to follow that focuses on race, why? the idea is this country is too racist to allow states to run their own affairs, nancy pelosi has to run them because she's not racist enough to conduct
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elections. everything about that claim is absurd if america is so racist why are tens of thousands of patients, here someone answered that question or even ask it. but the idea itself is totally unconstitutional. we know that because the suprem court was pretty clear about it almost ten years ago back in 2013. this is not allowed, it's never been allowed, and in fact no sane population would ever allo it, not voluntarily anyway. why would you let incumbent politicians rigged the game in their own favor? we would not allow that. you would have to be bullied into a. how would you be bullied? the fastest way to bully americans other than by scaring them with viruses, is to call them racist. of course that's precisely what the democratic party is doing now. dealt telling us the civil rights movement never happened, and you my friend are shut up and obey, racist. joe biden has never been subtle so today he just came out insid and said it, watch.
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>> do you want to be on the sid of john lewis? or bill connor. you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? this is the moment to decide to defend our elections, to defend our democracy. o'connor. rebasing in the football player who is that? but jefferson davis, really? so if you oppose an unconstitutional power grab by corrupt politicians, you are th leader of the confederacy. you're foreign combatants. that's what he said. that's how important it is to keep the democratic party in power forever. here is joe biden today. >> we must find a way to pass these voting rights bills, two make them vote, let the majorit prevail, and if that bear minimum is blocked, we have no option but two change the senat
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rules including getting rid of the filibuster. >>tucker: yeah. getting rid of the filibuster. we could go on about this. you probably know, but it's worth remembering the democrati party, joe biden party invoke the filibuster more than 300 times recently, not during the civil rights movement, that was in 2020. apparently they side with bull connor every time. so what's different? the threat of white terror, getting rid of voter id laws is a matter of national security stand in the way, and you're going to be a terrorist, once again, the president. >> i will not yield, i will not flinch, i will defend the right to vote our democracy against all enemies, foreign, and yes domestic. >> enemies within our own country, we will kill them. it's amusing to see him call other people extremists rate give meet total power over your
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life or all know you're a dangerous radical. it's funny, but not funny. hours before he spoke, the department of justice announced the formation of another domestic terrorism unit. what's it for? read about it on the website, it's designed to hunt down and punish anyone who opposes the federal government or is anti- authority. whose antiauthority? all thinking people who aren't on the federal payroll, that means you, that means all of us got the message? if you think voters should show id at the polls, you couldn't b hearing from the fbi because you're a threat. on the other hand, you should know that your covid papers are still mandatory and becoming more so because those cards are not at all like voting cards, they're not racist, they are holy and essential. in washington, dc, the mayor says you're no longer allowed outside without your papers. here's a quote. starting saturday you will need these three things before heading out. proof of vaccination, 12 years
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and overcome a proof of vaccination and photo id and a mask. otherwise you must stay in your house because we own your body. that is muriel bauer who is not a dangerous extremist because she is loyal to the regime. can do so when, thank you so much for coming on. talking about dangerous extremist, i have to say biden was elected on the promise that he would calm things down, he'd been around, he was a dealmaker every time he gives a speech an public, he is spitting mad, he is attacking american citizens in terms that are really withou precedent, and he's threatening some kind of law enforcement or military response internally, that's not extremism? >> it is extremism. we got no promises from joe biden when they ran because the hid him for it he showed up at couple of car honking rallies i think we saw about 12 cars and the cam level is always panned in, so we had no idea who he was
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. he was ushered into the white house and people so don't ask any questions it's because of the pandemic. using you see them trying to pass the extreme measures, and you have to understand what january 6 was. you look back a couple of weeks ago and we saw them flamboyantl seeing things that were insane. generate six was just like 9/11. it was just like pearl harbor, all this insane rhetoric and no you can put it in perspective. that was a dress rehearsal. that was a warning shot freight it was meant to be a warning shot to patriots or any individual in america who think they're allowed to address thei grievances. they're will be no questions asked about what's there and what's not there and what you do , we will maim you, we will lock you up in federal prison for that dress rehearsal was getting ready for the big event and the democrats have no intention of doing anything constitutional they've they proven that throughout covid. and can't move outside without papers, but the idea, if you stand up to them and you say this is wrong, that is what is
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going to happen to you, they ar not playing by any rules right now and this is serious they want to talk about a threat to democracy, everything they are doing is a threat to our democracy. >> they are pushing people to the point of craziness. great i will say it's almost like a style matter. i can't get over that the peopl they are matters that are americans, of all the threats around the world, every time they talk, the real rage is reserved for those that were born here and our citizens here. what is that? >> it's them trying to change fundamentally what america is great this is no longer a country where your vote is mean to mean anything, they're tryin to turn this into an oligarchy, we are in power and you're not, oh well, boo-hoo. what that means is they have to seem as though these people are the enemy that's why said january 6 is a dress rehearsal. people are being locked up in federal prison, being labeled a a domestic terrorist rate today we had some stuff coming out about how the parents who we're
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labeled as domestic terrorists were standing up for their own children saying i don't want my children learning this stuff. we know the doj was colluding with the biden administration. >> that outcome, but we are facing unprecedented times in this country and i think the majority of americans understan that and know that in the democrats know fully well they can't win an election by playin by the rules so they have to do this sort of stuff because they've lost the american people . nobody likes the radicalism going on in this country. they are going to cheat openly by trying to pass rules and to completely ignore the constitution of the united states. friend when i think people are unaware. it so upsetting i know my instinct is to turn away i don' want to watch this stuff it's too much. but i appreciate that you do. candace owens, good to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> it's not a chronological thing as he often says it's a measure of wisdom so we are happy to have him join us today.
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this is the democratic party to legislative goal, i don't think anything is even close, why are they so focused on this so-called voting rights great first of all, it pleases the face and biden has been a slave to the left-wing part of his base since he became president, it's also something if enacting would enshrine in law that much loosened voter regulations that prevailed during the pandemic election year of 2020 and it would make it easier for people to vote coming easier for peopl who don't particularly want to vote to vote, it would also interfere with that security measures such as voter id and other such measures which are widely supported by the america public. you look at it piece by piece, it's not steps step sets of popular measures. how did this happen? how did joe biden get himself
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into this predicament? >> i think that all the time. >> after election day in 2020 h was on his way to being president of the united states with the house nearly in his party's control in the senate i republican control. they're our two races in georgi for republicans to lose and the republicans did lose them. suddenly, the democrats had by the narrowest of possible margins, control of the senate and that is what's got visions of historic sugar plums dancing in his head. the centerleft politics that he practice for most of his career went out the window in favor of this agenda that he has embarke on ever since. it hasn't worked well, he's now widely unpopular and his party is unpopular they look like they're going to have potentially staggering losses and he's out doing this he doesn't seem to know how to
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change course it may be too late . >> so i think it it's such a smart observation, getting that much power or the appearance of that much power. >> that little power that he thought could be converted into some sort of historic swing. i think he's always felt he was under the shadow of the great barack obama and, i think there is reason to believe barack obama didn't take him seriously. obama is famously quoted as saying you should never underestimate the ability of joe , well, afghanistan and you go down the list, things are pretty eft up in this particula administration and he's got inflation out of control and so on, he seems antsy and what he continues to do is to try to press forward with this agenda and most of his party seems to go along with it although there are a few holdouts. in this tightly contested agend it only takes a few to mockup his agenda.
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>>tucker: tony watters fauci would not answer the basi questions posed to him about where the coronavirus came from in the first place he described as personal attacks. new details about another set o animal experiments that are horrifying cruel animal experience that happened under the watch of fauci. 3
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it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day,
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never mind a whole year for a fresh start.
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>>tucker: it turns out tony fauci is are complicit in his toughest critics of religion from a today to released e-mail that show that fauci was wormed by a scientist at the very beginning of the pandemic that this fire is very likely leaked from the institute of virology in wuhan at the same loud where fauci was funding. according to a on february 1st of 2020, dr. fauci and 11 other cat a conference call to discus the vaccine it was on this call that they did two doctors were first warned that covid 19 may have leaped from the institute overall a g and further that it may have been intentionally
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genetically manipulated so that is news, by the way that was a year before that became the common view of the origin of covid and during that year anybody who reads the question was a racist anti- asian or something. it turned out to be very likely true, so today the senator aske fauci about all of this, watch how fauci responds. >> those they came to you privately, did they come to you privately and say no way this came from the lab? or was the initial impression b the others involved, was the initial impression that it look very specific suspicious. >> senator, we are here at a committee to look at a virus no that has killed almost 900,000 people, and the purpose of the committee was to try to get things out how we could help to get the american public, and yo keep coming back to personal attacks on me that have absolutely no relevance to
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reality. >> at such a filthy little demagogue great filthy little demagogue great he doesn't answer the question, it's all about him and then he accuses rand paul of endangering his life. fauci held up a page that led, he is the highest-paid federal employee and for one of the longest-serving parity works fo us so we have a right to not want him to work for us anymore that's called democracy. but he blamed the webpage for alleged threats of violence against him. in other words, if you criticiz me, you're trying to get me killed great this is how they are, liberals, hostile aggression. feline not canine. meanwhile, he refused to take any responsibility for the lockdown that he supported that wrecked the country in a lot of ways. watch. >> do you think we slow down th
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death rate, more people have died now under president biden than did under president from, you are the one responsible you're the architect the lead architect for the response from the government and now 800,000 people have died. do you think it's a winning success what you've advocated for government? >> first of all, if you look at everything that i said, you accuse me of an amount with the way telling people what they need to do, everything that i said has been in support of the cdc guidelines. where a mask. get boosted. >> take a look at everything done by mandate. >> are you following the reasoning here? the first time rand paul asked him a question he said almost a million people have died you can't as me the question than h says yes, almost a million people have died and you were making the rules are you're not take responsibility for that? and fauci didn't man up in anyway and says what i wasn't
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really in charge i was giving suggestions on tv. filthy demagogue he has also been caught by the way because they couldn't get uglier you would think, spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a horrifying experiments on animals, no one benefits from this, the animals don't deserve it, this time he's been caught trying to create transgender monkeys. this whole moment about him, about the fact that the key to beating corona might be viagra. to has discovered that natch spent more than $200,000 on proposed experiments that would quote subject mail racist monkeys to feminizing therapy that to see if that makes them susceptible to hiv to help transgender women. we would know about any of this if it wasn't for peter. kathy, thank you so much for
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coming on very did you make thi up? >> it sounds like it, doesn't it ? it's an experiment that in eighth grade science student could figure out is totally meaningless, but no, unfortunately we did not, it's on the website of what nh funds they take male monkeys, they pu them and metal boxes, that's where they're forced to live, they subject them to hormone so-called hormone treatment, an from that they're supposed to learn something about hiv transmission. nevermind that monkeys don't actually contract hiv, they don't actually develop aids, this is a study that could be done with human volunteers and we might actually find somethin else that would help human beings. >> so there is a lot of money i think i know pete it does not support this, but i think if yo were to pull people they would say if you can prove this is going to save human lives or we get to massive advance of science and technology but so many of these animal experiment
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seem pointless, there inflictin massive and they seem driven by research dollars, is that an unfair suspicion? >> that's just absolutely correct. $20 billion in research funding. we wrote to fauci last month an pointed out that hiv experiment on monkeys have killed tens of thousands of monkeys that have caused us billions of dollars, and we have no vaccine to prevent hiv. you would think for decades of utter failure would inspire nih to do something different, but they haven't so far. that's why it's really importan that people get in touch with their members of congress and let them know we need leadershi there that is going to make a change and embrace what we are talking about our research modernization deal and stopped funding cruel experiments i don't work great. >> if you treat evolved animals where their suffering has no
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meaning. if that is the attitude and it' clearly the attitude of a lot o people in the scientific community, what does that say about you? >> i think it says you're not a good human being first of all and you're not paying attention to the science. we can't keep these monkeys disease-free, we've uncovered evidence they have tuberculosis valley fever, even colorado. they shouldn't be used for experiments and of course what the experiments do to them is turned them into psychological messes. they circle their cages, their bite their own arms they pull out their own for, it's a real tragedy. >> it's so awful i almost don't want to know more about it that i appreciate your knowledge on it right. >> in fascinating moment on capitol hill today as the committee tries to understand o tries to hide on what happened on january 6. a high fbi official was asked point-blank about whether or no the government agent we have th
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>>tucker: if you ignore the huffing and puffing on tv, it's been clear for a while now the department of justice probably had some role in the events of january 6. after hearing capital here toda became even clearer, watch senator ted cruz from texas as an fbi official point-blank
5:34 pm
whether the fbi was involved. >> how many fbi agent for confidential informants actuall participated in the events of january 6? >> sir, i'm sure you can appreciate i can't go into the specifics of sources and methods . >> did any fbi agent agents for confidential informants actuall participate in the events of january 6, yes or no? >> i can't answer that. >> did any aphid ui agent or informants, crimes of violence on generator six? >> i can't into that, sir. >> did any fbi agent or fbi informant actively encourage an incite crimes of violence a on january 6? >> sir, i can't answer that. >> do you hear that? he asked, did any fbi agents or confidential informants, crimes of violence on generator six,
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that's what he asked in the obvious answer is are you kidding? of course the fbi isn't secretl committing crimes of violence, that's insane, where a federal law enforcement agency. next question, please. that's what she should have said , but that's not what, she said. instead she replied i can't answer that great of course jules sanborn can answer that and she should be forced to answer that immediately. did they participate in violenc or not, is not hard? and at another point, the senator from arkansas asked mat olson about epps, the menu seen in multiple videos encouraging the crowd to storm the capital commode that has somehow never been charged himself. here is that exchange great. >> so this is a gets back to what i meant earlier, asking if you prepared for this hearing, near the assistant attorney general for national security, you run the they have said the
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generator six prosecutions are one of their highest priorities this is a man who was on the most wanted page for six months deet you really expect us to believe that you've never heard of the name ray epps, you don't know anything about him? >> i don't have any information at all about any individual. >> they really expect you to believe that right i simply don't have any information at all about that individual. so they doj knows nothing about the guy on the most wanted list bring within a short time, democrats on the generator six committee released a statement saying actually they already interviewed him and anyone has questions about his behavior is a dangerous conspiracy theorist. he informed us in the statement today that he was not working with, employed by or acting at the direction of any
5:37 pm
law-enforcement agency on generator for for six or on any other time in these never been in a informant for the fbi or any other law enforcement agency . bombshell, case closed, we can forget about ray and move on, but wait a second, one exactly and under what circumstances di the committee talked to him? supposedly this interview was conducted in secret last november break if that's true, why did the committee wait months to tell us today in a tweet when the committee got it hands on mark meadows text messages, the leak those to the media within hours. by the way, was this ray epps interview committed under oath? the democrats of nina his will the information epps reviewed b available to the menu january 6 defendants who are now awaiting a trial. can they see a transcript of this interview, can we see a
5:38 pm
transcript of this interview? if not, why not? here is something else confusing . as you know, he urged protester to riot freight video from january 6 shows him at the forefront appearing to us or others inside great he wasn't just someone who was there, he was going to be the central figure there. they weren't clear, it seems highly protective of ray epps. nothing but a january 6 protest attendee. really? nothing but an attendee? he is the opposite of that, of everyone there, ray epps is the one you should be maddest that if you were on the democratic party. another engaged american exercising his constitutional right. that is a huge change.
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it's a bizarre, it doesn't make any sense at all. what's going on here? the committee has assured us that heat wasn't employed by, working with, or acting at the direction of any law enforcemen agency. okay. why did the committee stop they are? with the committee be willing t broaden that statement and affirm in writing that ray epps wasn't working with any government agency, law-enforcement or otherwise? that would be a simple change t make their lead see if phil mak it. let's see if republicans will force them to make it. not the those would of either writers at the atlantic. not being the worst isn't an endorsement committee could be the finest caterer, but that doesn't mean anyone should eat their food grade they proudly describe themselves as fully vaccinated, she's had at least three.
5:40 pm
they've had all three cope with the shots. sick in bed right now with covid . and of course we wish her well great apparently she's got a pretty bad case. on twitter she posted the update , covid is the pits, and lucky it isn't worse, but at it worst it was like a bad flu tha dragged on and lingered. i would welcome folks they continue to say it's all mild freight that seems pretty it ca definitely hurt and everyone hi habit can attest to that. if you're simply describing wha happened isn't enough, you can' admit the vaccine she took to prevent from getting sick that it were, so dry it the wrong conclusions like making these vaccines aren't doing what was told they would do parade so in a second tweet, she usually wrote this, it also would've been so much worse without the vaccine and booster. sheet included two exclamation points to, but wait, how can sh know that is true? she can't know it's true, no on can know it's true.
5:41 pm
instead that line has been repeated endlessly the patina o truth which for the record is not the same thing is true. many people no longer care, wha they care about is sending the correct thing. you can imagine the obituary. he spent his life working at th daily beast tragically cut shor by covid, but they got he was fully vaccinated, it would've been worse. what does it all add up to? are friend, glenn beck has thought it through, he's writte a book about it it's all about the great reset. glenn beck joins us next. earn a,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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♪ >>tucker: the country has changed dramatically in the las two years. we could do a whole show on add up to? that is a much tougher question. what we looking at? it's not just a bunch of scary random stories there is a story arc as they say in journalism, but what is it? it takes someone like glenn bec to figure it out. he is the has his latest book
5:47 pm
out today very thank you for coming on and congrats on the book. i will admit i have not read very give us a sense of the theme. >> everything that you've talke about, i've been watching you'r whole show tonight, absolutely everything you've talked about tonight is in this book and it is explained. it explains why the schools are tracking with the doj, why fauc with the vaccine mandates, why fauci is hiding his relationshi with big pharmaceutical are gas prices, the first amendment rights, the january 6 people being set up by the fbi. all of this, this is the most important book i have read come up this the most important--or that i have written, this is th most important topic of my career, and i think this is the
5:48 pm
most important topic in the world today. the great reset is not a conspiracy theory, it is something that the demos people have put together along with th world economic forum, and it is running rampant through every western capital and every western country. it is, i just read this, tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m., the washington state covid the mint emergency, they are going to have a state board of health discussing from 930 dash 330 tomorrow, allowing local health officers to use law enforcement to force an emergency order in involuntarily detaining a perso or group of persons, families t be isolated in a quarantine facility following they're refusal to comply with request examination treatment, counseling, and vaccination. this is an internment camp. washington state has done it
5:49 pm
before, they haven't learned their lesson from world war ii. this again is all about total and complete control. i was wrong for a long time i thought this was about socialism . it is not very is a brand of fascism, socialism and communism , for state and the people own everything, that's not what's coming. if you want to understand why our corporations are saying tha they have to have these teach white people how bad they are, why they are condemning the united states, but not china because china is the new global model, and all of it is in here with 50 pages of fine print footnotes very do not go online and just search unless it's an original source because there i a lot of bad information out. this must get out to every person i believe in the western world. this is not an american problem this is the entire west going
5:50 pm
away by 2030, and i think the next, they just we're gamed the world economic forum just we're gamed that next economic collapse and i think that's coming in the next couple of years, i could be wrong, i usually am on timing, but when that happens, it is lights out. it is over a. they will control your food, your water, your work, your education, your banking, your money, gasoline, france is just now paying a rate increase for their electricity of 45 percent because of the great reset. they are shutting down they're nuclear power plants, and it's going to cost 845 percent increase in energy. they are going to bankrupt the entire west and only the elites are going to be able to have money, the food they want to come at the jobs they want, et
5:51 pm
cetera, et cetera. we will be left in the dust. we must educate ourselves right now. >>tucker: glenn beck, thank you so much for that. congratulations on the book. >>tucker: we've gotten lots of about what glenn has mentioned. we have not been able to track that down. things happen in the last few years that you would never believe were true. we do know that another will ho in washington state that allows minors to have gender reassignment surgery without their parents consent, we will tell you exactly what that mean straight ahead.
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>>tucker: a new in washington state allows castration of teenagers without parental consent. it is unimaginable 18 months ag is now the law. as seattle radio host has watch this happen. and brings us the story. jason, thank you for digging this up and telling us about it. give us the outline of this law. >> so it's actually a combination of three laws. right now if you're as young as 13 years old you can start the process of reassignment in not have to tell your parents. they give them the right to mental health treatment without cordial consent. the second law enforces insurance companies to coverage
5:58 pm
under dysmorphia or gender affirming for that same age group 13-17 years old. it mandates insurance providers exclusively communicate with th teen patient, not the policyholder who in this case would be the parent although they still have to pay for it. now there is the new law that went into effect 11 days ago that mandates all new health plans have to cover gender affirming care including cosmetic surgery that previousl were denied so now in totality the treatment for these kids ca include everything from puberty blockers to speech therapy, but potentially tracheal shaves, so-called pop surgery where the tissue is removed and then various genital surgeries and none of this has to be approved by the parents. >> these are very serious medical operations, with lifelong consequences that they can't understand because it's also a newcomer to cut parents out of the equation is really a profound statement that the state is more powerful then the
5:59 pm
parents. >> absolutely. this is nothing new. in the state of washington if a kid has hiv, they can get treatment without actually getting parental consent either. the arguments you are given is that there is the potential for someone who is transgender who is 13, 14, 15 years old who doesn't have the support of their parents and if they are t be open and honest about it could do them damage and certainly that can be the case in some instances, but in a lot of these cases i remember being 13, 14, 15 years old, sometimes you feel awkward having conversations with parents and maybe you just don't want to have that conversation, but rather than taking away an incredibly important part of a child, the support and love of parent to have the conversation about what they're going through , which i'm very sympathetic towards, would brazen the families up and we'r not really giving them a chance. >> it's pretty easy to destroy families, there doing it and have done it for decades, but you want to live with the consequences of that, we are.
6:00 pm
appreciate the reporting, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >>tucker: that's it for us tonight. every weeknights at 8:00 p.m., we are the we hope you have a great night with the ones you love, we want to introduce you to our friend sean hannity who takes over the reins at 9:00 p.m. >> we are all in it, thank you. welcome to hannity, tonight we are tracking multiple developin stories including dr. fauci pathetic meltdown on capitol hill today. we will pay all the low lights of that coming up and senator ted cruz will join us with a more chilling story about the fbi and january 6, earlier toda he just brutalized an fbi spokesperson. we will play you that tape, but first we begin with democratic activists stacy abrams. she still believes she is the rightful


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