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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 13, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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inflation hasn't been this bad since before i was born. talk about a once in a lifetime economic crisis. what republicans are going to do is stop the trillions and trillions of dollars of spending that is ruining our economy. >> harris: more than a generation as you put it. we haven't seen numbers like this. congresswoman, thank you very much for handling the breaking news and being in "focus" today. "outnumbered" starts right after this. >> harris: it's let's start with the president's approval rating crashing to a new low, putting not only has attended serious peril but also the future of the democratic party as the all important midterm elections right around the corner, 299 days. i'm harris faulkner and you are watching "outnumbered." join now by my cohost emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany, tomi lahren and in the center seat, douglas murray. a quinnipiac poll gives
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president biden the lowest mark since he took office. his approval rating is plummeting to a dismal 33% of those surveyed also gave him a thumbs down when it comes to handling the biggest issue of the day, the economy, foreign policy and covid. plus the headline not kind to the president. they highlight his stalled agenda and the fears democrats have about the upcoming elections where the party is in danger of losing control of congress. yet, the president doesn't seem to be changing anything about his strategy, especially when it comes to covid. just moments ago, a short time ago, he vilified of people who have chosen not to get the vaccine again. >> president biden: have been saying that as we remain in this pandemic, it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated. and i mean by this, right now both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are testing positive but what happened after that could not be more different. if vaccinated people test
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positive they overwhelmingly either have no symptoms at all or have mild symptoms. >> harris: douglas, when you hear facts and people come back with something that doesn't quite fit, we know whether you are vaccinated or not you are exposed to omicron. we are hoping to mitigate that with the vaccine. the president instead keeps poking the bear. >> i'm surprised he's making as good of figures as he is in the approval ratings. i'm surprised he is writing that high. i mean it, this is a president who above everything else has been dodging the media, dodging accountability for months now. in any other democracy this wouldn't be acceptable. you have a commander in chief who will not answer basic questions about his decisions. is it views and his policies don't get a chance to get gone
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over by the media. i mean most other democracies don't work like this. the president would kick held accountable and he just repeatedly make statements, incredibly inflammatory statements, incredibly inflammatory speeches like the one earlier this week and there is no accountability. he said, his great pitch becoming president was he was going to be the great unifier. and looking at stuff on voting reform this week, it was basically, either you're with with me or you're a. is that the talk of unification? >> harris: you know kayleigh, last hour on" the faulkner focus" -- counted four times were unification was where people were teeing off on the president.
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it's almost like we should hear from the president on who he wants to be because who he is presenting is completely oppositional now to going to be in office. which i guess is why senator mcconnell said, i don't know who that guy was. >> kayleigh: he gave his inauguration speech and used some version of the word unity like half a dozen times. this is the most divisive president i have seen in the last two decades, especially when you look at the numbers. when you drill down into them, that quinnipiac left-wing poll, he's agreed to pivot to division. i agree that's a speech that was one of the most divisive people i have heard saying if you oppose elections that you are essentially a segregationist. the unvaccinated have a right to be angry at the vaccinated and this is a division, division. in quinnipiac, and 98% and
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americans are recognizing the strategy and i hope the administration sees what a five-alarm fire they have on their hand with quinnipiac, the left-wing organization saying -- it's ron desantis. but that left-wing pole in my view showing 33% approval, and i stunned by that and i will double check the numbers. that will invite primary challenges and probably more than one if i had to guess. >> harris: just to double down with my questioning on this because i am curious, when do you start paying attention to pulling question mike you've been in the white house before so you know, maybe one or two or a couple of months. this has been a stubborn slog in the numbers for this president for months now. >> kayleigh: anyone that says they are not looking at the polls and that administration and biden has said that, they
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are deceiving you. what you are seeing is why they are desperately trying to get something passed on the hill and that's why they are pivoting to the voting rights agenda, just showing division and the messaging that they are creating. it's getting worse and worse for them, but harris, take my word. they are looking at the polls. how could you not with 33% approval? >> harris: emily, when i think about what the administration at the white house should do in terms of meaning these members with the message, i am confused. conflicted about what that message should be. like, where do you start? >> emily: exactly. to be honest, i don't know. it's sort of like walking into an abandoned falling down haunted house, but you know what harris? who cares. with the exception of the fact that this is our commander in chief who is absolutely reprehensible and the dereliction of duty, let's put that aside for a second because
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republicans are coming for them. that is the strong messaging, unified messaging that people are following. for example the national republican campaign committee, they reported this year that they didn't just break records and fund-raising in an off election year, they blew it out of the water. they report as 17.9 billion just last month, they brought in over $140 million in 2021. that's not just in the macro and micro cents. kevin mccarthy brought in a whopping $11.75 million in donations and fund-raising and in that quarter four, $72.4 million the cycle. guard us of what the democrats think that they are doing in the messaging and confusion, americans know what they care about and that is putting food on the table, job security, safety at our border and safety in our streets and production to earn the likelihood that protects their families and both
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of those things that are lending them to put their money where their mouth is and that is a republican party. >> harris: is the chairwoman of the rnc, and i talk this week about those numbers. if you saw, tomi, just a few moments ago, kevin mccarthy at the lectern talking in a news conference about what really should be the thing is to focus on, as emily just laid out. you only raise more money when you promise to actually come up with solutions to all the crises that are out there, i would imagine. >> tomi: i do believe contrary to everyone else on the panel, joe biden is a great unifying. not only republicans but the american people against these woke do-nothing agenda of his administration. i think even the most leftist of the lefties, they are starting to see the light and that his wife democrats are panicking. democrats are also coming together in unifying against the president and as i said before the program, i believe what's
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going to happen is democrats will distance themselves not only from joe biden but from kamala harris. they are not going to distance themselves from the agenda because it is their agenda to begin with. they will distance themselves from joe and kamala harris because they will make it seem like those who are the only problem. you saw that with stacey abrams, she's got aspirations for 2024 and we will see al sharpton coming out and criticizing joe biden. democrats will attempt to guess like the american people into believing it is just joe and it is just kamala, but it's more than that. it's their agenda and their party that is a problem and the american people as a whole, republicans and democrats, would do well to remember that in the midterms especially 2024. >> harris: you point out something that is so important in terms of the landscape ahead and that is a fact that it is their agenda and he's not carrying the flag that way that many would want. we are still waiting to hear back from their action to see
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what conflict on her schedule would be more important than a key issue for her then a visiting president. >> i'm not holding my breath on that but you bring up such a great point, just in terms of how they plan down the road. who can you count on and who can't you count on. apparently not the people in the white house. douglas, i'll give you the last word. >> douglas: you know, i'm just stunned by this because as you say we are a short way into the presidency and it's been unraveling from the get-go. question is how much worse can it got and when the point is the democrats realize how far underwater they are, they tried to change things but it's not going to be easy for them. >> harris: how low can you go. all right. the vice president struggles to defend the administration's covert strategy. they have one? i'm not being facetious here. and sidestepping whether she will be back on the ticket in 2024. not that the name we haven't
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>> emily: so it's something you don't see every day. watch as kamala harris is on the receiving end of a rough interview as she is grilled on nbc's today show over the administration's covid strategy. >> the administration says, you know what? the strategy isn't working. at the of administration last week rode that open letter urging the administration to change course and chain
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strategy. is it time? >> it is time for us to do what we have been doing at that time is every day. >> emily: wow. tomi, it's time for us to do what we've been doing in that time is every day. can you translate that for me? >> tomi: i think we will need joe biden's sign language interpreter to interpret that one, it did make a lot of sense. i don't think she was expected to be grilled on anything unlike your last guest set on" the focus" it's someone who takes the test without reading the book and that's what we are seeing time and time again with this vice president. you think almost a year into this administration she would take the time to actually be knowledgeable on the issues, but she is so full of herself, so narcissistic that she believes she can just sit down and wing it. and that is a big problem when you are the vice president of the united states with a president who is not also super coherence.
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what we are seeing with kamala harris is just like what we are seeing with joe biden. the democrats thought that kamala harris was going to be the one to ride in on the white horse and save joe biden when he inevitably slipped. well, kamala harris is not that woman, she's not that vice president. now the democrats don't have a bench so they are looking around trying to decide who's going to lead the nation. unfortunately there are puppeteers behind the scenes that are going to lead the nation but those people are not being held accountable by the american people because the american people don't know who those people are. so the democrats need to be honest about who is pulling the strings, controlling then administration and it leading the country's. there are two leaders now that her big flocks failures. >> emily: and the vice president thinks she has an answer to the testing shortage. >> why are we at a point now where folks still can't get tests? >> but we just ordered ash i don't have the number in front of me, but millions of tests.
9:18 am
we have 20,000 sites where people can go. >> the fact that we are still telling people to google where you can get a test. >> but come on now. if you want to figure out how you can get across town to some restaurant that you heard is great, you'd usually do google to figure out where it is. >> emily: harris, do google, that's the answer. >> harris: i want my name back. everyone people say harris, i have to defend my -- i say no, it's carmel. i'm not joking about that. she was an attorney general and she's not prepared for basic questions from msnbc and nbc. she's not prepared. she is the defendant that she always hoped she gets, where the questions it would just leave that person befuddled. i don't get it. unless it is some sort of a narrative or spin that we are
9:19 am
missing. is this behavior on purpose? like craig melvin or whomever is sitting across from her, don't you get it? don't you get that what we are doing is we are telling people that the tests are on the way. who doesn't know it's 500 million? you don't even have to watch tv for that. and a half a billion of anything that this administration would bring online to people's houses, you would know about. whether you are the vice president or not. is it feigned or is it sincere ignorance on such a great point? i don't relish saying that, she is a vice president of the united states. she wasn't ready. when will she be ready? >> emily: you make a good point. you know she doesn't read briefing materials and you should know the test you ordered. basic pass, and that didn't go
9:20 am
so well, either. >> the 500 million tests that have been ordered that are being sent to every american, does everyone order that? >> i think it will be next week, but absolutely soon and it's a matter of urgency. >> should we have just done that sooner? >> we are doing it. >> do you read? >> emily: was interesting to me kayleigh is you are talking to a witness on the stand and they are so hostile and so defensive and such a petulance. it seems like every question that she gets in any interview, or automatic knee-jerk response is petulant defensiveness when this is supposed to be for our vice president. let me tell you exactly what the facts are as i know them.
9:21 am
where is that self curiosity? my friend earlier who was chosen not to be vaccinated for medical reasons sent me a note earlier. she said happy to report severe stomach that's a message that americans are receiving. and if they have questions about it, they are not worth sitting down and messaging, and people on top great they refused to answer and i mentioned lack of preparation. but as i keep saying, kayleigh, we know what we voted for. maybe we didn't vote for that. there is no difference, become a lawyer as senator, as it va, it's the same empty. >> kayleigh: exactly, there's deftly a trend.
9:22 am
here's the most curious part of the interview. >> what we see the same democratic ticket in 2024? >> i'm sorry, we are thinking about today. i mean honestly, this is part of the pageantry and we are focused on things in front of us. >> emily: this is so curious to me, i worked for president trump and he said he was running for office, answering or not answering and president biden has said it, i'm running in 2024. and i know exactly what he says. >> he's not running into 2024. i can tell you that no way at all.
9:23 am
they all know, and i want to get back to this whole interview, he said at the beginning and this interview wasn't a grilling, it was near the proximity of a slightly warm radiator. it was unbelievably -- you know, supine, fawning, and she knows what to do. and we say, come on. come on. and that goes back to what i said before, it's a democracy where the leaders of the country are held accountable, or is it a court with a few fawning court media and a few fawning court jester is?
9:24 am
this isn't fit for purpose, it's unbelievable that americans put up with this, from the media and the administration. no answers, never any answers. >> emily: we come a long way there. a fawning press corps but that's my view. coming up, an illinois judge facing intense backlash for freeing an 18-year-old man convicted of sexual assault. the 16-year-old victim is now going public and calling out the judge. well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year.
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>> emily: and illinois judge's decision to reverse the young man's rate infection is drawing severe criticism. 18-year-old drew clinton served five months in jail for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at a house party. he had been ordered to serve the mandatory minimum sentence of four years per state law but judge robert adrian believed
9:29 am
five months was "plenty" of time behind bars so he vacated the verdict. he also put blame on the adults who host to the party. the victim waived anonymity and is now speaking out. cameron vaughn had told prosecutors that she woke up to him on top of her with a pillow on her face so she wouldn't scream with him inside of her and says this decision shows adrian is not fit to be a judge. we reached out for comment from drew clinton's attorney and expected to get a statement shortly and we've also contacted the family of cameron vaughn, but no response yet. tomi, nothing about this is just. nothing about this serves the community. >> tomi: i think of how sad it is with this victim, this victim had to come out at such a young age and detail what happened to her, just to advocate for herself. that's not what she's supposed to be doing, that is not on her shoulders to do and it's quite disgusting because of this judge
9:30 am
she has had to do it. this is a symptom in this country of a much larger problem and lawlessness as a whole. when you start excusing things and start reclassifying crime at misdemeanors, where does it end? it's a domino effect and it goes into every area and every crime in every city in the entire nation. when you start looking at people and say they didn't do this that wrong, that snowballs into this case. it's a complete injustice and she deserves justice and so to all young women in this position. good for her having intestinal fortitude to speak out but she should have never had to do it. >> emily: this is disgusting. the age of consent to 17 years so anyone younger than that cannot legally give consent. it is a reason this law is in place and it provides for the protection of used so that they cannot legally give consent. meanwhile this guy's defense was
9:31 am
i didn't know that she was saying no. he said i didn't know she was inebriated, i thought she said yes. the judge accepted that and vacated the verdict. >> kayleigh: it's hard for anyone to understand a guilty verdict and then taking back that guilty verdict because you somehow didn't like the penalty attached to it. it makes no sense. and this poor girl, i've let it echo, what speed 17 said. the consequences that would carry for her life or blowback, she would get. she did that in the face of already experiencing a ton of blowback at her school. she was apparently a cross country runner, she ran track and was an honor roll student and after all of this happened, she fell to a c average and had to drop out of all sports and started learning remotely from home because students would antagonize her in the hallway. so this girl's a victim and she already had so many consequences happening in her personal life.
9:32 am
to come out publicly like this, i applaud her courage. but i'm with tomi, it's a reprehensible case and there's no expunction for what happened. >> kayleigh: the judge came out and said the court is totally disgusted with that whole thing, the community is disgusted with the verdict. harris, this judge blamed the parents. he said it "they allowed a 16-year-old's to bring liquor to a party." they provide liquor to underage people. and there's no evidence of that. and then he said, and you wonder how these things happen. so this guy is spreading his version of morality on thick and blaming the parents for that you see on the right of your screen. cameron vaughn is the and the judge blamed the parents. >> harris: the word about consent, i know we can tie it to an age but i'm really trying to understand the morality of consent. so this defendant said, i can
9:33 am
understand what she was saying but you were on top of her. if you can't understand what she's saying, why are you suddenly inside of her? i don't mean to be discussing for the hour but that was what was in the court record. if you can't understand that person, regardless of age, i would think that consent can't be given. that is a crime already being perpetrated. i mean, i can't understand how a judge then would turn around and blame alcohol at the party and alcohol with the person and alcohol of the victim, that's like saying he had on a short skirt and he gave it to her but he can't speak, if she cannot speak, isn't that the definition of the crime if you perpetrate an assault? on top of her?
9:34 am
>> kayleigh: yes, absolutely. the irony is the judge serves with the child representative and brings it upon himself as he just hurried to blame the parents and say this is a parental responsibility. well, where is his responsibly as a child representative and as a judge a steward of the court and a steward of democracy to protect your children, to your point, harris, who can't consent and protect themselves? so age and immaturity, and according to the court report. this is disgusting. >> douglas: i think this is really sad to cases where a young life has been needlessly derailed because of this. i actually do have some sympathy with the judge in this case, only because i think there is a question in this country around cases like this.
9:35 am
where people have to be much wiser, young men and women have to be much wiser and better brought up about what consent actually is. i do think that there are cases, not this one in particular where judges expect that kind of leniency because for instance you have a teenager who had an encounter with another teenager and that could end up for instance on the sex offender or register. sometimes judges do expressed a sort of nuance around that to try to make sure that endless more lives are correct, but these are very rare cases. >> kayleigh: and this case is not that end in this country the laws account for a specific intent versus general intent so for sexual assault crimes like this, you don't need a specific intent, which means being inebriated or under the
9:36 am
influence which has zero bearing -- >> harris: i was going to say, alcohol or not. >> kayleigh: just ahead, could california give the stomach be the first state to give illegal immigrants universal health care? that's what the governor is proposing. more on that next. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone.
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>> kayleigh: california governor gavin newsom is proposing health care for low income including illegal immigrants. california would be the first state to do so if that passes. the proposal is part of newsom's $213 billion california blueprint plan that also includes the provision letting illegal immigrants obtain abortions funded by the state. coming to you first on this. >> kayleigh: obtaining abortions, that's nice, governor newsom. good job on that one and what a terrible policy. you know what else is a terrible policy?
9:41 am
at the fact that there is an illegal immigrant defense fund, and it costs taxpayers about $5.6 million. you break the law, break united states law and then you get united states taxpayer dollars to defend yourself from deportation. this makes absolutely no sense. then on top of that free health care, funding for education, the list goes on and on. these are pole factors which means incentives that bring people to the united states and they are simply unacceptable. >> kayleigh: tomi, i didn't mean to chuckle but it's so laughable and there are truly's life and death consequences to this. period of >> tomi: and i bet california wishes they would've recalled governor newsom, i think they will have some serious remorse over that fact. but let's think about this, why would governor newsom want to do this? is it because he's compassionate about illegal and immigrants?
9:42 am
there are so many people leaving the state of california that he is hemorrhaging residents, and he wants to find a way to bring more people into the fold. he wants to incentivize more illegal immigrants to come to california to make up for all the people that are leaving. why? he doesn't want to lose any more seats, or any more political power. i think they are putting their voting blocs, incentivizing people to come to california and right now they have a budget surplus because you have big tech base in california, you have a lot of resources in california. you have hollywood and california, they can afford it now. wait a couple more years and that state is is failing and it will be times that it bites them. >> emily: harris, we were talking about potentially throwing his hat in the ring for 2024. >> harris: what about the border situation? like i know california has a wall but the border situation in totality. those health care costs will be astronomical when you mix in
9:43 am
covid and we know we are incapable because of the number of people following across the border illegally for our people to keep up with the testing. sometimes i get put into quarantine hotels and they leave them. they are fanning out. if those people come up because the green light has been turned on in california like, we will take care of you, and i think tomi makes an interesting point. whether they are going there to vote in the beginning could be one thing but they are certainly going there for resources. and if he turns on the green light, this is where you will find them come up those costs could be astronomical. surpassing the forecast perhaps that voters are being told about in california. when i get ready to put that bill, that could be ugly. is before douglas, your thoughts? >> douglas: i heard the figure yes so mike recently that 1% of californians left the state last year. that figure isn't a coincidence because so many high net worth individuals have left california for a very good.
9:44 am
all these left-wing democrats, they have got their way in california and they have chased the high net worth individuals in the state, they'd then decide to pay for people who come in with absolutely nothing. how long can that last for? i don't know. i think governor newsom and the state of california is like the cartoon character that has run off the cliff, their legs are still running, but gravity hasn't yet asserted itself. but it will at some point. gavin newsom managed to make san francisco and even worse city than it already was when he was mayor. he is made california a much worse state since he's been governor. if people love what he's done to san francisco and california, they will love what he could do to the united states of america if he ever got near the presidency in 2024, which i very much hope he doesn't. >> emily: but to that point, the exodus of people leaving will not stop.
9:45 am
coming up, comedian steve harvey says he's staying clear from stand up until his tv career is over. and he's blaming cancel culture. ♪ ♪ real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.
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and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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>> big show coming up, lindsey graham joins us live fresh off of his warning to mitch mcconnell that he will not back him unless he can prove a working relationship with former president donald trump. senator john cornyn will also be here to react. plus, former surgeon general jerome adams weighs in on the bidens administration's failures on testing, treatment and messaging over the pandemic. this as a dan heninger writes that people no longer care. what government or a science tells them about covid. and we asked miranda devine about thinking poll numbers. join john roberts on me on "america reports" at the top of the hour. >> harris: steve harvey says he's pulling the plug on his stand-up comedy act until after his television career is over. why question mike he doesn't want to get canceled saying that political correctness has killed comedy.
9:50 am
here's a quote from him. "the only way i can do one more special is if it's at the end of my television career because it will end my television career. we are in the cancel culture now and the only person that can say what they want to say on stage as dave chappelle because he's not sponsor driven. "that's interesting. douglas. >> douglas: it is interesting. i'm sad to hear this by the way, i think society needs more comedians to stand up. and i'll tell you why, traditionally in our culture, comedians are very often the people who tell the truth and they are unpleasant, awkward and tricky things, things that we are uncomfortable about and comedy makes us able to deal with them. and a very often the adjuster was the person who is able to tell the truth.
9:51 am
lots of issues that people get canceled for, and it look at joe grogan, joe grogan started off at the comedian, he still does stand up, he speaks for more people than any other representative of america because we allow comedians to say things. i've always said, the comedians cannot step down and cannot get fearful. they should be the last people to pure cancellation. >> harris: i do believe him though, douglas. i believe if he gets canceled or it kills that particular part of his television career. emily, this was not a comedian who i thought was particularly edgy all the time. he did a child with the word family in it, family feud. now towards the end it did get a little bit should beer for him, a little bit edgier but it wasn't like the guy was completely blue. you point out what is the
9:52 am
end game here, are we supposed to hate fun and hate laughing? >> kayleigh: and in a way, yes. but this evidence is that cancel culture simply grows, to douglas' point, unless you push back. it eventually grows for everyone and no one is safe so even if someone is by our standards mild or moderate, at some point cancel culture will come for them. i went and saw michael rappaport many times but it was his first tour in the city and he said i was warned by everyone, he said from the stage. don't get political. and he didn't, it wasn't that funny anymore. then i saw him again and i think he shook himself out of it, he said i dare you to come for me, cancel culture. he pushed the envelope and it was hilarious. >> tomi: that we have a comedy club here in nashville, zanies and they actually require the people lock their phones in a box so people can't record them and then call them out. that's the way of the world now,
9:53 am
but i hope more comedians and were public figures stand up against cancel culture and refused to be canceled, following the path of the dave chappelle, and you can't be canceled. you just have to have the intestinal fortitude to stand your ground. >> kayleigh: i love seeing mainstream figures, if you will, or a political figures in different rounds outside of politics setting up to this. it's not just steve harvey, i love steve harvey but it's kind of late to the game. the pope has been standing up to the culture in some ways, aaron rodgers has a viewpoint, doubling down on his viewpoint and not running away from it. it's a high offense culture and we have to push back. >> harris: these people are necessarily comedians but they do fall into, and kayleigh but it's so welcome into the same vat of being canceled.
9:54 am
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♪♪♪ >> the world has a toxic addiction to smartphones, a new study showing that people are spending nearly five hours a day on apps. one of the main reasons, culprits for people spending a third of their time on their devices is tiktok. the most downloaded app in the world last year with users spending 90% more time there compared to 2020. douglas, somehow i don't, you don't strike me as a tiktok man. >> sorry, no. i'm not, no. i'm not a tiktok man.
9:59 am
i do think tiktok is kind of the end of the world, i have to tell you. you know, apart from the analysis, chinese-based app and i think the communist party of china must be absolutely bewildered that millions of americans are spending their days making videos of them dancing a little bit, spinning around, and lip-synching. i think end times, apocalyptic thing to me, end of the world of the silly videos of people doing silly and pointless things. it's sort of funny story, but it's sad, isn't it? >> no doubt, it is. emily, you spend a third of time on your device, i don't think you do. >> i don't. i don't think the chinese government is bewildered, i think they are stoked. it's ridiculous. my worst are nightmare is watching teenagers dancing or
10:00 am
their moms trying to dance -- it's horrifying to me, absolutely not, my favorite app is instagram, i like to follow a lot of nature photographers. >> yeah, harris, how about you? >> look, i get excited when i pick up the phone and says i'm down three hours from the week before. i'm teaching my girls that, too. reward yourself for less time. i'll go shoe shopping in person. >> i love that. i think my new year's resolution, less time on my device. i'll working on it. thanks to everyone. now here is "america reports." >> fox news alert, president biden heading to capitol hill to push reluctant senate democrats on changing the filibuster to pass a sweeping overhaul of the u.s. elections. >> john: president biden making the speech days after a fiery speech in georgia where he slammed anyone who stood in the way as a racist. several moderate democrats resist a


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