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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  January 15, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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we are praying for everyone and hoping the outcome in this situation will be a positive outcome, it seems to be a good response, conversations are ongoing but we will bring more details when we have that. that doesn't for us, we'll see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday shelf. fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ jon: hostage standoff continues right now at a synagogue in texas. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪♪ jon: the situation still unfolding near fort worth. police say a man took multiple hostages during saturday's services at the israel synagogue. standoff began shortly before noon central time, 1:00 p.m. eastern. the synagogue was live streaming services on facebook earlier this afternoon. s.w.a.t. teams are on the scene
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and police have been tweeting updates on the situation asking residents to avoid the area. brian joins us live with the latest as the standoff has reached our five. >> good evening, rabbi reportedly three others held hostage by a man inside the congregation israel and colleyville texas. 17 miles northeast of downtown in fort worth texas a spokeswoman telling the associated press there are no injuries at this time describing this evolving situation. from our understanding, hostage negotiations are still very much ongoing. people arrived around noon today and evacuated the area among multiple agencies including the fbi are on scene assisting. greg abbott tweeting texas department of public safety at the scene of the intense hostage situation and colleyville, texas working with local and federal teams to achieve the best
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outcome. i continue to monitor the situation. about 8000 people reportedly watching the live stream which happens every saturday 10:00 a.m. at the congregation at israel synagogue. as the hostage situations unfolding. the lifestream didn't show much of what was happening inside but there was audio of what witnesses say was a faint voice of a man before the lifestream was interrupted and cut off before 2:00 p.m. local time. reported the man repeatedly mentioned his sister, he said a few times he didn't want anyone hurt and he mentioned his children. he said repeatedly that he believes he's going to die. abc news is reporting the hostage takers claiming to be the brother of a pakistani neuroscientist serving 86 year sentence for trying to kill american soldiers. she was convicted in new york in 2010 and reportedly transferred to the federal medical center in
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carswell. i was in the fort worth area. we have no idea if this man is in fact he says he is or is related at all. she seen as a hero and martyr to a lot of people in pakistan and elsewhere. abc reported the hostage taker made a threat about bombs, we cannot confirm that here at fox news. fox affiliate katie fw reports a rabbi in new york called 911 after he received a phone call from rabbi in texas who is believed to be one of the people being held hostage. this is a congregation established in 1999. there is one full-time rabbi there, rabbi charlie walker, a married man with two daughters. israel's consul in houston libya think tweeted she's on her way to the area and they are posting monitors and receiving updates
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on the developing situation and colleyville, texas. she standing with the congregation at this difficult time. you know dallas police department sent patrols to monitor dallas synagogue and that's something that will happen no doubt in major cities across the country as our brothers and sisters, jewish brothers and sisters are once again dealing with this situation. they no doubt are used to a threat they face every time they walk into their synagogue on saturday to worship so we are keeping everyone in our hearts and prayers as the situation continues to unfold. jon: prayers for a peaceful outcome in this tent outcome. brian, thank you. white house monitoring hostage standoff, let's check in with lucas tomlinson live in delaware where president biden spending the weekend. >> good evening, president biden leaving mass services a few minutes ago, did not speak to the press.
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the white house is monitoring this hostage situation at the synagogue in texas. jen psaki tweeting a short time ago potus has been briefed about the developing hostage situation in the dallas area will continue to receive updates from his senior team as the situation develops. senior members of the national security team are also in touch with federal law enforcement leadership. we are hearing from other members of the biden administration, the u.s. ambassador to israel saying in a tweet on closely monitoring the hostage situation and congregation in texas for the community is gathered for shabbat services praying for immediate and safe and. u.s. ambassador to israel and we are hearing from other world leaders including israeli prime minister bennet saying in a tweet as well, i'm closely monitoring this ox hostage situation and colleyville, texas, we pray for the safety of
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the hostages and the rescuers. right now there's no plan presents for the president, he's back at home in delaware. we will keep you updated should the situation change. jon: lucas tomlinson live in delaware where president biden is spending the weekend. the attorney general in texas, ken paxton joins us by phone. general paxton, do we know the motive here? >> i do not think we know the motive. for the ongoing investigation, i think there's still a lot we just don't know. jon: there were reports that there might be bombs involved, any confirmation of that or is that just another rumor? >> i think that's just another rumor, i don't think there's any confirmation of explosive devices on the grounds.
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obviously in evolving situation and we don't have the information. jon: local authorities, are they handling the investigation? i'm sure the fbi and atf must be involved as well ask. >> you got federal, state and local law enforcement authorities, local police, state police and federal authorities are all involved. jon: interesting some of the quotes we've heard from this hostage taker, he says he expects he's going to die but also expressed concerns about his children so it would seem he has family members he cares for and would like to obviously be around for them. i suppose authorities are trying to use a velvet glove treatment persuading him to give up. >> my guess is normally you would appeal to his relationship
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to the family. he has children, wanting to be around for them so i would imagine that's how they are trying to reach him and keeping him from doing something that would cause loss of life including his own. jon: so you don't have the ability at this time to confirm his claim that his sister is a notorious pakistani terrorist who was convicted and imprisoned for 86 years, that's his claim, he'll have the ability to confirm that at this time? >> they are in the middle of trying to determine that whether he is that guy and if he has that connection he says he has so as far as i know, that's not confirmed. jon: so authorities on the ground obviously had their hands
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full, you don't want to be too aggressive in a situation like this, negotiations, talk is always the best way to go. who is handling that? is not in the hands of the fbi or local police? >> my guess it's in evolving situation, i'm not sure who is communicating directly, whether they are directly communicating at all right now so i don't think i can answer that. jon: bigger picture, it's a sad time in this country when houses of worship, synagogues and churches have to be worried and very often armed security patrolling at religious services. >> we've been through this in texas before, we had a mass shooting. it's always encouraged if you can have law enforcement, at least people with the ability to
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fight back if something like this occurs. churches should be repaired because this is not a one-time situation, it's happened numerous times in texas and we lost lots of lives in cases just like this. jon: we are looking at some of the video of some of the responding vehicles, the s.w.a.t. team is providing. they are staying quite a ways away, you don't want to provoke the sky into doing something stupid and potentially fatal. you want to use phones and try to negotiate best you can and not try to make him feel he's painted himself into a corner. >> yeah, the primary goal is to save lives. he's already got hostages so i guess they are doing everything possible they can to talk to him and communicate and talk him off of doing anything that would cause any harm or loss of life to the people he's holding.
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jon: as we wrap up here, what you say to the people in your state, law enforcement officers there trying to respond to this situation and bring it to a peaceful and successful outcome. >> i would encourage people, is honestly nothing most of us can do, federal and state are doing their jobs, just keep those people including the hostages in your prayers because obviously this is a dicey situation and we all hope and pray for the best. jon: we know rabbi whose held hostage is a young man with two small children. we don't know at this time anything about the other hostages being held but they all deserve our prayers and let's hope we can see a successful and peaceful outcome to all of this. ken paxton from texas, we appreciate your time tonight. thank you. texas congresswoman van dyne joins us now by phone,
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congresswoman -- what's the latest briefing you've got regarding the identity of this hostage taker or perhaps his motive? >> i recently had a call secretary mayorkas' to get an update. i asked him what do we know where he's from? they don't know. it's suspect that he has a sister from pakistan. she's known in terrorist lady al qaeda. she's currently serving an 86 year sentence in a woman's prison approximately 24 miles away from the israel synagogue. he has demanded her immediate release. we know that much so far. it's believed it's an isolated incident, i know the fbi and police are on the scene actively working together to make sure a
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peaceful resolution. i reached out to the mayor's office and chief of police in contact with the general was flying from houston this evening offering up our office wherever resources are needed. my prayers and thoughts are in this community, we need to make sure these individuals are held hostage returned safely to their families and it's 11 community and it horrendous what we are seeing. jon: you spoke to secretary mayorkas, he said he's not able to confirm that connection, it's all mysterious right now. apparently back claim came from the hostage taker, it was heard on a microphone broadcasting live feed of the synagogue services on facebook so that claim is his own but nobody has been able to verify this. >> as you mentioned, that's what
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their assumption is, it was starting approximately 10:00 a.m. live streamed from of the commotion started about 10:40 a.m., the lifestream has been taken down so i can't confirm but according to secretary of homeland security, that's believed to be his demands at this time. jon: so for people hostage, no demands yet as far as we know? >> that is the demand, that his sister be immediately released. he threatened he has bombs in areas but again, they can't confirm any of that and it's believed at this time it's an isolated incident. jon: it's got to be frustrating for you, a member of congress, without enormous power of the federal government ready to go here but you can't storm the building, at least you don't want to at this time, you just
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have to sit and wait and hope cooler heads prevail. >> we hope the negotiators, they are experienced, they are good at their job in the fact that they are still negotiating, no one has been harmed as a good sign. we don't know how long negotiations will go on but our goal, their goal is the most peaceful resolution possible. my heart and prayers and thoughts and prayers go out to them if you sure they can be successful. jon: for hostages, the rabbi is a young rabbi with a family with a couple of young kids. we don't know anything else about the other hostages, these are texans, likely all americans and it's a tremendously nerve-racking time for their family when a gunman from i use the term gunman, who don't know he has a gun but he's threatening their lives.
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>> correct. i can't even imagine what they are going through. i can assure we are doing everything we can to make sure we have a peaceful resolution. our office is offering whatever assistance we can provide. his department is one of the best in the country, they are on the scene early on, they believed to be necessary to bring in so actions were swift, response is swift and right now they're doing all they can to negotiate to make sure the people being held hostage against her will right now are let out unharmed. jon: we hope for that. we appreciate your time tonight, thank you. >> thank you, have a good night. jon: brian is live in our news room. >> just confirming what she was just saying, law enforcement source coming our justice department producer jake gibson that there are in fact more hostages including a rabbi, fox
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news confirm thought. the hostage taker claims to be armed, we don't know if he is, only that he is claiming to be armed. the hostage taker has impressed an interest in the pakistani neuroscientists terrorist who is in jail for 86 years known as lady al qaeda but we do not know whether or not what kind of relationship, if any the hostage taker has only that he has her to hostage negotiators. they continue to be in contact negotiations are ongoing. that's all we have for now but that further confirmation to piggyback on what the congresswoman was just telling you and also rabbi we only know of one full-time rabbi there, rabbi charlie walker, he has two
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daughters. we have not had full-blown confirmation that it is in fact him but we can presume that he is the only rabbi there so that is the rabbi we believe could be there but as soon as we get confirmation on the identities of any of them, we will let you know. jon: brian, keeping us updated on the latest from appreciate it. acute. we'll be right back.
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commissioner new york, howard joins us now by telephone about the hostage situation underway in colleyville, texas area. commissioner, what's the best way to approach joyce mike this? a man who claims to be armed, has taken hostages, how you proceed? >> the best way is proceed with patient. you have to keep them talking, convinced him he's not going to accomplish what he needs to accomplish and there are other ways to do it and that's what negotiators from the fbi texas law enforcement agencies are doing. the most important thing is
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preservation of life and making sure people aren't harmed so you have to be very careful on how you talk to him and understand what he's doing and convinced him which is the fact that the best way out is for him to release his hostages take grievances elsewhere. jon: he has expressed some concerns about his own children, that something you want to make mention of as you are trying to negotiate a successful outcome, right? >> absolutely, you want to convince them that things are not how he has made it, harming people will only hurt him and his family in the best outcome here is for him to let the people go and give himself up because the fact is you surrounded, there's no way out and what he is demanding is
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probably never going to happen. jon: we are in the fifth hour of this standoff are ready. at some time he's going to have to sleep. is that something negotiators can take advantage of? >> well, you don't want to reveal tactics because there are two roads you go down in a hostage situation, one us negotiation and one is tactical in the negotiation one works. jon: obviously so can you appeal, bring in authorities bringing in his family members? he mentioned apparently his children, maybe there's a wife or ex-wife, would it be likely she would be called upon to get on the phone with god? >> negotiators are always looking at people who are
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influencing the hostage taker and they get his wife or uncle or mother or whoever to have influence on making him get a peaceful resolution that's what they will do. jon: so many of these synagogues have had to take up training after what happened in pittsburgh and other places, they have trained with local law enforcement and we've already heard from authorities have given training at this specific synagogue. a sad state of affairs but that's the way it is in this country and probably a very good thing in this circumstance at this particular synagogue has undergone that program. >> it is, the training on how to respond and what to do if there are hostages is very helpful
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because you don't want to exasperate the situation, you want to keep hostage takers as calm as possible and let them continue to communicate with hostage negotiators, the fbi has good negotiators who know how to talk people into doing the right thing for both them and the hostages. jon: albert, former police commissioner for the city of new york, thanks for your expertise. >> went to be with you. jon: weissberg, fox news computer and former deputy independent counsel. we are getting a little more clarity that this hostage taker has expressed an interest in the so-called lady al qaeda doing time, 86 years in a federal penitentiary not far from where the hostage taking is underway.
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he's expressed interest in her, we don't know necessarily if there is any relation between the two. how do you approach a guy like this? how do you reason with him when he seems to be in the motivated by what he thinks is an unfair situation involving this? >> the interesting thing about this recent development you've mentioned is if it is true he's demanding anything with respect to the family member in federal prison, back would give the fbi and d.o.j. permanent jurisdiction over this as federal kidnapping. one of the things that makes kidnapping federal is if you use a telephone as part of your kidnapping effort but also if you're connecting this to a national or international event
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demanding release of somebody in federal custody. he could bring in patriot act here so if this is true, he's made a situation worse. jon: much worse being that there could be federal charges, prison term? >> absolutely, subjecting himself to federal jurisdiction of kidnapping statute and a significant time even if nobody is harmed. he's already basically kidnapped under state law. the only question of whether it goes federal is whether or not a federal jurisdictional book which could be used up telephone, conveying demands and could be related to the particular demands released from federal custody. jon: i can't imagine what it's like to be one of those negotiators and i imagine both the federal authorities and
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locals try to play nice in a situation like this, you won't have a situation where the fbi swarms and incest will handle this, we've got the expertise. local police were probably the first ones on the scene and probably first to make contact so the shared arrangement right now, isn't it? >> shared arrangement and depends on what particular expert's there. if the local person in state prison allowed history negotiation, he or she might be a better person than whatever fbi agent happens to be on duty. fbi agents in particular offices who may have a title negotiator but never actually have done it or have done it one time in their lives so it depends on the team we've got, you don't want to pay attention to the title. jon: 's there may be cultural considerations here, maybe even language considerations because it's founded on the live stream of the synagogues service.
3:30 pm
according to observers listening live at the time, it sounded like he was speaking arabic as this began. >> yes and the fbi has many foreign agents trained exactly for this situation, foreign language ability. the question is, how quickly can you find them and get them put in the situation? we just don't know. jon: former deputy independent counsel, we appreciate you for your expertise. thank you. >> thanks for having me. jon: fox news will continue to monitor the situation in colleyville, texas. be right back with an update.
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fox news alert with continuing coverage of firefox dorey, hostage situation still unfolding in colleyville, texas near fort worth. police say men took the hostages
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during saturday services from of the congregation in israel synagogue. send up in shortly before noon central time, 1:00 p.m. eastern. law enforcement official tells fox news there are four hostages including one rabbi and the hostage taker claims to be armed. brian is live in our newsroom with more. >> good evening, law enforcement telling jake gibson producer for the justice department here at fox, there are four hostages taken including the rabbi, we know there's one rabbi, the main rabbi at the synagogue, charlie walker. again, the congregation israel, the hostage taker claims to be armed according to the law enforcement source. we know they continued to be in contact. this hostage taker is expressed interest in trent 13, she spent
3:36 pm
sentenced to 86 years in prison for killing americans so we know he's expressed interest, we do not know the nature of his relationship with trent 13. there is sound now coming in from the ground, from the local ebl talking about the situation out there. >> we are incredibly concerned about his congregants, they are clearly concerned about this happening clearly in the backyard. >> the vp of local defamation leak chapter, rabbi charlie cintron and his bio is says he remains completely in love with his wife, missus full-time rabbi at the congregation since 2006. we do not know no reported
3:37 pm
injuries, the fbi and police department releasing press release about a half hour ago saying there are no injuries, negotiations are continuing. we know plenty of people have been screened, the governor of texas, he's been briefed on the situation department of public safety and fbi is on the ground working with local and federal teams as they continue to monitor this situation that began about 10:41 a.m. local time, that's when the just services were taking place in the synagogue being live streamed just before 2:00 the lifestream was cut but before that, you could hear a man on telegram talking repeatedly about his sister in islam, he said a few times he didn't want to hurt anyone and he mentioned he had children. he said repeatedly he believes he's going to die so that's all we have right now.
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there has been no updates in terms of what we know of negotiations, only that they are ongoing. jon: it might be a situation where no news is good news as long as things are staying calm and no shots are fired, no trouble inside the synagogue, that's the best we can hope for at this time. thank you. let's check in with lucas tomlinson live in delaware were present biden is spending his weekend. lucas. >> good evening. we learned a short time ago that attorney general merrick garland is receiving updates on the situation at the synagogue outside dallas. white house closely monitoring the situation, present biden leaving mass a short time ago did not speak to the press or press secretary jen psaki without the following statement over twitter. potus has been briefed about the
3:39 pm
situation. he will continue to receive updates from his senior team as the situation develops. senior members of the national security team are in touch with federal law enforcement leadership. we are hearing from other senior members from the administration, the u.s. ambassador to israel saying i'm closely monitoring reports of the hostage situation in texas, the communities gather for services, immediate and safe and. we are hearing from world leaders as well including israeli prime minister bennet saying i'm closely monitoring the hostage situation taking place in congregation in texas, we pray for the safety of the hostages and rescuers. president biden left his church services, he's back at his residence, we will let you know if there's any breaking details. back to you. jon: lucas tomlinson, traveling
3:40 pm
with the president, thank you. former d.c. homicide detective ted williams joins us now. no homicide get to investigate, we hope it stays that way. we don't even know that this guy has a weapon, he says he's armed but we don't know that so how are authorities proceeding? >> i think they are proceeding with patients. they are having to be patient. they are negotiating with him, i understand there is direct communication with the hostage so that is what's going on. as it pertains to negotiators, i would have to believe that they have somebody on their hostage team speaking in arabic language to establish a rapport with the person.
3:41 pm
it's reported he spoke about lady al qaeda, this woman in jail for at least 86 years for attempting to kill american soldiers but what's probably happening is they are trying to make a vexes between him and his children. that seems to be one of his weak points there looking at. if there is, is likelihood that they will have one of his children or more than one of his children trying to speak with him to try to talk him down. also as we have been told, there are four hostages, i'm sure hostage negotiators are trying to get him to release some of the hostages and that's part of what's going on right now.
3:42 pm
jon: how do you persuade a guy to give up hostages? he thinks the hostages are his currency, how do you persuade him to give up a hostage or more without giving him something in return he may want not want to give them? >> according to what he needs right now, not being sarcastic but maybe he needs a cup of coffee or soda or needs to communicate with someone other than the hostage negotiator so all of that. what the hostage negotiator would do is say we will give you this if you give us that, quid pro quo and that is one of the negotiating skills of good hostage negotiators, to give something to get something and i'm sure that's what's going on.
3:43 pm
there's a lot of talk about the fact that he may very well be listening to what we say on television here. i would have to believe that they would cut negotiators any live feed that person what have, the hostage negotiator. it's all going on, the word is patients. they must be patient as long as he is not harming the hostages, they can afford to be patient and wait this guy out. jon: in terms of trying to convince him -- i'm sorry, my producers are telling me it's time to take a quick break, we
3:44 pm
will check back in with you on the other side with it and we will be back with an update on the situation and colleyville, texas. hostages held throughout the afternoon so far at a jewish synagogue there. we'll be right back.
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hostage situation in a jewish synagogue and colleyville, texas continues at this hour, four people held hostage we are told, including the rabbi, a young father with two children. former d.c. homicide detective ted williams joins us. i can't imagine being a hostage negotiator in a situation like this when lives are on the line and you never know what word you might say or phrase you might use that might set something off. what are they trying to do with
3:49 pm
this hostage taker right now? >> what they are trying to do calm him down, trying to establish a rapport, a relationship with him. when he can tell them of his demands and they can tell what they are trying as it pertains to his demands, that's not easy but these guys are very experienced, they know what they are doing. there listening for buzzwords. fbi agent involved, they've done a psychological profile of this individual, i believe that will be beneficial and helpful and that will probably bring a peaceful and hopefully. jon: we know the hostage taker has at least mentioned. [two bells tolling] , she was known as madame al qaeda, the only woman on the fbi
3:50 pm
seeking information over terrorism. she was trained in the united states, a doctorate in i believe neuroscience from brandeis university in 2001, apparently radicalized by the 9/11 terrorist attacks and arrested for having shot at u.s. army personnel when she was in custody in pakistan, reading up on her case is a strange one but there were reports he might be related to her. he certainly has an interest in her case. how do you use her and her situation? she's serving an 86-year-old term in a prison not too far away from where the hostagetaking is underway. how do you use her as a bargaining chip? >> that will have to be a
3:51 pm
judgment question on the fbi how to use her, if they are going to use her because she could make things worse by going along with him even if she had the opportunity to talk to him so it's a judgment call by the fbi right now whether they can or can't use her. jon: very tense situation as we've said. so far no indication anyone has been harmed, not even clear indication that the hostage taker is armed but he says he is. we will continue to watch this. ted williams former d.c. homicide detective on fox news contributor, thank you. will be back with more on the situation and colleyville, texas in a moment.
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services were underway at a synagogue and colleyville, texas when a man claiming to be armed storm the service epitope hostages including the rabbi bryant is live with the latest information. >> we know fbi's and negotiators are continuing to do their job on the ground and colleyville, texas.
3:56 pm
17 miles northeast of downtown fort worth. a lot of talk about the motivation behind this man, we know from law enforcement source hostage taker is in there were three or four others including the rabbi mentioning hoffa aafia siddiqui, we have no information on any information. negotiators continue to do their thing. jon: week will continue to keep an eye on this tense situation unfolding there and colleyville, texas just outside fort worth. brian, thank you. i am jon scott, who will be back with more coverage of this hostage situation in a moment. ♪♪
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with a debit card just for them, they'll learn smart spending firsthand, while you monitor and set account alerts. and using their own chase mobile app, they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking. hostage standoff with ramifications underway right now at a synagogue in texas. good evening, i am jon scott, this is the fox report. ♪♪ the situation still unfolding in texas and we don't have a great deal of information about what's going on inside the synagogue inside fort worth. a man took multiple hostages during saturday's services at the israel synagogue.


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