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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  January 15, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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they'll learn smart spending firsthand, while you monitor and set account alerts. and using their own chase mobile app, they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking. hostage standoff with ramifications underway right now at a synagogue in texas. good evening, i am jon scott, this is the fox report. ♪♪ the situation still unfolding in texas and we don't have a great deal of information about what's going on inside the synagogue inside fort worth. a man took multiple hostages during saturday's services at the israel synagogue.
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israel synagogue and colleyville 17 miles northeast of downtown for worse. the hostage takers said to be a man who claims his arm, no one knows if he is, the colleyville police sent out an update about an hour ago saying in addition
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to subjects, law enforcement confirmed but no injuries reported. fbi crisis negotiators are medications with the subject. greg abbott pleading the texas department of sub public safety is on the scene of the hostage situation in texas working with local and federal teams to achieve the best and safest outcome as they continue to monitor the situation and police received a call 10:41 a.m., less than an hour in to the streaming services of shabbat, local religious services there that happen every saturday morning, live streams state up for hours. you can hear the hostage taker sometimes even angrily reportedly mentioning his sister, telegram report set a few times, he didn't want to hurt anyone and repeated that he believes he's going to die. there are some people we've been able to speak to some people on
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the ground, let this into some folks listen. >> incredibly concerned about rabbi charlie and his congregants. and clearly concerned about this. this is literally happening in our backyard. >> making sure everybody understands the community in this time. reporter: rabbi has been the full-time rabbi since 2006. in his bio on the website he says he remains completely in love with his wife, simply adores his two daughters so that gives you an idea. the rabbi and reportedly three others being held hostage. there's a lot of talk and we know this from law enforcement sources, he's been mentioning
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aafia his tiki aafia siddiqui but the relationship between them. of course cd keeping lady al qaeda, held for 86 years at a local prison nearby and fort worth. we will surely find out more as to the relationship. as of right now, we can't say what the relationship is that we will continue to monitor the situation. you are right, negotiations leading into the seventh hour. >> bryan, thank you. the white house monitoring the hostage standoff in texas. let's check in with lucas tomlinson and delaware were president biden is spending the weekend. >> we learned the president left turf church services an hour ago, did not speak to the press, he's not spoken publicly about the situation but we know he's monitoring the situation closely
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in texas. his press secretary tweeting a short time ago potus has been briefed about the hostage situation in the dallas area. he will continue to receive updates from his senior team at the situation. senior members of a national security team are in touch with federal law enforcement leadership. we are hearing from other members the administration the president ambassador to israel also taking to twitter a short time ago saying quote i'm closely monitoring the hostage situation at israel texas for the community gathered for services praying for an immediate and safe and. we are hearing from other world leaders the israeli prime minister also tweeting condolences saying he's also monitoring the situation at the synagogue outside dallas so the president speaks, we will let you know immediately. back to you in new york.
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jon: lucas tomlinson and delaware for the president and spending the weekend. thank you. former fbi counterterrorism assistant director terry joins us by phone, what is job one in a situation like this? >> job one is to find out as much as they can about the individual. once they find out who he is and more what motivates him by interviewing people, that's a big thing the fbi can do, wherever they can follow a trail thicken talk to somebody and knock on their door regardless where they are or time of day and get the information back to the people directly dealing with the individual. it shows you how complicated things are today and always have been in certain ways, you have a loan individual and everything at the beginning of the broadcast about ramifications
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and all fact, certainly there is a consequence but it could end up being more of a person reacting out of an emotional relationship with a relative or something like that so there are so many things that have to be considered, all of those things factoring to how they ultimately bring all of this together and get him out and get all those people out safely. jon: he says he's armed but so far there's no evidence of shots fired or anything like that. i guess that is the good news, he says he's armed but we can't confirm that. >> you can't and in a situation like this, it is hard to use the term good news, i agree with you but the fact is has been going on now for several hours and certainly is a positive thought he hasn't done anything.
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one of the disadvantages we have is we don't know right now what the facts are and how much is going on in what the situation is exactly the one thing we can count on is going to be fluid and the people there who claim to do this, they work these kinds of things every day. i have a lot of confidence in them and i hope these are good indicators we can put this behind us and maybe he is talking and they are trying to calm all of this down and get them out of there. jon: it's my understanding when you are at the fbi you were the leader of the team that ultimately successfully arrested the unabomber. that was a case that baffled authorities for years but you had to get inside the guys had
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and when you finally did that and were able to discern his motivations, that's what helped crack the case. i imagine that's the kind of things that's going to be employed in this situation? >> you are definitely right, it's hard to know the motivations of the divisional. many times we don't have the information but here they do have him apparently identified and that's why i am optimistic they can be wherever they have to go with information and the information will help negotiations with him figure out exactly what they are dealing with and who they are dealing with and then they will have to make tough decisions that we've had to make in the past, airplane hijackings and armed terrorists on planes or in buildings or the unabomber
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demanding at the new york times published or continue farming so all of these things or something like what's going on today is different and it looks different in many ways, it follows the same pattern that is important because that's how they are negotiating and people are responding, they are responding based on their training based on what we learned from experiences. jon: a former assistant director in the counterterrorism division at the fbi, we thank you very much for your expertise. >> you're welcome, thank you. jon: former u.s. secret service agent melanie burkholder joins us now. here we go again, another attack i guess you could call it on a house of worship, a synagogue and they've become so common synagogues across the country have had to rely on briefings,
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armed guards in some circumstances but this appears to be another case where just because of their faith this particular synagogue has been targeted. >> thanks for having me on. according to the fbi 2020, 57% were anti- somatic in nature so not exactly a one off incident, it's something we need to be prepared to deal with in an emergency situation. i was part of the emergency preparedness plan in my own home church, i'm christian but that doesn't matter. everyone should be free to worship in our constitution and should not feel threatened or scared to go into a house of worship. on this, it really is sad at the end of the day, learning god's
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word, they went there to worship not to mention 8000 viewers watching facebook live, they should see a mental health therapist and for me, i am considering those people, their states moving forward and how to deal with they have witnessed before the lifestream was stopped. we don't know how long that was, we haven't heard how long. there are a lot of indications, not just fear of going to worship and preparedness and clergy alike have to have but the implications moving forward. jon: i have seen some of the replay of that facebook live recording. it was up online and available for about four hours before it was taken down. people who were watching or
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participating in this service remotely had all kinds of questions, they were very confused about what was going on and what the screaming was all about. that will take an emotional toll on people even though they weren't in the room. >> that is correct and we don't know the implications until they may have problems moving forward, see a therapist and work out their problems they may have from ptsd, and emotional detachment from being able to embrace going to church or synagogues. the pandemic and implications, i am in california i don't know if you know that, but the implications from the administration at the federal level in our government is doing, mental health crises are on a rise in the united states in america nothing more people need to talk about this and they need help as they need.
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jon: talk about the mental state of the hostage taker, i know this is not somebody you've met, it's hard to diagnose from a distance but he storms into a shabbat service and talks about his sister whether he is referring in the collegial sense or whether she really is family, we don't know but his sister, a notorious and convicted terrorist really, how do you approach a conversation with somebody who's motivated to do this by that kind of affinity for almost terrorism selleck. >> almost like suicide is what he's asking for when he says i'm going to die, you're going to die, but i think what you do is
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try to de-escalate a situation, i know small town relative to fort worth or dallas in areas around, i think you try to de-escalate the situation, your previous cats have mentioned to the effective try to connect with him and build rapport and understand what he needs moving forward. honestly he has anger, he's in a synagogue and he wants his sister released from prison, that's not the proper order you would take two of obtained that. we know his mental state is debilitated by the way he's presenting his behavior so as law enforcement, we want to take least force possible to de-escalate the situation and maintain safety for everyone. right now we just don't know what's happening inside their. i am pleased to hear the fbi is
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involved, because his supposedly sister, i'm not sure if it's his biological sister, i don't know yet but if she is the person he's referring to convicted of a crime for murder or whatever it was, that's probably why the fbi is there not to mention they probably have a small police force prepared for the manpower to handle this issue so thankfully we've not heard of shots fired or any damage done thus far. hopefully they are de-escalating the situation as mentioned and everyone will be safe at the end of the day and be able to apprehend and question him. jon: what hope this does and peacefully. for hostages still held as we
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enter the seventh hour of this situation. melanie, former secret service agent, we appreciate your service. we'll be back with more coverage of the situation and probably felt texas.
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colleyville, texas where a man interrupted services at the congregation israel and colleyville ended up taking four people hostage including the rabbi of that ticket synagogue. fox news particular, former deputy independent counsel, we believe media medications have been cut off to the synagogue so the hostage taker is not watching media right now so you
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say this is likely to be more than just a local case because he's committed federal crimes and there's likely to be a federal prosecution at the end of it? >> i think it's very likely, your previous guests before the break speculated about why the fbi is involved. the fbi is automatically involved under statute, they are allowed to be automatically involved in a kidnapping under the assumption or presumption that the victim or perpetrator traveled interstate commerce. if the victims are released within 24 hours, there is a brother presumption that they have been taken interstate conference. fbi always gets involved initially. as i said before, if he's using -- if the perpetrator here is using a phone or another
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instrumentality or facility of interstate commerce in furtherance of his crime that makes it federal kidnapping. for example, if he's using the phone to convey a demand at this lady al qaeda be released, that will get you federal kidnapping. even though there is no domestic terrorism statute, because of federal definition of domestic terrorism that would include basically coercing the united states to release lady al qaeda from custody so there are all kinds of ways the federal government can be involved. jon: what about a weapon? we been told is on, he claims he's armed but we haven't confirmed that there is a weapon involved. if there is no weapon involved, is it still kidnapping? >> yes, the kidnapping doesn't require a weapon, it just requires the person being kidnapped not be there
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voluntarily. the punishment for kidnapping is so high that you don't need to worry about the element of whether or not a gun is used. if there is a death during the kidnapping, he's eligible for the death penalty so i don't think the gun in this situation right now is very important. only if there is a gun and accused. jon: but these are not the kinds of things hostage negotiators are communicating with him, they are trying to build a relationship, a friendship if you will over the phone to try to persuade this guy to about the hostages go? >> yes and i think it is you mentioned how feet have been cut and we certainly hope it has been, the video and audio feed to the perpetrator here because you want anything somebody says, a video commentator says that's meant to be informative -- you
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don't want it to unintentionally set something off with the perpetrator so that's why the gun. jon: we appreciate your expertise, thank you for being with us tonight. >> happy to be here. jon: former commissioner of the city of new york police department, howard joins us again by phone. howard, new york and police department around the world, you have agents close to the middle east for instance, in a situation like this when an incident that seems to have international ramifications, international involvement is underway, two other police department get together and offer assistance to a town my colleyville? >> absolutely. what's happening now is the fbi and local agents reaching out to people who monitor terrorism around the world to find out
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about the individual, we can find out about lady al qaeda and what's happening, what chatter is on the internet to make sure whatever information they can used to help resolve the situation is provided. >> we know the government has -- i keep calling him a gunman and i don't mean to do that, we don't know that he has a weapon. he says he's armed and he interrupted the shabbat services with an outburst but no shots fired or anything like that. from a negotiators view, police and raw law enforcement view, that is good news isn't it? >> absolutely good news. it's also the indication that hostage negotiators establish a relationship with him which is always what they are looking to do to make sure they can keep
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him calm and bring him to the conclusion that the best way to resolve his demands and what he's interested in is to release the hostages and give himself up. they have to convince him not only that there's no way out, i'm sure he understands, we certainly don't want him to be in the attitude that he takes his own life or others life's and there's some possibility what he wants to do is going to happen. jon: but he reportedly in the early going was making statements to the effect that he was going to die or plans to die, when somebody goes into this kind of situation without mindset, how do you talk them out of back? >> negotiators are very skilled, they've dealt with these situations both live and in
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training, they have to convince him because you have to look at the individuals motivation, whatever his motivation is, they have to convince him that there's at least a light at the end of the tunnel to accomplish what he's trying to accomplish or at least a middle ground so he doesn't take his life or the hostages. that's the whole situation, it takes skill and patience and somebody who can establish a rapport with the individual. jon: are thought and prayers are with the hostages but also the negotiators because they have a tremendous obligation on their backs right now and i would not want to be one of them. former police commissioner for the city of new york, thank you. >> what to be with you. jon: will be right back. ♪♪
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continuing coverage of top story, a hostage situation still
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unfolding in colleyville, texas near fort worth. police say a man multiple hostages during saturday services, the congregation at israel's synagogue. standoff began shortly before noon central time. probably will police confirm a male hostage was just released on injured. bryan is live in the newsroom, he has more. >> the police department releasing a statement shortly after scheib 5:00 p.m., a male hostage was released and was back with his family. no injuries so he didn't require any medical attention. fbi tries negotiators are continuing negotiations with the hostage and they are saying updates are provided as they become available. we know through law enforcement source on fox news at their work for people taken hostage inside, that number is now three. no indication whether or not
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it's the rabbi was taken hostage or not. as soon as we go from will update everyone. the department of public safety as well as the fbi -- i mean, colleyville police continue to be on scene, this began about 10:41 a.m. local time when a call was made. we also know to the authorities and s.w.a.t. team arrived, they evacuated the local area and negotiations began. this was a religious service being live streamed to the congregation during a time of covid right now. we know kds w reported a 911 call made from a rabbi located near new york city, received a call from a rabbi in texas believed to be one of the people think held hostage. the rabbi in the congregation is charlie cintron walker, the rabbi of israel in colleyville, texas. he's been there 2006.
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the congregation open its doors officially in 2005. he's a husband and father of two daughters. we are getting more reaction to the scene from all over the world but the council on american islamic relations made a statement saying they strong with them hostagetaking at the golf and call it say the latest anti-semitic attacks in a house of worship is unacceptable act of evil and they stand the jewish community and pray law enforcement authorities can swiftly and safely free the hostages. that's a statement on american islamic relations, the nation's largest muslim organization. israel prime minister, metallic bennet tweeting is closely monitoring the situation is taking place in the congregation but right now good news, a hostage was released on injured.
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we have no other reports or indications anybody inside the synagogue is injured. man says he's armed but we haven't seen anything that that really is the case. we will hope that more people are released. jon: the fact that he released one hostage is good news. let's hope for more so they can all go home safely with their families tonight. thank you, keep tabs on the situation. let's go to liz thomaso thomason delaware are present biden's spending the weekend, lucas. >> good evening, presidents receiving updates every hour from the fbi, we just learned dhs secretary received a briefing as well on the hostage situation, the synagogue outside dallas. jen psaki riding in a tweet a short time ago potus has been reached but the developing
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hostage situation in texas, he's continuing to receive updates as the situation develops. the national security team are in touch with federal law enforcement leadership and we are hearing from other members present biden's cabinet and his senior officials. the u.s. ambassador also taking to twitter writing closely monitoring reports on the situation, the community is gathered for shabbat services, praying for an immediate and safe and. a little over an hour ago, the president left a church service here. if he makes any statements, we will let you know as soon as possible. jon: lucas with the president there in delaware, thank you. former d.c. homicide detective joins us once again, ted, we know one of the four hostages has been released on armed and
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that is very good news, bodes well for what might happen here. >> it is absolutely good news. it's just what you and i were talking about just before -- earlier in this program if that is that the hostage negotiators are doing their job, they are trying to establish a rapport with the hostage taker -- of course they would want all of the hostages released but if they should get him to release the hostages one at a time, they are very much doing their job and one of the hostage -- hostages has been been taken out of position, this is tremendously good news. jon: i am looking at some of the images coming in from
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colleyville, you've got dozens and dozens, probably scores of law enforcement personnel, armored that awakens their but you don't want all of that parked in the parking lot at the synagogue, do you? you want to keep the response as invisible and low-key as you can in the immediate area where the hostage taker is looking out the window, he doesn't want to feel like he is surrounded, right? >> absolutely correct. they don't want to inflame an inflammatory situation so what they are doing for the most part, i think you see most law enforcement officers are standing down but i would have to believe team is in place so if they have to move expeditiously to move in to save lives, they are prepared to do so but as you said, and i do agree, they do not want to
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inflame this individual. jon: and because he has apparently agreed to release this one hostage, the negotiations have to be counted as a success so far, they've established that report you say is so important. >> yes, it is no doubt, i don't know if it was quid pro quo, they gave up something for the release of the hostage but there's one hostage that has been released, he has a potpourri of information and i am sure fbi and other law enforcement agencies are speaking with that hostage who has been released, very significant. jon: ted williams, former d.c. homicide investigator, thank you. >> my pleasure. jon: we will be back with more coverage of the situation right
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now in colleyville, texas. one hostage successfully released. we will be back in a moment.
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continuing coverage of our top story, the hostage situations the unfolding in texas, police confirmed a male hostage was released on injured. the former deputy assistant director of the fbi, danny joins us now by phone. everybody breathing a sigh of relief about that, how do you make it continue? >> temporary sigh of relief, this is a great moment, it shows the negotiators doing their job, they are well trained and well equipped. also it's like pulling the cork out of the bottle. now it's starting to flow and this is what you look for but still, i can't emphasize, this is still a very dangerous situation, a volatile situation
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and things can go back. pray they don't and we have to be grateful and thankful this individual -- he will be a big help. jon: they are talking to him to try to get more information about the suspect, the hostage taker and figure out his motivations and what he's complaining about. >> and who does he have with him? did he bring someone with? that is very important for the negotiators as well from acute development. it is a long way and we ought to be proud of law enforcement, how could local law enforcement here is and how they work together in a great teamwork here. the people in the situation are lucky they are here in texas, it's lucky they are not someplace else. jon: you think about it on a
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saturday, obviously no one in the synagogue new their services would be interrupted by this hostage taker and nobody in law enforcement knew that their day would go this way dealing with lives on the line. the emotional pressure of that has to be significant for those negotiating these. >> that's right and one thing to remember, they go to work expecting this and they are preparing for this every day. we are lucky to live in a country like we do and put the resources in preparing teams like this to do their job people alive and we ought to be thankful for the officers and i feel good with what's going on but still not over. jon: it's been a year or two
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when law enforcement has been under attack in this country and your words are well spoken. they deserve our thanks and salute for the work that they do every day. very often under the radar, not quite there front and center as they are in this case. >> exactly, a good way to put it. jon: danny, former deputy assistant -- i'm sorry, assistant director of the fbi. danny, thank you. we'll be right back.
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are coverage continues now of the hostage situation still underway at a synagogue in colleyville, texas. number of people, we don't know how many went to worship this morning for shabbat services, three of those people are now being held hostage. police confirmed one male hostage was released, on injured a short time ago. bryan is keeping tabs on it, he has lived with the latest. >> obviously this person plus on injured when released shortly after 5:00 p.m. local time. united with families, did need medical attention. the negotiators are still negotiating. started at 1041 a.m. local time
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without first call from the conversation. we know of the three people still held hostage, one is the rabbi, charlie cintron walker,'s about religious services were being live streamed at the time, people watching, up to 8000 people, we are listening to a man talk about islam, his sister, he didn't want anyone hurt his head and he mentioned his children but repeatedly said he thought he was going to die. law enforcement source says the hostage taker talked about aafia siddiqui's, she's known as lady al qaeda. at a nearby fort worth prison serving 86 year sentence for trying to kill american soldiers and we do not know why he keeps mentioning her or what the relationship is, whether it is
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family or not. i know we've been saying this all night, we're just releasing the latest information still available. still very much active and dangerous situation with three people still inside, fear into about eight hours and wish brothers and sisters remain in our thoughts and prayers, not just in colleyville but all over the nation, frankly we are our to used to these types of threats and act of terror. jon: we all share in that, thank you so much. lucas tomlinson live in delaware for president biden is spending the weekend. >> good evening, the president is receiving regular updates from national security team and also from law enforcement sources which include his attorney general merrick garland was getting reports from the fbi minute by minute on this ongoing situation. the one hostage released from the synagogue outside dallas
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that leaves three others including the rabbi and of course, the president's national security team not only monitoring, this is the president's first hostage situation inside the u.s. he just left church just before 6:00 local time here in wilmington, did not speak to the press. no official statement issued from his press secretary jen psaki tweeting the president is receiving regular updates and no doubt he will be closely monitoring the situation. unclear if and when he'll depart here. of course the big snowstorm here but he's continuing to monitor the situation and the fbi is on scene and hostage negotiation team and s.w.a.t. team b1 the snow is flying or at least it was there in colleyville. we've seen that footage as well. lucas tomlinson, thank you.
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if anything, change in regard to this situation, we will certainly break into our programming and let you know. that's how fox reports on this saturday january 15 of 2022. i am jon scott. thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow. "watters' world" is next. ♪♪ ..
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