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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 15, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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that's to the advantage of the results that we've seen. ashley: all right thank you once again for being with us i don't know if i'll talk to you the rest the night but if i don't thank you for being with us and we really appreciate this is willy ferris national security and foreign affair analyst. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert i'm ashley strohmier live in new york we are just getting information new information in the past 20 minutes or so governor greg abbott of texas said that the hostage situation in texas at that synagogue is now over and hostages were not hurt. it was a tense situation this happened in colleyville, texas where a man was holding four people hostage that included a rabbi inside of a synagogue one person was released. one released around 5 p.m. today and he was not hurt he was able to be -- put back with his family, s.w.a.t. team was on the site
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all of the people and immediate area has been e evacuated fbi is working with this hostage negotiators, whole works for about 11 hours joining us now danny colton former fbi deputy assistant. danny can you hear me? >> oh, yes i hear you. ashley: so i'm going to hand this over to you for your first thoughts before we dive into this. what are your thoughts on greg abbott saying that the hostages weren't hurt and they were released? >> he's right. that's pretty simple, they were released and it was i heard one of your other guests and a lot of good points. i don't think this was luck. i think it is preparation. i commanded the fbi division here in texas. and commanded the fbi hostage rescue team i'm for familiar the way these things go and video respond and police officers and negotiators which is probably a combination of local police and
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fbi agents just did a really good job. and man, prayer more than luck, but it is a good thing, it is a good day for our community, and i'm glad this son of a bitch didn't go ahead and kill people and say we have to get ready that's an understatement that's exactly right. and every religious institution in the country should do these things but surveys, by developing planning and bringings law enforcement in to particularize themselves for their facility and it is -- starting to happen. but not nearly enough. >> you said it was you didn't think it was luck that preparation are you talking about the investigators side? >> iemg talking about negotiate force first responders they did a great job. also, they gathered and i know
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how these things work this is for many years and they needed a deep dive into anything he's ever done. on social media, i'm sure they got swarnghts for his home, computers everything they can find, and they feed that back to the negotiators and they can use that and establish a repore of this individual, and it is just hard work. it is not luck. it is hard work, and i'm so proud of these guys proud to be a citizen of texas really glad these guys knew what they were doing. ashley: when it comes to hostage the one -- male hostage released around 5:00, when american world saw that this man was released unharmed was that any indication to you that this was gong to end the way it did tonight? >> it was greatly encouraging but no. no, it is not that he get a
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hostage out that everybody comes out. al qaeda and some of the pakistani terrorists, they use that as rues in hostage situation. they will release a hostage scene they're negotiating and prepare for a carnage so not a hundred percent. it looks good. makes you feel good and you have to be prepared that this is just -- a diversion, and i've had several situations where the terrorist would take hostages and align them up so they can shoot them. more efficiently they did this by releasing one or two so not necessarily sounds good but you have to understand this is very complex and negotiate force have to be aware of all of the options that are open to the bad guys. ashley: i need my producer to tell me we have something confirmed whether -- can you let me know what that was again?
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[silence] okay. danny we're just getting confirmation from law enforcement that the hostage taker is dead. your thoughtings on this? >> i did not know that. i don't know they make entry? did they make entry? did he make some move to hurt somebody and they have to go in and -- neutralize him that's what i did for a living. i commanded hostage rescue team sometimes you have to do that if they did kudos to them and they did a good job. >> in ten minutes or or so hopefully getting answers during that news conference. but i will say i don't know if you're watching around 10, 10 or so tonight but western talking to a guest. and right as we were about to go off the air, there was reports that there was a loud boom, and one of the reporters said that they were told to hit the ground. do you think that that has something to do with how the situation ended and this hostage taker being killed? >> well, yes exactly.
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what they did generally do and in a sighs situation like this explosive entry to get as diversion first of all shock and scare the guy. and they use stun grenades which does the same thing and that's technique that's way we trained every day if you have to make an entry you do a diversion, and then diversion fired up follows up by gunfire, and that may have happened here. i don't know the anxious -- answer to that but logical based on what you're telling me. ashley: this is just something that i -- kind of popped into my head but how hard does this make situation right now finding out motive now that he's dead? [laughter] >> well most important thing here is not motive. the most important thing is that life of the who is hostage and they accomplish that and there's intel out there and social media, computer, his friends, they'll look at this really hard also what they want to find out is who directed this.
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especially with pakistanis i know that mumbai, india all directed by pakistan and there's a lot to be done here. and -- the most important thing to talk about is that hostages are alive and that's a good thing. ashley: right we briefly touched on how far investigators did that deep dive into his life. but you don't think this is going to interfere with them figuring out why this happened, who he was possibly working with? >> well, no. i mean he's very likely wouldn't anyway. they would have conducted same type of investigation but no intelligence sources are very, very good. we also may have some intercepts if testifies by a foreign entity they will know that. national security agency, cia, fbi will know about that.
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likely -- and that will help us out. also we need to get ready. our country appears are weak right now and this could be a preliminary move to -- to because of that reason. ashley: are you saying as far as what happened in afghanistan couple of months ago? >> everything we have no border. don't enforce laws defunds police united states look very weak to the world right now. and crime is rampant not saying this is typical crime certainly it was not. but we need to get a handle on our society, and put criminal justice back where it should be. put immigration back where it should be, and get ready because i think storm is coming. ashley: you mention border that's interesting to note because -- this past monday actually i interviewed a woman she's a national security expert to say the least. and she mentioned that these,
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you know, extremist groups requester saying that they were going to attack from within. obviously, the border is open and you did mention the border. how concerned should we be about that or do we need to do a little more diving into this situation and gathering more information before we start thinking that way? >> no i think we need to think that way right this second. a country is not a country without a border. and we know that all of the people that are coming in to texas where i live is not from mexico. they're from all over the world. it is not guatemala or mexico, it is not -- central south america only. it is the middle east and they're coming in right now. why wouldn't they? if we are the great states and there are people out there who want to see our country fall you have to come here on passport just back across river and we'll let you in. that needs to stop. this is very significant. i know that we were concerned
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about afghanistan, afghanistan is the minimus compared to what's happening in the state of texas right now. governor abbott is shoveling against the tide with very little help from the government it needs to stop and needs a reset in government and we have laws in that and start enforcing them. ashley: right. okay danny coulson thank you for being withs and professional opinion on this we may or may not talk to you later tonight but i appreciate you being with us. thanks danny go to david katz once again. david can you hear me? >> i can hear you. ashley: he brought up a very important question i've had sitting here reeling in my head danny had this point talking about the border. on monday, i was talking to a woman who was -- who mentioned this and you know it is one of the things you think this might happen in the future and now potentially
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speculative but potentially dealing with this. i want to throw a number out there to you, last check there was 42 different nationalities that were caught at our southern border do you think our border being open has anything or ties to the situation? >> well it's tough to say whether this particular incident has any tie to open border but danny by the way danny i'm a resident of tax new resident of texas pleasure to be here with you. i can sympathize. i can tell you this -- during the clinton administration i personally did a case involving it was lebanese trafficker who was residing in venezuela and back then we got documented a connection between middle east terror organizations and various cartels. columbia vin sway la mexico and back then they were -- conducting agreements by which they would use those smuggling
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routs to their advantage as well. well, how difficult do you think it would be to use those exact same routes to bring in terrorists and arm and equipment whatever is needed for a terrorist attack 100, 100% and now this administration wouldn't you say danny is exactly right there's no border. we have no border anymore and the question that has to be asked is why the hell not? ashley: uh-huh -- and then i haven't talked to you since that latest information keam out that hostage taker is is dead how difficult, you know as danny said, obviously, most important thing is that no hostages were hurt but is that going to -- make this difficult on the investigation to figure out what happened how this happened, and as you said -- we can't get into his mind. so what comes next? well only way him being alive would factor in is if he was gong to cooperate so two
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possibilities fatigue or he went in with an opportunity or there was an indication he was about to harm someone. so now it is fact they shot perpetrator kind of argues for the second possibility. but there's no -- there are certain indelible pieces of evidence that they're going to be -- have access to they have access to his phone, to his social media, to his e-mail, to his text messages there are people you know -- there's no doubt i know who he was. if he was a resident of the area where he was staying they'll figure out if he was a resident. who he was meeting with who he was friendly with so there's a lot of work to be done, and it is possible that he was part of a larger network orchestrated but also possible that he acted on his own. ashley: right, and hopefully we get some of those -- answers here shortly. but i don't know if you have a live feed of fox right now. but we are waiting for a news conference to come up so if i
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dip out of this conversation i'll come back on flipside of it to get your reaction to that so maybe get more information -- but is there anything that you want to add about, you know, what's transpired in the past 30 minutes or so? no hostages were hurt. the hostage attacker was killed anything long lines before we dip into that news conference? >> said my best -- this is just completely hypothesis but fact they went in hard and fast and gunfire indicated to me there was a reason they shot. not shooting because he was there. he was doing something either was going to resist against law enforcement officers as they entered or was gong to harm a hostage so that's my best guess but we'll certainly know more and you know in next few minute when is they start talking to -- >> that was my question because right as we came back to you last time we spoke we were asking about that loud boom that
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was heard and what we were told were flash bang and reporter saying they have to hit the ground is that what transpired that hostage taker was killed? >> i have no doubt. you know, danny describe it exactly way they do it prior to making entry deploy distraction device they're loud, bright that gives a couple of seconds advantage to the entry team. and you know, even if you have a gun within reach or in your hand, you would literally be frozen you know for one, two we three seconds before you can bring that weapon up, and that's what they did and use those devices. ashley: really quickly anyone who is just now joining us we are covering breaking news of colleyville, texas, hostage standoff in a synagogue is now over. hostage taker is dead. the four hostages that were taken they are safe no one was hurt and we are waiting for news conference right now we have david katz former federal agent
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on the air with us live talking about what's all transpired in last hour or so. david around 10:00 we were talking about you said if there's no reason to force entry, there's no sense in i guess disrupting the situation even further especially if there was no one being hurt. so maybe talk to the audience this isn't too unusual for a standoff like this to take ten, 11 hours if there's no reason to move in. on entry, you know whether you're conducting search warrant or hostage rescue doesn't matter. when you're entering a location with some of them on other side of the door doesn't want you there there's a risk both to law enforcement, of course, to the innocent people who were being held hostage so if you're talking to the person, and you know, negotiators are i don't know who did this negotiation, but you know, they're very skilled at streaming
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conversation along trying to build repore it is an art, and you know if there's no reason to put the who is hostage at risk by entering why not talk the guy out. in this case at some point there's some reason they decided to go to have him i'm assuming we're going to be told why that was -- became a serk. >> i'm seeing a lot of law enforcement, investigators what looks like investigators out of texas walking across the parking lot to this staging area. i think we're going to listen here and as soon as i'm going to go to them and david i want you to hang on the phone to talk about what they say but we're going take this live right now stick with us david. good evening everyone thank you for covering this i'm michael miller chief of police in colleyville, texas i want to give you an update we've been out here all day.
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this morning, at about 10:41 we received a 9-1-1 call regarding disturbance at the 6100 block of pleasant run which is congregation bette israel local synagogue at that time they were having services and those services were being broadcast across facebook and across zoom. and we began to get information that a gunman had entered the synagogue and taken four individuals hostage. at that time patrol resources responded to the area, we called out our s.w.a.t. team north regional s.w.a.t. team who responded we set up a perimeter an began to e evacuate houses that were in local area and we really appreciate all of the people who were -- inconvenienced by us asking them to stay away from the area and it was important for their safety. at some point and time immediately after that we
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received some backup support from northwestern hill s.w.a.t. team i immediately once we hard there was a hostage situation called fbi. fbi special agent charge matt came out immediately fbi, atf, hsi, tech department public safety and all of our local partners all responded as well. we've had nothing but phenomenal support from our state local law enforcement and federal partners. s at some point and time during the times we were negotiating with the subject for a period of time all day constant communication with them. he did release one hostage in the middle of the incident that hostage was not harmed and he was -- he was doing well now. the fbi called out the hostage rescue team which was elite hostage force out of virginia. they've immediately when the fec called, they got on a plane and flew out here i think they
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brought 60 or 70 people from washington, d.c. to come help with this situation. sometime around 9 p.m. today, this evening the hrt, house of rescue team breached the synagogue, they rescued three hostages and the subject is deceased. i would like to thank this is a success due to the partnerships that we have with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners. it has been an incredible operation. we've had at least 200 law enforcement personnel here pretty much all day today. we couldn't have done it without them and we thank them we thank the community as well. i'm going to turn it over to fec to talk a little bit more about the incident specifically and take any questions you may have. thank you very much.
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>> thank you chief miller. again my name is matt special agent charge of fbi dallas, and i'm today by federal partners from atf. hsi,ing dhs heads quartereds texas dps and today result which was four safe hostages in situation resolved was really result of long day of hard work by nearly 200 law enforcement officers. from across this region, local officers from across this region as chief mentioned with trophy club colleyville and fbi, aff, hsi and texas dps all over this town today. i would like to highlight couple of thing we used the north regional s.w.a.t. team who started, started engagement here. and in the morning transition to dallas fbi s.w.a.t. team and
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hostage fbi s.w.a.t. team holding perimeter as chief miller said, fbi hostage rescue team are considered one of the jewels of the organization and mission is to conduct deliver house rescues whenever necessary and in this case, we had a necessity for that. and they were successful. very proud of them. i'm also extremely prods proud of the team and negotiators fbi agent and local police officers who woked all day long engaging subject and likely saved lives of the subjects just through their engagement it is very likely this situation would have ended very badly early on in the day and had we not had professional con sis tangt negotiation with the subject. i do not have any information right now that indicates that this is part of any kind of ongoing threat. we, obviously, have investigating we'll continue to investigate this -- hostage taker and continue to investigate his contacts and our investigation will have global reach. we have been in contact already with multiple fbi legals to include tel-aviv and london.
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we've been working closely with secure network and jewish federation, and i want to continue to do that and we will continue to do that throughout the country. we do believe from our engagement with this subject he was singularly focus on one issue and it was not specifically related to the jewish community. but we'll continue to work to find motive and we will continue on that path. in terms of the resolution of the incident, the hostage taker is deceased we will have evidence response team here to process the scene and team from washington will be here to kungt an independent investigation of the shooting incident and that how we handle things through normal standard operating procedure. i will warn you before we take questions that -- you may be frustrated of inability to anxious a lot of questions right now because was -- ongoing investigation, and shooting distinct that occurred but specifically i will not answer specific questions about
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the subject there's a lot of information out there already about the subject and -- we really don't want to jeopardize any potential investigation or any investigative leads into his motives or potential associates. so we will take questions at this time. if anybody has any -- >> identified suspect? >> talk where they decided to go in opportunity orb to act? >> first question subject, we have identified subject but we are not prepared to release identity or confirm identity at this time. sorry sir, question. >> do you think why they decided to go in why they did and see an opportunity or sense something was about to happen or angt possibly? >> that will all be apartment of this -- shooting review investigation, but i can tell you that, there was a deliberate decision making process that i participated in and hrt demanding structure participated in and made entry. >> what can you tell us about using -- [inaudible conversations] sir -- >> to the suspect have on him
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and find or any explosives? >> i'll leave that -- a lot of it out on that facebook live stream what was said on that but i am not going to add any specific information to that. >> live stream -- >> what was said on live stream i can confirm that -- it was said on the live stream but i can't confirm that the investigation at this point has -- has given it validity at this point. >> give us insight you talked about the work that negotiators did throughout the course of the day. can you kind of paint a picture of what that was leak constant communication throughout the day or ups and downs -- >> so it was -- the negotiation team had a high frequency and duration of contact with him. there were times when it toed for periods of team. and like many hostage situations, those that relationship between the negotiator and hostage taker ebb
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and flow a little bit and sometimes got intention but negotiators so proud of them unbelievable work really incredible work for ten hours unbelievable. >> how they are right now -- >> yeah. four people who were rescued are not in immediate of medical attention are with fbi agents right now and will be reunited with their family unharm he did not harm them in any way. >> what can you tell us -- >> other than what you heard on the live stream on that not ready to add they were specifically focused on one issue -- that was not specifically threatening to the jewish community that was not specific demand. [inaudible conversations] >> hostages are now? >> where hostages are now? >> i can't talk about that. >> explosive devices? >> i'm not prepared to talk about that. one more question --
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[inaudible conversations] >> we again that's all part of our ongoing investigation and that will come out as we move through the investigation. thank you. >> thank you, sir -- >> you are a law enforcement professional but you are a member of the community and somebody who cares about this congregation talk to me about what it's been like play out this in your own backyard? >> well colleyville is one of the safest cities in texas, and these are some things, some thing you don't expect to ever have in your own city. rabbi is a personal friend of mine. he's a -- close friend of mine and so, obviously, it is very personal. as he was it has been put out in media that he was one of the hostages that was -- that was involved in this. yeah, it's extremely personal.
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but you know, i see lots of hope in what we saw was a crisis here. but there's lots of hope in how the community came together. i have received calls from my colleagues across the nation i've received calls from people that i haven't dealt with in many years across lots of my career. this community other churches, have all reached out food has been brought. our people have been cared for. and so -- you know, lots of people praying today. i'm a christian i'm a believer, i act elevated that prayer network, and we're thankful for that came to a very positive resolution. >> hostage -- [inaudible conversations] >> not getting into that at this point and time. >> restrained in any way -- >> any other questions? >> or law enforcement --
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i think that's part of the ongoing investigation it has an active crime scene while situation has been resolved. the evidence response team from the fbi will be coming in and going to be processing that. bomb techs are clearing the scene as well. so i don't have a lot of information about that at this point. >> hostages -- >> all hostages were adults. >> ages? >> no ages of the hostages at this time. >> any specific odd -- only people that were in the building? >> unknown at this time. [inaudible conversations] >> no they're being interviewed by fbi at this point. thank you very much. no we don't have any information about why this particular location why this synagogue. thank you very much. we appreciate it. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you.
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ashley: what we just a heard was investigators and first responders in colleyville, texas in regard to the hostage standoff that is now over. whohostage taker is dead and for hostages that were taken were not hurt. they wouldn't say much about the individual the hostage taker himself as that will come out in, you know, coming days with this investigation as it unfolds. but four people were rescued and unharmed hostage taker did not harm them. specific demanding also wasn't directed toward the jewish community. which that was a big question that people have had throughout the day. amid this synagogue -- do we still have david katz live with us? >> still here. ashley: david i want your initial reaction to everything that came out of that news conference. >> well this is -- you know, i'm really pleased that i now have this information
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because i think i can really put some color to the play by play. so i was stationed for number of years at that -- dea agent firearm instructor down at our academy and we would cross train with the fbi hrt guys a lot. they are great shooters great shape and i want audience to understand what xeangt needed to happen to get those guys to texas today. so today is a saturday. they're not at work at home i guess this happened i guess 12:00 our time more or less they were alerted they were met, that whole team 50 plus people manage to get from where they were visiting wherever on a weekend they grab their gear. they got to a meeting point they got on a plane and at least it is probably -- i mean it depends how fast you're flying but normally a three hour flight to d.c. they
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gather folks got on plane, got to texas to prep -- not that many hours ago assess the situation and they got there just in time to make entry. that's extraordinary. ashley: and then what is your reaction to them saying you know they wouldn't give any information about the hostage taker is that pretty, you know, normal for a situation like this to not give any information about them even though things have come out online? >> you know, i mean, you know to be honest, at this point you know the investigators the last thing on their mind is briefing public on details you and i want to know but it is in the a high priority to them. there may be a reason why they were holding confirmation of the identification, maybe that will become clear and listen, after day they have today and successful resolution i can't fault a thing they said and they could have been a little more
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forthcoming -- ashley: right, and they also touched a little bit on how they breach the synagogue and how they got in. was anything that was said from the investigators did that give any insight to you as to why they decided to go when they did? >> yeah, i mean, what the in charge gentlemen name what the agent was saying was that when he described the interaction with the negotiators and how important that was. and but for their involvement might have had injuries to the hostages. that suggest a little level of volatility so what could have happened could have been -- you know, as he became fatigued, a little less patient and then he could have been more threatening saying i'll end this my way and something -- i would imagine something happened to make command structure say we're going in now
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and at that point successful conclusion. but there was some reason they chose that moment. ashley: and then the special agent in charge in dallas he said that -- he believed hostage taker was fix a on a different issue but t jewish community but this still make places of worship a target even though it wasn't apparently directed towards the jewish community? >> yeah that's only -- i mean if i had to be a little more critical so we have someone with a tie to apparently islamic radical who is in prison. that individual just happens to decide to target -- i'll tell you resident of texas not too many synagogues in texas in general. so i think that's only one in colleyville if i'm not mistaken so that is kind of -- not sure about that. going to take -- the department store or a supermarket you know why a synagogue?
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well, obviously, some reason whether it is hate or religious hatred or for some other reason but there was a reason why he chose this particular site and i'll be really -- interested as they go back they'll be looking at security camera, ring cameras from neighborhood to see whether the desees perpetrator had been doing drive-byes and doing a little preassault surveillance on that synagogue that would be something that would be interested in and certainly suggest there was intent to go to that particular location. ashley: and with what they said in the news conference -- where do you foresee this investigation gong from here and coming days or months? >> that really depends on what they uncover with initially. i mean, if he is bound for example, if he has some rants online, and there's no -- there's no way to establish connections to other outside groups whether in this country
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or outside the country. danny said earlier mentioned fact that nsa, cia might identify this person that makes me crazy. that's true why get a heads up prior to the distinct happening so -- i'm not sure that's actually going to pan out unless they couldn't identify the sipght of the messages that's gong to certainly be -- you know, an avenue of investigation. so i think we'll know probable sooner rather than later whether this investigation broadened to being more conservatory in nature and more troublely if it turns out it was directed you know from outside the country. but my assessment is less likely because if you were going to do that, you would probably have multiple individuals, i mean, you know to be a little more graphic and a lot more violent on the scene if that was the case. so you know, still if you go
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either way guess, it is guessing. ashley: david katz thank you once again for all of this. and your expertise in giving us that late tonight we really appreciate it. joining us now is national security foreign affairs analyst walid what do you think transpired in the news conference? >> well, basically that the government now knows more information about what is happening, but the rework is over next few dayings out even weeks. some of it will come from direct information about individual but also let's remember, that those who may have inspired him because they needs to be somebody validated or inspired him if he's a lone wolf or think he's invented jihad esm or
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whatever is behind that somebody must have inspired him and that is what -- i would be focusing on strategically not just tactically when i will get that information. ashley: special agent in charge in dallas at one point he said -- as far as where the investigation goes from here he mentioned that it would, obviously, continue into possible, you know, motive or if he acted as lone wolf or get he think and where do you see that going from that news campus? >> that large discussion if he had it ten, 15 years ago or years after 9/11 we would make distinction between lone wolf or pack of wolves. i remember used to make distinctions also if it is foreign or domestic these whole lines are blurred now meaning yes, now one cub a member of al
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qaeda cell, many related to him they tested water about if they can release her and that's one thing and another scenario he was inspired by people who were talking about the matter and he said that hengd he could do thing and third he's part within interested not just in doctor but seeing how al qaeda can come back to the scene how isis can come back to scene so there's so many scenarios but there's a general ambience feeling if you want among jihadist world who i observe and monitor after the win of the taliban in afghanistan and nothing to do with the case. but a general feeling that now they can do more. now this is a first incident we encounters tonight in the united states but we have been seen in europe. and that's a escalation in middle east in many other countries, so my concern is that
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this would be a wave that is beginning it is not just a completely isolated element. but the hours and days ahead of us will let us know. ashley: walid go into detail with me what do you mean when you say -- when you made that last statement? this could -- >> well what i mean, let me just reflect on what i said and inform the public. the mind of jihadist who operate, they need juice, they need incentive they don't just operate on ideology but someone to validate to attack action now we need to free our comrades in, you know, in jails and in america, for example. now we are stronger look what we have done to afghanistan. we kick americans out. all of this is psychological that will impress lone jihadist or group or individuals who think they are to take action. sometimes they may take action without any instruction.
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but the general feeling that we can monitor online is they feel that they have won someplace around the world and now they're going to come back and seen it before after 9/11 we've seen a lot of these actions for many years and then started to recede. ashley: they said that specific demand that the hostage taker directed was not, you know, directed toward the jewish community. do you think that synagogue happened to be where he chose to do this or do sin going and places of worship need to be on high alert especially after something like that happening? >> that's question tonight in america and next days. who is next? and how should we be prepared is it really directed at the jewish community or christian communities or -- that's all religious -- i remember this discussion we have after many ten and 16 years ago. my point is the fact that he
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shows a jewish religious center, a synagogue while doctor siddiqui asked military shows there was a brain behind that, that wants to cause harm to jewish community in this case and, of course, israel. ifs that linked. so there's a political brain behind this operation otherwise if he was -- if he was just wanted to take his revenge against military or the u.s. government it would not have chosen a jewish center. ashley: and let's talk briefly we have a little under three minutes before we have to go to break and then come back. but as far as what the news conference said in the news conference about breaching synagogue to rescue hostages and they said -- the hostage taker was deceased wouldn't specify if he killed
8:43 pm
heption and when will this? >> this is something that authorities will have to decide and have their own rational they probably don't want the outside network or the outside potential other nefarious actors to know how it happened. also they are searching about more information about themselves. fact they didn't say, you know, very specifically how it happened has to do with ongoing investigation 237. so this is tactical we have to wait for them to release that information. but this is also means that they have a lot of other questions. if what was resolved if he was a deranged person if they understood what reason was they would have announce it but there are so many questions with the government, authorities, taking some time but at the end of the day they will have to reveal all of this information. ashley: i have a minute left
8:44 pm
with you was there anything that was said or maybe -- that wasn't said that you were -- stunned by or that you were expecting them to says but maybe they didn't? or did it go pretty much like you thought it was gong to for a news conference? >> operation went very well swift, and thankfully nobody was hurt. the only question i would have and we like learn more about is social media is what he's said for when he's, obviously, these matters vanish in beginning because everything is removed. but this would be the trail after which we understand what was the goal of the operation and if we know what it is, then can be better prepared for the future it is not just hardening around us this school and the religious centers. it is to know what the attacker or what the real planner of this operation really wanted then to choose the defenses. ashley: okay. we'll leave phares thank you and
8:45 pm
being fluid with this situation we have to go to a commercial break right now. but i'm sure we're going talk to you later on and sending you back weal be back in here in just a few minutes.
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displash we're back with fox news alert out of colleyville, texas, where a standsoff is now
8:49 pm
over. four who is tamings that were taken in that synagogue earlier this morning are safe and hostage taker is dead joining us once again is danny fbi hostage rescue team commander, danny haven't talked to you since that news conference. what do you have to say and what are your responses to what you heard? >> well, i'm not surprised the way it has came down. everybody was euphoric when one hostage was released but that doesn't necessarily mean it will end with all being released clearly commanders there based on negotiators drm determine there was risk to hostage and most important they think is live of the hostages and they took action to neutralize subject and worked out the way it is supposed to. ashley: so during that news conference, it was a special agent in charge in dallas, it was the second gentlemen that spoke.
8:50 pm
he mentioned that investigation would continue into the possible circumstances around if this person angted as a lone wolf or he had assistance. where do you see this investigation going after you heard what you did? >> well, i know where it is going. first of all, it was foreign directed, pakistanis often direct all of their operations from pakistan and they want to know that they need help and i say that determine if intercepts came through agency that cia, fbi all agencies will be reviewing all of their documents and search warrants, and deep dives into social media and also interviewing all. this case is far from over. and we know who else is involved get ready for the next one. ashley: i ask walid and dave this one and in regard to demanding who hostage taker made
8:51 pm
and not to jewish community. what does that tell you for the investigation? >> they want publicity they wanted to probably be a martyr he said he was -- and sort of a suicide on a high level. i think he was -- publicity and you know, maybe inspire other jihadist. these think each other and that's really important. we have to know that. people are making war on our country right now and have been for decades actually for many decades and we have to be ready for that we have to get our hands out of the sand and push laws, and give our agents and police officers a support they need quit talking about defunding police and that nonsense and thans we need law and order to have a society. basis for society is law and order that's where it all starts and we're kind of getting away from that.
8:52 pm
as a matter of fact paying a price and i think weakness that our government is showing right now will perpetrate more of these. >> danny they said they didn't think there was ongoing threat -- at least eminent threat right now. but they said they are in kangt and they said, quote, globally. what does that -- mean for people who, you know, might just now be tuning in what could that pin point for somebody who knows about this situation like yourself? >> i think they're saying they have specifics they don't have a specific group or individual they know is going to attack them and what will happen. but what's going on in the world -- a radical islam is on the move again. we're seeing it in various places. we just saw it in afghanistan we just gave them a boat load of support supplies that goes beyond what most countries have and we have to be ready for consequences of that. we are armed and enemies have
8:53 pm
armed our enemies say you have to come on in and do what you want and we don't have specific information that some particular individual or group is going to do something it is bound to happen and the environment. ashley: as far as the investigation in this deep dive into this hostage taker. obviously, they did a lot of digging in the ten hours that there was this standoff, so you say in my other guest i've had on tonight they've all said the same thing that they have the information they need on this guy even though he's now dead. how does the investigation move forward with that and how long do you think that's goapg take to get some answers because we don't know anything about him as you heard they didn't give any information about him. >> well somebody does the. this guy department just appear out of thin air they have information on him. they may not have connected the dots yet.
8:54 pm
they'll follow every lead. this is -- there will be scores of this from various agencies looking at associates, and again social media is going to be important these days and that's still out there and may have tried to get rid of that and we can get it back and this is important -- was this a rehearsal to see how you do it and was this to help to pick targets? and they picked a very, very soft target and these targets giving themselves up and so vulnerable and what do you do? i guarantee most don't have -- ashley: danny i have a 15 seconds i hate to cut you off thank you for being with us and follow this situation -- with 2n for muscle health.
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