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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 17, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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have anyone strong naval polling record and there's no sign that anything is going to get better, great to see you. we will be watching and holding them accountable and it's always great to have you with us. make sure you join us next sunday on "the next revolution" we will be >> todd: it is monday, january a fox weather alerts. a brutal winter stone, the east coast after bringing snow and ice to the south. millions of americans are under weather alert and advisory stretching nearly 1,000 miles from georgia to maine. you are watching "fox & friends" first on this morning, i'm griff jenkins and for todd piro. >> i'm ashley strohmier in for
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carley shimkus. the first time posting and i'm really looking forward to this, but i will say tens of thousands of americans are without power on the coast. cursing the cancellation of flights over the weekend and leaving havoc on the roadways. and also touching down in florida, for code tornadoes leveling thousands of homes, tracking storms all morning long with meteorologist. it was a little rough getting into work this morning. i'm not going to lie. it was actually like -- actually, we will go to griff. griff come i'm going to tell you it was like that movie with tom cruise, "world of the wars" for snowstorms and it's been horrible this morning. >> griff: that is right. for all of the of users tuning in early, you have to take stock of the ice. i remember watching the snow falling last night, watching football, snow in the backyard. it was quite pretty. i was taking pictures of the
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winter wonderland. but then i woke up to the ice. boy, it was slippery getting to the car. be careful out there. go slow, do not rush, the roads at the nation's capital very slick. we have sleet, freezing rain coming down an hour ago. speed to only that, griff, but there is flooding as far as the new york area. the trees were down, and like i said committee of the snow, 6 inches of snow where i am. the closer you got to the city, and i swear it was like a spring storm. it was crazy. >> griff: it was crazy indeed and we will cover that all morning long but first to another fox news alert, two teams in connection to the texas synagogue siege as the investigation goes international. >> ashley: the developments as the fbi facing criticism for initially saying the attack did not specifically target the jewish committee. joining us live with the latest, good morning, lauren.
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>> good morning, ashley, they haven't said much else about the pair of teenagers they detained other than they will be questioned with the texas attack. the u.s. is leading the investigation as to why now identified suspect malik faisal akram a 44 british national travel to the u.s. in early january and took four also just saturday at a synagogue. he was killed after an hour long standoff here thankfully all of the hostages were able to escape. the fbi said the suspect demanding to release a prisoner and was not focused on any one group in choosing the synagogue. >> we do believe with this he was singly focused on one issue and it was not specifically related to the jewish committee met community but we will continue to work to find a motive. we will continue on that path. >> after swift criticism for what seemed down playing it, the
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attack late last night the fbi put out a new statement "this is a terrorism related matter in which the jewish community was targeted and being investigated by the joint terrorism task force. others calling for an investigation and synagogues across the country expressing concerns that there could be copycats. the fbi has fanned their investigation out to london and tel aviv. this has turned into international investigation. so there was something more here that we need to get to the bottom of. an radicalized syntax in a few years now. it is disturbing to see it raise its ugly head again. >> the family of boston are devastated and that he was suffering mental health issues. president biden said his initial intelligence said the suspect illegally bought the gun on the street. griff, ashley. >> griff: a frightening situation, live, lauren, thank you. to another fox news alert. north korea watching two, short
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missiles in the sea of japan. japanese officials say the missiles landed outside of their exclusive economic zone and condemn north korea's actions as threats to peace. this is the fourth missile launch from north korea of this month. these images are from launch is three days ago. the u.s. and the pacific command said today's launch did not pose an immediate threat to u.s. territory. the state department is warning athletes to leave electronic devices at home while competing at the 2022 beijing olympics. the warning issued due to cyber surveillance concerns. team usa it is encouraging athletes to use rental computers and burner phones in beijing, canada, great britain, the netherlands with similar the dutch committee is ebbing for
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surveillance the game. >> ashley: james carville wants the democrats to gloat about what they have achieved and stop whining so much. take a listen. >> begin, you don't talk about what you didn't get. the democrats, quit being a whining party and get out there and fight and tell people what you did and tell people the exact truth. >> ashley: carville said the democratic base is misinformed about the party's accomplishments. he said top democratic leader should focus less on issues like build back better and 2020 election leading up to the midterm spirit president biden with an executive order on police report after major losses on voting bills, vaccine mandates, and more. >> griff: alexandria all joins us live, congressman maxine waters says senators mentioned cinema don't care about black people for supporting the filibuster. hey, alex. >> griff, ashley, those are
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strong words. president biden in washington after honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. in philadelphia. the city's model of brotherly love and affection is not playing out with the president's party. on friday, president biden emphasized in order to continue dr. king's work, voting rights legislation must be enacted. between the voting bill to pass thursday and will likely still out in the senate, the joe manchin and kristin, kyrsten sinema to change the filibuster rule. they require more votes than the democrats have. maxine waters slammed her colleagues. mansion and sinema, they are holding up the democratic agenda. they have decided that they are going to stick with support of the filibuster. they don't care about minorities. they don't care about black spear they don't care about people in their own districts! >> along president biden
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reigniting a reports for police reform. his administration is finalizing plans to issue executive actions in time for the start of black history month, and effort into a year into his present that will win back supporters into a mounting faith with lack of approval ratings. >> president biden will try to unite the country and his comments in georgia it did not suggest he would try to pull us back together again. he has to recognize when he was elected, people were not looking for him to transform america. they were looking to get back to normal. >> also well in philadelphia yesterday, the president said he wants to see the tax credit renewed, child tax credit and an area where he and senator manchin disagree. >> griff: angela half, alex thank you. people weighing in on the president's policies and here is congressman jim jordan on the message they are sending to
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americans, watch. >> think about power and control. it is certainly not about the signs. it's certainly not about the truth. it's not about the facts. it's about power and control, and it's just one more thing they have done wrong. frankly, i don't know that they've done anything right. they have messed up every single thing. you think about the message that they are sending to families particularly urban areas where they are saying we will not let your kids go to school and we will let bad guys roamed the streets. we will also let illegal immigrants vote. that is the message and no wonder no one approves with this administration is doing. >> griff: and thursday, will mark one year since president biden and vice president hers inaugurated. >> ashley: novak djokovic heading back to his home country of serbia since he was deported from australia. video shows he's arriving at the boarding gates this morning for flight to celebrate. he landed in dubai earlier and defending australian open title. the tennis door arguing in
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court, he should be allowed to stay in the country and compete in tournaments under a medical exemption. the australian kicked off in melbourne with spanish player off the elemental being the only former australian men's champion in the tournament. steve went to nfl playoffs with the achieves with dominant playoff with the steelers. will it turn out to be ben roethlisberger's last game? five touchdowns in a 42-21 victory. that was some game. meanwhile tom brady also blowing past the eagles. forcing three turnovers in the 31-15 win. but the major story sunday was dallas falling to the 49ers after despite the ball on the last play. watch this. >> takes off running the football. i'm not sure if this will work
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out. meanwhile, -- oh, my gosh. an official gets in the way. it is over. what are you doing? oh, my goodness, 23-17 and prescott was unable to score with the ball four times. many fans scratching their head as a running play left no time for a not a final attempt to tie the game. 49ers and packers match up on fox. the wild card match up between the rams and the cardinals and that will determine who plays brady and the bucs next sunday. ashley. >> ashley: a great night for football, on the east coast virginia's new governor swiftly delivering on the key campaign promises that got him elected. listen. >> week, are in fact going to increase transparency so that parents can see what is being taught in schools. >> ashley: we are digging into
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all the actions of glenn youngkin during his first few days in office. >> griff: plus we are talking to the crime crisis and rice and anti-semitic attacks, congressman james is unpacking the investigation if he becomes chairman. and joe concha are also on deck, jam-packed monday edition of "fox & friends." stay with us. ♪ ♪
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past...
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ ♪ musical >> griff: newly mintedgs campaign promises to take immediate action on the state's public education system. joining us live with more, brooke, he's getting busier very quickly, good morning. >> good morning, guys. that is right virginia governor glenn youngkin was sworn into office saturday. he is not wasting any time to ask new public education policies. of the 11 executive orders he signed, three are directly focused on schools. he banned the teaching of critical race theory while also listing a statewide school mask mandate. the glenn youngkin
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administration opening an investigation into the loudoun county school district where officials are accused of covering up a sexual assault. his first tv interview since taking office, duncan dependent his ban on crt. listen to those. >> anyone who thinks the concepts that actually underpin critical race theory are not in our schools hasn't been in our schools. we are not going to teach our children to do everything through a lens of race. yes, we will teach all history, the good and the bad because we can't know where we are going and lets me know where we have come from. >> ashley: not everyone is happy. youngkin lifted the mask mandate in schools. the governor facing pushback in arlington, alexandria and fairfax county. they defy the governor's executive order and are still requiring students to wear masks. but standing up her parents was a significant part of youngkin's campaign as he is working to deliver on his promise, listen.
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>> it is clear and allow that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions for their children's upbringing, their education, and their care. we are providing them the ability to make a decision for their child with regard to their child's well-being. >> ashley: but white house press secretary in arlington, jen psaki is among those limit governor you youngkin's executive orders. think too arlington public schools for standing up for our kids, and administrators and their safety. a transmissible variant purity governor youngkin plans to use state resources to force schoolo comply with his executive order. >> ashley: thanks, brooke. >> griff: synagogues across the country are stepping up security after four hostages were held at gunpoint saturday and eight texas synagogue. the fbi is under fire for
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initially saying it was not specifically related to the jewish community. >> ashley: there is now a former new york state assembly founder of americans again and anti-semitism. thank you for being with us. before we get back to this i want to read a statement and talk about this for a second. this is a new fbi statement on that texas synagogue, "all of us at the fbi are relieved that a hostage situation in texas was resolved without physical. this is a terrorist related matter." i cover this last night and they were actually in the middle of doing this news conference. so i heard that they said that this was not an attack on the jewish community, yet in the facebook live stream anyone watching and it went on for quite some time, he was asking for the relief of the pakistani neuroscientist who was suspected of having al qaeda ties. what do you take of this that
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now going back on what they originally said? >> look, it makes you wonder what in god's name is going on with the fbi. when the fbi made that statement that this wasn't anti-semitic, for god sake, what were they looking at? i mean, the whole world saw this clearly a synagogue. it was in a mosque, it was in a local mcdonald's to take hostages. he could have found hostages anywhere. that was his goal. but he went to a synagogue on the sabbath well services were going on. so, the fbi positioned -- which by the way contradicted the president's position. and almost the very same moment, it is bizarre, it is crazy and we can't figure this out. someone should explain this to the fbi.
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this is serious business. the entire jewish world was affected by this. every synagogue. i mean, here in the jewish community today in general with regard to the incidence of anti-semitism, unprecedented peer of the numbers we have never seen in the history of this country. you know, to have the heavy fbi say, "this is not about the jews, that is nuts, that is crazy, that is insane." >> griff: dug come across the country synagogues are stepping up security as they do sadly after incidents like this one in texas, but because of the initial reaction on the fbi, should the synagogues take a different, more intense approach to their security apparatus? >> look, as it is, you know, if i go to a synagogue, let me tell
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you, it has changed in the last year, year and a half. i mean, to get into my synagogue, there is a whole procedure. this is a sad commentary on our amazing entry. that this is what we are living with today, but that is a reality. synagogues have been shut up. innocent people have been murdered, thank god in this case the people in the synagogue got off and nothing happened, but we all take this very, very seriously. unfortunately, there is no -- you know, there is no choice. you've got to deal with the most serious way because there are many other people out there who would love to cause harm to the jewish people. jew hatred and anti-semitism is alive and growing. for the fbi to do what it did, they need to explain this to the
1:23 am
american people. they need to explain this to the jewish community. this is the most bizarre thing i have ever seen when it comes to anti-semitism. a synagogue attacked -- a synagogue, by someone who is trying to free a terrorist, for god sake. something very, very common in the middle east that israel deals with all the time. and for the fbi to say "no, this was not about the jewish community," hey it was about the jews for god sake! >> griff: thug before we run out of time, turn to another topic, and that is up in bradshaw, crime, not going to prosecute misdemeanors anymore, prostituteion and this was alvin bragg yesterday, listen. >> it has been a challenging two weeks for the family. part of the discussion has been frustrating the last two weeks is a suggestion, i will say i,
1:24 am
but i think it is we that they are talking about. but i don't know public safety. i know public safety and we know public safety. doug, your reaction. >> brad needs to be removed. we have laws in new york. and if he is not willing to pursue justice for victims of crime, and that is exactly what he is saying. he knows. he's smarter than the whole world. he gets it. i mean, the criminals are applauding him here they are having parties all over new york because they thought the best friend they ever had and the d.a. of manhattan becaue he will not pursue them. you can commit felonies in new york. the innocent people, you know, they get to walk in the innocent people pay the price. this guy needs to be removed because he doesn't want to
1:25 am
enforce the law. the legislation passes the laws and he says "go to." i'm not going to enforce them. i know what is good for the people of new york. it is outrageous, it is sickening, and it is pathetic. >> griff: doug, thank you for getting us started early this morning this monday morning. thank you very much. our thoughts are with those across the country come appreciated. >> nice to have me. >> griff: 25 minutes after the hour and witnesses are recounting the horrifying moments and ex-con pushed a woman to her death in a busy new york city substation. a prosecutor downplays the out-of-control violence will tell you how the mayor is trying to assure terrified commuters. the two millions of americans are waking up to scary weather conditions as a massive storm slams the east coast. the forecast is next
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♪ ♪ >> ashley: we are back with a fox weather alert pure and brutal storms pummeling the east coast after bringing rare, freezing rain, snow and ice. tens of thousands of americans are without power along the coast. the cancellation of thousands of flights over the holiday weekend. >> extreme weather touching down in florida as four tornadoes tear through neighborhoods leveling dozens of homes. senior meteorologist is here with a fox weather forecast. it is tough out there janice up and down the east coast. >> absolutely. i call it a doozy last week. this is a doozy for millions of folks with hundreds of thousands of people without power and we saw the damage across florida. we saw tornadoes in january, which sometimes happens.
1:31 am
a very strong system a nor'easter for the northeast with winds in excess of 50 to 6e day today. offshore, we have hurricane force gusts and high tide comes in. that will be a concern for areas like long island up to coastal new england. let's take a look at this record-breaking snow for the south over the weekend. the good news is, it's a monday. so people hopefully are staying off the roadways. still very icy and treacherous across areas that don't typically see over 10 inches of snow and ice. so we hope people heed all of the warnings and local officials to try to keep residents safe. but look at the storm. i mean, it is pretty wound up here are the worst of the winds across the tri-state area. the forecast 30 to 40 miles an hour for the new york area for the duration of time, long island 40, 50, 60 miles an hour and the water will start to pile up.
1:32 am
unfortunately along coastal areas because of the flooding concerns. so i am concerned about the low lying areas on long island. look at the snowfall reports. over a foot of snow it arkansas, north carolina, that is really incredible. that is record-breaking snow. if there is a good side of this, and twitter, i asked for snow dog pictures because of the dog in the snow. it blew up my social media account. so ashley, you can see the dogs in the snow. the futurecast, here is a look at what we are dealing with. by this afternoon, this evening, guys, we will see the potential for some snow across the interior northeast. we still have many winter weather alerts for millions of folks along the coast, all of the big cities, mainly rain, wind, coastal flood events. interior sections, that is where you get the jackpot snow total of over a foot or so. this is a big deal, big system. i'm so glad it came over the weekend when people are outside
1:33 am
and not on the roadways appear to are still going to see many delays, many cancellations, so please take care and fox has you covered if you download the app, we will be sure to give you the latest in storm details. all right, griff, ashley, you may didn't so that is a good thing. >> ashley: barely. >> griff: it could be a rough camille indeed, ashley and i were talking about that. but very quickly, since you asked pictures of snow dogs, pictures of snow, reporter and anchor in his backyard. >> you are so cute. >> griff: i was just trying to capture because the snow is pretty, but you know, the point i was making, while that was fun yesterday, this morning quite treacherous with the ice and the wind here in the nation's capitol. ashley, the same thing. what should people worry about as they head out this morning? >> i think people should stay off the roads.
1:34 am
of course, let the crews get out there and do their job here that is not number one thing. stay safe. with these winter storms, you should have an emergency kit in your car, at work and at home. and people stranded on i five for over 24 hours. so that is why we say have a plan in your car, emergency kit in your car, extra batteries, clothing to keep you warm, food, that kind of thing. because already, you know, this has been a tough winter, especially the last couple of weeks. the cold and the snow, we have many chances of that in the weeks to come. so people are hopeful he hunkered down. it is a holiday monday, that is a good thing because people will stay off of the roads hopefully. >> ashley: janice, before we let you go, obviously, saw the roads closed 2:00 a.m. because of living, but yet, we had 6 inches of snow at our house and ice. it was just, you had a little bit of everything. but the tornadoes in florida, is
1:35 am
that normal? >> well, listen, you can have tornadoes at any time during the year. it is not rare to have tornadoes in the winter, especially for florida. this is a very, powerful storm system with an arctic cold front. when you have that warm, unstable air mass in florida, a lot of this was coming off of the ocean, the gulf of mexico. these tornadoes that were forming over the ocean and making their way onshore appearance of what is not rare, however, this was a dynamic system that brought all of the weather that we typically see in the winter, including mentor tornadoes. >> ashley: all right, tracking it all for us this morning, thanks, janice. >> you're welcome. >> griff: time 35 minutes after the hour. more and more predictions 2024 looking a lot like 2016 as the next presidential election poised to turn into the rematch of the century?
1:36 am
uh-oh. >> ashley: hunter biden and afghanistan ready to go but their agenda with the majority of the midterm. congressman james comer with the oversight committee and he is joining us next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hi, greg gutfeld in london in
1:40 am
your international headlines. an investigation into the hostage taking into area synagogue over the weekend. two teenagers allegedly with the instant arrested by the british police in manchester. a standoff. he has been identified as a 44-year-old british national. he demanded the release of a terrorist and reports are he flew in last month. police say he is on a terror watch list. meanwhile, a interruption overnight about underwater pole k knows with tsunami waves hurtling towards the pacific island nation and all around the pacific. 100,000 mostly cut off reports of damage and some casualties. the tsunami for the west coast in the u.s. but the u.s. has been asked to participate in these efforts. finally, novak djokovic arrived
1:41 am
in dubai last night after being deported from australia following a days long dispute over covid-19 status. he said he was not vaccinated and claimed he was medically exempt. he got the boot. very disappointed and now, australia, his home country of serbia. it starts today in melbourne. the brexit party leader will have more on the novak djokovic socket in the next hour. for now, back to you, ashley. >> ashley: greg, thank you. trump versus hillary 2024. exclusive advisors say "there is a good chance for a rematch of 2016 in the next presidential election and wabc morris although clinton has not criticized president biden but wanting the party about
1:42 am
progressive policies. and this does put her in prime position to biden an extreme left for 2024, griff. >> griff: that would be quite match up. the president's approval is in the basement as joe biden years when year in office. now, a competent house minority leader kevin mccarthy laying out his plans for republicans to take the house in the midterms. >> you know what we will do if we are entrusted with the majority? talk about how we lower the prices for the american public. how do we stop this rise of inflation of prices of everything you deal with? how do we secure our border? how do we stop government mandating and controlling our lives? how do we make cities safe again? as, we will hold this administration accountable. spay went the house minority committee james comer would bece chairman if republicans regain the house majority in november. he joins me now, congressman, good morning and thank you for
1:43 am
taking time. i want to get your thoughts. the president's approval rating, the lowest since taking office as we near the one-year mark on thursday. your reaction. >> well, i'm not surprised. his policies have been a disaster. the american people have realized that. i think if you look at the approval rating for president biden and look at the lack of any meaningful agenda that matters to the american people from joe biden, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, things are looking very good for us this november. but we can't take it for granted. as kevin mccarthy said, we will hit the ground running if we are entrusted with the majority, we will not slow down but be like newt gingrich when he took over the house. we will have an agenda and kevin mccarthy just started laying the ground work to that agenda. >> griff: i remember newt gingrich had a contract and laid things out clearly. you now have leader mccarthy laying out the priorities everything from the border to
1:44 am
out-of-control crime to the soaring 40 year high inflation. what do you believe should be priority number one, and how will republicans begin to tackle it? >> well, as far as i'm concerned, priority number one would be to hold the biden administration accountable. i mean, we have to look at every debacle in this administration to afghanistan to scenting tax dollars to the wuhan lab for gain-of-function research. we have to look at the unfunded, unconstitutional mandates, the vaccine mandates, the executive order halting the border wall, the executive order with the keystone pipeline. each of these policies that the biden administration has had detrimental effects on the american taxpayers. the keystone pipeline led to higher ending process. his mandates and executive orders to hold drilling on federal lands, this has contributed to a higher gas
1:45 am
prices. his runaway, necessary spending has led to inflation. these are the areas where my committee the house oversight committee will hold the biden administration accountable. >> griff: congressman come if you do, indeed, win the majority and take over that committee, will we hear from hunter biden? >> absolutely. we have already asked the administration for lots of information. they have not complied at all. we have asked the administration for the preservation of documents on a whole menu of items, some of which pertain to hunter biden. some people may ask, why is this important? what does hunter biden have to do with this? there are lots of questions with the administration in reaction to china. for example, why does the administration not want to hold china accountable for the wuhan lab? why does the administration have a tougher line against china in? hunter biden could be the reason to this. if hunter biden is innocent, i believe joe biden will comply with that request.
1:46 am
we have a simple request and hunter biden started selling artwork and it brings half a million dollars, which would make him the highest paid artist alive in the world today, we simply want to know "who bought the artwork? "this is something in the administration would be transparent with. for whatever reason the biden administration has not been transparent with hunter biden's artwork, consulting with ukraine and now he is involved in a deal in africa that used and gave china upper hand on controlling the world mineral markets with minerals that may need to make batteries. so, there are a lot of questions about hunter biden. and i think the american people want to know the answers to. >> griff: congressman james comer, thank you for your time this early monday morning. we will be watching. this will be an interesting midterm election, thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me on. >> griff: ashley. >> ashley: okay, griff still had democratic cities are
1:47 am
feeling the impact of defining the place, especially the nation's capitol where more than half of the case is unsolved. the next guest lost his 11-year-old grandson with a shooting in washington, d.c., in december 2020. his plea for the public to back the blue next. ♪ ♪
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1:51 am
new york city eric adam saved the subways are safe after a man pushed a woman in front of a train. adam's aching "i think it is 1.7% of the crimes in new york city that occur on the subway system. think about that for a moment. what we must do is remove the perception of fear. a witness of a murder says the suspect simon marshall showed no emotion as he shoved 40-year-old michelle at the times square station. he confessed the attack quickly after. the victim was a senior manager at the town consulting firm and volunteered as an advocate for the homeless. in 2021 marked the deadliest year in chicago and a quarter of a century and chicago police department statistics show the
1:52 am
wendy's 9797 people to this last year. the most since 1996. and 25 other shot in chicago over the weekend. police say a 20-year-old man was shot and killed in a drive by early sunday. the day before, a 17-year-old boy was hospitalized in critical condition after the police found him shot in a parking lot. >> ashley: democrat led cities are feeling the deadly poll of deepening the police. 40% of murder cases were closed in 2021. 20 mean now, the father of an 11-year-old who was shot in 2020 and the founder of d.c. chapter of guardian angels. john, i am so sorry to hear what happened to your grandson. such a cute, young boy he was in
1:53 am
a senseless act of violence but i do want to get to this and i said in the open there is only 42% of murders that are solved in d.c. you see all of these anti-police riots and protests, whatever you want to call them. so obviously, we need the police on the streets to keep them safe. because, these cities, more liberal cities push that they want the community to help aunt step in but they are not helping to step in. >> that is true. first i want to thank you for having me on the show this morning. we cannot defund the place but we have to put more money and more resources into police in d.c. and throughout the united states. we have to give more money into the police department so we can have more community resource officers. what i mean by that, we went off
1:54 am
and walked around the community and set up such things the community watch program. and if you have these community watch programs in d.c. or throughout the united states that we used to have in the past, that will get the community to want to give information and at this time, most community people are afraid of the police. so we want to speak to the police. so we have to figure out a way to make them become the resource officer to add resource to the community and the community wants to speak to the community so we can close these crimes. the community knows who are committing these crimes. but they don't want to speak and tell the police. >> ashley: okay, obviously people know community policing does work but there is an obvious issue between certain
1:55 am
communities and the place, especially after what we saw in the summer of 2020 with all the protests and the riots and come of course, the incident with george floyd appeared so what -- it's going to take both sides coming together with this. what suggestions do you have the domain for the community and the police come together to make this work? >> we need to have more community meetings with the police. when i say community meetings, i don't mean just setting up a meeting as meeting at the police station. we are going to meet in a community hall. because what happens, people do not come out to the police station or the community hall to meet with the police. we have to have more community gatherings. the police coming to the community. maybe once a month, set up resources for mental health brochures and how to detect. that is how the police can sit and talk to the community. that will bring a community out.
1:56 am
one way to bring them out, have food and drinks. this way you can engage with the community. once you can engage with them, you can get their opinion and get the opinion of the police department. >> ashley: okay, always good suggestions, john ayala, thank you for being with us this morning and thank you for taking this on to help the community and the police as well. thank you so much. >> you're welcome, thank you. >> ashley: griff. >> griff: of a lot more on this jam-packed monday. stick with us, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ehh, maybe... how bout seafood? you know i don't like seafood. [collision beeping warning] [silence] how bout tacos? tacos. automatic emergency braking — one of six advanced safety features standard on every 2022 chevy equinox. find new technology. find new roads. shipstation saves us. so much time
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