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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 17, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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indeed you do indeed. instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description visiting .com deconfliction hire emergency room. it's just seapack never give up when they don't back . i want to know who they're welcome tuckercarlson tonight . happy monday for joe biden. n tothe past few months have amounted to the greatest political disaster of his life. in his case that's not a small place to be. this is a man with three failed presidential campaigns on his resumeti. but this year has been different. no, we don't mean to overstate it, but you can pickr your humiliating ashes and sackcloth world historic , corregidor,
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gallipoli and that's pretty much where joe biden is right now. politically, polls show him s losing astounding levels of support from virtually every group of americans who voted for him juster f a year that would includede hispanics, moderate democrats, african americans and by big double digits independents. se at this point, the white house is down to just two core constituency anxious upper income women with multiple college degrees and barren personal lives and members of the national news media and even that may be overstating biden's support given that there such po betweengrverlap those two groupsou essentially f the same people and now because it can always get worse. biden appears to be losing even the media. this is an ominous development. in fact, it's is not an exaggeration to say that ifti this trend continues, it is the end of a biden presidency. dithe media are the only reason joe biden as president in the first place but didn't campaigne for the job. he s didn't hold rallies or give speeches or tell
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the public what he might doo if elected. no. nearly a year joe biden stayed home hiding in terror from infectious voters instead ,news organizations make his case for him which they assiduously did. the media hid biden's theys, attacked and censored his critics in general. they gave no hint at allig that you might be electinght senile manekin with a lifelonglp history of sleazy behavior. votersrs had no clue. j theyoe didn't know who joe biden actually was. and yet suddenly news organizations have decided to tell them it's pretty amazingip to watch it. >> here's some clipsps from just the last few days. a president joe biden has hadve a very tough week with setbacks for his agenda, covid complications and the supreme court blocking his vaccine mandate one year in , mrr bidene has the second s lowest approvar rating ever measured in thee white house and it's never beenn less popular nationally. 2020 two is not exactly off to a good start for the biden
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administration. is frustrated.ated his party is frustrated. we're twowo w weeks into a midtf election year, a few days away from his one year anniversary of inauguration and it ishim black. it is very dark for himow right. now. now he's in the midst t of what one famous children's book writer called a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad time, a very tough week of c setbacks. the country is frustrated that cnn's assessment, if it sounds mild to you, you should consider the source. cnn criticizing a sitting democratic president that's like the college of cardinals attacking the pope. it is a violation of ecclesiastical authority. you never see's and when it happens it meansut something msmho, you see, wentor even further thans that . one of its contributors decided to come out and tell wer the channel's viewers something they had never heard before. joe biden is old , really, really old , possibly toove old to govern a nation of three hundred and thirty five million people. >> watch this . your audience is not going to be happy with what i have tohe's say is i don't think he's come
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acrossas an inspirational figur. i don't think by the way, i can give a litany of things he's accomplished and obviously the your laid out things that have not worked obv well fr him. but there's somethingng else to how many people do you talk to when they say he seems old and i mean those in ages say he doesn't and it really started with afghanistan where he just didn't seem to have his hand firmly on the wheel. and i think a lot of this has to do with the messenger versus the messages itself. he doesn't feel in charge. >> no, wait a second. now you're telling us that joe biden doesn't quote seem to have his hand firmly on the wheel. really? you sure we're talking aboutut the same president here? wasn't this the guy who not so s long ago was challenging strangers' a push up contest at town halls? this is the guy who's single handedly rescued nelson mandela from the of robben island this the man who faced down corn pop with a chain at a public swimming pool. now you're saying that man
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that chiseled monument to decisive masculinese you may beg losing his grip? >> yep. that's exactly what they're saying. and they seem almost bashfully apologetic as they say it.a they had no idea joe biden was a a lumbering desiccated huskk, no idea at all. they never saw biden call anyone a dog. paiste pony soldier. they didn't notice him sniffing anybody's hair or staring blankly into the middle distance like a lobotomy. patientsik never saw it. they're as shocked as you areck watching resident nobel prizer winner come to the awful conclusion that maybe joe bidenn isn't doing an amazing job as president. president biden left washington tonight to spend the weekend at home in delaware. he probably couldn't wait to after one ofwn the worst weeks of his years old presidency. a series of setbacks on votingks rights. the supreme f were blocking his vaccine mandate for large businesses and soaring inflation, driving up prices for consumers. and today we sawod the news. retail sales last month wereth awful plus onev. so causing havoc with staffing
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shortages and empty shelves and some senate democrats are upset with the white house o ovr testing shortages. i mean, i could go on but i mean, it's a bad week for the president. is there any way to cut it as a way to say so bad? joe biden is never at the whiteh houseit and he's right about that . but it's possible seen and missed the larger point. biden isn't fleeing washington because he's upset about political defeats. biden is being dragged into isolation by advisers who are terrified he will get korona like everyone else right now they want him out of the city as quicklyly as possible. they know exactly how well masks and vaccines work. they're not betting on dr fox news guidance. but whatever details you tell, the point is cnn is running away from joe biden even don lemon. you cans see where this is going. he may be stupid, but his animal instincts are fully intact. don lemon can recognize int a sinking ship when he sees one and he's decided to disembark as swiftly as he can make for the lifeboats.
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cnn anchors first maybe of people like don lemon repeatedly make disappointed noises about joe biden. no, one will remember how they sounded a year ago and hold them responsible for this disaster. but will we remember we saved the tape. here's don lemon weeping with joy over joe biden's selection like had justel turned to make gym memberships free and forgive everybody student loans watch. s. how are you feeling? i almost can't talk right now because of the emotion everyone is welcome under this tent. a we don't care who you are.'t we don't care if you voted for us or you're all part of this american experiment. pe it was i was so overwhelmed tor hear that i don't care. what people think if they think i'm biased or not, i don't care. and so i'm very emotional. so when you ask me how i'm i feeling right now, i'm sorry. i that's all i can tell you. this iso how i feel right now. i am so happy to have
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this platform to be ableot to do this . i may not have it after this ,hi but i really don't care. i am so happy we don't care if you voted for us notot joe biden us meaning joe biden's friends c and coconspirators over at cnn. i really don't care. i'm so happy. >> that's the take. there you have it. ife this were a trial that wouli be the pivotal evidence the glove fits. ladies and gentlemen, the jury you cannot acquit. the media foisted a this bidend calamity on the united states. they got him elected then they lied and distracted the population. is heon in the marionette operators who controlledto and wrecked a lot of this country that happen and it's too late now to deny responsibility. these people are fully implicatedsp in what they did.. lots of them are not just don lemon, what's this member of congress from silicon valley, one of the smarter members we've got to sayy, decided, that actually maybe big tech shouldn't have censored legitimate stories, truthful stories about biden's laptop
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afterfut maybe that was a miste . >> watch. i am not for having either the government or tech companies ultimately be the arbiter of truth. i'm part of making sure censorship that we don't have i speech that incite violence. but i'm very wary of censorship. in fact,nc i'my wa in the book i write h about how i thoughtow it was a mistake for twitter to take down some of this stuff about a biden or facebook to dohi that . and i think that story was total hogwash. i think joe biden was unfairly attacked because of his son, but that doesn't mean that it didn't belong in the public sphere. >> oh , you're not for censorship. oh , you're not for censorship.d thanks for f that , congressman. great. but wheress were you when it mattered, say, last october right before the election when peoplet were trying to figure out who vote for or you were staying dead silent like the rest of them? you were letting it happen.od you were allowing democracy toe corrode and die because at the time you thought it was
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worth it. it was just too scary. trump was an t j emergency. we had to suspend the constitution to make this into an unfree country. we had no to choice. but now that he's in office, some of these people are apparently having second thoughts now. but why now? what's that is going on hereev and why is everyone suddenlyer saying the same thing at once? we could answer the second part of that question with absolute certainty. everyone, the democratic party sounds exactly alike because it message discipline isly what they do. it's who they are. no one in the party thinks independently that's not allowed. everybody in the group must say the very same thingg in concert with everybody else in the group all the time period. it's like a north korean singing troupe. deviations are punished thing for yourself even for a second and you are denounced as a conspiracy theorist who thinks orsatti wormer is medicine. you see it every day. we can give you a million examples of this . >> our producer tom fox, a the genius who finds our tape everyho show often says he's got the most repetitive job in television because everybody on every channel sounds exactly the same all the time. here'se
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one recent chorus of dummies flies that we bring thousandss of angry people to the capital for one of america's darkest days became one of the darkestol days in american political history. the very next dayical was one of the darkest days in this nation's history to one of the most dramatic and dark daysh in american history, one of the darkest days in u.s. history. this is one of the darkest days in american history and we expect the president to say just that now all these veryop same people are simultaneously trashinglele a president they gt elected and have defended through everything for a year. why now? we're not alleging an intentional conspiracy here. we don't take course dewormer we're not saying there waso a secret conference call between jeff zucker and joy read in the staff of the atlantic magazine who even wantan to endure something like that . more likely it's a conspiracy of instinctt'. for all the talk you hear of h diversity, there is preciselyea zero diversity in our nationaled media. people may have different skin tones or different interests not relevant.
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they're all from such similar backgrounds with such similar beliefs and values and life experiences that their gut reactions to everything haveg a line into perfectal synchronicity like menstruating teenagers at summer camp, they speak as one because on the deepest level they're indistinguishable from each other. but still you wonder there's got to be some kind of re political point to this . there's got to be no one at cnn is ever going to undermine the long term prospects of the democratic party , at least not intentionally ifin a the walker from joee biden's hands. that's exactly what they're doing. who doy'd i you think is goinge take over when he falls? it's a good question. we know the answer. but to answer it and other mysteries, we're joined by one of the smartest media watchers we do know about younger sargon is the deputy opinion editor of newsweek and shepi joins us tonight . thanks so much for coming on . so what my level of understanding of this is onlyon that it's amazing, but i don't fully understand exactly what we're seeing here. what do you thinkeru we're watching? >> you know, tucker,hi one of the things i really appreciate
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about your show isot that you're not afraid to talk about class . we have a huge class divide in america that's separating out highly overeducated, affluent progressive elites from the working class in theth middle class and thee democrats and joe biden and their media are increasingly very much on the side of the highly educatedsi progressive elites. and i think that you're really seeing this come out on issues t like the vaccine mandate, he whether schools should be closed, whetherld children shoud be in masks, whether youar as a parent have a right to sayt what your child should be c studying on all of these issues. these have divided working class americans from these highly educated progressive elites and they are so unpopular as a result, the popularity the president is in the toilet, the popularity of the democratic party is in the toilet because regular americans, middle class americans, working class americans just don't agree with them on any of these issues. they are divided by class. e and i think that what we're seeing here is, you know, the media is attempt to essentially scapegoat joe biden
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foro their own complicity in being on the wrong side of america's class divide. tucker, i think that's so smart. that'so and it's by instinct they realize this isn't going to work at all and i want to get out of the way of this thing before it collapses on top of me. i mean, maybe it's that simple . i think that there is a hugecr credibility gap with the media right now. you're seeing cnn just hemorrhaging viewers, even the new york times. se you know, all of these outlets j are just totally failing to convince americansns to trust anything they have to say. they have so little influence and so they tryed to peddle their own economic interests and get americanst on board witm that . and americans are sort of saying no, those are your economic interests. >> they're not all right. it's private equity againstls everybody else. it's it's unbelievable. and i really appreciate your point about younger sorkin. thank you very much at newsweek. thank you , tucker. so today is martin luther king day. we wanted to recall a moment when our current president put
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everything in perspective for tus, putting the past p in perspective with the age we're livinge through right now. this is from june of 2020. but even dr. king'sot assassination did not have the worldwide impact that george floyds that . so george ford's death had a bigger effect than martin t luther king's death. now the obvious response is to laugh about anyhe r just simply doesn't understand the difference between martin luther king and a drug addict who committed home invasions. okay,om but actually joe biden has a point. that's true. when martin luther king was killed in april ofn 1968, this country erupted into race riots all across the country. those riots were horrible. they were destructive. many people died. many cities never recovered. but our leaders at the time understood that race riots were bad. big businesses didn'tt fundch the killings with charitable grants. no city voted to defund its police department.
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the authorities didn't let mobs torched courthouses or assault the white house. no one in charge announced we needed to fight injustice by destroying the nuclear family in nineteen sixty eight crazies that year was all of that would have been considered insane and it's still insane and destructive. oi but now our leaders are doing it. so yes, as a historical matter ,the accidental death of a violent criminal george floyd turned out to be more significant in the murder of a legitimate civil rights leader, martin luther kinga and that's one measure of where we've come in 50 years. so a billionaire donor to the democratic party , an nbaud owner just admitted out loud that the of weakness in china interest him not even a tiny bit. it's beneath his concern, as he said on tape. what's good for you nba player and his cancer freedom is here to respond to that straight ahead, special edition of tuckercarlson ocide. join as we uncover some
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indication of america confrontation. the progressive left is invading american classrooms to advance their agenda. the goal was societal with one value tradition eliminated from our school district. your biggest problem with it seems to be that the enemy of science how can we as parents protect children? our country is so vital if parents are not allowed to choose what we might be. why so many on government leaders in education and parents from around the country need school? how to get access to be my civic education is available now and make sure to this only on fox news america streaming.
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to the latest affecting your portfolio, i w pinyon joine
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pinyon family by calling us today or visiting true pinyon .com. welcome back is probably a picture is a billionaire out in california silicon valleye' he's a huge donor to the democratic party is also a part owner of the nba team, the golden state warriors. sohe in a recent podcast he went out and told the truth and he said what he personally thinks
10:22 pm
about china's human rightss abuses. it's isrigh murder of the ethnic minority. the watchc this . nobodys. cares about what's happening to the leaker's. okay, you bring ites up because you really care and i think. what do you mean take care?n' the rest of us don't care. i'm just mike lindell very hard. you obviously don't care. i'm telling you a very hard, ugly truth of all the things that i care about. yes. it is below my line. >> repulsive human being obviously you've got to kind of admire his honesty. get me honest. we're glad he was so the goldene state warriors issued a statement that read this way mr. polya picture does noty speak on behalf of our franchise. and of course the billionaire himself issued a statement saying, well, i my iss family ce from a country with mean people. and by the way, the united states has human rights abuses to even more repulsive than you would ever imagine. of course, the golden statehe warriors even mentionon the tigers in their statement. you wouldn't want to upset china. say the word taiwan. wewear dare you.
10:23 pm
you just can't. your freedom knows a lot about how this all works. plays to the boston celtics. he recently became an american citizen. he's very proud ofcanut that sed time he's doing this and we're glad he's here. mr. freedom, thank you very much for comingn on tonight. so to hear someone say, oh , i like your shirt to see s someone say that as clearlydo as this owner just did, like i don't care if they're murdered by the government of china govw. how do you feel when you see that ? i remember wee had a dream for at twelve thirty and my managerm texted mete this video right before the game and first of all, i couldn't believe i was very angry, very, disgusted and very disappointed. and yo know, his comments were so i was like i couldn't focus on the game because because it was comments. i mean you look at that bigger people what's happened is one of the worst human rights abuses in the world today. there is a happened while we're talking right now and he's going out tuckercarlson it's a shame and it is disgustings,.
10:24 pm
i mean, so you just became an american citizen to seeiv the most privileged, the richest people in our society. some of them anyway ci just say outloud like i don't care about anybody but myself making money, having powerut for this country. i mean, that must m be kind of discouraging someone who justng got here. you know, the funny thing is this guy this guy owns a company called actually i have it right here calleder social capital where they pretend to care aboute socialhi values. and this is i a virtuous signal and i have all the recordings here with me. he pretends to care about others, but the only thing he cares about is money ng and promoting the ccp propaganda and it makes me sick how he's using social justicene to make money for his company. and i want to ask himsk one question, one question. if your mother if your daughter if your sister was in those concentration camps, then get a torture and gang every day. would you still think about money? would you would you still remain silent?
10:25 pm
so i want them to answer that question. yeah. i mean, greedr is a sin. people used to say that out loud. no one ever says that out loud. now. but you obviously understand it glad you said so that and i'm so glad you're in this country. thank you very much, mr. freedom. good to see you. appreciate it. thank you . thank you . so travis tritt has been in the country music business forun more than thirty years. he has risen to the level of legend at one point, though, like so many other people in the business, fame, drugs losing the usual almost wrecked his life. but then he turned it around. ha he explored that at some length in a conversation we had recently and tuckercarlson today. w >> here's part of it of nineteen eighty nine when we finally released>> my first single and not only because this is the shot, this is it and my prayers were answered, not only did the song go top ten but it became the largest selling country music single
10:26 pm
that warner brothers country music warner brothers nashville division had ever released. up to that point that's unbelievable. what song was that ? it was song called country club. i'm a member of a country club and that immediately when it went when it took off, warner brothers came back in and said, we really want you now we've got a rush back in and we've got to do a complete album because we want to get this out. you're hot. you'reou, s selling so we want o get something recorded and the rest is sort sth. so i mean there's so many questions. but if this behind the music episode, this wouldn be the point where you get screwed by the manager and addicted amphetamines. so no, it's so it's here in the music business. soso how did you avoid havingha that happen? well, i mean i had my i had maybe that's it if i had my bouts with withh drugshe and alcohol. yeah. and all the things that that i mean you're you're twenty seven year old kid.
10:27 pm
yeah. and you've got all of a sudden you've got all of these things that are available to you and it would takee the oldest story there is it would take somebody with a much stronger constitution than i could still here after thirty five years. yeah. d how didid you do that . well>> i because i realized very quickly how how it was going to destroy my life if i stayed on that path. yeah. o and so i was only involved in that for maybe two, threehr years atee the most. and after that i remember waking up after being up for a couple of days and beingun strung out and just thinking to myself, you know what you are - about to destroy everything you have had everything every dream that you've ever had in your life has come true for you and you are about to destroy this . for what ? for a momentary pleasure. d.
10:28 pm
that's stupid. how did you get that clarity? i don't know. was it was i think a lot of my upbringing probably had a lot to do with that . you know, i knew what i was doing and it was wrong from a moral standpoint. but i also knew that it was i could just see the signs of and i have a lot of peoplef that had gone before me.e. i'd seen a lot of friends ofri mine that had gone down that same path and it destroyed their lives, not only destroyedd their careers, it destroyed their lives completely. and some of them lost their lives as a result. yeah. and soul i've always been pretty good about looking at other people and learning from otherm people. so. wise that is that's the root of wisdom. yeah. we have this all these college courses right in front of us called other people. watch them absolutely.
10:29 pm
and you can learn so much. hi. yes. you know so i think i learned just all ofhat and it sort of came together. it was like an epiphany for me. it just kind of all came together at the same time. it's like, look, man, you. you've got you've got to stop travis tritt. what a great guy. one of the joys of this job is meeting people and finding out what a really like. and so often you're surprised or even cooler than you thought they were and he's definitely in that category. part c one of that conversation is that now in fox nation, another one dropping later this week to watch them for free by heading toch t tuckercarlson .comuc. the cities are o out of control as predicted. turns out we take pcted police , and let people commit crimes, get a lot more crime l. al so if you live there, you know, it's tough to walk on the sidewalk or a subway without being hurt or without the fear of being hurt, particularly by the mentallydd ill, drug addicted,ic homeless and people are starting to die in very public ways. b that next on this special
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my welcome back to a specialof edition of tuckercarlson tonight you may have noticed if you live in this country that all of a sudden we have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people living outdoorsus, often in tents givee to themm by probably well-meaning but idiotic t protestant churches. oh , give thee homeless tents and we call them homeless. but almost invariably they have substance abuse and mental illness problems. , they're addicted to drugs.. they either have preexisting mental illness orre they become mentally ill from using drugs,ro particularly from using meth. that's's true. so why would any society that wants to contain you turno over its public spaces to the enemies of society? that's w exactly what we've don. there's nothing compassionate about iter. it's not good for the so-called homeless and it's terrible for everybody else. and in d fact, people die when you do that , but they continue to do tt. l.a., for example, totally destroyed by people living outdoors in a homeless a homeless man justs stabbed ucla graduate student
10:36 pm
to death in a furniture store. no known motive, they say she walked in and killed her . here's the report from local news. >> twenty four year old brianna cooper was a uclad grad student studying architectural design. the pacific palisades resident was working as a designs consultant at a craft house a high end furniture store in the fairfax district at about one thirty thursday afternoon, cooper was alone in the store and the brand beverly lapd as a homeless mand went in and stabbed s her to death about twenty minutes later, a customer came in and found her on the floor. ec detectives sayt this is the suspect. they need your help finding. last seen on surveillance walking through the back alley of the businesses towardg thr oakwood avenue, the homeless no murderous vagrants who have taken over our cities who contribute nothinghing can l sorry for them. it's sad. as .th on the other hand ,er our pity for them does not outweigh our obligation to each other, to d
10:37 pm
the defenseless, to children, to women working aloneneto in stores, to every americanse citizen, the people who contribute, who pay taxes, who build things not just destroy them. that's ourig obligation here and we totally lost track of that or the left that very same day in los angeles and other so-called homeless man attacks an emergency room nurse near union station. she later died. let me deal with that . do withe equity or white supremacy? nothing. we just sort of move on . o but people are leaving cities because of this in times square in new york, another deranged guy living outside her woman in front of a train. she was killed. ow watch this reporter explain how that attack unfolded. police say this homeless man, 61 year old simon marshall shotw . omforty year old asian woman michelle go on to the train tracks of an oncoming southbound train saturday morning and pushed a woman on the wrong side. i guess the nypd says goh was standing on the platform of the forty seven street timesub square subway station justwan after nine thirty a.m. when,
10:38 pm
marshal for nosh apparent reason shoved her . tell us again joe biden about how organized white supremacy is the major threatzed to the homeland? no, we're wat watching the homed degrade right in front of us because we can't say no to the enemies of civilization, people living outside doingon drugs in front of our children. if y you can't say no to that , you're done. you're toast. it's over.we we should say no. chris bedford is a senior editor, the federalist. he joins us now. hey, chris . so why can't we just acknowledge what's hundreds of thousands of people living outside and nooow one says anything? what is going on ingoin washing, dc? aswe call them the otherly house and they have advocates who drive in from rural maryland suburbs and virginia suburbs to say that they need , they needns porta potties, need to beiviv bought. these very expensive tents you can't get rid r of them do to covid you can't disperse them. and you know, this is a danger. this is deadly to these people.w it's incredibly sad, doctor , to walk by union stationf and see an old man who's dying of drug addiction slumped up against the telephone like i've
10:39 pm
seen and see a young drug dealer show up an exchange. that man has little bit of money he's begged for for a bag of drugs and the addiction continues. . well, policee sit just a half a block away and do nothing d and the police do nothing because when they try to prosecute people when they goeol in homeless shelters are being b preyed on by drug addicts. they're not the prosecutor is t don't come to the department ofe justice claims right now they're denying or local agency access to the data on the rise in crime in washington, d.c. alone. they're saying we don't even keep that data. they're refusing to prosecute. theyer won't get back up the police. and because of that , there's an unbelievable level of violence. we've searched about 250 percent violent crimes just in my hometown, washington, dc in the last ten years. that's absolutely insaneci and untenable and politicians seem unwilling to stop itto. yeah, i mean, nobody will acknowledge how fragile civilizationon, all civilizatios and the enemies of the west ares trying to destroyt ours. i would say very directlyag by encouraging this kind of stuffin, the rest of us sit passively by and say, oh , we feel sorry for people.
10:40 pm
weor havery but who feel sorry r the citizens. >> we're keeping everything running in front of my johnkennedy who is fighting this virginiag brought this upsa to me the other day when he said you're hiring right noweo in these prosecutors, people w who only want to take care of folks who are in prison, they don't want to take carete of these people who are in badco communities, these people who are being plagued by crime. these pd b folks who are gettind carjacked, the father and baby who are attacked with a brick justy in my neighborhood and they come back and they sayo the problem here is racism. the problem is inequality. problem is jobs. butt the police chief in was correct. he saidme sometimes people don't want a job. sometimes people don't want services. they want crime. wh the problem is people who are trying to unravel our civilization and we always should incentivize behavior it build civilization not to tear it down. obviously, chris , you i give you so turns out gretchen whitmer, the disgraced governor of michigan, killed more elderly people in nursing homes. we really thought her policies es a new report found that the
10:41 pm
state misrepresented covid death in long termrese care as e know this in part because one reporter in michigan pushed to find out. his name is charlie leduff. us now. hey. hey. why do some some laundry in your room and delivery came ? oh , laundry. we can do that one to do texan . oh , hi, mr. keith. we have to go whatever you want to do it, be ready with rock and roll makes a simple inconvenient to take care. so when the moments right you're ready román ready care advanced is seriously effective. it soothes the uncomfortable swelling, itching and pain of your hemorrhoids. make your say get rescare advanced today leveled off
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10:46 pm
by calling us today or visiting through pinyon .com. we think a bad government policy killing old people in nursing homes. obviously you think ynk of l the state of new york and the former governor who left his job not becauseef we did in the nursing homes butut because he said something naughty to someone to work for him. apparently one time maybe. s but it wasn't just new york . it turns out it was michigan even worse than new york . a new report from michigan's office of the auditor general found the state has beenn misreporting the number of deaths in long care long term care facilities. the kogure deathth count in thoe facilities is 42% higher than the state reported. now why t t do we know this ? no one seemed interested in getting these numbers. charlie leduff, a former new york times has been covering michigan independently for years was when the only reporters m pushing to get to the actual truth. the story now that we haveon and he joins usig tonight . charlie, congrats on getting to the bottom of this . finallyna, what do we know now?> we let's see in a nutshell.
10:47 pm
we know this michigan is new york . what cuomo did, whitmer followed real quick. right. someme proportion. new york's got twenty million people. michigan's got ten millionn people. t new york's got sixty thousand covid debts. michigan's got thirty covid debts. new york lied about itsut nursig home numbers. it n really has sixteen thousand debts. we lied. it's really eight r thousand. we're just half the size of new york . by forty twoed percent. new york undercounted by forty six percent. y we have thousands of dead people. numbers represent people and we did not f account for them. and brother, letbr me go on here because now i'm really starting to feel this . we shut down schoolsls, we shut down business, we shut down sports , we ruin the economy. to do what ? to stop death of whom? the elderly.ld you know, the one that we alls knew was the most vulnerable and we lied about it. we made this disease covid seem
10:48 pm
more virulent to the general society and more benign toal people who live in these facilities. and it turns out 40% of all the deaths in michigan are in these facilities we blew look this criminal and somebody got to go. somebody's got to be fired. so that is such an insightful point. they inflated the threat to the general population and minimize the threat to the people who actually were dying t from it. why what ? yeah, and you know what i conservative people, i come from them. loveir their mother and father. i the liberals, i come from them. they lovee their mother and father's. yeah, i know children haveho formed the political leanings yet and they love numnah and let this happen to her . it's a crime and they lie. do you know what i went through to push the government to tell i had to sue and not one media outlet joined me on it.. i how could i mean that's a whole nother story. but just in two sentences, why are you the only journalist in the entire state m of michigt who was interested in getting to the bottom of this truth?
10:49 pm
all right. unfortunately, i think charlie m just lost his mikeic. but you see the point it just took one person who was interested in aggressive to get to the truth and that matters. the truth does matter. well, speaking of the truth, this is a story we're going to look back at with justt jaws open. the city of washington, dc is threatening to fireng all membes of itsar fire department who don't have the mandated number of inspections despite the fact they don't work. they've rejected 80% of a requests for legal exemptions r from this requirement. and mcdaniels iss a twenty one year veteran of the d.c.te firera department.ay hes says the city's position this is stress the department to the point whereisen it can't respond to fires is when the only people brave enough to come on camera to talk about this . and so we're grateful to have mike engels join us nown us. r engels, thanks so much foo coming on . so clearly this is not a career
10:50 pm
enhancer for you to come on andy say this on the air tonight . why are you doing it? well, got to speak out. someone's going to say stand up and say no. it's we've had tooe put up with so much over these past several months, ever since the mandatete or the threat of the mandate was was there and frankly, it's it's actually ridiculous that peopleous that are vaccinaa and unvaccinated are both catching and spreading covid yetca they only want to fire those who are unvaccinated. >> what do you think that's a ie mean, do you have any sense of the motive here since there's no science behind this whatsoever? none. this is notis anmi epidemic of the unvaccinated. that's a lie. li it's provably a lie.ow and now we know because everybody knows had three shots, is sick at home with covid and a lot of people i know. so why are they continuing to push this ? do you have any idea? t i think at this point it's ego. down to that's one thing i can i mean, at first they probably had good intentions or just not a lot of information. but as more information has come out, they haven't changedan their policy and they still hold it over our heads as we
10:51 pm
speak. so the thing about firing firefighters as opposed of firing chief diversity officers is we actually need firemen or buildings burn and people die. is the city worried they won't have an effective fire department if they keep this up? do they care? i think many do care, but a lot in the leadership are afraid to stand up and say so for career enhancement threat of losing the career. the biggest part is the mayor came up and stated that mpd, which is the police department can afford to lose 20% to the vaccine mandate and that the fire department could also stand to lose similar numbers, which is nowhere near accurate. we barely got through the past p ascouple months, especially the last month as it was people were guys were working guysg, and gals vaccinated , were workingeded 24 or 48 , 60 , 72 hours in a row just to keep that apparatus manned. and there were several timespa
10:52 pm
when many pieces of apparatus were out of servicera not available to respond. there's not any evidence that one piece of evidence that a single unvaccinated fireman is hurtat anybody becaue of being infected. that's just true. there's none and yet our medical director said as much. right. so you. guys risk your life to protect the rest of us. everybody likes firemen like the most popular job in america . everyone j appreciates what you do. i'm just amazed that no one has risen to defend it. it's's starting to pop up part of the reason i'm speaking out is there's m as you see more and more firefighters around the country are starting to speak up, spoke out. but social media makes it very, very difficult to communicate with each other. everything gets taken down, censored. what have you. so that's one of the great opportunities for this show is to get out and for other people to see a this and know n that you're not alone. there's almost threeot hundred f us in washington, d.c. alone who are unvaxxed. yes. and vaccinated our fight in the
10:53 pm
mandate and we have our religious exemptions in but we're waiting on those to be ruled on as we t speak. yeah,k. well, i think you're t brave to comeo on the show today and i'm grateful for it and i hope that inspires other people to find that courage as well. thanks so much. good luck. thank you , tucker. so we've been charting the very rapid descent of one oft the great countries in the world, australiald, into total authoritarian craziness and it's getting worse apparently australia justa reported eight male tennis star, one of the greatest tennis players, the healthiest people on the planet and prevent him from competing p because he hasn't takenla the requisite number of shots. pure insanityyi tales for the here on if i can tell you what i tell you, i think thanks for giving me coping with all these years with hopes of withdrawing help but no one said the recommended retail brand. hello, i'm mike lindell and i'm here to tell you about my brand new product, my slippers.
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10:59 pm
fox news kevin cork hasll a sleepless >> tucker, as you mentioned, he is now back home in serbia. novak djokovic barred fromno defending his aussie open title after the country canceled his visa, of course. and people have beenth talking about that . now critics frankly, tucker,ke are charging that the ban is just the latestan example of an unvaxxed apartheid that's basically sweeping the sports world. it's already impacted the nba, the nfl and the nhl just to name a few. and for what it's worth ,s he's not out of the woods yet. remember, he still holdsan the titles at the french open and wimbledon as well. french officials say he could be barred from that tournament if he's not vaccinated if vaccinated, that is against bevid-19 by the time that all begins and even worse, he could. face similar sanctions over at wimbledon and elsewhere. stilll l, t a ban from australia. a lot of people setting him up as a bit of a vaxxed he says he doesn't want that title, but there are those are still h standing behind him said one writer quote if big "i" and it's a big if if i this is what he is recalled
11:00 pm
and remembered for ultimately in his life. i' that historyav will treat him a lot more favorably than the aussies did. tuckeread.. yeah, that's for sure. it's great t to see you. thanks. thanksor a lot for that .. you bet. we're outwe of time. sadly, we've got a brand new interview with travis tritt. he saw tuckercarlson tom. you can get it for free. sean hannity takes over right now. we will see you tomorrow night. you know, without novak w djokovic in australian open,th it's not even worth watching. will i ?ne honestly, i'm not a boycottco as you know. it's it's ridiculous. i'm a man. thank you . t hiwelcome to this special editin of hannity after a historically bad capping off a historically bad year, joe biden's h presidencycy now on the ropes. things are going so poorly that even as one time protectors, the media mob, they're now beginning to takeak notee. look. at this headline from fake news cnn. you can't make it up quote is biden's presidency doomed? meanwhile, one article


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