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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 19, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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go up inside. you need to i need indeed indeed you do indeed and instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description visit indeed .com slash hireup and university of phenix. we have scholarships for everyone hard at work no matter where you work get up to a three thousand scholarship starting with your first course. explore your opportunities at phenix edu. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight joe biden shuffled forth from seclusion this afternoon for a rare soloes press conference. youe. may have seen it. it's about as common as punxsutawney phil emerging in fact, according todi statisticians who keep track of this sort of thing, it was onlyo his second since taking office a full year ago. and by the end you were wishing that joe biden spoke in public less often. the whole thing was awful, was
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totally weird and embarrassing not just to him but tohe the country. , at one point biden treated us to a stream of consciousness, thoughts about his son's former employer that would be a small corrupt nation calledd ukraine. apparently ukraine's eastern border with russia unlike say our southern border with mexico is a sacred boundary created by god that must be protected at all costs up to and including american lives. why is that ? joe biden didn't say the whole thing was confusing enoughat that we're going to spend some time unpacking and at much greater length on tomorrow's . ow but in the meantime, here's what you should know. you are currently fundingyo a proxy battle in ukraine against the nuclear armed russian military and that could very well erupt into a hot war that includes you, the united states, if nothing else, biden made that very clear. so sleep well tonight .th then bidenen bragged about himself as he h tends to do whenever he's awake. can you think of any other president who's done so much
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in a year? he has at one point.ti how doon you respond to a question like that ? biden didn'tor wait for the answer. instead he got mad at a reporter who dared ask him about covid watch. did you overpromise to the american public what you could achieve in your firstou year in office and how do you plan to course correct going forward? are you such an optimist? look,t? i didn't overpromise, bt i have probably outperform what anybody thought would happen well beforepe what's true actually outperform, meaning more americans com have died from corona on my watch. no evil anti science chitto man. which isn'tdo easy you dogface poni soldier. stick that in your hatth a. g smoke it. it got weirder from there. biden talked about his so-called voting rights legislation which only oppose ic . without that legislation the next election will almost certainly be fraudulent, fr rigged, illegitimate, stolen. see how that works if youai complain about an election after the fact, you're an
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insurrectionist. the justice department may indict you for seditionma, but f you complain about an election ahead of time preemptively, then you're a civil rights leader. there's a difference, mr. man. learn lovett biden went on to boast under his steady wise leadership presence in this country have gotten, quote, raises and we didn't mention that inflation's already eaten those raisins in a single bite and next year's raisins to though no one in the press corps bothered to ask anywayises biden did allowed that there are some americans who are quote frustrated and fatiguedri if that is not his fault, it's covid fault a disease created by unvaccinated trump voters and not we want to be cleard about this not created by his family's long time patrons in the government of china. they had nothing to do with it . you did it in any case, the solution biden explained, is more testing and more shots. that's why he plans to send a covid test to every american household and force every last holdout to aehor get the facts. >> when people p the hospitalizations are
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overrunning hospitals and you have doctors and nurses out because of covid, they have proven we put thousands of people back in those hospitals . look at all of all the military personnel we have first responders. nobody is ever organized. nobody is ever organized a strategic operation to get as many shots and arms by opening clinics and keeping and being able topi get so many people back to what i'm doing now is not just getting significant amounts of vaccines to the rest of the world, butrl they nowd, need mechanical way s how they get shots and arms. so we're providing them to know how to do that . how many prepositions were slaughtered in those paragraphs you just heard p? we lost count, but here's the headline and you've never heard a president brag about us . we put soldiers in the hospitals, biden said that'sxt a win. so y next time you get a exam, rest easy. men with guns are there.
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there's no reason to be afraid. but biden's not stopping within that accomplishmentg. there'ss more to do. joe biden's next goal is to vaccinate all eight billion people in the world by force ifr necessary. and of course we may needy soldiers for that too. i would hope that would happen. >> the rest of the world does what i'm doing and provide significant amounts of the vaccine to the rest of the world because it's not sufficient that we just have this country not have the virus or be, able to control the virus. but we can't pull the wool high enough to keep a new variant out. so it iao requires one of the things that i want to do and we're contemplating figuring out how to do that we are contemplating how to get done and that is how do we movee in the direction where the world itself is vaccinating the whole world. >> those africans better start taking the shots because walls don't work. you build a biggerrec wall , the
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just build a bigger virus. that'sr what the president said . if you take three steps back , it's kind of amusing in a sadad way here you have darfield to still yammering on about vaccines, gets the third shot or nostst arms for you. that's an order. but actually is he's been in seclusion. delaware, the rest of the world has moved beyond borders. no one is listening to joe biden anymore. he is weak. he commands no respect. the world no longer cares what he says. and as if to prove just hours before biden spoke today, starbucksks, the left wing coffe chain and under usual circumstances worships joe biden and his party starbucks announcing its two hundred thousand employees no longernd have to get the backs. it was mandatory at starbucks. it's not anymore dropping that requirement. that's kind of a big change.t b this is in direct contradiction to joe biden's personal orders. just a few weeks ago, biden warned of quote, a winter of severe illness and death. but an upbeat guy is but only for the unvaccinated. and yet at starbucks, the unnlhh vaxxed baristas are still standing still pouring those lattes and now they're getting
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back to work. what does this mean? well, it means they decidednn a senile mannequin in the whitel house knows less about covid than they do and they may be on to something. meanwhile, in israel, which is probably the most vaxxedd country in the world, scientists just contradicted everything the administration y has been telling us for a fulll year about vaccine passports and natural immunity. so a study in israel which no one has yet denounced as misinformation found that four vaccine shots do notll work as well against omicron as natural immunity does. one of israel's top vaccinert experts admitted that natural immunity in generals im is highy effective. watch this for you now of the view that vaccine passports should be phased out because they're no longer relevant in the mccrone era. >> i yeah,h, i tend to think so. even even if the omicron actually is causing a lot of, you know, breakthrough not great for infection but infections, you know, people that were vaccinated and you know, secondary infections
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that there aren't there we have to take into account that the virus is better at immunizing than the vaccine. better pull that man off twitter. what does he know? that's professor cohen. he's the head of immunology bar-ilan university. he's a member of the advisory committee for vaccines for the israelitt government and obviously a thought criminal. what did he do when he lookedwh atat the data and concluded that scientists have made a majorde mistake, quote, the virus is better at immunizing than the vaccine? oh , where have you hearda that ? what we've known that for more than a year our own cdc found that natural immunity provided more protection against deltaim, that variant of copiah than vaccination did. professor call went on to apologize for the biggest mistake of the pandemic shutting down schools and forcing children to stay home was destroyed a generation. it turns out there was no scientific basis for doing that at all. it was all teachersll unions wanting more time off omakase on the professor said we'll
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turn this pandemic into the pandemic phase. it'll be like flu, a widespread but mild illness. everybody gets it. very few were badly hurt by it and we should proceed accordingly. there's been plentydi obvious you'd never know it fromen listening to joe biden's that he had no clue whatsoever. but great britain, which has been almost hysterical in the face of it, has come to the same conclusion. so today lusi joe biden pushed everyone to take a third covid shot, calling it the optimumum protectionfor you can have excet for natural immunity, which tends to be much more effective as he was saying that and being ignored, boris johnson, the prime minister of great britain, announced an end toan all mandates and all laxea lockdowns in great britain, including in schools. here's part ofsc our scientists believe it iss likely that the american way has now peaked nationally. from now on , the government is no longer askingg people to work from home. people should not speak to s their employers about arrangements for returningho to the office and having looked at the data carefully, the cabinet
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concluded that once regulations lapse, the government will no longer mandate the wearing of face masks anyway. so the united states used to t lead the world, particularly in the field of science. modern science. was essentially invented here. it was certainly perfected here. nowe. the united states follows the world much smaller countries, our two closest allies in fact, countries which have covered at least as seriously as we did havee decided that what we've done for the last two years doesn't work and they're changings their policies. they're fleeing their population from the yokean of this insanity. all of that was happening atni the very momentng biden was preparing for his big solo press conference. but apparently nobody told him what was happening in our two strongest allies for doing this and he didn't druru know at the same moment that boris johnson this that masks don't work. joeso biden m declared that he's going to send four hundred million masswa to american citizens so that every person in america can be safe forca
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a day. it is lunacy. it's depressing to watchha and has massive implications. again, this is not globalip leadership. it's the opposite. this is what it, looks like. you're a global laughing stock. even biden's aides know it. h watch biden's own covid advisor admit that mass don't stop transmission. we know today that many of peoplearcloth coverings wear are not very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out. either you're breathing out or you're breathing in and in fact, if you're in the upper midwest right now, anybody who's wearing their face cloth covering canll tell you they can smell all the smoke that we're still gettingng. okay, so that was in august, almost halflm a year ago. a few months later in december last month, cnn's resident doctor admitted that his true master useless they've always been useless. >> cloth masks are not appropriate for this pandemic. it was it's not appropriate forr logan. it was notn. appropriate for
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delta alpha or any of the previous variants either. >> and yet joe biden is bragging that he's sending every american mask so every american can be safe for one day this is pathetic. whye are they doing this ? it's a question worth asking, in especially since joe biden knows the math. don't work. it's why he takes his mask offre when it irritates him here he was just a few days ago. >> what we've been able to do as a was able to generate significant federal help to joe biden. those masks don't work. cnn knows that mask don't work. joe biden's covid advisors knows that masks don't work. a country of great britain has p admitted that in public. so with that in mind, here'sn what the bush administration has been saying about masks for the last two watch the lies mask mask, mask is an important tool to controla the spread of covid-19.
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and when you're indoors p in public places you shouldla s wear the cdc continues tot recommend that any mask is better and no mask. and we do encourage all americans to wear a well fitting mask to protect themselves. we want to make sure people keepan peo their masks on .a i thinkof the idea of taking masks off in my mind is really not something we should even bei considering. they act like there's no cost to covering your face. but the truth is human beings need to see one another's faces. it's not optional. we pretend that it is any society that ignores natural imperatives, things as basicgn.d seeing other people's faces will destroy itself and the people who live withinesle evere knows that what you just saw is not science, it's mental illness. joe biden apparently doesn't know that and that's why even starbucks no longer listens to him. matt walsh is host of the matt walsh show. he joins us tonight . matt , thanks so much formi
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coming. look, to criticize the president of the united states, even someone you don't like and didn't vote for who's clearly as nasty as joe biden is, is in some way to diminish our own country. so i just want to preface this by saying it's sad to watch this because you wantn' your leader to be strong even if you don't agree with him and he's weak but how long p my question to you is can this pretense continue that this guy is running things he knowsld what he's doing? you should follow his commands. i think the pretense was over the first day took office. i mean, this is the consequence of electing or, you know, having a moldy cantaloupe as president united states and it creates this kind of perfect storm that that turns this into the most out of touch presidential administration in american history becauseh on one hand you have a president with literal dementia who lost his and by the way, before he lost his mind, he still didn't really have one . he had you know, he was he was a man of no no will of his own no no value system, just alwaysa triangulating. and then he lost his on top of that . then we've got that handlers, the administration itself, people calling the shots who hates the american people
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don't care aboutut our problems and that's why they send . is doddering old fool you while most of us are are p worried about inflation and gas prices, they sent down tohe georgia to rant about the fact that we all need voting rights when we already have themy and to call most of us racist. and so this is a situation think iting and i raises the question when it comes to covid and the policiese around covid, basically there are two ways of lookingre at either these are failed a policies and they're sticking with them because they don't want to be embarrassed and they can't admit they were wrong or the policies have not failed at all. and int fact this is the effect they wereha supposed to have. this is all about them gaining power. it's about reordering society. it's about destabilizing institutions a. so either way you look at it, it's it's certainly not good. n i mean,ot democracies are voluntary arrangements by their definition. you consent to be governed. t you can't govern without the consent of the people who govern, period. and if people decide that they don't consent anymore, they're not going alongar with it like,
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you know, you could get some real destabilization. do they not get that ? well, i think that they just don't care. the problem is, again, they don't when you have people leading a country or a city or any any any institution and they hate the people that are leading, i think this is what you end up with a look at look at all the cities that are falling right across the country led by people who do not like the people that they're leading. and this is the this is ad the logical consequence of that . i think in part it's amazing that . thanks so much. great to see you tonight . appreciate it. thank you . yby the way, joe biden went on interminably for nearly twos hours. y they don't mean to mock him w as you get older you talk too much. we're very familiar with that . butar w that's still a long tim. we'll tell you more about what he saidd in just a minute. but first, the visiting associated pediatrics says childrention should keep wearing masks forever in defiance of
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the new governor's executive order. why is that ? they didn't explain. they just should believe your doctor shot up. meanwhile, the bushto administration is about to deploy 400 million mass to the public as we told you in the treasury department isol threatening to withhold covid relief money from the state of arizonase because it's not fully on board with the mask policies . joseph the dapo is the surgeon general of the state of florida. he's been one of o the clearest voices of public policy in the last several months. we're happy to have joining us now. doctor , thanks so much for coming on . it doesn't seem based on what happened in great britain today and all the science it's accumulated that any of these orders are rooted in data. i thank you for having me on , tucker. i totally agree. you know,gr we've entered this it's just a very bizarre period that we're in where people are just willfully denying data. i mean, i don't know how anyone at this point in the pandemic having seen country after country, including this country
10:18 pm
and state after state essentially have similar surges throughout this pandemic regardless of whether they have mass mandates where they force the kids to mask in school, whether they do the whether they adopt the vaccine passports, there's really no substantial difference. so, you know, it'sub i feel that so many leaders right nowi are essentially data deniers. i mean, it's right thereyo in front of youu.. we have quite a bit of researchs spanning decadespa that children develop very heavily based on the facial cues ofhe the adults in their world and the facial cues of their peers. so if you don't let five year olds see other people's faces for twothe' years, what do you o to their brains? you know, tucker, you're y totally sharing one ofar the saddest parts ofts this pandemic in terms of t health policy at the national level, including with peoplehe f like dr. falchi, they basically
10:19 pm
humanize the u.s. population, the people that live in this country and instead of being individuals, childrenn doing the things that make children wonderful. , being worryg free, expressing themselves, they've sort put them in this box where they're spreaders of viruses and they have to have their faces covered despite how unnatural that is withoutea really any high quality datall showing any benefit and lots of data and parental intuition suggesting harm and tremendous harm. you know, it's completely unnatural. or i think the word dehumanize is the perfect word to use and i'm really glad you used it and i'm going to i'm going to use it henceforth. so doxxed thanks so much for joining us tonight . dr. joshua tucker with dupo. surgeon general, sort of. well, there's a lot more from joe biden's two hour long press conference. was this him rambling corona tell you what else he said?l our friend will cain is going
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please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year for a fresh start. and family by calling us today or visiting trupanion .com. hey, joe biden doesn't appear public very often to scary doesn't want to get the wrona but when he does and once he starts talking well hard to solve that man down can't stop
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. his press conference went a on for two hours and of course it wasn't all about cove. it it wasn't about anything that actually mattered. no questions on crime or immigration. murder rates up fromam the southern borders over millions of foreign nationals whose names you don't know are streaming wi but don't ask and nobody did. the biden did have the chance and certainly had the time to make a lot of strange claims about his first year in office. so it was just very, very strange. here's a selection. in fact,ec my plan cuts the deficit, boost the economy by getting more people into the workforce. think i'ven't overpromised at all and i'm going to stay on thisy track. schools are closing over kn95 80% are still open no matter how hard they make it for minorities to vote. i think you're going to seees them willing to stand in line and defy the attempt to keep them from being. let me get something straight
10:26 pm
here. how long are you a guys ready to go? you want to go for another hour or two? putin has you know, has a stark choice either de-escalation or diplomacy, a confrontation with the consequences. i'm not so sure he has a certain what he's going to h do. g tomy guess is he will win. g he has to do something i didn't report. cards look pretty goodgo defense right. f that kind of a quick back of the envelope list here. my plan cuts the deficit by spending trillionsns more tht don't work. very few schools are closed. just happens to be your kids schools and your sister's kids schools and the schools give everyone know that most schools are not closed. very few in fact, no matterfo how hard they try to make it for minorities to votee. and that's the one that sticks out being completely false. but also utterly divisive. some percentage of people are going to believe that . you think the government is making it harder for you to exercise or franchise because
10:27 pm
of your skin color if you wanted to increase hatred and division, that's exactly what you'd say and that's what he said. will cain iss a co-host of fox and friends weekend. we should say, though, he's embarrassed. he's a lawyeraye i, smart person and we're always glad to have will cain. great to see it. so ap what do you make of this ? you i know, i think that selection of clips you played, you couldn'tn find if you tried your hardest one single truth everyar bit of it from start to finish a lie. the midterm report will not be good. he knows that . i believe that . he knows that . i think that he knows not single not one single minority voter. and i think i know the rhetoricalngnk trick here. not one , not one , not one single minority voter will beot disenfranchized by any type of push back on the voting rights and joe biden, i believe that these are lies, you know, cooler people, younger people than me, tucker call it gaslighting. i navel gazers like me call it a pseudo reality, whatever it may beps, it's live from start o finish and lives have served him very well. i think.
10:28 pm
tucker, you of course, as you laid out well in your firstn segment, we've been pumped fulld of fear and lies over covid for well over a year at this point but not limited to covid when it comes to race. i find it difficult to be lectured to by a guyuy who eulogized a kkk member that if i voter id is an a important element to voting, then somehownme that makes mero a racist. i have a trouble believingubng that every timee someone goes to race and pretends that he sees racist everywhere around that he's operating goodwill. and what's happening to these lies, tucker, is reality is rudely interrupting his nap. well, the it's on inflation or russia or the midterm elections. reality is rudely interrupt his pseudo reality, his gaslighting, his lies. pti think that's very nicely pu. i just have to ask and this is a rhetorical question, but it's just so striking if it's racist to ask people to show a driver's license in order to vote, why is it not racist to ask for vaxxed card to prove their medical history before going to dinnering or staying
10:29 pm
in the hotel? right. i don't understand. i , i don't either and i don'ton know that in a two hour pressha conference he would have been able to field that scriptedld t question would he had a ready made answer for that question? hey, tucker, i will say this . you know, i made this point today. i made itoint on the will cain podcast and i don'tst look this can sound so partisan. it can sound so hyperbolic. but i do believe it's true . i think the joe biden ispr the worst president of my lifetime and i thinknk he's possibly after his first year in officey in the running for worst president in american history. and it's not because of the incompetence, it's not because of the mistakes. and there's plenty of all off that . it's because his kneele, his instinct, reaction to whenever he finds or encounters anyye type of pushback is to divide us on race is to create an attempt to create an underclass of people to blame for our problemss called the unvaccinated. and it is to openly call forci the silencing of peopleng who disagree with him. he's openly asked for. censorship that is what makes him uniquely the worst president of my lifetime. m.a completely agree he stole
10:30 pm
the crown from barack obama who did warn us tro that the guy was was a wrecker. want to wreck something higher joe biden i think that'sh a paraphrase what obama said he was absolutely right. worse h on obama. that's's quite a title. willha cain, thank you for that. it's great to see you. thank you .go good to see you. so one of the reasons it's interesting to go to other countries is you can see not everyone does thingss exactly the way we do.o. in most cases we do things better because we're american. we're the beste. but there are also countries from which we can learn and hungary is one one the onlyl place in the world that defends its borders and protect its citizens. soso we went to hungary recently to see what they were doing. we can show you part of what we found thered, a documentary on it. by the way, these pictures are live from capitol hill. the senate ispi currently debating a so-called voting rights bill, something we've long had really. it's a bill to allow people to commit voter fraud anyway. the vote could could occur later this evening if it wasou
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that includes a free magazine and video lesson to learn or just let the kids fight socialism .com. that's right. socialism .com. >> next week we'll return to the topic of hungary, a small country in central europe that has a lot of lessons forus us. you can run your country for the benefit of the people who live there doesn't mean you have to hate otherer countries , strike some kind of bellicose posture, pick fights, attack anybodyst know. but your job if you run a country is to run it forhe the benefit of your citizens. that's what democracy is. so i we have made a documentary on hungary. it's the final episode of season one . it tucker carlson originals is called hungary versus soros the fight for civilization becausee " it's nothing less thn that . you can send it to stream it on . tucker carlson .com is the first look. hungary is not the richest country in the world. it's not even the richest country in central europe. and somehow they managed to build a border wall in about 20 minutes.
10:37 pm
well, there's's sb54 so it's not a high tech border wall . i it'sn right in the middle. but the difference there really to protect their border, they want to get their from january00 trying to make denukehe the european union. but all of them stop by the fence and the wholele combinatin of all of them. youu don't think any major no on the no. pretty great 100% out next weeke . skidrow is the foreign minister of hungary. he joins us tonight . thanks so much for coming on . so i know that you're a diplomat. you diplomatically as you should, but i have to ask w hungary's example in the wayay that it controls its borders at very low cost, very straightforward policies that are effective. why do you suppose other countries haven't learned
10:38 pm
that very simple lesson? look, first of all, i have to reject the introduction. i've never been a diplomat. i happened to be their boss, but i have always beens a politician. so it's very easy to me to speak honestly and not to not diplomatically. so thank you very much for the invitation. by the way, ms. thfirst of all, i have to expres my appreciation to you to show the reality about hungary that's very, very rare. weve are usually faced by the by the lies and the fake news produced by the international liberal p mainstream. and your interview your report about hungary from something brings fresh air to us regarding your question, i can tell you that whenever we have meetings of the of the foreign ministers in the european union and whenever we discuss border protection, migration, security related issues, then
10:39 pm
the foreign ministers usuallyni send text messages to me during the debate that i'm doing good and keep on doing that and say those things and then i ask them at the debates. wh soy my dear friends, why didn't you contribute or so then they say, look, you know, back at home there are ngos, liberal media, coalition government pressure and so on and so forth. so actually the reason why i think others cannot implement the honest policy on migration is that they feel themselvesnd under pressure by international liberal mainstreamerss media, ns and political elites in hungary you have a political stability, two thirds majority in the parliament. son we have the luxury to say what we think and act accordingly. >> what's interesting is thatt behavior is such a threat to our foreign policy establishment hysterical withry lifelong history of failure and applebaum or david frum or people who really supported foreign adventures that hurt our country, hate hungary
10:40 pm
and refer to it reflexively r as a dictatorship. obviously it's not a democracy. why dot i you think it's son threatening to this nation of 10 million people in central europe? look, i think why they hate us is that we are conducting a patriotic christian based policy. the target of ours is to reach t the two to fulfill the national interest we are conservativee and in the meantime we are successful. so basically our existence is a danger for them because what they say is that the only way to have a program of successful political system is that you have to be extremelyer liberal and our existence makes very clear that no, this is
10:41 pm
not the only way to be progressive, to be successful, to will feel the interest of your nation. but our way the conservative patriotic christian democratic waycons, you know, respecting or historic and religiousus heritae ,respecting our values like family. this brings success also. so the reason why they want us to be beaten in the next election is that basically one of the last successful conservative government l would be kicked out from powerer and then they could speak about the fact that oh look, liberal mainstream is the onlyst successful ideology in the worldsf. they see you as a much bigger threat than china, which just t tells you everything you're going to try to interfere in your election as you well know. good luck petition tory the foreign minister of the nation of hungary. go. gs thank you so much. so we complain a lot about the cable news network cnn. >>wo we too rarely take time to be deeply amused by their total
10:42 pm
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10:47 pm
join the true pinyon family by calling us today or visiting trupanion .com today. cnn announced this week they're hiring a team of reporters to cover the misinformation beat. now that sounds kind of ominous before you get upset and just dismiss it as a new way to lie, which is of course what it is. consider the hilarious irony here the of collusion at work is now in search of misinformation and that pointses out really the deepest truth about cnn i this is a television channel that has no c sense of self-awareness whatsoever and that makes it kind ofin hilarious. on tuesday, for example, cnn interviewed the former head of planned parenthoodd who declared that we have failedre t the children, we have failed our children throughout this entirere pandemic. we have not prioritized our kids and now we're seeing
10:48 pm
the effect we're seeing the mental health impact, as you mentioned. but we're also seeing the impact on nutrition and physical activity. these studies are alsond showing that school lockdowns have an impact on increasing childhood obesity, which also has implications for diabetes and heart disease for these kids growing up later on in life as well. soad this is a lady's job. s it was to make sure kids weren't born watching us. but the children we t failede. the children. our children are fine. take your advice are not doing well. and then there's don lemon and we don't mean to single out mr. lemonwe. wewe actually find this womanan hilarious. mr. allen is invited tos our christmas partyy this year. that's your information. we hope you'll come. you'll lovee, it. let's be honest.ho this is h a man who has spent more than 50 years livinge, entirely for himself and that's fine. we're not judgingng, but now he's telling the rest of us that we should consider the common good. >> it had to start doing things for the greater good of society and not for idiots who think that they can do their own research that they are above
10:49 pm
the law and they can break the rules. mr. don lemon, the face of altruism, the dag hammarskjold of cable news do great. we just told you about a really cool conversation. we have the really cool man, travis trittre. >> the country music startsta on tucker carlson today we asked him aboutca one ofgr the greatest people ever, johnny cash, who he knew. listen to the advice johnnyce cash gave a young travis tritt . stewartt call me c said hey, johnny cash is over on my bus. w he wants to meet you. no way. and that's what i said. no way. and i go over and i'm working on vaxxed for like just a few for a few years before that . that's incredible. and i'm sitting there>> withh hm and he was just so nice and soe crtv and so we're talking t
10:50 pm
and out of the blueal i don't know what gave me the courage to say it, but i looked at johnm and he said don't call me john, call me j.r. all my friends call me j.r. and i said, okay, j.r. i said, let me ask you something. i said i saw youin do somethings last night that was absolutely amazing. and i toldg.g. him the story of what i had seen about how all of these people had just known he was in the room. i said how do you do that ? and john was the kind of person if you embarrassed him or if he got he'd get real humble on you, you know, sit down. you know, if there was a rock on the ground, he would kick that kind of thing. and i said, no, j.r., i'm serious. when i said that his eyes came up and met mine and he said there is a little thing in our industry that has been forgotten. e. it's called mystique. he said don't ever wear outyo
10:51 pm
your welcome. don't ever forget where you came from and always be humble, always be time to people but always keep a little something back that you don't showt everybody. i that interview went very long because it was great and fun. we split into two parts. part two is now out on fox nation. get it for you, tucker carlson .com. wokee bush administration up this morning, looked around and said no, we don't have enough empty grocery store shelves with too much stuff fors sale. we need to really get serious about making the supply chain worse. synthesizes crush the trucking industry. we'll tellthuc you next . what's going to happen may be close to retirement, but i'm as busy as ever. and thanks toaki' bothve, i'm confident about my future boy. i provide guidance forde the right investments.
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10:57 pm
well, that's the guy who brings you your food every day. >> truckers do something useful for a living and that way they're very different fromy diversity consultants or private equity executives. solt the trucking shortage is the historic high. we area short more than 80 thousand truckers trucking instructors are having trouble finding studentstors for eighten year old cecilia contreras. she dreamed of taking a bigte step and getting behind the wheel of a semi truck which cameme true after don , a north high school offered a unique educational program gearedd towards truck driving. allvi the truck driversng are leaving the younger classes note looking to be a truck driver. whether or not introducing. ou so if you have a whole economy based on orderings stuff from far away warehouses overt the internet and hoping it gets to you, you need truckers. so if your administration is discouraging people from beingsi truckers, you're going have a massive crisis, which is what we're facingwhat.
10:58 pm
ed knows a lot about it. he's a new jersey state senator , newly elected any long time truck driver. senator , it's great to see you tonight . thanks very much for coming on . so you know a lot about this topic. of people don't know enough about this topic. how concerned are you by this trucker shortage? well, same as everybody i go shopping just like you do and not finding things in the distore is a problem. you know, it's also a problem that is not just affecting the truckers but certainly notke it's up and down the chain. t ofhe course there are a lot of different problems, but this is certainly one of them. it's an easy one to understand. and so if you're the white house, why would you want to make it worse? well, i can't explain why they want to make it worse, but i find it to be ill thought policy is causing the crisis that we have everywhere.
10:59 pm
you're telling people that they must get a vaccination and don't allow them toho make that choice. you're going to force people to make a choice, right, sittingir alone in their trucks, a danger to the public. d so in canada and this also happened in france when you mess with truckersnc, they tend to park their trucks in the middle of the highway. you think we'll see. a protest like that here? >> i would hope so, to be honest with you because i thinke protests are going to help. yeah, it's going to make peoplep start, you know, take notice if the you know, they put their foot down and say, you know, we're not going to take this . yeah. they have a lot l more power maybe than biden. the senator, thanks for joining us. thanks. appreciate it. .we'll get you a quick fox news nrsc senate vote in progress. kevin corke here to explain. h hiey there, tucker. the democrats don't have the votess, as you know, to end the filibuster as it currently stands atst 60 votes. t however, they're going to move
11:00 pm
ahead tonight and try to pushot an ultimate vote on that. there had been a debate just about over the past couple of hours, a lot of discussion about whether or not they can end th the debate itself about moving forward with m a vote a on the filibuster. yes. and we also know that it's not going to pass ultimately, tucker,,lt no, it's not. kyrsten sinema a hero suddenlyev the minds of many the greatat kevin kirk, thanks for that . good to see you tonight , johnow . entities over now. all right...nk and thank you talk and welcome to hannity and after days and days and days ofay resting, studying, prepping, joe bidenn finally trotted out to the podium for just to the secod solo press conference ever as president and as expected did nott, go well at all. in fact, it was the longestkl frankly mosty painful, even embarrassing presser i've ever witnessed. no doubt he still has lucid moments here and there, but more often than not, joe is clearly lost . he is confused, especiallyn prompter, frankly,th knowing the world is watching


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