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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 20, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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authority. >> if it was up to me anyone unvaccinated would not to be admitted to a hospital. at this point they've been given plenty of opportunity to get the vaccine, it's time for you to get it. if you don't get it, in my america all hospitals would be closed to you. you'll go home and die what a sad tall man he has become. >> announcer: we begin with a fox news alert. >> democrats deal biden a below, a philly butter without which democrats would have complete control of the country legislatively and the ability to force through agenda said without one single republican notice. what a day yesterday, what a morning. you are watched "first and foremost", on this thirst. i'm todd. hay carl yes. >> carley: great to see you,
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todd. one near since sworn into office. he says the administration has outperformed during that time, and blames former president donald trump and republicans for his shortcomings. >> todd: as we exclusively see from the former president - we begin with rip jenkins in washington. what is the latest. >> >> reporter: what a day, already the majority leader shuck schumacher can call for the vote to change the filibuster rule. it was rendered dead on arrival. watch. >> one party to exert complete control in the senate with a simple majority will pour fuel on the fair, and dysfunction function that is tearing that nation apart. >> todd: after the failed vote the president taking to twitter saying: this, after that marathon press conference where the president
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defended his record after one year in office. >> i didn't overpromise. i did probably outperform anyone that thought what was happening. we have made enormouses progress. we mentioned a number of death from covid. it was two times that, not long ago. it's coming down, everything is changing. >> todd: on russian aggression. the president raising eyebrows suggesting that the us response depends on whether it's anything more than a "minor incursion", when it came to the direction he is taking the country in, he had this exchange with our own peter ducey. >> why are you trying so hard in your first year to pull the county so far to the left. >> president joe biden: well, i'm not. i don't know what you consider to be too far to the left. you guys are trying to convince that i am bernie sanders, i'm not. i like him. but i am not bernie sanders, i am not a socialist.
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i'm mainstream democrat. >> todd: absent in the nearly two hours of questions, any discussion of the crisis at the southern bored or or the violent crime spree across the country, afterwards there's no shortage of republican criticism. >> the president is detached from reality, and the kitchen table issues matter mattering to american, claiming that in federation is under control. shelves at the grocery stores are restocked. that covid is under control. people will wear maths. >> reporter: the president refused to say whether the midtermle results will be legitimate with the voting life skill. >> carley: i thought undermining the election results was a threat to the democracy, we'll see if more remarks follow. president joe biden boasts about his first year's success, he
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says republicans are at fault for stalling his agenda. >> todd: brook with reaction from former president trump. >> reporter: president joe biden boasted of wide-ranging success from his first year in oxes the question is if things are going well, why is he blaming republicans for his failing agenda re. biden says he is surprised by g.o.p. efforts to block plans as nearly all of his legislative pushes have fallen apart and is pointing the finger directly at trump j. listen to this. -- at donald trump. >> president joe biden: did you ever thing that one man out of the office could intimidate an entire party, where they are unwilling to take any view contrary to what he thinks should be taken fore fear of being beaten in the primary.
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>> reporter: joe biden is saying there's five republican senators that would support his agenda, but do not want to cross trump. following the president preference, former president donald trump j flatly denied the accusation that he is individual gaiting fellow republicans, no, the party loves me, and i love the parliament trump is not commenting on whether he'll run for president on 2024. but said he'll make a lot of people happy with his decision. biden blames republicans for blocking his agendasa, seems americans are blaming the democrats for poor performance, this survey shows party preference shifting by 14 points over 2021 giving the g.o.p. a best national advantage since 199 a. that gallop survey showing the biggest swing ever in a single year since the survey began 30 years ago. >> todd: thank you brook. here is the low grades americans
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are giving joe biden for his first year in office. >> independence, joe biden, at this point a year ago was 06%. he's 33% approval. among the democrats he was 98% a year ago. now at 82. severe attrition is not right wingers, and conservatives and people that don't like poor joe biden. america, also, some believe he's incapacitated. a high number believe he's incompetent. the incompetence measure is the most durable one, it's a reflection on the entire democrat parliament it takes a lot for americans to want to fail the president and presidency, we live during the times we want the country to be prosperous, successful in tact and secure. people don't feel that. >> todd: i mean, where to begin, you and i tested each other through the court of yesterday's one hour and 52 minutes whatever it was in front of the american people. sometimes our mouths were again
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as to what we were hearing whilst text text either. we couldn't focus on the specifics. he mentioned midterms, way to undermine his integrity in the midterms, 10 months away, or we can talk about him inviting russia to do a major incursion, excuse me, a minor incursion, that's like being a little pregnant. i want to focus on what he didn't talk about, what the american people care about. where was the robust discussion of the border. he didn't talk about the border with a scenes of urgency or a need -- sense of urgency or a sense that we need to get something done. without talking about that, other issues are irrelevant. the border crisis seeps into every facet of our country. >> carley: you are right. steven miller agrees, here is what he said about joe biden, and the media ignoring the crisis at the southern bored e.
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>> joe biden spoke for two hours and is spoke on the wrong boarder, ukraine's, not america's southern border, let's be clear, who is happening at the southern border today, tomorrow, the day after that and the day thafr is getting americans killed - killed with drugs, gangs, crime. >> carley: yes, and, today, the other issue that was not addressed at all was the crime crisis, when we are waking to news that an 11-month-old baby in the bronx was shot in the face. we deal with the breanna comfort tragedy, a homicide rape has hit a 25 year high. not a single question about crime. >> todd: there's no other issue in reality. because if you don't have your life, you have nothing. all the other issues are erment at this point. there were no answers on to how to solve - there were no questions to, your point. >> carley: can i say peter ducey
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did say if he had a second question. if would be about the crime issue, but you saw joe biden go him sort of impromptu, and completely dismiss him after peter ducey asked why he brought the country so far to the left. >> todd: but it goes to the overall notion of joe biden being out of the touch. when you talk to people on a day in, day out basis, what are they taking about, about feeling safe and the economy. joe biden went on the economy but had a horrible answer with regard to that saying we'll break back, build back bets scur that will solve the problems. no, it's not. ending the energy disaster you got us in play. you got us down a path of inflation that will be tough to wind us out of the. the big e issue is crime. he doesn't feel what the rest of us are feeling. people in new york city, the mayor of new york city doesn't
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feel safe on the subway. what does that tell you. >> carley: i know, there's different elements to this press conference that deserve attention, one i want to bring up. was an answer to afghanistan, where he said he makes no apologies tore what he did. he said that he - i make no apologies for what i did i have great concern for the truth ta died but i don't think there should be a but. but if we stayed. he'd have to send more troops in. i thought it was a dismissive answer, and i wish there was a follow up question to that, considering there is a terrorist group now control afghanistan, and it didn't have to be that way. we just talked about the fact that crime was not mentioned. the president didn't affect the fact of that yesterday, but we are going to. a career criminal is finally behind bars this morning after the murder of a u.c.l.a. grad student stabbed in a random act
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of violence while working at a furniture store. >> todd: ashley live with the latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, over 1,000 tips since launching the investigation a week ago, south australian laval smith was arrested in california. not far from where he's accused of stabbing u.c.l.a. grad student. le yesterday he had lengthy rap sheets spanning both coasts. he was out on bond for a felony case in sorth carolina for shooting a flare gun into a car with a man and todd ler. he hasn't been in court because of the large because of a massive backlog due to october. he was arrested in foct for possession of stolen items in l.a. it was a felon scri, it's now a misdemeanour. l.a. county sheriffs blame the death on the district attorney.
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the l.a. country union saying: . >>. >> that is once they shoot or killiun. the last a sheriff is saying this, listen. >> he was arrested this october "21. released based on the new bill schedule. he should not ever have been released. >> carley: a statement was released saying it was heart-breaking that brianna was murdered whilst working. as soon as a case it presented to us we'll re view. it. it was estimated that there has been a 94% increase in homicides in 2019 and last year. the district attorney assigned to the case says smith's arraignments will be likely tomorrow. >> todd: a senseless tragedy, dc council nate phlegmings, carr
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jack said in broad daylight at a gas station. a gunman jumping out of a passing s.u.v., pointing a gun at fleming's case, giving up the keys, the gunman enters the car and drives off. he's the third law-maker to full victim of the crime after the liberals defunded police. two probes on the police democrats, congresswoman mirrie jane scanlon and kimberley lightfoot were carjacked. >> carley: a driver is charged after two marines are killed and over a dozen injured in a military truck crash in north carolina, the vehicle over tournament say local police station, while attempting a right turn, ejecting 17 passengers, a second military truck could not stop and hit a service member, a 19-year-old lucas has been charged with one count of exceeding state speed
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and two counts of death by motor vehicle vehicle. >> todd: the crisis at the southern bored or - there was more than 178,000 migrants encounters. according to court documents. that's a 141 increase compared to last december. over 78,000 migrants were expelled. cdp is yet to release its december updates. republican critics blaming the surge on joe biden. rolling back trump j's policies at the border. the supreme court ordered the biden administration to restore the trump era migrant protocols. >> carley: the federal bureau of investigation says it kuctsds court authorised activities, amid reports that a congressman's texas home was searched. the agency called it ongoings investigation, but provided no details. there were pictures of large bags carried out of the home. in a statement the member said
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he would commit and is committed to ensuring that justice and the laws was upheld. a lot of questions on that front. we told you about the career criminal finally arrested and in custody following the murder of a u.c.l.a. extraed student. we talk to an official who says his boss, the l.a. unit da is partly to blame for that man walking free on the streets in the first place. when you thought you heard it all about joe biden, now the secret service is accused of covering up for the president. you don't want to miss this one. >> todd: intrigue there, and, of course, a huge show. jimmie sailor, texas congressman clueing area, renberg and -- clueing j, ren berg and the guy on the right. he was hits during the press conference, all live this thursday here on "fox & friends first."
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as a business owner, your bottom line a 4-week trial plus postage and a di is always top of mind. so start saving by switching to the mobile service designed for small business: comcast business mobile. flexible data plans mean you can get unlimited data or pay by the gig. all on the most reliable nationwide network. with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business: powering possibilities. e >> todd: welcome back, an 11-month-old baby girl fighting for her life after being shot in the face in new york city. the baby and mom were in a parked car in the bronx.
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when a man fired at another man. that innocent child. 11- months-old was hit in the cheek and is in critical condition. the new york city mayoring adams writing on twitter: . >> carley: the parents of murdered college student it'sa major walked in horror as the taken convicted of killer here is sentenced to 14 years. raab ord weaver to spend the minimum time behind bars when he stabbed major to death in 2019 while trying to steal her iphone. three teenagers convicted. weaver was the last to be sentenced. the da arguing that texas family agreed to a range of 14 years to life in prison. tessa, a sturned at barnard college was 18 years old at the
1:21 am
time of her death. >> todd: meantime, a los angeles prosecutor blasting progressive politics after the city saw two women murdered at the hands of men with previous circle records. >> carley: coming as police confirmed they arrested a killer in the murder of 24-year-old u c.l.a. student brean acomfer. the us district attorney joins us now. i want to start there with the arrest of sean laval smith arrested for rted murder of brianna. there's a mon stage of mug shots that span several years, why was he not behind bars and who is to blame. >>. >> my prayers go out to the family of brianna. and it is a tragic, tragic
1:22 am
situation. and i'm so, so sorry for what happened to pre-ana, and i feel bad for the family. here is the situation, we have george best and a grouch of progressive prosecutors, funded by george soroa have been promoting euro bail. this is affecting many cities and states in this country, and george, a group of progressive procedures cutors, and george soras care more about violent criminals than they do about you, me, families and children. it's time that we vote them all out. this individual who has been arrested has a rap sheet spanning two coasts, he has over 12 arrests in a 10 year yerd. many violently. he has an open case in the south carolina, involving a gun, and was arrested in 2020 in a case
1:23 am
redirected by my office in 2021. he should not have been out of the yist, he should have been in custody, so everyone in the public is it safe. and a lot of people have failed. one of main is george gastron. if. >> todd: george gastron was voted into office. bear with me. sometimes when bad things happen in pour area, you don't get a lot of change. when bad things happen in richer areas, like the fairfax district where brianna was murdered. like fair okay, colorado, pasadena, i walked on that road at that intersection countless times. is this the wake-up call. rich liberals that noted george gascon into office need to make change and get him out. >> people need to understand that george gascon's policies and leadership failed.
1:24 am
it's a 15 years high homicide rate in los angeles. we have, compared to 2019. 50% increase in homicides in the city. and over a 90% increase in the homicides in the county. there are many individuals who are being victimize said. and george gascon bears a big responsibility tore this. he didn't seem to care, his policy basically is that he's put out to everyone, that you are not going be held accountable or possible for your criminal activity. and what has happened is we have a city of lawlessness where people feel they commit crimes, get away with things and not be held responsible or accountable for that. his response is that crime is overwhelmingly not on the rice in los angeles, his management response that we are exaggerating crime statistics, it's a slap in the face of brianna, sandre, the nurse that
1:25 am
was killed. a slap in the face for their pham police, and all the victims here in los angeles unit and shows that george gascon does not care about the individuals in the county, that he took on oth to protect. >> todd: it's on the voters to get him out. we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. >> todd: 25 minutes after the hour, did you hear this. >>. >> president joe biden: i guess he has to do something. russia will be held accountable if it invades. and it depends on what it does. it's one thing if they have a minor incursion, if they do what they are capable of what they are doing with the force amassed on the border, it will be a disaster for russia. >> todd: again, did you hear that. those comments encouraging - enraging onlookers who feel comments like that embolden russia. >> carley: president joe biden
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>> clare: joe biden admitting his administration fell short in part of its covid result. >> president joe biden: should we have done more testing earlier, yes. we are doing more now, we'll get better. moving towards a final in covid-19 that won't disrupt our daily lives. >> carley: his comments coming as the administration scramble to administrative half a billion tests nationwide. a company is facing backlash for staking to the covid-19 vaccine
1:31 am
mandate after the supreme court struck down the federal order. it has 300 employees and told them the supreme court ruling will not change the company policy, they are facing calls for a boycott. tweeting: require ashley st clair calming to cancel and stop supporting medical tyranny. controversy there. >> todd: there you go. joe biden administration turning to teens to get more big rigs out on the road. amid a supply chain crisis and labour shortage that the white house calls in the first place. >> we are at the edge of a claf. we have a shortage of talent. not just in trucking, but across every sector of emplot. we are moving more with less people. less equipment in many instance, and it's having an impact.
1:32 am
>> todd: kids behind the wheels of semi-trucks, is that the solution, joining me is the cofounder of the greater houston trucking foundation. has the shortage got worse since the last time we checked in with you. >> it's been getting better. after comment on the biden move, every parent that added their teenager to their family policy impose that shoourns sky rockets where minor drivers. minors under 21 are reckless in the driving. imagine for a moment that driver hauling 80,000 pounds. it's not pair for us to put our families at risk. if we learn anything from the houston truck driver sentence said to 110 years for causing a fatal url accident in col reason, he was an inexperienced driver at the age of 23. >> todd: why does it seemed like the politicians are not listening to the people that do the work, the truckers, on the
1:33 am
best way to solve the crisis. >> according to the published reports, the programme in of itself is a programme lasting three years, with a cap of 3,000 drivers at any one time. what we want to know specifically is what is the net cost to the tax players of this initiative. why are we not told specifically how much it will cost the taxpayers, and to be honest. it smells like special interest strategy for a group to get millions to train a few thousand drivers. we want to know how many will be retained after this period. the average turnover for truckers is it 94%, and they are pre-covid members, you make a clear point. i want to know too, they can come talk to us. >> todd: in terms of driving a truck - i must admit i have never driven a truck - it seems to me putting kids that have trouble driving a normal car
1:34 am
much less an 18 wheeler not a good idea. what are some of ideosink rahsies of driving a truck that may be lost on an 18-year-old boy. >> just the fact of being young, on your phone, social media we as an association support commonsense solutions, we believe that if you want to eliminate the shortage of truck drivers, you need to offer comprehensive benefits and packages with competitive pay. and you must make it easier for women to join the industry. and to convince women that they are welcome, to make it clear that women are not only wanted. but they are needed in the truck driver career poll. >> seems like getting rid of vaccine mandates may help. appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> carley: todd, some. things joe biden didn't mention about his first years in office are run away inflation, rampant crime, and the out of control
1:35 am
border crisis, we'll talk about all of those things with our panel of every day americans who have been personally affected by the democrats failed policies. and novak djokovic, may be moving his fight with australia off the tennis court and into the court of law. this story is far from over, we'll tell you what could be coming up next. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. our friend sold their policy to help pay their medical bills, and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some research and called coventry direct. they explained life
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>> todd: we back with a fomp news alert. the white house on clean up before joe biden says a main juror incursion of ukraine go create a response. >> carley: ahead of a meeting with russia's foreign minister tomorrow. amy joins us live with much more on this story, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after weeks of speculation and diplomatic distance of course, frankly, around russian president vladimir putin and his people. president joe biden says he thinks that russia will invade ukraine, this after new satellite imagery emerges of further troops inside russia. >> president joe biden: i guess he has to do something.
1:40 am
russia will be held accountable. if it in vads, and it depends on what it does. it's one thing if its a minor incursion, if they do what they are capable of doing, with the forces massed on the border, it will be a disaster for russia. >> reporter: senator ted cruz was quick to call joe biden's comments "catastrophic and incoher honourent", senators tom cotton adding in a tweet: amidst the confusion on how the us might respond if there was a limited incursion in the ukraine, the white house issued a statement: >> secretary of state anthony blinken left ukraine for germany overnight for talks with allies,
1:41 am
he'll meet with his russian counterpart in geneva tomorrow. and president joe biden did say yesterday that he doesn't imagine that ukraine will join n.a.t.o. any time soon, that is not clearly going to assuage russia, we'll see how that plays out too. >> carley: absolutely, a lot of news on the russia-ukraine front during the press conference yesterday. president joe biden marks one year in office today and is giving himself high marks despite the onslaught of crises facing our nation. >> did you over promise to the american public what you could achieve in your first year in office. >> president joe biden: i didn't overpromise, i have probably outperformed anything that anyone thought would happen, everything is changing, getting better. >> carley: on the first year rancher and c.e.o. bill bullard and sergeant betsy brantner smith. spokeswoman for the national
1:42 am
police association. thank you both for joining us, we are hope to see you. yesterday, during the president's - almost two hour long press conference, there was not a single question asked about crime. what are you noticing when it comes to the change in crime and policing during the president's first year in office. >> we had an unprecedented spike in homicides around the nation. in l.a. county, 94%. in the 90, in seattle. we have just an insane increase in the amount of crime and police officers are also dying at a record level in 2021, and yet there was not a single question about crime yesterday, there was not a question about the border, which is another huge issue for law enforcement. i found it frustrating
1:43 am
yesterday, there was talk about foreign policy. so much meandering, and nothing - even though we have the high profile cases that are happening in new york and la. i found it frustrating. >> carley: i think you are right. if you polled the americans, the majority say this would say they cared more about the crime crisis than the russian situation that garnered a lot of time. >> you are a rancher in montana. you say it's more difficult now than ever before to make money in your industry, why is that. >> to be clear, i'm a former rancher. you are right our industry is the largest segment of american agriculture and is shrinking, we lost 43% of cattle. 75% of feedlots and millions of other cows from the industry, and that's in the last few
1:44 am
decades. consumers are paying superinflated prices in the grocery store and cattle producers struggling to receive the cost of the market, many not receiving that from the marketplace. we went to the biden administration and said there are two problems, high concentration, four packers controlling 85% of the market. two of those four are brazilian owned and are exercising an abusive mark policy allowing them to leverage down price, the other problem is globalization, we granted an unlimited access to global supplies of beef and cattle so the source from namibia, africa, costa rico, uruguay, brazil. canada, as - they are bringing that product into the united states and selling it to unsuspecting consumers, and this is produced by the american ranchers, when it's exclusively foreign product. the biden administration is yet to act on the problems.
1:45 am
they have not yet curbed the market problems. highly concentrated industry, and not yet provided consumers mandatory labelling to choose where they want their beef produced. >> bill, bullard. and sergeant betsy brantner smith, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you bet. over to you todd. >> todd: carley, another turn in the hunt her-biden saga. this time the secret service accused of covering for the president's son. we want to get to the bottom and we have the details. we are yet to see the white house's latest failure happening overnight. if joe biden things he's outperforming expectations, how low is the bar set. a giant that knows about low bars joins us next.
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and there you have it. woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. big deal. we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, but mine has 5g included. relax people. my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one-upping itself. take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. >> welcome back, republican senators calling out the secret service claiming the agency is hiding travel logs on hunter
1:50 am
bind. in a letter they write: >> the senator says those missing years are when hunter travelled to russia and china, and said the documents are actually able to see were improperly redacted. >> carley: president joe biden giving himself a big old pat on the back after his first year in the white house. >> president joe biden: a year of challenges, butt it's been a year of enormous progress. we need to get inflation under control. we need to know what was going on with voting rights. i have probably outperformed what anyone thought would happen. >> todd: maybe he missed the news on his latest approval rate are and the polls - i'll told me
1:51 am
doesn't like it. jilly fallon, hosting "fox across mark" and fox news nation. if this is enormous progress, can you imagine what the next three years will be like. >> i want to defend him here, technically speaking, today, the titanic made enormous progress getting across the atlantic ocean before winding up underwater like joe biden in every single pole. folks, if you missed the biden press conference, don't feel bad. so did joe biden. for him to stand up with a straight face, yes, he spoke for two hours. it took him 9 minutes to complete a sentence with the dottering and wondering. it was a tough thing to watch. it was a case study on why this guy is less popular than a parking ticket. he doesn't take responsibility for anything. when he says "i didn't
1:52 am
overpromise", you know this. the guy ran on unity. ran on shutting down the virus, we were promised disney world and now we are getting ready to go on a sketchy ferris wheel turning into a van and drives away. not quite disney world. >> yeah. you know, and what did you make of the exchange that the president had with that reporter, when he said, you know, you promised unity, and you were divisive. and your speech in georgia, and you accused the republicans of being george wallace, and he yelled at the reporter and said i didn't accuse them of being george wallace, i accused them of voting like george wallace, what's the difference. >> yes. i didn't say you were in the clan. i just said you are doing what the clan does, this idea that he is a victim after that statement. like, how dare you misinterpret my words.
1:53 am
like,io. he literally called the voting bill jim crow on steroids. what he doesn't understand is if you walk this back to jim crow on muscle milk, it's not less offensivement it's the jim crow park we are bothered by. the clarification is absurd. this is why he's in the position he is in. there's a brazen disregard for the truth. we are like joe biden, the elevator does not go all the way to the top floor. i am not sure it does. the problem is it's not that, but he brays inially lies at every turn. when he says, i haven't passed more legislation because republicans are out to block me. republicans voted for the infrastructure bill and mitch mcconnell who said he was proud to vote for the infrastructure bill. they were not blocking him to block him, they are blocking him because he goes too far to the left. if you want to pass decent legislation and compromise you don't need to rearrange the
1:54 am
filibuster, something the democrats used 328 times in the last few years but is a racist relic of the jim crow south. like joe biden's political career. >> carley: he was asked about the trajectory of the country he said he doesn't know how we can say it's going not wrong direction. he thinks everything is fine. you poll inflation, border, they tinge it's otherwise. >> thank you for join us. >> you're the best. never by a g.p.s. off joe biden. are. >> carley: noted. a couple more headlines. the n.c.a.a. announcing an update to its policy regarding transgender athletes. to fall if line with us and international olympic committees, each sports national governing body will determine individual's participation with an ongoing review with the n.c.a.a. it will be effective
1:55 am
immediately. transgender athletes will be required though record testosterone levels four weeks before selections. >> todd: merveille ndockyt to sue the australian government for being sued in an immigration hotel. he's suing for $4 million, including prize money he may have won had he defended the open. the australian federal courtle reporting that they deported novak djokovic because high refused to be vaccinated and they feel he would encourage ain't a vaccine sentiment among his supporters. coming up. carmela harris finding the root causes of immigration, everywhere but the border. >> carley: where she's heading to now, when we talk to the texas congressman, and brian and
1:56 am
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>> carley: we begin with a fox news alert. senate democrats dealing president biden a major low, quickly killing his push to alter the filibuster. without it democrats would have complete legislative control of our country and the ability to force through ideas without a single republican vote. you are watching fox t.v., i'm carley shimkus. hi, todd. >> todd: hi, carley, great to be back. i'm todd piro. the latest legislative failure comes today as today marks one


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