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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  January 22, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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i hope she's okay funk the adrenaline was going there. i have a little bit of confusion but tim she said i just got hit by a car and he said well. i sit up one of you guys got hit by a card to oh my gosh are you okay, right? x yes. >> that is my question for. >> great question quite swap everybody bread that doesn't for us will see you tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show the fox report with search right now. >> fears of a potential russian invasion of the country are growing. good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ ♪ that u.s. shipment of lethal ammunition part of a larger security support package arrived in ukraine overnight produces more russian troops and military equipment arrived at the border among the two nations. president biden's meeting with
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his national security team at camp david this weekend. meantime back at home, one nypd officer is dead, another fighting for his life. they're both shot last night at new york city's harlem neighborhood. the suspect is also critical condition for a fox team coverage on both stories. lucas live at the white house and greg in ukraine with the rising tensions overseas, alexander with more on president biden's reaction to last night's deadly shooting. and his pledge to support local police. but first to alexis mcadams live in new york city with the latest. >> jott a very tragic to hear new york city especially here in harlem was actually a memorial set up behind me in the present of those officers work for an investigator saying this was an ambush particular get the videos where it all unfold at last night in harlem. it happened around 6:00 p.m. three nypd officers called out on the scene from a woman said
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fighting with her adult son that's when two officers said they tried to speak with the man who then opened fire. the ambush left one of the officers dead and another critical condition. this is one of those officers but nypd now identifying this man 22-year-old jason rivera was the officer killed. he's a rookie officer only on the department since november of 2020 breaks much more than a police officer though, a husband, a friend and a son. investigator said this is the government 47-year-old mcneil. police say mcneil is on probation for felony drug charge has quite the rap sheet. arresting a half a dozen times over the last several years for a variety of offenses per the gun that was used, jon, was reported stolen back in 2017 in baltimore. tonight new york mayor turning his focus on illegal guns asking for federal help, listen. >> the numbers are clear, officers are taking thousands of guns off the street. but they need help. and the help is to stop the flow. that is what the federal
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government must do. >> here you can see the memorial in front of the precincts. this is what we are expecting hear from nypd leaders and possibly the mayor later on tonight. just this month alone five nypd officers have been shot. mary trent mayor eric adams talking a lot today about the fighting is illegal gun sayings asking for federal help and also most importantly asking for people here in new york to support their police officers. morale is low it's hard enough to get investigators and officers on the force in there so many tragedies that keep happening, jon. >> alexis mcadams live in york city, alexis thanks. councilwoman represents the neighborhood where this deadly shooting occurred is facing criticism of her past comments about the nypd including calls to abolish the police department. back in july, democrat socialist christian richardson jordan tweeted in part quote let's make harlem and nyc safer by defending the police
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and finding the people. then earlier this month she tweeted quote, nypd is still the biggest gang and new york city. former nypd commissioner ray kelly with this reaction earlier today on fox news live. >> how ludicrous is this? how many of her constituents want to abolish the police, eliminate the police? the police are needed more than ever by communities of color which this person who represents great memos and tweets like this absolutely do not help at all. i do not know what constituency she is playing too. it is not any sane constituency i can tell you that. >> the wake of last night's terrible shooting richardson tweeted quote, i have been asked not to tweet about it at this time. but i will definitely address it but she didn't tweeted a statement on the shooting about two hours later writing a part quote, i stand at the families of the fallen. to be clear the death of
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police officers is not what abolition is. abolition is an end to violence altogether. those two nypd police officers were shot just hours after president biden met with mayor's procrastination telling them he not only opposes defining police, he wants to increase their funding. alexandria hoff has that story. >> president biden sent out a tweet expressing sadness and offering prayer for the two new york officers at", officers put on the badge and head into harm's way every day we are grateful to them and their families for their extraordinary sacrifice. the president's personal messaging towards law enforcement has remained consistent as of late. closing out the u.s. conference of mayors this weekend with this. >> we should not be cutting funding for police departments , i propose increasing funding, look we ask cops to do everything for. >> increasing police funding
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flies in the face of progressives within his own party. according to several senate republicans, front counter to new action by the president's administration. just yesterday the group led by republican senator chuck grassley released a letter condemning propose executive order that they say would limit non- lethal police resources like armored vehicles and flash bang devices. writing this, quote, police officers will face a grim reality of his executive order is enacted and lifesaving equipment is restricted from them. violent crime will continue to skyrocket. the white house responded to the letter, beginning with this. the president longs the overwhelming majority of americans, knows we can and must have a criminal justice system that both protects public safety and upholds our founding ideals of equal treatment under the law. as for executive action on police reform, white house press secretary jen psaki said yesterday the administration of previously held back on it in the hopes of reaching a bipartisan agreement which we
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now know those negotiations ended without a deal. >> thanks. ukrainian forces are on alert now. amid growing fears of a full-scale russian invasion. $200million worth of military gear referred to as lethal aide arrived in ukraine last night for the first of several aid packages heading there. senior foreign affairs correspondent is live in ukraine's capitol city of kyiv , greg protects a right jon, with tensions rising in the region u.s. military aid might be getting here just in time. it came in overnight yes it's the first part of a large security assistance being given to ukrainian military by the united states. ammunition in this batch, destine for the ukrainian troops facing off against russian fighters in eastern ukraine. outside of ukraine's board of the buildup of someone or 25000 russian troops, tanks and other hardware continues
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including the deployment today of russian jet fighters in nearby belarus. all posting that threat of a possible invasion. which is got folks here concerned, take a look and listen. >> the ukrainian military has improved a lot since it was using these soviet air tanks place here now in this kyiv. but if it's going to go up against the state-of-the-art russian folk, it needs a whole lot more help. >> routed the international community to help us. i am scared we cannot defend the country by ourselves. >> of course, army is ready but not only men but women and children are ready for our country. >> were also at a rally in the center of kyiv today marking what they call it unity debris lot of patriotic speeches, songs, and hopes were possibly darker future. and jon, incredibly the future it might've gotten a little bit darker in the last half hour, uk lifting its embargo and information it claims it
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has that the kremlin is trying to set up a puppet government inside of ukraine while it decides whether to invade the country. and they name names. it's in line with what the u.s. has been saying what disinformation moves by the united states. more on that to come. >> and greg, live in kyiv ukraine, greg thanks. welcome officials tell foxes a state department is expected to order families of u.s. embassy personnel in ukraine to begin leaving that country as early as monday. north carolina republican congressman ted is standing by with his reaction and more on how they tensions could affect the u.s. economy. right now that lucas tomlinson is live at the white house, lucas. >> good evening jon preached doug tell what jon was talk about the warning for the british government about the possible russian invasion installing a new leader we just received moments ago a statement national security council spokeswoman emily horn
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in a statement to fox saying this kind of plotting is deeply concerning. ukrainian people have the sovereign right to determine their own future. we stand by our democratically elected partners in ukraine. now as you mention, jon, u.s. officials tell fox the state department is prepared to order families in ukraine to begin a vector in the country that could come as soon as monday. this comes as secretary of state tony blinken met his russian counterpart in geneva to outline next steps. >> it is important for the diplomatic process to continue. i told him following the consultations, we will have in the coming days with allies and partners, we anticipate we will be able to share with russia our concerns and ideas in more detail and in writing next week. >> just a few days ago blink and had said there be no written response to russian demands for the state department said no official order has been given for families to depart yet.
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in addition to the weapon shipment that arrived last night that greg mentioned, u.s. officials tell fox javelin antitank missiles from the baltic states and u.s. military stockpiles will begin arriving in ukraine early next week as well for the defense minister said he is sending a portable stinger antiaircraft missiles to u.s. supplied javelins have been shipped to the crate and the pastor and the trump administration. back in early december president biden rolled out deploying any u.s. troops ukraine pre-present obama's former assistant secretary of defense for sector and shown you might remove from the book said in a recent "washington post" op-ed that present by his decision to rule out ground troops was a green light for putin. not russian forces in belarus, officials here are concerned ukraine's capitol city is now in the crosshairs but here at the white house president biden refused to answer questions about russia before leaving for camp david or he is huddling his national security team this weekend to discuss the situation in ukraine. >> the reason were not going to meeting time for questions
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now, is these guys have got to it quickly on a plane and you guys will ask me all about russia and not about anything having to chips. >> this week marked the end of present biden's first year in office, year two could be marked by more evacuations from americans overseas as tension europe's rise in their highest level since the cold war. jobs are quick lucas tomlinson live at the white house, lucas thank you. let's bring it north carolina republican congressman ted is a member of the house financial services. this is an ominous situation developing along the russia ukraine border. the presence of that which answer questions about that. you think that is appropriate congressman? >> no, what he needs to do this project american strength. he really began to fail back during august with the failed withdrawal from afghanistan. but that did is it telegraphed to china, russia, iran right now is return but russia invading potentially invading
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the ukraine comment signals to them we are not going to stand up and it is just a total display of american weakness. we cannot allow that to happen. i am concerned not only for allies including the ukraine, i am concerned for eastern europe and i am concern for israel and i am concerned for taiwan and the south china sea. >> is part of a larger set of issues. >> the president said a my minor incursion would be one thing at a major invasion something else. i'm not sure how you differentiate between the two. >> he was absolutely wrong, he knows he was the white house has been in cleanup ever since that comment. it was perhaps a freudian slip of the tongue but is absolutely tragic. we need to show american strength. if you look at the same people biden had installed at the same people that were there under obama. they were only giving the ukraine especially in crimea, they're only giving them
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blankets and mre. you're the same type of ideology which is week. what we need to be doing is what they started but they need to do even more of it. that is arming our allies particularly ukraine in this case. i've been remiss back in august and the taliban is rapidly taking over afghanistan and we were trying to get a handle on how many americans might be there stranded. jackie heinrich asked the president's press secretary about americans in ukraine listen to this exchange. >> get a handle on how many americans are in ukraine? >> clutch is an open question around the we don't put ship and americans of the go around the world and tracked their movements. people can register with the state department that is something they do or they may choose not to register or there might be people in any country around the world who are dual citizens have not lived in or have never lived in the united states.
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jon: is a clever way of not answering the question but how many americans are in ukraine to even know? >> that is a very weird way to respond, talking about chips. that is straight up jen psaki there. look, i was in the ukraine and i was in russia 30 years ago when it fell apart us on a mission trip over there with my now wife. we saw the devastation to the people over there. i will tie the state department had our back now we need to make sure we have americans backs wherever they are around the world. >> i want to talk to a little bit about inflation. that is perhaps more important to americans right now than even the situation in russia and ukraine. here is larry summers talking on the spike in inflation and whether or not there should be some kind of price controls. this was a "new york times" interview. he said it sounds good, your wages are going to be higher in your prices are going to be the same.
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price controls, but you think about the concept of price control being reissued in this country? >> it is a failed idea. economics 101 won't tell you that leads to shortages. so what you need to do is you need to make sure you do not throughout all of the free money which she has been doing with every piece of legislation he promotes. you do not want to encourage people to stay home for those people at home are the producers and our economy. we need to be producing more gets me too be lowering the price of energy need to be opening up american pipelines are then shutting them down and at the same time approving russian pipelines like ignored stream it to pretty drive down the cost of energy which is the ultimate need to get people back to work, get rid of mandates and become the producing country we've always been. >> it is ironic, at a time when the biden administration might be looking for some leverage over vladimir putin and his actions regarding
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ukraine and the pipeline was approved in the early days of the biden administration. anytime you increase the price of petroleum that is good for russia we've seen the price of russia petroleum increase rapidly in the with the biden administration. >> will jon, what trump did is the updated potenza plans because he drove down the cost of american energy and the cost of energy around the world. we became a net exporter. it allowed us to be strong and russia to be a week and not embolden them so they conveyed their neighbors. we need to get back to a position of american strength trump policies like arming our allies, going back to the position of american strength using the exact opposite of that it's driving up costs, striving up energy cost, it hurts our farmers burn our farmers in north carolina around the country had a good year last year but now the
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prices of fertilizer, inputs and diesel fuels going up. that hits the american consumers right in the pocketbook. >> congressman ted bud republican of north carolina, congressman thanks. >> thank you. a week after the hostage standoff at the texas synagogue the fbi's new details on the motives. plus the man accused of killing a california grad student goes to court. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ every business is on a journey. and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. ♪ your dell technologies advisor can help you find the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. look, serena williams... matrix... serena... matrix...
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to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. >> the fbi's releasing new information on the hostage standoff in texas last saturday. law enforcement is now claim the incident an act of terrorism and a hate crime. federal agents shot and killed malik faisal akram after he held three of the four hostages more than ten hours. pearls watson live in atlanta with the latest force, charles. >> hey jon, but the fbi and d.o.j. coming out forcefully against the alleged act of terrorism in colleyville, texas just last week. sing targeted against any faith or unacceptable. >> this was and not random occurrence. it was intentional. it was symbolic. we're not going to tolerate anti-semitism in this country regards according to the fbi 44-year-old hostage taker
3:23 pm
malik faisal akram was a british national flute to texas and took four worshipers hostage inside of the beth israel congregation and a targeted attack against jews. is killed by an fbi hostage team after worshipers found their way to free themselves in nearly 11 hours into the standoff. throughout the course of which authorities say malik faisal akram set off an international terrorism investigation following his demands that convicted al qaeda terrorist aafia siddiqui be released from federal prison. there are a lot of questions being raised of how he was able to make it into the united states of that issue despite a previous investigation and concerns in british law enforcement that malik faisal akram was possibly a terrorist for the white house saying the 44 year old suspect was able to make it into the country with ease because the u.s. terror in database presented no red flags. one of the four people taken hostage described how he feared for his life as malik faisal akram mood shifted
3:24 pm
throughout negotiation. >> he went from extremely agitated with the negotiator, to all of the sudden very calm, like he was earlier in the day just asking me for juice. i was highly, highly concerned in that moment. >> the fbi said it is work with international partners to identify everyone that malik faisal akram had contact with the colleyville area no word if there any accomplices or any charges will be filed for other people in the future. bottom line, law enforcement say this is a clear case any of the threats of terrorist proof folks in the united states. >> the fbi changed its tune over the course of a week there. charles watson, charles thanks.
3:25 pm
for the man accused of stabbing and killing 24-year-old ucla grad student breonna officially charged with her murder. entering workplace in stabbing her in broad daylight. adding there does not seem to be emotive. now his lengthy rap sheet is raising serious questions. live in los angeles with more on that, christina. >> jon, the alleged killer 31-year-old shawn smith was charged yesterday 30s identified smith as a homeless man with a long criminal history for they say he randomly attacked hundreds are now mourning her tragic loss. >> i just miss her and it is really a tragedy. it's so scary out here i pray for better days precook some of the politicians to hear. one thing to hear we cannot live in this world. we cannot live in a world where young sweet lady can be working in a store and someone
3:26 pm
walk in and randomly murder her. >> the excuse killer has been arrested at least 11 times from coast-to-coast. every at the time of her murder he is out on bail pending a trial in south carolina were allegedly firing a flare gun into a moving vehicle with a toddler inside of it back in 2019. covered court delays and the ability to get out on bail over the years played a role in smith being able to go free repeatedly. he had these mugshots dating back to 2010. also charged with resisting arrest and assault in northern california after allegedly biting a police officer last year. smith's case involving breanna will be handled by the office of l.a. county progressive d.a. critics say he is too soft on crime. but he put out a statement on this murder saying those who show no compassion for human life will face serious consequences. l.a. county sheriff was critical of the progressive policies has this to say.
3:27 pm
>> well, we've got to reassure the public we are doing everything possible with the resources we have at our disposal to make sure these killers are not walking freely. we have to rely on the prosecution will be do arrest these bad apples that they actually face the full consequences of their actions. >> at this point, sean smith is still jailed with bail set at $2 million for his arraignment is now scheduled for february 17. jon: it is so sad in the census are heartbreaks for family and friends. live from los angeles, thank you. while president biden gets fired up when a reporter questions the rhetoric is a voting rights speech. >> disputes a characterization you called folks who would oppose as bull connor or george wallace. he said there'd be in the same
3:28 pm
camp. >> i did not say that. look what i said go back and read what i said. >> the guy who asked that question, real clear politics white house reporter joins us next. ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. plaque psoriasis, the tightness, stinging... ...the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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senate filibuster in order to pass voting rights legislation. wind field a wildfire is burning across big sur california brassard overnight in a canyon prompting evacuations in that area. california department of forestry and fire protection said the fire is 5% contained at this hour. part of the pacific coast highway has been shut down this evening.
3:33 pm
people in ungrounded handle pennsylvania being told to stay away from a lab monkey who went missing after a crash for the monkey and about 100 others have been taken to a cdc center when their truck was hit by a dump truck. officials say the monkey could be unpredictable and dangerous. for more on these and other stories told the fox news app purging scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> dispute the characterization you called folks who would oppose those as being bull connor or george wallace. you said they would be sort of in the same camp. >> no i did not say that look what i said, go back and read what i said. and tell me if you think i called anyone who voted on the side of the position taken by bull connor that they were bull connor.
3:34 pm
that's an interesting reading in english. i assume you got into journalism because you like to write. thirty-seven while president biden respond to questions about his voter bill speech last week in georgia, here are some of those comments in his defense. >> the consequential moments in history present a choice joint to be on the side of doctor king or george wallace? going to be on the side of john lewis or bull connor? do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? >> anyone who listen to that speech i did not say that they were going to be a george wallace or a bull connor. i said were going to have a decision in history is going to be marked just like it was then. her either voting on the side that didn't make you george wallace or bull connor.
3:35 pm
if you did not vote for the voting rights act back then you are voting with those who agreed with connor. jon: real politics philip wegmann is the guy who asked the president about the statements during wednesday press conference, at least he tried to. philip joins us now. he got little angry at you, why? >> is a sensitive president clearly does not enjoy scrutiny on the speech he gave in georgia. when i asked about them full connor and george wallace comparison he erupted before i could ask my question which was how does he expect to work with republicans after he has laid out that binary? quite frankly the white house do not want to relitigate that speech at this point. i just kind of a moot point because republicans are walking away thinking that president didn't compare them to segregationists. it did not work it did not
3:36 pm
sway centers in joe manchin or christensen amount to vote for the voting rights bill he has supported this far. jon: you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar as i guess the thing i guess my mom might've said. he just got so testy with you and did not allow you to finish the question. >> you sort of expect that whenever you're talking to any president clearly i don't to tell you this. when you've talked to any politician point back to their words occasionally that can get under their skin. i don't think anyone's crying any tears with me because the president was a little gruff. if the president was to get testy during press conferences that's totally fine. so long as he hasn't press conferences. i was glad to have the opportunity and just a second press terms of the white house. jon: then there are also questions the white house press team had to clean up about the president's statement on the legitimacy of
3:37 pm
the upcoming elections. suggesting the election law that the senate rejected, the election bill the senate rejected he wanted pass, that was not pasties of the 2022 elections might not be legitimate. in the white house had to go into all kinds of damage control over that. >> that is right. the president was asked whether or not he thought the upcoming midterms are going to be legitimate. certainly the white house is expecting coming up in those midterms. i don't think anyone thought the president say what he did what she thanks it depends on whether or not he could get those laws through the senate. and so when it followed up with him just a short time later to ask about the legitimacy of the 2022 midterms, he told me it could easily be illegitimate. they start on my former
3:38 pm
president trump some things we saw last january. i steered the conversation back to the 2022 midterms, specifically in the present home in no uncertain terms he was not ready to say it could be legit. the walk back did not come from the white house until the next day. jon: the former president, president trump lexis a the 2020 elections were not legitimate. joe biden says they were. but now flips four to 2022 and says they might not be. voters have to feel a little queasy about going to the booth. >> this demonstration has to make an argument for some time that democracy itself is at stake him. and while the white house press secretary clarified the president's statement on twitter, here in foxnews during an interview and several times in the briefing saying he does in fact believe those midterm elections will be legitimate. that came after vice president
3:39 pm
harris dodge on the question twice during two early-morning interviews. and also after house majority whip clyburn, the guy who is most responsible for making president biden president, he was asked on cnn whether he was concerned about the legitimacy of those midterms. he responded he absolutely was concerned. jon: the president spent some time talking with the situation on the border between russia and ukraine. but did not address the situation on our southern border were fentanyl for instance is a flooding across and killing record numbers of americans. >> i think that might be something the press has to own up on its early there were a lot of questions about what was happening on the ukrainian border that is a legitimate issue in all the questions asked were certainly worthy. but after the press conference i think it was fox news who noted there is not a single
3:40 pm
question asked about what was going on on the southern border. as you noted there were also no questions about fentanyl which is quickly becoming the leading cause of death for adults in the united states between the ages of 18 and 34, likewise the topic of rising crime in cities across the country did not come up. i think as members of the press we need to own up to that omission. for me though it certainly i am not immune from that criticism. my aim though it was quickly to get them to follow up on the legitimacy questioned because i thought that was fundamental. certainly there were other questions that did not go address and probably should've. jon: he certainly may news and talk to the president this week. we'll see what happened next times holds a news conference. philip wegmann real clear politics white house reporter. breaking news on the southern border tragic crash involving a texas department of public safety special agent. the latest on what happened there, next.
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the sacrifices loss enforcement having to make day in day out with operation lone star down here at the southern border. bill melugin reporting from the border, thank you. virginia woman arrested and charged with taking a threat on
3:48 pm
school property after she made comments a local school board. >> my child my children will not come to school monday with a mask. that's not happening. if i will bring every single gun loaded and ready, i will call every -- >> coupon pastor time i'll see you all monday. >> 42-year-old amelia king later sent an apology to the school board and she was released on $5 and $5000 interest in the gabby petito case, the closure for family getting on the tragic story of a man and his girlfriend, both that after relationship with terribly wrong.
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here are some stories around the globe, people died from gunshot wounds after five argument between us as a resort new cancún. canadian citizens. in canada, a florida man arrested for human smuggling after bodies were found frozen ii death near the u.s. border.
3:53 pm
what appears to be a failed crossing. officials might be a larger smuggling operation in the uk and america men use of faith in his own death to avoid prosecution for rape and financial fraud charges. he was out on bail after failing to appear in court. in yemen, 82 people are dead after a saudi flat coalition launched an air strike and a rebel held prison. more than 265 people are hurt. syria, islamic state militants often attack prison rally, dozens have died in the fight between the militant. in tonga, financial services have reopened a week after a volcanic eruption in army devastated the island. cleanup efforts continue, restoring drinking water the highest priority. that's a look at the stories from around the globe.
3:54 pm
♪♪ he might have heard fbi has closed its investigation into the death of gabby petito. the agency says a notebook found near bryant laundries body lames responsibility for laura #30. >> we finally know the answer to one of the biggest questions in this case. it brian laundrie leave behind a confession before he took his own life admitting he was responsible for the death of his beyond a fiancé gabby petito while on their cross-country road trip last year? friday the fbi revealed that answer is yes. the new information was released and what the fbi calls the final investigative update on the gabby bertino case. the statement reads, investigators found human remains confirmed to be brian laundrie along with a backpack,
3:55 pm
notebook the notebook had written statements like claiming responsibility of her death. the fbi revealed there were several messages identified between laundries and petito's cell phone and the timing of the messages shows laundries was attempting to visit law enforcement by giving the impression that gabby was still alive. attorneys for both family sample work on their property. the petito's tell fox while this wraps up the criminal part of the case, it's not the conclusion for them. at the fbi field office in tampa florida, laura ingle, fox news. >> coming up, a man fights off a bear to defend his family and it's all on video. explains how it all went down, next. ♪♪
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a bit of history from woman is now the uss constitution. for the first time in the ships to 24 year history, commander lee farrell began leaving the ship yesterday. now the constitutions 77 amending officer and she's excited take charge. what a brave and thinking man, save his dog from a bear, before i often dinner.
4:00 pm
walter said the bear bit and scratched him as he tried to save 12-year-old pepper a bench to block the bear from entering his home. his partner and two other dogs were inside pepper suffered -- he suffered puncture wounds but the document hurt. the second bear in the past week. anyway 22nd of 2022. i am jon scott. gutfeld is next. ♪♪ >> you are nothing without me. happy wednesday, everyone. what a glorious show we have for you tonight. mike baker is back. [applause] killing someone with his shoelaces. [laughter] i keep having mike on the show.


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