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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  January 23, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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history of the united states but biden went to sell himself as a uniter to bring people together but it was barack obama that had choice words don't underestimate joe biden's ability to screw things up. steve: i think it was as things up and i think you prove that. thank you all for watching don't forget to join us next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. gowdy is next ♪ ♪ china are threateningf neighbors, russia continues to move troops and military equipment to the ukrainian border, there is donateo obligation to defend ukraine but u.s. has moral the reasons to keep russia from invading a sovereign country. after all. the u.s. did promise to
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defend ukraine. a current threat is serious enough that the state department just issued a do not travel advisory for ukraine, specifically citing potential russian military action. action. >> first we have been clear that if there is any further russian aggression in terms of russian forces in ukraine there will be a united response from u.s. and europe. it will be quick and severe. any hybrid actions, there too i am confident based on the many consultations i have had partners there
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will be a united response. trey: secretary blinken had to clean it up. say issue because joe biden messed up this week. i'm not sure what a small incursion to a neighbors sovereign nation would look like, but that is what biden said, doubt began to grow this past summer as the world watched u.s. struggle to exit from afghanistan, some warned then that america's feckless withdrawal would embolden our enemies, right on cue, china is not only moving fighter planes closer to taiwan, but according to reports, china is flying just into taiwanese airspace.
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joining us now. former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe. welcome to you. >> one thing if it is a minor incursion and we have to fight about what to do and not do, but if they do what they are capable of doing, it will be a disaster for russia. if they further invade ukraine. >> any, any assemble of russian units across ukrainian border, that is an invasion. putin makes his choice, russia will pay a heavy price. trey: john, i have no idea what a minor incursion is. what is he talking about? >> i think people found out why the biden white house does not let joe biden take live inscripted news
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conferences. the clean up was so bad they had to send jen psaki in the following morning to clean it up and kamala harris of all people to try to make joe biden sound better, and joe biden himself had to reverse what he said a few hours later, after where the ukrainian said, for the love of god, please don't listen to the man, talking in the white house he doesn't know what he is talking about. they are on a path many of us predicted based on intelligence and history, we've seen that movie before, last time joe biden was in the white house with barack obama. he said don't you dare cross the red line or there will be consequences, putin called their bluff and what
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the obama/biden administration viewed as a minor incursion, they took crimea. the second part is this idea is failing that sabre rattling about issuing economic sanctions this are so crippling that russia will not move, as you point out, they are continues to move and put into position to attack ukraine. he has been talking about this for 30 years, he called it an invalid divorce when ukraine left at the fall of soviet union. he is on his way to bring it back. the bottom line, vladimir putin is not just winning but he has won on this issue, here is the president of 12th country with the only 12th largest economy in the world, and he has the leader of the free world, president of united states and our western allies
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sitting back waiting to see what he is going to do, instead of telling him what he mist do. trey: we're about a year into this, we were told joe biden is most experienced person to ever run for president, when you survey the world, what do you so see? >> i heard you say main times it is a 50/50 country, . 70% of americans believe in one thing they don't want joe biden to run for reelection in 2024, that is republicans, democrats and independents saying that is a mistake, we don't want to repeat the biden presidency, these events that we're talking about. you mentioned the defeat in afghanistan. what is happened with russia, and with china,
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everywhere in the past year our adversaries have gotten stronger. joe biden said in his press conference he had a good year, the best year, but who really had a good year were the terrorists, the taliban, and putin and xi jinping and kim jong-un. they are testing the united states, they saw what happened in afghanistan, they are moving aworld the world, you cannot point to anywhere in the world where u.s. posture has improved over the last year. it is the opposite, i think that is reflected in why the american people are so concerned about joe biden as president. trey: to another spot on the globe, you have an expertise in china, you developed it in the house and continued it. what is china doing with
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taiwan. what response if any can the u.s. have to this? it seems provocative to move fighter jets toward a country. >> starting in august. on the heals of in afghanistan. what did we see? we saw 150 incursions into taiwan's air identification defense zone by china, the most ever, 49 incursions in one day. not just with fighters but with bombers, that is -- would be a precursor to an invasion. i think. unfortunately we see folks like xi jinping, vladimir putin, and autocrats and dictators in the world are doing what they want with impunity given the leadership or lack there of from the biden administration. china is our greatest threat
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from a military economic and technological stand point. they have gotten stronger over the last year, unfortunately that is a trend i think we'll continue to see throughout the biden administration, when the response to these things, genocide against the uighurs and other things biden response is they are friendly competitors, not adversaries. trey: surveying the globe with former director of national intelligence from the great state of texas john ratcliffe. >> crime continues to surge across the nation, including a career o -- o. >> ahead on "sunday night in america." mass general brigham. when you need some of the brightest minds in medicine,
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this is the only healthcare system in the country with five nationally ranked hospitals, including two world-renowned academic medical centers, in boston, where biotech innovates daily and our doctors teach at harvard medical school, and where the physicians doing the world-changing research are the ones providing care. there's only one mass general brigham.
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trey: brianna kupfer was a graduate student at ucla. i say was because she is dead, at the age of 24, killed while working at a store trying to put herself through school. killed by main accused of crimes that -- man canned of crimes that spanned country from south carolina to california, he was out on bond, accused of shooting into a car in south carolina, but the authorities did not notify law enforcement when he was arrested. he they released him, and he killed a 24-year-old, just trying to work her way through school, rachel was
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waiting at a bus stop in pennsylvania, after a long day at work, she was shot and kill by a mannered ired by the court i -- man, who was ordered by the court to stay away from her, court orders are no match for a bullet. michelle go was waiting on subway in new york city, pushed in front of a train, by a man with a long criminal history and mental health issued, she is dead, killed by a man who should have been in jail or a mental hospital. >> and a tesla major was a college student in new york, she is dead too, killed by teenagers over a cell phone, the prosecutor in her case, noted the obvious. he said tessa is gone for good, gone from the earth for good, no more music, no more school, no more anything. if you are wonder what the state of new york thinks her
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life was worth, answer is 14 years, 14 years is what the person who killed her received. hard to read about these cases, and what happened to these women, no matter how long you have worked in the justice system, it is hard and painful to see beautiful, vibrant lives, ended by people who should have never been in a position to hurt or kill others, you read stories about the 4 women, you see words like loving, caring, compassion at, hard working and angelic. and they are all 4 dead, i wonder where outrage is. i see politicians getting upset overall manner of things, but where is the outrage. about the only thing that
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really matters which is your right to live. one thing to acknowledge we're in throws of a violent crime surge. these women however, are not numbers they and others like them are not columned an an fbi crime index, they are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, friends and coworkers. i took note over a phrase president biden repeated during his press conference this week, he said americans want three squares and to be safe, he said it twice, they want to be safe, it is more than just want to be safe, mr. president, americans have the right to be safe. because there is no liberty, no pursuit of happiness without life. you cannot vote if you are dead. you cannot sign up for a government program if you are dead. you can't build back better,
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if you are dead. what is he doing about it? there are elements welcome his party who want -- within his party who want more violent people auto bond, more charges dropped, there are elements within his party who actually blame the police for the rise in violent crime, they advocate for closing of pris be ons. biden gets animated talking about he believes are voting rights, and challenging and changing the rules of the senate. what about changes the rules so there are fewer victims so that innocent public is better protected. what about making sure you can work in a store without being killed or wait on a bus or stand on a subway platform or just walk home. in new york, these 4 young women and scores of more
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like them, have forever lost the right to vote. or do anything else. the right to live is the most fundamental right you have. i wonder when president biden is going to get upset about that. and when will the media ask him about that. jason mayaris is joining us now, where is he on the violent crime search? >> trey, are right. thank you for having me. i think what you saw in virginia is a microcosm of the nation.
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you had har left they -- i was a member of legislate our, i bridge up one word we never hear with social justice reform, you never hear them talk about the victims or the names, then you have social justice warriors put on the state parole board, he talk about victims, 78 zeroed betsy round tree the horrific of a home invasion, rape and murder, and her killer got 3 life sentences without possibility of pa parole. betsy's loved ones, found out he is back on the street. they never neat fi the victims or the families of the victims. these are progressive prosecutors, a case in
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fairfax, a monster raped over course of a year a 5-year-old child, prosecutor in fairfax, thought he was eligible for life, under virginia sentencing law he decided that was too harsh for a life sentence of child rapist, he reached a plea deal of 17 years. this individual will be eligible for parole in 10 years. they big reason that we won is virginians were tired of it. the stories are heartbreaking. more and more americans will be pushing back on the progressive prosecutors and this biden administration that is so weak on crime.
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trey: general it did not take you long to make changes. when you got to was. >> if media reports are right, i use the word if, you started working the day you got sworn in making changes, tell us about those. >> well, our transition team was a big believer in personnel policy, no service anyone that i my predecessor bragged high turned ag office to a progressive power house, that is not me, we wanted to focus on public safety, we brought in great fantastic prosecutors, within an hour of our being sworn in. we signed a host of orders. that by the way against the law to let out murderers without notifying the victims, and loud en
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they gave us authority to investigate. a problem we have people think that good intentions guarantee good results. they say, i mean well but the result right now with the violent crime rate should give us all pause. when you see murder rates the highest they have been in decades and catch and release programs, that is when everyone has to take pause and say, i don't care what our intentions are, what are the results? the stories you talk about the victims, media never talks about them, the family members will have a missing chair ative future birthday, thanksgiving and christmas that will haunt them. that -- you remember much more than the defendants, you remember the victims in cases you prosecute, that is
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where the media is so lacking, i wish that president biden would show one ounce of outrage he showed about voting rights, it tragic. trey: you are right. mr. attorney general. none of your rights matter if you are 6 feet under, we wish you the best in virginia. >> if you. >> still ahead, polling shows that americans are moving walker from the democrat party -- and toward the republican party. let's find out why. >> and you get to ask the questions next on "sunda >> woman: what's my safelite story? >> vo: my car is more than four wheels. it's my after-work decompression zone. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america." each week we enjoy hearing from you, e-mail and social media, learning what is on your mind, we have a question from sharon: >> 8 years was enough, i did enjoy many of the people i met, not only members of house and senate but also the folks who worked in and around the capitol and folks in south carolina and other states i never would have mitt otherwise, on balance, i was not very good at the
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job, i didn't enjoy the job, my career advice, if you are not good at something and you don't like that something, you probably should not be doing that something. >> to paraphrase mr. shakespear, congress was sound and fury who did nothing. the famous members worked least. they were just good as finding their make-up and a camera. i like jobs where how do you things matters as were as
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winning. of. hopefully that changes in our lifetime. >> tonight we have a question from elvia in texas who wrote: >> with a lot of hard work. i have never been good at math, i took trigonometry in high school, and made a gentleman's d, i never understood why we multiply or divide fractions, i gave up on math, i i don't understand how 3 times zero is nothing. this is math.
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not magic class. no one could ever tell me where that three went. i took a one math class in high school, the teacher put letters like x and y in the math equation. and letters and numbers should never be mixed. so i petitioned the dean at baylor, after talking with me for a little while, he agreed, i probably could not pass a math class, he made me an offer, i had to take two logic classes in philosophy department in lieu of basic entry math. if you have a question you would like to share, send us
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a video or e-mail us. >> and texas congressman dan crenshaw is joining us next on "sunday night in america."
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knowing where you came from, it gives you a sense of “this is who i am”. oh my goodness... wow, look at all those! you get hungry for more and then you're just like, “wow, i'm learning about my family.” yeah, yep. which one, what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? look at grandma... hey grandma! unbelievable. everybody deserves to know who they are
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and where they came from. this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family.
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trey: last year state of texas passed an election law bill.
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and a new redistricting map. and biden department of justice sued texas with respect to both. as a general rule, you don't mess with texas. one reason you "don't mess with texas" because it's home to a guy named dan crenshaw, congressman thank you for your service to the country. what does this texas election law do. what did texas think it was necessary? >> the texas election law is very transparent, does not do a lot of things that democrats say its does, it cleans up the process, like make all of the early voting time the same across country so people don't get confuse put additional i.d. requirement on mail in ballots. there is a bipartisan commission on election that state, bipartisan by the way
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mail in ballots are source of a lot of different fraud, we're just cleaning up some things, so there is less opportunity for fraud. does not make is harder to vote, it makes it easier to vote, in many cases we have weeks of early voting, there are a few >> one voter suppressy lie is that, a lie, a myth. >> no one believes if about 80% of voters believe in voter i.d., 44% of americans believevo that we have too lax of voting laws to prevent fraud. and the texas law does not doo that. >> one reason that i like you, you never seen prone to hyperbole, when i hear people compare these laws to jim crow laws, what is your reaction? talking about hyperbole, what is your reaction to comparing what y'all just passed to the jim crow laws.
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>> -- this is how democrats work. if you lock at their tactics. they do it often, expose a problem. okay, then they exaggerate that greatly, and they say there is a crisis, maybe they call it racism or voter suppression or whatever it is or the world is ending, then they offer extreme solutions, they have to say there is a crisis to justify the extreme solutions which they prefer, why to they do it? best we could tell they would like it easier for people to white. but elections are competition, in a competition you have to be very certain of who won, if you are not, then you get conconsternation andur
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division. let's make sure that elections have clear rules. one person, one vote, with a trail you can audit, and make it easy and transparent. >> i did not like it when republicans acted like they were incapable of losing an election, that is dangerous for the republic, but i also listen to joe biden press conference he seemed to suggest that if midterms don't turn out well, it is because of nefarious. >> i saw that same thick thing, i'm sick of the pendulum swinging this way. it is clear that the democrats are setting this up, they know they are getting blown away in 2022, they want to be able to say that the only reason that you lost is n because they could not pass the laws that mean you could drive-thru at
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3:00 a.m. and vote, they get mad at texas law because there is no more 2:00 a.m. drive-thru voting. they want to be able to say you are suppressed if you can't vote them. the second thing to know, nobody is falling for this, asking regular americans, they know it's easy to vote, if anyone watching is actually having trouble vote -- voting, call our office we'll figure it out for you. >> you make it seem simple. we want to give people the incentive to vote, we want to make voting easy, but we want you to be who you purport to be. last thing. voter i.d., what in the worldt is the argument against showing an i.d. to vote? >> well, let's put the
7:44 pm
liberal hat on real quick. i think it racism. that is their only argument. it is absurd to say that minorities can't get an i.d. if anyone in america cannot get an i.d. we should be helping them get an i.d. 80% of americans say, an idea should be necessary to vote. they are bashing texas votes were rejected because of mismatched voter i.d. numbers. what is the counter proposal, to we just accept the applications if the i.d.s do not match.. what kind of election would that be. they don't fair elections, that is only thing that i come up with, i can't think of a good the reason.
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>> congressman dan crenshaw thank you for your service to our country. >> thank you, trey. >> senate and white house polls predict a brutal midterm for democrats.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," let's go to january of last year, democrat had a 9. lead on republicans, in voter
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identification polls. 49% of americans aligned with democrat party, and only 40% identified with the republicans. january of 2021, was bleak. there was an attack on the capitol, republicans lost two senator seats in georgia, former president trump impeached for a second time. what a difference a year makes, now tables are turned. 47% of americans identify with thehe republican party. andty 42% with the democrats. them democrats dropped 7 points and republicans up. the question is why. why did this happen? is it failures of the biden administration, democrat over read the election ruts or republicans offering something affirmative or just getting out of the way and letting democrats fight
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each other, what explains this shift in less than a year? part for sure is failure of the biden administration. the feckless withdraw from afghanistan, russia and china are more, emboldens than ever and mismanagement of covid and supply chain issues and the border is a woeful disaster. biden promised to manage the pandemic, he has not. economic uncertainty at home and doubt on the world stage helps explain the shift, but something else is going on in this country, an existential angst about who we are as a people and a country biden said he was a unifier, then he
7:52 pm
went to a southern state, to accuse the country, joe biden eulogized a man who ran for president as a segregationist. biden will not -- will tell you the men changed. well if men and women can change, can a state or nation changet too, when it does change, why not acknowledge that. why not celebrate that. some democrats think that people should be able to vote without an i.d. or have political parties pass out items of vat you on voters standing in line, some democrats think that prisoners and nonis thes should vote. the rest of us do not. that makes us different, but not motivated by racial animus. part of what is happening in this country is a renewed
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debate. over the scope and role of government. democrats want a larger role for the federal government. in areas like school curriculum and health decisions for children and child care and federal rising i'll eels. and americans are wondering why government should be making these decisions for our children if government can't even drone the right car in afghanistan or produce enough covid testser solve the supply chain. americans do not want government dividing schoolchildren to racist and victims, or a president dividing ther country over race. we don't want teachers unions lecturing us about what is best for children, when they can't even bother to show up for school. we don't want government telling us how we should be softer on crime or let career ofenders out on bond, americans are smart enough to know that sometimes those career ofenders drive-thru
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christmas parades or murder innocent young women in california stores, we want government tot do those things this government is supposed to do like national security and border security and public safety, 2021 was bad for democrats. if republicans want to turn a t good year into a good decade, make the case for a limited government that is competent. one that excells at core functions like national security and public safety and border and supply chain, if you could prove your limited federal government can perform competently and inspire a new public confidence, people may trust you to lead the country, not merely the opposite. >> joining us now. town editor, katie
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pavlich, so nice to have you join us, you follow that so well. so carefully, how -- what do you make of this shift in voter i identification. >> i think we could take whole show to talk about all of the topics drives the democrat down the drain with voter oproval among independents in particular. 67% of independents did not approve of president biden's handling of every single issue. the white house had the strategy throughout the year of when there is a problem happening whatever it may be, they say it is not happening or they blame it is something s else, white house chief of staff said that inflation was a high class problem. every day people are seeing
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the prices going up by 8% on everything day items that the the grocery store, that is not a high class problem, that is a middle class problem, joe biden promised to not raise taxes on any americans t making less than 400,000 a year, inflation is a tax on everyone, if and crime affects everyone, if you are a kid or a woman that just wants to get to work. and a ensure that no one will walk in and assault and kill you. >> when you have white house and grl government and democrats ignoring. not saying we have a crime problem, we have a political problem here, you need to stop this crisis, people think differently about how they vote. trey: katy, you are right, president likes to flame republicans i'm going to play a clip of that.
7:57 pm
>> it is getting better. look, i didn't over promise. i think if you look at what we've been able to do, you have y to acknowledge we made enormous progress, one thing that i think is something that one thing i have -- so far, iso get my republican friends to get in the game of making it better in this country. trey: so isa the republican's fault, why won't they go along with closing prisons, what is your reaction to that? >>' joe biden is rejecting mass in washington, d.c., democrat have majority in house and senate, if joe biden wanted to get things passed with just democrats, he could do that in a lot of ways but he is unwilling to
7:58 pm
step away from being a proxy for bernie sanders and the left. when joe biden took office, in january of last year, there were warnings from a number of people, including moderate democrats, he was too weak to stand up to the left. on all issues, you have seen it continue to play out. and joe biden promised on the campaign trail he is a moderate, the media helped him in that way. and he has done the opposite. he took a big risk. by trying to become the next fdr with a legacy of massive government spending at the time when we had a 50/50 split in senate, he took that bet and he lost, now he is blaming republicans when it is democrat like manchin from west virginia and kyrsten sinema from arizona putting on the brakes. for sake of pushing through a very far left wing
7:59 pm
agenda. he is blaming republicans, because there is nowhere else to go, the truth is he has not been able to ark vita his open party and get republicans on board with an agenda that is not moderate it is a very far left agenda that is being pushed by the left in the senate and in the house. trey: katie, i'll going to have you back. i'll tell you ahead of time what i'm asking you when you are on next. i don't you don't need to know ahead of time, but i'll tell you ahead of time, i -- can't wait to have you back on, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, good to see you. trey: thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, have a great week ahead, until next week we're on lane at gowdy america or
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trey gowdy podcast, good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ is "life, liberty and levin." almost 4 years ago to the day that we began this program, this long form interview program. i remember having a wonderful meeting with mr. murdoch and suzanne scott and others. about what is it that i would do on fox.


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