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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  January 24, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> we're all back together on the couch. we'll do this again tomorrow. >> we'll be back. >> same time same channel. >> bill: good morning, everybody. brand-new week begins now and there is growing uncertainty in ukraine and what the united states can do. fox news confirming president biden may deploy up to 5,000 troops in eastern europe as a new poll from fox shows the stand-off is weighing heavily on the minds of most americans. more than 60% say they have concerns about this. hello, good morning. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. how are you doing? >> dana: great, i'm dana perino. >> bill: it's been a while since we sat back to each other. >> dana: we're back. happy new year. "america's newsroom." we'll get to two things.
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one the bengals won. >> bill: how big is my smile? >> dana: big. strong feelings i'm supposed to have feelings on the overtime. ukraine, the u.s. deployment is to shore up defenses. the alliance is sending ships and fighter jets as russia amasses thousands of troops along the ukraine border. >> bill: state department evacuating staffers' families from the embassy in kiev. it is also issued a do not travel warning for americans in that country. >> dana: a second shipment of u.s. weapons has arrived in ukraine. this as british intelligence warns that the kremlin is plotting to replace the ukrainian president with a puppet leader loyal to moscow. >> bill: the situation evolving by the moment. republicans say one thing is clear. president biden is not going to deter vladimir putin. >> putin believes he can
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reconstitute the old soviet union and challenge the united states on the world stage. right now he has more to gain than he believes he has to lose. >> so far with this administration we've seen a doctrine of appeasement. it is not going to deter president putin and russia from invading ukraine >> tactical things aren't what causes putin to recalculate. they don't see president biden as credible and all these pieces of paper being exchanged as not credible. >> dana: team fox coverage. marc thiessen is here with reaction. let's go to the white house, mark meredith is standing by. >> good morning to you. late sunday we learned that president biden is considering whether or not to send up to 5,000 u.s. troops to nato countries in eastern europe coming after nato deployed a number of different military equipment to the region. over the weekend the president was up at camp david and got a briefing by his national security team.
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no final decision on troops has been made yet but the president has repeatedly said if russia were to invade there would be severe consequences. with the possibility of an invasion coming at any time the state department says it is ordering some u.s. embassy staff, all of their family members to leave ukraine. the embassy in kiev will remain open for now. administration insisting its commitment to ukraine's sovereignty is unwavering and any invasion no matter the size will not be tolerated. >> if a single additional russian force goes into ukraine in an aggressive way it would trigger a swift, severe and united response from us and from europe across the board. we're prepared with europe for a swift and calibrated and great united response. we are looking at every scenario and preparing for every single one. >> besides the sanctions talked about, administration officials telling fox it is possible the
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u.s. can impose new trade rules which would prevent russia from being able to get its hands on computer chips and smartphones and computers and items crucial to any economy these days but especially with russia. no decision has been made yet. president biden is still at camp david now due back at the white house within the next hour and see if there is anything new to say what's happening on the ground over there. >> bill: our live coverage continues now live from kiev. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot on the ground today. where are we there? >> bill, we're watching and waiting. the people watching very carefully the russian troops massing on the other side of their borders. the latest moves we're seeing, bill neighboring belarus. that country is literally 50 miles from where we are now. record numbers of russian soldiers along with tanks,
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artillery and other hardware is flowing in there. well over 125,000 soldiers on most sides of ukraine. u.k. has information that russia is plotting to install a puppet government in line with some things the u.s. is saying and hearsay that could only happen if russia decides to invade and if it succeeds. trying to help fend off that, yes, shipments of u.s. military aid arriving here over the weekend. a total of 180 tons so far of what they call lethal aid like ammunition, destined for ukraine troop battling separatists in eastern ukraine. the u.s. acts on several fronts with ramifications. >> evacuations of u.s. diplomats' families and non-essential workers in kiev begins as early as today. experts tell us the move says something about what the u.s. is thinking about a possible
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russian invasion. >> signals to me the threat to ukraine is real. it is immediate and there is also a realistic possibility now a russian offensive could target kiev. >> the u.k. and australia, bill, also withdrawing some of its diplomats and families. the government here saying those moves are premature but as we speak, there is an emergency session of the ukraine president and his cabinet to talk about it all. >> bill: thank you on the ground there in ukraine. >> dana: let's bring in marc thiessen fox news contributor. one poll that we put out yesterday. how do you approve of joe biden's performance on foreign policy? 41% said they approved. a lot of reasons for it. i know this region of the world, marc, you are well steeped in its history and pay a lot of attention to it. one of the things i would ask you to assess why you think the number is at 41% but on this issue in ukraine do you have a
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way to articulate to americans why this in america's interest for this invasion not to happen? >> the reason it's in america's interest is because ukraine isn't las vegas. the entire world is watching. think to yourself why do we have this situation now in ukraine? why has vladimir putin been emboldened to mass troops on the ukraine border? no coincidence after the disastrous u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan where president biden projected weakness to the world and right after that that china started sending planes record numbers of planes to straif taiwan and recall the last time that president putin did invade ukraine and annexed crimea a few months after president obama failed to enforce his red line in syria. what happens in one country doesn't stay there. it makes people bold around the
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world. the chinese are looking at this and saying if putin can invade ukraine and annex parts of ukraine we can invade taiwan. north koreans and irrelevantance are watching this. the whole world is watching this. when you project weakness in the world adversaries the end to test your resolve. so it makes war more likely. we have to prevent russia from doing this because the consequences will not just be contained to ukraine. >> bill: it appears for six years, marc, that vladimir putin has been living rent free in the minds will all americans and political leaders. think about that right now. and the truth is our european allies are split. england is doing one thing. macron in france is suggesting another and germany is sitting on its hands because it is beholding to the energy it will get and acquire from putin's russia. >> yeah. germany is an absolute disgrace. >> bill: putin new this for a
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long time. he dissected the relations and divided them further. continue. >> and joe biden won't even stand up to germany much less to putin. the reason he green lighted the nord stream 2 pipeline between russia and germany was to appease germany because the germans were upset about it. the reason why we have an outline specific -- the only part of the russia economy and the only thing they export is oil and natural gas. the solution is sanction their energy and natural gas. we won't do that. why? because germany depends on -- is the world's largest importer of russian natural gas. they depend on russia for 50% of their energy needs. [[inaudible]
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why should we give the economic benefit to a company like germany undermining our efforts to deter russia and making all that money from u.s. troop when we could send them to poland a country who cares and is willing to do what's necessary to help us? i think we should move all the troops out of germany and station them in poland and cancel the nord stream 2 pipeline. >> dana: good reminder on that what the poles offered. i am remembering something. in 2005 i was deputy press secretary a back been mucher at a meeting. the president was having a conversation and he says why would you want to do this and make yourself beholding to
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russia on energy in 2005 to germany? recognizing it a long time ago. germany said they would get rid of all their nuclear power. so instead of producing their own power that would be carbon free they decide to get their energy from russia. >> bill: two things it started 20 years aggregateing rid of nuke area power and closing coal plants. it puts them in a bind. the olympics starts in beijing in 10 days. based on history, does he act during the olympic games? he acts toward the end of olympic games. he is expected to be in beijing february 4th for the opening ceremonies. would he be bold to go into ukraine before then or even during the olympics and upstage his friend president xi in china? >> dana: the white house has their hands full on domestic politics. show this poll. if election were today, 2024
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election if it were held today would you want to reelect joe biden. 36%. that's a number again showing consistency that they are in a lot of trouble when it comes to 2024. you could say he could turn it around. possibility. our poll had the president up 47% approval. you don't get to the number of 36% with some democrats saying they would like to see different leaders. >> bill: a clear indication he is a weak president at the end of his first year. 12 past and then there is this. roll it. >> our hearts are broken and we're in shock. our knees are buckling. and we're angry because we've been here before. we're angry because we saw it coming. we're angry because we said it would going to happen and it happened again. >> bill: anger in new york city. another deadly attack on police and the suspect's rap sheet is sparking outrage. >> dana: we have a shocking fox
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business exclusive. >> bill: did you enjoy the weekend? talk about fun on the turf. the confetti coming down in kansas city late last night. overtime thriller. it wasn't the only wild finish this weekend. the nfl was 4 for 4 and great games for the greatest show on tour. come on back. ♪♪♪ ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect
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(swords clashing) whose resumes on indeed match -had enough?teria. -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> bill: 18 pavement. fox news alert on another police officer shot. a d.c. cop wounded last night is now luckily out of the hospital. police say they approached a man acting suspiciously around 9:00 sunday. he opened fire and took off.
6:19 am
officer treated and released. the gunman is still out there. >> nypd is grieving the loss of a rookie officer shot and killed in the line of duty and partner clinging to life after the shooting when they responded to a 911 call at a harlem apartment. body cam video shows the gunman kept shooting at the two officers as they lay motionless on the ground. alexis mcadams has more on this. >> it was a horrible weekend here. you can just feel the anger and sadness when we were out in harlem at the precinct. five nypd officers shot so far this month. new audio from police dispatch this morning which shows how quickly this tragedy unfolded. listen. >> what's going on? >> shot. >> dana: you can hear the officers calling for more units. the shooting happening inside of a harlem apartment complex
6:20 am
with heavy police presence on friday night. these officers were responding to a 911 call from a woman who said she was fighting with her adult son. two officers go into the apartment to try to speak with that man and that's when he opens fire. this ambush attack left one officer dead and another in critical condition. 22-year-old nypd officer jason rivera was shot and killed. he grew up in new york city shared this video after high school graduation inspiring younger students to accomplish their goals. >> number one you have to do it. when i was a freshman i didn't have no one to motivate me. i want to motivate you. i want to hear my voice and know that you are going to get through it. >> he wanted the make a change in his community. the second officer shot is a 27-year-old. sources tell me he was shot one time in the head and remains in critical condition today.
6:21 am
investigators say this is the gunman on your screen, 47-year-old mcneil. at the time of the shooting investigators tell me he was on probation for felony drug charge in new york city. that's the gun right next to him that he used in this investigation. his rap sheet very lengthy. arrested a half dozen times in other states for a variety of offenses. that gun used was reported stolen in 2017. now the mayor working to stop the floor of the illegal guns. >> we need the help of the federal government. we're taking thousands of guns off the street. every one we take off we have five come in. how do we stop this if the federal government does not stop the flow of guns in this city? >> after more crime and tragedy here in new york city over the weekend today mayor eric adams planning to release a new policing strategy that includes plain clothes officers on the streets of new york to go after gangs and violent crime. bill.
6:22 am
>> dana: bringing them back. >> bill: i want to bring the nassau county executive trying to get rid of the loose policies. are they listening to you? >> good morning. >> well, let me tell you i think in america we have a pandemic of lawlessness. the people in my county are tired of the revolving door of criminality because of the lack of respect for police officers to defund the police, crazy laws like we have in new york state that gives more rights to criminals than victims. they want it stopped. nassau county we have the 12th largest police department in the united states. they do a great job. sheriff's department, correctional officers, probation officers, and they want to do their job and they want to do it without interference and without the state promulgating laws that give criminals more rights than victims do and that basically
6:23 am
make the police officers' jobs much, much harder. >> bill: we heard from the new mayor eric adams. he is a cop himself. play this again one more clip from over the weekend from the new mayor. >> i wasn't ashamed to wear that uniform and they won't be ashamed to wear that uniform. i have the backs of my police officers. i want to be clear on that. >> bill: it's a refreshing change from the mayor in the past with bill deblasio. he mentioned the plain clothes unit that goes into neighborhoods trying to root out the guns that are being passed around among a lot of criminal gangs. he said during his campaign he would reinitial ate that unit. has it happened and can it happen quickly? >> we're very encouraged by mayor adams. we think there is a breath of fresh air in new york city.
6:24 am
he chose our chief of detectives from nassau county to be his commissioner. i think there will be a material change in policy that will make law enforcement much easier to do their job. but i tell you what, in nassau county last week we took over 100 illegal guns off the streets by our outstanding police department. one-third of those guns that were taken off the street were taken from criminals who were out without bail. they were released without bail because of the state laws that we have that allow cashless bail on a universal basis. >> bill: wow. in one answer there you've got two enormous problems. if you took out how many guns, 100? you probably needed to make that 1,000 per week. you've also got the situation in "new york post" editorial new york city's cop bashers need to get on board to make the city safe again. i bring that up because there
6:25 am
is a new city council member christian richardson jordan and she tweeted improving gardens two hours after the cops were shot. she later tweeted a message of support for those cops but these are some of the past tweets she has sent out. always remember that the police and prison systems were created to preserve slavery, to break the chains we must fight for total abolition. we demand on immediate end to the racist and classless cash bail system and the immediate release of all new yorkers incarcerated on ryker's island and new york city jails. that counters what your message is today. how is that going to fly when you want to get everybody out of jail? >> she is a disgrace to her public office. i have to tell you, the people want change and they want it
6:26 am
now to eliminate public officials like that who they give more rights to criminals than they do to the victims and police officers. we can't have that anymore. our hearts go out to jason rivera, a police officer. hispanic american, a role model for his community and to wilbert mora in critical condition fighting for his life. this so-called public official is talking about gardens in the community where these two officers were shot rather than talking about their bravery and their heroics. it is a disgrace and it is disgusting. >> bill: bruce blakeman, good luck to you. you have a big job keeping the city safe. thank you for your time today and we'll speak again very soon. thank you. >> dana: california is considering legislation to let kids ages 12 and up do just that, make decisions about vaccines. what are parents saying?
6:27 am
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already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> bill: 9:31. markets are open monday. a lot of nervous traders. wall street big sell-off friday. dow down 450. we've seen the worst start this year since 2016. you have inflation concerns, supply chain issues out there. we'll see which way we go today. we're trending lower at the open down 400 for the dow. >> dana: 85% of americans say they're concerned about inflation in the latest fox news poll and more than 7 in 10 say they feel the economy is in fair or poor condition. let's bring in maria bartiromo
6:33 am
from fox business and sunday morning futures. breaking news with the market down, are people's feelings about the economy coming through this morning? >> absolutely, dana. good morning to you and bill. we're looking at markets manifesting what is actually happening in the real economy. the dow industrials opened down 500 points. nasdaq down 300 points. nasdaq is 14% below its high reached in november of last year. so it has been a terrible start to 2022 because of all the worries about the economy. now we're hearing the word recession on the horizon. i spoke with the head of cornerstone research macro story earlier on the show on mornings with maria and she said she is expecting the federal reserves moves and the price of oil to potentially spark a recession for the global economy in 2023. there is a new debate happening. the debate now is around what the fed will actually be able to do. so last week we spoke at this
6:34 am
time when i told you that there are lots of expectations that people are expecting the federal reserve to raise interest rates maybe even seven times in 2022 and look how the market is falling out of bed. larry lindsey said he thinks the feds will trying to raise interests beginning in march but it will be met with massive disruption in the stock market and have to stop raising rates. macro waveens investment firm said the same. she doesn't think the fed will be able to raise rates at all. every time we start talking about it the market falls out of bed. a couple things to know this week. the federal reserve begins a two-day meeting so we'll get visibility into the fed's plan on wednesday when that meeting ends. it is not expected we'll see a rate hike tomorrow but more likely in the next meeting which is march. also watch earnings from big tech. intel, microsoft and apple reporting quarterly earnings this week. i was told by a major ceo that
6:35 am
the supply shortage in semi conductor chips worsened and the major problem for the economy. we'll see what intel reports this week. we're on high alert of earnings slowing down of all the worries having to do with inflation and supply shortages. >> dana: that's really the first time i've heard talk of the recession word so we'll keep an eye on that. let me ask you about oil. seven-year high prices for oil. russian tensions rising. we led the show with that today. call for number 3. august to october the u.s. imported an average of 241,000 barrels per day from russia compared to 92,000 a day in the same period a year ago. price of gas 3:33. last year 2.40. thoughts on oil and the possibility it could go higher this spring. >> that's right, dana. this is another situation where bad policy equals bad outcomes. in the first week in office joe biden the president canceled
6:36 am
the xl pipeline making american dependent on foreign oil sources. you told us the amount of oil that we have to import now from russia. that is a major issue and also creating problems with this ukraine stand-off because germany is totally reliant on russia for gas because of that nord stream 2 pipeline and as a result germany is pushing back on doing anything against russia as russia circles in on ukraine. the questions about europe and whether or not europe is going to be with the united states in pushing back on russia's aggressiveness are out there. germany is stopping estonia and others from sending arms to ukraine. that's a major worry as tom cotton told me yesterday on fox news. oil prices not expected to reverse any time soon. goldman sachs said they're expecting oil to hit $100 soon and 105 at the end of 2022 into
6:37 am
2023. i will remind it that's a tax on consumers. when you are paying all this money for oil and gasoline it zaps your disposable income. even though wages are up they have been zapped by inflation and the price of oil. >> dana: not keeping up. that was power packed information and analysis. thank you for that and we'll see you again soon. >> bill: watching the markets throughout the day here. meanwhile you have billions of dollars meant for small business loans or unemployment benefits being spent on a -- the fraud tracker for the covid relief act passed in 2020. kelly o'grady live with more on the fox business investigation. what did you find? >> bill, of the stimulus over $100 billion was dolled out to fraudulent claims. the number is while. i want to look at what some of the money was used for. some of the examples are just crazy. the largest sum stolen was over
6:38 am
$30 million. member of a music group pleaded guilty to filing 90 loan applications. smith used the loan proceeds to make luxury purchases including a ferrari for $96,000. olympic speedskating star snagged more than $10 million in ppp loans for her production company as many as 430 employees on her payroll. the indictment alleges she had no employees or no monthly payroll. some of the money she funded a movie about serial killer ted bundy. apocalypse bella and team of others were accused of submitting fraudulent ppp loan applications seeking $14 million distributing proceeds to bank accounts across the world. as people lay in hospital beds criminals obtained a million each from more subtle claims like early withdrawal from 401k and shelling out thousands as
6:39 am
strip clubs. prison inmates were able to snag over a million dollars in one scheme. even more covid relief is being proposed. hotels, fitness clubs and broadway shows are seeking relief aid. more than enough stimulus has been dolled out when so much went to fraudsters. only 2.3 billion of the 100 has been recovered at this point. >> bill: stay on it. very interesting. kelly o'grady in l.a. thanks. >> they know we support. >> dana: this weekend's nfl playoffs came down to the wire with every game being decided by one score. chiefs edged out the bills in an overtime thriller. the score changing four times if the last two minutes. in l.a. the rams put away tom brady and the buccaneers.
6:40 am
on saturday night the 49ers stunned the packers at lambeau field with a walk-off field goal. what does that mean? they won without scoring an offensive touchdown and hemmer's bengals. thanks to mcphearson who knocked the game-winning field for the bengals. chiefs are hosting the bengals and 49ers against the rams in los angeles. not great, not great. i give myself a c. i enjoyed it. thank you for the opportunity. >> bill: you texted me say hemmer, bring in your lucky hat and i said it would jinx it. this hat has been in my drawer for six years. i never wore it until two weeks ago and now it's two for two. a lucky hat. >> dana: congratulations. my mom said hemmer must be very happy today. >> bill: sweet. best to your mom. nashville, tennessee, great team, great town, great hosts. we had a blast. i'm really sorry your season had to end this way because
6:41 am
really good, big, strong players up front. offense and defense. >> dana: what time did you roll in >> bill: 2:30. we had a blast. cincinnati now goes to kansas city. they beat kansas city four weeks ago. really tough to beat a team in the nfl twice in one season especially when they have patrick mahomes. >> dana: sarah palin taking "the new york times" to court and why some think she can win the case. >> bill: olympics begin in 10 days. athletes being warned not to speak out about human rights. two-time olympic cross-country skier noah hoffman will react to that. he is live yet. >> diplomatic boycott is good but not enough. it is a shame. thinking twice about going to a
6:42 am
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>> dana: some kids may be able to get vaccine without their parents approval in california. william la jeunesse is in los angeles and has that story for us this morning. good morning. >> so if the bill passes and history suggests it will, 12-year-olds could get vaccinated without parental consent. lower than alabama, the carolinas but not washington, d.c. where age of consent is 11. >> nearly 1 million unvaccinated 12 to 17-year-olds. many want to be vaccinated but sometimes their parents don't let them be vaccinated and sometimes parents are just not
6:48 am
prioritizing taking them to be vaccinated or parents don't have the time. >> schools could vaccinate any student without the hassle of getting a parent's signature. any vaccine, not just covid. 20% of the population supporters say getting minors vaccinated increases herd immunity. >> i'm a parent of teenagers. i want my children to be able to protect themselves. >> but opponents say 12-year-olds don't know their medical histories, allergies or genetic predispositions and -- >> 12-year-olds can receive a hepatitis b vaccine without their parents being there. they can receive reproductive healthcare including abortion and birth control on their own. they can receive mental healthcare. >> typically age of consent is
6:49 am
18 because most minors don't have the experience or emotional maturity to make a life long decision. california was among the first date to mandate masks, require people to stay indoors but positivity rates was no better than other states and hospitalization rates now is among the highest in the u.s. >> bill: we're 10 days away tr the beijing olympics. growing concern for the safety of u.s. athletes who will be competing in the capitol of an authoritarian state. noah hoffman two-time olympic cross-country skier joins us from idaho today. i saw a comment all the meetings according to some of your friends who are athletes going to beijing have been about covid and personal safety. nothing about sports. what does that tell you? >> i can't tell you how
6:50 am
different that is than my experience in the other olympics. i was focused on nothing but sport and performance. now we have athletes who are -- sport is secondary in these olympics and it's the position they have been tricky. athletes have no control where the olympics are held or no control over what kind of conditions are put on host countries. they are just at the mercy of the international olympic committee and the host country. this has been a huge distraction for them from their sport and it makes them pawns in this geopolitical fight that pits human rights against the power of china. it is a terrible place for athletes to be. >> dana: there are several countries diplomatically boycotting the olympics. u.s., canada, u.k. australia, kosovo and others. in addition to that, there are also no spectators allowed. how isolating do you think
6:51 am
these athletes will feel there in beijing? >> athletes still have their support staff and all the things that are essential to allowing athletes to perform at the international level. but the hard part is the distraction from their sport performances. olympics is the pinnacle of an athlete's careers. i'm introduced as a to-time olympiaian. not the world cup win but olympics matter especially in most winter olympic sports where there is nothing bigger than the olympics maybe with the exception of hockey, of course. athletes are -- yeah, this is distracting them from sport and so yes, they may feel isolated but more than that they'll feel like their performances aren't the most important thing at the olympics and there should be nothing more important than an athlete's performance at the olympics. that's what they are about. >> bill: with these covid
6:52 am
protocols it won't be as easy to get in and out. you said you hope the athletes stay quiet about human rights and don't speak out. how come? >> believe me it kills me to say that. i really am a proper uponent that athletes are humans and have a right to have the same freedom of expression as anybody else. in this situation it's not worth it for athletes to speak out. you have the organizing committee in beijing threatening to punish any athlete that speaks out against the laws of china. of course the laws in china are super opaque when it comes to expression. not only that but the international olympic committee is also threatening to punish athletes who speak out. they say any athlete that takes a political stand on the field of play or podium will be punished. the two entities that should be protecting athletes threatening to punish them. athletes should stay silent
6:53 am
until they get home and that's a horrible place to be. >> dana: i hope you come back after the games. >> it would be my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> bill: might not be an american athlete that speaks out. pick your country. it could happen. >> i heard the u.s. state department is working to protect the american athletes as they should be. other athletes won't that have protection. i'm scared for all athletes heading to beijing. >> dana: we'll watch it with you. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> dana: u.s. is evacuating some diplomats and their families from ukraine. train robberies are causing more supply chain problems out west. transportation secretary pete buttigieg, will he provide some answers? that's next. does all the work for you. it's never too late to start. join today for 50% off at hurry! offer ends january 24th!
6:54 am
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>> bill: train thefts have spiked in california. lawmakers want answers as to why. seems like the plundered
6:59 am
packages littering the stack, pete buttigieg will testify on it. they blame l.a. d.a. for being soft on crime. >> no one wants to seemingly take responsibility for what is happening in california right now. democrat representative eleanor holmes norton is calling for a hearing into this. she wants transportation secretary pete buttigieg as you know last year was accused of being absent during the supply chain crisis. she wants him to come to the hill and testify. >> this has gotten completely out of hand. i'm going to ask for a hearing on this matter because nothing has been done about it. >> thieves show no signs of letting up. we see a blame game going on. the railroad company pointing the finger at lada george gascon saying its agents have
7:00 am
made hundreds of arrests but less than half are booked and some released in less than 24 hours. house republicans blaming democratic policies and have asked the d.o.j. to step in. the d.a. says it's not my fault. he is throwing blame back at union pacific saying the company has filed fewer cases over the years accusing them of not properly locking up their trains. it is very telling that other major railroad operations in the area are not facing the same level of theft at their facilities as union pacific. progressive representative jimmie gomez skeptical how widespread the problem is. it's a fraction of the packages that travel through los angeles as the railroad company says it has been going on and spiking in the last year. rail thefts have jumped by about 160% in the past year in los angeles county. it is a problem. >> bill: no doubt. aishah hosni on capitol hill
7:01 am
today. thank you. >> dana: the world's greatest nuclear super power is moving closer to the brink of war as president biden weighs sending thousands of u.s. troops to eastern europe cranking up pressure on russia over ukraine. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: hope you had a great weekend. nato allies bracing for aggressive military action sending ships and fighter jets to eastern europe and a strong message to the kremlin as president biden considers options for boosting america's military presence in other countries around the area of ukraine. that country is receiving a second shipment of u.s. weapons in the stand-off with russia. u.s. state department ordering families of diplomats in the capital city and some embassy staff there to get out. >> dana: russia is warning it will respond appropriately if the u.s. deploys troops. secretary of state antony blinken with a warning to moscow. further aggression will trigger
7:02 am
massive consequences. >> if there is any further russian aggression there will be a severe and united response from the united states and europe. >> bill: benjamin hall is live at the state department for us as we begin a new hour there. ben, hello. >> good morning, bill. this is all moving quickly now. senior state department officials last night saying there would be a voluntary withdrawal of all non-essential staff from the embassy as well as evacuation of all family members of u.s. staff in ukraine. russian troops continue to mass on the border. president biden considering sending up to 5,000 u.s. troops to eastern europe as part of a joint nato force to protect nato borders. they deny that any will go into ukraine. other countries have already authorized similar deployments. the state department has issued a do not travel warning and told all americans they must find their own way out of the country and asking them to
7:03 am
register with the embassy. they refuse to say how many americans are in ukraine but reports suggest around 30,000 some dual citizens and 7,000 at the embassy. senior state department officials continue to insist they don't know if putin plans to invade but that he is ready to do so and if it happened it will happen quickly and the u.s. would be unable to save its citizens and evacuate. 80 tons of weapons to ukraine were delivered over the weekend and more to arrive in the weeks to come. not the hardware ukraine says they need badly. air and missile defenses. it is hard not to think of afghanistan when you hear the state department saying they don't know how many americans are in the country and don't know if they can get them out or if kiev will fall. what we see the state department do now is act with an abundance of caution. ukraine is angry at the move saying it is preemptive and sends the wrong message. >> bill: benjamin hall from the
7:04 am
state department. we'll bring in jack keane. welcome back to our coverage. michael waltz, this is how he sees it and ask you to size up this timeline. watch. >> i do think it's imminent and likely that putin is going to invade. and what does it mean for the united states? it means destabilized europe, putin believes he can reconstitute the old soviet union and challenge the united states on the world stage. >> bill: that is the back drop. do you agree with that, general? let's start there. >> well, let's start with the timeline itself. listen, weather is a factor and it is here. so our audience understands, heavy armor operations supported by artillery need solid ground. a mild winter in ukraine and taking longer for the ground to freeze. it is frozen now and certainly this is ideal conditions to
7:05 am
conduct those armor operations as i discussed. certainly air power would support it. there is another factor here as well. that is the beijing olympics. putin is going to it on february 4. it sends at february 20th. he will not conduct an invasion during that time in my judgment and detract from his cohort and friend's major propaganda venture where they have invested years and billions of money into. and -- here is another factor. the ground begins to thaw in mid-march. olympics end on the 20th. we have a month or so with favorable conditions to support heavy armor operations. doesn't mean they can't do it when the ground thaws and you have more mud than anything else. it is more challenging then. favorable conditions end around mid-march in terms of the timeline. >> dana: what do you think about this proposal the possibility of the president deciding to send 5,000 more troops to the region?
7:06 am
what would they be doing? is that a deterrent? would they be doing any fighting? i don't think they spelled that out well enough. >> certainly putin's objectives as we've discussed many times, he doesn't want a flourishing democratic society on his border that is only 300 miles from moscow and that's what his interest in ukraine has been from the outset. second major interest is to undermine and weaken nato itself. what the president has done he made a major policy shift here. we have been talking about for weeks that we should be doing preemptive action to deter putin. not just threats of actions, that we'll take after an invasion, do something before. we provided some military aid, not nearly enough in my view. and now we'll put some troops in nato countries to reinforce those countries. not just troops. i understand air power and warships as well from the
7:07 am
united states. decision not made. likely made later this week. good step, something that should have been done earlier. that shows some intention and seriousness on the part of the united states. these are the kind of things that putin respects. i don't believe that in and of itself will deter the invasion but certainly a step in the right direction. there is so much more that we could do. all those things that we are talking about doing after the invasion, many of those should be ongoing right now and putin would get a taste of what this really means to him in terms of his economy, which is at 8% inflation. we know what 6% is doing to us. if we were squeezing him economically now and telling him listen we'll turn the valve off as soon as you withdraw your army from ukraine. we have complete justification for doing it. for putin to say i can move my troops around my country all i want to do that's up to me, in
7:08 am
theory that's correct. in fact when you put an army in position and prepare it for a major invasion, that is something that we have a right to respond to and we should have done that by now. >> dana: thank you, general. >> bill: general jack keane. thank you for your time there. a little bit to add to that. blinken was asked over the weekend why not do sanctions now, which is the case keane is making? he said it becomes less of a deterrent if you put it on now as opposed to wait until after an invasion. might be counterintuitive but that's the strategy. >> dana: remember what the general is saying, we should be doing things now. jackie heinrich threw a question to president biden in which he was caught on a mic saying what a stupid question. not a stupid question if general keane is explaining it that way. >> bill: the question was are you waiting for putin to make the first move? keane is right about this 200,000 pounds of ammunition that they shipped arriving in
7:09 am
ukraine over the weekend sent by the united states. you might need more than that in the end to help defend yourself against an invading army from russia. >> dana: more to come. the olympics start next friday on the 4th. a manhunt is underway for a suspect accused of ambushing a sheriff's deputy in houston. the unidentified man killed corporal charles galway during a routine traffic stop. senior correspondent casey stiegel has more. hi, casey. >> one of the reasons why police always say there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop because they are so dangerous. the corporal by the way was a 12-ier veteran of the office in harris county and it happened before 1:00 a.m. on sunday when he was trying to initiate that traffic stop on the southwest side of houston. the driver of a white toyota avalon did pull over but then the driver jumped out and
7:10 am
opened fire on the police while he was in his squad car. jumped in the vehicle and fled the scene. there was nothing officials say that could be done for corporal charles galway. he died at the scene. hours later a somber moment outside the hospital as fellow law enforcement gathered to pay their respects as the body of the fallen constable arrived. >> we have to put an end to this. as well as the resources of the city of houston and the county and the district attorney's office will bring justice to corporate galloway. we can't have people like this on our streets. >> ariel pictures revealed how violent the crime was. you can see multiple bullet holes on the constable's squad car sitting in the same spot where he parked it. he was just 47 years old. relatively young leaving behind a daughter and a sister. police not commenting at this
7:11 am
point whether they have any real solid leads yet in this case. >> dana: i hope they get some. >> bill: fox news alert now. the case on the role of race in college admissions. the justices will take up lawsuits against harvard and the university of north carolina. those schools are accused of discriminating against asian american applicants. a decision against the universities could lead to the end of affirmative action in the college admission process we're told. arguments expected to take place in the fall of this year. >> they can't play, they can't go to school. >> bill: a gang fight breaks out and a young girl in grade school pays the price. chicago gunfire takes another life. leading death for kids in
7:12 am
baltimore is homicide. plus this. >> we shouldn't be cutting funding for police departments. i propose increasing funding. >> dana: president biden breaking with the far left when it comes to fighting crime. what or who is pushing him in the other direction? ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love. talk to a financial professional about pacific life.
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>> dana: violent crime rising across the u.s. changing the conversation in the white house as americans demand a reversal of far left policies that critics say are soft on crime. president biden breaking from progressive stressing support for more police funding. we're live in new york city with madison. >> good morning, dana. as we see crime increase across the u.s. politicians no longer asking for the defunding of the police but instead for greater support. as you mentioned president biden has been also pushing for this on friday in a break from progressives he said he supports more police funding. a move that could be popular with the vast majority of americans. fox news polling released yesterday shows that 81% of voters are either extremely or very concerned about rising crime. defund the police advocates are walking back their stances particularly following the death of a rookie cop in new york city this weekend.
7:19 am
state attorney james who nearly two years ago said new yorkers have lost faith in law enforcement said friday we pray for the safety of our police in our communities. when communities are hit hard so are businesses and businesses fear that despite the call for more police support, things could get worse instead of better because of the new district attorney's prosecution policy. the soft on crime stance is allowing repeat offenders to continually hit businesses. >> something has happened. it is whack-a-mole, a, and when you have individuals that are acting with impunity they get bolder because they know nothing is going to happen. >> dana, all of this has led some businesses to take security measures into their own hands and hire private security just so that they can operate their business. obviously someone who is hired without the jurisdiction of a cop there is only so much they can do. the businesses i've spoken to have said that hiring the
7:20 am
security guards are the difference from them being able to be open or having to remain closed. dana. >> bill: from new york to chicago. that city the windy city mourning an 8-year-old girl shot and killed by a stray bullet. melissa ortega was walking with her mom when a shoot-out between known gang members broke out nearby and she was shot in the head and died at the hospital. chicago officials call the tragedy senseless and police offering a reward of up to $15,000 for information on any suspects. >> dana: health report in baltimore names homicide as the top reason for minors dying. we continue to lose too many children to violence and neglect. they will be never be able to grow up and realize their full potential. d.c. homicide detective joins us now. i saw the statistic and it
7:21 am
surprised me and it is horrifying. let's pull it up. youth homicides in baltimore alone from a 2015 to 2020, 45 young people whose lives were gone before they even got going there. >> dana, it is rather shocking. i grew up myself in lake charles, louisiana, and during that time period we could go out as children and play and we could go and get an education and we could learn without being shot. and now i fast forward to now, what we find is that crime is out of control in these major metropolitan cities like baltimore. you know, i was-in-law school there in baltimore and i know baltimore. it is shocking and a sad reality that crime is very much out of control there. dana, the other sad commentary
7:22 am
is that it is 90% of those young people dying are people of color. you have these law-abiding citizens in these black communities and the one thing that is not talked about enough is black on black crime. black people are killing black people unfortunately at a massive proportion in these major metropolitan cities like baltimore. >> dana: and so when you look at this as a former homicide detective, what do you think can and should be done? to your point, schools have been closed. now they are open or remote learning is attractive for some people because they don't want kids to go outside because it's unsafe. >> i have said it on these airwaves over and over. we have to take the handcuffs off of law enforcement officers. they need to hire more law enforcement officers. what is needed is for law
7:23 am
enforcement to take back the streets of baltimore. right now and sadly the criminals control the streets of baltimore. as a result of that young people who have their whole lives in front of them, young people are dying. >> dana: let me ask you one thing about as a former detective, when you talk to families who go through this, lose a young person to homicide, what happens in their life? what kind of grief do they feel? >> dana, it is life-changing event. you know, you -- a mother or father and you bring a young child into this world and you want to see that young child grow up and at some stage or another unfortunately their lives are cut short by a bullet or in the streets of these
7:24 am
major metropolitan cities and you cannot say anything to the parents. all you can do is be with them and try to help them to understand that their lives need to move forward but it is hard to move forward when you lose a young child or a young person at a young age. >> dana: a lot of grieving out there for them. thank you, ted williams. we appreciate your time. >> bill: certainly is. thank you, ted. heavy hearts in texas after the death of a trooper killed during an operation at the border over the weekend. what happened and how his colleagues are remembering him today. plus new polling showing democrats losing ground with a key demographic. how that could have big implications for the mid-terms and beyond in national politics. isn't that right limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪
7:25 am
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>> dana: texas department of public safety special agent killed near the mexico border. 37-year-old died in a car crash
7:30 am
during tactical operations. we're live at the border in la joya, texas with more. hi, bill. >> good morning to you. that's exactly right. tragic weekend down at the border but a lot of activity. last night we want to show you first. video we shot last night. embedded into the night with texas dps looking for runners in the brush. some of these migrants appeared to think if he laid down in the brush law enforcement wouldn't find them. didn't work out. well over a dozen arrested last night. these are the migrants refusing to turn themselves in trying to sneak into the country in an effort to get into the u.s. without being caught. typically these are the gotaways. more than 14,000 gotaways in this sector alone just since october. meanwhile look at this video. earlier in the evening yesterday also family units still showing up despite the fact we have had some bad winter weather outhere. winter storm rain, muddy.
7:31 am
it slowed down some traffic but families turning themselves in. the group mostly from nicaragua. just from october 1 until now just in the rgb sector more than 157,000 migrant apprehensions. we talk about the tragedy over the weekend. pull up the photo here. 37-year-old texas dps trooper anthony cialis, a former u.s. marine dying in an accident friday night in eagle pass, texas. working with border patrol helping them arrest of group of six illegal immigrants when he was involved in a single vehicle accident. take a look at these photos as well. texas dps returned his body to his hometown of el paso, texas. his family and fellow troopers were waiting for him to receive him. he is the first line of duty death officially associated with operation lone star. one last thing to talk about if we can pull up the map here. there was action on the northern border over the weekend just last week border patrol in blaine, washington reporting they stopped a group
7:32 am
of romanians who drove across the border in a vehicle and tried to speed off. blaine is 100 miles north of seattle. all of them were caught and arrested. back out here live just goes to show it is always the southern border that gets talked about. every once in a while something will happen at the northern border as well. >> dana: you have it covered on both ends. thank you so much. >> bill: meanwhile the democratic party appears to be losing ground in latino voters. that could have major consequences at the ballot box. great group here and panel. aristimuno from the dnc and garza worked for the department of the interior under president george w. bush. gentlemen, nice to see you both and good morning to you. jose, i want to begin with you. trump increased the vote on behalf of republicans by 8% in 2020 which could be sizeable. headline new york times.
7:33 am
latino voters are key to 2024 and not always buying what democrats are selling end quote. what is your concern, jose? >> i think first and foremost we have to recognize that democrats have to do a better job communicating to latinos and the american citizens that biden has done. we've done some good things but democrats have to communicate that and do it now. also they have to invest some money. they have to invest some money into some of the races coming up in the mid-term. we have to put money into politics to make sure latinos continue to understand there is no better option for them than democrats. >> bill: republicans flipped hispanics districts in texas that nobody thought would happen. daniel, how do you see it? >> bill, democrats should be feeling anxious about the latino vote. biden is already responsible for the biggest shift ever by latinos away from the democrat
7:34 am
party according to several poltion. we'll see if it carries over to the election. no secret democrats have counted on latino and black majorities to win elections. the problem is with the largest minority group trending read it will compound the mid-term election woes for the democrat party. think about this in. in georgia 10% of the population where warnock and nevada where mass owe is seeking reelection. arizona 31% of the population. all 50/50 races and the republican races in pennsylvania and wisconsin 9% of the latino population we have the retirement looming large and johnson reelect will affect down ballots. >> bill: fox poll from last week among hispanics if joe biden were to run again what would you do? 47 say reelect him. 51% say vote for someone else. the rub, they like the economic message of donald trump. it came around to him and
7:35 am
warmed up to his policies. the other issues is they believe democrats in many ways are going too far left and it's outside of their comfort zone. >> look, i think it's a good point. first and foremost i'm not concerned about polls. 2016 taught us anything polls don't mean a thing especially seven months out before mid-term elections. i'm not concerned about those numbers but communicating the message to latinos. no question a majority of latinos support the democratic party over republicans that's a fact. we have to continue to communicate and put money into this races and continue to hire top latino talent in the campaign and consulting firms across this country and there is no doubt that mark my words after november latinos will still be with the democratic party. >> bill: "wall street journal" wrote a piece about this and want to read a key line. they viewed democratic party, daniel, as untethered from
7:36 am
their top concerns. unsupportive of law enforcement, too lax and border security and too focused on racial disparities. how do you see it for this group of voters? >> i think they are already losing majorities of latinos who are from the rural areas who are churchgoers and business owners. but the spikes in urban crime are also angering latinos in the urban areas where they held majorities for the longest time and it is a danger. looks like the biden administration is focused on packing the supreme court, nationalizing voting meant to increase the power that democrats have. what do you do with the power that you have? where is the promise bipartisanship and statesman like language. we get the unprojective language like enemies of democracy and jim crow 2.0.
7:37 am
this is not working with latinos. >> bill: very interesting. gentlemen, i hope you come back. it is a debate and issue that will continue to grow in importance. thank you, daniel and jose, thanks for coming back. dana. >> dana: newly elected socialist democrat causing a problem in new york city. what she has to say about the police and policing and why she has been quiet about the latest cop killing. sarah palin suing "the new york times" for defamation. joe concha joins us with more on her legal battle.
7:38 am
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7:42 am
>> bill: council woman in new york city facing criticism for her past statements about police. she represents a neighborhood where an nypd officer for killed and another wounded and anti-police comments are coming back into focus. eric shawn live in new york city to follow up on this. eric, hello. >> good morning, bill. she does represent the harlem district where this horrible and tragic police killing occurred. she called for the dismantling of the nypd and said all inmates, criminals, be released from new york city jails and she has written that police are, quote, thugs in blue.
7:43 am
her name is kristin rion jordan. she is a democratic socialist and said she is saddened by the tragic death of the officer but long been anti-cop. during her campaign she tweeted let's make harlem and new york city safer by defunding the police and funding the people. always remember the police and prison systems were created to preserve slavery. to break the chains we must fight for total abolition. we cannot reform a system of policing rooted in racism. defund and abolish nypd. the police don't prevent crimes. they're an occupying force created to terrify poor people. we demand an immediate end to the racist and cashless cash bail system and immediate release of all new yorkers incarcerated in hikers and in all new york city jails. police officials and crime
7:44 am
victims and advocates and others saying any public official who calls for ending the nypd and releasing all criminals is not fit for public office. >> this whole nonsense with the defund police and racism. enough is enough. let's get back to reality. we have to let that your cops be cops. if we don't we'll continue to see the lawlessness and bloodshed we've been seeing the last few years. >> jordan reportedly attended a vigil for the police officer on saturday night. we reached out to her for comment. so far her office has not gotten back to us. >> bill: eric shawn, stay on it in the city of new york. thank you dana. >> dana: let's bring in joe concha media columnist for the hill. want to play from bruce blakeman who was recently elected in nassau county on our show talking about this very thing. >> she is a disgrace to her public office.
7:45 am
this so-called public official is talking about gardens in the community where these two officers were shot rather than talking about their bravery and their heroics. it is a disgrace. >> dana: he is referring to community gardens are vital to building local power and spaces where neighborhoods, blah blah blah, saying wealthy folks can afford to occupy them, people need to have more gardens. what do you make of all of this joe concha? >> no ambiguity, here. council woman declared this in 2020 about the police. when i say defund i mean defund all caps down to zero dollars, #abolish the police. then as you said as eric said in his report she has called the nypd the biggest gang in new york. said it three weeks ago and now she has the audacity to say she stands with the victims of the fallen after the young police officer was shot and killed in her district.
7:46 am
if i'm his family i would tell this council woman to stay away from the funeral services that will be held. those who engage in this rhetoric compared them to gangs, these folks have no business being in government but this is new york whose voters thought it was a great idea to give bill deblasio two terms and elected eric adams in terms of his victory. not 1 in 4 new yorkers voted in the last mayor election. if change will occur it's up to the people to get more involved and go to the polls and stop voting people like this council woman into office. >> bill: i want to show the fox poll call for concerning crime. higher u.s. crime rates 81% are either extremely or very concerned about crime. listen, you have eric adams talking tough over the weekend. he was a former cop and has a huge job here, joe.
7:47 am
there are millions who are depending on him. >> absolutely. and he is very young obviously in office right now. he won because of his stance on crime. the fact that he was a former police officer. apparently because we're talking about this along with dana and talking about crime and 81% of the american people are deeply concerned about it, on cnn yesterday on their media show they say that this sort of reporting and this sort of rhetoric is only done because of fear mongering. only because we're trying to scare people. no, this is a very real problem in new york, chicago, atlanta, minneapolis, chicago, los angeles, you name it. when you have a more expensive country to live in and less safe country to live in, it is a horrible combination for the people in fire. >> dana: do you think "the five" will take on the cnn report this afternoon? six hours and 13 minutes. you better watch it. thank you so much.
7:48 am
>> i hope they always talk about the bengals victory. >> bill: we're lucky for now, right? 2 for 2. big weekend. >> dana: thanks, joe. >> bill: big weekend of football as joe said. the upsets. the nail biters. the nfl got it right and the bengals are in the afc championship. dana brings us to today's prifsh yeah question. before this season the last time the bengals won a playoff game was 1991. you were not born. how many players in the current roster were born before the last time that team won a game in the postseason? the answer when we come back. ♪♪♪ g, with bank of america.
7:49 am
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erreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good.
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>> harris: officers shot to death in an ambush, partner also shot. now he is clinging to life. will new york city's brand-new mayor actually do anything to curb the crime? can he? it is destroying the city. and more terrible poll numbers for president biden just as he is beginning to weigh sending u.s. troops to europe to help curb russia's putin aggression. retired marine joey jones, jason rantz, tammy bruce, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> 52 yarder sweeps away. he's done it. >> bill: that was beautiful. that was the bengals big win on saturday. 31 years after the last playoff win for cincinnati. it was 1991, dana. which leads to today's trivia question how many of the team were alive back then?
7:55 am
the answer is 31, 17, 2 or 7. >> dana: i would guess 7. >> bill: you nailed it, kid, right on. seven players. one of the players who was not born yet is our guest right now bengals kicker mcphearson who hit the 52 yarder. he is 22. he was not alive. congratulations to you and let me just say huday. >> i wasn't alive. my parents probably weren't thinking about having me at that time. it is pretty special. >> bill: did you say to brandon allen or joe borough before you ran on the field and kicked that field goal that looks like we're headed to the afc championship game? did you say that? >> i did. and i'll tell you the reason i kind of said it and it's how i explained it is i feel like
7:56 am
kind of saying something like that you have to back it up and so after saying that there is kind of no other option but to go out there and make it. >> bill: that's like babe ruth calling a home run in the world series. >> it is challenging yourself and you have confidence in yourself that you will go out there and make it so why not say this and challenge yourself and go out there and hit it? >> dana: i'm new as a bengals fan and did it for hemmer but now fully on board. i feel like the community spirit there must be really strong. >> yeah, you talk about in the locker room or just the whole city of cincinnati? >> dana: cincinnati as a whole, as a community. >> the community is on fire. i love it and it is funny because it started out with i could go to target or get my haircut and go unnoticed. now it's funny. we're kind of in the spotlight
7:57 am
and winning games. more and more i go to target and somebody is like are you the bengals kicker? it is pretty cool to be just the presence that we've kind of made in the cincinnati area and it is so awesome and like i said before i'm so happy to be part of this team that's bringing life to the city of cincinnati and hopefully we can keep winning and bring more life. >> dana: how do you get ready for next week? >> same thing we've been doing all year. we'll go out and have our best week of practice and prepare the best we can for kansas city. we played them once so we know a lot about them. we'll come out and we'll run our best plays. hopefully stop them and it all comes down to score more points than them. let's hope we'll do that. >> dana: you want to see hemmer's lucky hat?
7:58 am
>> bill: this has been in my drawer for six years. i never wore it until two weeks ago. now we're two for two. i want viewers to understand you were the only kicker drafted in last year's draft. fifth rounder out of florida. how many kickers will be taken in next year's draft after they've seen what you have done? >> i mean i'm not sure. i know teams will probably -- a couple of teams will be looking for kickers and i know there are some pretty good ones coming out this year. i can't tell you for sure which ones will be drafted and which ones aren't. i have a feeling maybe i would say one or two probably get drafted. >> bill: you've raised the level of importance of that and i know you love the right hash mark and that's what you got. >> dana: i learned in the commercial break what a right hash mark is. >> bill: he draws the ball with his kick. put it on the right hash and he will make it. >> we'll draw it on through. thank you for being here.
7:59 am
good luck to it. you are a class act and good luck in kansas city. we'll see you there. >> i have one question. will you be in kansas city with your hat? >> no doubt about it. somehow some way i'll be there. >> awesome. >> bill: congratulations. >> great talking with you all. >> bill: great job. what else have you got up your sleeve? >> dana: okay. in 1991 this is talking about this how long it has been. top movie. which one was it? >> bill: i'll say home alone. >> dana: i'll say kindergarten cop. what is the answer? home alone. top christmas toy december 1990. >> bill: nintendo i'll say. >> dana: is it -- what was it?
8:00 am
it was -- top song in january 1991. ooh, i will go with c. love will never do. that's a great song. congratulations to the bengals. thank you for joining us today. >> bill: tomorrow we'll show you where we were back in 1991. >> dana: here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert. america's law enforcement are being attacked, ambushed, killed, and after a violent weekend against our cops, we are now at critical mass. we cannot accept this for them or for ourselves. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". in new york city a rookie cop and two other officers were ambushed in a neighborhood in harlem. 22-year-old jason rivera was shot and killed when they were respon


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