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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 25, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> political liability ahead of the midterm? >> president biden: it's a great asset. what a stupid son of a [bleep]. >> todd: so much for promising to unite the country. president biden losing his cool and cursing out peter doocy over a question about inflation. tell you where things went from there. you're watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. we endefer to treat each other with the utmost of respect, except when it comes to christmas movies.
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i'm todd piro. hi, carley. >> carley: this is true, we have beef over christmas movie, that's about it. i'm carley shimkus, more on the president's outburst. first breaking news overseas. weapons will arrive in ukraine in a moment and troops are ready for possible deploy toment eastern europe. >> todd: live in kiev with the latest, steve. >> steve: todd 8500 u.s. troops on heightened alert. they can be sent to eastern europe if there is invasion of ukraine. no plan for u.s. combat troops on the ground in ukraine. four countries have pulled out families of diplomats due to worsening security situation here, along with the u.s., u.k., australia and germany pulling out. ukrainian officials say such a move is unnecessary and premature. russia says the u.s. reaction is
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one of hysteria. administration officials say there will be no air lift for u.s. citizens remaining in ukraine. >> press sect. psaki: we are conveying to american citizens to leave now there is not intention of an evacuation, not intention or plan for any military evacuation. >> steve: after call with european leaders president biden said they are on the same page in opposition to any potential russian invasion. >> president biden: i had a very, very, very good meeting, with the european leaders. >> steve: leaders of the senate and house asked for classified preefings on the situation in ukraine. back to you. >> carley: thank you, steve, live in kiev. heading back to the u.s. u.s. border patrol reporting two million encounters of migrants at the border in 2021, new
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all-time high, 1.1 million of those were sent back to mexico or flown to other countries. critics are blaming president biden and immigration policies. of those stopped at the u.s. border, 14 were listed in the u.s. terrorism screening center database. steve miller says president biden should be focusing on the crisis at our own souther border. watch here. >> why would any foreign leader anywhere in the world take seriously anything joe biden has to say when biden left his own people defenseless and unprotected at the mercy of criminals, drug dealerers, foreign cartel and most ruthless organization on planet earth? ask yourself this question. in the history of this country, has any foreign adversary done more damage to the security of our southern border than joe biden has done of his own free
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will and volition? no. >> carley: president joe biden once promised dignity from the white house calling a fox news reporter a stupid son of a you know what on the world stage. >> todd: griff jenkins has reaction to the president's outburst. this is was something >> griff: the hot mic struck again, president insulting our own peter doocy, watch. >> president biden: that's a great asset. more inflation. what a stupid son of a [bleep]. >> todd: within hour of that salty exchange came a phone call from the president telling peter doocy, it is nothing personal, pal. peter doocy joined hannity, reacting to the call defending his question.
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>> pete: i appreciate the president took a couple minutes out while at the desk to give me a call and clear the air. >> sean: at least he called you pal. >> peter: i don't need him to ark pol jize to me, he can call me what hoopts if it gets him talking. >> griff: inflation. latest fox news poll showing 7% of americans believe it will last for just another couple months while nearly 70% believe it is here to stay for another year or more. this after that wild day on wall street yesterday, the dow dropped 1000 points by midday before rallying back to finish up 100 points. biden unveiling plan for lowering prices pointing to executive order he sign third degree summer, which takes aim at big companies. >> president biden: too many industries handful of giant companies dominate entire market. and we see in big ag and big
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tech, big pharma, the list going on and rather than competing for customers, they are consuming their competitors. >> and wall street could be in for roller coaster ride, fed expected to signal rate hike soon, first in three years. todd and carley. >> todd: he is the smart son of a very amazing woman, see what i did there? griff jenkins live this morning. thank you very much. this gets back to the overall question, carley. you heard joe biden at beginning of his term saying anybody who treats anyone with disrespect in this white house will be fired on the spot. well, this was in the white house, will joe fire himself? that is the question. i think we know the answer, but the rules of civility don't apply to joe and that seems like it is the main plank of the democratic platform, rules for
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thee, not for me, carley. >> carley: yeah, i think president biden is sick of getting tough questions. used to not be that way, it was about ice cream and when the cat is going to be coming into the white house and what the dog is doing and all that stuff. now reporters are holding his feet to the fire. peter doocy always does and he told sean hannity last night during their phone conversation because president biden did call00 eye guess to apologize to him for calling him a stupid sob, he said nothing personal pal, i told him i will always ask about different topics than the rest of the press corp and president biden said he's got to do that. it was nice that the president called peter doocy to apologize, peter doocy saying he doesn't need the apology, he wants the president to answer his
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questions. >> todd: great point on ice cream, brings up bigger point. this guy campaigned from the basement and didn't get questions in 2020 when campaigning and it set the tone and eliminated his fastball. on the campaign trail, you are getting grilled during the biggest run for the white house, you will be sharper. he is not sharp when it comes to answering questions. result to your point, when he gets one that is uncomfortable, he has an outburst because he doesn't have the answer. another part of the reason he doesn't have the answer is not just his practice, it is because his policies are failing. >> carley: without a doubt. i guess the answer to the question, peter doocy was asking about inflation and mid-term elections and future presidency,
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the answer the president give system way to solve inflation, pass build back better, asinine solution, pumping more money into the system increasing inflation issue not decrease it. fox news poll came out with interesting numbers. number one thing on america's minds is inflation, which is why that question was asked. number two greatest concern among americans is crime. in 2021, 12 cities hit all-time homicide rate there is crime epidemic in this country and white house is saying they do not support defund the police and want to pump money into police departments across the country. that is only part of the problem. we have progressive d.a.'s with soft on crime policies and bail reform and i think the president is really missing a massive opportunity. he almost has a responsibility because it is clear policies
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aren't working to make a speech on this, call the d.a.'s out, hopefully something will change on that front, as well, he isn't doing it yet and i don't think he's going to, todd. >> todd: all the failed promises, the biggest failed promise from this segment is fact he promised to unite the country and bring civility, he is not doing that calling peter doocy what he called him. >> carley: without a doubt. how does it is world view biden's response to russia? we will discuss the escalating situation. >> todd: if you are paying more at the pump and you are, we all are, potential invasion of ukraine could sunday prices even higher. brian brenberg will tell you what it means for your wallet next.
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>> todd: americans already paying more at the pump. the russia-ukraine conflict could make it worse. under president biden, the u.s. is more dependant on russian oil
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than ever before. 206,000 compared to 18,000 in october of 2017. brian brenberg is executive vice president and associate professor at kings college and joins us now. brian, describe how joe biden set us up to fail with regard to the russian oil situation? >> brian: we have a problem right now. president biden pulled back production on energy resources, it has handed power to russia. think about that. we've handed power to russia, to middle eastern countries. this could have been a year the president says let's get production back online and make sure the u.s. retains energy independence and provide the world's need on energy. instead, we have handed that to the middle east and russia and
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we're reaping the reward of that. europe is reaping the reward, they are heavily dependent on russian oil, that will not change in the near term. it is leverage for vladamir putin. we have an energy problem, if you want understand what is going on in ukraine, look at energy markets, it starts there. >> todd: for anybody who says this is not joe biden's fault, look at this chart. this chart shows how much this is joe biden's fault. january 2020 to january 2022. keep in mind, covid reduced demand for gas significantly because everybody was in their home, the price of gas and oil sky rocketing, brian, how high do you fear oil could rise in light of the ukraine situation? >> brian: depends how the president handles this, todd, you have to understand the economic problems we're seeing right now are tied to policy,
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whether it is inflation or energy, so much of this depends on the president's moves. right now president biden has made all the wrong moves on russia, which sent prices up and could be more. i don't think it is out of the question to look at $100 per barrel oil in the next several months. it is going to be killer for gas prices, unless the president can turn things around and diffuse the situation, we are in for more pain at the pump because we have squandered resources we have in the united states, we failed to produce and that put us disadvantage and put the rest of the world at disadvantage, as well. >> todd: $100 per barrel puts us at $4 to $5 per gallon place, which is ridiculous. scared the markets yesterday, granted, the markets did bounce
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back. in the end, looking long-term, how worried are you that the yaushg situation could impact your 401(k), your retirement account, all of our retirement accounts? >> i'm worried about it. i'm worried about inflation and addition of these two things together, todd. we have not gotten strong leadership on the economy, we haven't gotten strong do meftsiccally on prices and supply chain and getting people back to work. we haven't gotten strong leadership internationally, affecting energy prices. that is the perfect storm right now. until we get administration that shows and understands the problems and starting to make policy choices that gets people back to work and energy flowing again, i don't think you will see a big turnaround, it concerns me over the long-term, this is not the time to sell. you don't sell at the bottom, i am concerned in terms of
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investments, it will be more about earnings in months ahead, not high-flying groelth, it is about companies that produce earnings, that is going to be tough, todd, not entering high growth environment, watch out, folks. >> todd: just don't open up that 401(k) statement for this month or for february. thank you, brian brenberg. over to you. >> carley: senior meteorologist janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast, good morning, janice. >> janice: good morning. still cold outside, feels like winter across northern plains and upper midwest. wind chill alerts, minus 27 in minneapolis, minus 36 in international falls. they call that the icebox of the nation, international falls. system moving across plain states bringing some snow and potential for heavy rainfall across eastern gulf coast,
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including florida. wet day for the sunshine state. yesterday we had cold temperatures, now rain in the forecast. here is the snow, still to come across the northeast and great lakes, just through today. we are watching another potential nor'easter this weekend. pay attention if you live across the midatlantic, area of low pressure trying to define how close it comes to the coast, how much snow we're going to get. it is the tale of two computer models, one is blockbuster and the other says not too much, maybe a new england storm. listen to local forecasters what a roller coaster ride. back to you. >> carley: thank you. okay, masks are now optional in virginia schools, so why are students being isolated in the principal's office for opting
2:21 am
out. one parent's heart breaking story is coming up. >> todd: president biden says america is united with allies. nigel faragi will tell us how america needs to respond on the world stage. he's coming up next. ♪ yone! subway keeps refreshing and re...
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>> todd: a manhunt continues in texas for this man accused of killing a harris county corporal during a traffic stop. officials do not have a record of oscar rosales. he is a bold and incredibly dangerous fugitive. >> todd: law enforcement says sosales is wanted and dollar is a $60,000 reward. his common law wife and
2:26 am
brother-in-law have been charged with evidence tampering. he is accused of shooting an officer during a traffic stop on sunday. >> todd: underfunding police is part of the reason for the surge in crime. >> carley: one blm chapter says do not consider all policemen heroes. here are the details. good morning. >> brooke: good morning, todd and carley issue the white house admits cutting funding from police departments is partially to blame for america's crime crisis. >> press sect. psaki: underfunding of some police departments and need for additional resources, fighting for funding for police departments for local
2:27 am
communities in order to reduce crime. >> brooke: the white house insists president biden has taken action to reduce violence, deadly crime has surged particularly in democrat-led cities that defunded the police. take a look at this, 2021, 797 homicides in chicago, most since 1996. philadelphia ended 2021 with 559 homicides more than any year since 1960. new york city 485 homicides issue los angeles 397 and minneapolis reported 96, just one shy of a record set in 1995. now 2021 was the second deadliest year for police, 51 officers were killed in the line of duty and more than 20 states. black lives matter chapter in washington, d.c. is expressing frustration over people treating
2:28 am
shot police officers as "heroes" in tear-jerker press conferences and tweeted, let's not jump to conclusions and wait until we have all the information, isn't that what you all tell us? oh, yeah, he had a gun because cops carry guns. the tide may be turning, late last year some cities invested back in police budgets following the 2020 defund movement, that is early indication americans could see more funding for police this year. >> carley: okay, brooke songman live, thank you. president biden showing -- after his meeting over russian aggression. >> president biden: very, very, very good meeting, will talk about it later. >> thank you. >> why are you sending 8500 troops to ukraine possibly?
2:29 am
>> thank you, guys. breaks /* >> carley: brexit former leader joining me.>> carley: brexit fo joining me. good meeting regarding a bad situation, where do things stand today? >> nigel: i wouldn't dilute it too much there is huge division on two levels. first is in europe, germany has a completely different position on russia and the ukraine to that that is held by poland, astonia and the baltic countries. if putin turns off the gas supply, german car industry closes down overnight. germany is playing softball with
2:30 am
this one and the other countries, bordering the russian federation are more nervous and want greater action. in terms of nato, i'm pleased nato leaders spoke. don't forget this, since biden catastrophic withdrawal from afghanistan, it is not easy for other nato members and u.k. are the second biggest military member of nato, not easy for us to trust anything that biden says. i would put this to you, there would not be 120,000 russian troops on the ukrainian border if biden had not -- from afghanistan, if donald trump was president. much has to be said is of the u.s. president's making and what putin can see is west with real divisions despite nice words we heard a couple minutes ago.
2:31 am
>> carley: the u.k. issue the u.s. nato strategy have troops ready to go not into ukraine, but eastern europe if the situation is to continue to escalate or deescalate further. also, sanctions on russia if they were to invade ukraine. some say that is not enough and there needs to be greater action, how do you see it? >> nicole: let's deal with sanctions first. we can make it difficult for russian businesses to use u.s. dollars, russian businesses to use western bank accounts. do that and make lives inconvenient. sanctions can close doubt europe. putin holds a stronger hand. 8.5 thousand troops would be deployed to nato in eastern part
2:32 am
of europe. do i think, do i think if putin does go for full-scale invasion, do i think the american public or british public have the appetite to get involved in a lengthy war after 20 years of afghanistan? i think that is very, very open to question, i think what we will do and what the british army are doing, providing equipment, providing troops to help train, i just don't see nato getting directly involved in a war against russia on ukrainian soil. i don't believe the public frankly have the appetite for it. >> carley: you mentioned two things, first is germany and how they are acting because they are dependent on russia for energy and the other is criticism of president biden because of the afghanistan withdrawal.
2:33 am
he also green lit nord stream 2 pipeline f. that hadn't happened in the u.s., do you think we would be in the situation where we are today? >> nicole: most extraordinary thing of this, russia hoax, went on for years saying brexit and president trump happened because of russia and those on that side of the divide had got too close to president putin. the boot is on the other foot. it is people like biden approving the pipeline. people like chancellor merkel and schroeder who works for gas prom, it is globalists that have played into putin's hands in the most remarkable way and he's completely outplayed the west in every way and got us very divided. i honestly don't know if he will invade the ukraine. i think it is far from certain that he will because for him,
2:34 am
too, he risks another afghanistan. don't forget, before our 20 years there, the soviet union was there and suffered. putin is winning, gas prices are going up, oil prices are up and the west is divided. this already strategically for putin is quite a big win. >> carley: nigel faragi, thank you for joining us. todd. >> todd: it's been one policy failure after another 6789 media bailing biden out again and one columnist scolding reporters for holding the president accountable and there are some report ers willing to ask tough questions and this is what they get when they do? >> political liability ahead of the midterm? >> that's a great asset, more inflation. what a stupid son of a [bleep]. ♪ >> todd: how excited was joe concha when he heard that, he knew he would be on near the
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>> political liability ahead of the midterm. >> president biden: that's a great asset, more inflation. what a stupid son of a [bleep]. >> carley: naughty language. president biden lashing out as peter doocy for asking a question about inflation.
2:39 am
>> todd: i love the way carley shimkus describes it. joe concha is here. isn't it great to see the civility that joe biden promised? >> joe: yeah, joe biden is not the commander in chief, he is the crushgmugin in chief. this is just the last week, what a stupid son of a -- he said it yesterday, he talked about jacqui heinrich and said of wingman, if you don't understand that, you are in the wrong business. he is upset. s about build back better bill, social spending is dead in current form. inflation at 40-year high, crime is spiralling out of control, russia is thumbing its nose at
2:40 am
you while threatening to invade ukraine. this is nbc news poll, 5% of adults say mr. biden performed better than expected as president, that is one of the lowest we've seen. he is not seen as likeable, he was 53% as far as likeability and now 38%. kudos to peter doocy for laughing it off, he told sean hannity there are bigger thing, he didn't make himself the story. peter doocy handled that perfectly, i saw steven miller on twitter put it best, jim acosta would need a neck brace if he was addressed in this fashion. >> carley: when the president entered office, it was about cries cream flavor or what he would do better than former president trump, the media
2:41 am
turned on him in recent weeks. take a listen to this. >> joe: okay. >> who feels like we are in a better place now than we were a year ago? show of hands. no one believes we're in a better spot now? >> mr. biden needs reset, he lost his identity a bit. >> carley: chuck todd pointed out public perception has changed. people don't see him easy-going and likeable and that is damaging, it brings us back to the sob comment he made to peter doocy. >> joe: it is not media turning on him, they are reporting what people are telling them. when margiet brennan or chuck todd reporting poll results, that is like giving scores to football games and right now joe
2:42 am
biden is down many touchdowns on important issues. important standpoint, that was biden's backstop, he's the guy from scranton, he comes across as the only analogy that comes to mind, an angry old man who cannot take a fair question without lashing out and for people to say it is different with biden when trump did the same thing, that is the biggest punch line in social media right now. >> carley: it was quite the moment yesterday, joe, thank you for sharing perspective, we appreciate it. >> joe: great to see you guys. >> carley: thousands are getting free money just for living in los angeles, except checks are being paid for by someone, wait until you hear who. >> todd: i got nothing when i lived in l.a., we have cheryl,
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2:47 am
thousands at the pentagon, the pentagon is sending troops, 8500 to put on high ark letter as tensions escalate between russia and ukraine. congressman ronny jackson is on the house armed services committee, an officer himself, he he thinks u.s. should be responding. and football duo in tampa bay may be calling it quits. will cain will tell us if it is quits. will tom brady and rob gronkowski be calling it quit? gerrard baker will be here and dr. nicole saphier. harmeet dhillon, at the top of the hour, unless i read the wrong promo. you must get dressed and put on
2:48 am
something nice. you got to do it. >> todd: you got to do it. put on the darn pants, brian kilmeade wants you to do it. volatility index crossing 37 to reach highest point since november 2020. >> carley: cheryl casone joins us. >> cheryl: fear gauge of wall street. vix, had sharpest rise we've seen. one point yesterday, the dow fell 1000 points before recovering to end higher by 99 points. nasdaq and s&p recovering, as well. feds threatening to raise interest rates by march. fancy fox business sopt software shows dell and s&p down. we are off to a rough day today.
2:49 am
the fed will meet today and tomorrow, no change expected in rates this month. inflation is a drag on markets. president biden is acknowledging that problem. >> president biden: all told between higher prices and lower wages, lack of competition cost median family household according to study done by nyu, $5000 a year. my executive order is changing that. >> cheryl: executive order was signed in july, it addresses lack of competition. he's gone after the meat industry and big tech and energy companies. >> todd: tech does not like the rise in interest rate, that is scaring them off, that is why nasdaq is a disaster. head-scratcher from the heads and ron desantis is not happy about it. >> cheryl: desantis is slamming biden administration for
2:50 am
treatments after fda revoked the authorization. he said without a shred of data to support this action, biden forced trained medical individuals to decide between treating patients or breaking the law. florida treatment sites are shutting down. >> carley: what is going on in california? >> cheryl: free money if you live out in sunny los angeles. the city kicking off new basic income initiative that provides 1000 a month to 3000 residents, no strings attached. money comes from taxpayers and budget cuts. if you give people free money, less motivated to seek employment, here we go. we saw that during the height of the pandemic, when it came to employment. hand them free money and who knows what happens. been out to california, all over
2:51 am
the country, i'm going back tonight, helping people find their american dream home in north carolina. we will head out west to tucson, arizona, 8 and 8:30 eastern time, guys. >> carley: tuesday says are best days of the week. thank you. how likely is it that president biden's own party would make him their nominee a second time? numbers aren't looking good for many reasons. >> todd: we haven't even made the midterms yet. tomi lahren weighs in on how bad it could be for biden and the democrats, when we come back. ♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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. .
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>> so what are you attributing the rise in crime to. >> gun violence a huge reason for the surge in crime. underfunding from police
2:56 am
departments and their need for additional resources. something the president has advocating for consistently through the course of his career. >> getting a little bit closer to admitting finally that defunding the police was causing a crime crisis in america's cities. >> carley: that admission comes as 2021 marked as second deadliest year in a decade. five officers already shot in shot in new york city alone this year. tomi lahren is fox nation host and she joins us now. i would love for you to address jen psaki's comments there maybe funding police departments is a good idea. what a novel concept that is. >> yeah, i any all americans are starting to realize and many of us did that defunding the police was a bad idea. frustrates me when i hear jen psaki talk about how the president is committed to refunding police departments and spending more money on police departments and hiring more police officers. it's not enough just to hire more police officers.
2:57 am
let's not forget that the white house, the democrats and much of the media has spent the last five years-plus demonizing those officers on a daily basis. calling them systemically racist. saying they don't know how to do their job. now their solution is not only go after inan matted objects like for guns but to hire more officers. how are you going to hire more officers when you demoralize them and decent advise becoming an officer for the better part of the last five years. that's not enough. they need send a message to officers that they're needed. they do a fantastic job. they are supported in their communities and by the white house and mainstream media could chip into that as well and help things right now empty virtue signaling. they know it's not polling well. in practice it's not going to do much to help officers or americans who want to be safe on their own streets and communities. >> todd: that's a darn shame, tomi. meantime a fox news poll finds voters are reluctant to give joe biden a second term. look at these numbers.
2:58 am
if the election were held today, only 36% say they would want to reelect joe biden. 60% say they would vote for someone else. look, tomi, the democrats, the white house also rail about democracy. why doesn't joe biden actually help himself by engaging in actual democracy and by that i mean, you know, working with republicans to help the country. why does he remain so self-destructive by attaching himself to the progressives? listen, he told us last week he doesn't care about polls. i'm not sure he cares about re-election chances and frankly i don't care about his re-election chances i don't think he hassance challenge. i'm far more concerned about the next several years and irreparable damage that can be done under a president biden whoever is controlling his teleprompter and puppet strings. the way we fix this not only in november midterms which are going to be critically important, we also need to send a message to the democrat party that the american people do want bipartisan, we are sick of the
2:59 am
woke politicians. but, more importantly, we are sick of their agenda. i think the democrats are going to throw joe biden under the bus well before 2024. they're already starting to do it you see stacey abrams and others doing just that i'm not worried about president biden. i'm far more worried about the agenda democrats are still beholden to and pushing. they are not doing anything to change that agenda. change iting the man in the white house or changing the vice president isn't going to be enough. democrats need to know we want. moderates like joe manchin or kirsten sinema these what americans want not this wokeism and are we are seeing now. >> carley: number one issue among americans crime is the second most concerning issue among americans across the country. with that in mind are you surprised president biden hasn't made a speech on their and spoken out more about it?
3:00 am
>> i think it's a lose, lose for him to speak out about it he doesn't have a plan to address it a party in the white house beholden to radical groups like blm. he doesn't want to upset the woke activist base that he believes that he has. he is not going to speak out about crime and lawlessness. it's going to be up to the republicans and luckily we are going to do just that. >> carley: all right. with that "fox & friends" right now. ♪ >> several thousand u.s. forces put on high alert. >> they will be deployed to eastern europe in the event of a russian invasion. >> our goal in all of this is to both defend and to serve. >> nearly 2 million migrant encounters in the last fiscal year. >> 14 were listed in the terrorist screening data base. >> our southern border is bleeding and our people are dying. >> after a dangerous push to defund police the left is not backing down. >> black lives matter tweeting frustration over shot police officers being automatically trea


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