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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  January 28, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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you can see it in that shot at street level that apparently, there are some speakers just beyond that one officer, loudspeakers and we will be able to hear what is happening inside st. patrick's church in 20 seconds. >> ainsley: jason rivera, your family is listening we appreciate everything he did for the city and for working as an officer. rest in peace, jason rivera. >> and we will do it again next >> bill: that is not a movie set. it is houston, texas, yesterday afternoon. a suspect exchanging multiple rounds of gunfire with police. all three officers were wounded on that scene. an everyday occurrence for police in america. a big part of our show as we
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say good morning. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." violence against police is surging. six officers were shot in the past 48 hours alone coming off a year where more than 50 were killed in the line of duty and hundreds more wounded. >> bill: that pain is being felt acutely here in new york city. saint patrick's cathedral along fifth avenue. thousands gathering for the funeral of jason rivera a rookie on the squad. one of two officers killed on friday night in harlem responding to a domestic incident there. he was only 22. bryan llenas reports live outside the cathedral in mid town manhattan. >> the nypd live by two mott owes, faithful until death and we'll never forget. today this will honor rivera's memories and commitments.
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thousands of officers from nypd and across the nation are lining the streets in mid town manhattan outside of saint patrick's cathedral. hundreds more are inside the cathedral sporting the rivera family, mother, brother, widow who are mourning an unimaginable loss. he got married a few months ago. 22 years old he was the rookie cop remembered for his smile and passion for policing. he joined the nypd because he wanted to become part of the solution to better the relationship between the community and the police. officer rivera and his partner 27-year-old wilbert mora were murdered inside an apartment while responding to a domestic call. a mother calling for help worried about her adult son. among those eulogizing the officer today will be his brother and widow. new york city mayor eric adams, veteran of 22 years and nypd's
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first female commissioner will speak. their messages today will speak not just to new york city but to a nation where cities are experiencing a surge in crime and violence. historic 346 officers were shot in the line of duty last year according to the fat -- 73 officers were intentionally killed last year, a 20-year high. service is expected to conclude with officer rivera's nypd flag draped casket carried out by fellow officers, helicopters, weather permitting are expected to fly over. his badge will be storeed and badge number 25738 will be retired forever remembered as a hero, bill and dana. >> bill: thank you, bryan. watching it from mid town manhattan. thank you. coming into work this morning at 6:00 a.m. there are hundreds and hundreds of members of the
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nypd who will be attending this service today. >> dana: it was dark when we come to work at this time of year and they were streaming all on every sidewalk and from my route. i come from uptown, you come from downtown. they all gather there and we'll cover it throughout the day. >> bill: quite a scene and watch it in the coming hours. four past the hour now. [gunshots] >> dana: police responding to a family disturbance yesterday in houston finding themselves in a shoot-out. the gunman wounded three officers and escaped on foot and stole a car at gun point prompted a manhunt that lasted for hours and the suspect barricaded himself inside a home and surrendered. here is the houston police chief. >> no more excuses, everybody take an active role and get intentional and doing whatever you can do to fight gun
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violence in our city. period. it's not really a difficult thing. bad, dangerous people, it's a place for them and that is in jail. >> dana: the three officers are hospitalized in stable condition. we're told they're in good spirits, something positive this morning. >> bill: the hits keep on coming for the white house after the chaos we watched on the southern border and ice agent telling fox that illegal migrants with criminal records are being released into the u.s. in multiple cities where travel expenses are being paid with your tax dollars and the biden administration tried to cover it up. "new york post" front page headline calling it border cover-up. the pictures don't lie. we showed them to you yesterday. more today. griff jenkins with reaction from the white house if there is any. griff, good morning. >> there is indeed, bill. good morning. border patrol officials tell me they've reached a breaking
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point this week. tuesday on our peter doocy pressed press secretary jen psaki over the videos of the single adult males being released in multiple communities in brownsville, san antonio, some with criminal records. here is what jen psaki had to say about that. >> we continue to be under title 42. migrants should not be expelled under title 42 are placed into immigration proceeding and it could be placement into the interior of the united states and moving migrants to move to different detention facilities. >> since then the leaked body cam video showing migrants flown into a new york airport under the cover of darkness. one source telling fox news ice has become an unofficial coordination travel agency. meanwhile texas governor greg abbott convened a border meeting with a dozen state attorneys general and some of what he had to say. >> joe biden does not care that
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people are dying today because of the open border policies that is allowing people to come into our country. >> texas dps alone has seized fentanyl and 250 million lethal doses. it's not just border governors who have had enough. comer said if republicans take the house in november they may push for impeachment. >> the american people do not want these people in their neighborhood and this is something that joe biden has snuck around. it is illegal and i do expect congress to hold him accountable. >> the white house hasn't come meanted on the video. the president heads to pittsburgh today. the news here this morning at the white house is the president got a cat. >> bill: thank you, griff. >> dana: fox news alert. there is a cat.
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former director of new york ice removal director. tom, i want to play a little bit call for one. set the scene for us back in westchester county in august. >> dana: i'm interested in your perspective as someone who used to do ice removal. >> me and my good friend tom homan have been saying this since this past august. whenever your country is doing something in the middle of the night, it is not for a good thing. they've been doing this for quite awhile. take illegal aliens from the border. we don't know who they are, we
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don't know if they are covid positive and we fly them all over the country. you are cutting them loose on the street and we never see them again. the reality between what's really happening and what the white house thinks is happening couldn't be farther apart. >> bill: we had rob with us yesterday a new york county executive. listen to what he told dana and me and listen to the last line and what he said in our interview. >> these people are relocated to places like westchester the suburbs and other states and nobody is informed. the many -- communities that are affected. the taxpayers are paying the bill. the federal government -- [inaudible] >> bill: the federal government is literally breaking the law. >> right. it's not a mystery how our country works, right? congress passes laws, the president signs them. if you don't like the law,
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congress should change them. if congress can't change the law because it isn't what the american people want that should be the end of the story. that's not what is occurring. we're ignoring the law and letting illegal aliens go with criminal records. to what end is this administration doing this? if you can't make the connection to new york city wanting to give illegal aliens the right to vote and then just continue to run over the border and be shipped around the country, i don't know what we can do to help people anymore. >> dana: the secrecy of it. one of the things we heard there was a driver saying i picked up basketball teams who had more security than this. the pilots sometimes didn't know where they would be flying to. drivers, as i said, once they get them they don't know where they're going. it seemed strange they were going to -- certainly didn't seem to be the case that perhaps then they meet up with family members if they have them here, is that the idea? >> no, not from my
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understanding. like the video shows you are looking at mostly males between the ages of 18 and 21 and led to believe they're poor families coming across the border looking for a better life which isn't the case right now. the more secretive you try to be the less people you get involved. when you try to do the flights at night and minimal staff and security and the smallest footprint you can to keep it as secretive as you can. the administration has been doing this since august. i don't see them stopping any time in the future. >> bill: once you got the video you can prove it. it is on camera. thank you for your time. he is very right about that, 800,000 illegal citizens can vote in city elections soon in new york unless they reverse the law. >> dana: i have a lot of points and things going through my head. >> bill: if i cross the border
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into belgium this afternoon and didn't have a passport, visa or papers the belgian government would not let me stay in their country. >> dana: the other thing you would need is a negative covid test. >> bill: news is breaking now in pittsburgh. here we go now live look bridge collapsing. 90 minutes ago. this only hours before president biden will visit that city. we're watching developments. there has been no reports of casualties or fatalities, that's good news. this is just east of downtown pittsburgh, pennsylvania. so we're on that story. more in a moment. >> dana: an entire nation on edge as ukraine braces for a potential russian invasion. how are people there coping. >> bill: the year is off to a dangerous start. six officers in major cities
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>> dana: 26-year-old transgender woman is facing a two year sentence is juvenile detention for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl when she was 17. it happened in 2014. critics are slamming george gascon for declining to prosecute her as an adult.
6:19 am
hi, jonathan. >> hannah tubbs now 26 was 17 and was called james when the assault of the 10-year-old child happened in a bathroom at a denny's restaurant. tubbs was not arrested until last year and in november admitted the assault between 2014 and her arrest on the assault charge. she had been arrested for drug probation, probation violations and battery in idaho and washington and convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in california. after she admitted the attack on the 10-year-old girl the district attorney decided not to charge her as an adult because she wasn't 18 at the time. gascon saying the victim refused to testify and tubbs could get treatment and therapy in a juvenile facility where she would be victimized in an adult prison. the judge said transferring tubbs to an adult facility was not his decision to make. i want to be clear the filing
6:20 am
of a transfer motion is entirely within the discretion of the district attorney. critics of the d.a. include the l.a. county supervisor who said yesterday the outcome of the case was unsatisfied and to carry out justice all the oars in the criminal justice system needs to work together. the victim said i live in fear most of the time. i hope after all this comes to an end my attacker gets the punishment he deserves for attacking the child with no problem and i can finally get on with my life. a new recall attempt is against gascon. the petition has been approved and organizers have until july to get the more than half a million signatures needed to trigger a recall election. they tried once before and failed to get even half that
6:21 am
number. dana. >> dana: jonathan hunt in l.a. >> bill: back to one of the main stories the war on police continues. in the past 48 hours six law enforcement officers shot in three major towns. two in st. louis, three in houston and milwaukee. the president of the suffolk county police association. you are outside of saint patrick's cathedral. how did we get here and how do we go about reversing these policies? >> this is a tragic day right now as i'm here with thousands of other officers who are mourning the loss of officer rivera and next week officer mora. this is the result of continued failed policies throughout our nation by elected officials that don't have a fraction of the courage the men and women surrounding us today have. if they did they would be
6:22 am
willing to stand up to those that are willing to sacrifice their lives on a daily basis for people they've never met but they don't. they continue with their failed policies which only protect criminals and further endanger our law enforcement community. and the public. we need to public to come out. >> bill: that may take some time because in new york they just voted and the d.a. hadn't even been on the job a month. policies, end cash bail. request bond in same amount as cash bail. defense must be informed of any bail request in advance. it can lead to a review or change of bail or release conditions. the new mayor is coming down on him. we think the new governor is doing that as well. would you expect him to change when he has said publicly that he was elected on the policies that he is now proposing? >> as soon as he came out publicly and said that he would not enforce the laws in which
6:23 am
he has sworn to uphold he should have been removed immediately by the governor. calling for a meeting to have further discussions about his inability to lead and protect the people of this city, time for talk is over. he should have been removed and replaced by the governor who had the authority to do it. >> bill: there is another story about a new york city rapper, a teenager, i believe, and the shooting of a 27-year-old nypd officer and the prosecutor said no bond, no bail. the judge set the bond at $250,000. it might have been because of the rules by which judges are allowed to make decisions now within which they must make a decision. would this be another example of how the police on the streets of new york feel more threatened than ever? >> of course. think about the absurd tee of what transpired. this individual is a felon.
6:24 am
he shot a police officer and then a record label advanced money so he could get out on bond. this is the society we're living in today. this is what police officers are faced with on a regular basis and then when you do your job and you affect an arrest the system lets them out before you're done doing the paperwork. it is a tragedy. the people deserve better than what we're getting. >> bill: sir, good luck today. a tough service. we're wafrpg -- watching it from here. thank you for your time. 24 past the hour now. dana. >> dana: north korea conducting what is believed to be a sixth missile test this month. what is behind the sudden flurry of activity? russia is massing more troops along the ukraine border. why the stand-off could have a chilling effect on biden's foreign policy goals. mike pompeo on that. >> strength we should have
6:25 am
accelerated the lethal aid months ago including the more sophisticated types that we could then pull back if russia de-escalates. right now he is holding all of the cards.
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it's an entire trading experience. that pushes you to be even better. and just might change how you trade—forever. because once you experience thinkorswim® by td ameritrade ♪♪♪ there's no going back. >> dana: ukraine is on edge. people should take shelter in the subway in the event of a russian invasion. steve harrigan is reporting live there kiev. >> the tension keeps going up on a daily basis here in kiev with the country now almost entirely surrounded by russian forces. in russia, in belarus and -- if the occasion demands it and there is a bombing the mayor said they'll use their subway system as a bomb shelter.
6:31 am
[speaking foreign language] >> the subway system here finished in the 1960s, one of the deepest in the world. the people we talked to it will take some convincing to get them to go down there if there is a bombing. >> if they bomb, there is nothing i can do. i will go to a cemetery than lie down. >> because there has already been a low level war going on in the east of ukraine a lot of families have already been taking steps for several years to prepare for a wider war including this young man's family. >> i think war is going to come. good thing my dad has been building a bomb shelter in our garden. >> it's a real balancing act for the government on the one hand to not cause panic, on the other hand trying to prepare their people for war.
6:32 am
>> bill: a lot the talk about with mike pompeo, former secretary of state. thank you for your time and good morning to you on this friday. there was a phone call last night between president biden and the president of ukraine. there is a lot of confusion as to what happened on this call. i don't know what the truth is. apparently the ukrainian president said calm down on the messaging. why are you pulling your state department folks out of kiev? and apparently president biden talked about get ready for an invasion. are you able to make sense of this from afar? >> bill, it's difficult to know what precisely was said but confident president biden told him the russians are acting in a way that looks like they're getting to make an incursion into the country. i've been on the phone with many times with the ukraine president. we demonstrated to them and
6:33 am
provide weapons systems they need. i have been in the subway system. they will fight and do the right thing but they need to know that europe and the united states are prepared to provide them the assistance they need. that's the only thing i would convince president putin not to conduct an invasion. we got behind. for eight months we sat on our hands and allowed putin to get the upper hand and we were on our back foot in afghanistan and the pipeline. putin is using coercion and force to take what he has wanted for so long. >> dana: quickly on the phone call that got a lot of attention during the trump administration. joe biden demanded the president at the time release a transcript of the phone call. do you think that is a good practice and should they release a phone call to clear up any discrepancies from last night? >> in that case we did release the content of the phone call. but then i think that's a bad
6:34 am
idea. i think presidents and foreign leaders ought to do so in that and counterparts need to know the things they say won't be broadcast. what is important what was said and demand our european friends and nato and the u.s. do to help the ukrainian people. >> bill: a lot of your focus went to north korea have you seen and taken note of what north korea has done in this year alone? call for number four going back to the 5th of january. the test of a hypersonic missile. on the 11th and on and on it goes, cruise missiles 25th and january 27 short range ballistic missiles. it has gone under the radar of the american people and their focus. what to do about it now? >> it's a good point. we talk a lot about ukraine and russia today. we shouldn't forget xi is about to host an olympics.
6:35 am
north korea is over half a dozen missiles fired since the beginning of this year. the world is a dangerous place. when america is not prepared to be resolved and do the right things to protect its interests this is what authoritarian regimes do. i was in the meetings with chairman kim more than anybody else there with the president. we convinced him not to conduct long range missile tests or any more nuclear tests. he is not saying he will do more nuclear testing. this is what happens when you lead from behind and not prepared to do things that matter. if you are sitting in kansas or new hampshire and south carolina and florida and you watch the united states walk away. if ukraine or north korea goes wrong we'll have higher energy process. food will cost more. more instability. what happens in beijing or kiev doesn't just stay in those places. >> bill: dana wants a question. i want to give this follow up. do you believe north korea will have hypersonic capability very
6:36 am
soon? or what is kim jung unsaying now. president trump said he will come to the dmz. what does he want today? >> he wants to continue to build out his nuclear program to hold america at risk. he isn't there yet. we have capable systems. the hypersonic tools are real. we tried to get back heading in a way to protect ourselves not only from russia and china and north korea. we need a missile defense posture like reagan began to build out. >> dana: i understand there were three negotiators from the state department with iran who didn't want to continue with those negotiations thought they were going in the wrong direction. what's the state of the talks with iran on the nuclear deal. >> i don't know why they left. i hope they left because they couldn't stand appeasement in the same way i can't stand it. looks like we're about to give
6:37 am
the iranians billions of dollars against that will put america at risk. it is disastrous to think we'll go back into the deal that president obama struck back in 2015. >> bill: it appears the hawks on the american team have had enough and they are the ones who said we're gone. that would not seem to portend good news if you want to keep iran from going nuclear. your view on that is what? >> i agree. it is not good news. it appears this administration is headed down the path of trying to resurrect the failed deal instead of understanding iran would welcome money and it's a dangerous country. >> dana: thank you. a lot of things to think about. >> bill: thank you, sir for that. we have more questions and we'll get to them next time you around. >> dana: i did want to bring up the fact that there is this "wall street journal" piece about russia and china building up iran and why would they do
6:38 am
that? saying the middle east to undermine us us power and why is the biden team going along for the ride? i'll host "fox news sunday" this weekend and we'll have an administration official on and be able to talk to them about some foreign policy. >> bill: check it out to our viewers at home. >> dana: president biden is heading to pittsburgh today. a great city and wants to talk up his economic policies. looks like some key democrats aren't going to be there. we'll tell you who bailed an biden. lawrence jones is talking to everyday americans giving you a voice. his show lawrence jones cross-country debuts this weekend and he will join us for a preview ahead. we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life.
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>> bill: fox news alert. pittsburgh now. two-lane bridge collapsing around 7:00 a.m. today. several minor injuries but thankfully no word of any fatalities. a commuter bus was among the vehicles on the bridge. just east of downtown pittsburgh and the president will be there coming up today. >> dana: that's exactly right. the bridge collapsed hours before president biden was set to arrive in pittsburgh to talk up his infrastructure bill which includes funding for bridge maintenance. the state's lot governor and attorney general pulled out of the appearance at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts. not the first high profile democrats to leave the president hanging as his poll numbers plunge. rarely does something like this happen where you go to an event to talk about a problem like infrastructure and something happens in the morning. the president will be talking about that. he might not talk about the
6:45 am
people who aren't coming. pennsylvania will be a pivotal swing state in the mid-terms and you look at his numbers. they had him at 47. there was a poll that had him at 33 so somewhere in the middle. what do you make of all of it, josh? >> it's reminiscent of the famous quote from president harry truman. if you want a friend in washington get a dog. >> dana: he got a cat. >> he got a cat, yeah. i don't know what that means. but when you have numbers like president biden does, 40 nationally, even the 30s in states like pennsylvania and georgia, you are not going to see a lot of democrats running for office that want to be with you. they'll keep their distance. you see that in pennsylvania. the attorney general running for governor. shapiro not showing up. the lieutenant governor not showing up. we know in georgia stacey abrams didn't show up at the big voting rules event that he had earlier this month. so this is going to become more and more common when your
6:46 am
numbers are as bad as biden's right now, in the 40s, and 30s. you won't have a lot of democrats in swing states and swing districts that want to appear with the president. >> dana: lieutenant governor john federman running for senate and josh shapiro who wants to be governor won't be with the president today. the president will talk about infrastrauk tour and the economy. gdp grew 6.9% in q4. 5.7% in 2021. the fastest growth since 1984. he has some things he can talk about there. i want to get your take on if he will be able to make hay out of that. but at the same time, josh, the nation is focused on the surge in crime and the fact that today jason rivera, the fallen nypd officers will be laid to rest. is he missing these moments to match where the country is? >> he needs to talk about the economy, talk up the economy,
6:47 am
but he can't be out of touch with the realities that everyday americans face. there were good numbers from 2021 but that was coming out of a pandemic and we're seeing pretty rough numbers in 2022. you look at all the polling that shows the public isn't feeling an economic boom. they are feeling a lot of economic pain. so by saying everything is great they really risk seeming out of touch. you can talk up your accomplishments and your hopes for the future, but saying everything is great when that's not what people are feeling is a risk for political damage. on the crime issue. >> dana: i was going to say i would top his speech on infrastructure with remarks about crime and what is happening across the country with officers being shot. 27 in january and it is the 28th day of the month. >> in philadelphia, dana is one of the hot spots of violent crime. one of the highest violent crime rates in the country. it is an issue that democrats have to address. they can't just say we support the police. they really have to take on
6:48 am
some of these very far left progressive prosecutors that haven't prosecuted the crimes that are being committed in record numbers in their cities. >> dana: do you think the white house knows that? so far they haven't been doing anything. >> they know that. they are afraid of their base. they are afraid the progressives will get mad at them and not show up for the mid-term elections. the situation has gotten so bad in some of these major cities they can't avoid it. they will need to have a moment where they confront the extremes within their own party for their own political survival. >> dana: we'll see if it comes too late. we'll watch for your column and podcast. thanks. >> bill: thank you, josh. talking about it all week. finally coming, right? a major winter storm bearing down on the northeast. could be a monster or it could maybe not, right? high winds maybe a couple feet of snow or not. we're tracking the path to see where it decides to go. you have a zero covid policy in
6:49 am
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6:55 am
forecast right. hats off to our local meteorologists hard at work refining this forecast. it looks like new york city will see more snow than originally anticipated. so let's take a look at it. we've got the cold front, arctic cold front bringing snow now to the new york city area and then the worst of the snow comes overnight tonight into saturday. we will see some blockbuster storm totals definitely from the delmarva toward maine, boston you could hit the jackpot with over a foot or more. here are the winter weather alerts. a blizzard warning in effects for parts of maryland, delaware, jersey, massachusetts, rhode island as well as connecticut. there is our forecast snowfall. we've been in pretty good agreement that it will be a coastal event. 6 to 12 inches for a lot of these big cities. west of new york that's where the snow totals go down. but i'm pretty confident, dana, that we might have to
6:56 am
reschedule percy's swim lesson. >> dana: it breaks my heart. thank you so much. you are doing a great job. thanks to all the meteorologists out there. they really help us figure out what we'll do and stay safe. we'll cancel. >> bill: won't have to worry about snow in los angeles or kansas city. big games are sunday. fox has the first -- second game, rather, san francisco in l.a. cbs has the first game, kansas city is hosting cincinnati. the last time the bengals were in the afc championship game was 1991. what was dana perino doing in 1991? >> i was in college. sophomore year of college. what were you doing? that's so embarrassing. 1991. that was micah, andrea was my roommate. everyone can make fun of me for the rest of the day. >> bill: 1991 i was at the afc championship game as a cub
6:57 am
reporter in cincinnati. we were at the game. >> dana: i love how you remember the name of all your friends. >> bill: we're still in contact today. >> dana: i'm going to go with the bengals. that friend of mine from outkick that told me not to. they were wrong last time. >> bill: tough to beat the chiefs twice in four weeks as i like to say. we'll see what we get and i'll be in town and see you in kansas city. one week away for the start of the beijing olympics. chinese capital looking like a doctor's office. constant testing for covid every day. greater china news director is there. ken, welcome to our coverage. you have been there for sometime. they want zero covid in china. how is that going? >> they are doing all right. zero covid is impossible. we can't really have zero covid but any time there is an outbreak they lock down areas. they test everybody, test millions of people within a couple of days and they
6:58 am
generally keep a few -- globally isn't too bad. >> dana: let's put up on the screen. the requirements for athletes and team officials. part of the closed loop. they can't leave the loop. two negative tests necessary to enter the closed loop for fully vaccinated athletes and daily pcr covid test requirement. if you test positive you have to go into immediate quarantine and isolation and two negative tests and no symptoms if you get back into it. strict. what is the mood in china as they get ready to host the games which have been pretty controversial leading up to it. >> there is a mixture of general excitement about the olympics. it comes close in any city or country people get interested and there has been a lot of publicity on state tv in china. at the same time they really have in beijing where i am have really tightened up restrictions on people and how
6:59 am
much they can move around and probably heard that recently they have -- if you go to buy cold medicine at a pharmacy you have to get a covid test. they think maybe you have covid and why you are buying the medicine. all these things are inconvenient and particularly in hard-hit areas, areas that have cases. some have been tested maybe three times over the course of five or six days and that has been wearying. you interrupt your life and wait in line outside in the cold. so it doesn't wear good on people. overall people are accepting. this is the olympics. the government wants to do it, we'll do it. >> bill: there are people right now flying into beijing from all over the world. athletes and trainers and spectators. how many have tested positive? you have to think covid whether it's omicron or not is coming to china when people travel. >> there have been a number of positive tests. more than 5,000 people have already arrived for the
7:00 am
olympics this month and last number i saw was about 140 had tested positive. so not a huge number within that group but a significant number. as was said earlier immediately they are taken to a hospital if they have symptoms. if they don't have symptoms they go to a quarantine hotel and wait for the two negative tests to get out. they are strict. one thing they're worried about with con will there be an outbreak at the olympics and it would be devastating. >> bill: we'll be in touch with you and other reporters in beijing. thanks. [gunshots] >> dana: shoot-out in houston caught on video. three more officers shot in the line of duty. this time all three are expected to survive and we heard this morning they are in good spirits which is good to hear. a brand-new hour of "america's
7:01 am
newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. high speed police chase lasting several miles leading to the shoot-out. the suspect crashed the car and got out and fired up to 50 rounds. he hit three officers before leaving the scene in a mercedes carjacked at gun point. all this as houston gets ready for the funeral of another officer shot dead during a traffic stop. the suspect an illegal immigrant with a long criminal record. >> no one can speak to sheer evilness, how can a human being do that to another human being? especially somebody who is serving. >> bill: try to answer that question. full coverage now. bill melugin is back on the border today in texas. congressman dan crenshaw has reaction. first we go to casey stiegel live in dallas today to begin a new hour now. >> houston police say the incident yesterday started out as a domestic call.
7:02 am
little did the officers know what was about to go down. watch again. [sirens] >> three cops were hit in the shoot-out. the 34-year-old man barricaded himself in a nearby home for hours firing at additional officers who exchanged gunfire before he gave up and surrendered. crimestoppers reports the man was wanted for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and emotions are raw in that city. 47-year-old corporal galloway a harris county constable was murdered last weekend. >> everybody take an active role and get intentional and do whatever you can do to fight gun violence in our city. period. >> 51-year-old oscar ross alles is charged with capital murder
7:03 am
and arrested in mexico after a three-day manhunt. we learned immigration officials say he was in the u.s. illegally and court documents show he was wanted for violent crimes in texas going back 25 years. he is supposed to be arraigned officially in court this morning 15 minutes from now. >> bill: thank you. from texas back here to new york city. the mayor was a former cop himself is speaking at the funeral. >> jason was fortunate enough to also have a wonderful extended family. dominique's parents, lilliana and jimmie and their children, his siblings-in-law. the entire dominican community, as well as the entire city of new york, is in mourning. but it also lifts up our acknowledgement of how much first generation new yorkers
7:04 am
play a vital role in the fabric of this city. he was a first generation new yorker, son of immigrants, example of how we can come together as a city. he is a hero and our fellow new yorkers acknowledge that. we grieve for all of them as well as his family. and with the family of his fallen partner, officer wilbert mora, our hearts go out to his family. but also want to speak to my men and women that wear and adorn the uniform every day. once a cop is always a cop. it never goes away. every retired member inside this church and in this city
7:05 am
feels the pain. i think about glen martin, the husband of our long-time chief advisor who gave me a picture of his son that i hung in my locker every day as a rookie cop and throughout my 22-year career. and i was afraid that one day i would have to tell his family that he was not coming home. and it concerned me. there were days when i thought the public did not understand and appreciate the job we were doing. i want to tell you officers they do, they do. don't ever give up on the people of this city because they will never give up on you. and every day when i see new yorkers, they say thank the men and women of the new york city police department. and i want to thank you.
7:06 am
i want to thank you for what you do every day. you stand in the gap of safety. these two fine men wanted the tree of safety that allows us to sit under its shade from the hot sun of violence. you play a vital role in the prosperity of this city. and today is mourning for all of you the tragic death of your brother in blue uniform is a stark reminder of what is on the line every day. i'm here sitting next to the governor of the state of new york and senator chuck schumer and other electeds. we're committed to giving you the resources to do your jobs and insure that we can keep the people of this city safe.
7:07 am
it takes courage to put on a uniform and a badge. to answer the call to serve the cause of justice in every sense of the word. connor dolan, this is a biblical moment. greater love hath no one than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend. that is what jason did. he gave his life defending his fellow new yorkers. that greater love unites us here today, standing side-by-side. there has been a tremendous amount of sadness and grief in our city. but as i travel, i see something special about new york. inside the crevices of violence and uncertainty of covid. inside the uncertainty of what tomorrows are like, i see love
7:08 am
and hope and opportunity. we are new yorkers. i believe in this city with all my heart. and i know what we're capable of doing as we lift up this family and the families who are experiencing and feeling this violence. we care about each other. that's what makes this city possible, along with the courage of officers like jason rivera. the hearts of 8.8 million people are reaching out in mourning today and we will insure everything within our powers to not lose our family members through this senseless violence. i cannot thank you enough for your contribution nor those of your loved ones taking the physical transformation into the spiritual realm. he is always with us and this city will become a better place
7:09 am
because of his sacrifice. god bless new york, god bless the new york city police department, and god bless america. [applause] >> bill: this is the funeral service for the rookie officer jason rivera who was responding to a domestic call on friday night in harlem. unfortunately for the city, the people of new york and the nypd we'll do it earlier next week. a second officer killed that night was wilbert mora and he will be remembered next week. i think the message the mayor just delivered inside that beautiful and historic and precious roman catholic cathedral is a message that every officer on the nypd needs to hear today. >> dana: i thought it was a very, very good speech. i think it came from the heart. very genuine. he did not have to read it
7:10 am
because he had felt it. you are going to hear from the new police commissioner as well. she is a very interesting woman. she was out in nassau county, eric adams selected her to lead the nypd here. she is very strongly against soft on crime policies from prosecutors like alvin bragg here in new york city. she is going to speak next and we'll want to hear from her. >> bill: what's interesting, dana, she was really a pick on behalf of the new mayor that a lot of people did not expect. african-american woman in charge of 350 officers in nassau county and now runs a police force of 35,000 and she is in the spotlight inside the cathedral. >> washington heights, inwood, all of our communities and everyone touched so deeply by jason's life as well as his passing. [speaking spanish]
7:11 am
this has always been a city of light. and police officer jason rivera was one of its brightest. his family were sure to tell us his nickname was tata. but that changed. his nickname became jason and tata was his real name. in neighborhoods across this city tata is being remembered in life. many are blue to show overwhelming support. thousands candles held at vigils placed outside his precinct, his home, and in the place where he and police officer wilbert mora answered their final call for service. to do a job that everyone knew was all he ever wanted to do. his father daniel said it was
7:12 am
far too many times that when he was a police officer he worked late. and every night his mother, anna, would stand and look out her front living room window worrying and watching as jason found a parking space. she would stay in the window and turn on her cell phone flashlight to wave from the window until jason waived back. she was there every time. her light would lead him home. by all accounts, jason was wise beyond his years. his level of maturity at such a young age was noted repeatedly by his colleagues who remember how much they learned by simply being around him working side-by-side. he cherished the company of his colleagues, his brothers and sisters in blue. but wisdom is a process. according to his brother jeffrey, what jason was a child he played multiple sports and
7:13 am
wholeheartedly loved the new york mets. because he didn't know any better. [laughter] he said when jason began to grow up and realize that he wanted to be successful, he became a yankees fan. the son of an immigrant he acutely observed a need in his community and knew that decisions and changes are made by those who show up so he suited up. with an unrelenting instinct to help others jason did everything he had to do to join the new york city police department. it was a star to catch, a goal to score. it was the same with his wife, dominique. he adored her since they were children. she was the light in his life. in only 22 years, jason found the woman and the career of his dreams. many don't accomplish that in their entire lifetime. he was a man of unbounded
7:14 am
generosity, humble of heart. he showed us how to be better. his selfless acts of humility have been remembered over the past week. the 32 precinct is flooded with calls, visits and tremendous amount of outpouring support from the community both near and far. his loss is extremely difficult for us all to bear. jason rose to every challenge that crossed his path. he was everything this city and the nypd needed him to be and it is with sincere admiration and appreciation that i promote him today to detective first grade. [applause]
7:15 am
we may not match the sacrifice made by jason, but we can try to match his incredible sense of service. we may not match his courage, but we can try to match his passion. as a city and as a police department, we owe all these things to jason rivera and wilbert mora. we owe it to their families for their sacrifice. the horror that took their
7:16 am
lives is an affront to every decent, caring human being in this city. the assassinations the dousing of jason's thousand watt smiles that lifted the spirits of those fortunate enough to know them shocks sensibilities and leads others to despair. the criminals in this city who would victimize and instill fear in innocent people, who would seek to harm any police officer and rip away two promising protectors, sons, brothers, and a husband from their families and friends, those who seek to dim the beacons of hope, look outside and hear our voices see the presence in this cathedral. the nypd will never give up this city. we will always prevail. [applause]
7:17 am
we prevail because we stay united and strong. it is because the spirit of tata is in the bones of every single police officer. it is in the hearts of his family, it's in the mountain of sympathy and support of countless new yorkers across this city and people all over the world. jason's light will shine on. we can never replace tat's light that he waved to his mother at night but a glow wave of blue outside of gray, brown and green, a mosaic of men and women in uniform with the shine
7:18 am
of tears in their eyes and the glint of daylight on their shields. as the turret lights escort your family they honor our brother today. know they will forever beam in salute to the son you gave in service to this city. it is the light that never fails. and the truly finest members of the 32 and the entire nypd will proudly carry on the extraordinary legacy of detective first grade jason rivera. [speaking spanish] gracias. [applause] >> bill: remarkable speeches we just heard here. very, very important.
7:19 am
>> dana: nypd commissioner getting multiple standing ovations at st. patrick's cathedral as she warmly spoke directly to the police officers, the community, and specifically to the family of jason rivera. >> bill: lawrence jones is here in studio. you've been in touch with a lot of police officers in new york and what are they saying about their fate, their future? >> i think what you just witnessed right here is who the nypd support. they support the police commissioner because they believe she is the only one right now that has their back and i tell you, if you need a leader that is going to go out there who is a cop's cop, it is her and she has said she wants the police uncuffed. a lot of people were optimistic when it comes to the mayor. he still has an opening to do something. but what i hear from the cops is the rhetoric has to stop and more action has to be done. to be clear there is a war zone
7:20 am
going down not just in new york city but across the country and people don't respt the cops and they don't even fear the cops. i was doing a report yesterday that will be on my new show cross-country an saturday with a mom and dad who lost their daughter because killer shot her daughter 22 times and he is back already down the street. right down the street also three houston cops were just shot at. this is not a video game. this is real life. it looks like a video game because you don't expect this type of behavior to happen in america. but it is being allowed. the defund the police message, paint all cops as if they are bad people. jason was a good cop. he wanted to go in there and change some things but he knew that the blue was the only way to do it. and that's why you see the streets full today. >> bill: part of what the viewers need to understand is
7:21 am
that there is video of these assassinations we can call them. it has not been released. it may become public, we don't know that. the killer stood over these bodies based on the description we're getting firing more bullets into them. if that becomes public it will leave an impression for the entire country to think about. >> it is now left up to the family next. ty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ before you go there, or fist bump there, or...oh! i can't wait to go there! or reunite there, ♪ ♪
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7:27 am
rest today. the nypd commissioner getting multiple standing ovations speaking to them from the heart and she said the city won't turn their back on the police officers ever. are you in houston. we know even across the country we've had 27 officers shot and it is the 28th day of the month this year alone. what are your thoughts and what are you hearing from people in houston or more broadly about these attacks against our officers? >> thanks for having me. watching that it looks like new york is in for better leadership. major upgrade from deblasio is pretty obvious. we need similar upgrades in the houston area. we had three officers shot this week. officer galloway was murdered by an illegal immigrant here in this country illegally. the week before that. and what's the root cause of this? it's leftist ideology. it punishes success and
7:28 am
accommodates bad behavior out of compassion and manifests in lenient d.a.s, judges, prosecutors soft on crime and let violent criminals out. the houston chronicle reported there are well over 100 cases where the criminal violent criminal was let out maybe on some kind of low bail or just let out without bail and went on to commit murder. not just another violent crime but murder. well over 100 cases. this is happening across the country. crime is spiking. the root cause is leftist ideology. we need to address that root cause and actually put people away in prison when they commit violent offenses. it really is that simple. if you really believed in compassion, the left -- compassion would extend to the victims that keep getting killed whether they're police officers or civilians. >> bill: you've seen the secret flights, right, under the cover of darkness where illegals are flown to different cities
7:29 am
across america. we're expecting now in july of last year we had 6500 apprehensions at the border. they now anticipate 9,000 per month in the spring of 2022. and the head of dhs mayorkas was down at the border talk to some agents and the audio leak some of it did not go well. i want the play a portion of this specific question coming up after. >> before anybody comes down as senators, it doesn't matter, -- [inaudible] >> bill: so apparently that happened off camera. dana and i are wondering who else is covering this news?
7:30 am
think about it. turn the dial and if the white house isn't being asked questions about it. if the administration feels no pressure to change their policy seems logical to conclude they won't change their policy. >> no, at this point we're wondering what will they do to fix this crisis? i do want to correct one thing. 9,000 expected per day. 9,000 per day. that's a completely unsustainable number at our border. that's a crisis every few hours. let's not forget dhs secretary under obama said 1,000 per day in the entire southern border would be considered a crisis. now you have 9,000 a day. texas is especially hit hard by this. and look, what they are doing is beyond comprehension. joe biden is deliberately refusing to execute his constitutional duty to execute the laws of the land. that's very clear in article 2 that the main purpose of the executive branch is to enforce
7:31 am
those laws. when you let loose single adult males on buses and giving them plane tickets and allowing them to go through tsa as an arrest warrant for identification. how do we even know the names are real? we do not know who is coming into our country. this is a national security issue, a crime issue. it is a basic issue of sovereignty. do we believe we have a right to protect our borders or not? do we believe that legal immigrants have a right to be in the front of the line instead of being cut if front of every single day by 9,000 people. there is a moral question to this, a legal question to this and joe biden is deliberately refusing to exercise his constitutional duty. >> bill: you are right about 9,000 a day. just extraordinary. blows the mind to think it has been going on for a year. we have another speaker in new york and apologize for cutting you off. please come back. >> dana: good to see you. we go to the back funeral now.
7:32 am
>> hear the speakers and speak to the family. we now know he is not a hero because of way he died. he is a hero because of the way he lived. [applause] he is a hero not because he had a shield in his pocket but he had a shield in his soul. he watched every show, live pd, cops, he watched it all. that's all he wanted to do. all he wanted to do sg out on the streets and tell people how we can do better, talk about his culture. say how he wanted to be a cop and then he became that cop. how we can do better, how we can change the world. and then when we look at his family and we look at how he lived, we know it didn't happen by magic. it was taught and learned and in his soul at his own kitchen
7:33 am
table. how he cared for his parents and he took care of them as his brother told us. how he chose his bride and loved you literally for his entire life. so yes, he is a hero for the way he died but more importantly he is a hero for the way he died but he is a hero for the way he lived each and every day. now it's our turn to help him and continue to change the world. and i'm a work in progress, cardinal. and at times i doubt, but now i have the faith. if he can think he can change the world well then we are going to change the world with him and for him. [applause]
7:34 am
his love for his family -- his love for his family was so strong i was so honored to be welcomed into your home. today as i'm sitting here waiting for this hero's send-off to begin i'm told a story. of how our hero police officer the way he lived and our hero police officer recently sold that car. he started taking the bus to work and sold that car because he wanted to live the american dream. he wanted to save every penny he can to make your home better, to buy that next home. that's a hero. yes, a hero for the way he lived. so i want to thank you for sharing him with us and i believe that we can change the
7:35 am
world. and i believe that every police officer here will do it, remember to smile this year, yes, the way he loved you, yes, the way he loved his wife, his family, his parents, loved you and loved the 32. this is going to be difficult and it is going to get much worse before it gets better. in my parish on sunday, there is a hymn that we sing and it says i go before you always, come follow me. and i believe that. i believe jesus goes before us. but i believe i can speak for the thousands upon thousands of new york city police officers, police officers from around the country, people that have come here to show love, to show respect, to show honor. i think i can speak for those
7:36 am
police officers who stand patch to patch, yes, jesus goes before you. but we're all right behind you. [applause] >> our next speaker will be jason's older brother, jeffrey. [applause]
7:37 am
>> my little brother -- my little brother, police officer jason rivera. my little brother, jason rivera, aka tata, [applause] we don't know who jason is, that's tata for us, tata for life. my little brother and my wife, she would always -- she would always tease me. she would always tease me. she would say why do you call him your little brother? why do you call him your little brother? he is bigger than you. and he was bigger than me. he had a lot more facial hair
7:38 am
than me, he could probably beat me up. it is what it is. but when i looked to him, i never saw -- i never saw the man that you saw, never. i never saw the man that you saw. i saw my baby, i saw my baby brother. i saw 10-year-old tata that's who i saw. i didn't see police officer jason rivera. what was my baby, my baby. everyone likes to say -- everyone keeps telling me over and over and over again oh, you have such a big influence on your brother. everything that he did, everything, he would come to me, he would ask me for my opinion on all of his decisions, everything, everything, everything. that was true.
7:39 am
that was true. everything he did he wanted my opinion on it. but -- but no matter how much i begged my brother, no matter how much i begged him to not become a police officer, i had no influence on that. no influence. no influence. [applause] there was nothing, nothing, nothing that i could say, that my mother could say to take that burning desire that he had inside of him to become a police officer, to wear that uniform and get that badge, nothing, nothing. my brother's first love, my brother's first love was policeing. that was his first love. as a kid, as a baby, as a kid
7:40 am
growing up if you had something that you had to watch on tv and cops was on live tv or chicago pd, good luck. [laughter] forget about it, forget about it. if you had something you had to watch and those shows were on, forget about it. he would lay on this couch listening to the radio transmissions, what are you doing, bro? he would lay there listening to the radio transmissions. he would wake up in the middle of the night policing. i'm not exaggerating. he would literally wake up in the middle of the night policing. he was obsessed. he was obsessed with his career in law enforcement. i want you guys to never, ever forget that. he was obsessed with what he
7:41 am
did. i remember maybe like in the second or third grade maybe fourth he had a big, big crush on dominique. he had a crush on dominique. i don't know if dominique knows that but he had a crush on dominique since they were babies. and maybe around the age of 12 or 13 he expressed that deep serious adult love to her. he was so sure he knew everything about love. my man was ready. my man was a player. he had game. little brother had game. but that was my brother, you know. he was so ahead of his time. so ahead of his time. he knew -- there was only two things he knew for certain, since he was a baby.
7:42 am
he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and he knew who he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. those are the only two things he knew. [applause] my baby brother, he was the definition of dedication. he was the definition of hard work. my brother loved working. he loved working. when he was younger, he would buy boxes of chocolates and he would go with me to my college and he would say oh, you know you guys want to buy chocolates for my basketball team? he still wasn't on the basketball team. he just wanted to get up and do something every day after school. he would come with me at night and he would just hustle.
7:43 am
he would hustle. he was a hustler. he was driven, you know. he would when we worked together at the pharmacy, he would take his bicycle and he would pack, you know, all of our elderly patients' medicine who lived in the heights and other places and he would deliver them. take his big book bag and his bicycle and he would take them their medicine to their home. it was amazing. this kid was just out of this world. my brother was dedication, he was the definition of integrity. he was joy. my brother could light up this whole church when he walked into a room he could light up the whole church. when he was like 10 he was around the age of 10, he would strip down to his tighty whitey
7:44 am
and dance for all of us. tell me you remember that. he would dance like crazy and make us laugh and oh my god he brought us so, so much joy, so much joy. everyone is telling me that i'm strong. that i'm strong and that my brother is giving me strength. but that ain't it. i can't really put it into words how broken i am, how broken my mother is and my father is, how empty we feel. i can't put it into words. i still wake up -- i've been waking up to nightmares from the night he was killed.
7:45 am
i can't put it into words how shattered my family is. but -- but the amount of strength that we get from knowing that my brother was called by god to do something. god put something in my brother's heart. he put something into my brother's heart. my brother had a lot of fear. my brother was afraid of heights, he was afraid of rats, he was afraid of dogs, he was afraid of dogs. but he wasn't afraid to die to wear that uniform. he was not afraid to die. [applause]
7:46 am
no matter how broken we are and how empty we feel, we get strength from knowing that my brother had -- that god put a burning desire in my brother's heart and he called him to do something. and we are so proud of him for saying yes. we are so proud of my brother. when i think of my brother, i just feel so much pride, so, so much pride. and because he said yes, because he said yes to god, my family and i we are confident that my brother is next to god. [applause] we're confident that my brother is next to god protecting us, protecting his nypd family. we're proud of you, we are proud of you, we are proud of you.
7:47 am
we love you. please always protect us. your big brother is very, very proud of you, mom is proud of you, dad is proud of you and dominique is proud of you. we love you. thank you so much, i love you forever, bro. please protect us always. [applause] >> i would now like to invite jason's wife, dominique, to
7:48 am
please come and speak to us. [applause] >> i would say good morning to you all but i just don't have words this morning. [applause]
7:49 am
i can't believe i'm standing in front of thousands of people in a cathedral we planned to visit later this year. all of this seems so unreal like i'm having one of those nightmares that you never thought you would have. friday morning we were together eating breakfast and drinking some starbucks. eating was probably our favorite hobby, maybe that's why we gained those extra pounds. friday morning began just like every other morning before work. you were always my big spoon watching netflix, youtube law enforcement shorts, read me your emails and wait for your mom to come home. you would pack your book bag because we had to leave before
7:50 am
2:00 and really, before 2:00 sharp because of your ipo sergeant. [laughter] you would drive me home and say goodbye with three kisses all the time and texted me when you were 84. that was our routine. at around 1500, 15:15 i received a b.o.b. roll call text and throughout our day you told me about your job until it was done. this friday was different. we had an argument. you know it's hard being a
7:51 am
cop's wife sometimes. it is hard being patient when plans were canceled or we would go days without seeing each other or when you had to write a report that would take forever because you had to voucher so many things. so you did o.t. or when you had a bad day at work because something drove you nuts but you always reminded me that it was going to be all right. we were going to get through it. this friday we were arguing because i didn't want you to use your job phone while we were together. you were so mad that you took your lebron jersey down, gave me your chain and put the lotions i gave you for your hands in the bag and said here,
7:52 am
take them. we left your apartment and because i didn't want to continue to argue, i ordered an uber. you asked me if you are sure that you don't want me to take you home. it might be the last ride i give you. i said no and that was probably the biggest mistake i ever made. later that day i received a call i wish none of you that are sitting here with me will ever receive. i had gotten out of vacation from the citizen app that was my central and i saw that two police officers were shot in
7:53 am
harlem. my heart dropped. i immediately texted you and asked you are you okay? please tell me you're okay. i know that you are mad right now but just text me you are okay. at least tell me you are busy. i get no response. we used to share locations on my iphone and when i checked yours i see you are at harlem hospital. i thought maybe you were sitting on a perp. but still, nothing. i called and then called again and then called one more time. and this time i felt something wasn't right. i messaged p.o. david and joe
7:54 am
because i know they were your friends from the 32 and i get no response. then i get a call asking if i'm jason's wife and that i have to rush to the hospital. walking up those steps seeing everybody staring at me was the scariest moment i have experienced. nobody was telling me anything. dozens of people were surrounding me and yet i felt alone. i couldn't believe you left me. seeing you in that hospital bed wrapped up in sheets and not hearing you when i was talking to you broke me.
7:55 am
i asked why? i said to you wake up, baby, i'm here. the little bit of hope i had that you would come back to life just to say goodbye or say i love you one more time has left. i was lost. i'm still lost. today i'm still in this nightmare that i wish i had never full of rage and anger, hurt and sad, torn. although i gained thousands of blue brothers and sisters i'm the loneliest without you. i know you are looking at me and beside me telling me i can do this, and i'm trying, trust me, i am. but i didn't prepare for this.
7:56 am
jason and i met in elementary school. we had the time of our lives. we was part of the cool kids crew. there was never a dull moment with him around. he was the class clown, got me in trouble a couple of times, had teachers sit us away from each other because we couldn't focus. i would never have thought our innocent childhood love would lead us to marriage. even when we said i do, we couldn't believe we said it. october 9th was the happiest day of our lives. i know i drove you crazy saying i love you so many times that you would stop replying i love you more but you made me feel
7:57 am
alive. he make me feel alive. jason is so happy right now that all of you are here through pain and sorrow, this is exactly how he would have wanted to be remembered, like a true hero. or like i used to call him, big p.o. rivera. you have the whole nation on gridlock. and although you won't be here anymore, i want you to live through me. the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service.
7:58 am
i know you were tired of these laws especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he is watching you speak through me right now. [applause] i'm sure all of our blue family is tired, too. but i promise, we promise, that your death won't be in vain. i love you to the end of time.
7:59 am
we'll take the watch from here. [applause] >> dana: what a beautiful moving tribute by dominique rivera, the widow at such a young age, she and jason rivera were married october 9th of 2021. she said she is broken and empty and has no words but she was also so strong and she was very pointed at the end that soft on crime policies by prosecutors like alvin bragg, and she named him, would not stand. i am just watching an amazing
8:00 am
funeral we have all together. i think it should be mandatory viewing for all americans if you are a teacher, grab this, have your students watch it. jason rivera killed a week ago today. next week we'll honor his partner as he is laid to rest as well. thank you for watching with us. "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> harris: breaking news as we are learning disturbing truths about president biden's border crisis cover-up. the federal government is treating communities in texas and new york as drop-off points for bus loads and plane loads of illegal migrants and the white house is telling us well, it isn't happening. but you know we have receipts. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". a source with probation and customs enforcement tells fox news illegal immigrants with crim


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