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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 29, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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at a time. thanks to dan bongino, charlie heard, morgan ortagus and carley shimkus >> right now our blockbuster nor'easter is rapidly gaining strength. take a look. this blockbuster storm is pounding cities with heavy snow and vicious wind. blizzard warnings up from maryland to maine. historic snow between 2 and 3 feet possible. thank you for joining us this weekend.
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amy:a powerful nor'easter on the east coast, 80 million people under winter weather alerts. 10 states under a blizzard warning of the strongest part of the storm is still ahead. begin on long island, one of these areas already seeing wild wind. blinding snow coming down sideways and winds are whipping, passing 18 inches for sag harbor, drifting and blowing snow a problem until 7:00 pm tonight. this is a spot to watch during the storm. this could be a historic storm, two 2 three feet of snow expected of a pickup more than
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24.6 inches, could be the top 10 biggest storms on record. we are also looking at more across the jersey shore. let's get back to craig in the studio. craig: it is coming down hard. let's get started with what we have, this live shot, new york city, avenue of the americas, radio city music hall and the snow is coming down, 21 degrees, winds variable, gusts of 20 miles per hour and the wind chill cold. winter storm warnings in place until 7:00 pm. is look at radar and it is lit up, all of the blue is the snow coming down, long island, new york, new jersey, connecticut, this is just the beginning. look at the snow reports that have come in already.
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harrison has added one inch of fresh snow. the center of the storm just up the coast comments coming in. a lot of it into albany. all the way to williamsport. down to the nations capital in dc. watches, warnings and advisories,. it warnings up and down the coast from atlantic city along to maine. winter storm warnings, the blizzard warnings we could see some gusts, 60, 70 miles per hour or stronger and winter storm warnings in place for heavy snow and down. still to come on top of what has artie fallen. the numbers are impressive, the deep purples, two feet of fresh snow to connecticut. still to come 5 to 8 inches in
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new york, 12 to 18 inches. future track for a good portion of the day, we are just getting started and we will give you updates through the morning. amy: visibility expected, midday, pounding waves on the jersey beaches. the second time the jersey beach expected for more of snow. in long branch, how are the conditions? coming down sideways. >> reporter: i heard you say star wars. i took the millennium falcon to my first trip. it runs until 4:00 pm. we see big wind gusts. snow totals piling up. you can see this wind driven snow, those wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour possible the
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coming up on the high tide cycle occurring at 5 am. coastal flooding is a conservative coastal flood advisory runs until 9 am. to the north, sandy hook beach a highside end. at 5:00 pm we expect a water rise one to two feet above normally dry ground at high tide. that is something to watch closely on the jersey shore. the blizzard warning running for several hours. i wish you could see the facilities, the wind blowing the snow by, we see big time snowdrifts but i wish you could see the waves. we are showing you that through the morning but there are some big waves, dangerous conditions in coastal areas.
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the national weather service, the first blizzard warning they have issued in four years. they said blizzard conditions would be felt within 3 miles of the coast line. the coast is right there, 200 yards behind me. we are seeing the worst conditions of the storm being felt right now on the jersey shore. amy: it looks nasty. i know where you're in longbranch. stay safe during the storm. now to new england, the snow could be deeper in the wind stronger and the waves higher. madeleine rivera, how are conditions? the winds not as fierce as the jersey shore? >> reporter: not right now. we expect wind gusts later on
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today but right now snow is steadily falling. i don't have a ruler so don't know how many inches but my estimate, four to five inches but we expect 18 to 24 inches in this region. officials expect the worst snowfall that 9 am local. that is when they expect two to four inches every hour. those are white out conditions. they are encouraging people to stay home. i want to give you a look i one hundred 95, completely empty. that's what officials want to see, stay off the road so crews can do their work, we have snowplows out here. the road conditions are very treacherous. snowplows are out, a layer on the ground, you can barely see
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& a tractor-trailer at 6 am, to encourage people to stay off the roads and the crews to their work. another concern, the wind gusts. we talked about some. this region could get 50 mile an hour wind gusts, could be stronger closer to the coast and that is why people are watching for downed power lines, don't trees. officials are preparing for power outages, the main utility company in new england, they have a lot of crews out, ready to address any outages but people are being encouraged to stay home this saturday. amy: thank you for your report. we expect a lot of blowing and drifting and what could be a historic storm in boston. not just the snow.
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it has the power to produce winds similar to a category one hurricane. in new york snow coming down sideways. this storm will be pushing the ocean around as well. the winds are very vicious. coopers beach, southampton, you can see the winds are blowing the snow sideways to reduce visibility. we will see the winds crank up for the jersey shore and long island, massachusetts as it moves on. bracing ourselves we start with 25 mile an hour winds, double and triple in some cases, category one strength, 75 mile in our winds. checking long island, 50 mile in our winds was all of this
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will intensify. what will happen, the storm will drop in pressure, as much as 30 millibars. the reason it is dropping so much of it is squeezed by high-pressure to the north. that cranks up the wind. once the storm gets to that weak spot off nantucket, 6:00 or 7:00 that could produce winds of 60 to 70 miles an hour. a lot of areas along the cape including boston could see big winds that could take down trees and power lines. 8 hours or more of persistent wind, signal the coastal flooding could happen along with power outages. inundation 1 to 3 feet. we will watch that during high tide cycles.
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look how strong the winds keep going, blowing cold air. you lose power and electricity, something a lot of people need to prepare for. a lot of folks have flooded visors. winds great beach erosion. looking at those wave heights near boston on the shoreline, 15 foot waves, that will be jaw-dropping during daylight hours. craig: the new moon gives extra gravitational pull. delaware on the left-hand side of the screen at norfork, virginia. 33 degrees. 28 mile-per-hour gusts. we have storm totals of a foot in many areas. let's get you going. this storm is going quickly.
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as far as snowfall, already getting cranky. ocean city maryland, four inches. delaware, frequented. atlantic beach, virginia 3.7. maryland has some snow, in part of georgia as well. norfork, there's a storm skirting the delmar portions of washington dc. find you can see snow over portions of the carolinas, all the way to charleston. three weekends and really frozen precipitation. you just can't get a break. winter storm warnings in parts of the smokies at higher elevations see more in the way of storms, totals about 8 inches. blizzard warnings to the south
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as those winds cranking in the snow. winter weather advisories extend over north carolina all the way up and down the coast. we talk about those blizzard warning. winds out of the north. you don't have to step outside but it is gusty wind, 17 miles per hour. visibility less than a mile in most places. ocean city 3 quarters of a mile. airlines will not be able to take off. snow still to come. 1 to 3 inches in many spots across the area. this is getting going. amy: it is. wildwood, new jersey, one of those places, 10 states, snowflakes already flying.
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amy: this is a live view of boston. very low visibility. the snowstorm expected to be historic. two to three to. of boston picks up 24.6, that would be the top 10 biggest snowstorm on record. blizzard warning has a lot to do with snow. the wind and reduced visibility,
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winds creating visibility of a quarter-mile or more. the criteria will be up and down. we go to ian oliver in longbranch, new jersey. it is hard to hold the camera still. the snow is coming down sideways. >> reporter: very unscientific. you know it is snowing hard when you go back out and see it filled by falling snow and blowing snow. there is a lot of that. this nor'easter cranking up behind me. we are covering storm surge associated with a tropical system effectively, getting a little bit of that with this powerful nor'easter. that is a concern for coastal
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flooding and minor flooding the next couple hours. this is the hard part cycle occurring now. it is along the coast of new jersey. the high tide cycle at sandy hook beach 12 minutes ago. we have strong onshore wind. nor'easter, winds cranking from the northeast. a component of the north we have big waves behind me. i can't wait to show you when we have daylight. with the facilities behind the in the boardwalk in this direction you see the snow blowing that way. the high tide cycle occurring now. another one expected to be not as high at 5:00 pm later this evening. those, this one occurring right now. we have the blizzard warning locally that runs until 4:00 pm with wind gusts of 50 miles an hour. without friction on the water
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behind me in places like this, you see the higher wind gusts. the national weather service says within three miles of the coastline, the jersey shore you will see the worst of these blizzard conditions. it is heavy snowfall. 10 to 18 inches of snow being driven by these 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts. not only heavy accumulating snow but big-time snowdrift. coastal flooding is a concern. travel will be dangerous. if you don't have to go out to stay put. conditions are really unfavorable. just stay-at-home. amy: we can see that drifting with the snow and big winds. now we move north to boston.
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this view from fox 25 boston shows low visibility, dangerous for travel. massachusetts under blizzard warning, whiteout conditions likely. madeleine rivera is in new bedford where it is a little lighter but that sideways flow. >> reporter: i want to give you look at road conditions. we are right by i 195. it is empty. this is what officials were hoping for. they want everyone to stay out of the road so snowplows can begin the long process of trying to clear the road throughout the day. i don't know if you can see but there's a barrier of white even though snowplows have been going over.
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one of many we've seen through the morning but there is a desire for people to stay off the roads, there is a tractor-trailer band that will take place at 6 am. other things people are watching out for, estimates of snowfall. i don't know how many inches, i estimate four to five inches and we will get more. this is just the beginning of what we will see later today. officials expect 18 to 24 inches of snow with heaviest happening at 9 am local. two to four inches of snow every hour. those are way out conditions. a lot of them are familiar with winter storms. they've been through this before.
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a lot of preparations living to coastal areas, they boarded their windows and doors. one of the concerns is wind gusts. they are expecting 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts. here's what one resident had to say. >> i have propane, fireplace, gas stove, and flashlights ready. >> reporter: the governor of massachusetts said they deployed 40 members of the national guard to come to the rescue is needed. amy: thanks for your report. it will be difficult to gauge how much snow on the ground. the winds will pick up so stay tuned in new bedford. 80 million americans under blizzard alert, 10 states under blizzard warning that we expect extreme cold.
2:24 am
200 million people expected to get freezing. the future track, intense bands over the afternoon. that can increase snowfall, we get several consecutive hours of that. maybe two feet of snow. new bedford, one of the earliest snow reports, 2.5 inches, looks like we are pushing that close to four. one of the trickiest things as measuring how much snow. rely on trade weather spotters to give their official amounts so they can keep track of the snow. here's a look at radar. we have snow across the northeast, low pressure off the jersey shore. the sweet spot just off nantucket, 80 your miles to the
2:25 am
east, we will see winds really howling along the coast and into the cave. plenty of wind during the day, 70 mile an hour winds. in order to meet the blizzard criteria we are looking for 3 consecutive hours of 30 mile an hour winds. that will happen in many locations. we have the winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories. just because you're not getting punched with the heart of the storm doesn't mean you won't have slick travel conditions and big enough winds to take down power lines and trees. wind doesn't quit until late tonight from the jersey shore, long island, rhode island towards the cape. snowing is latest:00 tonight. the blizzard warning will go to 5:00 am. nothing to do with snow or the big cold.
2:26 am
blowing snow will be a big problem early tomorrow morning. for those of you trying to get out. the runways and highways will be slick and dangerous. here's more at studio w in fox headquarters. >> reporter: it is saturday morning. you want to stay in on the couch or sleep in a little. philadelphia, looking at philadelphia national airport. snow is steady over the past several hours. delays, cancellations stacking up. expecting that accumulation on the runways. if you do have those plans. you might want to pack your patience. one of the travel troubles in partnership with flight aware. a lot of these airports are in the south. atlanta, georgia, chicago is in the midwest, charlotte, north carolina.
2:27 am
delays backing up to 20 or 30 and 150 cancellations. you might be thinking a lot of this weather is in the northeast. the reason we are seeing those top reports is most of our northeast airports aren't in session. boston 0 delays but look at the cancellations. 616 flights. new york, laguardia international airports, 556 cancellations. we are not seeing those flights take off because we have this dangerous storm bringing snow consistently through the day, winds picking up 50 to 60, 70 miles per hour especially in boston, jfk. no surprise through the afternoon or evening, the flights we have later in the day in the red.
2:28 am
delays are expected. in philadelphia things will clear up later in the afternoon. back into the green range for the evening as well as baltimore. a lot of this is wrapping up on saturday. new haven, we expect the worst in the morning. check in with your airlines if you are flying out this weekend. boston, metro, road temperatures below freezing. in new bedford we have a coating of snow even though snowplows are coming through. temperatures below freezing, will keep the snow on the ground, keep it sticking and slick. use caution. stay home. enjoy the snow from the comfort of your window. today's travel troubles, we expect snowy road conditions all the way into new england. amy: we will stick around because travel will be difficult if not impossible.
2:29 am
charlotte, you're getting snow again. three consecutive weekends of snow happened in 2000. light snow, wind chill advisories. this wind and cold, winds of the east coast, in florida, all the way into maine, we have more on this nor'easter and its impact coming up. were cooking with mom. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at your plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore... is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. try new vazalore. aspirin made amazing! ♪ ♪making your way in the world today♪ ♪takes everything you've got♪
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amy: this is a fox with winter alert. east hampton, winds in the low 30s. you see that snow blowing around, looks at star wars along long island. this morning until 7:00 pm tonight. the problem is reduced visibility will blow the snow run, providence rhode island as a blizzard morning until midnight and crews have been an ally from long island to rhode island removing the snow but replenishment coming down as fast as they removed. it is going to be a difficult day across the northeast is winds are gusting up to 33 miles hour.
2:34 am
this storm is continuing to the carolinas. and went -- winter weather advisory is in effect raleigh north carolina until 9 am. carolinas have had a three weekends, brutal ice storm, snow, freezing temperatures, 32 degrees and light snow is falling. this is the morning to stay home, chill out, relax and unwind as the storm starts to wind up. this is going to be quite a historic storm. craig: it is good that today saturday, hopefully people don't have to work but some people will have to. cape cod is getting pounded this morning, how is handling the snow, will, how's it looking this morning? >> reporter: the snow is not a factor at the moment, it is the
2:35 am
wind. we're in chatham. we've had severe wind already, 25 miles per hour with gusts-that. i got a reading of 35 miles per hour, the national weather service saying this is the area that will see 70, 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts and i believe it. this morning is already an indication that i will show you the movement. the leaves off the trees in the winter you don't have as much pull on the branches that we have movement. it has been mainly a rain event. the massachusetts the permit of transportation saying they have to thousand pieces of equal and on the road hoping to clear of those areas closer to boston
2:36 am
that we saw near plymouth and considerable snow coming down. the big story from chatham is the punishing wind the only grow from here is daylight comes. will take a closer to the water. we have this coastal flood warning in effect. the blizzard warning, coastal flood warning, incredible amount of wind and it is just getting started. craig: hopefully people are staying in as well. >> reporter: absolutely. they are making emergency preparations the last couple days, generators were ready, the amount of wind and the length of the sustained winds are likely to cause power outages in the
2:37 am
area. even the reinforced buildings. we will have power outages and that is the big concern to see how things hold up. craig: will nunley, thank you. our coverage continues up into the eastern seaboard. we move northeast into new england, coverage continues into later tonight. we have you covered into the northeast as well. a live shot of new york city where the winter storm warning is in place until 7:00 pm this evening just outside fox headquarters and the weather command. we are watching closely and continue live coverage in a bit. you can see the winds howling as well. we have more in the way of wind
2:38 am
coming through. that will be a major concern. heavy precipitation, heavy snow, 1 to 3 inches of snowfall per hour. and report includes portions of south and central new jersey, right up through long island into massachusetts. snow is coming down pretty heavy. a big concern especially treating the roads getting ready for the storm but snowfall totals coming down this fast it is hard to keep up with the side streets. this is the radar the past couple hours from new york to new jersey covered with snow. four inches on bayside. harrison, inches in 3 hours alone.
2:39 am
look at the big picture, more to come all the way to albany, boston, you see rain on the backside but there is the colder, winds whipping around even once the snow starts to wind down. the blizzard warning extends to atlantic city, long island, boston into maine and the purples for the winter storm morning with a bunch of snow, 8 to 12 inches of fresh snow. reduced visibility and strong winds. it's about winds invisibility in the next couple hours into sunday, this is the snow that is still to come on top of what is falling. those shades of darker purple even closer to montauk. the purple is 18 to 24 inches of
2:40 am
snow as we go through sunday. saturday, the rest of today places like new york city could get 5 to 8 inches on top of what is already fallen. a good portion of the day you could see snow coming down. we see the backside of that late this evening after the sun goes down. amy: another facet is vicious winds, coastal flooding and beach erosion. this is cooper's beach, hampton, new york, snow coming down sideways, the star wars effective the nor'easter, turns the snow sideways making it difficult to see and low 20 visibility on the east coast. be on guard for coastal flooding during times of high tide through the morning cycle in this evening. the northeast winds pushing the ocean inland.
2:41 am
this storm is fierce enough to push those waters quite dramatically. we've seen 25 miles per hour, sustained winds 15 to 20 but gusts have been seen at the shoreline pushing the upper 30s. we can double that along the coastline. there are coastal flood alerts the bring one to 3 feet of inundation. watch how these winds are creating northeast push of the water. once the low-pressure system gets into the sweet spot 80 miles off nantucket there was see the biggest winds and those will be a long cape cod, 70 miles an hour, the strength of a category one hurricane. look very intense. together problem is it lasts a
2:42 am
long they push along the coastline. that could take down trees and power lines and we expect to see power outages, jersey shore to long island, connecticut and massachusetts be be prepared for those outages. of the power were to, loss of electricity could be an issue because we need the heat when we have big winds like this and freezing temperatures. it will be called following the snow and winds don't die off until late tonight into early tomorrow morning and blizzard warnings extend until 5 am including boston, the winds don't really settle until the storm pulled into maine. look at this coastal flood warnings. some coastal flooding in the moderate front stage so be on guard for that. high tide cycles turn. we are facing into a moon where these tide cycles will be exaggerated.
2:43 am
neil: start with rehobeth beach, delaware. in norfolk, virginia, that is i 64 eastbound just before bad a new, the roads a little wet as those cars are swinging by. as we go through the remainder of the day, hope you had time to prep. here's a look at snowfall totals. salisbury, maryland getting 7 inches of snow already. ocean city, maryland four inches there. in virginia, 3.7. we will add some more. gusty winds. you can see snow coming through in the winds beyond cold out of
2:44 am
the northwest as the snow wraps around the systems we give you the pick picture, snow extends into the carolinas, carolina, santa monica in georgia last night and early this morning as well, you can see a lot of places being affected by this. for the past 3 hours ocean city has added four inches of fresh snow. a lot of reports coming in out of south carolina, some from north carolina, 3.6 inches of fresh snow. look how it is circling and headed up to the northeast. blizzard warnings in place as well and those. warnings will take us through good portion of the day. over the morning hours mostly 20s. by 12:00 pm small wind coming to the wind gusts of 40 miles per hour as we go through the remainder of the afternoon.
2:45 am
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amy: fox weather winter alert. we are talking about the intense nor'easter. 10 states under a blizzard one, snow falling in the carolinas, third week in a row you've seen snow on the weekend. that hasn't happened in 20 years. last time was january of 2000. as we continue america's weather
2:50 am
weekend, as it makes its way of the east coast we check in with delaware getting pounded with blowing snow conditions. jeff sanz of the delaware emergency management agency, how are you handling this? what reports are you getting in? >> an interesting night and day in delaware. we are seeing rough road conditions. the shot of georgetown is a pause, the bands are coming through. crews working around the clock could have a hard time. amy: as far as delmarva area are there other areas you have trouble getting the plows out to handle the streets? >> absolutely. we are well staffed and their crews are working around the clock doing a great job but sometimes it is tough to keep up. there working and we ask the
2:51 am
public to do their part and stay home. we put driving restrictions in place crews work. amy: you want them to stay off the roads but if it is necessary for people to travel, a reminder. >> take your time. we want people to go slow. we have driving restrictions so please stay home unless you are essential personnel. make sure you have an emergency kit to stay safe. extra stopping distance is important. leave room between your vehicle as well. take your time. stay safe. amy: thank you. when we come back fox weather takes you to the jersey shore. so thank you.
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>> good morning and welcome back to "fox & friends weekend." right on the jersey shore we have been tracking snow coming downsideways, the most intense nor'easter we have seen in a few years. the first blizzard warning issued for this portion of the jersey shore in about four years. i was just using the fox weather app. seeing that we saw this stronger band of snow moving in. those bands, of course, contain the heavy snow but they also have the strongest wind. the national weather service highlighted that within this blizzard warning. especially within three miles of the beach, which is right behind me. that's where we would see the worst of the conditions. perhaps wind gusts up to around 50 miles per hour, 10 to 18 inches of snow. just got a report in from the national weather service. the southern periphery the of of
2:56 am
the jersey shore in kate may double digits reported 10 inches of snow. we are getting there. we have several inches already. difficult to get an estimate how much snow we have received because so exposed to the wind on the beach. big snow drifts. can you see it right here. any time it looks like you are on a glacier essentially that's and i occasion we have seen big wind gusts as i mentioned 50 miles per hour. the direction of the wind is a concern, too. this is on shore wind. it's pushing the water into the shoreline and into some of these inlets causing the water to pile up. that's why some coastal flooding and beach erosion is a concern as we have the high tide cycle occurring just about a half an hour ago and another one later on this afternoon. this will be a concern that we'll be watching very closely. it's very chilly, obviously it's cold out here. these temperatures are just in the mid 20's. that's why this is a fluffy, dry
2:57 am
snow. it's blowing around a lot in these strong wind gusts. jane, we will toss it back to you as we continue to track these conditions out here on the jersey shore. >> all right. ian a place we would normally like to go to escape the snow and cold is florida. florida is cold as well. freeze warnings and hard freeze warnings in effect including now wind chill advisories and wind chill warnings. and this is going to be really for south florida as well. miami under a wind chill advisory. this is going to be because winds are going to pick up and temperatures are going to be well below average. see that here a weekend not meant for the beach in florida. high temperatures only expected to be getting up into the 40's and 50's. you can see here as we head into the morning on sunday, miami 39 degrees. last time it dropped down into the 30's with 2010. so, a look at some of that record cold. we are expecting to get very close as we head into sunday morning. and the cold still spreading across the southeast, atlanta 37 your high temperature.
2:58 am
amy and craig? en amy amy this block bust ear nor'easter. we are getting started with the live weather coverage. if you are watching us here on the fox news channel. make sure you watch "fox & friends" many coming up next. we will continue our coverage on the fox weather app. >> fox coverage continues on the fox weather app. and fox r business. new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! onlshh! i took mucinex dmd. for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs.
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