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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  January 30, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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went on to be a model, i first say burglar bay, i'm here for i don't mind. tyrus: it's crazy if there's two they can have a teardrop on their i. carley: that doesn't for us the "fox report with jon scott" is next. >> the united nations security council said to me tomorrow as russian troops unmask along the ukraine border but tension for invasion, good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". jon: the meeting will give the u.s. the opportunity to directly confront russia over the military buildup the meantime president biden says he will remove as many as 8500 troops to eastern europe in the near future, we have team coverage with steve here again in
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four-star general jack keane with his analysis, we begin with alexandria hoff live at the white house, she is the latest there. >> no official action out of tomorrow's un security council meeting but it'll draw attention to russia's offensive stance and by doing so the hope is to preempt the kremlin from playing enter praying victim against ukraine the tactic that the pentagon said is part of the russian playbook and one the u.s. will not fall for, the administration is prepared to give russia an opportunity to explain here is defense secretary boo austin. it is not inevitable there is still time and space for diplomacy. the united states with their allies and partners has offered russia a path away from crisis and towards greater security. >> russia has denied pleading to invade ukraine despite positioning that u.s. officials
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give them the immediate ability to do so, 8500 u.s. troops are in heightened alert for potential deployment. president biden said a number of them will be mobilized soon. >> is not allowed. >> the president has not specify which nato nation and troops would be sent but it added it will not be ukraine which is not a nato member, the president has maintained he does not want to take panic over the situation, they told fox news that they understood the pressure that president zelensky is under and the risk of invasion should not be downplayed ambassador linda thomas greenfield said this the members of the security council must squarely the facts what is safer ukraine and russia and europe and the obligations and principles of the international border should russia further invade ukraine, russia has called the meeting.
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jon: alexandria hoff, live at the white house, u.s. officials warning a russian invasion would result en masse casualty and ukrainian forces might not be enough to keep more than 100,000 russian troops massed at the border from taking the entire country. steve harrigan is live at the capital of kiev. >> despite russian officials claim there is no plans to invade ukraine they continue to build up their forces all along the border with ukraine and now to the north and belarus as well. that buildup is public russian state-controlled releasing video as new weapon systems continue to arrive and russians have field hospitals in the blood supply in case of wounded soldiers in the event of an invasion those elements some of the last to arrive before potential invasion when asked about the reasoning for vladimir putin and why he would invade ukraine, here's what kiev's mayor had to say.
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>> with this conflict vladimir putin wants to review the empire and has a reason to make the russian empire in ukraine one of the largest country in europe in his region. >> the tension is really high as for the ukrainian to live in the east a low-level low scale war has gone on with russian vaccine country for the past eight years and many are feeling the strain of the buildup. >> it would be better to have heavy fighting for one week or a month and we will hide in shelters as we did in 2014 and have. >> ukrainian officials continue to downplay the threat of any intimate invasion by russia but at the same time to ask the west for more military aid, back to you. jon: from kyiv ukraine, steve,
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thank you. fox news senior strategic analyst and retired four-star general general jack keane, i haven't heard any justification from vladimir putin as to why he might want to invade ukraine other than him making pronouncements about how they are traditionally part of the russian family, what is the thinking and what is his reasoning. >> is reason is a longtime frustration that ukraine broke away from russia became an independent nation in as opposed to maintaining the cultural ties and historic ties with russia began to look to the west and he had them running the ukraine and the more the people look to the west no more covid was cracking down and people ran him out of the country in 2014 that's what prompted putin humiliated and embarrassed to annex crimea and move into eastern ukraine they
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admitted the lessons learned in eastern ukraine was a failure depended on unconventional warfare they were not able to take on the territory that they wanted, the reason this is important because so many of ukraine people volunteered to come to the front and organizing volunteer along with a ragtag ukraine military and stopped it, putin is back here because the once again control on influence of an ever-increasing democratic capitalistic society that is 30d the second largest country in europe, that really matters to him to the people in russia and people who speak the same language and live in a much better quality of life experience he wants control over the speed when he claimed that
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nato is making overtures to ukraine and he doesn't want a nato country and his border is or anything to that. >> absolutely no doubt this started with george bush in 2008 when he made a public announcement about georgia and ukraine and we should invite them into nato as a result putin did move into georgia and occupy their provinces because of the publication. this is still the back of his mind ukraine does not come close to qualifying to be a member of nato but there's an invitation that has been made to them to do so once you're qualified. most people recognize it'll take a number of years for that to happen putin doesn't trust nato he is fed up with it, he sees as a political and economic threat to his country and the narrator of being a security tech is completely false and native is defensive and not an offense if.
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jon: the institute for the study of war where you are a chairman put out a map of what the russian troops massed along the border what it look like, it is surrounded on three sides the east, the south in the north, did ukrainian forces or ukrainian volunteers for that matter do they have any hope of withstanding a full on russian invasion of 100,000 or more troops? >> they are out mask, certainly in terms of capabilities but they're not out mass in terms of will, they will fight and putin knows this he did the all-out invasion with disposition of the forces on that map suggests that he could do it if he did that took the country over and put his own people to run in the country that would be ukrainian, those people and ukrainians will take upon them and fight putin is an insurgency for as long as
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it takes to get the russians out of the country putin knows that in the back of his mind certainly and i think that is what are the reasons why an all-out invasion of ukraine is likely the least executable mission that he will select to do if he does military operations it is the least likely. jon: president biden has approved 8500 troops to go not necessarily to ukraine but eastern europe, what does that accomplish and what else would you like to see him do. >> this is reassuring allies that are in border countries to ukraine certainly and when we look at the map there is number of russian units against the polish border and they would not likely participate in operation of ukraine in the distance that they are much closer than the
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polish border they are there to intimidate and undermine nato, putting forces into those countries is a good thing but for the life of me i don't know why were talking about doing and haven't done it in their part of nato's response force, there has not been a nato decision to buy other nato forces in their but we should get on with it finally democratic leaders as well as republican leaders senator menendez and senator graham are calling for economic sanctions now, let's not wait until the invasion, let's try to deter them from conducting that invasion let's give them a little taste of what's going to happen if he does invade, i think the biden administration made a strategic error and not taking preemptive action is what i'm discussing trier to the invasion as opposed to waiting until after and threatening him with the rhetoric of what the sanctions would indeed be.
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jon: it would be fascinated to see what would happen if that were to take place let's hope they take your advice. retired four-star general jack keane. thank you. jon: the u.s. urging north korea for direct talks after a slew of missile tests this month, senior biden administration official tells fox they believe it's time to hold serious and sustained diplomacy official says the end goal is a complete denuclearization of the insula, north korea said it tested and intermediate and long range ballistic missile the launch was the most powerful missile test since 2017. it is also kim jong-un's seventh missile launch this month more than all of last year. jon: a snowstorm for the record books claim in the northeast bringing blizzard conditions
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with wing guest more than 80 miles an hour in massachusetts the storm dumping was 2 feet of snow on boston coming very close to the one-day record, molly live in plymouth massachusetts with the dig out. >> good evening is a very calm day to dig out but beautiful and bright throughout much of the day 15 degrees in plymouth massachusetts and 20 in boston a little bit warmer but still very cold in boston as you mentioned hitting the big tide breaking the single day snow record they got 23.6 inches, michelle wu talking about what a test situation it is as far as digging out. >> i would ask everyone to be careful as you are troubling it is cold outside and we want to encourage you to take your time, take care of yourself and watch for signs. >> the jackpot for snow was known massachusetts in the city of boston 30.9 inches, lots of
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communities reporting 2 feet or more of snow throughout the storm 100,000 plus customers were without power and utility crews had to come in from across the country to get the he and the lights back on 28000 households remain without power most of them on the shore across cape cod chatham in the dark this hour here is lieutenant governor karen. >> many restorations have been made thanks to the great work of the utilities in pre-staging and having decrees available they have really made a difference to turn on power where they could. >> coastal flooding was a big issue in plymouth and on nantucket, incredible video showing the water hitting easy street on the island, the video of nantucket today the water largely receded though there are streets where the water settled and froze in the warning that
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nantucket high school (today boston's airport seen a lot of cancellations 350 plus today but flights are beginning to get off the ground the same in new york jfk and laguardia trying to play catch-up, it was a beautiful day to play in the snow lots of sledding and snowball fights a gorgeous day still pretty frosty but tomorrow it looks like another beautiful day to contain a to clean up and get back to school. jon: you say stoughton winces no jackpot but what do they receive for winning? >> maybe bragging rights, they came in at the close, i guess that's what you get. jon: finished first by a nose or maybe an inch. i don't know. tens of thousands on cape cod are still without electricity power cruiser working around the clock to try to get the lights back on "fox weather" has more from chatham massachusetts.
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>> against the backdrop of freezing temperatures talking 15, 18 degrees, important work to be done utility crews chiseling through the snow to get power back onto thousands of customers, here's an example crews are working not only to get into the vehicles, then they have to deal with all the power lines that are covered with ice the utility boxes and everything they are accessing is covered by the power that we received right in this area in the nor'easter came on shore yesterday, i want to take to the sky and show you fantastic aerial footage of the fox flight team, there are some areas that you may be billable to see snowdrifts and piled up because of the force, we had hurricane force wind yesterday and the specific spot where we were we were talking 75-mile per hour winds even gust as high as
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80 reported in some areas that moved the snow around and pounded into the trees and buildings in the icicles and everything we are seeing here as we navigate today, the road crews are doing what they can to get the streets moving as best as i can this morning but that's a lot of snow to get through throughout the day and throughout the evening so we have a lot of work ahead of them but still beautiful images left behind that is the latest from chatham massachusetts, "fox weather". jon: a massachusetts north shore hit hard by the nor'easter but making good progress as they dig out, robert ray filed this report. >> what a difference a day makes blizzard conditions as the nor'easter ripped through massachusetts about 30 miles to the northeast of boston on saturday the winds gusting up to
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70 miles per hour creating white out conditions in the region, people hunkering down and others conversing through the blizzard or at least trying to insult him getting stuck with their vehicles snowplows stock because of the conditions. but today a different story as you see the snow piled up in downtown boster, a looks like a northern rockwell scene, temperatures very low today with the windchill sometimes on 0, maybe even less as this winter storm has dumped nearly 2 feet of snow in the boston region, new england getting absolutely hammered as the east coast has dealt with this incredible bomb cyclone and it moved up and down affecting millions of people over the course of the past few days, different story here today as people will come out and see
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a winter wonderland here in new england, reporting in gloucester massachusetts, "fox weather". jon: was awfully bad yesterday, thank you so much for your reporting you can download the fox weather app to see more from america's weather team stream track severe weather in real time from anywhere in the country it is free to download for apple and android devices. as new york city mourns the loss of two police officers killed in the line of duty and actresses facing backlash or comments about the funeral of detective jason rivera use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. before nexium 24hr, neutrogena® anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep
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jon: a second young nypd officer will be laid to rest days after tens of thousands lined the streets to remember his partner detective jason rivera amid the sorrow there is outrage among the police force after social media post after rivera's funeral went viral. alexis is here with more. >> at the new york city out of a job after she posted a rant online livid that the funeral for officer rivera blocked
3:23 pm
traffic. >> we do not need to shut down most of lower manhattan because one cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly, they kill people under 22 every single day for no good reason and we don't shut down the city for them this is [bleep] ridiculous. this is [bleep] ridiculous. >> on friday jacqueline guzman reporting that rant showing the street closures and barricades for nypd officer jason ritter's funeral in manhattan traffic is blocked off as thousands of police officers as you can see from across the country came out to pay their respects, officer jason rivera in his partner wilbur mora were shot and killed while responding to a domestic call in harlem, the fallen heroes laid to rest as nypd calls for more people to support the police.
3:24 pm
>> is having a heart attack in this area nobody can get to him because it's all blocked off because of one cop. >> guzman was working for face-to-face films but she does not anymore they released saint she is no longer whatever members face-to-face film does not support or condone the comments made about fallen officer rivera, she deactivated oliver's social media accounts and the backlash continues since the post went viral, she deleted it and people have seen all over the world. calling the video garbage say not one person spreading hate cannot erase the outpouring of support from new yorkers past couple of days they are expecting thousands to show up once again once again they will stream the services life. jon: alexis mcadams in her new york city newsroom, thank you. seven people reported in critical condition in ohio as
3:25 pm
carbon monoxide poisoning the terrifying incident began with a 2-year-old girl unconscious near hotel pool, charles watson in atlanta. >> a scary situation investigators are really trying to get to the bottom of what caused the carbon monoxide leak that sickened more than a dozen adults and children at a hotel in marysville ohio, happened at a hampton inn 30 miles northwest of the city of columbus, calls started coming in to dispatch center saturday evening in the 2-year-old girl was found passed out in or near the hotel pool not long after more calls started rolling in from the same hotel colors reporting people having symptoms of dizziness, burning sensation in the throat and loss of consciousness. >> after an investigation by the fire in worthington and hazmat they determine the cause was
3:26 pm
carbon monoxide at dangerously high levels. >> we know 13 people were hospitalized including seven victims who were transported in critical condition for possible carbon monoxide poisoning, a half a dozen children reportedly among those needing care after police say these folks were exposed to extremely dangerous levels of poisonous gas, a spokesperson for the group the hotel parent company saying the hampton in marysville is fully cooperating with the local authorities as they investigate this incident and again, officials continue to investigate and no word on what caused the carbon monoxide leak as far as the hampton we are told it is closed in a bit of good news to local reports at least a few of the victims arrested had been cleared to go back home. jon: charles watson, scary stuff. thank you tensions reach a
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boiling point among border patrol officers as a show their frustration with president biden's handling of the migrant surge, that is next on the "fox report" doug.♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪
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vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy, and save at jon: i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report" the bottom of the hour if you're joining us is a look at the top stories, car crash killed nine people in las vegas yesterday afternoon police say a dodge truck was speeding when he blew through a red light at an intersection and crashed into several other cars the victims range from young kids to middle-aged adults the driver also killed. police arrest for minute the san diego zoo after they stop the parks trim, the men in their early 20s were on the gondola rocking the car back and forth forcing the system to shut down 100 people were stranded on the ride for over two hours.
3:32 pm
prince harry and meghan markel are joining the pushback against streaming service spotify the duke and duchess say they're concerned about covid misinformation on spotify so they have a podcast. the fallout started with musician neil young pulled his music to protest podcast host joe rogan. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app you can scan the qr code or go to jon: more fallout over leaked audio and video over in exchange between border patrol agents and border patrol leadership a live look at the southern border in texas not far from the confrontation in laredo last week during a visit from homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas bill melugin is live in the way of texas with the latest.
3:33 pm
>> good evening border patrol frustration starting to boil over to leaked tapes in two days including agents turning their back on secretary mayorkas and an argument, he did back and forth with their own boss raul were ortiz, spilling into the country take a look at this video stated in loya texas as migrants crossed illegally into the middle of the night these are the family unit late january temperatures can vary chilly as you can see border patrol thermal blanket under blankets these are the ones who come with their little kids and this is what were used to seeing and what were not used to seeing when you take a look at this video of san antonio airport the camera crew after we got a tip they will drop off of dozens of single adult male illegal immigrants, the bus pulls up and doesn't get off it's all grown men, no families and no little children there was an ngo
3:34 pm
waiting to receive them and then he marched them into the airport and those men are released from federal company able to travel anywhere in the country that was not all like this video in brownsville is similar situation dozens more single adult male illegal immigrants walked in a single file line by in ngo to a bus terminal where they are free to travel, many of the men had ankle monitors on and some hiding their faces from our cameras when we were shooting video some of the first video during the border crisis of the mass release of single adult male illegal immigrants the president of the board of trade union said the american public has been kept in the dark about that happening. listen. >> for all of president biden's failures, for every one of them he can successfully one thing broken the border patrol. >> when it comes to the release of the single adult men, what we
3:35 pm
learned during the month of december according to dhs's own numbers only 59% of single adults apprehended by border patrol were expelled from the country via title 42. we will send it back to you. bill melugin live in la jolla texas. for more on this let's bring in michigan republic congresswoman of the house i'm service in-house of education and labor committee, it is not just texas where these folks are being released, we talked about alaska and the "fox report" charter flights are bringing illegal aliens to airports to all over the country and releasing them in the middle of the night and letting them go, who knows where because the federal government is not telling us, the administration is not telling us. what do you say that congresswoman. >> they say it's an embarrassment, shame on president biden and witticism administration going to put the
3:36 pm
american people first what is happening at our southern border is absolutely unbelievable and our northern border is locked and everybody has to get a covid test in you have to show your id to show you are who you are when you have your covid test i wonder if that's going on at the southern border i assure you that is not what you see is actually 100% true i've been down to the border twice i've been to colombia and panama and exactly what is happening is unbelievable, this administration hasn't open for business sign in our southern border, don't worry about covid or vetting whose coming over or the amount of fat no in the illegal drugs coming over, yet what is going on with law and order in our country we are asking law enforcement officers the border patrol agents that have given their life to
3:37 pm
protecting her border we are asking law enforcement agents not to enforce the law this is exactly what happened when you let joe biden and his socialism administration run this country it is about time that the american people stand up and know what is going on what is so bad about telling the people the truth, why do you have to hide it and do in the middle of the night you do it because you know what is wrong and you don't want anyone to find out. shame on you president biden and secretary mayorkas in this entire administration for not putting the american people first like they deserve. jon: alejandro mayorkas the secretary of homeland security had the meeting with border patrol agents and here is part of the transcript of the meeting as obtained by townhall the job has not been easier over the
3:38 pm
last few months but it was very difficult throughout 2021, i know the policies of this administration are not particular popular with u.s. customs and border protection but that is the reality and let's see what we can do within the framework. he is asking the people who work for him to willingly look the other way and ignore the laws because that's what the president apparently wants to do. >> think of that for one moment if you need some help on what to do i give him a few ideas let me start with one finish the wall like it or not it worked. there is a crazy thing you know where the illegal immigrants are coming through their coming through holes where the wall is not completed obviously the wall works implement catch and release and shut the southern border down. i am imploring this administration, put the american people first this is not a southern border issue these
3:39 pm
people are getting released into the interior of our community, felons, prisoners, we have no idea no one is vetting these people, they are releasing them into the community and the other thing that is happening all the fentanyl is coming through these law-enforcement agents of all of their duties and relinquish them to just be in processors and administrators when they need to be on the american jon: fentanyl deaths setting a record in our country, i want to put up the numbers that show the scope of the problem, in november of 202,072,000 illegal apprehended at the southern border, 221,173,000 more than 100,000 more and look at december 1780, 2021 as compared
3:40 pm
with 73001 year ago, you cannot sustain those kind of numbers and still have a country. >> we cannot and i cannot for the life of me understand why this administration is doing that. we know the cause and the effect and we know where this is going to end. we even know what to do then why are we not doing it, i cannot come up with a logical reason why. it makes no sense. jon: your confusion is our confusion, michigan congresswoman lisa mclean, thank you. only a year into his presidency and president biden started the process of choosing a new justice for the highest court, capitol hill the confirmation is expected to be a difficult fight, that and more coming up on the "fox report".
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jon: president biden is going to choose a new supreme court nominee to replace stephen breyer he promised he will name a black woman. whoever biden picks could face a tough confirmation battle on the polarized senate, congressional correspondent chad pergram explains. >> you could distill the supreme court battle into three questions who is the nominee, who supports the nominee that will start with when the senate can confirm the nominee. >> we want to be deliberate, we want to move quickly. >> president biden said he'll announce his pick by february vetting the confirmation hearing in the vote could come in the spring or summer, that is before stephen breyer steps down. we know a little bit about who
3:46 pm
the president may pick. >> that person will be the first woman ever nominated into the supreme court. >> jim clyburn was instrumental in salvaging mr. biden's presidential good in the primary south carolina federal judge scores the endorsement of clyburn. >> i don't know that she's ever met michelle but i know this he has met a lot of people, and they think very highly of her. >> conservatives say democrats are more focused on race and not the nominees qualification. >> i thought in which we said people qualified or disqualified for a federal job based on their or race when it was a 19th century. >> republicans want to see if it strays from the mainstream especially for a 50/50 senate.
3:47 pm
>> this is a hard woke laughter administration. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said president biden must not outsource his important decision to the radical left, democrats can confirm a nominee on their own if they stick together. >> when you need every vote that means every single vote and senator becomes eminently powerful. >> all eyes focused on joe manchin kyrsten sinema they generally help confirm president biden's nominees even if they are reluctant to change the filibuster or support go back better. on capitol hill chad pergram fox news. jon: out west folks are trying new strategies to fight wildfires including artificial intelligence fox business network grady trimble. >> these cameras get mound on mountaintops and all high vantage point of the west coast of the country and even australia they can use artificial intelligence technology fires sonja is the ceo of this company that is
3:48 pm
pioneering this technology and it is already in use in the real world as we speak. >> we are in for states of the united states and also australia. >> tell me the goal, traditionally, decades ago there were people in fire towers looking for fires, this is essentially the same thing but uses cameras. >> absolutely the exact same principle of the fire tower you mount on a high location where you can see smoke rising and we use artificial intelligence to detect the smoke and that we use triangulation methods which would be used in a watchtower to determine the exact longitude. >> nip it in the butt before gets out of control. >> every night the fire starts as a small fire. if we could detect, confirm and pinpoint the fire quickly we can allow first responders to contain it while it is still small. >> already 25 of these cameras deployed across the u.s. and australia, the goal in the future is to grow the number so
3:49 pm
they can prevent wildfires, save property and most important save lives, and san francisco grady trimble, fox business. jon: the mystery swirls over nfl superstar tom brady after report the said he is retiring the people close to the nfl, say that might not be the case three days. instructor: come on milwaukee! i see you! after riding twelve miles to nowhere, i'm taking a detour. and if you don't have the right home insurance coverage, you could be working out a way to pay for this yourself. get allstate and be better protected from mayhem for a whole lot less. is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's
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comcast business. powering possibilities.™ jon: bungles no more the cincinnati bengals are heading to the super bowl after a thrilling overtime win in the afc chip each of game the bengals came from behind, 18 points down to beat the kansas city chiefs by a field goal sending them to their first super bowl in 33 years they will face the winner of the championship game between the los angeles grahams and the san francisco 49ers. in the meantime seven-time super bowl champ tom brady is retiring, or is he yesterday espn reported the quarterback calling it quits after 22 seasons but brady himself has not confirmed nor denied the report, christina coleman is in los angeles with the latest. >> what an exciting football weekend were waiting to hear
3:54 pm
from brady espn is reporting the football star is retiring his agent did not confirm or deny the report yesterday his agent released a statement saying brady will be the only one to announce his plan with complete accuracy nfl insiders say this likely has something to do with brady wanting to have control over the narrative, they tweeted tom brady does intend to retire and several people close to him, pushback appears to be on timing rather than his decision last monday brady was asked about retiring on his podcast he said nobody knows, he also said he's taking his health and family into consideration. >> the biggest difference i have kids and they care about them a lot as well and they have been my biggest supporters, my wife is my biggest supporter, it pains her to see me get head out
3:55 pm
there and she deserves what she needs from me as a husband and my kids deserve what they did for me as a dad. >> yesterday multiple outlets he told the box that he has not made a decision in the sports contracts and salaries says 15 million of bradys $20 million signing bonus last march is said to be paid out on february 4 this friday and if brady retires before then he will lose out on that money is this budgetary quarterback retiring we will have to wait and see lots of speculation as everyone waits to hear from brady himself. jon: christina coleman, pins and needles, more "fox report" in just a moment.
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jon: milwaukee is known for its beer, anyone hoping to be milwaukee's next mayor needs to know you to to tap a cask. a pair of brewers invited mayorial candidates to show off their skills. in the annual small cask tapping events. >> like the biggest election since 2004. who knows how long we'll have that one. >> if you don't know how to tap a cask, you are not
4:00 pm
qualified to be a mayor. jon: early primary voting beginning february 15. >> that is how "fox reports" sunday january 30, 2022, i am jon scott, thanks for watching. we'll see you next week. trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america" as we continue to monitor the situation in ukraine we're reminded of the consequences of war and conflict. it has been nearly 8 years since russia took crimea from ukraine. two million ukrainians have been displaced from their homes since them. with one million seeking asylum in other countries, what would those numbers look like in a full-scale russian i


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