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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  January 30, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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i hope you have a great week ahead, until next week you can find us on-line. good night from south carolina. "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." welcome. are we on precipice of war, a major war? are we ready. have our leaders explained much to us? from the media?
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at the white house press conferences or on the sunday shows? oh, yes, they talk about how many troops are lined up against nato and that sort of thing. i'm not talking about that sort of thing. thing. they took about the neocons and federal contractors, and others, isolationists who go on and on about how we're provoking our enemies, war is not about ideology. foreign policy is not about ideology. national security is not about idea ol. >> i. ideology, the word that describe its best is true.
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>> to they seem to be best people in a position to protect this country? should there be a war? how about secretary of state? does he seem like the very best person to use diplomacy and rally our allies? hour about national security adviser, he was an operative prior to serving in his current position, and also involved in dirty tricks try doing take out former president trump. how with congress? is this not weakest we've seen. not a lot of smart people in congress. why are we at each other's throats? because of the american marxist movement that seeks to destroy our history,
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support for the security country. and classrooms and borders and budgets, turning culture inside out. is hollywood on our side? is corporate america on our side? or they too invested. in communist china and other regimes that have designs to this country? the u.s. military. do you think they are trained properly. many respects they are, but what about critical race theory, and transgenderism and other events, radical left events that seem to take up to much of their time, and commander in chief, is he up to the job in. this is a disastrous domestic situation, facing a grave foreign policy situation there is little
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prudence involved that is a big problem. so as for fighting over the voting rights act, which has nothing to do with voting rights and rest of march marxist democrat party. none has anything to do with strengthening the united states military. or national security. and ourselves preservation. none. if we had a real media in this country, you would understand what is taking place overseas. >> we have to ignore the loud mouth nuclear warheads, steel fighters, once they reach the american border they stop. they are not a threat any more. no, we are in a serious pickle here. whose fault is this? it is the enemy's fall.
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who is that enemy? there is a debate over that. so much of our culture has been bought off by communist china regime, you can't say anything like a china virus. the spanish virus, but talk about a white dominant society, but when you talk about communist chinese regime, that is what it is, but you, not allowed to talk about that, how can you talk about the threat? with putin there is a bizarre love relationship between putin and certain percentage of our politicos who think he is a cool guy, a tough guy. he is a killer. he is a killer who killed his way to the top. he is corrupt. he wants to hold on to power and reestablish the old soviet union, this was defeated during the cold war, why should we defend the ukraine? i don't know. or belgium, italy?
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france? great britain, they are all the way over there, all the way over there after all, how many wars started in lawrence, kansas? i don't know of any, do you? how many wars? in joplin, missouri? none they can think of. no. the wars are overseas, they have a way of reaching into the united states the fact of the matter is, china, russia, and they are not alone, are building militaries against us. russia is is not building a military against ukraine. they don't need that hardware that technology. those troops just for ukraine. china is not building biggest navy to launch satellites. because of taiwan. they are building them because of us. us the united states of america. do we act as a government? like we're seeious about confronting this? >> do we act as a government like we need to become more
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reliant on our own manufacturing and products? do we act as a government that we need to secure the border, and make sure that united states is safe from within? do we act as a government that we ios our financial priorities wisely, not we distribute wealth or breaking back of american tax mayor but ensuring our military has everything this needs to potentially fight more than a one region war? >> this is very serious, ladies and gentlemen. the hackers and the hawk ers and soapbox loud mouths are not those who listen to. aoc has no experience with military, and most of people in senate don't, but we the people, one day it may be our children and grand children that have to fight, this is not about hawks or doves, this is about prudence and judgment and doing the right thing, that
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bridges me to joe biden. you democrats, you people in the media, you people in academia, you brought us joe biden, you knew damn well he was incapable of doing what a president needs to do for a whole variety of reasons, you knew he was not mentally fit to become president of united states, you know that he has been a disaster when it comes to foreign policy, you are responsible for the man who sitting in oval office today, you never-trumpers, you are responsible for the man who is in oval office today, as i speak, what is congress doing about any of this? nothing. they are chasing downtown don and protesters, trying to change our voting
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system for the worst, and trying to nationalize what belongs in the states. create new entitle thes for people who don't want to work. is it a good idea, no. >> how much of your leaders have gone on television or radio and spoken to us, truthfully, start forward? about the threats that country faces? that is russia and china, what about iran, iran is months, away from having nuclear weapons. you think we have ignore this forever, we have a administration that is bending over backwards just appeasing the iranians, saying employ,
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begging them, they hate us, they are fanatics, zelle is zealots, they the not be persuaded. it is the situation today. you think that america is ready? i think a significant portion of the population is ready. but i think a significant portion of the population is not. joe biden goes off last week and gets an ice cream cone, as if he is a third grader. and as his people go on tv trashing republicans, as if they are leaders of the third reich, and media here, was so many low iq inexperienced radical leftists dressed open as journalists, not just ignore the threat but fail to provide american people with context of the threats we face, we're not ready.
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you don't have to believe me. just look at our enemies, they see this as an opportunity. a great opportunity. not tomorrow, maybe the next day, maybe next year. they see the biden administration, as perfect opportunity to act. communist chinese will acts if putin will act. i don't know what they will do. but they see the weakness in oval office, they seed leadership was defense department, milley, calling head of communist chinese. we'll let you know if in is trouble, they see this, they see pipeline between germany and russia, what biden did, they see our budget with u.s. military that this administration and congress are not serious, they saw what happened in afghanistan. where the still americans citizens, they see
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weakness. that is why i said, over a year ago, who do you think our enemy is rooting for for president of united states? donald trump? or joe biden? i think the answer was obvious then, it is now. this say very important program. my first get will be senator tom cotton, a serious man. about the military, national security and all matters, next guest will be gordon chang, one of the nation's great experts on --s on communist china, we'll be right back. it can't prevent stress. qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks... it can't prevent changes in weather. you can't prevent what's going on outside,
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mark: welcome back america. senator tom cotton is with us, he has been ahead of the curve in so many respects with so many things, including foreign policy, i would like to talk to you about russia in particular. we have a lot of people out there making a lot of noise. who don't know a lot. they are mostly people who go on about what is ukraine.
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all this stuff, i think to myself there is a lot of static, it would be nice if we had leaders who would talk to american people and explain what is going on without giving up national security secrets. i want to ask you, why is it important, that we stand up to russia? it is important for nato, is what happens to ukraine important to u.s. >> what matters to every american and american strength and credibility to help preserve international stability and safety, if aggressive powers like china, russia and iran think they have test the resolve of america and get away with it, it emboldens them to push harder, like at 2013
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after barack obama refused don't force his own -- to enforce his own red line in syria, within months, vladimir putin was inmading invading ukraine for the first time, and iran pushing harder. for a terrible nuclear deal, say if xi jinping sees vladimir putin, should putin invade ukraine and get away with it, he may decide it is then time to invade taiwan, a land that we have more than 22 times trade with ukraine or vital to our military posture in the western pacific. reason that ukraine matters is not just it is a democracy. but because it is a dire risk to america's credibility and strength if we simply let strong man like vladimir putin or xi
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jinping think they could rewrite the international rules of the road. mark: we have people who think, nato's day has come and gone. who is it that in first instance, recommending and supported idea of a north atlantic treaty organization? and how does that benefit the united states? after world war ii? >> nato's day is not come and gone it is fair to say that too many of our european partners in nato, most notably germany are not pulling their weight, not spending what they need to defense and pitching in on shared common defense, we have a lot of great nato partners like poland or the baltic states, but the nato alliance goes back to lessons world war i and world war ii, we needed a stabl
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defensive alliance. or that the possibility of soviets russia aggression in aftermath of world war ii, it has gone far afield and outside of europe since the end of the cold war, we need are european partners and nato to do more than anything is focus on european security, united states has to increasingly focus on china. as worst threat to international security instability. mark: 1994, ukraine gave up its nuclear arms because russia wanted them back, after the soviet union collapsed as a result of reagan's foreign policies, ukraine broke off as did all captive states. and so ukraine agreed to
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that. but a memorandum was signed by russia. the united states, and britain. acknowledging ukraine's sovereignty. going so far as to say not only be acknowledged but defended. by these country, just as china has broken the deal with britain, with respect to hong kong, it appears that vladimir putin who for some reason is beloved by so many in our media and politics, is breaking and may well break further the agreement that they made in 1994, they are not worth much are they? >> part of what we're doing with ukraine now, we started to do you were president trump, we should have done under president obama provide them weapons they need so ukraine arm, defend the ukraine territory. air defense systems as well,
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that is part of fulfilling our commitments under that memorandum as would be sanctions on north stream 2 gas pipeline, you raise a good point, if ukraine still had nuclear weapons it would not have russian troops, this goes to barack obama in 2013 and 14, first not enforcing his own red lines, being seen as a push over by strong man like xi jinping, and vladimir putin. and then unwilling to send anything more than meals ready to eat and blankets to the ukraine army in aftermath of the invasion of crimea. what people like vladimir putin see that kind of weakness from american president, they saw from barack obama, and unfortunately, what they have seen from joe biden over the last year. then they get more aggressive, they take more risks, that will threaten the united states and our safety and prosperity, which
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depends on international is a stability and security. >> speaking of joe biden, i want to ask you, about the signal that joe biden sent throughout his short presidency. i'm not saying joe biden is evil. but i'm saying, what he has done has been a disaster. so when you have the evil regimes, that have territorial ambitions and they are building up their military because of the united states, is this not the weakest president in modern times, who is provoking our enemies and by provoking i mean, they see opportunity? afternoon all that is what evil people look for, that is what i want to address when we come back. we'll be right back. >> woman: what's my safelite story? >> vo: my car is more than four wheels. it's my after-work decompression zone.
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ideologue >> jon: welcome to fox news live, i am jon scott, russian troops continue to gather at ukraine border. the u.s. and allies will have a chance to confront russia on its potential foreign invasion. put diplomatic and financial pressure on russia.
5:28 pm
>> here at home, cincinnati bengals have shocked sports world, upsetting the chiefs with an overtime field goal, clinching a shot in the super bowl. >> i'm jon scott, now, back to "life, liberty and levin ." mark: welcome back america, senator tom cotton. the biden presidency one disaster after another our enemy could look at this, they look for opportunities, they see opportunities here given the record of this president, whether it is iran or the rift. >> weakness is provocative, joe biden has
5:29 pm
given every that -- that he will respond to crises with weakness, it counts now that he is president. it you look at how we got in this situation, it frames question well, vladimir putin talking about red herrings, he cannot let nato include ukraine. we don't conduct military exercises in ukraine, putin wants to fulfill his long held ambitions, to reaccept russian empire. he wants buffer states without democratic governments with puppet governments like in belarus and ukraine and third he does not want any successful democracy on his borders, he is afraid his own people will look at democracy in places like ukraine and georgia, say, why can't we have that in russia, they are long held ambitions back
5:30 pm
years for vladimir putin. why has he spark method crisis now? because joe biden his projected weakness to him for lest year, and appeased him, he gave away store in his first week in office, on one sided nuclear arm the treated and waved sanctions on a pipeline, and looked other way colonial pipeline hack ethen the afghanistan debacle exposed joe biden's inept competent leadership as commander in chief, that series of appeasement and weakness over the last year that lead vladimir putin to think now is the time to go for jugular with ukraine. mark: do you know vladimir putin is impressed with senator staff. >> i don't know what his view is. i do know, he views joe
5:31 pm
biden as a weak commander in chief, he knows in our system that commander in chief is all important. that is why he thinks he can get away with all these things, joe biden as former secretary of different bob gates said has been young about nearly every mayor foreign policy and decision over last 40 years, you can make it 50 now. >> i assume you would also take the converse position, vladimir putin's view of donald trump. determined whether vladimir putin would do to ukraine what he is doing today. for all of the attacks on donald trump and his foreign policy, it seems that he was following in the footsteps of a reagan doctrine, peace through strength, draw
5:32 pm
red lines when you need to, mean it, build up united states military. >> we should draw red lines with great caution. and rarely. but when we draw them, we have to enforce them. after 4 years and democrats screaming russia with donald trump that vladimir putin invaded ukraine on last time we have a democratic president and now on verge of invading ukraine. now that we have another democratic president. he did not do so much as amass forces on the ukraine border while donald trump of the president. remember they had xi jinping at mar-a-lago, he told him he just launched strikes, and or a chance to kill suleimani in iraq.
5:33 pm
and president trump did not hesitate to take that strike again, i bet that got a lot of attention in moscow and beijing to say nothing of tehran, that is how you project strength, you are willing to engage in limitd military actions and conflicts as ronald reagan did as well with a view of avoiding larger military connected. mark: with all talk of trump, and undermine nato, nato got stronger under trump. the united states military was build up. and you say, putin says in his box. communist china of the nervous about what was taking place in iran. iran was crumbling, now in 12 short months it has been reversed. and i don't know if we're at precipice of war or not bbut one damn ugly situation, senator cotton thank you so much for being such an important voice out there, thank you, sir. >> thank you, mark.
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mark: welcome back america. well we can't ignore the there are great threat to united states, which is communist china. we have our olden from the back gordon chang, one of the great expert with the great stone institute as a senator fellow, gordon, here we are. with russia. facing off against ukraine. really nato. would i be wrong to say that there is no way russia and china that is putin and xi, are not spending a lot of time talking with each other. xi jinping looking at this as potential opportunity maybe, to sametainiously or fairly close time, to take
5:39 pm
steps against taiwan perhaps? >> you would be right on all counts. we have seen, over the last week, is evidence of coordination. first, chinese propaganda is backing up russia to the hilt, we're told the problem in ukraine is our fall, that we've been pressing russia to hard, we know xi jinping and vladimir putin have been talking a lot. their video conference call on december 15 there was 37th time they talked about last 4 years, and china in last couple days put more pressure on taiwan, with the incursions to the air defense identification zone. this clearly looks like cord cord -- choose did this. they invaded india in 1962, during middle of the cuban missile crisis.
5:40 pm
mark: do you think that xi jinping like vladimir putin see this as a wonderful opportunity handed to them on a golden blatter that joe biden is president with a weak inner circle whether it is defense or state or national security. that they are flat lining the fundings of u.s. military. and with american people, at each other's throats, in many respects due to media and democrat party and leadership of this nation, they have to be laughing, saying, we could not have created a better scenario. >> we don't have to speculate. we have to listen to chinese propaganda. as afghanistan was falling it was clear that beijing viewed that as a feeble biden administration. because they talked about how united states could never hope to counter a magnificent china because we could not deal with the rag
5:41 pm
tag taliban, and saying that america cannot win wars any more, with regard to taiwan, when they invade that a i the island would fall within hours and u.s. will not come to help. mark: i am concerned. we remember general milley on his own accord, calls head of the communist chinese military to assure him, don't worry, if we attack i'll let you know. i have never heard of something like that. it is absolutely outrageous. and they had to take something away from that kind of an act, too. >> they did. first, i think that they started looking for a spy for america embedded in beijing, there were no indications that we were going to attack. so for milley to call
5:42 pm
up, he is basically telling chinese we have inside sources inside communist party, and i think they looked at that and saw disarray in the united states and their therefore, i think that take away that washington was so divided we were not in a position to oppose china's initiative, a lot of bad messages came out of that, that really hurt america's position abroad and in china. mark: you read peter schweizer's book red handed and you look at what has been taking place as a result of pandemic and reaction of corporate america they keep bustling along like nothing is go on, pouring hundreds of billion of dollar in communist china, you others defending that regime, and rejecting a resolution. respecting what is going on with the uighurs that is the
5:43 pm
communist china regime said we have gotten a lot for our money here. we have spread money for athletic wear and entertainment. we own that culture. more than the americans own their own culture. they have to feel pretty good about that. >> they do. when you look at america's financial corporate elites, boardrooms, they are more loyal to beijing than to washington. and the american people can see this, they are horrified. but beijing has spend decades trying to pervert american political institutions and buy off allies in united states they have been successful. mark: particularly joe biden. all of the information that is out there. the biden family, and now this report that 31 million
5:44 pm
dollars. was conveyed to that family one member or another, i don't know how you get around that, not just joe biden, but former speakers of the house, current speaker, it is bush family, day talk about certain members of the bush family, media taking junkets over there and academia, there was a time here, when we had great patriot in politics in our corporations, rather than this sort of activity going on. taking a bigger picture of this, do you think we're not permanently but crumbling from within. i don't mean that it can't be reversed. but we're at each other's throats, we don't have leadership, we don't have strong people telling us what is going on in china and russia, seems very grave
5:45 pm
times to me. >> extremely grave. we don't have a ronald reagan. we have to do is start cutting links with china's regime. might say that second treatment. but extreme, they are trying to over throw our government. until we can handle this weaker to cut trade, and cut investment, technical cooperation if we don't we'll not going to have a country. >> gordon chang, when we come back, where do you see china in 5 years vis-a-vis the united states. we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back, gordon chang. last century was viewed as american country before that the british century, what do you think about this century. >> i thought american, but we have to be concerned about china. as we talked about china has
5:50 pm
infiltrated american society and fomenting violence on american streets and trying on therefore throw our government. we have a couple pivotal events, one is november, we have an election, american people can take pack their back their kuhn. he take back their country, we have 2024, we need to do that. mark: is it your implication when you say 22 and 24 that democrat party is become the party of appeasement. is it your sense their i have the -- is misguided and misdirected it should be focused on communist china, they are so bad if they are
5:51 pm
not literally removed from power then we'll lose this century as american century. >> we have a problem in both political parties, because of the corruption. buying influence peddling and lobbying, but, right now, with the democrat in power, they have -- they are the party that has been not defending our nation. and so that is the reason why the american people need to change things. we have to insist to candids who will oppose beijing. and if we don't get that, i agree, we will lose our country because beijing is determined, right now china, i think has a closing window of opportunity, they have problems of their own hark -- that is why they are going after us hard. this is the time where we either defend our nation or we lose it. mark: interesting, you say that, because, the people watching and me, we're not expert osicomnist china.
5:52 pm
-- expert, on communist china, but desperate regimes do desperate things. >> they do, it has been history, we know that leaders are seeing a closing window of opportunity. they have a debt crisis, a stagnant economy, worsening food shortages and water shortages, and demography, china will lose the half population by 2065. i think that beijing is moving against us and against others because it seems if it does not do it soon it will not achieve when it believes are its historic goals. mark: when you watch joe biden you watch how he conducts himself and speaks. his mannerisms, he spends 25% of his time in wilmington, last week he
5:53 pm
went out for an ice cream. as the situation between russia and ukraine and russia and united states has reached a very hot point. should the american people be very, very concerned about the leadership of this country. >> biden is doing bear minimum with regard to china, he would be doing less without pressure from the american people, he believes we need to get along with china and have a climate deal, unfortunately even if you think that climate is most purpose threat to u.s., he -- important threat to u.s., he is not working on the issues that china has, china will not agree to anything or honor its agreements. mark: bizarre when you think about it. he deals with irannian regime the same way. they have not honored a single damn agreement, it is a terrorist regime, and the communist regime in china the same way. the communist do not adhere to anything, putin the same
5:54 pm
thing. he makes a teal -- or russiasian make a deal with ukraine. they will help protect the territory they violate. what is it going to take? for a democrat president to understand, you can't trust kim jong-un in north korea or xi jinping in china, and vladimir putin in russia. and mullah in iran. i want to thank you very much gordon chang our input is very important. take care of yourself. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back. you inspired the new lexus es to be... well, more you.
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mark: welcome back. who said this? there is a rank due to the u.s. among nations when will be with held if not absolutely lost by the representation of weakness, if we desire to avoid insult we must be able to repel it, and -- it must be known that we're at all-times ready for war. what was a neocon, a war monger? an interventionist? who would say such things? that was george washington, december 33, 1793. his state of the union. i'm very practical and realistic with matter the of war and peace, not union ideologue, but i know an enemy and evil when see it, if we're not prepared for it the cost economic, military,
6:00 pm
and otherwise, could be horrendous. let this be a warning, let us put our marker down, let -- us warn our leaders be ready, see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ [music] steve: good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution". this is the home of positive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-com munity, and especially pro-america. there have been many scandals the past couple of years with the establishment deliberate mishandling of the pandemic that there is one that has just come lht


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