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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 31, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> couldn't do worse. tammy, good to see you as always. we'll see what happens. people are saying that she's running because she thinks they'll win, lose, who another we'll cover it. thank you for watching, doan forget to set your d.v.r. and see you next sunday when the "next revolution", will be televised. >> todd: it is january 31st. the southern border is open. we know it, the world knows it. the majority of migrants crossing into the us from mexico are not from mexico, but from distant nations like russia and ukraine, not the northern triangle or mexico - what a fobbinger. you are watching "first and foremost", i'm todd. look who is with us. >> i'm anita in for carley. into the development as border
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control confronts homeland security secretary accusing the joe biden administration of making their job nearly impossible. we are joined with details on this. good morning, ashley. >> reporter: good morning, 2000 russian, 300 ukranian migrants got to the us at an inspection station in san diego, in the past migrants attempting to cross the boarder were from mexico or northern triangle countries, now there's a change in tactics, pointing to smuggler tactics, of course, they say it's a link, arizona governor ducey - of course there's a link between criminals coming over the border and rising crime. the cartels are shaping border policy, and the joe biden administration is their marketing arm. now senator tom cotton says joe biden cares more about ukraine's border than our own, listen. >> joe biden, and carmela harris
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seem to care more about the ukraine border than our own. when we have had 2 million immigrants crossing the border, which is like adding the population of nebraska to the country. >> you remember those smuggled off the plain in the middle of the night. >> you don't want to be somewhere where the spotlight hits. you want to keep as down low as possible. >> i get it. like i said... >> what we don't want to do is attract attention. we don't want the media. like we don't know where we are going. >> reporter: now, republican representative is urging the halting of transporting illegal immigrants by plane or method to the empire state quoting we demand you provide congress and all new yorkers with the current location and status of each illegal immigrant you have transferred to our state.
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and to get another heated exchange are border agents over the open border policy. >> i say the same thing... >> do you believe you're hurting your country. >> you are bogged down in the policies. >> these men are doing nothing. >> you are doing something. >> no, you are not. >> acting d.h.s. secretary says he's never seen border patrol agents push back aggressively on the leadership. they know they can't defend what is going on because of the policies of the administration. >> todd: ashley kicking us off. thank you. we can't really call it biden's border policy, we have to call it joe biden's lack of a border policy. at the end of the day, this is basically an o on invite to the world to violate our law, and violate our sovereignty, and when you don't have sovereign borders, you do not have a sovereign nation, think about
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that for a moment. we are talking about the united states of america, and we are calling ourselves a nonsovereign nation. that has major ramification, looking at the video, turning our back, angry conversations with the border chief. chad wolf saying he had never seen anything like this before. this underscores the high nature of where we are, we are at the tipping point right now when it comes to our border. and something needs to be done. i'll lead with this. think about the lessons we learnt during 9/11. and how nee threw these out the window by inviting not just migrants. people taking a better life, but also terrorists. we have to call it what it is. we are inviting terrorists across the border. to you, anita clearly people coming in from all over the world through
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the southern border, as you said, it's basically open, and you can hear that frustration in the voices of the border patrol agents tucking to my hand ra aorcus. and it's astonishing the hear the agents push back, you can only imagine how frustrated they are. >> todd: scary times for the brave women that do that work. scary, scary times. >> it is, todd. let's turn to that story. a new report reveals hunter biden received a grand jury subpoena in may 2019. five weeks after hunter allegedly left his laptop in a delaware repair shop. government accountability institute peter shwiser said hunter was paying the family bill. take a listen. >> people want to thing of this as a hunter biden problem or a corruption problem. when you look at the origins of
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the money. we want to look at the deals that hunter got in china, and figure out who opened the door and made the deals happen. >> the anticorruption marco polo, founded by a trump administration official obtained the filing, targetting financial ties between the biden, and the bank of china. today, president joe biden is set to meet with the nation's governor, as a poll reveals majority of americans disapprove of joe biden's handling of key issues. >> alexandria joins us live from washington with the details. >> reporter: good morning, last night the president and first lady attended the national governors' association black tie dinner and today meets with them on a more informal level. >> i expect the president to talk about bipartisanship. i'd like to see it implemented
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in policies that go forward. this is an annual tradition that goes well. >> the last 2-3 years, the roll of government has been amplified. on one hand you had sweeping restrictions put in place, here is jerseys governor pete murphy. >> we are not going manage this to zero, we have to learn to deal with this. please, god, there's not a significant wave. every time you think you have it figured out it humbles you. >> governor's have taken individual action on obtaining defendants and they'ra puttics. florida, new hampshire, texas is building a rule. the governors are forced to step in where the shayne gostisbehere and federal government dropped the ball. on the handling of the economy, 56% of regular voters disapproved. and 69% report a disapproving handling of inflation nation,
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and 64% disapprove of how the president handles crime. and crime is spelt on the local level. this week president joe biden travels to new york city to discussion rising violence. back to you guys. >> todd: thank you very much. here is trey doughty's message to republicans on a winning midterm strategy, lynx. >> today with any argument. you have to know what the art is. so are republicans running on a platform of a smaller federal government orrar republicans now arguing for just a slower rate of government growth coupled with confidency. no matter your position, government competence should be part of the argument. a government that doesn't send covid relief fund to the wrong people. a government that can actually keep people in gaol on bond, and a lengthy criminal records.
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a government that can drone the right car in afghanistan. a government that can secure the border, and fix the supply shaken and cut down on violent crime. >> todd: while joe biden struggles to keep his agenda above border. 29 democrats will not reseek election in november. teachers union leader faces criticism after a tweet quoting an op ed ripping active personalities as racist. her now deleted tweet saying in part "racist are showing up in droves to school board meetings, threatening members, it's dangerous, divisive and un-american", semi was quoting a "the washington post" column by former democrat, secretary of education, the op ed saying the new republican governor declared war on the education system in virginia. >> todd: to the supreme court where republicans are
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criticizing the president's clumsy handling of appointing a new justice. >> as most bhaernts joe biden to -- americans want bide wr to consider factors other than race and gender, more on the process of replacing steven brier. high, brook. >> reporter: that's right, joe biden is facing scrutiny over his handling of appointing his first supreme court justice, new polling data shows how americans feel with the process -- feel about the process. 76% of americans want the president to consider all possible nominee, regardless of their race. just 23% want him to follow through on miss promise to appoint a black woman to the supreme court. while republican senator susan collins says she'd welcome a black woman to the highest court. she had concerns about how the president managed this process. listen to this. >> i believe that diversity
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benefits the supreme court, but the way that the president has handled this nomination has been clumsy at best. >> what joe biden did was as the candidate make the pledge, and that helped to pollittizize the entire nomination process. >> reporter: while republicans are criticizing the president. left has been quick to defend him as he considers who will replace justice steven brier. >> it's going be fair, deliberate, and we'll be timely about it too. this is a life-time appointment to the highest appointment in the land. we should take it seriously. this is in the hand of the president. as it should be. >> reporter: stay tuned. later this morning dr ben carson joins the show to discuss his thoughts on president joe biden's handling of the supreme court. thank you thank you brook. we look forward to talking to dr ben carson later.
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tammy bruce is slamming the hypocrisy behind joe biden's promise it nom fate a black woman, listen. >> saying it's way too long. we need a black woman on the supreme court. he filler bustered opposing janice in 2003 and 2005. it would have been the first black woman judge on the federal bench nominated by george w. bush. joe biden filibustered and opposed that woman, who would likely have been on the supreme court by now. but because she wasn't a leftist. is why they opposed her. they made it 20 years longer. a generation longer for a black woman to be on the supreme court in 1991 then senator biden also presided over the highly controversial confirmation hearing for justice clarence thomas, and voted against
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putting thomas on the bench. well, overnight joe rogan responding to claims his podcast spreads misinformation, as artists pull the target from spotify, refusing to be on the same streaming platform. >> the problem i have with the term of this information specially today is many of the things we thought of as misinformation a short while ago are now accepted as fact spotify now will add an advisory label to consent about covid-19. a cop losing $2 billion since the controversy began. >> todd: mean the stage is set for a rams-bengals super bowl. double digit deficits to advance to the big game. rams outlasted the niners, the first team to host super bowl and a conference championship. l.a. scoring 13 unanswered points in the fourth for a 20-17 win over their rivals.
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this is wild. joe burrow, and the bankals coming back from 18 down to upset the chiefs in an overtime classic. >> mcpherson, cincinnati is heading to the super bowl. >> todd: just crazy, cincinnati clawing back to win with a walk-off field goal. 27-24. making an advance to the first super bowl in 33 years, i remember when i was a little boy watching the game. >> the alignment breaking is legendary. i'll never for get it. a twist in the tom brady retirement tail. the legendry quarterback to receive a $15 million signing bonus from the tampa bay bucs after his retirement was reported over the weekend. his agent shooting the resume records are ours down saying brady would confirm his plan, if he retires before the bonus is
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due friday. the buckets could choose not to pay it. before you place your bet. we are looking at super bowl odds with sport reporter mike. nigel, dr ben carson to talk russia and the supreme court. first, a former miz usa falls from a 60 storey high-rise, what we learn about her shocking and tragic death. how bout sushi? i just had sushi for lunch yesterday. indian? ehh, maybe... how bout seafood? you know i don't like seafood. [collision beeping warning] [silence] how bout tacos? tacos. automatic emergency braking — one of six advanced safety features standard on every 2022 chevy equinox. find new technology. find new roads. chevrolet.
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like a lot, a lot. [ ♪♪♪ ] welcome back, new york city mayor eric adams issuing a stern warning to cops. in an interview the democrat insisting the unit will not repeat the mistakes of the past. adams said anti-gun will be in a modified uniform instead of plain clothe, he said in a radio interview "if you don't follow the law you are not going serve in my police department. we know what was wrong with the unit. it was an abusive unit. you are not going to interact with the public unless the entire interaction is on body camera", those days are over. adams announcing the controversial team while releasing the blueprint for combatting the big apple gun
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violence. >> todd: thousands packing to the streets for fallen officer zaiften, some were quick to criticize what they saw. >> sat down most of the lower manhattan, because a cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly. they kill people under 22 every day. and we don't shut down the city for them. john mc-cary, retired n.y.p.d. lieutenant joins us now. john, thank you for joining us early in the morning. i wanted to ask you - i happen to watch most of that funeral. it was so powerful, the funeral of jason
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> [ ♪♪♪ ] 1619 project founder nicole hannah jones cashing in there 55,000 for speaking at a martin king luther event at madison. fox news digital obtaining the contract for the keynote speech. the funding came from private sources. no recording of hannah jones
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speech was allowed. according to the contract. hannah jones responded to a request for comment from fox news digital pointing to senator ted cruz delivering a speech at the same college in october. you can reportedly consider a lawsuit in graensder swimmer and barred from competing at the n.c.a.a. swimming championship. according to a swimmer saying that she herd about the potential response from university administrators. thomas qualified to swim at the national championship. which will take place. usa's swimming rules regarding eligibility remaining clear. >> the l.a. rams and cincinnati bengals winning in spectacular fashion. sitting the stage for super bowl
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56. >> in the air, they may arrive at the super bowl. >> four. three. two. one. >> peterson. cincinnati - they are heading to the super bowl. he told them to get up. >> todd: great stuff. joining us mike jones, can you remember a better nfl playoff than what we have seen so far this year. >> i mean, it's been exciting. it comes down to this. sports. anything can happen on a sunday. and that definitely happened yesterday. it will be the being as and the rams, rams with a little bit of a homefield advantage. they'll host the super bowl at the stadium. what is great about this, it's all new spacing, there's no tom brady, no aaron rodgers, there's
1:53 am
joe burrow and matthew stafford. let's breakdown the games. bengals two seasons ago were terrible. they were the worst team in the league, they had two win, 14 loss, they get the first round draft pick. who do they go with. joe burrow, here he is two years later. going to the super bowl taking on matthew stafford. veteran quarterback, what is great about this todd, is you never know what can happen, the bengals were down 18 points to the kansas city chiefs. you are not supposed to come back with the chiefs and patrick patrick mahomes, holding the chiefs to three points in the second half. it's unheard of. it will be a battle in two sundays from now rams favorite by four points. that's close. let's see how the line moves in the next two weeks, check it out on fox bet. >> and take the under. take the under. the under is 49.5, 16 and a half. go under. >> interesting, betting in sight
1:54 am
from gunns. meantime, what a wild weekend of twists and turns in the tom brady saga, in the end, will he retire this off-season. >> i think he probably does. i think it's 80/20 that he does. i would like it if he didn't because of the espn report. this is not how tom brady wanted this to come out. espn jumped the gun. he's not going mention anything before february 4th. he's due 15 million in a signing bonus, he's not going say anything before that. i feel they went a little too quick. i am sure he's not happy. i am sure 80/20 tom brady retired. he played for 22 seasons, 22 years people have grown one his generational talent. he is hasn't been able to see his family and kids grow up. i think he does retire. the buccaneers losing a lot. tom brady will want to deal with that. >> american athletes told to use
1:55 am
burner phones to avoid the chinese government spying on them. how do they navigate this. >> it's the right thing to do. if you look at what the chinese is doing, censorship and surveillance is wild. the telecommunications company in charge of all hotels in the venues are part of the chinese military government. anything you type, send, is being monitored. and the facial recognition. stay away from personal device, that's what the us athletes have been told. >> guns with the in site. three topics, three home runs, that's another sport from our gunns. mike, appreciate your time. enjoy the big game. anita over to you. >> good stuff. democrat crats and some liberal teachers not happy with the swift action taken by virginia governor to weed out critical race in the classroom.
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ok >> todd: it is january 31st. the southern border is open. the world knows it. we learn the majority of migrants crossing into the us from mexico are from distant nations like russia, and not triangle countries or mexico, you are watching "fox & friends first." >> hello i'm anita in for carley. the shocking development as border control agents confront the homeland security secretary accusing the biden administration of making their job nearly impossible. we are joined by ashley with the detail on this.


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