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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  January 31, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> ainsley: isn't that great? can you believe they passed that for 20 years? >> lawrence: dumb decision. >> ainsley: a beautiful song. both of you have your new shows. >> brian: in between dan bongino. >> ainsley: you are going to california. >> lawrence: "one nation." >> brian: florence jones at ten. >> lawrence: >> >> dana: i'm dana perino. bill has the day off. >> i wonder why bill has the day off? >> dana: we'll have more on that a little later. >> i'm eric shawn and this is "america's newsroom." >> dana: homeland security secretary witnessed the tense exchange in person friday as he visited the border in laredo. it came amid reports of mass
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migrant releases into the u.s., sometimes on late night flights into small suburban airports. here is part of that confrontation. >> we don't give up. we stay focused. we continue to do the job that we signed up for. we all signed up for it and raised our hands. it's not hard to say it. i've been doing this for 31 years. it is not hard for me to say it. every day i wake up and i'm committed to this position and i won't give in to each one of you out. >> you keep releasing them into the country. [inaudible] >> these men are doing nothing. >> you are doing something. >> you heard that meeting. we're covering all the angles this morning. peter doocy live at the white
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house on the administration's handling of the serve and former agent pepperdine is here and national border patrol council president here to weigh in. >> dana: william la jeunesse is near the border in uma, arizona. >> many agents feel the administration doesn't have their back. because they are basically catching and releasing people and not deterring individuals. i spoke to sources close to the chief last night who said he does not feel that sound bite is representative of the six meetings he and the secretary had along the border but what i can tell you is we're now in yuma. this is more of a highway of immigrants than actually a border wall, right? so i want to show you some things that i saw yesterday
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when i was going through some of the stretches here. the people who show up in yuma are coming by airplane. these are all tickets going through mexico city, i.d.s from madrid, calling cards, debit cards. spain, they come through here border patrol picks them up and they basically move on and have almost no threat of deportation. here is an amazing thing about yuma. it used to be the most secure sector along the border, right? 107 miles have fencing. now, however, it is not. in fact, the number of apprehensions are up 2400%. from 30 a day to more than a thousand. of the 75,000 apprehensions here in the last three months, 90% come from countries other than mexico or the northern triangle. they are coming from brazile,
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ecuador, venezuela, spain and leaving a trail of garbage and trouble for the locals to pick up. >> this is how our country is being treated by every one of these individuals that come across. they dump that your garbage and i.d.s. >> they dump their i.d.s and debit card and plane ticket. anything that identifies them by name or country because they take on a new identity to avoid deportation. >> our farmers are the ones that pay for the dumpster get the trash out of their fields. our emergency management had to pay for the out houses because we can't have all these individuals defecating in farm fields and dumping their trash which was happening. >> there is contamination issues there for sure with people on the side of the field changing diapers. >> alex m*um and his family
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farm 9,000 acres. last month he found 30 haitians camping in his field that had to be destroyed for fear of contamination. >> i think our goodwill is getting used against us 100%. these people are flying into mexico and they have luggage. this is a different than anything that anybody has ever seen and it's 1,000 people a day. >> agents will tell you as well as those in management that they will not detain or arrest their way out of this problem. it is policy driven and it will have to be the president and congress who figure it out not the agents down here. >> dana: that's stunning. thank you for that report. we'll stay on top of it. >> the biden administration is hitting back at the news of migrants being flown across the country or being bused into the u.s. peter doocy live at the white house with more on stunning what we just saw, peter.
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>> yes, if those late at night or very, very early in the morning flights filled with migrants to the interior of the united states are part of some great comprehensive immigration strategy, then some lawmakers are wondering why it is that officials here are kind of trying to keep them quiet. >> it's taking leaked video and leaked audio to get accountability for the biden administration. in my mind they're directly responsible for the border crisis and my constituents are saying whether in a small community in our district or cedar rapids it could happen in my backyard. >> i asked a white house officials and they told me there are no such things as secret flights. the video footage your network has been running endlessly is from six months ago. they addressed then, too. not new or news.
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the footage is of unaccompanied minors being transported. some of those flights have landed in new york state where congresswoman stefanik now says joe biden's failed policies have made every stay a border state. i call on president biden to cease importing into new york state. in tennessee there is a similar piece of legislation being proposed hoping to reroute some of those flights to delaware. >> there is this bill that tracks what governor ron desantis did let's put the burden on those districts where these people that make the policy have created the problems for the united states. >> this is not something that white house officials put on the president's schedule for him to go out in public to talk about but still something he may get an earful about as the nation's governors come to the white house to see him later on today. eric. >> thanks so much. >> dana: i'm sure the governors
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will bring it up. former border patrol agent pepperdine would worked in arizona and brandon judd. rosemary. i want to hear about your decision for the border patrol. you loved the job but it had changed. >> yes, the last year -- for 25 years i loved the job. i loved what i was doing enforcing the law and the last year has changed. in the last year i was more disgruntled. i can understand those videos coming out. i was not happy going to work. we swore on oath to protect the border and enforce immigration laws. it doesn't matter republican or democrat in office, we should be doing that and we haven't been doing that. i and like others have -- [inaudible] >> dana: i want to ask you another question before i get to brandon.
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in your experience in 25 years have you ever seen a situation like this? >> no, i haven't. i have not seen the morale this bad. it is not just as my station or sector. it was throughout the border patrol everywhere. you saw people who just weren't happy with what's going on. we're risking our lives every day catching human and drug smugglers and for what? so they can be released? it was a slap in the face to us. >> dana: i'll get right back to you. brandon, you've been saying this to us on air for a while now but does it feel like it is reaching some sort of fever pitch? i think it's good the secretary went down to the border to talk to them at least listen. but when he goes back to washington it doesn't seem like anything changes and we're now in the 13th month of this presidency, soon to be 14th. >> and nothing is going to change. if you look right now station wide, nationwide, there is so much anger, so much frustration
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you can go to any border patrol station and actually feel the tension. every single time a u.s. citizen overdoses we feel it. every time a u.s. citizen is harmed by an illegal border crosser we feel it. we want to protect the american public but our hands are tied because of political aspirations and frankly tied because of career aspirations of career employees that all they want to do is move up. that's wrong, we want to protect the american public but right now we just can't do it. >> dana: how dangerous is the situation we would face if you had more of the agents make a decision like you've done to leave the border patrol even though you love the job but not a job you feel that you can do and look yourself in the mirror at night knowing that you aren't allowed to do what you are supposed to be doing? >> yeah, i think it will be very dangerous. we're already short. we're thousands of agents short. we need more people leaving
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we're not replacing the agents that are leaving. your manpower is dwindled to nothing and you have agents covering miles and miles of border by themselves. it wasn't happening four years ago. i don't want to get political but under trump he was willing to reach out and speak to us and find out what we needed and the resources we needed and whatever we needed to do our job easier and now we aren't getting anything. it is like they're more worried about the ukraine border than our own southern border. >> dana: what is your greatest fear now as the border continues to be open like this? >> i worry for the fellow agents i work with. i worry about them. not only their safety in the field but mentally. it is a tough job and right now not having the support of your upper management including chief ortiz and higher ups in the administration makes it very difficult. >> dana: brandon, thank you for being here with rosemary. we have to leave it there.
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rosemary congratulations on making a tough decision. i'm glad they're glad to have you still as a friend. a little less than an hour from now the u.n. security council is having a meeting on the russian build-up on the ukraine border. green visited ukraine last week. >> the problem i have the term with misinformation. many of the things we thought of as misinformation a short while ago are now accepted as fact. do i get things wrong? absolutely. i get things wrong but i try to correct them. whenever i get something wrong -- >> joe rogan defending his podcast as musicians threaten to boycott spotify over misinformation. and then there is this. >> cincinnati is heading to the super bowl! >> dana: the cincinnati bengals heading to the super boll for
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>> dana: for the first time the
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united nation's security council is set to meet on russia's troop build-up of troops at the ukraine border. the situation on the ground in ukraine steve harrigan is live in kiev. good morning, steve. >> good morning, dana. the debate takes place in new york here on the ground around ukraine the military forces continue to build. russia increasing its position on three sides of ukraine along the border to the east and especially in the north where belarus is, a very public arrival of weapons system from russia broadcast on state tv. u.s. officials continue to warn a potential russian invasion could be imminent and ukraine's ambassador says if there is a russian invasion the stakes go far beyond the borders of ukraine. >> an attack on democracy and i believe nobody is safe if
6:20 am
ukraine will be attacked. we do not want to be part of the soviet union or the russian empire. we want independence. >> when you talk to people on the street here many express they're more tense about what could happen in the very near future. but when you really ask very few of them have taken concrete preparations for what could be a much larger war. >> they advise us to have an emergency suitcase if we have to run somewhere. why should we run? we have nowhere to run to. we don't have any stockpile food or supplies. we lived through the world war. if it happens we will live through this one as well. >> as the military build-up continues, the second track talks continue as well. british prime minister scheduled to speak with russian president putin today and he will arrive in ukraine tomorrow. back to you. >> dana: thank you, steve. >> eric: the pentagon
6:21 am
reiterating it does believe the russian invasion could be imminent even if ukraine tries to play down that threat. >> we've been nothing but clear and transparent about our concerns oftent gone over the rapid build-up. putin has a lot of options available to him if he wants to further invade ukraine and he can execute some of those options imminently. >> the republican congressman mark green visited ukraine last week and joins us now. how prepared is ukraine for a possible invasion? >> i think ukraine is very prepared. they have to thread the needle. that needle is balancing getting ready for an invasion and at the same time preventing investors and their own people from making a run on the banks and destabilizing the economy. if that happens russia wins without attacking. they are threading the needle. we spoke to the president there and that's what he said. rhetoric is important. getting it exactly right is
6:22 am
important. or we give russia a win. >> eric: how about the resolve of the people and your sense of the president? is it part of the geopolitical game? >> i think what he is trying to do is create confidence in the ukraine economy and create confidence in his people. i will tell you ever person we spoke to whether they spoke ukrainian or russian will defend ukraine. they are ready to fight. they're determined. they don't want to backslide. it is a different country than 2014. they like democracy and freedom and willing to die for it. >> eric: they've been under the thumb and pressure of putin for all these years. u.s. and britain have sent weapons. do you think it's enough? >> we need to send more. some of the things that we realized while we were over there the lethal aid is good but needs to be more.
6:23 am
more air defense missile systems, javelin. all the things that kill tanks and armored vehicles we need to send more. >> eric: washington journal says that. tell you what they said. they say while mr. biden and european leaders are trying to present a united front they've been responding to mr. putin's aggression rather than taking the initiatives. do you think this threatens the whole nato block and threatens democracy in ukraine and eastern europe? >> yeah. it is absolutely a threat to nato when he is moving troops into belarus. that's on the border with poland and our baltic neighbors that are nato allies. we have a sworn oath, solemn oath in article 5 that we'll come to their defense. i support increasing aid and deploying soldiers to those countries. u.s. troops to poland and the
6:24 am
baltics. that's the smart thing to do. yaush is building up on their border while he is building up in belarus. we must communicate that article 5 oath is something that we will not ignore. >> eric: quickly why is it important for the west and democracies to support ukraine? >> this is critical on many levels. one, china is watching. other despots around the world is watching. democracies are under threat all over the globe and honestly, twice last century americans waited too long to confront europe and it cost us massive sacrifices. maybe we get ahead of this one. just maybe we can get ahead of it, putin will be deterred and we will prevent that from happening. that is why we have to get involved not boots on the ground. the ukrainians don't want us or need us. they're ready to fight but we have to give them the
6:25 am
capability to make it cost putin dearly and he will stop. >> eric: congressman mark green from tennessee. thank you for coming this morning. >> dana: san francisco's liberal d.a. accused of withholding evidence in an officer misconduct case and we'll talk about the morale in the department. new york city's out of control shoplifting problem firsthand. cell phone video with what's happening. we have it next. with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa.
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6:31 am
there is a more potent and lethal strain out there now. the statement from the police reads we were notified of 10 medical emergencies sus respected to be fentanyl overdoses. three were fatal. the deaths occurred friday afternoon in the area of nationals baseball park. with neighbors in southwest right now this afternoon more than five opioid overdoses in less than an hour and two to three fentanyl overdose deaths. there is a lethal batch out and advised if you see somebody in crisis call 911. in d.c. opioid related debts have risen from 213 in 2018 to 411 in 2020. that year it showed 94% of fatal opioid deaths involved fentanyl. records were broken in most states next year. most illegal fentanyl originates in china. according to the u.s. china security review commission the
6:32 am
amount that is shipped from china to the u.s. has declined as the amount shipped to mexico has increased and easily as we know trafficked into the u.s. here is it so readily available police in connecticut found 100 bags of fentanyl in the bedroom of a 13-year-old who died of an overdose in school. >> dana: thank you. >> new york city police say shoplifting is out of hand and i was in a local manhattan drugstore when a guy was grabbing everything he could and stuffing it all into a large bag. he then walked right out past the counter. so i followed him. he had so much stuff in that bag he was having a hard time carrying it. when i went back to report this guy to the store clerks they told me this happens all the time. they say shoplifters hit the store a few times every day. a week earlier i saw another man shoplift three cases of
6:33 am
white claw and all the clerks could do is yell at the guy. they are told not to confront the shoplifters in case they turn violent. new progressive manhattan district attorney has created a task force to study shoplifting. the report, get this, won't be ready until may. critics say bragg's refusal to prosecute shoplifting gives criminals a free pass. >> alvin bragg is on the wrong side of the fence. we elect a district attorney to uphold the rule of law. we don't have bernie sanders or alexandria ocasio-cortez as the district attorneys. we elected someone that would withhold the rule of law and it is not happening in the county of new york. >> 26,000 shoplifting cases in new york city. the highest level since the 199 0*s. the massive amount of stealing stuff in stores is forcing some
6:34 am
stores to close. bragg vowed he will not file charges against someone stealing less than $250. back to my drugstore on friday to pick up something and guess what? cops beat me to it already there investigating another shoplifting report. >> dana: stunning. the other thing you find out it is happening all over. not just new york city. probably coming to your city as well. we know it is happening in san francisco and l.a. the other thing that these stores are deciding to do is shut down all together which means then you have empty store fronts and additional problems from there. >> eric: people out of jobs. $200,000 worth of stuff stolen from one manhattan convenience store and they are closed now. >> dana: i don't think i would have followed him. >> eric: i was so ticked off. brazenly doing that. but then -- >> dana: speaking of san francisco the city's far left district attorney faces accusations he withheld evidence in an officer
6:35 am
misconduct case. the attorney filed a motion in court last week said the d.a.'s deceit and concealment of real evidence is disturbing, corrupt and it is a violation of public trust. most importantly, however, it is illegal. marie shepherd is a former san francisco police officer who said she left the department over its lack of support for officers. i read your letter and know you didn't want to retire. your partner has also retired. but this i found very chilling. the first sentence of your letter. i would have sent this email sooner but i feared retaliation. what were you afraid of? >> i was just afraid of any backlash that i might face. officers have faced retaliation even on the job for speaking up and trying to do the right thing. it is a common occurrence unfortunately. >> dana: tell me about what you have seen and why you decided to leave and if others are thinking about the same thing.
6:36 am
>> several others unfortunately are thinking about the same thing and i decided to leave because we have a police chief, and command staff who doesn't support us and doesn't support victims. you have an officer who is on trial right now for excessive use of force after responding to a domestic violence incident. you have a district attorney investigators saying she withheld evidence for fear of being fired by the district attorney's office. and our police chief's response is a lackluster email stating -- not stating anything about the officer, rather stating how it might impact the department and how we were going to move forward with other criminal investigations. he goes on and no mention of the officer or what is going on in our district attorney's office. the fact that not only do we have an officer on trial, what
6:37 am
about the victim in this case? how do you not mention the officer? the officer is now on trial not only for his job but freedom and how do you expect officers to come or stay with the san francisco police department if they don't feel they are backed by the people supposed to be our voice. that's our police chief and command staff. we don't have that right now. >> dana: you write in your letter saying i think we all make mistakes. it's too late for some but not all. i have worked for some of you and know it is in your power to bring about positive changes. to be courageous and back your officers. you can stop losing your people. fight for our cops. wouldn't you like to go out with your cops saying you tried to make a change as opposed to calling you cowards. is the problem solvable? >> definitely. it's definitely solvable but just like any other leader that
6:38 am
we look to in our nation, we need a police chief who is going to stand tall for us and command staff members that will stand tall for us. not a police chief who during the height of covid we were handed out thin blue line masks and goes to a station and says that we're racist and we'll be supporting blm and points to the door that says the officers can make their way out that door. other command level members say morale comes from within. no, morale does not come from within. motivation, making the right choice, that comes from within. morale comes from the top knowing you have people backing you and that will support you in difficult times and speak on your behalf. i don't have the mayor's ear or the community, yes, victims i have dealt with i am their voice just as the chief and our command staff should be our voice during these difficult times. >> dana: you have made a
6:39 am
courageous decision to write the letter and come on today. we'll follow the officer's case and thank you for bringing it to our attention. thanks. >> eric: president biden says he will stay true to his word and nominate a black woman to the supreme court. new poll shows that is triggering negative reaction from those voters. numbers ahead. the super bowl match-up is set after two thrilling come from behind wins yesterday. rams and bengals pulled it off next. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious
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>> dana: it was a big day for the city of cincinnati and bill hemmer. thanks to this kick in the afc championship game. watch. >> mcphearson and cincinnati is heading to the super bowl! he called it again i'm sure. he walked up and goes can you believe, coach? >> dana: he did it again kipg the game-winning field goal to send the bengals to the super bowl. the first time they've been to the super bowl since 1988 and bill hemmer was there wearing his lucky hat and he will join
6:45 am
us later to give us his reaction. for all we know he might still be celebrating. he hasn't responded to any of my texts. the rams hosted the 49ers and punching their ticket to the super bowl after picking ouf the quarterback late in the fourth quarter after going up by a field goal. there it is, the super bowl is set. rams against the bengals sunday, february 13th. >> eric: bill the still partying. >> dana: the nfl was on fire over the weekend after reports were tom brady was retiring. brady's agent and father says he hasn't made a final decision yet. phil keating is in miami trying to tell us what is going on. phil, a big news story that broke saturday. >> throughout sports and the regular news world. is he retiring or not retiring? after two days of tom brady's future intriguing much of america as of right now still
6:46 am
nothing is official. the retirement speculation heated up a week ago when the rams beat the buccaneers in overtime after 22 seasons, what would be the 44-year-old legendary quarterback do? saturday afternoon espn's nfl insiders broke the retirement news based on multiple inside sources. it was tweeted and retracted the news. brady called the tampa bay g.m. saying he had not made up his mind. he has remind silent and agent also declined to confirm or deny the report. brady is married to a former super model and they have a son and daughter and he has a son from a previous relationship. >> it pains her to see me get hit out there and she deserves what she needs from me as a husband. my kids deserve what they need
6:47 am
from me as a dad. >> why is brady called the goat? most passing yards in nfl history. five time super bowl mvp. he won seven super bowls. 18 of 20 seasons were played with the new england patriots. the last title with tampa bay. the only player in nfl history to win a super bowl in three separate decades. his story, career is legendary. drafted in the sixth round. pick 199 out of michigan and now here he is as the greatest of all time. no news conference scheduled as of now, dana, big question. bill hemmer, has he gone to sleep yet? >> dana: on saturday i was totally prepared to tear up the "fox news sunday" show and go wall-to-wall brady but i didn't have to this sunday. thank you, phil.
6:48 am
>> eric: tom brady and the mid-term elections set to decide the balance of power in washington this november. and trey gowdy speaking out about the republican party conservatism and the role of the federal government. he did so last night. here is his take from his show sunday night in america. >> republicans used the make the argument that the constitution sets out the powers of the federal government and whatever was not listed was left to the states or the people or the individual. it is an age-old question. >> eric: let's bring in marc thiessen former speech writer to president george w. bush. marc, trey was talking about the future of conservatism and where it will go from here. what are you seeing? >> well trace, 100% right. the republican party is not the party of smaller government because of donald trump. donald trump went a political
6:49 am
realightment. the republican party under trump brought in the working class voters and made it a working class party including many who voted for barack obama. and working class voters are not for smaller government. they want -- unlike elites they are depending on their social security and medicare and in some cases medicaid. so they are not clamoring for less government. what we have is a democratic party that is spending on a level that is even unprecedented. talking about trillions upon trillions of dollars of spending. even working class voters don't want that as joe manchin showed us with his vote. there is no party left in washington that is for limited government and smaller government. >> eric: some saying the republican party used to stand for budgetary restraint and this sort of thing.
6:50 am
former president trump blew up the budget so where is the republican gop budget constraints that used to try to get a handle on this? >> it is gone. there is no party advocating that in washington today. it doesn't exist. it will happen when there is a debt crisis at some point when we spend so much. it is the difference between we're no longer for limited government and big government. it is a difference between big government and socialism. those are the choices voters have at the polls today. it is bad. >> eric: we hear about the catastrophe coming because of this. what will actually happen? >> also keep in mind the effect the pandemic had in addition to that, which is that everybody was for big spending because we were in a financial crisis and we poured trillions -- we spent 6 trillion in the last 18 months or so. so yeah, the restraints have gone off and it will take a
6:51 am
looming crisis where we won't be able to make social security payments one day or medicare or medicaid payments for us to wake up to the problem. >> eric: the clock is going one way. another issue president biden vowing to appoint -- nominate a black woman as the next supreme court nominee. take a look at the recent fox news poll. shows that 76% of people want to consider all possible nominees. 22% keep the promise to pick a black woman. what about singling out race in terms of this type of choice? >> so if joe biden had said i'm going to pick the most qualified person and look at everybody out there, all the judges who we would consider and ended up choosing a black woman no one would have a problem with that and everyone would celebrate it. it is this idea of throwing out the idea that you look at every qualified person regardless of race or creed or color or religion that is so troubling
6:52 am
to many americans. think about this. we got the olympics coming up. say your daughter was a great skier and wanted to compete for team usa and they said to her sorry, we're only looking at black women. it would be outrageous, wouldn't it? if they had a fair try-out and the black woman won, good for her and congratulations. this idea we have positions chosen and selected just for people based on the color of their skin is deeply troubling. i would love to see a black woman on the supreme court but if she is chosen out of all the best candidates. >> eric: it is politics. marc, good to see you. thank you. >> dana: more musicians and celebrities are protesting spotify because of joe rogan. what the company's ceo has to say about that. with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans
6:53 am
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6:58 am
celebrities threaten to boycott spotify. here is what he said yesterday. >> many of the things we thought of as misinformation a short while ago are accepted now as fact. i get things wrong but i try to correct them. >> dana: dave rubin is host of the rubin report. i chuckled when the duke and duchess of netflix said they were going to think about taking off their podcast that doesn't exist yet. this is a real serious issue. joe rogan addressing it. how do you see it? >> i completely stand with joe rogan and he is right about this. first of all his podcast, usually three-hour long form conversations they are to explore ideas. i'm pretty sure in america in 2022 are you still allowed to question the narrative of big pharma or big government or pretty much anybody. we still have the first amendment here. it seems like it is on shaky legs but are you allowed to do
6:59 am
that. i don't think joe should be that surprised the mob is coming for him or that spotify is hedging their bets at the moment. when he moved to spotify a year and a half ago now they did take down about 45 of his previous interviews. he knew he would be in a little bit of shaky ground there. that being said of course you are allowed to question the efficacy of vaccines or whether mandates are good or alternative treatments work etc. i myself before christmas got covid and i did monoclonal treatment. it was easy to get in florida and i took iver mek tin and i was sick for about three days. we need to discuss them with our doctor and public forum. >> dana: it is interesting. 30 seconds, dave. do you think this will -- his statement which i thought was quite responsible.
7:00 am
does that help end this or do you think the taste that neil young and joni mitchell got will encourage others saying they want to boycott? >> if spotify cared about their bottom line of course you stick with joe rogan and you don't care that much about neil young and joni mitchell. no offense and i like both their music but we know wokeness pervades and gets into all these systems in a weird way where they almost always start making decisions not about their bottom line putting out the best product but more about bowing to the mob and doing what is politically correct. i hope spotify does the right thing. there are plenty of other places where you can go and talk and all know that joe rogan is not the bad guy right now. >> dana: dave great to see you, thank you. high stakes showdown getting underway as russia marches closer to invading ukraine.
7:01 am
confronting the kremlin as the u.n. security council meets for the first times because of tensions along the ukraine border. bill hemmer is off today. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. dep -- diplomatic talks have failed but any action by the security council is extremely unlikely. russia has a veto and the support of china on the council. as fears of an incursion intensify the pentagon says russian president vladimir putin could order an invasion at any time. >> putin has a lot of options available to him if he wants to further invade ukraine and he can execute some of those options imminently. >> dana: what is the pentagon's definition of imminent? >> it means it could happen really at any time. he could do something on a small scale ob do something on
7:02 am
a large scale and he continues to add troops to that border with ukraine. he can increase his ability to choose options and to do something if he wants to act militarily. >> eric: we go to senior affairs correspondent greg palkot live in kiev now. >> u.s. official tells fox news today the continuing build-up of russian troops is a concerning development. over the weekend fox confirmed along with troops russians are bringing medical units and blood supplies close to the ukraine border. not something a country does if it is only conducting exercises as claimed. russians have 130,000 soldiers encircling ukraine. we caught up with folks not taking any chances. >> an hour outside of kiev these civilians have gathered and could be going to a shopping mall but they are learning the basics of combat. in the event of a russian
7:03 am
invasion. >> men, women and even children going through the paces. obstacle courses, combat first-aid, attack awareness. military staffers and veterans are the instructors. russia outnumbers ukraine troops 5-1 and tanks and planes even more than that. don't tell that to these folks. >> there is only one place to be right now. the only place where all of us should be. >> what do you think about russia? >> enemies. russia is enemy. >> enemy. >> yeah. >> we must win. >> we must win for our children, for our parents, our friends, for our future. >> these sessions used to be just on the weekends. with the russian build-up they are running daily now. we asked the organizer, a veteran of fighting russian-backed separatist, can we beat the russians?
7:04 am
she replied we dream of it. >> resolve from those ukrainian people. >> dana: our next guest is back from ukraine's border with belarus and russia where he saw the build-up of troops and spoke with the local as ukraine's border guard plans for an invasion. nolan peterson a war reporter based in ukraine and senior editor for coffee or die magazine. i found myself checking to see anything you had posted this week and it was very interesting your travels and what you were able to find. explain to our viewers what you saw. >> on friday i traveled from kiev to a ukrainian border guard coast on ukraine's intersecting border with both belarus and russia. and despite the current tensions it is business as usual at the border. traffic is freely going in both directions. ukraine's border guard is
7:05 am
definitely quietly building up defense necessary that region and being extremely careful to not do anything provocative which moscow could exploit for some sort of propaganda pretense to launch or justify the launch of a major invasion. the entire border is really striking to observe lined with barbed wire and bunkers and anti-tank trenches. with all that russian military power poised in russia and belarus the ukrainians are certainly in for a tough fight. there is also a lot of talk recently about whether or not ukraine's soil is frozen enough for russian tanks to operate. but i think it's important to note ukraine has roads. the roads are quite excellent, paved, clear, up to four lanes wide in some places. so from my perspective as a former air force pilot i would say with air superiority
7:06 am
russian land forces could go to kiev a capital of 3 to 4 million people. >> dana: you also some ukrainians doing civilian training over the weekend. >> absolutely. i think one of the great stories that will come out of this moment in history is how the ukraine nation, civilians have rallied to their nation's defense. they aren't waiting for the government to come and save them. it is a success story for this country's democratic civil society. in particular volunteer groups are now training civilians like greg just reported on in the skills they'll need to defend themselves in case of a wider war. yesterday in fact i visited a course run by civilian volunteers and war veterans in combat first-aid treating gun wounds and amputated limbs and i was out at a basic military skills training course run by
7:07 am
former soldiers teaching ukrainian civilians basic military skills. how to operate small arms and move in formation and things like that. i have to say it is just surreal to be out there tramping through the snow to see everyday men and women learning the skills to defend their hometowns. street by street against a possible russian invasion in the coming weeks. it is a really stark and grim sign of our times that in a european capital in 2022 it feels like we're on the eve of world war ii. that's the only analogy i can come up with to describe the moment here. >> dana: we can all say nobody wants that. the ukraine ambassador to the united states and what she said this weekend. >> we actually see this situation the same way and we see the build-up and we also know what russia is capable of because they have attacked us already. at the same time, in order to defend our country, we cannot
7:08 am
afford to panic. we have to get ready. >> dana: i asked admiral kirby this weekend why not try to do something that basically would be a shot across the bow with russia when it comes to sanctions? because they say they want that as a deterrent on the back end but has been an escalation by the russians. why not perhaps name the banks that would be sanctioned and suggest the question would you like to see more of that so they can try to back things off? >> i think having lived here for eight years and having ukrainian family here yes, it feels almost like a desperate moment. you want the west to do more. nobody is asking for foreign troops to come fight their war. they have never asked for that. but they are asking for more help the materials they need, the kind of war they are looking at now and more frefrt the west to deter russia. a unified response from nato, eu and united states to start
7:09 am
punishing russia now. you already committed a crime without pulling the trigger. russia has a gun to ukraine's head. for the life of me sometimes i can't understand why we aren't sanctioning them already. on the other hand if russia has already decided they are going to invade there may be nothing that can be done at this point to deter that. so i think there should be dual track here where we keep trying to deter russia but wholeheartedly trying to prepare ukraine, its population for the worst case scenario which may happen in a matter of weeks. >> dana: nolan i'll check your twitter feed and we'll have you back. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> eric: brave people. kim jung unis at it again. the intermediate range ballistic missile launch yesterday is the nation's strongest since 2017. north korea will keep on
7:10 am
conducting tests on top of the seven launches they have already conducted just this month. all in an attempt they think to add pressure to the talks with the u.s. that have been at a stand still. administration calling for direct talks with no pre-conditions. >> dana: scientists are telling fox news about the politics behind official dismiss always of the theory the coronavirus pandemic again in wuhan china. bret baier reported on emails and meeting notes obtained by fox showing top figures at the national institutes of health urging scientists to not pursue the lab leak theory. benjamin hall the live at the state department with more. >> i talked to scientists around the world. and these are scientists who have said it could be a lab leak and how dramatic the backlash was against them and they couldn't get their work published. most striking is that now they know many of the scientists who
7:11 am
turned against them shared their beliefs. >> from every direction, from people who we now know were actually thinking exactly the same thing but had chosen to say the opposite, which is extraordinary and it's taken two years for that to finally come out and be exposed. >> the accusations from all of them is scientists from the top down were doing everything possible to protect the scientific community and said a lab leak would have hurt their work. papers rejektd. media called them conspiracy theories and colleagues turned on them. >> all the scientists saying that scientists should be able to do anything which they wish, whatever is in their imagination they should be able to do this. no matter what the concerns are from other scientists or the general public. and this is, of course, a
7:12 am
completely wrong attitude. >> one of the major concerns is little has changed. gain-of-function research continues in the u.s. and abroad. some say it has picked up and growing calls now for international regulations. at the moment these regulations only happen at national level and everyone eye grease it must change. this is a perfect storm. china covered it up, the scientific community covered it up. people say it needs to change and a commission about what went wrong so it can never happen again. dana. >> dana: benjamin hall at the state department. thank you. >> eric: a teacher and actress sparking out rage against new york city officers as they mourn two of their fallen comrades. >> dana: the nation's capital seeing a dramatic rise in
7:13 am
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the pandemic made teaching and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools
7:17 am
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7:19 am
new york city actress are facing backlash after posting things on social media. we have the details. >> good morning. brooklyn math teacher chris flanagan was fired over the weekend after he said to have posted on instagram story a photo showing thousands of nypd officers standing on fifth avenue saluting and honoring jason rivera during his funeral procession with the message. nypd s.u.v. drives into a crowd of protestors. ideal conditions for reciprocity. he was referring to when an nypd s.u.v. drove into rioters in brooklyn in 2020. flanagan says he was not referring to or calling on or condoning any kind of violence against nypd officers but meanwhile we're also dealing
7:20 am
with another person new york city actress jacquelin gooseman fired over by her film company after posting a tik tok video ranting how ridiculous it was to stop traffic for officer rivera's funeral procession. >> you don't need to shut down lower manhattan because one cop died for doing his job incorrectly. they kill people who are under 22 every single day for no good reason and we don't shut down the city for them. >> officer jason rivera and his partner wilbert mora died heroes last week when they were ambushed in that harlem apartment. wilbert mora will be honored during his funeral procession on wednesday. >> dana: we'll cover that, too. thank you so much, bryan. >> eric: in washington, d.c. there is a major spike in
7:21 am
violent crimes by juveniles. the city's mayor and attorney general are at odds over how to fix it. the mayor accuses the a.g. not doing enough to prosecute criminals. the attorney general accusing the mayor of lack of leadership in preventing the crimes. so what gives? ted williams with us, a former washington, d.c. homicide detective. fox news contributor who knows the streets of the district very well. ted, is the spate of crime by teenagers because of gangs, social factors, peer pressure? how come so many juveniles are turning to crime? >> well, i think it's a combination of gangs, wanting to be involved with gangs and also because there is a void in the leadership in the district of columbia to arrest juveniles. we have what i call the blame game. here you have the mayor, saying
7:22 am
the attorney general is being soft on crime and the attorney general is saying back to the mayor and crime is running rampant in the district of columbia. i don't know if you're aware of it but carjackings are up 153% from last year. it is a very dangerous concoction of what is taking place in the district of columbia. >> eric: what type of sentences are they? they have the horrible carjacking of the uber driver last year where a 13 and 15-year-old girl were involved and they got sentenced, the 14-year-old sentenced for felony murder. you get out at 21 years old. so do they see that as just kind of a slap on the wrist they go to jail for a few years even for murder?
7:23 am
>> unfortunately that is what is going on in the district of columbia. but i've got to tell you, eric, this is going on all over the country. you have bowser and the attorney general at each other's throat, if you look in chicago you have lori lightfoot and kim foxx the d.a. there at each other's throats. you look in new york and you have a new mayor there eric adams trying to prevent a lot of crimes and you've got alvin bragg who is very soft, the manhattan d.a., on crime. you go out to l.a. garcetti the mayor out there and a guy named george gascon, the prosecutor there. and the one common thread with all of these individuals are they are not on the same page. because they are not on the same page, juvenile crime is running rampant in the major metropolitan cities. >> eric: how do you stop it?
7:24 am
>> you have grown-ups acting like grown-ups. what you have to have, eric, is these grown-ups, the lawmakers, to sit down and talk to each other and stop talking around each other. as they talk around each other, crime again is running rampant, eric. >> eric: and it has been increasing sadly and we are seeing the effects of that. ted williams, thank you. dana. >> dana: pregnant journalist said she is stuck in afghanistan because of covid rules in her home country of new zealand. we'll talk to her about her ordeal next. more than 9,000 cars were stolen last year in portland, oregon and many were dismantled in homeless tent camps. how local officials are wisconsin. >> some of these are well organized. we see some that they have a very clear system for how they
7:25 am
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7:30 am
>> eric: police in portland, oregon say their hands are tied after severe budget cuts so they do not have the manpower to stop the spread of homeless chop shops. some of the 9,000 -- get that 9,000 cars stolen in portland over the last year have ended up as you can see getting stripped in homeless camps. dan springer live in portland with more. this is unbelievable, dan. >> it really is. vehicle thefts are up across the country the last couple years including here in seattle but we look to portland and saw something new. chop shops out in the open in and around homeless camps. the city's homeless problem is on full display with 100 different emotion pafrmments with people living in tents or broken down rvs.
7:31 am
mixed inside many of the camps are stolen cars stripped usually down to the metal shell. gone are the tires, batteries, catalytic converters. oftentimes they have been burned or littered with drugs. we spoke with people who worked next to some of these tent city chop shops. >> our city council and mayor are idiots. straight up idiots. they don't seem to care. >> it is rampant on the island and in north portland. people are having their cars stolen right out of their driveway. >> last year portland had over 9,000 cars stolen. police recovered 78% of them within 30 days but they rarely if ever investigate. the vast majority of these cases go unsolved and the thieves go unpunished. witnesses tell us they've seen stolen cars brought into homeless encampments on tow trucks and in two days they're stripped and torched with vin
7:32 am
numbers scratched off. portland was gutted by defunding to appease rioters in 2020. >> our staffing issue is going to play a role in our ability to address this. we know the problem is bigger than we can handle right now. >> carjackings were also big up way up in the country last year. part of a larger spike of violent crime but again pretty different to go around and see a lot of these cars chopped up in homeless encampments. you see that in portland zbl. shocking. that's what you get when you defund. thanks so much. >> dana: pregnant new zealand journalist stuck in afghanistan has turned to the taliban for refuge because she says her country won't allow her to return home because of strict quarantine rules. she wrote in an op-ed when the taliban offers you a pregnant unmarried woman safe haven you know your situation is messed
7:33 am
up. she joins us now. i couldn't get your story out of my head all weekend. congratulations, there will be a baby. what's interesting is you write you thought you would never be able to get pregnant and now here you are. tell us about that time when you had to leave qatar and wanted to get home. >> it is so surreal the situation we find ourselves in. i was a journalist in all jaziri covering afghanistan. i asked the taliban what will you do to insure to protect women and children and i got pregnant and it was the beginning of quite an unpredictable situation where i went back to qatar where it is illegal to be pregnant and not
7:34 am
married. i had no way to get out. new zealand's borders were closed and i thought what am i going to do and where do i go? we went to my partner's country, belgium for a while. i need a tourist visa and we both from work visas for afghanistan. i contacted some taliban people that i trusted and had known for a while and said what do you think? will it be a problem? i will come and there will be a bump and people will know. and yeah, they said look foreigners and that's between you and congratulations, we're happy for you and you are welcome to come and if you have any issues you can call us. >> dana: if i were new zealand i would want you back. you are an amazing young woman, incredibly brave journalist about to have a baby and you
7:35 am
want to go home. what is the issue with new zealand and why are you still in afghanistan? how long do you think you'll be there? >> yeah, so new zealand i'm sure you guys have heard has done very well with covid management. they have been very strict orders throughout. you get back into the country or apply for an emergency allocation to get back into the country. it's like the lottery. i didn't get any spark and got here and we thought okay, running out of time. let's apply emergency application and they rejected us. they said frankly you are outside some kind of 14 arbitrary day window that we have. even if you were inside it, you haven't met the threshold. you haven't proven that you couldn't get treatment in afghanistan, which we were
7:36 am
dumbfounded. if i don't meet the threshold or medical treatment to return home from new zealand what about all the other pregnant new zealand women around the world? there is no hope for them. we talked to a lawyer and we're in the fight now trying to get them to approve us to return home. >> dana: i hope you will stay in touch with us. i know it is quite a time difference between here and new zealand but your story is resonating around the world. we wish you the best. love to keep updated. i hope you get back to new zealand in order to have this healthy baby join the world. >> eric: amazing. wish her the best. china warning of a military conflict with the u.s. as beijing seeks reunification with taiwan. general jack keane is here next on beijing's new threats.
7:37 am
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7:41 am
>> dana: china is -- two more cases of covid were found days before the start of the winter
7:42 am
olympics. at least 12 cases total. the city plans to test millions of residents every day this week as leaders double down on their zero tolerance policy for dealing with covid. >> eric: >> eric: beijing threatening military action over our support for taiwan. ambassador to the u.s. saying if the taiwanese authorities emboldened by the united states keep going down the road for independence it will most likely involve china and the united states, the two big countries, in a military conflict. general jack keane joins us now. general, it sounds chilling or is it just more of beijing's bluster? >> it's a bit of an overstatement what u.s. policy is. we recognize that there are two -- one china and two systems.
7:43 am
we don't talk about taiwan having independence. the president of taiwan doesn't talk about it either because she believes she is already a democratic state and has independence. i think what this is really about certainly is trying to take advantage of the situation that the russians have imposed on the united states and all that focus that this is getting and i believe it is no accident that since this administration came into power, eric, china, russia and iran have all upped their aggression in their regions. and certainly what has taken place with taiwan as you know in the introduction has been very significant in terms of violating particularly their air defense zone and civil society that they are undermining. i don't believe that any military action is imminent. we have the olympics coming.
7:44 am
we have the so-called coronation of president xi for another five-year term. it is actually an indefinite term but i do believe the military likelihood is getting closer and it is as opposed to six or eight years away i think it's much closer than that and certainly what we're doing -- >> eric: how do you think that would play out? china keeps wanting to get its claws back on taiwan and how do we react. >> much as you see in russia and ukraine a lot of options putin has. president xi has the same. islands that taiwan owns close to the mainland china. no response certainly they will move forward. they can blockade major ports in taiwan itself. they can conduct an air and
7:45 am
missile campaign to bring the island down very quickly kill many of its leaders, put special operation forces in as kill squads to kill elites and get surrender in a few days or do what is less likely is major amphibious assault to take the island itself. upgunning taiwan that this administration is doing. give them credit for that and reaching out to taiwan is very important. taiwan, when china looks at it, eric, they have to see that taiwan is also going to impose cost on whatever military action they take. they can't defeat them like the ukrainians can't defeat the russians but impose costs and give time for the united states and allies to respond. so what we're doing in arming taiwan and bolstering taiwan's morale and determination is very important.
7:46 am
>> dana: dana asked john kirby this over the weekend. >> china activity here is, in fact, that they recognize that the international community remains committed to trying to achieve some sort of stability and peace there that region. it's a recognition of their part that we and our partners and allies are only getting stronger and more resolved to see a free and open indoe pacific. >> do you think beijing recognizes that? >> yes but they're very much aware as we have pointed out on fox many times china out guns us militarily. i'm not talking about advanced -- [inaudible]
7:47 am
>> dana: they want to use the my 2022 app keeping track of their covid status but critics say it's a way for beijing to play big brother. douglas kennedy following this for us. >> the olympics are revealing china's dark side. the chinese government monitored everything, your writings, movements and especially what you did online. >> i think anybody should live in china. anything you say and do online will be monitored. >> eric: she was born in china and lived there until she was
7:48 am
22. >> everything you say online. everything you do offline, you know, is exposed to the government. >> she now works for human rights watch in new york specializing the china's restrictions on free speech and willingness to gather personal information to intimidate critics. today she is sounding the alarm over a phone app the chinese government says is simply an online directory to its olympic games. >> you don't believe it's just a sporting guide. >> it is a sporting guide but they can collect data. >> it is called my 2022 and chinese embassy in washington and the chinese government in beijing are now requiring its use for anyone attending the winter olympics. that includes all visitors and athletes zbloo. on the face it seems to be providing dates and times for games but it is doing a lot more.
7:49 am
>> sure. not just what the app provides but what it collects. >> the american enterprise institute and specializes to international cybersecurity. it collects medical information of visitors, can record swipes, passwords and user names and whereabouts of all users within china. china says they're doing it to prevent the spread of covid and you are skeptical. >> i don't know how collecting people's keyboard swipes and patterns changes covid spread. the chinese government wants as much information about everybody inside their borders as possible. >> they want to know where users have been and what they've been doing in person and online. >> if they can use this information against you at one point they will you believe. >> well, the government does definitely leverage the
7:50 am
information it collects over people for whatever purpose they want. >> leverage she suggests not giving them by using the app and internet as little as possible in china. that's it from here. back to you, dana and eric. >> dana: thank you. i don't think i would download the app, thank you. >> eric: sounds like they're keeping track of everything. the cincinnati bengals heading to the super bowl for the first time since 1988 after that amazing overtime win against the chiefs yesterday. of course, bill hemmer was there. probably still partying. did he sleep? he is happy today and we'll talk to bill in just a moment about his beloved hometown and that huge win yesterday. ♪♪♪
7:51 am
it's your home. and there's no place like wayfair to make the morning chaos, organized chaos. however you make it, make your home a place like no other.
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>> harris: it was intense arguing caught on video between
7:56 am
top biden administration officials and border. agents. finally the liberal media and some democrats are getting on board with what many republicans and americans across the country are saying for the long time. it is time to live with covid. a top democrat strategist says his party is pushing hopeless causes that won't win elections. "the faulkner focus" is top of the hour. >> eric: supreme court ruling months ago that the pandemic moratorium on evictions was no longer necessary. that hasn't stopped the biden administration from looking for ways to try to get around that ruling. david spunt live from the justice department with more details on this. >> good morning. justice and white house officials are working with legal experts including law students to help those who cannot afford to pay rent because of the burdens of this pandemic. the justices last summer ruled
7:57 am
that no more for the cdc moratorium which put a halt on evictions a year and a half into the pandemic. the attorney general appeared with white house officials on friday to tell those who can't pay rent don't worry. he called on law students to help. listen. >> once again asking you to be our partners in this effort. as law students and leaders of our nation's law schools and as lawyers, we are uniquely positioned to help fill the gaps in our legal system. >> we want to be your partners and your demonstrated commitment to build a legal system that is just, fair, and accessible to all. >> again this work is not only literally keeping a roof over someone's head. >> some landlords feel differently. last summer i spoke to a new york based landlord to try to get rid of her tenant. i'm scheduled to interview her
7:58 am
to get her reaction to the new move to come with the a new plan. >> thank you so much. >> dana: important story. before we go the cincinnati bengals heading to their first super bowl since 1988 after beating the chiefs in overtime yesterday. watch. >> mcpherson and cincinnati is heading to the super bowl! he told it again i'm sure. he walked up and says >> dana: bill hemmer joins us now. he was there. i was having a heart attack on your behalf. you haven't responded to any of my texts. i'm glad to know you are alive. what was it like? >> right on. i'm happy for the city, the team, i'm happy for the fans. i know i have no objectivity wearing this hat. give me my moment. these fans, they followed this team for 30 years into the
7:59 am
depths of their dismal franchise and never waivered. they stayed loyal. i think that has been rewarded today. it was fantastic. great. you can see how happy i am. >> dana: i know. tell me about this combo because we had evan mcphearson on the show, the kicker with the amazing ability to win these games in the last minute. the partnership between him and joe burrow seems kind of special. >> so many young guys on this team who are so talented and the reason they win and find a way to win. i think -- now we make adjustments every week. football is life, i think that's right. it's a great ride and thanks to the people in kansas city. they were great hosts. they have an awesome stadium and can as -- fantastic fans.
8:00 am
we need to go to l.a. to get one more. >> dana: do you have anything to say to harris faulkner? >> i love kansas city but tomorrow begins the year of the tiger in the new year. i will see you guys back in new york. >> dana: i hope you get back. don't cause any disturbances on the plane. harris faulkner, here you go. here is harris. >> harris: wow. crispy creams and hat coming to him. i lost and glad to pay that debt and happy for bill. why we're starting with the white house. breaking news in this hour because the nation's governors are gathering to meet face-to-face with president biden and no doubt part of the discussion that could come up is the border crisis based on where some of them are located. but will anybody take the president to task for what his administration is trying to hide from


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