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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 8, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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it, it would be aidingenned abetting i don't believe this is legal. >> carley: you wrote an incredibly eye opening piece in the "new york post." thank you for doing the leg work and showing what's going on along the southern border and thank you for joining us as well. >> todd: with that "fox & friends" starts right now have. great tuesday, everybody. ♪ ♪ president biden's top science adviser resigns in disgrace. >> following criticism over his alleged bullying and treatment of staffers. >> this is the highest level exit from the biden administration to date. >> germany's chancellor plans to stay with the u.s. if russia invades ukraine. >> germany is dependent on putin now france is talking to him as well. >> los angeles county sheriff's department is set toe move 4,000 employees due to covid vaccine compliance. >> workers walking across the
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brooklyn bridge protesting the vaccine mandate. >> honk their horns, momentum for convoy continues to grow. >> when you are on the ground you see people all walks of life. >> it is offering rogan $100 million deal for leaving spotify to what they call a workplace with no censorship. ♪ ains ains good morning, new orleans and everyone across america this morning. 67 degrees the high there in the 60's monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. a little cooler for the weekend. >> steve: two weeks from today fat tuesday. live it down in the french quarter in the big easy where brian kilmeade is in assignmentment in his place we have pete hegseth.
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>> pete: it's wonderful to be here. thanks for having me. i have the fox weather app. but i get most of my weather from you guys when i weekday show. >> ainsley: we like to know the city when we opening up and talk about the weather. have you been. >> pete: many times. lost to the saints in that very superdome. [baby crying] >> ainsley: there is always next year. >> pete: that's the famous phrase for us viking fans there is always next year. >> steve: we have some news and breaking news this morning. all day yesterday, the white house is trying to figure out how to explain how dr. eric lander the top science adviser, how he was allowed to keep his job because an earlier -- apparently they had done a review, an internal review. >> ainsley: weeks ago. >> steve: he had violated the white house safe and respectful
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workplace which was supposed to be -- you know, our white house is much different than the donald trump. >> ainsley: it was inauguration day when joe biden made that promise. >> steve: all on day one. they had internal review they found out of the 140 staff members in his office 14 said he had been inappropriate. he would yell and hue mail united states employees in front of their peers. that is a problem. last year a woman by the name of rachel wallace general counsel to his group and 14 others had complained neigh bullied and gheend them. she accused him of retaliating against her by demeeting her to deputy counsel. white house looked into that said no credible evidence. said the reassignment was appropriate. nonetheless, 14 people say he was terrible boss. >> ainsley: once it was made public, then he apologized. earlier in the day it appeared, based on what jen psaki was saying, that he wasn't going to resign or they weren't going to fire him but then last night he did turn in his resignation
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letter. this is a portion of what it said. i'm desdevastated that i caused hurt to present and past colleagues. it is clear the things i said and the way i said them disrespectful and demeaning to both men and women. that was never my intention nonetheless it is my fault and my responsibility. i will take this lesson forward. i believe it is not possible to continue effectively my role and the work of this office is far too important to be hindered. >> pete: let me figure this out. so he had a bunch of complaints many weeks ago. the white house knew about it. and ultimately had a decision with about whether they wanted to fire him. they didn't. they chose not to specifically and in fact even in the statements they put out sense they praised him for his work. that makes me think about what as you mentioned what joe biden said on day one about what he would do if people were not treated with respect. maybe it was going to be on the spot. do you remember this joe biden day one.
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>> >> when i say this if you are ever working with me and i hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, i promise you i will fire you on the spot. on the spot. no ifs, ands, or buts. everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity. that's been missing in a big way the last four years. >> pete: he meant it because he said he wasn't joking. he said i'm not joking. >> steve: here's the thing. he made it very clear. day one, this is going to be the policy. fast forward over a year and this guy had 10% of his offices would complaining about him. jen psaki before he wound up reading the handwriting on the wall. she was asked why exactly aren't you following the boss' orders? here she is in the day before the guy called it quits. >> i wonder if you will
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reprimanded more strongly given the president's pledge first day in office to fire anybody who -- >> the president has been crystal clear with all of us about his high expectations of how he and his staff should be creating a respectful work environment. one of the steps we took early on in the administration was to institute a safe and respectful workplace policy in addition following the thorough investigation into the actions senior white house officials conveyed to dr. lander his actions were inappropriate. actions needed which the white house will monitor for compliance moving forward. >> ainsley: the white house said joe biden did not request his resignation. >> steve: they are going to monitor him. >> ainsley: said his behavior was inappropriate. corrective actions are needed. they will monitor for compliance moving forward and scheduled to speak at the american association for the aadvancement of science and disinvited him
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from speaking. >> steve: right. >> pete: this is the union -- the very union friendly administration, right? so, actually, it's believable they wouldn't fire him because he couldn't loued to stay in the job the administration was following a process to handle work complace complaints. if you have worked in the government or been around the government good luck firing anybody on the spot for anything short of murder. you can't do it because of the protections that were there. it was always a sham. then when it's their guy. anybody leaves, anything happens, how outrageous. they praised him on the way out. never fired him. although based on his standards he was way out of line. >> ainsley: wasn't just one person. 14 people say he was bullying them and treating them disrespectfully in front of other people. >> steve: we never saw it we only heard reports of that it's not as if somebody in the white
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house did something treated somebody disrespectful on tv that would be a fireable offense as i pause for a soundbite. >> yes, more inflation. what a stupid son of a [bleep] >> thank you, thank you. >> >> pete: well, there you go. it doesn't surprise me the guy who says your son is a stupid son [bleep] who says his son hunter is the smartest man he ever met. maybe that tells you everything you need to know about joe biden and hits judgment. >> steve: as peter said that day the president did call, cleared the air. and peter added that statement had never been fact checked.
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>> ainsley: he does say it with a smile. >> steve: yes, he does. >> ainsley: hundreds of city workers taking their fight to the streets even in new york we know it's happening in canada as strict vaccine mandates hit new york and l.a. look at the massive protest. >> steve: another video platform offering joe rogan gigantic money to move. how much could he make to ditch spotify for another place. stick around, you are watching "fox & friends" for new york. it's tuesday. ♪ taking care of business ♪ working overtime ♪ work out ♪ with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> carley: good morning, back with your headlines, instacart shopper shot and killed in grocery store in washington state. store employee injured in the shooting and said to be in critical condition at a nearby hospital. the suspect 39-year-old aaron christopher kelly was arrested late monday after fleeing the scene. arizona attorney general mark brnovich is declaring the crisis at our southern border an invasion. in a legal opinion he writes, quote: the violence and lawlessness at the border caused by transnational cartels and gangs satisfies the definition of an invasion under the u.s. constitution. brnovich is calling on governor doug ducey to use war powers to repel the enormous number of migrants that have hit arizona's border. in ottawa, freedom convoy protesters won't be allowed to honk their horns for 10 days in the city. canada's capital calling on 1800 law enforcement personnel to end
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the anti-vaccine protest to hit the city. this after go send go campaign raises $6 million to support the demonstrators a previous go fund me page taken down because law enforcement now says they are no longer peaceful. and if you don't know this rumble is offering joe rogan $100 million deal to join the canada based platform in an attempt to draw him away from spotify. we stand with you. your guest and your legion of fans and desire for real conversations. we would like to offer you 100 million reasons to make the world a better place. multiple artists say they are leaving spotify over oak says that rogan broadcast is spreading covid misinformation. what was once labeled misinformation is now true. those are your headlines and clear guys that joe rogan isn't going anywhere. >> pete: know is not. >> carley: can't cancel him
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uncancellable. >> steve: you sound like you were cheering for the olympics all last night. >> carley: i wasn't. go team u.s.a. i'm dealing with a vocal issue. >> pete: feel better. that list of so-called celebrities, maybe celebrities from yesteryear or has beens, you can stack that group against joe rogan they are not going to compare. put out a statement last night stop apologizing. when you are under siege. apologizing doesn't get you much. >> ainsley: so popular and famous shouldn't have to apologize. >> pete: he doesn't need to apologize. >> steve: see what he does with this rumble thing interesting stuff. coming up 6:30 in the east. this morning at 9:30 the l.a. county board of supervisors is going to meet they are going to vote on the lives of 18,000 los
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angeles county employees. they are going to decide whether or not those 18,000 out of the hundreds of thousands, will be fired because they have not yet gotten any of the shots. as is required by their rules out in california. if you don't get the shot, you get terminated. today is the day they vote on it the scary thing is of that number, 18,000, 4,000 worked for the sheriff's department. and 3,000 of those are sworn deputies. >> ainsley: what does that mean for l.a. that already has a major serious homeless problem used to be sawmp beautiful area. shots are wonderful. neighborhoods are gorgeous. the old trees. now you drive down those streets and there are homeless encampments everywhere. tent city set up. they will lose 3,000 deputies as a result of this? can handle that. >> pete: unpenal. >> ainsley: can they handle
3:18 am
that? >> pete: they can't handle that for sure. some of the information you read, steve, they tweeted a importance of it yesterday. tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. the l.a. county board of supervisors were l. vote on agenda item 18 motion to terminate 18,000 l.a. county employees, 4,000 from l.a.'s sheriff's department. 4,000 for not being vaccinated. this is the key point. these are the same law enforcement professionals, fire professionals, medical and healthcare professionals, mental health professionals and others who we called heroes just a short time ago. from hero to zero. they have had every opportunity to get vaccinated if they want. to say they made a personal health choice. the county does not recognize natural immunity. if they have had covid which many of them probably had considering they were out and about years before a vaccine. now they are saying you are out of here. we will see how they vote. it feels untenable. >> ainsley: can be equivalent if you have high antibodies. >> pete: take a blood test.
3:19 am
science israel recognizes it, some states. we don't for some reason. same thick in our military right now. guys are being purged and pushed out of the military record numbers. a lot of our war fighters it's a scary moment. >> ainsley: i talked to someone. he said do not believe the numbers. it is much higher than what they're telling us. his son is in the marines they lost -- i can't remember the exact number. out of the hundreds that they have. i think they lost 50 of several hundred that are in his unit. >> pete: i spoke to a man in the ranger unit. he said 25 of his company. which is about a quarter of his company. this is a ranger regimen, special operators in the u.s. army. >> ainsley: what does this mean for our national security? >> pete: you tell me. >> steve: two things, one, regarding natural immunity, when i had omicron in january, my dr., dr. ken who is watching right now. okay. that is going to count as one of your shots. you are good for another six months. your natural immunity is out there. it certainly is something. here's the thing. unless they vote today do you
3:20 am
know what? we are going to keep everybody on board. we are going to change our minds you don't have to have got be the shot. unless they vote on behalf of those 18,000 people. there will be lawsuit challenges. but they will lose. every time an employee mandate goes to a court the court rule in favor of the employer, because if you have restrictions on what the terms of service are for your employment, the employer goats decide. and in this case it's the county of los angeles. about a month before the vote, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit from 13 los angeles police tempt employees over the vax mandate and what they said was the municipal court has long rejected a fundamental right to refuse vaccination. there is no fundamental right to continued governmental employees. >> pete: what about the idea of an emergency use vaccination though which is a different situation. i'm no lawyer. but there can come a point where there is discrimination against people who are asked to work
3:21 am
without the vaccine and now they won't recognize natural immunity and in emergency orders, emergency powers moment, man it feels like something where there has got to be ability to challenge it. >> steve: all those people out protesting. >> ainsley: happening in new york. you have to be vax dollars if you work for the city. 4,000 employees stand to be fired. they have been working without pay since the deadline to get vax november 1st. that's why they are protesting not only what's happening in out way. walked over the brooklyn bridge city hall. pledge of allegiance, all carrying different signs. one person a sanitation worker said my family is hurting right now. i'm suffering, paying bills, i don't know if my health coverage will be cut off. i don't know what we are going to do. been working on unpaid leave since january when that person's religious exemption was denied. >> steve: all comes down to public pressure. if the public rises up. here in new york, good luck. or out in los angeles, once
3:22 am
again good luck. >> pete: or canada. >> steve: and says you know what? we need these people. you decided this a year ago or something like that. times have changed. you know, we are on the back end of this. let's get rid of that mandate. if that happens, those people will be fine. but, you know, they can't count on the courts if the past is prologue. >> pete: speaking of new york city. fdny firefighter insists that group and others like them are not anti-vaccine he said we are destroying the narrative that we are anti-vaxers. we are destroying the narrative that we are spreading misinformation. we are here for choice that is it the choice to choose, the choice to work. a lot of choice in there. nobody knows your health and background and the consultations you have with your doctor. especially at this point. i think what you said, steve, is so true. some mandates and other things put in place a year ago.
3:23 am
a year and a half ago. the information that we have. the studies that we should have done, some of which we have done that say lockdowns don't work. cloth masks don't work. plenty of evidence shows that things have changed. maybe there is some hope in the fact that new jersey, connecticut and some of these states are loosens. >> steve: delaware. >> pete: feels like political reasons for that too. >> ainsley: race is tight. don't want to lose majority in the house and that the. now is the time to turn that corner to say we're in a different spot. i don't have a lot of hope that a lot of these democrat leaders will do that but we will see. >> steve: we will keep you posted on that vote. 9:30 specific time in california. meanwhile, let's talk about what's going on in across the pond, president biden vowing the nord stream 2 pipeline linking russia to germany will not go forward if russia invades ukraine. >> ainsley: is germany one of america's closest allies, are they on the same page?
3:24 am
>> pete: steve harrigan joins us live from kyiv with what germany's chancellor has to say about all of it. steve. >> you are right, pete. see whether they were on the same page or not yesterday. germany seen as the weak link in nato against any potential invasion by russia into ukraine. yesterday at the white house the german chancellor refusing to directly say that nord stream 2 would be canceled. that's an $11 billion gas pipeline between germany and russia. germany, of course, depends on russian source for natural gas. about half of its gas from russia. but president biden left no doubt on the issue. >> steve: if russia invades, there will be no longer a nord stream 2. we will bring an end to it. >> how will you do that since the project and control of the project is within germany's control? >> we will -- i promise you we will be able to do it. >> in the meantime the russian defense ministry continues to release video of its forces
3:25 am
massing along ukraine's border 30 jets belarus joint training operation there russia has more than 130,000 troops along ukraine's border. they said these jets are preparing to inspect u.s. forces in the region. guys, back to you. >> steve: steve, it was interesting. i don't know if you were able to heart german chancellor, they were talking about the nord stream 2 pipeline. he wouldn't use the name. eventually joe biden did call it nord stream 2. and the german chancellor said we are united in this. joe biden had to be brought kicking and screaming to this point where he said you know if they cross that line, i'm pulling the plug. >> you're right. the german chancellor saying we are completely united. there is no distance between us at all yet, i will never say the words nord stream 2 will be canceled.
3:26 am
>> steve: right. >> ainsley: are they worried if nato does impose these sanctions that putin could cut off the oil and gas sale to those nato countries? >> i think much of europe is worried about an increase in electricity prices. we saw putin with the leader of hungary last week and putin said hungary is going to have no problem with cheap gas next year. >> pete: interesting. steve harrigan, thank you so much breaking it down and reminding us how this is all about energy and energy independence and energy leveraging. bill bennett a fox news contributor talked about a both new alliance forming but also how central energy and gallons is to this entire calculation. take a listen. >> we are an importer of russian oil. it seems extraordinary. when we could be supplying all of europe. all of germany and awful europe with liquified natural gas. new alliance between russia and china. this new world order that they are talking about. because this to me is very
3:27 am
ominous. and we need to look at these events. that as an important background. also, putin is chipping away we already know dependent on putin and russia because of current circumstances now france is talking to them as well how this holds up i have my worries and doubt. all we heard germany what was going on in ukraine we're going to help out and send you 5,000 helmets. good luck. we are united even though i won't say nord stream 2. >> pete: which means not united. >> ainsley: is he in a bind because they rely on that oil. >> steve: it hasn't started yet. >> ainsley: it will be the number one supplier of croyle and gas for that region.
3:28 am
>> steve: gush everywhere of cash for putin. that's how you influence maximum pressure. it's a no go f. did you go. >> pete: they are in a bind because we have the weakest president in my lifetime. nato alliance remains weak what it will do. ukraine is not a member. if that appliance were strong and hold it would send big signals to vladimir putin as well. he sees a lot of weakness across the board right now. >> steve: when there is weakness, power comes in and fills the vacuum. >> ainsley: takes advantage of it. >> pete: 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, some blue states going against joe biden's administration and bailing on mask mandates for kids. dr. nicole saphier says the cdc's flawed mask guidance failed us and she is up next. >> steve: plus the left soft on crime policies forcing one long time democrat to say adios to his party. he joins us to bring safety back
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apes apes a desperate search underway for a woman in california. she has been missing 10 days. ocean side police say she is 20 years old. last seen january 28th. said she was going to the gym with a friend but police say she never showed up and her friend had no idea about their plans. police say she may be driving a gray subaru outback with the license plate number you see there on your screen. a las vegas high school student facing battery charges after video of a classroom beating goes viral. and we need to warn you the video you are about to see is horrible. it is graphic. the victim repeatedly hit in the back of the head while leaning face down on a desk. her parents took her for additional medical evaluation because i read that she passed out on the desk after being beaten so badly. after she was initially checked out at the school. the suspect could face more
3:34 am
charges if her injuries are serious. the irs dropping its bid to use a private face recognition firm after facing bipartisan pressure. it had plans to use id me to verify taxpayers identity. but will no longer do so after lawmakers raise concerns about positive cybersecurity threats. tax filing season is well underway. don't remind me. the irs is working on a short-term fix to i.d. verification as it moves away from i.d. me. have you done your taxes yet, pete? >> pete: not yet. i don't look forward to it either. paying a mint over to the federal government so they can waste it it's always wonderful. ainsley, thank you very much. >> ainsley: you are welcome. >> pete: a growing number of blue states are ready to say goodbye to school mask mandates. connecticut, delaware, new jersey and oregon announcing end dates in the coming weeks for mask requirements for students. and experts predict this may just be the beginning.
3:35 am
>> a lot of kids haven't known a normal school day for two years now. we need to try to lean forward aggressively to try to restore that you have a lot of people who have been infected who have some level of immunity for a period of time. and high vaccination rates. we can start to lean forward and take a little bit more risk and try to at least make sure that students in schools have some semblance of normalcy for this spring term. >> pete: lean forward and take a little bit more risk. was there ever a risk for kids to begin with? here to react fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. thanks so much for being here. you and i both have kids in new jersey. this is wonderful, wonderful news. it seems so late and never felt like it was base on science to begin with. >> long awaited and far overdue, pete. jen psaki yesterday doubled down when asked about these mandates. she said the biden administration still supports mask mandates in children and if you know, the cdc, this is based on the cdc's own faulty data a trial that says that cloth mask
3:36 am
reduce transmission the first time they did this study it didn't give them the results they wanted so it got buried. the second time they did it there was a tiny about bit of benefit they failed to mention it was not significant it doesn't hold a lot of weight to this. bottom line parents and children have been victim to fear-mongering by manipulating fawrltdy data. and people are now in this perpetual state of panic and fear when you are talking about the lowest risk population. at the end of the day, anybody who wants to wear mask can and should wear activistma. you do you. but the rest of us need to move on. especially when he would talking about young healthy children, the lowest risk population. there is no quality data demonstrated the benefit for these children wearing these masks in school. but there is data showing the risks and harms associated with it. >> pete: why was the date that that showed they could take the masks off ignored. if this was about science why didn't they do these trilts. the cdc didn't run a single randomized controlled trial on. this that's right. pete. it's not that was in data
3:37 am
showing they could take the mask off. no data showing they should be wearing the mask in the first place which is my myself and other physicians on this network have continued to call for children to remove face masks in schools not since it has become popular in the media to say so. we have been saying this for a long time the mask weighing far outweighs any benefit. the we're two years into this. they should been doing studies over and over again. what they did though is ignored other country's data showing that face masks did not demonstrate much benefit when it came to community settings, especially children in school. >> pete: it's not science when you don't do experiments because you are afraid of what the outcome might actuallien. real quick. also, the cdc is weighing increasing tie between vaccine doses to lower the risk of heart inflammation to myocarditis. dolls this surprise you at all.
3:38 am
>> again, the cdc is always behind. why are they so delayed in everything when it comes to this pandemic. people have been calling for delaying the second dose, extending interval between first and second dose since early spring 2021. since the vaccines became available. a study out of birmingham showed if you delay that dose 12 weeks instead of the three or four weeks, you have a 3.5 higher antibody response. why didn't they do it? because there was a massive push to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. look at the u.k. they extended that interval better response rate and get more impunity into the population because they were doing single dose only in the beginning. >> steve: we are going to look back at these times some day. probably with investigations and with great deal of shame. there have been voices of clarity and you are one of them doctor sapphire, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you so much, pete. >> pete: a sign of things to come in the midterms. long time democrat from brooklyn is joining the republican party. he shares why querks.
3:39 am
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breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. ♪ >> steve: 10 days ago, a long-time new york city democrat switched parties over the democrats' soft on crime policies. alec brook krasny is eyeing a run for former assembly seat in brooklyn and taking a stand against democrats' push to defund the police. he also supports school choice and charter school expansion and he alec brook crass any joins us from new york. alec, good morning to you. >> good morning, good morning, steve. so good to be with you feels
3:44 am
good. >> explain why you died when you came to this country from the soviet union, when you first immigrated, you were a democrat. and you have been a democrat for decades. what happened? why did you change? >> well, i came to this country as a refugee and i became a democrat in 19199 because i thought the democratic party was the party of immigrants. at that time the democratic party was much different and at that time the assemblyman in d.c. area right-hand man of mayor giuliani a republican at that time. he was a democrat. it was a different party. i joined that party in 1999. but it's not -- it's not a party that i join anymore. you know, the refund the police movement, defund the police
3:45 am
movement just gave all of us a choice to stay with the people to stay with democrats. for me it was no-brainer. i have been with the people in uniform while i was a democrat. i even carried a deal as a democrat in the assembly calling for corporal punishment for cop killers. and the unique situation -- the ironic situation, i guess, i was the only soviet born new york state assemblyman but the fort hamilton, the only military installation in new york city was within the borders of my district. so, i have been very close to the people in uniform. >> steve: sure. you know, here in new york city, i don't have to tell you, people are scared to walk outside. you look at the crime statistic in this town during january, grand theft auto is up 90% year over year. there has been a 53% rise in
3:46 am
murders in the past year compared to 2019 as well. people don't feel safe. and they don't feel like the elected officials are looking out for them. because, as you know, with this new manhattan d.a. you have to pretty much kill somebody, alec, to go to jail. >> right. i think it's unamerican. many elected officials swearing in on the safety and security for the constituents and then police very providing for safety and security. there is no logic. any way you vote today in the democratic party no logic, whether it's education, whether it's safety and security. or, in fact, when i came to this country was very safe for anybody. even for democrat to say everyone's lives matter. you cannot say it now. it's ridiculous.
3:47 am
it's unamerican. it can be deathly. we can't continue that. >> steve: you are thinking about running as a republican now here locally. there are, what is it? 29 house democrats have decided, you know what? we can't win this year in congress in the u.s. congress and so they are retiring or they are calling it quits for whatever reason. alec, your former party has a big problem going into november with the soft on crime thing. >> absolutely. and i think those democrats in the congress, i'm going to give them credit. i think they are honest people. they just don't want to dance around the issues anymore. go both ways so to speak. i just -- i give them credit for resigning, really. >> steve: okay. well, he might be running for congress. if you decide to, let us know. alec brook crass any, new york assembly candidate probably sir,
3:48 am
thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you so very much, thank you, thank you for having me. >> steve: you bet a dozen minutes before the top of the hour j.d. how about today's "foxcast." >> janice: you know what? it's supposed to be a little cold in the northeast. overall not a bad fort for much of the country. wind chills here in the northeast. you know, in the 20's and the teens in new york city. tells too like 31. but over the next couple of days temperatures are going to start to moderate. we are going to see some snow for parts of northern new england, the bulls eye for northern maine because we have this coastal low that's moving out. not a big deal. we also have the potential for some showers and thunderstorms for florida. and then a couple of clipper systems that are going to move across the upper midwest and the great lakes and bring some snow and some rain. depending on what your temperature is hovering at. so there is the snow potential through saturday. certainly the great lakes could get several inches of snow. some areas could get upwards of a foot. all in all, steve, look at this forecast. not bad.
3:49 am
warm up across the plain states, 80 in miami. and could set some records in california with temperatures way above average. a little taste of spring. which i'm not arguing against. back to you. >> steve: no kidding, especially during february. thank you, j.d. coming up still ahead, the internet tips all parents need to hear what can you do to protect your child when they are online coming up next. ♪ [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ (gong rings) - this is joe. (combative yelling) he used to have bad breath.
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3:53 am
. >> ainsley: today is safer internet day. how can you keep your kids safe online. here with tips. >> kids are on one path and the parents are on the other path so, really the idea today sit down, get together, have a conversation about what your child is doing online. especially with social media apps. you know, facebook, instagram,
3:54 am
sure, we kind of know what's going on there. one to really be concerned about and the one growing in the most pop peculiarity with kids is tiktok. it's an absolute sensation of popularity with sharing videos. you see people laughing about it. if your child is not sharing those videos with you and having a conversation about it, that's a problem. you got to know what your kids are up to there. what tiktok is actually gathering on people, including the young ones in our family is really, really disturbing. you ask yourself this one question. am i okay with the government of communist china, which happens to own the company that owns tiktok having access to my child's intimate personal details knowing what gets their attention and tracking their whereabouts at all times? that is exactly what tiktok is able to do. and, hey that's our tradeoff. we knew they were taking information about us so we could have this free experience,
3:55 am
right? >> ainsley: what do we do. >> we never really signed up for china having access. i sure do ainsley. number one right here, disable the sharing of the contact, you are just going to sit down and get into the settings today. i will show you how to do it online. also, turn off all the ad targeting that's personalized to you. change the account settings so that it's private. also, limit how people can find you on tiktok and hide what it is that you are saying that you like on tiktok. and while you may want people to see what you like, better to turn it off. and it is he'd easy to do that in tiktok. launch that app. sit down with the family. launch the app., go to profile hit settings after you hit the little three lines at the top right. and it takes into privacy and safety. inside of there you will find exactly how to get into all of those areas. and i have posted them all step-by-step to make it so easy
3:56 am
for you to toggle these things off and turn on the kind of things that at least narrow down what tiktok is gathering about all of us and especially our kids. >> ainsley: it's hard because as parents we probably know less than they do about electronics. we will follow your step-by step process. what's your website? >> thank you for having me. >> ainsley: thank you, kurt. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> ainsley: cancel culture takes aim at cupid. the woke guidelines sent to parents ahead of valentine's day. ♪ oh, no, no, no. ♪ and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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4:00 am
>> pete: some blue states going against mask mandates for kids. >> who can and should wear a of course that. do you you but the rest of us need to move on. >> being blamed for letting criminals out on the street. >> do the job you were elected to do. >> democrats waged a war on our families. >> i'm fighting for my life. i'm fighting for my children's life. >> mark brnovich declaring verifies at our southern border invasion. >> the biden administration has shown they care more about central america than america. as a first generation american it breaks my heart.
4:01 am
>> won't be allowed to honk their horns for 10 days. >> i think this problem is bigger than trudeau knows how to solve unless he goes full castro on them. ♪ steve: if you are sleep rose in seattle, this is your 4:01 a.m. wake-up call. good morning, seattle. currently, shocker, it's cloudy and 43 and today it's going to be cloudy and a high of 50. welcome to studio m. here in midtown manhattan on this february 8th, 2022. great to have you on board for our hour two of "fox & friends." pete is in, brian is off. >> ainsley: glad to have you here. >> pete: i would bet if you are up at 4:01 in seattle right now you are probably going to bed.
4:02 am
>> steve: you think so? that coffee will do that to you. >> pete: true. >> ainsley: some that work the third shift. some maybe going to bed. just getting home right now. maybe some people that work at the tv stations that are up. >> steve: a lot of people get up early to work out. i know people who get up at 4:00 in the morning to work out. i know people that get up at 3:00 in the morning. >> ainsley: god bless them on arresting day. >> pete: to those of you out in seattle washington who did a little of this last night we see you too. you might still be up. >> steve: what is that? >> pete: partying on monday night until 4:00 a.m. not that i know anything about it. >> steve: on a school night, pete? really pete? >> pete: kids aren't doing that. >> ainsley: in the movie it looked so pretty there. >> steve: the pacific northwest is beautiful. >> pete: it really is. >> steve: the reason it's beautiful because it gets a lot of rain. brian. >> pete: no clouds in seattle see mount rainier beautiful landscape when you can see it. >> ainsley: bainbridge island my cousins live there.
4:03 am
really pretty. >> pete: one of the army bases in our country fort lewis in the state of washington. salute to you out in washington state. you didn't know you are getting a shoutout but you did. >> steve: a blue state. >> ainsley: very blue state. >> pete: too blue not if you go to southeastern washington super red. that's why some want to split the state up and say let's have two different states. >> ainsley: speaking of blue states. >> pete: speaking of blue states. blue state governors are finally backing down on mask mandates in school. >> ainsley: white house giving those governors a pass on the change. but, is refusing to let virginia's republican governor off the hook for his mask mandate ban. >> steve: mark meredith is live at the white house on the latest over battle masks 2349 schools. slowly, mark, they're come down. >> they are. good morning to all of you from one washington to washington, d.c. growing pushback to making kids wear masks in school all day long. now that we are seeing omicron cases start to decline. we are hearing from a number of
4:04 am
governors that are beginning to lift or change their mask mandates. on monday we heard from the governors of connecticut, oregon, new jersey and delaware all saying within a matter of weeks mask mandates in schools are going to go. here is what they had to say yesterday. >> because of the dramatic decline in our covid numbers effective monday march 7th. >> the statewide school mask mandate will be lifted. this is a huge step back to normalcy. >> my recommendation is that we end the statewide mask mandate. i think this is something we have earned, connecticut. we have earned it. >> meantime in virginia the new republican governor glenn youngkin the man on the screen defending executive order which allows parents to decide if they want their kids to wear masks in school. on monday, the virginia state supreme court dismissed a lawsuit challenging the executive order but there are other cases pending and just last week a judge blocked the executive order from being enforced. we are hearing from governor youngkin where else or twitter row he we're we are leased make
4:05 am
decisions regarding their child wants health, e8d occasion, upbringing and care. students staging a walkout to demands from school officials who say they need to wear a of course that this protest one of many we have seen around the country this one happening as there is a legal fight in illinois over the mask mandate. the white house was asked about all of this on monday, basically wondering why if governors were doing this was the federal government going to follow suit. the white house says it still recommends schools follow cdc guidance which recommends masks we will see if public health officials change their minds. it certainly wouldn't be the first time. back to you guys. >> steve: mark, there in the white house and d.c. they still have an indoor mask mandate although we see the president and the first lady outdoors wearing masks. >> it's interesting. every time the president either goes to marine one or holds an event outside come off air force one. he will usually be wearing activistma. you mention d.c. d.c. is very strict when it comes to covid protocols. you would be blown away. kind of makes me want to go to
4:06 am
seattle to be honest with you. we get tested every day. i don't know if you can see it. they still test us when we go to the white house. it's an indication that covid here in this party of the country still a very big focus. back to you guys. >> ainsley: need to move to florida, mark or texas. >> pete: listens to my report, hold my beer we haven't been putting masks on our kids for a year and a half. where have you been on this. to hear phil murphy the government of new jersey because of the dramatic decline in covid numbers or might it be because of the dramatic decline in joe biden's numbers and other democrats' numbers and handling. >> ainsley: how close the races were in new jersey. they are looking at midterms and losses in the house and the senate. and say going we don't get back to normal here. people aren't going to vote for us. count me as a cynic. hasn't been about the science in the beginning. now more about the policy. >> steve: you know the dialogue that's going on over the last two years for the most part. the democratic party has become the party of lockdowns. and people are frustrated.
4:07 am
and they are tired of lockdowns. so why vote for that party whereas the other party has been more, you know, open to, you know, this down in florida they call it freedom florida because things are wide open. >> ainsley: can you make your own choices. >> steve: absolutely. mark meredith just mentioned that the white house doubled down yesterday and said that the white house is still recommending kids mask up in schools. who said that? jen psaki. who she cheered when arlington schools, where her children go to school, defied glenn youngkin's executive order saying the parents can decide whether or not their children wear masks. >> ainsley: well, in new jersey it, ends on march 7th. in california they ended the indoor mask vaccine, it's going to start next week. school kids still have to wear masks. i don't really understand that connecticut, february 28th, ending the statewide mandate and then in delaware it's going to run through march. new york a lot of our lawmakers are getting pressure now.
4:08 am
what are you going to do because we have got connecticut. all the surrounding states it seems are dropping the mask mandates and kids in our schools still have to wear masks on the playground outside. if you are on school property, you have to wear a mask. >> steve: mandate ends in new york state on february 21st, so the question is whether or not they are going to expand it. >> pete: they have already expanded it once. >> ainsley: infection was approaching zero. daily positivity rate in schools is now less than 1%. >> pete: as it has been. as the "new york post" says it morning free the smiles pointing out connecticut and new jersey. eric garcetti the mayor of los angeles is really good at holding his breath. if he can hold his breath for unbelievable -- another thing to pay attention here, you mentioned jen psaki and her kids in the schools. they are resisting glenn youngkin's basically his executive order saying parents should be free choose. pay attention to what happens in connecticut and new jersey. what do those school districts do? it was a democrat that lifted the mandate.
4:09 am
will they not fight it or did they fight it in virginia only because it was a republican? it will be very interesting to see how politics play out. >> steve: sure. >> pete: no covid to be seen here. in virginia? republican covid. >> steve: glenn youngkin swept to power on a school question no more masks as you can see right there. >> ainsley: little kid holding mask. >> steve: there is an interesting thing. you know how you walk down the street or you see somebody on tv and you look at the face and you say that person looks familiar there is a study out of canada where they look at the effect masks have had on our ability to recognize people. and as it turns out. when half your face is covered, it's hard to recognize that person. and, in fact, 20% of children had a problem recognizing somebody. which is devastating when you think it adults who are used to connecting the dots and can
4:10 am
imagine what somebody's face would look like without the mask did slightly better. 15%. but, nonetheless, that's a sign of it's a tom is a of one of the problems with kids wearing masks. i get when the numbers were through the roofer why they would do that the schools are going, we can't vaccinate anybody under 12 or. >> pete: now we know people that have r. vaccinated it pass dove like anybody else. the ruse suspect. if you want to wear one can you wear three if you want to. >> ainsley: mental for them. suicide rates are up for the older kids. for the little kids they are learning to read. they need to see their teachers mouths. they don't know what the teachers look like. some of these little ones started schools two years ago. they have been in masks the entire time they have been in school. >> pete: we had dr. nicole saphier on earlier to react to some of these politicians changing their approach and also why the cdc has been so slow to look into do the masking of kids actually work, take a listen. >> parents and children have
4:11 am
been victim to fear-mongering by manipulating faulty data. people are now in this perpetual state of panic and fear when you are talking about the lowest risk population. at the end of the day, anybody who wants to wear a mask can and should wear a of course that. you do you. wonderful the rest of us need to move on. especially when we are talking about young, healthy children. the lowest risk population, there is no quality data demonstrating the benefit for these children wearing these masks in school. but there is data showing the risks and harms associated with it. >> steve: you have got to figure as the masks come down there, will occasionally be flare-ups. and they might bring back in certain localities. >> pete: look at florida they haven't had the flare-ups. >> steve: you don't think in new york after they get rid of a mask there is a flare-up? >> pete: risk 0.001. >> ainsley: florida had omicron they said do what you want to could in florida kids don't have to wear masks.
4:12 am
>> steve: thing is in new york what would you rather have kids back in masks for two weeks or remote learning. it's always either or. >> pete: that's the scary part about this too, steve. can you breathe a sigh of relief. maybe it's politics, maybe it's covid as to why these democrats governors are lifting the ban. in the back of your mind they are going to put kids back in the mask first opportunity. that he was why parents are moving with their feet to move to free states instinct not to remask right away. scary part. give the crumbs back to a little bit to the people in the free states. take them right back when we want to. >> steve: stay tuned. >> ainsley: talk about crime. crime suspect all over the country, but in new york we are really concerned about it because our new d.a. is so soft on crime. and doesn't want to lock anyone up unless you have -- you committed a serious crime. >> steve: unless you kill somebody. >> ainsley: his name is alvin bragg. so a lot of the parents of these victims have gotten together and they are rallying together to send a message to him. and you will hear from some moms
4:13 am
that lost their son, this one mom her son was an army sergeant in afghanistan. survived that. came back here and walls stabbed to death in new york. even alvin bragg's neighbors in harlem, which is where he grew up. they are very, very concerned about the numbers. just this week alone, you had a guy run over by a car. and then you had a city bus that was shot. the bullets still lodged in the side and people on board terrified and people in the streets around him terrified. you hear about all these crimes. two weeks ago we had those fallen officers that were shot in that area. so, here are some of the families of the victims, and activists that are rallying against this soft on crime policy. >> there are thousands of all kinds of criminal elements walking free in our streets. free to come and go and do whatever they want to do to whomever they choose to do it too with no accountability. with no repercussion. i'm fighting for my life. i'm fighting for my children's life. i'm fighting for my
4:14 am
grandchildren's life and i'm fighting for each and every new york's life. >> that's the district attorney behind us who took office and immediately issued this 10-page memo telling his assistant d.a.s what not to enforce. what laws not to enforce. why did we vote him into office. his job is to enforce the law. >> one party really waged a war on our families and victims and it's not just new york state. it's across the country. and the democrats and their soft on crime policies and everything they have touched turns to blood. >> steve: there is -- a number of community groups they are gathered together to protest the soft on crime policies of, as we heard from those last two people, the democrats in power here in new york. one group says that bail reform has kept 200,000 new yorkers out of jail. that means 200,000 people who should have been in jail are outside our window. >> ainsley: the moment they go in, they do the paperwork and let back out.
4:15 am
>> pete: sad part sad part of this every time we report on attack on incident like that. takes a day or two and then learn about the rap sheet. there is also a rap sheet. that's the way it works it becomes a cascading task. get away with something bigger and bigger. sometimes a data point that hits you. bus drivers in new york city are requesting body armor. bus drivers in new york city are requesting body armor. >> steve: it's that dangerous. >> pete: that dangerous to drive a bus outside that window in the boroughs. >> ainsley: shot in the last six months. >> steve: that is why this is a predominant democrat town, right? there is a republican who -- he has now been a republican for 10 days. he is a long-time yat for 30 years he was democrat. he was in the city assembly. his name is alec brook-krasny. he came to this country from the former soviet union because this was his dream. as it turns out.
4:16 am
the party he was aligned with for 30 years, took a bad turn. here he is about 30 minutes ago on "fox & friends." >> for many elected officials. swearing in on the safety and security for their constituents and then turn on the police. the very force that is providing safety and security, there is no logic. anywhere you go today in the democratic party there is no logic, whether it's education, whether it's safety and security. or, in fact, when i came to this country was very safe for anybody, even for democrats to say everyone's life matter. you cannot say it now. it's ridiculous. it's unamerican. it can't be that way. >> steve: how funny for him to be talking that way it's unamerican. is he thinking about running for his former seat in the state assembly. >> pete: good for him. ronald reagan said it a long time ago. it's not that the he left the democratic party the democratic party left me.
4:17 am
>> ainsley: democratic congresswoman in that area who changed. she was a democrat now she is a republican. we saw what happened in long island. all those d.a.s, republicans won. all right, turning now to some headlines, the state department is offering a $10 million reward for any information on the location of the isis-k leader behind the kabul airport suicide attack. ga fari is responsible for planning that attack. information on any of those terrorists involved in the kabul airport attack. 13 u.s. service members were killed in that explosion. another 170 people were injured and those are the faces of those who died there. right now, first responders are on the scene of a crash involving a new jersey transit bus. this is happening near atlantic city. authorities say the driver lost control and went off the highway and into the woods. at least five people, including the driver are injured. wow. the salt lake chamber of commerce is asking business owners to let their employees skip work and fill in as
4:18 am
substitute teachers. the most recent survey of schools in october found more than 75% of principals were having trouble finding substitute teachers. according to ed week research center. one school district seeing 2,000 subrequests while only have 700 in the pool. those your headlines. in california they are asking some of the parents to step in. >> steve: and they are in a big way. >> pete: same with bus drivers. >> steve: they need help. all right. so, coming up, a week from yesterday, is valentine's day, if your kids are in school, there is a real good possibility they are going to be circulating valentines. it's one of the things i did back in the 1920s when i went to school. anyway, at moses brown lower school in rhode island, they -- the top administrator there sent out a note, of suggestions on if you are going to do that, make sure that the valentine's day, you know, exchange are appropriate and they even had
4:19 am
some guidance. >> ainsley: they want them to be politically correct. this is in providence rhode island. they said select something that doesn't feel gender normative. avoid cars that portray only white human characters. focus on friendship and fun. and avoid romantic crush themes. >> pete: this is for fourth graders i believe this guidance is going out to. everything the left touches they destroy. you might think that this is just an elite school in rhode island. by the way the elite schools the schools we say are the best. we pay a lot of money to get into are the most woke, by the way. absolutely, and almost to a t. but a public school in minnesota, i got a note from a mom in a group there. this is just another school this is a fourth grade class. they are not celebrating valentine's day this year this time identity celebration day whatever that means. >> steve: on monday, on valentine's day. >> pete: on valentine's day identity celebration day. >> ainsley: why, valentine's day is about love. >> pete: valentine's day is
4:20 am
about men and women and there is no men and women anymore. so if you are talking about men and women you got to make it all gender normative and gender identification day. and you got to give your pronoun. put your pronoun on the valentine's day before you hand it out. >> steve: i remember back in the old days before this time of the school year, our teacher would say okay, kids, bring in a shoebox. take in a shoebox, and you would cut a hole in the top. and then on valentine's day you would put it up at the top of your desk and then you would go around and you would shove a valentine that would just say will you be my valentine in every single slot. it was that simple: obviously times have changed. if you are in doubt. simply give candy. >> ainsley: they don't allow that at our school. >> steve: what? no candy? >> ainsley: no candy, no toys. just the cards. >> steve: and for those of us -- come to new jersey, come on. no candy? that's unamerican.
4:21 am
>> pete: that's what we should be reporting about. >> ainsley: they are worried about peanut allergies. >> pete: i'm sad i can't read this tease. i will read it sad. watching illegal immigrants pour in the united states. without the agents stop the surge the. tomizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
4:22 am
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4:25 am
♪ >> ainsley: simply staggering that's how my next guest details the southern border three days watch immigrants bypass border patrol and enter our country she writes yesterday in the "new york post" there aren't enough officers to aapproach the hundreds arriving each day. made deals with the devil.
4:26 am
angie wong black pick vice president and witnessed this firsthand she joins us now, good morning, ainsley. >> good morning, ainsley, thank you for having me on your show. >> ainsley: your experience made front page yesterday. we were talking about it we were amazed at what you had in that article. tell us what you found over those three days. >> well, we spent three days with national security experts who gave us a tour of the southern border in mcallen, texas. we saw migrants crossing over by raft and by foot. i got to spend a little time with the migrants at mcallen airport where i saw them being transported into interior cities of our country. mainly by government funded ngos and church groups. >> ainsley: wow, what were the agents telling you. i'm sure they said don't use my name but what were they telling you? what were they saying? >> you know, at the moment, our border patrol agents are working at 400 percent capacity. of a their staff are gone due to
4:27 am
vaccine mandates as well as early retirements and firings. so they're working around the clock. they were not allowed to speak on the record. but many have told me that their morale is super low. there has been a lot of depression and some suicides amongst the agents. and at the moment, you know, they are at capacity. so, and, also, their hands are tied. they are not allowed to touch the migrants as they cross over. all they can do is really give directions to the migrants to the processing centers. >> ainsley: i think what stood out in that article yesterday. you said united states officers are now coordinating with the cartels and the coyotes, so they are the ones running this country now. they are in charge. that's unbelievable. tell me more about that. >> well, due to the staff shortages, the only way to ensure the safety of both the border patrol agents as well as the migrants crossing over, it s. really to coordinate with the cartels and the coyotes.
4:28 am
they essentially the border patrol agents will communicate with the coyotes as to when the dropoff is, how many are coming over that day. just to make sure they have enough staff to process them. >> ainsley: do they arrest the coyotes? >> no. >> ainsley: what? pete is over here shaking his head. that's unbelievable? why don't they? they are letting them get away with this? >> well, again, their hands are tied. they are not allowed to touch the migrants or anybody else. all they can do really at this point is direct all the migrants to the direction of the processing centers. and, again, you know, this is -- they have really no means to do anything other than essentially to be crossing guards. >> ainsley: these are directives coming straight out of washington, right? this is biden? >> correct. >> ainsley: angie, thank you for going down and giving us the real picture. >> thank you.
4:29 am
>> ainsley: as convoy grows north of the border there could be another one emerging on american soil. vernon jones says he would join them and details about his run for congress. bestselling author tony robbins is going to join us with cutting edge secrets to help become the ceo of health and happiness ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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4:31 am
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4:33 am
♪ steve ottawa officials in canada are calling for backup from 1800 more police officers they say they need them as
4:34 am
tensions over-the-so-called freedom convoy in canada grow. a court order also banning truck drivers from honking their horns for 10 days. but, they refuse to stop their protest against vaccine mandates. and while some critics accuse them of galvanizing the far right. our next guest, a former democrat, now republican, says he would join a protest if it makes it to washington, d.c. georgia congressional candidate-we'll talk about that in a moment, vernon jones joins us right now from atlanta. vernon, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. how are you? >> steve: doing okay. what do you make of how agitated the canadian government around ottawa has become over these truck drivers who are simply trying to bring notice to the fact that there are these mandates regarding vaccines and covid that they don't like? >> well, some would not like it but let me tell you most people around the world will not
4:35 am
allowed to be oppressed or suppressed by their government. what you are seeing up there with the government with the mandates, they are truly suppressing people. and their freedoms. even here in america. medical freedom is important. constitution guarantees many of our freedoms. when we see that taken away from us. people will rise and stand up. almost like tear down that wall. those truckers feel as though their country is not doing right by its people. >> steve: right. and, you know, vernon, it's been peaceful. i haven't seen anybody throwing molotov cocktails or anything. looting or any of that stuff. they toot the horn every once in a while, big deal. >> well, you know, outline the rioting, all of the you see protests get out of hands riots and burning. that only takes place when you have black lives matter involved, antifa, the far left groups. they are the runs who are radical and get violent.
4:36 am
ironically you never see the liberals tell them to stop it. it's wrong. stop the violence, peacefully protest. many of us on the right we believe and we feel peaceful protesting is something we have a right we have a right to stand up for our rights and protest as long as it's peaceful. i applaud anybody who feels their government is oppressing and suppressing them and taking away their basic freedoms those truckers want to be heard and that horn, that is nothing compared to what is being done to them with the suppression of their rights. >> steve: now, vernon, we saw some news yesterday. we wanted to ask you about this as well. you had been running for governor of georgia but, yesterday, you decided, you know what? my calling is not in the gubernatorial mansion, it's in congress. why did you decide to change your thing. >> let's be clear about one thing, my contract with georgians had resonated with the other candidates both kemp and
4:37 am
purdue. they took planks from my platform. we see now the general assembly is stepping over itself to get many of these conservative initiatives passed through from constitution carry to giving people back their money in terms of a tax cut with reducing state income taxes. my message is resonating. i want to do for this country what i have been able to do for georgia. that's to go to washington, take back our country. stop this nonsense where they are trying to federalize elections. stop this nonsense where our borders have been not secured like they should have under the previous administration. i want to move forward and making sure that our medical freedoms are protected. look, i'm a conservative. i have traditional values. the left has taken this country too far to the left. that's why i identify with the 10th congressional district. those people that have values like mine. conservative values. they are hardworking entrepreneur spirit. things of that nature. we have to get back to that we lost that in the past year. president trump ha h. this country on the right direction, going in the right direction. everything that joe biden has
4:38 am
touched has just turned to mess. , you if you will. >> steve: you paused before you said that. all right. vernon, thank you very much for joining us live. good luck as you run for the congressional district. the tenth district down there in georgia. thank you, sir. >> thank you so much. and please go to jones for and support our efforts. we are going to washington. >> steve: thank you, sir. coming up on our program, 22 minutes before the top of the hour. the big box platform offering joe rogan leave spotify give you tell you how much in a little bit as will cain reacts to the joe rogan saga coming up. ♪ should i stay or should i go now ♪ should i stay or should i go now ♪ if i go they replaced the glass and recalibrated my safety system.
4:39 am
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4:42 am
. >> pete: there is likely no
4:43 am
earth dismantle. covid content. doctors who disagreed with fauci the take down didn't take. super cut joe using the "n" word over a decade or so. probably matching with previous democrat senators and senators would say? n. one afternoon. the fact that the montage was released after spotify stuck with rogan less about the word and more about tanning joe. >> pete: greg gutfeld calling out the left for refusal to cancel joe rogan as more ditch spotify rogan's content. rumble is offering rogan $100 million deal to join its video platform saying we stand with you, your guests and your >> leland: john of fans for desire of real conversation. "fox & friends" co-host will cain joins us now. i think this is the first chance i have had the chance to interview you on "fox & friends."
4:44 am
oh what i may ask. we will stick to the top particular at hand now. joe rogan, you follow this stuff. you are a podcaster. he for years been intellectually curious guy. now they are trying to cancel him. what do you make of this counter offer as well? >> will: i love the counter offer, pete, you and i have talked about this creating separate ecosystems, parallel ecosystems ones that honor not just conservative values but the foundational values of western culture. ideas and concepts like free speech. i did talk about this on the latest episode of the will cain podcast, pete. because i don't think this is simply an attack against those who have concerns over the long-term ramifications of the vaccine. this is actually a converted. i mean concerted. coordinated attack against someone though created the cardinal sin of independent thought. that's what makes joe rogan so important. were he who move to some place like rumble why it would be such earthquake game changer.
4:45 am
independence and someone like that. to chart a course that brings an audience that helps tear down this corrupt corporate economy now sold out basic fundamentals of western civilization. >> absolutely. will, we love you at fox and we want you hear. if rumble were to offer you $100 million, would you go? >> will: you know, in great dan bongino fashion, having learned from the master of promotion, i just want to point out to the audience i am on rumble as we speak. >> pete: there you go. didn't get 100 million i don't think but can you catch him on rumble. >> will: you don't know what they offered me. >> pete: i don't know. you are exactly right. i will have to put it into hr inquiry. joe rogan has been dog a lot of apologizing late last night with a statement. i want to get your reaction to it trump said joe rogan is an
4:46 am
interesting and guy stop apologizing to fakes news maniacs and lunatics. how many ways can you say you are sorry. joe, go about when you do so well and don't let you look weak and frightened. it's not you and never will be. what do you make of his advice? >> okay. so, one of the things i appreciate about joe rogan as a listener and i do listen, pete, is he earnest. i think he truly wants to be a better person, always learn and always evolve. when he apologizes i genuinely think that's coming from a earnest place not a place of surrender, for example, he needs to understand this is like, and i'm trying to struggle for the right analogy here. honestly like being in war. and your opponent who is looking to kill you giving you advice along the way. these aren't real criticisms. they are a criticism of him is not earnest. they don't believe is he a racist. they don't even care about his vaccine stance. they want to kill his independence. one ever the lessons. >> pete: bend the knee. >> will: we learned from trump
4:47 am
and remains today always stay on offense don't apologize. it's not a fair game. they are not looking to make you or this world a better place. i will tie this up in the end, pete. i said it's a coordinated attack. go watch and if you haven't pete check it out. the presidents of barstool sports confronted three guys who looks to be behind this attack on joe rogan, a coordinated political attack. the videos coming in waves at three day stages. by the way, it may not end. they will move on from here to whatever, sexism, misogyny, homophobia whatever they think can get and cancel joe rogan. >> pete: why rumble is a good idea real free platform. navy seal but the this out on instagram. he wrote what the hidden message to me people in positions of power don't believe we are smart enough to be able to hear different opinions or capable of making our own decisions. will, that's what joe rogan does so well. he brings on people from both
4:48 am
sides lets them talk puts in his own opinion and he assumes as a listener you will draw your own conclusion. >> will: the difference is he believes in the intelligence and integrity and trustworthiness of the audience and those who look to censor think you arba football. >> pete: that was my final question. day six of this insane fitness. >> will: no. >> pete: you were sick as a dog this weekend on the show your intod rejecting what you are attempting to do to it. six days into 75 day fitness challenge are you still hurting or recovering? will wited reason p i brought it up goggins inspiration absolutely hard individual. pete, no, i fell off 75 hard. you saw me with the cold sweats this weekend. it turns out i don't know if i have got the noro virus or what it's in the whole house now. that's the warrior i am. i have a kid upstairs who is hovering over a bowl all night long. it wasn't the 75 hard that got
4:49 am
me. my discipline has not faltered. i'm going to do. i'm reuping. i'm doing it. >> pete: restart the 57 days. >> will: do it with me. >> pete: no ask brian or steve i'm out. >> steve: nope. >> pete: ainsley is. in you might have a willing accomplice. ainsley, 75 days of a lot of things you don't want to do. >> ainsley: okay. >> pete: i will fill you in on the commercial break. we need to go. will cain you are the man. >> see you this weekend for sure. check out his podcast it's fantastic. check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice, good morning. >> janice: good morning. let's take a look at it do you know what the good news is? we don't have any major storm systems to talk about which is wonderful. because last couple of weeks storm after storm. temperatures aren't cold but we're going to warm things up next couple of days. taste of spring and record setting temperatures across the west. there is the radar. we do have rain in the forecast for florida and then we also
4:50 am
have the potential for some snow for maine, for northern new england, otherwise a pretty quiet forecast. clipper systems a couple of fast moving storms coming from canada over the great lakes. current u.s. snow cover. still dealing with winter over a lot of these areas, we will get more of the same. more snow in the forecast for parts of the upper midwest and the great lakes. they are used to that this time of year. not a big deal but look at the forecast. pretty nice, actually. for the plain states. temperatures pushing into the 60's. 80's in miami. across the west coast, we will set some records for parts of los angeles, up towards necessary know and san jose, so temperatures in the 70s, even pushing 80 degrees. do you know what? not bad for a february. >> steve: those are the kind of records i will take, janice, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> janice: exactly. you got it. >> pete: don't go anywhere tony robbins joins us live with proven tips to help gain control of your health
4:51 am
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4:54 am
>> steve: tony robbins releasing his latest guidebook to living a fulfilled, prosperous, healthy life.
4:55 am
>> steve: and empowers readers to become what he refers to as the ceo of their own health while providing tools to help turn back the biological clock which everybody wants to do. >> joining us now, hey, tony. >> nice to see you guys. >> doctors told you it was irreversible. you were going to buy that. you found ways to reverse it. >> i've had several experiences. one was a couple of years ago. i was being an idiot chasing a professional snowboard down the mountainside. i broke my rotator cuffs i got diagnosed. they said you have a bigger problem. you have spinal stenosis. life as you know it is over. no more snowboarding, no more jumping. i'm on stage 12 or 13 hours a day with 15 or 20,000 people. recovery was 4-6 months. there's got to be a better way.
4:56 am
it was a mixed emotion. i know they uprooted for 80 different diseases. i went to my coauthors and i said, tell me, what is the best situation. he's one of the greatest experts in the world. he did the original research. he showed me where to go. i went ended at. the first day was a shot. the second day, i have had mris since then. no surgery. also, my spinal stenosis is gone. i've had massive pain for 14 years. i was all in. i started studying everything i could on it. we are in the greatest revolution in medicine. both people are caught. they don't know what's available. i was invited to come speak. every two years at a conference. i met an 11-year-old who got stem cells from his sister. i -- and so they were so much there
4:57 am
that i thought i really want to find it. picture this for a moment. there are things that you know we can edit genes. people have never been able to see literally. there are examples like stem cells where jack nicholson, and one about greatest golfers of all time was supposed to have spinal fusion and 78 years old. you are limited. he did stem cells instead and couldn't stand for 10 minutes now at 82 years old is playing tennis and golf me again. there is a single injection that we hope to have at the end of the year that if you have arthritis, regrow all your tendons in 11 months. 16-year-old tendons even if your 80. there is a geneticist who is a genius. he's 53. he has four things he takes. 33 chronologically. i am 62 but i'm 51 now in my biochemistry. there is one more. parkinson's.
4:58 am
there is a new approach to parkinson's that is 85% effective. what they uses ultrasound. it's like incisionless brain surgery and 5 minutes to do it. i watched a woman who could not walk across the room taking 15 different drugs and come out of there and walk straight across the room, drink a glass of water. the woman data bike ride. we are living in one of the greatest times to be alive. i wanted to get this to his many people as possible. nothing in the book is my opinion. it's 150 doctors, scientists, donating 100% like i've done my last three books for 20 million people. the balance of all the prophets is going to alzheimer's and cancer and heart disease. >> you brilliantly figured a way not to get hurt snowboarding. i see you have moved to palm beach. that makes sense. tony, he also talked about how you can regain your strength
4:59 am
when you are older. back pain, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, alzheimer's. you talk to all those people and you are not a doctor and you are not playing one on tv. you are essentially being a reporter. >> ainsley: i did the same thing. i went to 50 of the smartest people in the finance world. warren buffett. i'm really good at simplifying. i want people to know there are some simple things you can do. sleep, i am a guy that says i will sleep when i die is my mind-set. my wife is an 8-hour sleeper. i met dr. walker who is the number one sleep expert in the world and i was looking at this late chapter and i had to be up three hours later. he said there is a steady that was done with 1.6 billion people. i said you couldn't organize that. he said i didn't have to. it's called daylight savings
5:00 am
time. when we spring forward and lose just one hour a night for the next three days, heart attacks jumped 24% on average in every country they do it. when we fall back and gain one more hour of sleep, it aroused by 21%. examples of traffic as well. there are some simple things that you can do that i can completely change your life and there are some tools now that are amazing. i show you what's coming in the next 12-36 months. you know it's available now and what's coming. i'm sure you saw a couple of days ago, this is for liquid cancers like leukemia. people in the cancer business never use the word cure. they put these cells into people ten years ago. they are still there. they are calling it a cure from doctors around the world. there are some tools that are extraordinary. one more thing, diagnostic spirit going to your doctor and getting a physical whether you tap on your knees or make your cough, it's nice but that's 80 years old. today there is technology that is truly amazing.
5:01 am
all these doctors tell their stories in the book who are heroes. they have all lost someone in their life. if you catch a cancer at phase three or four, the cancer society says you have 80% chance of dying. i don't agree with those statistics. that's what it is. you got an 80-99% chance and in some cases, outpatient situation. now by your blood, 15 different cancers. you catch them before you have any symptoms where it can be treated so easily. there is pieces like right now. there is a heart test, heart disease is the number one challenge. it's called cct. it uses a print when doctors try to see what the calcium buildup is with a clogged artery, they have to do a ct test. it's really hard to read a lot of mistakes are made. this opens up every artery digitally and sees whether the
5:02 am
body is hardened which means you are healthy and nothing to worry about or whether it is loose which can break off and can be called a widow maker. my father-in-law did this. he is 80. now, his whole mind-set is changing. i could live another 20 years. he goes that's how long you been married to my daughter. that's another lifetime. these tools can change your life. i also get calls, we all do from friends or family or somebody who's got cancer or alzheimer's and they don't know what to do. this is the ultimate guide book to show you what to do. >> steve: the book is called "life force." it's released in hardcover today. tony robbins, thank you so much for inspiring us. >> all the money goes for research. thank you. that was fascinating. >> steve: he is motivational. he should think about that. >> a kid save your life. >> check it out.
5:03 am
maybe the last hour of fox & friends. >> several democrat that states announcing an end to their mask mandates. >> it's not like there is new data showing that they can take the mask off now, there is no data showing naked where the mask in the first place. border patrol has made deals with the devil. they will communicate with the coyotes. how many are coming over that day. just to make sure they have enough staff, they're more allen suber low. >> $30 million to fund programs that hand out crack pipes. >> many american cities, you can go into an indoor restaurant without being vaccinated. but now you can shoot up illicit drugs. >> a long time democrat from brooklyn is joining the republican party. >> any way you move today in the democratic party -- >> rumble is offering joe rogan 100 million reasons to ditch spotify. >> where he to move to someplace like rumble, it would be such an
5:04 am
earthquake. ♪ ♪ >> steve: that's a live shot -- >> we had tony robbins on. that was so -- whatever is the matter with you, there's a chapter about it.
5:05 am
>> i guess we need to read it and get it and talk to our doctors or find a doctor that does this. most people when you go to your doctor, they may not be aware of -- >> buy the book for your doctor. >> ainsley: exactly. it's called "life force. >> are they giving you what tony robbins has access to? probably not. not always do you do interviews where you say i want to buy that book afterwards. that was one of them. >> steve: meanwhile, let's talk about the news. some blue state governors are backing down on mask mandates and schools. >> ainsley: hallelujah appear at the white house is giving us governors on pass on the change but is refusing to let republican governor off the hook for his mask mandate man. >> steve: the latest on the battle over masks on our kids. >> good morning to you guys. the white house says he believes schools should still follow cities he guidance which recommends that students and teachers wear masks inside schools. as you mention, four democrat
5:06 am
governor say enough is enough. we given the governors of oregon, new jersey, delaware, lifting mask mandates within a matter of weeks. >> because of the dramatic decline in our covid numbers, effective monday march 7th, the statewide school mask mandate will be lifted. this is a huge step back to normalcy. >> my recommendation is we begin the statewide mask mandate. i think this is something we have aaron. we have earned it. >> the battle over masks and schools is engulfing virginia's new republican governor, glenn youngkin, on monday, the state supreme court throughout a challenge to the governor's executive order which he signed in january directing parents to decide whether or not students need to wear a mask in school. we also -- president biden is going to virginia on thursday. a new study out of york university shows children have a harder time than adults recognizing faces and facial
5:07 am
reaction when people are wearing masks. researchers say because of what is covered, we are talking about the nose and the mouth, kids struggle to process the face and a holistic manner. we are watching what's going on in the north chicago suburbs where students staged a walkout. they need to wear a mask on campus. this is all part of a legal battle that's playing out in illinois and several other places students saying they don't want to comply with these widespread mask mandates. we're still waiting to see whether or not the federal government is going to extend the mask mandate when it comes to public transportation. whether you're on a train or plane. that is set to expire in mid-march. we will see if it gets extended past then. >> steve: the airplane thing in march, they are gonna decide -- >> pete: they usually have it announced a few weeks prior. by the way, keep your mask on. let's be honest, the way they are going -- >> steve: i think you are right. thank you, mark.
5:08 am
>> your reaction, thank goodness, is a lot of weight parents feel stuck in the blue states. those watching brother red states say welcome to the party. we have actually followed the science. we never put masks on them and took them off as soon as we go. the fear here is how quickly would they reimpose them if they take them off? i don't want to be cynical about it from the beginning. here is bill markey's same because of that it dramatic decline in numbers, these mandates and masking of kids remain very unpopular with a lot of people and their midterm elections coming up. maybe some of these governors are saying let's get ahead of the politics on this a little bit. in the meantime, we know the science now. we may take the masks off now finally in places like new jersey. may we never put them back on. never again should parents tolerate them asking of a 5-year-old in a school especially now that we know the science. >> ainsley: in new york, the
5:09 am
infection rate among kids is almost zero. our mayor here has said that. but they are also in favor of the masks. our governor has not dropped our mask mandate. if it is close to zero, then why are they still making them wear them? take them off. if the infection rate goes back up, i would rather that then say we are going to put the mask back on and let us take it off. >> steve: the double-breasted teachers can wear three masks if they want. everyone has an option. you can wear it if you want. it's your choice. >> ainsley: i also don't want my child who if she ever got covid to give it to an elderly person and then that person died. that's the worry. >> pete: everybody can give it now because even vaccinated folks are spreading covid. >> steve: though where he isn't still a lot of people are dying is that there are still people who are unvaccinated for whatever reason. >> pete: about the vaccinated are spreading it. >> steve: the little kid comes
5:10 am
in and sees grandma and she can get this out for whatever reason. maybe she can tolerate a vaccine. >> but then again, but then again, but then again -- >> steve: i would hate to infect somebody. it all comes down to choice ultimately. if it were up to a parent, they probably would not have but they kids in the mask as quickly as the government did. unfortunately, i think because i parents would have taken them out of the mask a lot earlier, the government, once they double down, we are going to keep those mask on. some localities like new york, they are probably -- they will probably be one of the last places to say, you know what? we are going to follow the science. they are following washington. >> ainsley: they don't care what the republicans think. in new jersey, it's a different story because their races were so close. i'm sure the governor says i want to make everybody happy. the cases are down. we are okay. you can take your mask software that makes republican happy too.
5:11 am
>> none of that has to do with science. >> ainsley: it's all politics. >> ainsley: that's why they cdc and others have lost so much credibility. by listen to them when it ultimately comes down to politics? >> steve: it's the politics in new jersey why they are doing that. in the run-up to the election where you just won by a speaker, i can tell you how many times i had somebody knocking on my door. i want to talk to you about the school and what they are teaching in the school and the masking in the school. it all went hand-in-hand. in the meantime, one other item. at 9:30 this morning, west coast time, the l.a. board of county supervisors is going to take a vote and decide whether or not they should let the mandates kick in and 18,000 people will get fired. they had an ultimatum. get that shot or get fired. today is the day they are going to decide. the scary thing is of the 18,000 employees for the county, 4,000
5:12 am
work for the sheriff's department and 3,000 our sworn deputies. and at a time of rapid crime on the east and west coast, is this the time to cancel or fire 3,000 sworn deputies who are sworn to uphold the law of the land. does that make sense to you? that is why all of those people are protesting out in l.a. >> ainsley: sheriff's our elected officials. he's saying he's been a critic of these vaccinated mandates, not a critic of vaccinations but just these mandates because everyone he says needs to make their own choices. he says losing so many employees and deputies would be a threat to public safety. what about the people who live in l.a.? if these criminals know that there aren't as many deputies on the street, you're going to call 911. there is some beautiful homes and some really nice neighborhoods. i'm sure all of those folks are scared that they are going to get broken into. it's a beautiful area.
5:13 am
all my friends who live out their essay when you drive in the brentwood area or i guess beverly hills is in the area, and you go under the bridge that separates the neighborhood than it used to be so pretty with all the old trees and now it's homeless encampments lining the sidewalks. >> pete: don't go to l.a. if you don't have to. same thing for new york. the l.a. sheriff's -- we are not going to read the whole tweet but he pointed out these are the same law enforcement health professionals and others who were called heroes just a short time ago. we were saluting them. we were running specials about how courageous they are. now we are giving them the boot. how many have been tested for natural immunity? why what we recognize that after study after study have shown, but hundreds of millions of people in america have had covid and recovered that provides antibodies short-term and long-term not being recognized at all. >> ainsley: i bet some of them had their loved ones saved by those very individuals and now they're saying you are out of a
5:14 am
job. you saved my mom, thanks, but you are out of a job because you are not doing what i tell you to do. they need to say thank you for being a hero. you're going to have to get tested or whatever the limit is and if you have any symptoms, stay at home and let's take your antibodies. if you're antibodies are as high as they are with someone who has gotten boosted, double boxed, boosted, you can come to work. >> steve: why is at the federal government has not done studies on that is to mark >> ainsley: in israel, they have. >> steve: i don't want someone to say hey, look, you should count that. here's your study. i don't want somebody to say hey, look, the cdc did that. that is the reason they didn't do tests about masks and children and schools and stuff like that. they don't want the answer. instead, the mantra is just about get that shot, get the shot, get boosted. >> ainsley: why can't you get that monoclonal antibodies? why is he saying you are not
5:15 am
giving me enough? i need more so i can help the older people. they are saying when i giving them -- >> steve: that is supply and demand. flat-footed, didn't order enough stuff. i think they had 50,000 -- but they have suppressed shots like that therapeutics from the beginning alternatives. >> steve: yeah, we have had dr. marcon. he was on the program last week. he said the best that you could do to protect yourself is get shots, get vaccinated, get boosted. and if you are in a small space, where a in 95 mask. >> pete: you don't get a shot. everything is absolutely dependent on the individual. you can give blanket advice like get that shot. people have different scenarios. it is a personal health decision for each individual. two years later we are trying to ram a one-size-fits-all solution down people. people get it. they are going to make decisions for themselves. >> steve: what percentage of
5:16 am
the 18,000 employees at antibodies? >> pete: same with the military. not a single religious exemption given. >> steve: that is a head-scratcher by the administration and the government doesn't recognize that but they don't. the same as they don't recognize there is something bad going down on our southern border. you know what's going on down there? it is an invasion according to the constitution. he is a well studied attorney and he has figured it out. "the on the ground of violence and lawlessness that arizona's border called by cartels and gains is extensive, well-documented and persistent. it can satisfy the definition of actually an invasion under the united states. somebody says is if it is an invasion, arizona and other border states it should be able to defend themselves from an invasion, because the federal government will not.
5:17 am
we too invasion according to the constitution, he is saying it doesn't have to be war to be considered an invasion. these people are coming over across our border and invading our state. >> steve: it is a bridging of our sovereignty from people who are not from our country and not our citizens and it's not from mexico and central america. across the globe, the open for business sign -- russia. here we are going segment after segment, wall-to-wall on whether or not ukraine's sovereign border will be invaded by russians as we allow ours to be invaded as well. i hope others will speak in such stark terms. what else would you like to call? do you want to call at a mass migration? i call it an invasion. that is simply what they are saying. >> she wrote a bill saying is called the no taxpayer-funded lawyers for illegal aliens act. no legal aid should be used to
5:18 am
help people enter our country illegally. they should not be getting any federal dollars. >> steve: apparently our border patrol now negotiating with the cartels on the coyotes. angie wrote that article that we quoted yesterday. she was quoting mark morgan with the obama administration and the trump administration border patrol. he said that our government is negotiating with the cartels to make their jobs easier. she had a great conversation an hour ago and said this. >> our border patrol agents are working up 100% capacity. half their staff are gone due to vaccine mandates as well as early retirements and firings. they are working around the clock. they were not allowed to speak on the record. many have told me that their morale is superlow. the only way to ensure the safety of both the border patrol
5:19 am
agents as well as the migrants crossing over is really to coordinate with the cartels and the coyotes. they essentially at the border patrol agents will communicate with a coyotes as to when the drop-off is, how many are coming over that day just to make sure they have enough staff to process them that evening. >> steve: unbelievable. you brought up a great point. they coyotes are actually running the border. >> ainsley: they are in charge. >> pete: forcing our outgunned and outmanned border patrol agents to coordinate with drug cartels for pick up of illegals. >> ainsley: a lot of it is because the vax mandate. a lot of these border patrol agents can go to work because they are on vaccinated. they are gone. the bottom line is these cartels have taken control. it's almost like they want it that way. >> steve: a new word and people should use it, invasion. >> ainsley: she said this all comes from washington.
5:20 am
this is biden who is making this directive. >> pete: for sure, this an intentional. >> steve: s give you some more headlines. the department of justice is being blasted over the prisons in the saying of a man convicted of burning down a pawnshop in minneapolis killing a man inside. it happened during this 2020 ride george floyd's murder. montez lee was sentenced to ten years in prison followed by three years of supervised release. arkansas senator tom cotton says he should have been said that's closer to 20 years. former georgia state congressman vernon jones is dropping his bid for a congressional run now. he joined us earlier. listen. >> i want to do for this country what i've been able to do for georgia. let's go to washington and take back our country. i'm a conservative. i have traditional values. the left is taking this country too far to the left. that's why identify with the 10th congressional district. >> ainsley: he was leaving the
5:21 am
house to challenge georgia secretary of state. those are some of your headlines. >> pete: coming up, the navy seal candidate who died after how to make training identified as a new jersey high school football star. a former coach joined us next to honor -- no-exit-in-sight, migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere, migraine strikes. without worrying if it's too late or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy and learn how abbvie can help you save.
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>> steve: an investigation is underway into the cause of death of a navy seal candidate who died shortly after completing week training. 24-year-old kyle mullen is remembered for being a star high school athlete in new jersey going on to play college football at yale and monmouth universities. joining us now to honor his
5:26 am
memory, his former high school football coach and friend tyler. sorry if i got that wrong. my apologies. let me start with you. if you would, help us remember who kyle mullen was. >> kyle was one of the best young men i have ever been associated with an outstanding athlete. a great student in the classroom. and a better person off the field. he was an ivy leaguer. he was an all-star. he was a leader on and off the field. we are all grieving with him. >> pete: the nation does as well. the best of the best. hearing that coach talk about him, that is precisely the kind of person you would want defending our nation. it it surprise you that he try
5:27 am
to attempt to become a navy seal? >> not at all. kyle was a hard worker. he gave his all, always. he had such a big heart. he wanted to help serve this country. he represented this country. he was the best guy that i've ever met, honestly. >> pete: quite a testament. share what you can. according to what we know right now, he and another navy seal started experiencing symptoms of an unknown illness right after completing the test at ins the first phase of what they call week. the most difficult part of becoming a navy seal. he made it through. it probably does not surprise you that he did make it through that first portion. do you know anything about the investigation right now of what may have happened? >> i have not heard any further news. the only thing i know it is saturday morning, kyle's mom got
5:28 am
a knock at the door from the navy. to inform her what happened the day before. she texted me to let me know. i told our team, our players, our coaches to let everybody else know what was going on. they told her that four hours later, we lost him. >> pete: taylor, you have known kyle since he was seven years old. what would you like the world and closing to about him? >> he has the biggest heart. i mean, he is the best version of himself and he accomplished that in everything that he did. you know, for that short time that he was on this earth, he accomplished so much. and i know so many people, he touched so many people's hearts. i will always remember kyle.
5:29 am
he will always hold a special place in all of our hearts. >> just think about it. on wall street, that businessman studied beside his country. he made the ultimate sacrifice. >> pete: so well said. thank you so much for properly memorializing him and member and remembering the choices he made that meant so much. kyle mullen was just 24 years old. we pray for his family and we will be right back. it's your home. and there's no place like wayfair to make the morning chaos, organized chaos.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
for up to a 3-month prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> ainsley: the biden administration allocated $30 million to distribute crack pipes to drug addicts, all name a racial equity. telling the freebie can come of these kits might include pipes for smoking crack and meth. civil rights attorney leo terrel. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: thanks for coming on here they are handing out these crack pipes to drug addicts they can be used to smoke crack cocaine, crystal meth or any illicit substance.
5:34 am
i assume that you are not for that. this is going to be a disaster. >> i want to be very clear. they are using the term racial equity. ainsley, racial equity is a code for affirmative action, low expectations. you're basically having a government involved in distributing equipment, pipes to help encourage drug use in minority communities. how does that achieve racial equality? it is a horrible idea. it is an idea where you are encouraging drug use instead of preventing drug use. it is a mind-set of low expectations. i don't see how anyone benefits from this except the drug dealers. >> ainsley: giving them $30 million for this. that's crazy. that's go to colorado. douglas county school district and it is now conservative. they decided to fire this longtime superintendent but because they say the superintendent is pushing equity and implementing to manage
5:35 am
change barlow's radical change, progressive change, they are not for it. 1500 teachers called out sick. classes had to be canceled because of it. some of the school students were walking out. what are your thoughts? >> bravo for firing the superintendent. i was in a former schoolteacher. then walk out, that is the teachers union encouraging kids to walk out. why did they fire the superintendent? he is in favor of critical race theory. let me be clear, critical race theory is a way to play the race card and education. but they are doing right now is using the schoolchildren, the unions is upset because a conservative school board took over the board. let me be very clear, local school elections are the most important elections. why? our kids are at stake, ainsley. the democrats want to implement a nickel race theory which basically lies about american history.
5:36 am
>> ainsley: we are saying that more than ever. there are many more registered republicans in the area. some are against this. i assume there are many more that are for it. thank you very much for coming on. still ahead, from defund to refund. some democrats are planning to change their messaging on crime before the midterm is. is it too little, too late? pastor cory brooks is camping out still and one of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods. we will hear from him coming up next. i love the new program because the app does all the work for you. it's never too late to start. join now, pay later! get your first 3 months free at hurry! offer ends february 10th! - hiring is step one when it comes to our growth.
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>> steve: as violent crime rages across the country, national democrats are reportedly looking to shake off the so-called defund the police of slogan novembers midterms. with progressive in the spotlight pushing more lenient sentencing and no cash bail, will the party be able to change the narrative? it is really taking effect.
5:41 am
let's talk to pastor cory brooks. he's on day 80 of his 100 day rooftop camp out in one of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods. a joins us live from chicago where it is 20 degrees. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me on this morning. i appreciate it. >> after the funerals for the two fallen officers here in new york city, joe biden game to new york and talk to the new mayor used to be in law enforcement said we are going to give you a lot of money to do things about guns. it's not just a gun problem. it's a crime problem. according to "vanity fair," democrats need to appear to be making crime a priority. right now, it seems to a lot of people like they don't. >> yeah, it's a very hard pill for them to swallow that. their policies have failed in their ideology has failed as well. here they are trying to pander to the american public as if
5:42 am
they are trying to refund it that the father. that is a policy and an idea that never should have been included in the discussion anyway. as soon as someone starts talking about defending the police, those issues and arguments should have been dismissed totally. >> steve: you know what it's like. and there's no consequence for crime. here in new york, you pretty much have to murder somebody before they are going to put you in jail. you have seen the stories of the smash and grab. you can grab something walk out of best buy with a maytag washer and nobody is going to stop you. >> ainsley: yeah, it is very unfortunate that we come to a point in our society where criminals get away with activities such as this. at no time should we allow criminals and that a city especially chicago where i love and where i live in where protesting on this roof, you should never allow them to get away with criminal acts like this. when they do, those eyes continue to spread to other cities as well appear that is exactly what we're seeing across
5:43 am
this great country. these issues are spreading because criminals are going unchecked and without consequences. >> steve: that's right. there's a fresh coat of snow behind you. on day 80 on the rooftop, you have got this demonstration essentially, peaceful day or to draw attention to the problem. you're trying to raise money. are you having second thoughts about doing this in the middle of the winter? july and august would've been a warmer time to do this. >> you know, i have second thoughts every night when i go to sleep and it's really cold. but project hood is the organization that i represent. we are trying to do everything we can to do something peaceful to bring about change in our neighborhood. we really want transformation but we are not waiting on government to do it for us. we decided to take it by the hand and do it ourselves. we are going to build this community center with the help of fox and with the help of american people. that way, we can change the
5:44 am
title on the violence that we see every day. that gun violence being perpetrated on our community especially on children and women. >> steve: if you would like to help the pastor, go to the website to donate. "fox & friends" for his rooftop revelation. stay warm up there. >> thank you, steve. as always, i appreciate it. >> steve: 16 minutes before the top of the hour. >> pete: police warning residents in san diego's high end la jolla neighborhood of an ongoing burglary crisis. at least 18 homes evan rob by that same group of three or four suspects. in the past few months. police say the suspects use gamblers they can easily disable home wi-fi and security systems. police say they are targeting small valuables like gold and diamonds. and new outrage as unvaccinated teams at california high schools will not be able to attend this weekend's prom.
5:45 am
the school blaming the city of oakland for its vaccine mandates on people 12 and older. back in december when the venue's boat, those without a vaccine only had to submit a negative test. now, negative tests are not acceptable. >> got all excited and ready and can't go because they are not vaccinated. >> it's really hard to tell a student know you can't because of the situation because things change. it's very disappointing. >> pete: the school is helping the city of oakland will grant an exemption so that students can attend that dance about the officials hiding somewhere are yet to respond. those are your headlines. let's check in with senior meteorologist for a fox weather forecast but i'm sure has very fond memories of her prom. >> oh oh, i do, i do. we can talk about that another time. i did get a flash of my prom.
5:46 am
i was very thin then. i will post pictures of that. here is the windchill across the northeast. it still feels like winter time for buffalo and albany in boston and new york. we are going to warm those temperatures a little bit but it sticks around and we had the potential for some snow in the forecast across the upper midwest great lakes and the northeast over the next couple of days. these are quick moving systems. they are moisture starved. we don't see a lot of snow but we will see quite a bit for parts of northern new england including maine and across the great lakes as well. we could see easily 6-8, maybe a foot of snow. that's pretty normal for them. the rest of the country is not too bad. a nice warm up for the central u.s. you caught me off guard there. fond memories of my prom. >> steve: i'm looking forward to the photos. i won't be sharing mind, nerd alert. i'm sure yours are great. >> i want to say yours. >> pete: facing off against
5:47 am
the cincinnati bengals in super bowl lvi. who will take home the lombardi trophy? jake basu shares his prediction next. >> we know what bill hemmer is rooting for. let's check in with him. >> why don't we play today? >> it's wonderful waiting. >> let's get into it. nice to see you this morning. great show. a grieving mother has had it with baylor form. coming up in moments here. the mayor wants to clear out the truckers. we will talk to one of them today. no mass, no problem. it looks like the blue states are finally coming around. we won't waste your time. see you at 12 minutes. top of the hour. ecause of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist.
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>> steve: we are days away from the l.a. rams facing out from the super bowl bangles. what can fans expect? >> ainsley: joining us now with his prediction, nfl insider and author of a great new book we are going to talk about in just a minute called "unbreakable." what can we expect, super bowl fans? >> there rams i think last week on a child who they wear. all season long, they are a very talented team.
5:52 am
sean mcveigh is a bully. finally, last week, they show they are able to bully somebody back. i think if they continue to take on his personality, they are a tough team to beat. >> steve: i know you are not official prognosticator. for those of us who might be willing to wager -- >> you know what my bet. just me. >> steve: i want to know who you think is going to win. >> i said there rams. if they take on mcveigh's personality, his ability. >> i want the point spread. >> 3-point gain. joe burrow is a culture change year. cincinnati is going to have a legitimate contender for a long, long time. >> pete: is it stafford coming out of ten years in detroit winning a super bowl or is at the young buck coming up? which story line do you like more? >> stafford. i was there with andrew
5:53 am
whitworth when stafford happened to check into that same hotel. that's when those two guys fell in love with each other. it was pretty wild to watch unfold in person. >> steve: you have written this book. it is called "the unbreakable mind-set." it gives people advice on how to break through and fight anxiety and depression. how did you do it? >> how my doing it? this is a daily battle for me. but i did realize is, look, i know people are going to look at me and go, how do you have depression and anxiety? you have fame and fortune. it doesn't look like that. my life is phenomenal. between my ears socks and it has since i was a child. i don't know any other way to look at it. anxiety and depression. i've had anxiety attacks every single time i've been on tv for 15 or 16 straight years.
5:54 am
before we talk mental health. what, but helps me get through it is to have a team. i wrote the book so i could have a bunch of teammates. whether it is clinical like i do, you feel really lonely. a lot of us out there. you are dealing with it because -- nobody gives the mental health of voice until now. i want to give it a voice so i could walk this walk together and help myself out. >> steve: that's really interesting. you are admitting the fact that it's there every day. you were just talking about the nervousness of being on tv. you're probably having it before we started this segment. you figured out and this is the key. figure out how to manage it. >> yeah, that is the big thing. it's a daily battle for me. every single morning i wake up despite my life being so great, i feel this guy is just following your things are just against me. the universe conspires to help us.
5:55 am
it is not against us. are people like me, and side to see that. no one is questioning my manhood. i can cry on the drop of a dime. i have to be vulnerable and open up to my teammates. michael strahan is my best friend for 30 years. i didn't talk to him about this until two months ago. i was just ashamed with him. i want to take away the shame for all of us. there's nothing to be ashamed of. i'm trying to create one big army of all of us. i like to say i messed up but i'm good with my messed up nest. any kind of what you have building a team like i'm doing here. there's a lot of ways for me being in service really helps out. it helps me a ton. you will laugh along the way. to talk about the tough stuff, i'm got them make you laugh. >> you do a lot of work with military events struggling with ptsd as well.
5:56 am
and you stopped a lot of your therapy and treatment so you can be in their grade. you can feel about life was like for jake basu. >> i actually stopped all treatment. i'm actually still getting myself out of it. and we talk about sean mcveigh. there is a holding in here about explaining to sean mcveigh with a gray is so he could be a better coach and connect with his team. it's pretty wild. >> thank you for sharing your story and your book. >> you are very brave to do that. >> right back with more into minutes. ♪ ♪
5:57 am
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however you make it, make your home a place like no other.
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>> i wish you could hear what we talk about during the commercial because no one would believe it. >> bitcoin, have a good one, everyone. >> bill: we would pay for those conversations. democratic governors defying president biden on the mask. a growing number of blue states phasing out school mandates supported by the white house. feels like we're going to the other side. >> dana: the white house follows where everybody is leading. i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." what has really changed except for omicron was behind us now. jobs were good. americans saying we're putting it behind us. democratic governors are taking notice. president biden has


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