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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 11, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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the float. >> greg: who is below you on the float? >> everybody. >> greg: i wanted you to say a specific person but that's ok. we're out of time. fox news @ night with evil kevin is next. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪♪ >> kevin: it is the friday big show and a big hello and welcome to fox news @ nine. i'm in for shannon bream. breaking tonight, the message from the biden white house is to americans inside ukraine. get out now or you're on your own. it's the clearest warning yet as u.s. officials are citing new intelligence a russian invasion into ukraine could come within the next 24-48 hours, however,
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fox news has learned tonight that although there are worrying signs, there are no indications of the intel that vladimir putin has made a final decision. we'll have the very latest breaking details coming up in this hour. in the meantime, the administration is also taking heat from mainstream media? it's true! they're taking heat over tone and access. news outlets and beat reporters say they're not satisfied with either. they're fed up, and they want changes now. media buzz hosts breaking it all down for us. in new york city, a couple's dream wedding for their daughter turns into a real nightmare over what the bride's parents say was a severe noise restriction in the hotel wedding venue. a $5 million lawsuit is now at stake. night court will convene later in the show. you get to be the jury and you decide. we begin this hour with u.s. officials saying they're preparing to evacuate the agency in kyiv about a possible russian invasion of ukraine.
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matt finn is tracking the latest developments for us tonight. evening, matt. >> reporter: president biden issued a clear warning to americans in ukraine, get out now. fox news has learned there are signals a russian invasion into ukraine could happen in a day or two, however, fox's jacqui heinrich and jennifer griffin report there's no indication yet that putin has made a final decision and russia may be running a disinformation campaign. president biden heading to camp david on friday. biden is scheduled to have a phone call with russian president vladimir putin on saturday. new reports indicate putin i have informed the russian military of its plans to invade ukraine, however, national security adviser, jake solomon, denied those reports but did confirm putin could invade during the olympics, likely beginning with aerial bombing and missile attacks and cutting off road and air departures on the ground. biden says the u.s. military will not do rescues. >> what scenarios would you put american troops to rescue and get americans out? >> there's not.
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that's a world war when americans and russians start shooting at one another. we're in a very different world than we've ever been in. >> reporter: u.s. striker vehicles are moving into romania to strengthen nato's defense. u.s. weapons pouring into ukraine including more javelin anti-take missiles that could help if 1,000 russian tanks cross the border. fox's jacqui heinrich asking the white house if they've made the right decision so far. >> did the u.s. wait too long to arm ukraine, especially with respect to weapons that could defend against an airstrike like you laid out? did they wait too long to move u.s. forces to nato countries and does the president still view the idea of free invasion sanctions as a stupid question? >> united states has provided more than half a billion dollars, $650 million in defense of assistance to ukraine. we've been forward-leaning and robust in defending and reassuring our nato allies. >> reporter: and 3,000 additional elite paratroopers
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were deployed to poland on friday after 1,700 members were deployed last week. they will not fight against russia. kevin? >> matt finn leading us off tonight. matt, thank you so much. so, as tensions on the russian/ukraine border ratchet up to another level tonight, lawmakers on capitol hill, as you might imagine, are sounding off about the power of the president to wage war in the name of the united states, basically however he sees fit. so we want to dive into the war debate -- war powers debate with brettbrun. former trump 2020 press communications director, aaron per reine. former national security chief of staff fred. fred, let's begin with you. i think it's fair to say most people feel like you have to go through congressional lawmakers if you're going to involve american troops in a war. this seems to be obvious to me. is the white house not seeing it this way? >> no, kevin. i think what the white house is seeing right now is a potential
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threat to american citizens in ukraine as well as our nato allies and ukraine itself. so there are certain powers that are vested within the presidency, vested within the commander-in-chief, and that is what i think is necessary in order to keep our nation safe and quite frankly to keep the confidence of our allies strong. >> aaron, a lot of people in washington, and i imagine elsewhere around the country, simply feel like what does this have to do with me? does it help the guy in ames, iowa? why are we over there? in particular, why are we endearing dangering american forces where the border between ukraine and russia appears to be a problem just between russia and ukraine. >> there are a couple of points i would make on why this matters. one, it matters because you're looking at an administration that's not been strong when it comes to national security and national security policies, especially when it comes to emboldening putin and russia and
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gifting them nord stream 2. there was an opportunity for congress to stand up in january, provide further sanctions to storm the nord stream 2 pipeline and stop an emboldening russia. instead, 44 senate democrats voted against that, so it does matter to the american people what is happening, especially because ukraine is such an ally to the united states and joe biden sold them out and so did the senate democrats so quickly. >> fred, i just wonder -- it seems that the u.s. is very strong about what may be happening between the russians and the ukrainians and yet it doesn't appear to have taken on the same level of urgency at least among some of the powers in europe. am i misreading that? i don't see the germans, for example, overly exercised about this possibility. am i wrong? >> no, i think that's an important observation. the germans have definitely not been as involved because germany is so dependent on russian natural gas and they've shut down their nuclear power plants. they're shutting down their
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coal-fire electricity plants. nato has been divided. we've seen nato members, european leaders meeting with russia separately. the french convened meetings with the germans and the french and russians without the united states. faulttin achieved something here dividing nato to a certain point. ukraine is not a nato member. we're not going to send american troops into a country like that which would start a nuclear -- possibly a nuclear war with russia when ukraine isn't a member of nato. it's a difficult position. we had to stand our ground on self-determination and the rule of law but no troops could go into ukraine. >> very interesting you point that out, i want to bring you back into the conversation, brett. there are american forces in ukraine at this very hour. the administration acknowledging that. they are clearly in harm's way as long as they're on the ground. if you're advising this administration, what would be the number one bit of advice you might give them? >> well, i think one, we've got
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to up our game. it's a football weekend. vladimir putin is playing in the super bowl of international strategy and we're sill unfortunately trying to figure out how to get the ball down the field, and i think it's unfortunate because we've lost confidence from a lot of allies and that is why i think you're seeing the kind of divisions and the doubts in germany, france, elsewhere in europe. so we have got to put forward a much stronger strategy. you know, today, we heard from jake sullivan, a warning to americans. i think we need a much stronger warning to vladimir putin, and not just slapping on a few more economic sanctions. >> um, you know, aaron, whenever i think about this administration and its broad support from the mainstream media, i think that pretty much goes without saying and yet there have been some, even the "new york times," wondering if this particular administration is in a particularly weak position as it relates to trying to reign in russian aggression.
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what is your sense as we look now perilously, perhaps, at the next 24, 48, 72 hours? >> yeah, this has been an administration mired by geo political disaster after disaster. look at afghanistan. it was only a matter of time until the media came around to reporting the facts that joe biden has been weak when it has come to geo political politics here. he has emboldened putin. they went as far as going out and saying the pipeline was pretty much done even though sanctions had stopped it up to that point. the nord stream 2 pipeline empowers russia to circumvent ukraine and destroying their gas structure altogether to give energy to other countries. when you see that and see a president not standing and putting forward congressionally mandated sanctions that were working and emboldening putin, of course you'll see the media eventually a limited fashion
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turn on them. what we see here in ukraine should worry the american people and the world as a whole because this weak leadership is endangering countless individuals honestly. >> kevin: fred, the last 30 seconds to you. based on everything you're seeing right now, is there any way that there's a pull back from the precipice either by the russians or perhaps some way some how the u.s. and the french get vladimir putin to reconsider? >> i think an invasion is inevitable, not simply because of the accelerated troop build up but because of the way british and french officials were snubbed this week when they visited moscow. i don't think putin is interested in talking. he's not interested in concession from the west. we should still try, but i think asking americans to get out of ukraine right now was the right move. >> kevin: fred, aaron and brett, thanks always for your time for joining us here on fox
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news @ night. thank you for being here. have a good weekend. >> thank you, kev. good to be here. province of ontario declared a state of emergency tonight. what that means is trucker protesters in canada's freedom convoy could now be fined up to $one 1,000, jailed -- $100,000, jailed for a year, have their trucks seized and licensed revoked. all of those penalties are sinking in as leaders on this side of the border are urging the prime minister of canada to get tougher on the demonstrators. correspondent garrett tenney has the latest from a border city in michigan named detroit. >> reporter: the supply chain crisis is once again hitting the u.s. auto industry, this time thanks to protests at the largest land crossing in north america. >> we want freedom! >> we're fighting for our freedom. somebody has to stand. >> reporter: the ambassador bridge handles a quarter of all trade between the u.s. and
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canada, with 7,000 trucks and $323 million worth of goods crossing every day, but for five days now, it's been empty as demonstrators on the canadian side blocked the entrance and forced thousands of trucks to find other crossings several hours away. >> the stuff i'm doing is paid by the trip, and if that's extended to 12 or 15 hours, then you're working for minimum wage. >> reporter: automakers are feeling the brunt of the shipping delays with a growing number of plants across the country canceling shifts or pausing production due to a lack of parts as a result of the blockade. gretchen whitmer says it's creating an economic crisis for her state demanding canadian officials take immediate action to get the bridges opened. >> it's been hurting us from day one. every minute this goes on is lost wages and damage to our businesses. our michiganders are hard working simply want to show up to their jobs and they're out of work right now. >> reporter: experts say this latest supply chain crisis will only amplify the shortage of new
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cars available raising prices and forcing folks wait longer to get them. but if the blockades continue, other industries could be hit as well. >> we have so many goods and services that go back-and-forth across the border that it could impact everyone's lives. on the other side of things that we export to canada include a lot of agricultural products, machinery, in addition to vehicles. so these things could impact people all over the united states. >> reporter: late this afternoon, a judge in ontario granted an injunction against pretty to testers and ordered them to clear out by 7:00 p.m. if they refuse, they could be arrested and face up to a year in prison and $100,000 fine. despite that possibility, tonight, some of the protesters say they're not going anywhere. kevin? >> kevin: garrett tenney, thank you so much. >> we don't have to wear masks anymore! [cheers and applause] >> this viral video from a
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nevada elementary school making the rounds tonight, sheer jubilation from these kids reacting to the news that, no, they no longer need to wear face coverings in the classroom following the democratic governor in that state. statewide orders to lift the silver state's mask mandate for schools. that was a lot of fun to watch. in the meantime, about 3,000 new york city workers are facing termination tonight for refusing to abide by a vaccine mandate. this as results from a new cdc study reveals a lot more frankly about what the shots can and what they can't do for you. correspondent madeleine rivera has all the details for us tonight. good evening, madeleine is! >> reporter: good evening, kevin. no doubt, many americans are feeling pandemic fatigue but could we soon hear calls for more covid-19 boosters? that's what medical experts are looking into. a cdc study shows the effectiveness of the vaccines goes down after four months but the study also shows the vaccines offer high protection against severe illness and
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hospitalizations especially during the omicron surge last month. meanwhile, pfizer pressing pause on its fda authorization request for its vaccines for kids under five. the company saying it wants to wait for data on a third vaccine dose for children in that age group. here's what the fda had to say. >> i hope this reassures people that the process has a standard, that the process is one that we follow. >> reporter: there's a lot of talk about following the science. it's why the cdc is not advising rolling back mask mandates just yet citing the high number of hospitalizations even as covid-19 cases drop. that hasn't stopped several democratic governors from skipping ahead of the agency. nearly a dozen states including illinois, california and rhode island announced changes to their policies this week to lift masking rules within the next few weeks, however, president biden didn't outright criticize his fellow democrats who he
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believed are in difficult positions. >> i committed i would follow the science. i think it's probably premature but it's -- you know, it's a tough call. >> reporter: some critics say democrats are ditching the mask mandates not because of science but because of politics with the mid-term elections just months away. >> these democrats saw what happened in virginia. they saw what happened in new jersey where there was a wave of republican voters because people were so fed up with the mandates and restrictions put in place by government. >> reporter: 76 house republicans are calling on the president to lift coronavirus emergency powers and prepare for a new reality, the future where the virus endemic. back to you, kevin. >> kevin: thank you, madeleine. touch base with you in a few. an armed suspect ambush phoenix police officers with a hail of gunfire overnight thursday setting off an hours-long barricade standoff. laura ingle breaking down the
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frightening confrontation in tonight's crime round-up. evening, laura. >> reporter: kevin, a terrifying situation on friday in phoenix as a baby is thrust into a police standoff that ended with two people dead and multiple police officers shot. it all started around 2:00 a.m. when someone called 911 to report a woman had been shot. a single officer arrived at a home where a 36-year-old man invited him in and then allegedly shot him several times. when back up arrived, several more officers were shot. a family member then came to the door with a baby in his arms, placed the baby on the ground and put his hands up. then the suspect inside opened fire again as police approached. [gunfire] two officers returned fire. the suspect was found dead inside the home. the woman later died from her injuries at the hospital. the baby was miraculously unharmed. in maryland, two police officers and a suspect were shot friday
9:18 pm
afternoon after the officers responded to a report of an armed man in frederic. >> it's a tough time right now to be a police officer, and i'm very proud of the work that they do, and i'm very thankful that the officers we believe are going to be ok. >> reporter: in new york, a sneaker thief is on the loose prowling the subway. the suspect pulled the sneaker right off a woman's foot and took off. surveillance video shows the creep stopping the turnstile with a stolen shoe in hand. the nypd is pulling 600 officers from nonpatrol posts and putting them on the street to help them combat violent crime. while violent crime is a top priority, some business owners in queens say they're barely holding on and pleading for help with the dramatic surge in thefts this year. as of last week, the borough telling over 1,200 grand larcenies so far this year which compared to totals seen back in the early 90's. one store manager says his
9:19 pm
business loses up to $2,000 on any given day and says he's never seen anything like this before. he said before the pandemic, they'd get maybe one or two shoplifters a week. now, it's almost every day. kevin? >> kevin: laura, thank you so much. crazy stories. that's incredible. coming up, a zoo animal making a big prediction for super bowl sunday and, wait for it, a fire station olympics. this crew knows how to have a good time. i mean a really good time. that and much more coming up as we continue including the best viral videos of the day. that's next.
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>> kevin: welcome back to the big show, everybody. first up in the viral videos, another animal telling you who it thinks its going to win the super bowl this weekend. this time, it's a baby elephant
9:25 pm
in the fort worth zoo in texas. elephant picks the rams over the bengals. you can see there going straight for the rams' logo. no hesitation. i should point out, animals at the zoo have incorrectly predicted the past seven games. officials there say they hope the streak will end this year. we'll see. in the meantime, instagram user bvsdonothing coming up with her own way to see who will win the game. two cups at the bottom of the staircase and tossing a ping pong down a ramp made of pillows. who thinks of this stuff? the ball lands in the cup labeled rams. along with the elephant at that zoo in fort worth, maybe they're onto something. we'll find out together on sunday. how about this? a weather phenomenon, a whirling waterspout, making landfall in havana, cuba, this week. thankfully no one was hurt according to the government. you can choose to believe that or not.
9:26 pm
this in the lone star state of texas. take to you bedford. the fire department there is hosting its very-own olympic-style competition with the pick-up game of curling. the crew using brooms and a bucket instead of a traditional curling stone. a post on the facebook page there says a shift station 2 crew is definitely the front-runner for the gold medal and the fire station bay curling event. we couldn't agree more. how about this? a pair of baby great horned owls released back into the wild after falling out of their nest early last year. this video actually posted by napa valley, california's schafer venyards -- vineyards. this is the rescue, rehab and release. the vineyard donated land to the napa wildlife rescue. that, of course, meant there was a sanctuary specifically for the big birds like hawks and owls. we all think that's very cool. last but not least, how about this? an amazing view of the northern
9:27 pm
lights from the swedish/finnish border. bright green and bright lights dancing over the landscape. i don't know if it gets much better than that. i wish i was there. don't you? if you have viral videos you'd like to share with us, hit us up on social media @shan no.bream or @foxnewsnight. the biden administration is getting heat from the mainstreameddia over tone and access. news outlets and beat reporters say they're not satisfied with either and they want changes now. fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz howard kurtz takes a look for us tonight. >> reporter: things are getting more tense than that between journalists and senior administration officials. one flash point, the pentagon's
9:28 pm
refusal during the ukraine crisis allow reporters to travel two 3,000 u.s. troops dispatched to eastern europe. >> i'm very upset that the biden administration isn't allowing journalists to embed with american troops. why not allow the american people to see what is going on and allow journalists to be there on the scene? >> there's a lot of factors that go into deciding how we handle media access. >> reporter: rogue calls says officials are making stunning allegations. the reporters were siding with two american foes. the ap was siding with the kremlin by suggesting that american was making a fake video to justify invasion of ukraine. >> where's this information? >> it's intelligence information we have declassified. >> where is it? >> if you doubt the credibility of the u.s. government and want to find solace in information that the russians are putting out, that is for you to do. >> reporter: he later called
9:29 pm
saying he's known's dupe. reporters are miffed with jen psaki when they said the leader of isis blew himself up with his family during a raid and npr asked if there was evidence to convince everyone of the skeptical. >> when they took out the leader of isis, they're not providing accurate information and isis is providing accurate information. >> reporter: the next day, psaki said... >> we welcome tough questions or good-faith scrutiny otherwise i wouldn't come out here. >> reporter: the biden administration, like its predecessors, has hit a rough spot with the press. challenging the motives or loyalty of journalists sometimes crosses the line. kevin? >> >> kevin: thank you. see you sunday on media buzz. it's now time to bring madeleine rivera back in. we have a big weekend with the big super bowl coming up on sunday and of course valentine's day is coming up next week so we wanted to talk about -- look, we talked about inflation last week
9:30 pm
and how much it's going to cost people now if you're going to have a big super bowl party. i want to know what's it going to cost for those of you who want to celebrate valid? >> reporter: valentine's day is big -- celebrate valentine's day? >> reporter: valentine's day is big business. national retail organization estimates shoplers spend an average of $175 on some of the popular gift items like candy, greeting cards, flowers and jewelry. total spending on jewelry is expected to reach an all-time high of $6.2 billion. inflation clearly not driving many americans away from showering their special someone with gifts, kevin. >> kevin: that's a lot of money. $175, unless you live in a big city. dinner alone is going to cost you if you go to a nice place north of $100. if you had to pick your preference do you want the card and candy or dinner and flowers? what do you want? >> i'm simple.
9:31 pm
i would definitely go for the candy. i have a sweet tooth. sorry for my dentist out there. that's what i would go for. that's what i always go for. >> kevin: she's got a stash of candy in her office here. it's ridiculous. no, i'm proud of you. i would always say this it's ok to buy and do it up big but don't forget to enjoy the year. valentines should be more than just one day a year. >> exactly. people should appreciate their significant other every day of the year. every day is valentine's day as corny as that sounds. >> great for you. great to see you. as we continue here on the show, a school board holding separate meetings for parents based on race? unbelievable. we're going to tell you about that story, plus, why a fully vaccinated couple are barred from seeing each other at a washington state hospital. it's time for the lightning round with my man j.r. not j.r. ewing. jason rant. that's next.
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>> kevin: 36 minutes after the hour as we continue the big friday show. welcome back to fox news @ night. it's time for the lightning round. in t a search for a new superintendent. a school district in suburban seattle is inviting parents and guardians to weigh in. however, at least one of the meetings evidently is being segregate add long racial lines. let's bring in our man from the pacific northwest, ktph seattle talk radio host jason ranch for the lightning round. jason, i'm gob smacked this is happening in our country. tell us all about it. >> reporter: this is happening right now in the issaquah school district. it's not too far from seattle and they're basically saying we're going to have these meetings where we're going to open it up to parents except unfortunately in this search for the superintendent, they've got meetings that are segregated by race. you've got meetings for anyone who wants to show up but also then meetings for parents of color which is just so ludicrous. they're doing this in the name
9:38 pm
of equity. i want everyone to think about that. segregation in the name of equity. it's 2022 and we have to explain that racial segregation is wrong. the reason why they say they're doing this is that apparently black and latino parents will feel uncomfortable around white parents which is not just condescending and absurd but it's racist to assume these parents won't feel comfortable enough to talk about what their needs are with the superintendent. racism is taught. we're teaching kids now to separate people by skin color. can we step back for a moment and say put your equity nonsense aside and just call this out for what it is! it is immoral! >> kevin: it's really shocking, because even in the best of attempts to do something i think that's positive t just doesn't seem -- it just doesn't seem to make sense to do something that seems to sort of take you back to the 1950's,
9:39 pm
separating by racial lines. it's shocking quite frankly anyone outside of the northwest and probably for a lot of people in the northwest. in the meantime, let's shift gears here. i want you to tell me about a hospital circumstance that i think people are talking about a lot up in the emerald city. >> yeah, so a listener of mine is named george. he's 61 years old. his 65-year-old wife hay stroke and she was put in the emergenciry room in providence medical center in the city of everett, washington. he wouldn't let him visit her because of their covid rules. visitation has been nearly completely canceled because they say the case rates in the city are just too high. to be clear about this case w george and his wife, both of them recovered from covid. they're three times vaccinated. there's no reason in the world to keep this couple married for 38 years separated at a time where his wife was going through not just a medical trauma but the loneliness and fear without
9:40 pm
her loved one by her side. it's just a lot. i got the most heartbreaking e-mail from george talking about how he feels scared and alone and he's getting angry that this hospital is doing this. since i've told this story, i've heard from even more people with much more tragic stories about how they're being kept away from their loved ones. this is not just happening in washington, it's happening all across country. it doesn't make any sense and i hope that these medical professionals realize what it is they're doing, again, all in the name of health, but this is not a position that's based in science unless they're now telling us masks and vaccines don't work. and i don't think that's what they're telling us. >> kevin: multiple vaccines on top of that. i just want to share this. this is from the hospital spokesperson to you. i'm going to share this for the folks at home. visitor restrictions are difficult for patients, their loved ones and our caregivers, however, we must prioritize the safety of our patients. that's their take on this, but i think you hit the nail on the head. at some point, there has to be a
9:41 pm
provision you would think for people who are obviously in a circumstance like this. jason rantz, as always, a real pleasure to have you with us, my friend. have a great rest of the weekend. >> you as well, kevin. >> kevin: thanks a lot how a noise ordinance turned a new york couple's we hadding into a real rissaster. night court convening when we come back. migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere, migraine strikes. without worrying if it's too late or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. unlike older medicines ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy and learn how abbvie can help you save.
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>> kevin: welcome back to the friday big show. as we've been documenting here on fox news @ night, rising prices at the grocery store and of course at the pump costing american households in a very big way, all with the 2022 mid-term elections approaching. with that in mind, lawmakers on capitol hill are also playing close attention to the impact government spending is having on our economy. congressional correspondent chad has that from capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: kevin, democrats face headwinds ahead of the midterms, high crime, potential for war in ukraine and a lingering pandemic, but inflationary gaels threatened to turn the midterm into a political hurricane it wasn't that long ago that democrats pitched build back better until joe manchin slammed on the brakes over inflation. his fears are now realized. >> this is not a time to be putting more fuel on the fire.
9:47 pm
we have inflation and we have basically an economy that's on fire. you don't throw more fuel on the fire that's already on fire. >> reporter: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says wages aren't keeping pace with inflation. >> if you haven't personally gotten a pay raise of 8% or more in the last year, then democrats' policies have given you a pay cut. >> reporter: shipping delays are driving up the cost of everything from apples to the price of hay for farmers. >> washington hay producers estimate that the freight costs could be three times more expensive by this winter. >> reporter: weekly trips to the grocery and gas station give americans a real-time metric on the economy and their wallet. those are key concerns for voters this fall. >> if the economy -- the economy is stupid. this is the hard part for democrats and why you see them struggling right now to spin this because there's no way to spin this. >> reporter: democrats injected $1.9 trillion in extra covid aid into the economy last year on a partisan basis.
9:48 pm
that may have fueled inflation. some democrats are drawing a line. >> it was a matter of miscal responsibility. the key thing is if -- fiscal responsibility. the key thing is, if you want to spend money, you have to may for it. you didn't just keep borrowing and borrowing and borrowing. that adds inflation over time. .>> it's a simple connection to equate democrats with spending right now. >> reporter: there are two gauges to watch, prices now and vote this fall. kevin? >> chad, as always, a pleasure. thank you, my friend. time now for night court. marjorie and russell newman spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their daughter jessica's dream wedding including -- wait for it -- $150,000 for flowers but the two say the event was ruined when the brooklyn pier 1 hotel waited until after the reception began to tell them about a recently passed noise restriction in the
9:49 pm
area. well tonight as you can well imagine, they're suing the hotel and a rather famous wedding planner for breach of contract and fraud. here is the question we have tonight as we look at night court, could some of the contractural fine print get those defendants off the hook? we want to ask our legal eagles, class action attorney kelly and the founder and managing founder brian. kelly, let me begin with you. what's your sense especially after you spend all of that money, you expect to have a great time and they tell you after the fact, oh, i know you guys are dancing and having a great time but could you keep it down? that would seem to me to be a lawsuit waiting to happen! >> kevin, you bring up a very good point. a wedding is a time for family to come together. it's celebration of joy and wonderful event -- a memorable event in a woman's life and here they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars having this beautiful wedding and then all of a sudden they tell them, oh no, you can't do this.
9:50 pm
you have to move. you have to go -- take your 200 people and go to a room with 60 people that's like dirty and dingy and listen to your music. they're going to come up and say it was a breach of contract because they had a contract, the plaintiffs, the parents had a contract with the hotel saying they could have the wedding there, have the music and stuff like that. so ultimately, the court will make a determination whether the hotel breached its duty by change the venue, but the plaintiffs have a very strong case, kevin. >> kevin: come on, brian, you can't mess with the electric slide. brothers want to get loose. it's a wedding. you got to do better than this. you got to feel for the family in this case. i guess conversely f you're the hotel, you might be saying, look, the rules are the rules. what's your take? >> 1st, kevin, i think you -- first, kevin, i think you, kelly and i need to ask one question, how loud does the chicken dance have to be at the wedding? i'm not here to upset
9:51 pm
brides-to-be on the friday before valentine's day, but if you're spending $150,000 on flowers for a wedding, you might want to put a little bit of that money towards an attorney to read the wedding contract. why, kevin? these types of events that are that big, they usually a noise and music provision in the contract. what is that? well, it says that if there's other guests and other residents that the venue, here the hotel, has the right if the music or the noise is too loud in its discretion to say turn it down. if they don't turn it down, it's creating more of a disturbance. they're worried the authorities are going to come in. they could actually evict folks. i hate to say it, i hate to say it for this bride, but i think if this thing ultimately ends up further in court, she's going to end up with a broken heart. >> kevin: let me ask you this, kelly, if you were the family or advising the family -- and i recognize you're not and legally you can't do that -- but if you're advising them, what strategy would you try to give them as they try to get relief? this is a circumstance -- this is supposed to be a
9:52 pm
once-in-a-lifetime situation. you can't go back and get those memories. they're obviously upset. they invested their time, their heart and a lot of money. what would you tell them to do? >> the contract is key. so when you have a contract, it's binding agreement between two parties. in this case, the plaintiffs represent the family and then also the defendants which are the hotel. so the language and the contract is going to be key, but i disagree with our party pooper. i do believe that the parties have a really strong case and that ultimately the court will make a determination that, no, they signed the contract, was supposed to be in this one venue and they changed the venue and the plaintiffs will prevail. >> kevin: let me ask you about this, brian. perhaps it's in the contract and if it's in the contract and you sign the contract, you're responsible for what the fine print has to say however, i think it's in good faith as a business to maybe try to make them maybe not hold but maybe to
9:53 pm
push this aside, give them money and have them go away slightly unhappy rather than have this play out, because anytime you have to go to could the there are risks involved for the company as well, wouldn't you say? >> i don't disagree with that, kevin, but i'll tell you i actually have the complaint here. there's a footnote -- i can't believe they put it in here -- that the mother of the bride got an e-mail a few days before from the hotel saying there may be a problem with the music. so i'm going to go back to it. for $150,000 for flowers -- and i know the flowers are important -- a little bit of money a lawyer right then when they got that e-mail, i think this bride may have had a better wedding day. >> kevin: i cannot wait to see how this one plays out because as you can imagine f you drop that kind -- if you drop that kind of coin, you're going to take them to court. if you spend that on a wedding, i imagine you could spend that on a very good legal team as well. thank you for spending time with us. have a great weekend. a bit of good news before we say good night here on the big show, philadelphia eagles free safety
9:54 pm
anthony harris stepping in and making an 11-year-old girl's dream come true taking her to her school's daddy/daughter dance. audrey lost her dad and her grandfather last year when it came time for her school's daddy/daughter dance, her mom took to social media to ask her favorite athlete to be her date. harris went above and beyond and bought her a new dress and shoes. audrey felt like a princess all night long. that's what we call a good news good night to celrate. >> that's a great story, kevin. here's another one. here is one way to celebrate your birthday. instead of collecting gifts, how about collecting donations for a food drive instead? that's exactly what an 11-year-old boy in tampa did. christopher boeing sponsored the food drive at his elementary school saying he thought it'd be better to help people in need. christopher wants to celebrate his 12th birthday the same way and hopefully get even more items next year.
9:55 pm
kevin. >> kevin: i always love it when they get young people to think outside of themselves, because sometimes you know -- you're just thinking b oh, what's the next thing and what's in it for me? but that's a wonderful example. madeleine, thank you for spending time with us tonight. >> thank you so much. >> kevin: for shannon bream, i'm kevin corke, good night from washington. have a good one. - oh...oh. - what's going on? - oh, darn! - let me help. lift and push and push! there... it's up there. hey joshie... wrinkles send the wrong message. help prevent them with downy wrinkleguard. feel the difference with downy.
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