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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 17, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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stay very vigilant. sandra? >> we're watching that. 20 seconds from the top of the hour. still watching for hillary clinton to take the stage in new york. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts off for a tune-up. see you monday. great to spend most of the week with you. >> sandra: we'll miss you. >> john: "the story" with martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum at fox news head quarters in new york. as john and sandra have been telling you, we're about to hear from hillary clinton. back in the headlines this week and about to speak out for the first time of word of new accusations connected to her 2016 campaign surfaced in john durham's russia investigation. how interested in hillary clinton in a political future for herself these days and would that help or hurt a democrat facing tough warnings.
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karl rove writing this in the "wall street journal." democrats don't have great options to transform the mid-term climate. may all they can pray is that the republicans are morons. tom bevan and mark penn both standing by for us. first, to laura ingle in the new york democratic convention in midtown. >> hillary clinton's keynote address was supposed to start 40 minutes ago according to her latest tweet. but still we're waiting for her to take the stage. she's here to fire up new york state democrats at their nomination committee and convention here. what everybody wants to know is she ready to fire up a campaign of her own. as new york state denims work through their nominating convention, there has been amplified speculation about a possible presidential run in 2024 for the former u.s. senator
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and secretary of state after a recent "wall street journal" op-ed suggested the time is right. i asked the new york state democratic chair about the rumors earlier today. >> i've been hearing that. that's not her interest right now. i talk to her regularly. i'll tell you, she's just excited about speaking to the democratic party here in new york state to help motivate and excite us. >> while many here say they don't expect to hear any news like that about her future, they expect hillary clinton to talk about the past and about being the first female democratic nominee for president while supporting cathy hochul's bid to be the first woman governor elected in new york state. this is the first time we're hearing from hillary clinton since accusations in john durham's report. it contains allegations that the cyber security lawyer for the
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campaign shared information from the trump tower and white house with the cia and fbi. a narrative that clinton has called nonsense. as the room goes quiet, we're waiting for hillary clinton to take the stage. we'll let you know when she gets up there. >> martha: thanks, laura ingle in new york. let's bring in tom bevan from real clear politics and mark penn, former clinton adviser. great to have you with us. mark, let's go to you first. what do you expect to hear from hillary clinton and what do you think her intentions for her own future might be? >> i think she's going to give a strong speech. she will give a strong speech about the future of the democratic party. look, i think that she's always been a smart politician who will keep her options open. i think this speech just opens that -- those options up a little bit. i think she has a strong profile in the democratic party. she does not however have a strong profile nationally that suggested that he would have
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success running again right now. >> martha: that's interesting. what do you base that on? >> well, if i take a look at national polls, her image is below donald trump's who also is probably very struggling in the republican party, but also would have trouble gather ago 50% support. hillary clinton i think she's at about 36% favorable. too low a number to make a successful national challenge. >> martha: she had two big disappointments in the presidential arena. whether or not she has the stomach to go for it a third time i guess remains to be seen. interesting, tom, what we saw this week from some of these dcc internal polling and politico where they found that democrats own research shows that some battleground voters think the party is preachy, judgemental -- the words they used -- and focused on culture wars. unless they move more forcefully to confront the gop's potent
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culture war attacks from critical race theory to defunding police, they face losing ground to the republicans in the mid-terms what do you make of that assessment from the dcc? >> i think that's right. the democrats have come off as too preachy, too focused on identity politics. it's even worse than that. a quinnipiac poll that came out yesterday, among the number 1 issue for independents is inflation far and away among republicans. in democrats, it's number 3 behind climate change and election laws. it's 13%. democrats have a different view of the country and what the priorities are. that is a big problem for them moving forward as well in addition to the culture stuff. >> martha: so mark, today president biden is in ohio. he's talking about the infrastructure bill and, you know, sort of cheerleading a project in michigan that will be going through as part of what
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he's talking about today. it's interesting. steve ratner, an economic adviser to president obama, came out swinging at president obama today in "the new york times." the headline is biden keeps supplying the supply chain for inflation. that's dishonest. the bulk of the problems are an overstimulated economy, not the cause of it. is the white house approaching this inflation issue head on enough? >> well, look, the voters are going to blame those that are in office for something like -- as big as inflation. inflation affects every consumer. it's really being led by gasoline and then food prices. when i ask voters what do they see going higher, those are the two things that they named. i think they're going to point to the administration quite directly about gasoline prices. if the administration doesn't get in there and reopen domestic supplies and bring down prices, then i think that's an
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additional problem that goes against the democrats and the administration has got to get on it. >> martha: before i let you both go, i'd like to get you one at-bat at this john durham filing. i point out, there's a lot of back and forth about this. it's a filing. so this is -- whatever he has put in here has to be proven in court, which he will get an opportunity to do in may. we'll see whether or not he can prove it. one of the things he says here, tom, is that tech executive 1 indicated that he was seeking to please certain vips, referring to individuals at the clinton campaign. it goes on to say that he was using the purpose of this data to gather derogatory information about donald trump. hillary says this is nonsense. how much does this potentially stick? >> it certainly would be a problem if hillary clinton wanted to run again. she has to answer questions about her campaign from 2016. look, this is one of those issues as far as voters go,
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depends where you sit. republicans think this is a big deal, very important. democrats say it's nothing. independents will probably follow somewhere in between. it's an issue that falls along partisan lines. >> martha: mark, where do you come down on this story? >> i don't know whether hillary will be tied to this but the tech executives that use dns information from a white house contract gets him in a lot of trouble. >> martha: he's not been charged as of yet in this. if this describes his motivations for using the data that he had legal access to and i think that's going to go to where you'll see this play out in court when john durham tries to put this case together. that's incumbent on him. that's his burden. see if he meets it. thanks, mark and tom. great to see you. >> thanks. >> martha: an ominous warning from president biden today saying there's every indication that russia will launch an invasion of the ukraine. that was from president biden at
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the white house. general jack keane on where he sees this at this moment. he's up next. >> how high is the threat of a russian invasion right now? >> it's very high. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. i felt defeated. the pain, the stares. no one should suffer like that. i said, enough. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. four years clear. five years and counting. cosentyx works fast. for clear skin that can last. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis.
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>> martha: the threat from russia invading ukraine is very high and could happen in the next few days according to president biden who says that there's still a clear diplomatic path back from the brink. secretary of state antony blinken made a special trip to the united nations today. he postponed his departure for munich so he could be there. he is working diplomacy to try to create an environment where vladimir putin might end this
12:14 pm
showdown and end it now is. >> the russian government can announce today with no qualification, equivocation or deflection that russia will not invade ukraine. stated clearly, stated plainly to the world, and then demonstrated by sending your troops, your tanks and your planes back to their hangers and sending your diplomats to the negotiating table. in the coming days, the world will remember that commitment or the refusal to make it. >> martha: pretty clear terms there from antony blinken at the united nations. general jack keane is standing by. steve harrigan is in ukraine. first to jennifer griffin who joins us live from the pentagon. jennifer? >> martha, the warning from president biden who spoke to reporters while leaving the
12:15 pm
white house today is similar to what i heard from military sources as well as nato diplomats. the sense of concern and urgency is palpable. >> we have reason to believe they're engaged in a false flag operation to have an excuse to go in. every indication we have is they're prepared to go in ukraine and attack. my sense is it will be the next several days. >> new satellite images confirm what nato allies agree. russia's march to a full scale invasion of ukraine appears imminent. of particular note, a new pontoon bridge that was built across a river in belarus near the ukraine border north of the capitol, kiev. secretary of state antony blinken as you mentioned delayed his trip to the munich security conference today to urgently address the u.n. security council. blinken referenced skepticing that note western intelligence was wrong before the iraq
12:16 pm
invasion. the difference then, the u.s. was making the case for war. >> we're laying it out in great detail with the hope that by sharing what we know with the world, we can influence russia to abandon the path of war and choose a different path while there's still time. let me be clear. i am here today not to start a war but to prevent one. >> u.s. officials warn a false flag provocations in the first few days or like the shots fired this morning when russian backed separatedests fired mortar shells at a preschool hoping to bait the ukraine into a response. >> we've said for some time that the russians might do something like this in order to just fight a military conflict. so we'll be watching this closely. >> the u.s. announced they're
12:17 pm
sending 175 soldiers in a striker bring gait to re-assure bulgaria. martha? >> martha: general jack keane is here with us. do you agree with the president's assessment that it is very close and that an attack or an invasion by russia and ukraine could happen in the next few days? >> yes, i'm associated with the institute for study of war. their assessment is similar. we're on two paths here. one is a diplomatic path where the russians are trying to extract concessions from us and obviously when you're in the 11th hour like we're prone to be here, i strongly suspect the likelihood of those concessions of becoming more real in the minds of putin. but also, while he's disclaiming he's not conducts an invasion and in fact he's sending his troops home, he's lying again. the administration has come
12:18 pm
forward again with the facts that he's moved 7,000 troops in to the area, attack helicopters, more combat aircraft, medical units and blood units as well. certainly the tank bridge that jennifer mentioned, all of those leads to one conclusion, that he's planning to conduct an invasion in the next several days. that's kind of where we are. and i got to give the administration some real credit here. this exposure of classified information from the beginning has put putin at times on a defensive. it goes back to the coup against zelensky, a covert operation, the phony video with actors role playing, multiple false flag operations. we'll see more of that. certainly last weekend the fact that putin was getting close to an invasion. we called him out on it. the next thing we knew, he threw
12:19 pm
up his hands and moved towards a diplomatic path. so yes, this has been a good thing the administration is doing. i wish that they had taken putin on to deter him prior to the attack as we have discussed many times before. but certainly we've got to be very resolute now and very determined in terms of what we will do if there's an attack. the president has promised he will be very tough and we're going to -- nato and europe will be tough that remains to be seen. that has got to be the case. he's got to follow-through on those sanctions as comprehensive as he's promising them to be. >> martha: general jack keane, thanks. good to have you here today. let's go to steve harrigan joining us live in kiev. we have heard, steve, the reports that they have moved new russian helicopter gun ship units in, about 20 helicopters in belarus, field hospitals are
12:20 pm
being set up as we just heard from the general and jennifer. those certainly appear to be indications that they are ready. >> certainly attack positions all around. one area getting a lot of concern right now is in eastern ukraine. it's there that ukrainians have been battling russian backed separatists the last eight years. it's been a low level war but 14,000 ukrainians have been killed in that war. right now the battle has intensified there. a lot more shelling over the past 48 hours. a kindergarten on the ukrainian side was hit by a shell. students were not in the building at the time. two teachers were wounded and it knocked out power for half of the city. we've seen the president here, zelensky, really trying to plead for calm, try to deny that any invasion was imminent for quite some time. that tune is changing a little bit. zelensky visiting the front lines, having tea with soldiers
12:21 pm
in the east and saying the shelling of that kindergarten was a big provocation. it's still hard to get a read on the people here on the ground. they're basically having the invasion laid out for them by u.s. officials. what is going to happen, what might be the pretext. yet, i have to say it's not moving the meter here in the ukraine despite the talk of a major invasion that could come in 1 to 5 days. it's been a normal commute for many ukrainians. no sign people are leaving this capitol city that could be surrounded. back to you. >> martha: it's stunning to see the dichotomy between the behavior of the people in kiev trying to get on with their lives and as you point out this shelling of a kindergarten. that happened inside the russian-controlled area in the donbas region where fighting has been going on for some time. the images are so striking, steve.
12:22 pm
it's no surprise that this has gotten zelensky's very sharp attention and that he sees this as a very provocative move. whether or not this escalates from here, we'll see. steve harrigan, reporting on the ground in kiev. thank you. back here at home, a teacher shortage that is becoming so great that some states are now enlisting the national guard to come in and teach your children. betsy devos is here exclusively and happening now, freedom truckers holding firm as today deadline day to clear out arrives. there's a much greater presence of police on the scene as this continues to rise in tensions today. we'll take you there live next. >> i'm not moving. this is the price you pay. you have to do what you believe. no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans.
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12:27 pm
we'll see where that goes and keep you posted. meantime, a different kind of showdown north of the border where freedom convoy truckers are digging in today and today is a very big day in all of this. there is a deadline from the police that these truckers must move. must pull out of this area or today they will face arrests. >> those who willing to give their life for this cause mean much more than arrest. losing the assurance of somebody -- they can take my house. i don't care at this point. probably my bank account is froze. actually, i don't even care. i'm broke financially anyways. so take it. who cares?
12:28 pm
>> martha: alexis mcadams is live on the scene in canada's capitol city while this is playing out. >> hi, alexis. >> martha: hi, martha. a busy day in canada's capitol. we saw more police move in overnight and put up a fence to block the protesters from getting too close to parliament hill. you can see what we've been watching on the ground the past 21 days, this morning a bus load of law enforcement officer as arrived in ottawa. investigators dropped off to patrol what is called the red zone. they're ordering to bring the chaos in the capitol to stop. the protesters have been fighting against the covid restrictions and the mandates. no major action yet. the at what you police chief says they're ready to use methods that they're not used to
12:29 pm
seeing. the demonstrators say bring it on. >> prepared to watch them hit me with pepper spray. i'm a peaceful person. if they're going to go unlawfully and under unlawful orders, i'm not accepting their awful to contract. i'm going to sit on my arse and put my arms and we're going to stand. >> justin trudeau invoked canada's emergency act for the first time in history. that gave police the power to ticket and arrest protesters. the government freezing trucker's bank accounts. some trying to make transfers when they found out. listen. >> i tried to make an e transfer to pay for some minerals for cattle. all of a sudden, i get absolutely no banking on my rbc account. >> that's a situation, martha, for several people out here. also another explosive day on parliament hill. this afternoon justin trudeau defending the use of the
12:30 pm
emergencies act saying it was necessary to protect canadians while some conservative members are opposed to the act because they say it is dividing the country. back out here in ottawa, i can tell you things are more calm than usual. it does pick up on the weekend. even when i tried to extent my stay, they say people are still coming even though police can't say it anymore. go home. >> martha: even though today is this deadline and we'll see if we see confrontation or not at this point. alexis mcadams. let's bring in dan henninger, a fox news contributor. great to see you. >> good to with with you. >> martha: this is quite a story. one of the things that we learned about today that alexis was reporting, a very large increase of police presence on the street now. justin trudeau has said it's time to go home. you wonder where this is heading next. >> sandra: yeah. watching these images, you know,
12:31 pm
is kind of a sad thing to see. it's pretty pathetic. prime minister trudeau stood in the particle meant and said his invocation of the emergencies act was necessary. you know what was not necessary? creating a political crisis as he has with this situation. let's recall that it was back on january 15 when prime minister trudeau issued his vaccine mandate against these truckers. you have to ask, what was the point of doing that at this late stage of the pandemic? omicron was declining everywhere. what looks like we're going to the final phases of the pandemic and mr. trudeau chooses this moment to issue this vaccine mandate against these truckers forcing them to quarantine if they come back in the country precipitating this three-week long crisis in ottawa. now he's invoked the emergencies act, which has never been invoked in canada's history. it's intended to be invoked if
12:32 pm
canada were under attack of its sovereignty. which is not the case here. now we reached the point that the truckers are just going to sit there and let themselves be arrested and rolled over by the police. it's with the most polarizing political incidents we've seen in canadian -- in canada in any one's living memory. i think the consequences will last a very long time in that country. >> we'll see if they start pulling people out of their trucks and arresting them. it could get ugly. we'll see exactly how dug in justin trudeau. he sees the occupations and blockades are illegal and he's dug in. we'll go to a live event in new york right now. as promised, hillary clinton making remarks at the new york democratic convention in new york city. she's talking about political divisions in america. let's dip in. >> elections are being normalized, we're in unchartered territory. make no mistake, our adversaries
12:33 pm
around the world are watching. republicans are defending coup plotters. they're curbing voting rights at precisely the moment when democracy needs champions. when we should be standing together against autocracies like russia and china. january 6 last year was a gift to them. because they know something we need to remember. america is only as strong as our unity and our democracy allows us to be. that's why new york must not only be the home of the statue of liberty, we must be the defenders of liberty. not just a laboratory of democracy but a protector of democracy. we must reject the big lie about the 2020 election.
12:34 pm
>> martha: all right. hillary clinton hitting some familiar themes here as she gets louder at the podium there in new york city. she's talking about january 6 says it was a gift to china. talking and unity and democracy, all of that at the same time as john durham continues the investigation into whether or not her campaign was involved in an effort to listen in to president trump or listen in to candidate trump. all of that will play out in a courtroom as that unfolds in may. right now a lot of speculation about whether hillary clinton seeing weakness in the current president and whether or not she sees an opportunity for her and is this a moment where she puts herself back on the public stage and put that idea in people's minds and see how that goes when she floats it out there. we'll keep a close eye on that. meantime, some states calling on the national guard to confront a post covid crisis for our students as schools just don't have enough teachers to fill the
12:35 pm
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no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa. >> martha: dozens of new mexico's national guard service members deploying to the state's schools as officials struggle to find substitute teachers to keep their classrooms open. >> the governor called upon its guard both air and army to step in and assist. we're soldiers. we serve our community. this is another way to help serve our community. >> martha: good for them. the teacher shortage crisis extends beyond new mexico. there's nearly 400,000 fewer educators in america's public school today than prepandemic. betsy devos is here. but first to fox business correspondent lydia hu who is live in millville, new jersey at a school there. hi, lydia.
12:40 pm
>> that's right. the hundreds of thousands of missing educators is putting a lot of pressure on schools right now to keep classrooms open. we're seeing some school districts now using their federal funding to offer more pay to teachers in an attempt to recruit more. some are hiring foreign teachers to fill the missing gaps. some are turning to the national guard for help. there's now some colleges that are offering three-year teaching degrees to try to get some candidates in the pipeline earlier. here at this high school in millville, new jersey, it's been empty for hours because they're only able to hold classes for half a day nor the entire month of february. they don't have enough teachers for a full day of classes. >> so our administrators and our teachers are working feverishly to cover classes for kids. it's down about 2/3s. so every day became solving a
12:41 pm
puzzle. how we're going to cover classes. >> now new jersey and about half a dozen other states highlighted here in green or red that you can see, they're doing away with a statewide mask mandates in school. the superintendent here says that is a great move that will drastically improve education for students. but it's one that is causing him concern about teacher recruitment. he says that could get harder. so now as masks are about to go away, he's thinking about introducing a test to stay policy where if there's a covid exposure in schools, teachers and students have to test negative in order to state. that illustrates the balancing act that comes into play when trying to recruit teachers, keeping classrooms open and keeping students in school. martha? >> martha: it's tough. thanks, lydia. former education secretary betsy devos joins me now. 400,000 teachers have left the profession and have joined part of the great resignation that we
12:42 pm
have seen across this country. what's going on? >> well, it's very unfortunate indeed. teachers have been jerked around like families have been for two years. we're seeing the results of that now. the joy has been sucked out of teaching. secretary cardona said the greatest joy teachers have is seeing smiles in the classroom. think about the months and years now that teachers and students in the classroom have been masked off from one another. all of the nonsense and politics surrounding the masks or not masking. this is -- there's not a surprise that teachers are feeling beaten down and those that have found alternative places to teach where they can do so with the freedom to teach the way that works best for them and their kids, they're going to continue doing that. so we need to support teachers finding the freedom that they need to do their best just like
12:43 pm
we need to support families and kids finding the education freedom that they need to find their fit. >> martha: we've seen a lot of teachers that have migrated to teaching in pods and other schools that were open, in some cases that weren't insisting that they wear masks and the regulations that went with it. so is more pay the answer? that was part of lydia's report there. is that part of the answer? >> it could be part of the answer. what is the real answer? giving educators and families that need education to their kids the freedom to find the fix for all of them. when we do so, the market will set the pay and we'll see great teachers getting paid much higher salaries and we'll see other teachers that shouldn't be in the classroom because they're not effective finding other work to do. we need to support families, students and educators to find
12:44 pm
the freedom for the right education fit for kids in k-12. >> martha: okay. betsy, we're watching hillary clinton speaking here in new york. we have a new sound bite. before i let you go, a couple seconds. let you listen to this. here she is. >> republicans will claim they're on the side of parents and family values, but they will do nothing for actual parents or families. nothing on child care, nothing on paid leave, nothing to help working moms and dads get by and get ahead. they will do nothing to invest in our schools or make college more affordable. >> martha: that's right up your alley, betsy. what do you think about that? >> i could say nothing could be more false. republicans have shown time and again that they're on the side of families, they're on the side of families of all income levels to find their right fit. we support families that want the best education for their kids and that means the freedom to find the right place and the
12:45 pm
right way that kids learn. each of them are different and education freedom is on the march and it's not going to be turned back. educators and families and students will a preachate it all the morn. >> martha: a lot of parents demanding more choices as a result of what they experienced during covid. we see all of these options are beginning to flourish. we'll see where it goes. thanks, betsy. former secretary of education. so republican senator mike braun among those demanding that attorney general merrick garland commit to allowing the durham probe to proceed without any interference. we'll talk to him about why that is a concern for him and what he's asking about that.
12:46 pm
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>> martha: dozens of republican
12:50 pm
senators seeking new assurances from merrick garland that john durham's investigation into the origins of the russia probe will proceed with prosecutorial independence. one of the republicans to sign the letter joins me now, indiana senator mike braun. senator braun, always good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> martha: why did you feel compelled to write this letter? you feel there's any indication the attorney general won't allow this to proceed? >> i'll go back to several months ago when i interviewed merrick garland. are you going to pursue the rioters and arsonists in the summer of 2020 in the same enthusiasm of january 6? he said sure we will. trying to give me some type of stat in terms of how that was working. i hardly heard anything about that. he also sent out a letter
12:51 pm
accusing parents of being domestic terrorists when they were trying to stand up in school board meetings. he would be end to bend. and here special counsel durham reminds me if you're a dog lover of a basset hound. the trail has gotten hotter. there's three indictments. they're afraid of it. he needs to have full liberty to go forward with the investigation. >> martha: you know, what do you make of what was exposed in that file something because there are, as you say, in this round as well, a lot of folks that say this is nothing. this is old news. he had legal access to this data. what do you make of it? >> i've been here a little over three years, martha. whenever their side, it was early on, like when i got involved in the first trump impeachment. now we know what underpinned
12:52 pm
that with the phony report. conspiracy theory. debunked. this is more than that. i think when you start messing with servers in a white house, you do stuff like that, special counsel durham is not going to let that go until you look under every rock, get into every nook and cranny and now you can see the chatter on the mainstream media that they're going into that mode of talking more about it where they were saying nothing. who knows where this goes. it just needs to have the latitude to go as far as as it can until special counsel durham said there's no further to go. >> martha: you know, it appears so far that he has the independence that he needs. there's no indication that he's said that anyone is trying to shut him down or trying to curtail what he's doing. there's a court date in may for michael sussmann. i expect we'll see more light shed on the issues that came up in this filing during that court date. so this is playing out as it
12:53 pm
should and we have to allow the court process to move forward. >> yes. this letter is an insurance policy that he doesn't get weak kneed once the trail even gets hotter. >> martha: senator braun, we'll see what happens. let us know if you get any reaction to your letter. most of these letters don't get any response at all. let us know if you hear anything back. good to have you here. >> will do. >> martha: we have been following this story all week and we will throughout the weekend. the russia showdown that is heightening the threat of cyber warfare that could target american businesses, our american infrastructure. this is very serious issue that we have to look at and be ready for that is next. >> we need to understand and realize who we're dealing with. these guys are not boy scouts. they use cyber to ruin people's lives and cause us to lose trust in our own institutions.
12:54 pm
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>> martha: security experts with a stark warning saying our way of life is at risk as the showdown of russia heightens the risk of a cyber attack on different entities here in the u.s. they say americans have to prepare for disruptions to critical infrastructure. here at home, aishah hasnie reports. hi, aishah. >> so one cyber expert said the most vulnerable sector to an attack is our water and sewage systems. so you remember a year ago, hackers believed to be from russia and gained access to a florida water system and try to poison the water by raising the sodium hydroxide levels. they failed thankfully. fox has learned that russia could target the electrical grid, government communications systems and the gas pipelines as you remember that were hit last
12:59 pm
year. deputy attorney general lisa monaco issuing a stern warning to businesses today. >> companies of any size and of all sizes would be foolish not to be preparing right now as we speak to increase their defenses. >> so that's why cyber experts say everyone should start doing their part today to secure your online accounts now and also gather some basic supplies at home as if you're prepping for a weather event like a hurricane. >> they have embedded themselves into every critical manufacturing plant, facility, location in this country. so if they want to attack us, they can attack us today. we don't have the defenses to stop them. >> so martha, the bottom line here is to be prepared, not panic because that's what the russian hackers would want from the american public, panic and fear. martha? >> martha: meantime we prepare
1:00 pm
for a hurricane. thanks very much. aishah hasnie. that is the story for february 17. as always, the story goes on. so grateful to have you with us this afternoon. we look forward to joining use tomorrow at 3:00. meantime, stay tuned. there's a lot more ahead on fox news. "your world" starts right about now. >> charles: is russia setting up for an invasion? joe biden says vladimir putin is in the middle of a false flag operation as a kindergarten is shelled in eastern ukraine. is this it? the news rattling stocks as people are moving to gold and bonds. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." we have fox team coverage with jennifer griffin at the pentagon on this mounting tension and


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