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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  February 20, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. mike: president biden meeting with his national security team today after his stark warnings that he's now convinced vladimir putin has made his decision to invade ukraine in the coming days. welcome to fox news live, i'm mike emanuel. we have fox team coverage with mike tobi anymore in poland and steve harrigan in ukraine's capital. good afternoon, mark. mark: good afternoon, the white house says it continues to push for a diplomatic deescalation of tensions between russia and ukraine and this week it feels like it's been hands on deck
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meeting with u.s. allies trying to prevent war from breaking out. it was while he was there that he urged the u.s. not to wait any longer to impose sanctions against russia. today the biden administration is firing back insisting that now is not the time to punish russia further. >> it's supposed to be a deterrent if you punish somebody for something they don't done yet, they might as well do it. we are hoping that might affect the calculus of mr. putin. mark: we are looking to see if the posture may change after security meeting wrapped up. we can certainly get an update from him if certainly possible after the meeting but we are also looking to see whether or not vice president kamala harris will have anything new to say after he touches back in washington. she was at the conference in munich and while she was there she said, mike, it's possible that americans could see a spike in energy prices if a war eventually does break out.
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>> we are talking about the real possibility of war in europe. so our position is for us very clear which is as a leader which we have been bringing together the allies, working together around our collective and unified position. mark: we expect to see more meetings this week with antony blinken and mike, a lot can change between now and then. we will continue to let you know if there's updates. mike: mark, we do not expect to hear from president biden today. do you get a sense that we will get some kind of readout about his meeting with his national security team? mark: i would envision that that's certainly a possibility. the white house has not come out to say that that's what they are going to do but i would say it's certainly still possible that we could hear from the president. we don't have anything to announce but never say never.
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mike: fair enough. mark: you bet. mike: killing two ukrainian soldiers and wounded even more according to ukraine's military. for more on the ground let's go on the ground to steve harrigan, hello, steve. steve: mike, that's where the real worries are now on the east of ukraine. where ukrainian forces are fighting against russian-backed separatists and the shelling has increased dramatically over the past several days. two ukrainian soldiered killed on saturday and concern if there's an invasion that could be the flash point in the east. there's been evacuation ordered by the russian-backed separatists. they are warning of a possible inva ukrainian invasion seems highly very tougr
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people that live there, the older, the weaker, children who are being put on buses and trains for hours not being sure where they are taken to. here is what one woman had to say. >> we are taking enough food for one day. we don't know when we will be back. steve: so they are just grabbing a bag and getting on a bus or train for up to 15 hours. they are promised $130 when they do get -- and the president has complained about repeated warnings about imminent invasion and certainly taking a hard hit on ukraine's economy. luke announced canceling flights to ukraine, germany and austria, the latest countries who told residents to leave immediately. mike: steve, you covered conflict in the region for decades, your sense of where we are? does it feel like something eminent is really about to spill
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over? steve: i think we get a real scare every couple of days from new announcements from the white house. there's a gap here on the ground. it's hard psychologically for ukrainians fighting massive war with their neighbor russia. many families intertwined, generations close ties, psychologically they aren't there yet. mike: ukrainians are proud people and they are prepared to fight for their sovereignty, that sounds it could be bloody, right? steve: unbelievably bloody. hard to imagine for anybody. 25 years ago russia fought a war in chetznia. ukraine has 44 million. they have an army, they have allies, no telling what could happen. mike: important historical context from the man steve harrigan on the ground there. steve, thanks very much.
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polish government has signed security pack with ukraine and united kingdom promise to go work together as the threat of russian invasion of ukraine and concern about vladimir putin's larger ambitions grow. mike tobin live in southern poland. mike: one of the places which u.s. forces have been deployed. most of from the 82nd airborne and some from 101st. given their history in europe the mere presence of the paratroopers and soldiers is intended to send a message that the u.s. stands with its nato allies. their task is described as multimission capable. they could help u.s. citizens out here who get in trouble. they very well could provide manpower in the event that the polish border gets overwhelmed with ukrainian refugees and that potential is something that has polish government officials losing sleep.
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>> it will be very challenging for our country. we are aware of how big amounts of ukrainians can reach poland after the invasion and from russia creating our plans how to host those people. mike: we visited the town right on the ukrainian border, people are scared, they think if russia takes ukraine, putin won't stop and he'll come for more. we did not find a lot of affection for the border town ukrainian neighbors even if the people did want to help the refugees in the event they materialize it's predicted that there will simply be too many. >> in my opinion, we shouldn't take them in. the ukrainians are worse on than the russians. >> our town is too small, we don't have the infrastructure to accommodate refugees.
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mike: ukrainians have been immigrated to poland since 2014 can the takeover of crimea and destabilization of the eastern part of the country. so there will be some infrastructure, some soft spots that could absorb ukrainian refugees but if they come in the numbers predicted, they will simply be too many, mike. mike: mike, is part of the concern that if things get hot with russia and ukraine, once you start shooting in some conflict like that, that it could have an impact in terms of perhaps ammunitions going to polish territories as well? mike: well, there's always the potential. there's a lot of security that border is nato and borders with ukraine and different ball of wax if russian artillery were to cross and even with european union. you can't cross the nato border,
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that almost is a permission slip for russia if you will if you take it in the context. mike: mike tobin live in poland. thank you very much. police have cleared the majority of the freedom convoy protests off of ottawa streets after the demonstrations immobilized canada's capital for weeks. law enforcement stepped up response over the weekend arresting 191 protestors in a two-day blitz. grady trimble is tracking the latest developments from the ground from ottawa, canada, hello, grady. reporter: police warned protestors that this weekend would look a lot different from the last 3 here on wellington street and that's certainly the case. this time yesterday there were still trucks parked along with the main stage of the protests, now you can see it's completely taken over and police have taken control of the area right here in front of parliament. so how did we get here? police started moving in on
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friday. they came back on saturday but this time they were wearing helmets, face shields and had batons they say to protect themselves from protestors who they claim were assaulting them but the protestors say they were roughed up by police and now we've just learned that the police oversight agency here in canada is looking into at least 2 incidents between police and those protestors. we will go through the numbers with you. just under 200 people arrested. half of those facing charges. 76 bank accounts frozen containing around $3.2 million. that because prime minister justin trudeau invoked the emergency's act which gave the federal government extraordinary powers. police say that was necessary to get the protestors out of here but the canadian civil liberties association and some heads of provinces here have questioned
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whether this protest met the standards to use that extraordinary measure which has never been invoked before. we should point out that the canadian civil liberties association along with alberta, the province to the way west from here across the country essentially is challenging the froth, taking them to court, mike, over the use of the emergencies act. mike: grady trimble, mighty fox business network, grady, thank you very much. police helicopter crashing into the waters just off southern california beach killing one officer and critically injuring another. this is the second helicopter to crash in the span of hours. christina coleman live in los angeles with the latest details, hello, christina. christina: hi, mike, there were terrifying moments in the sky. there were two helicopter crashes within ten hours of each other. the fatal one happened here in southern california. the helicopter crashed into the
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water near newport beach killing one officer and injuring another. they were the only two on board officer who survived were released from the hospital. the officers responded to disturbance fight call when the chopper went down. orange county sheriff's office are investigating the car of the crash. the officer who died was identified as 44-year-old nicholas vela, veteran of the huntington police department. last night officers lined up outside of the hospital to escort his body to orange county coroner's office. law enforcement agencies throughout the region are sharing their thoughts and prayers over the tragic loss of officer vela. here is the huntington beach police chief. >> the city of huntington beach, the residents of huntington beach, the huntington beach police department and the law
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enforcement community have lost an officer that was truly dedicated to his job and was doing what he loved doing. christina: miami beach showed dramatic video of helicopter hitting close to shore. imagine how they must have felt like watching the helicopter going down near them. it's unclear what caused the helicopter to go down. ntsb and faa are investigating, mike. mike: interesting, christina coleman live in los angeles, thanks a lot. the world's longest reigning monarch tested positive for covid-19. queen elizabeth is only experiencing mild cold-like symptoms and will still perform, quote, light duties this week
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according to buckingham palace. 95-year-old queen received 3 doses of the vaccine and prince charles and daughter-in-law camila contracted the virus earlier this month. more on the border next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: live images from our drone at the southern border, migrant encounters nearly doubling in january compared to the same time last year and more than 62,000 were released into the casey steigel in la joya, texas with details. reporter: border patrol are still seeing large group of migrants popping and groups together with they pop up. some of them turn themselves in to authorities, others do not and here in la joya, texas, the fox news flight team drone captured the bird's-eye view of agents running after migrants. we saw them try and hide in the brush but ultimately they were
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unsuccessful because they were all -- before it was all said and done our team saw at least 15 or so who were taken into custody. while over in el paso, the chief says within 2 hours yesterday 29 groups were sent across the border. federal agents say this further proves how the cartels and criminals are running the show out here. >> the criminal element that's just south of our border, they control everything, whether it's drugs, whether it's humans, whether it's counterfeit products, everything they control and it's a billion dollar business and all start with illegal immigration. >> reporter: now you are looking at stretch of land. the dynamics are constantly changing. sometimes early morning is busiest, at sometimes just after sunset is when it's most active. officials say that is the smugglers trying to change things up. their ultimate goal is to catch
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law enforcement off guard so they can get their drugs or people into the u.s. mike. mike: casey stegell live in la joya, texas. president biden meeting with the national security council amid rising tensions in ukraine as the white house prepares for potential russian invasion that could start at any time. joining me now to weigh in democratic strategist kevin and gop strategist robinson, gentlemen, welcome. >> thanks, mike. >> mike, good to be with you. mike: what about political fallout since this is a political panel with the crisis in ukraine? >> well, certainly there are political ramifications with this. we saw as you reported the vice president heading back from the munich security conference. she's on air force 2 flying home and i think did a very good job
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through a national security lens and political lens of really laying out the ramifications of a russian invasion that seems eminent. we are getting more and more intelligence that, for example, the exercises with belarus and russia that were said to expire are continuing. that is happening just two hours away from the capital of kyiv, we are seeing the olympics are over, security conference are over and there are certainly obviously implications domestically here for politics heading into the midterm elections certainly. mike: president biden didn't choose the crisis but he will certainly be graded on it, right? >> absolutely. one of the things that come to mind is what could have been done to prevent the the place where we are today. president biden refused to apply pressure to germany when it comes to north stream 2 pipeline. that's something that's incredibly important now as we are looking at the situation on the ground because obviously this is europe's backyard, this is in the our backyard. i think it's a question right now how we are going to respond
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to russian aggression on the border with ukraine but the big question is what our european allies are going to do because ultimately this is their burden to shoulder. mike: to the trucker protest in canada, kevin, did prime minister justin trudeau go to door in invoking emergency powers? >> well, time will tell certainly. i think obviously it was a political headache for him in terms of the imagery coming out of ottawa, but certainly i think there are now implications here again domestically with the potential trucker convoys here in the united states and so that will play out in the coming days and weeks and the lead-up to the state of the union and implications that might be headed to washington, d.c. so what happened in canada might not necessarily stay in canada. so time will tell in terms of the hit that that will take on prime minister trudeau but what i will say and i talked about this before, the vaccine is highly effective, over 4 billion on the people have taken that
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vaccine. so we know that the only way we are going to get out of this current crisis especially with the omicron variant is through vaccinations. mike: quill how do you grade the prime minister and similar protest shutting down washington? >> sure, i agree with kevin that modern day miracle that we have the vaccine and i think people should go out and get it but ultimately that's not what this is about. this is about government mandates, this is about the government telling you what to do with your own body. and i think this is why so many canadians are outraged and despite efforts on prime minister trudeau, these are people rising up and saying the government does not tell me what to do with my body. i think if -- i think prime minister trudeau is getting rightful backlash for aggressive response to the people who are standing up and making their voices heard. there's a risk in the united states if biden administration
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and progressives do not back off there could be a similar response. mike: to olympics in beijing, seems many americans struggled to get fired up about the olympics. kevin, how do you assess beijing 2022? >> well, mike, i think it was a complete failure on behalf of the international community specifically the ioc to have the games in china. you know, you played some graphics from the closing ceremonies where they are saying they are one people united. we are not and the fact that this took place during a genocide active in the country against ethnic uighurs was a decrease. de-- disgrace and you saw plummet. mike: as a greek american i'm
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typically all in on the olympics. quill, is it the chinese regime not american star power, why did the olympics fall flat with the american people? >> i think that the ccp saw this as an opportunity to boost its image on the international stage but ultimately it's a complete failure as kevin pointed out. this was record low viewership and i think the reason for this is that despite all of their efforts to -- and all the circumstance around the olympics was really shown through was the fact that china is committing a genocide right now against ethnic uighurs and number one polluter in the world and i don't think that sports can breakthrough that. i think that ultimately, the chinese are number 1 when it comes to human rights abuses, they are number 1 when it comes to destroying the environment but when it comes to the olympics this was a failure and the people of the world saw right through it. mike: it would be interesting to see if the united states and others can pressure the
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international olympic committee to basically make sure that it's a reward to host an olympics not given to those who are offenders in the world stage. >> let's bring it back to greece to honor you, mike. mike: that's great, thank you so much. great to have your perspective. >> thanks, mike. >> happy president's weekend. mike: bill hemmer interviews kirby. lucas tomlinson right after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: violence spikes at ukrainian's eastern border and russia extends training with belarus. lucas tomlinson is live from
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western ukraine with the very latest, hello, lucas. lucas: hello, mike, moments ago we heard that swiss air holds cancel flights between tomorrow and end of the month over fears of russian invasion. as you mentioned belarus has said they will extend russian forces inside its country. the joint military exercises were supposed to end today, here is belarus' defense minister confirming the news. >> first of all, the steps are aimed to prevent war, our president said it more than once during meetings, we don't want war but they either don't hear us or don't want to hear us. lucas: that was a big fear in the west. 30,000 russian forces in belarus would say. recall invasion crimea during
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exercise. today across ukraine people remembering more than 100 ukrainians massacred in capital city, two days later president fled to moscow ending putin's hope to keep government intact. 30 years in the making since soviet union broke apart. he's obsessed over ukraine. putin word 5,000 word essay over the summer calling ukrainians and russians one people. many disagree. >> it doesn't matter which part of ukraine, west or east or crimea, everyone chose to be independent and the world including russia accepted this choice. lucas: in 1994 ukraine has the largest arsenal and gave up russia respecting borders.
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that brings us to today's current crisis. after russia invaded crimea 8 years ago today, mike, 58 countries at the united nations abstained from criticizing russia over that move. mike. mike: the more needy concern may be eastern ukraine where the clash may start but eventually they may get to lviv, are you getting a sense people are going about their daily lives or how high are the tensions in lviv. lucas: people are pretty relaxed, people are going to breakfast, lunch. last night i saw people coming in from the bars. it feels very relaxed. when i stop people ask are you worried aba russian invasion, they say we have been at war for 8 years and what's going on the
10:34 am
east is far more cry than the pentagon that russia can be launching ballistic missiles but for now people are living their lives going about their business, you wouldn't think an invasion could potentially happen very soon. mike: great context in the report, lucas tomlinson live in lviv, thank you so much, lucas, have a great day. to break down crisis and implications, i would like to welcome secretary european affairs, matthew, welcome. >> thanks, mike, great to be with you although circumstances are troubling. mike: indeed. vladimir putin invaded georgia in 2008, how is this crisis with ukraine similar in your view? >> oh, in so many ways. at that time i was -- i had the lead on georgia at the state department and, you know, the united states government was constantly urging the president of georgia at the time to be patient and not to respond to russian provocations and what happened was that the russians
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arranged for separatists in georgia just like the separatists in eastern ukraine to fire artillery just as the separatists have been doing at the ukrainian military and we fired don't fire back, they said we are trying to withhold fire until it got to a point where they said, look, we are elected to democratic process. our duty is to defend our territory, restore our territory, integrity and we have to fire back. the georgians fired back and that triggered the russian -- the pretext for the russian invasion. i think that's exactly what is happening right now in eastern ukraine in the donbas. >> in 2009 the obama administration did reset with russia worth mentioning since a lot of former obama officials are currently in the biden administration. how did that impact vladimir putin? >> i was -- i was still in the u.s. government during the first six months of the obama administration and i was
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appalled when the reset policy was announced. that was the signal to putin that despite having invaded georgia and occupied large swath of its territory, everything was okay. we wanted to reset relations with russia in a new administration. and i just think back to with the president at the time, he said, look, it's bad that russia invaded georgia but if they invade ukraine that's going to be a big problem and then -- the then president of georgia said after what they just done in georgia, crimea is next. he predicted. crimea. so to sum it all up during the years from 2009 when the reset policy was announced and implemented until 2014 when russia invaded ukraine the first time, russia launched its biggest piece time military build-up in history in northwest russia, in the baltic states to threaten our nato allies,
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estonia, lithoaniap he's trying to destabilize ukraine's policies. there's rumors about possible coup attempts and issuing passports to citizens of ukraine in the east in donbas and ridiculous and fake evacuation of people from eastern ukraine, the time stamp on when the video was made about the -- about the evacuations was actually before the evacuations happened, so there's -- there's an attempt by putin all throughout with cyber attacks and information warfare attacks to try to destabilize ukraine's economy and political system. even short of a military intervention but i do expect, i do expect a military intervention in the donbas, eastern ukraine as a way to
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solidify the defacto of separation under russian controlled leadership so that in the future those regions of ukraine will vote forever to keep ukraine out of nato. so we will see a lot of cyber-attacks, political destabilization and god forbid but i think a military operation at least in donbas. mike: i want to play a clip from the a russian official and i want you to respond. >> there's no innovation and no such plans. russian troops are on sovereign russian territory. we don't threaten anyone. mike: russian ambassador to u.s. saying, nothing to see here, your thoughts? >> it's utterly ridiculousment you don't deploy 130, 150 or 190,000 troops on the border of a country not in a threatening way. by definition, not only is that threatening it's illegal. it's contrary to russia's own pledges under numerous
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agreements date to go helsinki act of 1995, nato russian act of 1997 repeated russia has promised not to use force against european neighbors. it may be that russia is saying we don't plan an invasion of ukraine but what they are doing it is provoking it. they are firing artillery of increasingly large caliber at the ukrainian military from the separatist regions and they know they know at some point again any democratically elected leader of any country ukraine include willed have to respond and when that happens russia will say, well, we didn't plan antonio said but we have no choice because they are killing our soldiers. mike: matthew, great to see you again. thank you so much for your time. >> you too, mike, thank you. mike: 3 san francisco school board members recalled in what some see as a warning sign to democrats in the run-up to the midterm elections. more on that next. ♪ ♪
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>> you look at your white neighbor and they are evil regardless of the experience that you've had with them. and we are not going to do that. mike: that was a north carolina father of 3 speaking out against critical race theory at school board meeting this as parents in deep blue san francisco are pushing back against their own school board by recalling 3 of
10:45 am
its members. the ousted board president lashing out at support for the recall claiming that it was aligned with white supremacy for what this could mean for the 2022 midterms i'm joined by exec cuetive director for fight for schools, father of two children in the loudon school district. >> thanks for having me. well, you know, it's really amazing. we are seeing shades of what we amazing. we are seeing shades of what we are doing in loudon county in san francisco, watering down admissions, focusing on renaming schools during a pandemic. that's the same thing that was going on in san francisco. now, over here everyone says, well, this is just a republican-fueled effort but you go out to the west and you're seeing 80%, i mean, they have an 80% number to recall one of those school board members and it's being led by democrats and being led by leaders in the asian community. you know, this is all they ever say.
10:46 am
this is white supremacy or this is racist. they will continue to lose these fights if they don't figure out that's not what it's about. it's about parents that want to make sure that their children and all children are getting the best education possible and the virtue signaling gets left behind. mike: matt cartwright, had this to say about parents and schools. >> the more important are involved in children's education the better the kids do. mike: is that recognition that there are many more parents out there than union teachers? >> democrats are figuring out that what is happening the formation of the biggest single issue voter block in american history and that's parents. it doesn't matter if they are republicans, black, white, asian, male, female, christian,
10:47 am
jewish, muslim. it's going the transcend all of that and their votes are going to be up for grabs. unfortunately democrats -- unfortunately for them being pulled by far left and local school board members and unions that just are not in touch with what is going on in america right now. mike: in virginia after glenn youngkin issued executive order making mask mandate optional the governor passed into bill and signed into law. it is reviewing what it means for its public schools. so when do local school boards get to decide what laws to follow? >> it really is amazing. most of the school districts here out in virginia are complying with the law. but fairfax county -- i think attorney general made it quite clear that schools have to follow this law and if they don't they are going to be hearing from his office. so it'll be interesting to see what happens in fairfax county but they are super intended, seems to want to keep doubling
10:48 am
and tripling down and parents are not happy. mike: is it a matter of time where the hold-out schools districts comply and give choice on mask in school? >> we saw here in loudon parents brought a suit and were able to get a mask mandate enjoined in loudon public school days earlier than what the school system said it was going to do. any school system that refuses to follow the law will find themselves in court and on the losing side of any argument that they make. mike: great to see you, have a wonderful day. >> thanks, you too. mike: an hour away from nascar season, live report from the daytona 500 coming up next.
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mike: frigid weather conditions expected across the country as we head into president's week, oh, dear, meteorologist adam klotz has your fox weather forecast. hello, adam. adam: as you said there's definitely spots we are tracking some winter weather. not the case absolutely everywhere. you see warm-up in the middle of the country, the upper tiers of the country we are looking at very winter-like weather, snow
10:53 am
over the next couple of days but there's plenty of warm spots too and one of those being obviously down in daytona beach, the daytona 500, 73 degrees going to be a really nice day for a race. really comfortable temperatures too. sometimes it gets really warm. looking at the international map, mostly clear conditions, really nice looking sunday out there. i do take you up to the upper third of the country and that's where we have seen the winter-like weather running across the northern portions of the great lakes getting into new england and heavier rounds of snow into intermountain west. they are seeing snowfall and you get into the mountains, skiers, don't worry the season is not over yet as we are looking at very heavy snow especially portions in utah and over into colorado there's going to be a lot of snow over the next couple of weeks. but for your forecast for president's day, again, outside of that very cold air in the northern tier of the country, plenty of spots relatively warm.
10:54 am
a lot of 70's, 60's and quite mild. tuesday and wednesday, you see the cool of winter testify like weather but if you're east of the mississippi, boy does it stay warm and comfortable. wednesday, cold air plunges in but sudden new york city is running up to near 65 degrees, going to be very warm in dc this all just kind of marchs along giving us a little bit of both worlds, mike, but fairly nice weather for folks on president's day. mike: my fox weather app says 4e saying good news is on the way. adam klotz, thank you very much. we are less than an hour away -- we are less than an hour away from daytona 500 and fox news is live on speedway. charles, set the scene. charles: hello, mike, it's very,
10:55 am
very exciting out here. you have a lot of fans, over a hundred thousand expected to pack the daytona international speedway for the daytona 500. as you mentioned the countdown is almost over. we are about an hour away and preparations are underway and biggest preparations on nascar officials after fiery crash saturday night, sent one of the cars airborne. officials were up all night trying to get everything together just in time for the big break today. fans are ready, one to have most moments before the drivers hit asphalt. we are talking about the national anthem. country singer trey adkins will lead the anthem. this is one song that she cannot get wrong. she has to hit it right.
10:56 am
we just saw -- [inaudible] >> he's going to be taking the stage in a little bit but the fans are packed in the grand stand right now. they are out in the fan zone. we are seeing lots of smiles and people excited about the daytona 500, mike, and after 2 years, this one feels special. mike: spectacular day for racing, charles watson, thanks so much. the big race will be televised on fox and streamed on the fork sports app starting today at 2:30 eastern. little over a half hour from now. that's it for fox news live. fox news sunday with bill hemmer next, i'm mike emanuel, thanks for watching, have an awesome day. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i am bill hemmer. the flurry in the drumbeat the u.s. and its allies holding 11th hour talks. will russia invade ukraine? ♪ >> as of this moment i'm convinced he's made the decision by. >> president because of vladimir putin over unkept promises of a troop drawdown. and continued military drills while vice president harris meets with heads of states in munich. >> our strength must not be underestimated. >> any secretary of defense meeting with u.s. troops in the region as


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