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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 20, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i'm mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." a lot going on in this world, most is no good. we learned in our country, there has been spying taking place. illegal, unconstitutional, in my view criminal spying on a president of united states, not on barack obama, not on joe biden, but donald
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trump. his campaign of spied on. his transition was spied on. his presidency was spied on. spied on. big media have been part of it today for most part they are trying to cover it up. this is greatest scandal in american history, i tell you in has someone that studying american history as a hobby and full time. this greatest scandal. not january 6. none of that stuff. this. what you saw was the fusion of a political party, democrat party, of a candidate hillary clinton, of her hired guns, slip and fall lawyers and ambulance chasing lawyer who are more than happy to push phony stories. you saw an administration that had to know much of what was going on. they play rope-a-dope as the
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scandal widens during the course of the obama-biden administration. we've never seen anything like this. pause because the media are so corrupt, they have no intention of drawing attention to this or countering it, because they participated in it. i want to spend part of the program with my buddy pete hegseth, 5 years ago almost to the day, on radio, march 3, 2017, right before i went on the air. i pulled articles program, and saying, something is going on. they are spying on trump world. they were so excited about articles they were spewing as a result of leaks from
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bureaucracy, i pulled them together, as a lawyer i gave them exhibit numbers, i said okay, then before i went on air, i talked about it, it was picked up by our friends at breitbart, they added to it and repeated what i said. pete invites me on fox and friends sunday a few days later, march 6, 2017, he allowed me to speak. and go through it we'll hit from the the clips to lay the foundation for the new information that has been determined, again. not by me. not by pete, but through a criminal investigation. russia collusion issue. russia collusion never happened. this country was taken through the sewer, it still. is this needs to be addressed. any nbc, cbs, cnn or the arrest address rest freas it -- or the rest address it
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or not, pete. >> thank you, mark. it is important to talk about what we know now but remember what was there first. because, without you, talking about it on radio, then you remember, the president tweeted 'wiretapping, that started a conversation based on what you talked about, it took a lot of guts to make the climb of spying. -- the claim of spying, we wouldn't be here without the research you did and knowledge you have and your courage to come out the gates and just say it. based on public information that is available. when mark levin says this is greatest scandal in american history that is not hiker hyperbole, this gives me
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chills. >> you are kind, i love it when you kiss me on the that said pete hegseth. i remember the hell unleashed, they thought to attack me, i'm a big boy, i don't care. it was remarkable to see how new york time, "washington post," and the others, who had published the story that i pulled together, they seemed to distant themselves from the stories, while attacking me, but on other hand, not really distancing themselves from the stories. they so hate donald trump, let's get started, we have 4 cuts here, cut one. >> evidence is overcoming not about president trump's tweeting this about obama administration spying, the question is, who did they
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spy on? the extent of the spying, the trump campaign, the trump cans -- transition and surrogates, exhibit one, this is all public, two separate sources with links to counter intelligence community confirmed that fbi sought and was granted a tur this is spying in october. to examine the activity of u.s. persons, in donald trump's campaign, with ties to russia. going on. this is not my. they say first fisa request named trump was denied in june, denied by the court of, but second was granted in october, after evidence was presented of a server possibly related to trump campaign and alleged
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connection to two banks. i know people are hung up with trump's wiretapping, but how did they get access to this information? exhibit two. guardian. a right wing british paper. quote guard yet again learned that fbi applied for a warrant from foreign intelligence survey against court over the -- surveillance court over the summer, suspected is of irregular contact with russian officials this is during the election. fisa court turned down the application asking fbi counter intelligence investigator to narrow its focus, they were granted a warrant in october. mark: pete, we know that fbi was granted a fisa warrant in october.
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we know it was extended 3 times. we know that one of the banks involved was alpha bank, the russian bank. where clinton world tried to tie donald trump to this bank, he had no ties of that sort to this bank. after this interview did you with me, i mentioned head street, they rejected everything that i said. they effectively, apologized for what they had run with. tried to distance them self from me. the goal is to not talk about me but explain the consistency, servers, trump tower. alpha bank. fisa. we didn't have all of the
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details, the summer. october. we only had what the media told us. let me ask you, here the media are reports these things. they had no interest in knowing where the information came from or why it was leaked to them, their interest was to give it voice. to push it as hard as they could, media is complicit in the spying of a presidential candidate in his campaign, are they not? >> correct, that is why. today, you see almost zero coverage, unless it talk radio or fox news channel, a new others, there is zero coverage of latest development of what john durham has confirmed happened to a candidate, president-elect and a president, it was always about an information laundering arrangement, the
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news outlets had with their buddies in deep state in democrat party in the obama white house, they wanted any negative information they could get about the new outsider businessman candidate who said things and did things that disrespected their polite society and their elite status, they were willing to collude. only collusion was between democrat, government agency and media which was happen to push it out, i tell, i did the interview, you are going through item after item. i am thinking, i hope he is right. i hope he knows -- reality is. most people in media don't have experience in government that you do with constitutional back ground. to connect the dotted dots, say, woe. this is a lot more than individual stories, you add them together it is a
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scheme, to question back to you, did media count on no one connecting the dots? did they think we could do this, it the be treated unchrysler. uncriticaly. mark: probably. at cnn, said can i prove a fisa warrant was issued? i said to myself, god help us, if this is what media is made up of mental bafoons? do i have subpoena power? i can prove it, it is in multiple news reports, if i can't prove it how can media prove it. it was clear to me as former chief of staff to attorney general, the leaks were coming out of the fbi. other parts of the department of justice perhaps cia and white house but for sure the fbi. we'll be right back. ica,
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mark: welcome back america, we're not going through memory lane for no reason. bringing to us a point of what is going on today, we have to lay the foundation. this is a continuum that spying on trump on trump world, and to which media
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collaborated and celebrated it. we'll play our second clip. i am here with great pete hegseth from 5 years ago. >> three, a well-known right wing newspaper. they have. agency headline, fbi, 5 other agencies, 5 other observatory administration agencies -- covert possible kremlin aid to trump. collaborated for months investigation to russia attempted to influence november election. two people familiar with matter said, agencies involved in inquiry are the fbi, cia, the nsa, justice department. and representatives of director of national intelligence. are you telling me that
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barack obama did not know what was going on in six agencies, hold on. because the media seems to be confused about their own reporting. "new york times," another well-known liberal outlet. intercepted russia communication part of inquire to trump association, january 19, fbi leading investigation, aid by nsa, cia, treasury department financial crime unit. listen, one official said, intelligence report based to some wiretapped communications, have been provided to the white house. >> president trump said, it was wiretapped, he was attacked for, that he go the it from me, i got it from
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the "new york times," unless they made it up. further more. this all agencies that are involved. you see the overlap with the mcclatchy report and "new york times" report, i am saying what the hell is going othey were trying to ding trump and i was trying to put together a conspiracy that was takes place, pete. >> i remember the hearing, saying that is the kitchen sink of government agencies all hands on deck, i forget until now wiretapping was originally a phrase used by new york times that president amplified, he was mocked for using that. to distraction, i love that point you made about news clips and others asking you, where is your proof? we saw the government use news reports, that they fed
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to as rationalization and justification for additional surveillance, they are willing to try to hit you for using open source material, that is the avenue by which throughout the mueller report and before that, they justified their, own by pointing to news stories they planted themselves, the deception of double speak knows no bounds it took a lot to cut through that, what semiconductor -- is more difficult is tries ing to cut off mark levin with 11 exhibits. mark: how it is possible we had two criminal investigation. mueller and now with durham and hillary clinton has not been brought
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in front of a grand jury yet or barack obama. they go to grand jury room by themselves without a lawyer to testify under penalty of perjury, what did barack obama know about this? he had to know a lot, i know, i read it in same newspapers he gets, as president of united states you get special briefings twice a day from these agents, they tell you, or saying to be telling you candidate other side has links to russia, he is bought and paid for by the russians, you are not interested about that, when i worked in justice department they would have walked over to ronald reagan and said we have a problem with the candidate on the other side, this could blow up in our faces, the idea that only person who didn't know about it was obama and other person was hillary,
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who was in this kind of situation, if you will, trigger man or trigger woman. is to me preposterous, to this day, we don't know. all right, play a third clip as we lay this out. pete hegseth. >> "new york times" again. nsa gets more latitude to share intercepted communication in final days of obama administration. it is expanded power of nsa to share globally intercepted personal communication with government 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protection. >> where do this on the way out, march be on, obama administration rushed to preserve intelligence of russian election hacking in obama administration last day some, white house officials scramble to spread information about russian effort to undermine the presidential election, and
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about possible contacts between associates of president elect trump. cross the government i'm not done, exhibit 7, "new york times," flynn said to have talked to russia about sanctions utrump took office, where did they get information fisa court they're always monitoring the russian ambassador and so -- how do we know? maybe they are, maybe they are not. mark: they sign an order going out the door, the white house, president i assume signing the order, to spread the mitts information prob propaganda. your comments. >> you are right. the minute they -- what they did there was loose inning restrictions on the -- dissemination of information so their surveillance could
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continue, we have an admission that out going administration is continues to unleash accusations, to damage a sitting president. false ones, you ask how is barack obama and hillary clinton not held account -- accountable? how about sullivan in the white house right now. there was still a cloud of uncertainty over what it was, we lost a lot of the ability to to control it let's hope through durham and what you have done there will be republicans that are willing to hold the kind of hearings that deserve to be held. mark: more to come, we'll be right back. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350.
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jon: welcome to fox news live, i am jon scott, another sign that russia is intent on invading ukraine, possibly and moment, moscow rescinding pledges to pull tens of thousands of its troops back from ukraine border. american secretary of state antony blinken said that announcement puts russia's step closer to launching what white house warns is plained invasion. >> u.s. intelligence warned that moscow orders front line commanders to make final preparations for a front line attack. people of united kingdom
5:28 pm
capitol filled their cathedral to pray for peace. >> britain's queen elizabeth has tested positive for covid-19, i am jon scott, back to "life, liberty and levin." >> welcome back, pete hegseth. to today, we know, federal contractor had access to servers at the white house was monitoring the internet. when donald trump was president of the united states gleaning data from the internet. sharing that data aspects of it, with on outside parties, perhaps media, perhaps hillary clinton but sharing data with people he called vips, given his links to democrat party i doubt it was shared with republicans,
5:29 pm
this is something that durham is looking into. then media is basically either silent or pretending it does not advance the spy story, while they chase 15 boxes in mar-a-lago and said pe. >> my question to you. are you not disturbed by lack of interest my mitch mcconnell, john thune, john cornyn. he said, you know we want to slow biden down, and work out bipartisan deals. does he understand that is going on here i'm serious about this. i fear for this country even if we take the senate, the house understands, what do they do? >> i agree, house seems to
5:30 pm
understand, i believe the house will pursue this. i think most senators, really never learned from trump, never respected -- not just him, but his base and the people that support him. that advance and believe in what he represents with an america first agenda, they hope they can wait him out, assume their own swampy establishment prerogatives that got them their in first place, they want to get back to the cozy relationships, they don't realize how destructive today's lift wing, marxist socialistic democrat party is, someone like mitch mcconnell, we've seen a few moments with supreme court nominees and others he goes to bat and fights hard, but in this case because of a personal dislike or whatever, he seems unwilling to want to
5:31 pm
get to bottom of the fact that a democrat administration spied on a sitting president, it's all there. servers. surveillance and state involvement and state knowledge. how high? if we want to learn how high. someone like mitch mcconnell has to be willing to do real oversight, i share your concerns, i'm not seen it yet. you can't just do it in the house. let's hope -- let's hope that voters remind them what they about. they care about a sitting president being surveilled and smeared. mark: i believe mitch mcconnell, one of the longest serving republican leaders in senate, i wonder what skull he holds over the republicans, it is amazing to me his inability to communicate with the american people, that i want to destroy our constitutional system, our capitalist system, our sovereignty, our economic
5:32 pm
system. and i don't think that the base whether was tea party before and whether the base today has much confidence in this leadership, i saw a poll a couple weeks ago 52% of republicans, don't support mitch mcconnell. this is amazing. you see schumer there, despicable and detest full as he is, he is make their case 24/7, pushing, you see a republican leader attacking former president of united states trying to get involved in republic primary to elect rinos and not conservatives because high wanteds a easier time as leader and a timcrat democrat party and ser surrogate that are fine with corruption. >> against the president of the united states final words. >> i think it is important
5:33 pm
that donald trump is taking on mitch mcconnell. until there is new leadership, of that senate conference it will not change, priorities will not change, he is who he is. we have seen a looks, but what will be required in 22 and 24 to save our republic to go on offense, speaks bluntly, clearly and communicate to average people who understand that surveillance is wrong, wide open borders, means we don't have a country, simple and straight forward. it is not mitch mcconnell. it is right that president trump is taking him on this way, it is not about looking backwards, you can't have trust in future elections unless you know the state is not surveilling one side of the aisle based on cozy relationship inside of deep state of the media.
5:34 pm
we have to get to bottom of this. >> thank you, pete. thank you for your service. before you were on tv, and your service today. >> god bless. >> you thank you, mark. what an honor. mark: when we come back, john ratcliffe, former director of national intelligence, we'll be right back. here, we know you have a few reasons to slow down. ♪ ♪ but we've got one more. safe drivers save 40% with drivewise. ♪ ♪ the safer you drive, the more you save. call a local agent or 1-888-allstate for a quote today. >> woman: what's my safelite story? i'm a photographer. and when i'm driving, i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, it had to be fixed right.
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mark: welcome back america, a great patriot, good to have john ratcliffe back. media have a new spin. they all seem to speak with one voice. that one voice says, durham has not demonstrated that hillary clinton was guilty of anything or had involvement or clinton campaign or administration was involved. they dismiss it. not just media and democrats but some never-trumpers saying the same thing. how did you respond.
5:39 pm
>> as spore has been out there. -- story has been out there, i have seen mainstream media using to this tamp down idea that trump campaign was not spied on they can't find the specific reference to that. this issue has long been decided i believe february 5, 2020, i questioned fbi director wray. i asked him, because there was not a proper predicate, and fbi lawyer lied about carter page, was this not illegal surveillance of trump campaign, he answer was yes, absolutely. that issue has long since been settled. i think the thing that people as story growth this week about durham and some of the technologies about michael sussman, i would remind your viewers, that when became director of
5:40 pm
national intelligence, i asked to see all intelligence we had on trump-russia collusion, the answer was we don't have any, not just a little bit but we did not have any. i saw as a member of congress we had all kinds of intelligence about fake russia collusion that hillary clinton had a campaign plan to create fake russian allegations to smear donald trump with things about russia that were not true. you don't have to take my word for it i declassified wassion brennan's handwritten notes talking about intelligence collected to that fact and he was briefing president obama, and vice president biden about that. those were things that now john durham is revealing some of the details of what
5:41 pm
the campaign plan was and the way that folks like hillary clinton campaign lawyer, michael sussman. and other people, employed by or working with the clinton campaign, were selling a false narrative to the fbi and cia. i guess last point that media frying to focus othis is just campaign dirty tricks, campaigns do that, that is true. campaigns create a false -- narrative about an opponent happens in politics, that is not illegal, but when you create a false narrative and you take it to fbi and cia and peddle it as real, hoping to authenticate it by opening an investigation, that creates all sorts of criminal activity.
5:42 pm
it goes up to conspiracy, possible to racketeering. so those are things that i know that john durham is looking at, i had discussions with him about that, saying, i have these intelligence over here, and you know, appropriately by law, it needs to be provided to you through the department of justice because it relates to domestic crystalgation -- criminal allegations, those are ha we looking at. mark: you are a former federal prosecutor, you don't have to be one to know that know, that if you are a citizen and you bring a false report about another citizen to the police, you will go to jail. you will be charged. this brings me to next point, you are right, you
5:43 pm
you have pointed out in past barack obama was briefed on some aspects of this. as was joe biden. they knew a lot more than they have let on, including reading public record of what happened with the fisa court and other stuff leaked from the fbi and cia and stuff i pulled together 5 years ago, it was just out there. your committee, and briefing to obama. why are they not questioned? they had no problem questioning donald trump when he was president of the united states about this phony mueller investigation. these men, that obama and clinton, they are private citizens now, why are they not being questioned or maybe they are? >> there was a 4 year delay this happened in 2016. i was a member of congress on intelligence committee and judiciary committee, we had all sorts of
5:44 pm
investigation, and people come in testify under oath. ier in found out about hillary clinton's secret campaign -- ier in never found out about hillary clinton's secret campaign plan until i became director of national intelligence and declassified that. this was in 2020, in between we had a whole mueller investigation that was supposedly looking at trump-russia potential collusion, some people that were working on that were briefed on the fact that hillary clinton created this fake russia you know collusion allegation. mueller put out a 387 page report but did not tell anyone that some things we was investigating, like the alpha bank, did not
5:45 pm
mention that allegation came from michael sussman who is now charged with making false allegations, hopefully john durham, clock started late, is looking at these things, i can tell you i shared a lot of intelligence, not just what has been declassified but thousands of documents i gave to durham, i said this is not right, this does not add up, all sorts of people knew about this and did nothing about it sometimes it takes a long time to put conspiracy allegations together overtime. mark: well i know this sounds provocative, not intended to be grand juries are not just for the little guy they are for everyone, a way of forcing people to tell the truth. they need to have a visit with grand jury they need to be asked questions, without their lawyers present like
5:46 pm
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mark: welcome back. john ratcliffe, i would like
5:50 pm
to have you back soon so we can focus on russia. right now it is doing on within our borders, someone has to zoom in on this donald trump is a victim here, all he wanted to do was run for president, he loves had country, even now they continue to chase his tax returns and challenge his agriculture taxes in -- real estate taxes in new jersey it is a relentless attack on this family, have you ever seen anything like this. am i right saying this man, has and is a victim. >> donald trump was mocked when he said someone was spying on his campaign, now we have come full circle, they are admitting it do happen. that is one thing that i saw happen to donald trump as
5:51 pm
president, that i never saw happen to anyone before, as a member of congress, accused of things that were later proved to be total false, mueller investigation, many premised on allegations made by his political opponent and people investigating it were aware of that and never disclosed that on the to the public. looking at intelligence, i would see he would be falsely accused of different things, remember the russian bounty story, somehow he was allowing american soldiers to be targeted? i was top intelligent official in the united states, i told media that is not true. and it was not. they now retracted after the fact. after the 2020 election. to say, oh, yeah, that wasn't true, but that is one of many instances where over and over, the mainstream media, and the focus on the left they made up
5:52 pm
fall false stories, they were rewarded for, that i think all these things that started to prevent donald trump in 2016, he endured, i think they had an impact on public and what happened in the 2020 election. and america suffering because of that. donald trump is not just the victim here, the american people are the victims, the people that perpetrated this, that people in the obama/biden administration or now back in th biden administration. they are back in charge. we're in the brink of war in europe, the same people that drove america to the ditch that gave donald trump chance to become president are back in charge, in americaa is worst place than it is in just a short year, worst inflation, and covid
5:53 pm
mismanagement. all of things that are happening. good news, i guess in terms of this i think this american people now are seeing through tomorrow why you see you know glen youngkin winning in a -- blue state and the trucker issues, we're all tired of this. we're experiencing you know result of folks taking advantage of the law, and constitution. disregarding it, doing things that were illegal and improper, hopefully there will be accountability through john durham moving forward. mark: beautiful he said. you have see how media has
5:54 pm
exposed themselves. with what goes on. my view we should not be surprised much these media outlets, for the last00 years or so -- hundred years or so have really gotten away with murder, "new york times" covering up holocaust. and covering up what the stalin did in 1932 to ukraine, and "new york times" promoting a guerrilla terrorist by name of castro in cuba and "washington post" and lies about this collusion and so on, i think that the media have destroyed themselves, the problem is in a vital and healthy republic, you need a vital and healthy media, we do have it. except in a few places, john ratcliffe thank you. >> thank you.
5:55 pm
mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: battle before us is daunting but we must win it. when a media in a supposedly free republic is as corrupt our media, you can't have a free republic. you have politicians demanding that 5-year-olds wear masks in kindergarten while they are out eating a cake, you can't have a republic. you teach them to hate their families, you can't have a republic, when borders are wide open to anyone, they are given driver license, and voting rights and welfare, you can't have say republic. when you have the kind of mandate we're seeing, here. and in canada, for law
6:00 pm
abiding citizens are being abused. you can't have a republic, that is what we're up against, that is why i spent the entire program, exposing what took place. i'll see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." biden was agreed to meet with vladimir putin if russia does not this would be news has been broken by fox we will get into that. good evening everyone. this is "the next revolution" this is the home of positive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community, and especially pro-america. steve: would you believe it getting right to the heart of this issue this morning when the secretary of state and abe


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