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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 27, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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continues. as we begin a new hour. fox news alert world is on edge, watching the deadliest on ukraine, vladimir putin order russia nuclear forces to beo high alert. increasing readiness to launch, raising threat that war wa in ukraine could boil over to a full-scale nuclear war, ukrainian soldiers and civilian are fighting back, doing all they can to slow putin's advance. more than 300 have already been killed, including children. calls for peace across the world. we begin with fox news correspondent trey yingst in
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the ground. reporter: we heard an explosion that indicates that russians are still continuing their advance on city, satellite images show hundreds of russian tooks making their way to -- trucks making their way to the capital. the russians continue their campaign despite the fact we've seen a continued conversation related to peace, this morning there were talks about conversations that could take place tomorrow. between the russians and ukrainians, a phone call between the president of ukraine. and the president of belarus. but president putin has shown my no indication he is slowing this campaign, yesterday an apartment building in kyiv was hit by a russian missile, and an oil depot was hit, kharkiv,
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has seen intense fighting in recent days, forcing civilians here to underground. we spoke with some yesterday, it is devastating to talk to them, they have had to grab whatever they can and head under the city. with ground troops coming in, and other foreign fighters participating in this battle, the invasion is only going to get bloodier, when battlefield charges to. they are preparing, people are picking up arms. anything they can, to fight back against the russian forces, who continue their advance on this capital. and the country. trey: thank you so much trey
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yingst, stay safe. trey: joining us now, long time member of house intelligence committee congressman chris stewart from utah. what would be going through the mind of a ukrainian soldier, this seems that task is a tall one. you are up against a superior military and wondering where the help is. >> yeah, no doubt, i am sure they feel desperate, i have to say how proud i am of the ukrainian people, many of us are praying for them, high heavens president zelensky turned into a global hero, at same time, vladimir putin a monster. he is after all, a kgb thug. it is almost inof.
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>> we have known for 4 months. trying to measure the will of ukrainian people, it was clear, we will fight, we don't want to be part of russia, we don't want to be rule by vladimir putin. we're seeing that demonstrated. i think the russian leadership has been quite taken back by the amount of resistance, their willingness to fight. so grateful for that. trey: congressman, another country, china, they refuse to condemn, they abstain at u.n. vote, the reporting is they shared intelligence with russia that we shared with them, they then shared with russia. that does not sound like a country we have business trusting. >> well, it makes us wonder about our own judgment. what was administration thinking? they were not sharing with china satellite images.
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i know the information they shared, some of the most sensitive in being in the government. china turned and shared that with russia. is anyone really surprised? for heaven's sake, china continues to delay or make it impossible to condemn them in u.n. and why is russia still having a seat at the stable of. ofu.n. security count, it shows an alliance, it is not because a agree, but china and russia have one goal. to diminish the u.s., to tear down the idea of democracy and freedom, if they can help each other do that, that is what happened in this. trey: you are a thoughtful guy. there are some voices, in my line of work and your line of work who are seeming to wonder why the u.s. would care what happens to ukraine, there is
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some equivocation on whether we should support a democracy or a dictator who poisons his opponents, you can help people know why ukraine should matter. >> a lot of same people i talk to say, i don't care what happens in ukraine are some of the same who say vladimir putin is probably going to baltics or poland, they are u.n. allies as you know. ornateoyal -- nato allies, it will impact on americans, you have a flood of probably millions of refugees in europe, and probably hundreds of thousands of people who live in poverty in the world, who on edge of living on a dollar a day. many children will starve to death. but if these reasons are not enough there is this, if we don't stand up and help the people of ukraine, if we
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don't do everything that we can to stop vladimir putin, then where will he stop, i'm not suggesting to send u.s. forces to engagement i would never support that. but unlike this president, has demonstrated, there are things we could clearly do that would help the ukrainians who want to fight for their freedom, we need to commit every available resource to them, and make it clear we will never recognize any puppet regime that vladimir putin puts in power in kyiv. trey: speaking of puppet regime, you what to we know about belarus, they seem to be aiding and abetting russia, what is sour relationship with them? -- what is our relationship with them, what should we be rush watching for. >> they have been so clearly aligned with russia for since the fall of the soviet union, they have no
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indication to look west, they are not a democracy, they the leadership there is a radical. they the align with russian leadership, if i could make this point. i think it is probably a forgone conclusion, russia will occupy the ukraine, we have to say, what do we do, i think you have to protect president zelensky, and prepare to recognize a government in exile and implement policies that would delegitimize whatever puppet president vladimir putin puts in place and inn in kyiv and continue to recognize the government in exile they truly represent the ukrainian people. trey: congressman chris stewart, former soldier, prolific author with a new book, thank you for joining us on a sunday night. >> thank you, trey.
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trey: let's go to dakota meyer, veteran of u.s. marine corps, and medal of honor recipient. it is given to those who distinguish themselves with uncommon valor, thank you for joining us, and thank you for your service. what can or should the u.s. do to help people being invaded shy of sending our own troops. >> i mean, look, i think we're trying to do that right now, setting up in case they go to nato country, i'm against sending our own troops in there anyway we could assist with weapons and aid. i think that is what we have an obligation, but more, i think we as americans need to look at this leadership, and hold the leadership in our country accountable for their actions that is what got us here and allowed russia to take action,
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because they see that our weak leadership, wire it is income 10, i am a believer when -- our leadership is incompetent. when america is strong the world hates us but what america is weak the world suffers. trey: we had john ratcliffe on, during the afghanistan withdrawal he warned this the world was watching and they would take advantage of our perceived weakness, is that the point that you are making? >> absolutely. america is the greatest fighting force on the face of the planet, everything evolved off whether we would get involved. i think that in the big scheme of russia into ukraine, it is really china, china is looking to see what we'll do. this could turn into a
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domino effect if we don't handle this right, i'm not saying send troops in, but all these nato alliance they have to unite with america leading the way that means our leadership has to step up. trey: you were singled out for valor and heroism, if there is a ukraine soldier watching you, and they feel they are out manned. how does that soldier mote motivate themselves if they are fighting again odds like that? >> understand that love will always override hate. this is your 21st century david versus goliath. don't forget why you are fighting. these russians will start questioning. why they are
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doing this if you are over there fighting, whether you are in military or just a citizen who is picking up arms, and willing to defend your country, don't underestimate resiliency and power of a person who is defending their home and because of what they believe in over someone coming in over hate, love will always override, that i believe, even if putin comes in and he sends troops to the capital of kyiv, it is not over yet. there are still -- he has 3 million people in the city, you have 3 million people who believe in the country, that is their home and they will fight to the death of that, i'm tell you it is not over, at end ukraine will come out on top. and you know putin, that is the end of putin. trey: if i remember sunday school class, i think david wound up wins that fight with goliath. i think i am right, i know i am right when i saw thank
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the international fellowship of christians and jews is on the ground in ukraine right now responding to this devastating crisis.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," we continue to monitor the war in ukraine. inflation was already high. markets were already rattled, and now there is war in europe. u.s. and allies have imposed sanction, nord stream 2 pipeline has been canceled that could push the price of
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oil to over $100 a barrel for the first time in a decade. it will have an impact on the u.s. economy. here now congressman tom emmer of minnesota who sits on house financial services committee, thank you congressman, let me start with something basic. what is swift? we have been hearing that acronym for a while. how could it be used to get russia's attention. >> this is international banking system, communication system, great to be with you, how all of the banks communicate and transact business across borders. by -- borders by cutting russia off from swift system that impacts their ability do business, you have to go after the russian central bank, to really make it stick. trey: i seem to remember you
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are younger than i am biden promising crippling sanctions, i heard that word, i really think that debilitating. have they been imposed yet? been imposed but not taken affect. is there more we can godo? do. >> these are going to be very damaging sanctions. that said, you need to be able to do more. they are not touching the energy sector right now or wheat, if you look at who joe biden and democrats have done since they took control over a year ago, they are anti-energy policy that has affected our ability to deal with putin, 40% of europe's energy comes from russia. if we had not killed the keystone pipeline or not
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killed the president, i should say had not killed american emergency independents his first day in office he would be better off to help our allies, instead of trying to fight putin right now with one arm tied behind your back. trey: you raise a good point. you are not on the house oversight committee, they brought in old executives and they -- oil executives and cross-examined them it was a tough day, some democrats were tougher on u.s. oil ic -- executive than putin. we were closer to energy independent than before. >> you had a president who came into office and literally killed keystone xl pipeline on day one, and killed over 11,000 great
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paying energy jobs, laterally destroyed american emergency independence that we rebuilt over 4 years of the trump administration. america went from net energy exporter to energy dependent in our allies in europe, not only can they not count on us to help, but we are in same position, they have put us at a disadvantage of dealing with a crazy like putin. trey: is there a chance that house will get together and say we'll recommend impose pass legislation, that is really tough or will democrat continue to defer to biden? >> well, trey, you look at what the ukrainians are
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doing. we should be in awe of their spirit, their story, they are inspiring, but they are also at a disadvantage, it could have been avoided this happened because of biden's weakness, you asked if that will suddenly change, it needs to change if we will lead the rest of the world in stopping this attack on the people of the ukraine. and god forbid it goes beyond that hope is people will change course, but unfortunately the weakness of this president exhibited in afghanistan and quite frankly everyone crisis that we've seen since the beginning of his administration does not give us a lot of hope for that. trey: he will number this week for the state -- he will be there this week for the state of union, you will took we'll see if there is a tougher joe biden, thank you congressman. >> thank you, trey. trey: coming up, a look at
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>> i can't believe someone could be so evil. >> i'm safe. i'm here. but my family is not. >> we ukrainians will never give up, we'll fight. >> right now we're ready to die for the sake of our freedom and independence. trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america" we continue monitoring the dire situation in ukraine, the people in ukraine are under attack, and paying a heavy price for russia's aggression, medical supplies and fuel are dwindling in ukraine, and as many as 5 million people could be forced to flee . 360 thousand ukrainians have already left, president zelensky said that next 24 hours will be crucial for his country, the world watches for vladimir putin's next move.
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let's bring in former state department spokesperson morgan ortegas. thank you for joining us, the images are hard for us, on one hand you are resiliency. and reality there are civilians killed and they have to flee their homeland what is their reaction with this real cost and consequence of putin's war. >> well, trying to deal with war, after it has begun is more expensive and hurtful to families than if you had prevented it. you see these images, this is reminiscent to syria. now it is more prevalent it is on european soil. you see a few things, there is about roughly 350,000 ukrainian refugees.
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that number will be just a drop in the bucket. it is hard to estimate the numbers, ukraine is a country of fort mill union people. you see what is interesting men of fighting age are staying, ukrainian leadership asked men 18 to 60 to stay and fight. and it appears they mostly are doing so, the images of zelensky. of the ukrainian people staying to fight for their country, i think that is what moved europe over these past few days more than anything else. something to note, this is a technical state department thing, there is ation win -- zone. ukraine is a part of that. it will be different from syria as it relates to refugees, you see a lot of neighbors country who do not like russia,
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they should and will likely take the refugees. as we have seen happen, over the years, through syria, you see internally displaced people, and refugees, and a beautiful country, i was in kyiv just two years ago with secretary pompeo we meet with zelensky, it is one of the most beautiful places that i had been to. i went to the churches with mike pompeo, we met with ministers and priest who had been you know really harassed by putin and his regime. these are the people that believe in their faith, they believe in their country, they will stand up to russian aggression. but stark reality this is a super power with a strong military that is attacking them, and surrounding their cities. you are will see more and
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more of these images of the ukrainian refugees. trey: it strikes me one way to not lose a war to not have that war. biden promised crippling sanctions, saying the sanctions the likes of which russia has never seen before, are we to take, they had no impact on putin? he does not care about the russian people or they were not that tough to begin with? >> so much to unload, sanctions while they are strong, should have happened a long time ago, number one. number two, russian stock market went up a think 20% friday after president biden announced these were the toughest sanctions that anyone had seen. that is not true, i can tell you, if luke at what happened just iran. we pursued maximum economic pes ire campaign against -- economic pressure campaign
5:34 pm
against iran in the trump administration, if you look, this is not always apples and apples, but it is a good road map, took iranian central bank off swift. the problem with some of the sanctions that biden announced in addition to them too late. russia has withstood sanctions since they invited crimea in 2014. the problem is, you start cherry picking banks, you don't go after oil and gas, you make ways for russia to find to get around those sanctions, you could to something, there is a minerals and timber sector that is prolific in russia, you could go after 30% of their economy right now, we're not doing that. trey: morgan we will see
5:35 pm
biden will have a state of the union. we'll see, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. trey: we're live on the ground in ukraine. when this special edition of "sunday night in america" returns. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," as we continue to cover the war in ukraine, moments ago we learned that okay, youian ukraine president zelensky told u.k. prime minister boris johnson that the next 24 hours will be crucial for his country, to lucas tomlinson live in the city of lviv. reporter: trey, hundreds of thousands of ukrainians have fled. some 20,000 have returned to take up arms against the russians. >> just -- i couldn't stay in poland and let russia destroy our cities and kill our children and our elderly. i made the decision to come back to ukraine and fight. reporter: here in the university town. these students would be
5:41 pm
studying or having fun, but today they made the bombs, we saw the students make molotav cocktails and large homemade bombs. some 370,000 ukrainian refugees have poured out. here is one. in last 24 hours, u.s. officials say 120 americans have left ukraine. the russian tri-color flag has not been raised. today a curfew is enacted . trey: thank you, seems that maybe the russian army underestimated the resolve of the ukrainian people, they are fighting back.
5:42 pm
thank you for your reporting live in the middle of war. lucas. >> what is vladimir putin up to? is he testing nato? does he think that nato lacks the appetite for conflict? russia trying to push its boundaries up and against those of nato countries, why? how far will he go? how far will we let him go? there are new reports moscow is massing forces, military equipment in belarus near the border with poland, poland is, of course, a nato member country. here is colonel doug mcgregor, thank you for joining us, why to you think that putin is doing this? what is his end game? >> well, vladimir putin is carrying through on something he has been warning us about at least for last 15 years. which is he will not tolerate u.s. forces or their missiles on
5:43 pm
his borders. and we ignored him, he acted. high would not allow ukraine under any circumstances to join nato, what is now happening battle in eastern ukraine is really almost over, all ukrainian troops there have been largely surrounded and cut off, you have a concentration down in the southeast of 30 to 40,000, if they don't -- surrender in next 48 hours it is over for them. they will annihilate them. ukraine beyont the river, behind it in east, not sure what he has planned there, whether he forms another
5:44 pm
republic and nexus it to russia. the territory west of ukraine is not, he knows that, and he is happy to live with that as a neutral state. trey: i am not a military expert. if he takes ukraine. and ukraine abuts poland, he has a nato country. will he keep going. >> i should say, he has no interesting in heads west of mobil -- border. right now russia already touches estonia and part of latvia, and white russia touches leg lithuania.
5:45 pm
this is not something he is looking for. we're imputing to him things he does not want to to in our usual effort to demonize him. we need to remember that ukraine is fourth from the bottom of 188 country in world, at corrupt. russia is 4 places above them. this is not the liberal democracy the shining example that everyone says it is, far from it, mr. zelensky has jail journalists and his political opposition, we need to stay out of it. europeans think we should stay out of it, we should stop shipping weapons and encouraging ukrainians to die in what is a hopeless endeavor. >> you say no sanctions or military aid, just let russia take that portion of ukraine that i want to take? >> yes. absolutely. i see no reason why we should fight with the
5:46 pm
russians over something they have been talking about for years, we chose to ignore it more importanty population there. you know, thing that so disturbing on one hand we'll not send our forces to fight. but we're urging ukrainians to die pointlessly in a fight they can't win. we're going to create a far worseume humanitarian disaster if this does not stop. trey: thank you for joining us. coming up we're live at pentagon, for latest insights there. as coverage of the war in ukraine continues next on "sunday night in america."
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trey: welcome back to this "sunday night in america," images of strength and resilience from ukrainian people, serving as a beacon of hope. but what does their future look like, what future dues does vladimir putin face or joe biden. there are few people who could grasp the scope, jennifer griffin is joining us, your insights on putin have been helpful and on point, what can you tell us about putin. that allowed you to see it clearly from the outset. >> before we get started. i heard your last guest, i feel that i need to correct
5:52 pm
some of things that colonel mcgregor said. i'm not sure 10 minutes is enough time there were so many distortions in what he said, and sounding like an aol -- i don't think that anyone here knows how far putin wants to go. i think that the world has seen what putin is capable of. to blame nato membership for what we've seen putin unleash, we have seen his own words he is speaking with czarist terms, what he said was so distorted, i feel our audience needs to know the truth. in terms of putin, i have known and seen vladimir putin operate since 1999.
5:53 pm
when i was based in moscow for fox. that is where i started my career with fox, vladimir putin a former kgb agent, he has been laying ground work for this, whether invading georgia in 2008. and kind of appeasement talk to colonel mcgreger who should know better, when he was in government he advised president trump to pull all u.s. troops out of germany, that kind of projection of weakness made putin think he could move into a sovereign country like ukraine. trey: it takes a lot to surprise me at my age, i was surprised at colonel mcgregor, his view of life, is well, russia has been telling you, they were doing to do this, so they did it i found his take on
5:54 pm
it stunning and disappointing, marco rubio and others have wondered whether this is the same vladimir putin that we've been dealing with for 10 years, maybe there is, i'm not a cognitive expert, but they say he is different. >> i think what is interesting, if you look at what condi rice and president macron they have met with putin in the past, president macron and others president of finland, they say he is a different person. i don't know what that means, but condi rice, former national security adviser did suggest he is behaving erratically, just look at what he did today in puts his nuclear weapons on high alert, either that is a massive bluff to enter the
5:55 pm
negotiations to meet with president zelensky's team. perhaps, but it say very sere -- not the sign of a stable leader. and certainly the kind of battering that russian passenger, they are not proving themselve to look modern or equipped or well trained, with the conscripts who are taking a beating by ukraine military. i think what is interesting is that putin has gotten himself into a corner, he was warned that the sanctions would come, we're witnesses the end of vladimir putin. the question is what is he going to take down with him. and who. i have never seen europe so united. nato is a vital association and all of the members are now speaking out against the putin, you saw more than 100,000 people in the streets of germany today, actions taken by the
5:56 pm
german government, vladimir putin underestimated the new chancellor of germany. that is not happened. and but i don't know how that ends, i don't think that putin knows how it ends. trey: jennifer griffin. we will end as we began, i did not understand colonel mcgregor's analysis they don't want weapons on their border. thank you for your service and your reports. >> thank you, trey. trey: there is a debate that has raged for since centuries about power and justice. and what known as million dialogue, not much of a dialogue. athen said surrender or die, the millioned said we want to be neutral.
5:57 pm
friend to all, enemy none that is a contrast in power, and weakness, it represents illusion that power is just that power makes something right, we know better. the right side does not always win. powerful can be unjust. i guess the question before us is what obligation do you have if you are both powerful and just? do you sit while weaker nations are over taken? do you apply a test of self interest or do you believe the self evident truths you wrote about in your own declaration of independence and they apply to others as well? i do not know the right answer has it relates to russia or ukraine or any other example of strong taking advantage of the weak. i would not be the one paying price for decision to wage this or any other war. i know with, power and
5:58 pm
strength comes an obligation to protect those who are either. part of buying a just country is promoting justice went and without our borders -- went and without our borders, one country took over there are country because it could, no one who could stop them intervened. morality is not depending on a treaty, it is supposed to be in the dna of our country, someoner figure we should side with the strong, russia, they have oil, gas, they are strong, i keep -- all people are created equal. with unalienable rights. these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
5:59 pm
does all people mean just as or all people, does the creator with different people groups of different rights, does men mean all men or just american men. if we are the leader of the world do we sit and watch as the weaker overrun by the powerful. perhaps this is not our war to fight or perhaps when it is our war to fight others will wonder what precisely we are fighting for if not the timeless truth that being strong and powerful does not make a country right. when we need help if we need help will other countries leg about oil or gas or natural resources. what is the use and being powerful if you sit there and watch while the week get attacked and do nothing.
6:00 pm
thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. "the next revolution with steves live coverage of the war in ukraine right now. ♪. steve: good evening and welcome to a two hour edition of "the next revolution". our live coverage of russia's war on ukraine. russian president vladimir putin puts his nuclear forces on high alert, the ukrainian air force is confirmed to drone strikes, what in southern ukraine as a european union closes the airspace to russian aircraft and agrees to send weapons and other equipment to the country. although this is ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky agreed to peace talks and belarus, they are


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