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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 4, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> breaking right now russian forces are in control of europe with the largest nuclear plant and chilling attacks. baking though world for help to stop this war from creating another chernobyl. you are watching "fox & friends." carley shimkus >> the ukrainians capital braces for the convoy. we have every ankle covered for you. standing by. >> but we start with life on the
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ground and lviv at the latest, jonathan hunt. >> good morning to you, ukrainians waking up this morning to that terrible news that there was a fire after a firefight at the largest nuclear power plant in all of europe. it was originally hit by russian shell and then russian troops engaged in the firefight with ukrainian forces. we understand that russian troops are now infecting control of that nuclear power plant. on the good news side, the fire that broke out there, we are told is out. but the very fact that russians are anywhere near such a huge nuclear power plant is clearly of great concern appeared it was certainly concern enough for president biden to prompt to get on a call with president zelenskyy of ukraine yesterday.
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now, we are told by the international atomic energy agency that there has been noticeable increase in radiation levels in the area, but president zelenskyy is a warning that the russians could invoke a nuclear winter across all of europe. listen here. >> i believe only action can stop the russian troops. don't let europe die in a nuclear catastrophe. no country has ever shot at nuclear except for russia. for the first time in history in the history of humankind, the terrace country has reverted to nuclear terror. >> now come officials and president zelenskyy's government and the claims are being backed up by some revolts in some parts of russian media are saying that they have killed a top russian general. we cannot confirm those reports and certainly there is nothing
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official from the russians on it. there is speculation in some corners and the general in the words of these people demotivates russian troops. obviously, that is pure speculation what motivates or demotivates any of these russian troops is, frankly, anybody's guess right now. but the ukrainians would obviously be happy if they had taken out a top russian general as they continue fighting inch by inch to save their cities. the russians now in control as we are talking to you yesterday, kherson in the south and they have surrounded mariupol another city and pressing their advantage across the southern region of ukraine that they are target come of course the capital of kyiv. >> todd: jonathan getting back to the nuclear concerns are no current levels of radiation okay but i want to go back to putin's mind-set when presumably you
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mentioned that europe would have been in the fallout zone. but russia pretty close to europe. would a possible one have nailed russia as well? >> well, that is one of the reasons you would argue against the pure evil if that is one of the motives you are looking at. but they want to unleash as president zelenskyy said. it is a little far-fetched in the sense that yes, if the winds are blowing the wrong direction the nuclear winter is right across russia rather than going the other way across western europe. it may well be if you look at other ways of this to come about from a pure chance or even stupidity that the russian forces came across ukrainian forces and engaged in a firefight and realized oh, my goodness a huge power plant. on the other hand, perhaps the most feasible motivation here is to look at this was planned. they want to take control of the nuclear power plant.
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one, the psychological terror that it invokes in so many ukrainians but two, it is a power plant that creates so much power for so much of ukraine. if they want to cut off ukraine, cut off the power sources, that is one place they would want to control so they can do that. todd. >> carley: live in lviv, now former intelligence officer in russia and an expert. thank you for joining us this morning. we are waking up to the shillings of nuclear power plant. did putin intend to cause a nuclear disaster here was this a scare tactic? >> good morning colleagues. i don't believe intended to call dell might cause a nuclear disaster. but at the same time putin has a very high tolerance for a very different type of warfare, nuclear warfare. why is that? it is because he has been
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preparing his playbook on his orders and very sophisticated nuclear document has been developed according to which he has prepared to take the conflict into a tactical, nuclear weapons employment. in the first instance. what does it mean? it means that he perceives that he is losing the conflict. he can and went straight a nuclear strike in europe. the reason he is comfortable is because russian tank capability with low yield nuclear warhead. >> todd: assuming for arguments sake this was not a mistake by putin and that this was a planned attack in the state by the troops come i should say, is an obvious sign that putin is growing more and more unhinged? look you sit at the outset since interviewing you this entire time that putin is obviously a very focused killer for all
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intents and purposes. but we have noticed that the mental state has been changing over the course of time. do you worried that he is becoming more and more unhinged? >> i don't believe that putin is unhinged. putin is entirely rational. he is a cold-blooded, former kgb operative. i have interviewed a psychiatrist, medical doctor, who did an evaluation on putin and his psychological and behavioral analysis. according to this very competent medical doctor who has done work with the cia and who has evaluated u.s. who went on duty to guard our nuclear weapons, there is no mental anomaly and putin. believe me, putin has been preparing for this for two decades. and he has actually developed a very sophisticated doctrine.
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the fact that they have this capability gives him confidence. and he also knows that russia holds advantage when it comes to the nuclear weapons. they believe they can dominate if come up god forbid the thress crossed in the nuclear realm. >> carley: i've had so much conversation over vladimir putin's mental status. the alternative is he has been planning this attack and found a window of opportunity now. another tactic that speed is using is the information work. he recently spoke to the russian people. take it was and how he characterized of this war was going. >> dear comrades come i want to say that the special military operations is going strictly in accordance with schedule according to the plan. being successfully achieved.
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>> obviously not true so the russian people, do they believe him and how important is controlling the message for putin to stay in power? >> putin is a massive propaganda. this is what he was trained to do as a former kgb officer. the intent is to really confuse not only your own population about what is going on, but to confuse our leaders and the u.s. intelligence services, west intelligence services what his ultimate intentions is. remember, he has assembled a pretty contingents of 190,000 troops right under president biden's nose while engaging him in negotiations. yes, controlling the narrative is very important for him. unfortunately, russian media is almost in its entirety controlled by the russian government, even directly or
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inclusively indirectly. >> todd: calling putin's playbook to defeat a plan. we we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you, todd. >> carley: secretary antony blinken arriving with allies in part as part of a six nation trip to show you support for the european security. >> todd: looking live at pictures from brussels, antony blinken let's go to rich edson in brussels, rich. >> good morning, secretary antony blinken meeting right now with nato secretary general and this is all part of coordinating the nato response forces in western europe. and also european leaders he will meet with today. to coordinate on sanctions policy. this is all about pushing back into touring more russian aggression. here is the secretary a few minutes ago. >> when it comes to us, we are
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ready for it and we will defend every inch of nato territory. >> this is part of 66 country to coordinate sanctions against russia, bolster needed defenses and countries like poland and moldolva with hundreds of thousands of refugees escaping the war in ukraine. there have been calls for nato or the u.s. to establish no-fly zone over ukraine. the biden administration says that can lead to fighting between the u.s. and nuclear armed country. >> todd: president biden has made it clear u.s. troops will not fight in ukraine and that includes the skies. i think there is no way to do that. there is no way to conduct a no-fly zone without actually putting u.s. pilots in confrontation with russia. >> the biden administration is reportedly considering to send vice president kamala harris to poland and romania. both nato and satellite states.
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the white house refused to confirm the report. the white house official only tells fox news we can expect the vice president to continue to engage with allies and partners on these issues. therefore, making concerns and eastern europe and baltic states and also moldolva and poland. moldolva investor to the united states tells fox digital that they are preparing for any kind of scenario and will be defending what is to be dependent in their territory. we will travel to both countries but the concerns have been mounting. you talk about the baltic steaks, these have been perpetually concerned to gain their independence with the fall of the soviet union. todd and carly back to you. >> todd: rich thank you, the vice president harassment on another diplomatic trip, listen. >> it should not surprise you but were up by you and make you nervous according to the newspaper kamala harris is going back to europe to see how much
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where she can make this disaster. she will make it worse for poland and show solidarity with ukraine which means to badly damage key american interest in ways you cannot yet imagine. that is what is going on. the crisis that gets more brave by the day with ramifications clearly more serious than anyone expected overseen by people who have no wisdom or foresight or strength and fundamentally don't have the interest of our country in order to make good decisions. and kamala harris is not the only problem, but she is the most glaring symbol of it. >> todd: a professor who left ukraine a decade ago. >> carley: his parents remain in kyiv and 68-year-old father to defend the capital despite the opportunity to flee. joining us assistant psychology at august university. good morning. tell us how your parents are doing. what are they telling you about what they are experiencing right now? >> hello and thank you for having me today.
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so, today has been a relatively quiet day for them, but it's both my parents and other ukrainians and friends who have been constantly reaching out and asking why the sky is not closed. that is probably the most damage the civilians are getting. i've been listening to the comments on your previous experts. and the opinion that there is no way to close ukrainian sky without nato being involved. but i am going to say why don't americans and ukrainian crews on the systems and send those to ukraine? nato would not be involved, but to help, to help protect all the other remaining areas because without ukraine, if the russians capture in in indonesia, there
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were nine remaining. >> as we heard that ukrainian president ask why don't other countries sent ukraine planes? you don't have to some pilots but send in the plains. it is a good question but i have another question for you, why are your parents choosing to stay? >> well, this is a good question. they choose to stay because that is where they live. that is their place, there ground. i guess they would be an a better position to answer that question, but i spoke to them a couple of days ago and they have another chance to leave but they decided they will stay. >> carley: what is your reaction to the latest news we are hearing about this attack on the nuclear power plant? the fire has been put out, but now we are also learning russians are in control of that plant. >> well, i guess, my reaction is
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once again come i don't know why the united states doesn't use its strong voice, for instance, in the united nations to come into ukraine and they could take control over the nuclear station and get nato involved. there is no conflict with the united nations could actually take hold of those and control them. >> carley: we hear you there. thank you so much for joining us. stay safe. we are praying for your parents, and of course everybody in ukraine right now. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: the white house knocking down the walls to ban russian oils and a cabinet meeting and tried to ask president biden about it. >> todd: doug lu seder in washington with more. >> good morning and of course congress cannot agree with day of the week it is and yet growing bipartisan on cutting off russian oil but the white house is not on board yet.
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this is what members of congress across the political spectrum are saying on this. >> it should all be on the table, including banning the import of russian oil. this is exactly why we should be moving towards a fossil free future. i'm all for that, ban it. >> biden's to the left of the green party in germany and allowing terminals to be built to receive gas outside of russia. pelosi is willing to shut off oil and gas imports. the only people stopping this is president biden. his people are under the thumb of the most radical folks. >> infect the president wouldn't answer questions about this as he met with his cabinet yesterday. >> either pelosi said russian oil but why not do it now? >> will sanctions be enough? >> guys come out the door let's go. >> will you ban russian oil?
1:18 am
>> todd: okay, not much there but here at the white house and where they stand on this. >> are we financing the war? >> only 10% of what we are importing but our objective and focus is making sure any step we take maximizes the impact on president putin and minimizes it on the american people. >> that reflects concerns at the white house the impact a ban on russian oil could have on gas prices here at home, todd and carley. >> todd: that is right doug lou seder, thank you very much. if left peter getting heat for her leadership style. >> president zelenskyy, this is not a war but on democracy in ukraine. >> carley: and responding, coming up next.
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>> todd: florida governor ron desantis with tucker carlson to fire back that bullied college students to take off their mask. >> they talk about letting someone to have a choice to take off their mask and welcoming that choice is bowling. you have adults that are mask and students mast. a crowded restaurant where
1:24 am
everyone is having a good time and make the servers wear masks. i reject the two-tier society. it is political theater. >> governor disanto said the real bowling comes from politicians and kids to wear remotely for the first few years of the pandemic. >> carley: nbc reporter to deny the keystone pipeline would have had any impact on u.s. dependence on foreign oil, listen. >> when they cancel keystone pipeline and stop renewing permits, what that does is make us dependent on foreign oil. >> the keystone pipeline was only a percent completed when joe biden canceled it so that would not change anything. that would take years to do the that. that will still gets into the u.s. with different means of transportation. just to complete the refiners does not mean it's going to the u.s. necessarily. >> you know the price of the oil goes to the keystone pipeline.
1:25 am
>> carley: the researcher said the pipeline would deliver 830 barrels of oil which would have made up the oil import from russia. a political editor slammed joe manchin in a tweet accusing for senator of "willing to stomach insulation from ukraine but not major components of biden domestic agenda for saying this. >> if ever -- to support the people of ukraine, and support russia. >> todd: here, eddie scary columnist of "privilege victims," those horrible images coming out of the groundswell of support for the people from not just the u.s. but from around the world. how tone-deaf is that tweet? >> i would initially say actually it's not an unfair
1:26 am
question because we are once again being asked to that'll more problems. problems largely created by the biden administration with the inflation problems, problems at the border, ongoing pandemic problems, but i think the reason it was deleted because the media, political and the reason why we believe because they know they are talking about domestic issues. it is not going well for democrats right now. >> carley: eddie, listen to this tweet though... >> i would challenge today one domestic issue going well for democrats. i don't think any of them are going well and he knows as anybody else. >> carley: willing to stomach inflation for ukraine but not major components of putin domestic agenda. i think the answer would be yeah, matter of fact that is what i'm saying. >> i'm sure that is what he saying and yet, i don't think americans across the board no matter what the party would be sagging, give me more inflation,
1:27 am
give me anything. i will take it whether it has to do with ukraine or build back better plan or infrastructure or american infrastructure plan. anything hurting americans as it is. there is one more issue expected to take on question marks me when i will give you, eddie i think you are right in the sense that 330 million of us are in lock step that we want our gas prices to go up. i think a number of us say hey, look up i have to pay a little bit more at the pump i will, but to your point, i don't think everybody is on board appeared i think that is an important distinction to make. stacey abrams mocked after comparing herself to progressives as well to zelenskyy and ukraine, watch. >> we are a stronger nation when we allow people to participate. if we ever doubted that the were putin waging against ukraine and i will paraphrase poorly but this is not a war in ukraine but a war democracy in ukraine.
1:28 am
when we allow democracy to be taken over by those who want to choose to be heard, that is wrong. >> todd: eddie, democracy is at stake the united states argument continues over and over again. this is the latest albia crafts one. to compare pure politics and no fear of losing democracy in the united states. over ukraine. >> i think stacey abrams believe she is the governor of ukraine but no, i think with stacey abrams, she represents a real problem we have with this entire issue when it comes to the political leaders on both sides but particularly the left. romanticizing of ukraine as though people aren't dying every single day. let's make this a political point about voter i.d. i think there was one person noted that in ukraine that do require voter i.d. but no, she represents a real problem for romanticizing the
1:29 am
conflict in making political -- that is not what this is about. >> carley: don't ask me when i do think she is the governor of ukraine and the governor of everything. you are the governor of the fourth hour on friday and we appreciate your time is always. >> thanks. >> todd: back to the news this morning, the russians capturing the largest nuclear power plant after flying over the facility and sparking a fire. we are live on the ground. >> carley: plus shelling with cities across ukraine. but the kremlin priority with military experts. we are talking to a pilot who says that could change in an instant.
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♪ ♪ spray when we are back with a fox news alert purity if you are waking with us the largest nuclear power plant pulse and the hands of russian power forces.
1:35 am
ukraine now to help prevent another chernobyl disaster. >> carley: 1 million ukrainians and russian citizens playing their own countries over putin's threat to declare martial law. >> todd: more on that in just a few minutes but first we go to jonathan hunt live in ukraine, jonathan. >> todd and carley, good morning to you. it is obviously a terrifying thought for everybody in ukraine and well beyond to think that russian forces in the middle of this brutal law now control the largest nuclear power plant in all of europe. they show that power plant and a firefight with ukrainian forces in and around it. now, we understand they have taken control. president zelenskyy of ukraine says that the russians would not hesitate to cause a nuclear
1:36 am
disaster by breaking open one of those reactors. that seems a little far-fetched, frankly but president biden concert enough to get on the phone with president zelenskyy last night. if there is any good news in all of this, it is that the international atomic energy agency says right now they have not seen any notable increase in radiation levels in the area. in the meantime the russians to continue to target civilian structures, not just the military structures that they claims they have been targeting. the officials have put photographs and videos of what they say is a school destroyed by russian artillery showings. so this goes on in a brutal fashion and quite simply, todd and carley, no end inside. >> carley: certainly not pure jonathan the fact that russia controls the nuclear power plant sounds concerning. i'm not sure if you are able to
1:37 am
answer this question, but i'm wondering what sort of advantage this gives russia moving forward? >> well, it gives them an advantage in terms of psychological warfare because clearly everybody is terrified of what russia could do with that nuclear power plant in the hand. on a more practical level, carley, it gives them a chance to choke off power to a large part of ukraine. that nuclear power plant is a large supplier of power across the country. so, if they simply want to stop that make conditions even worse across the country, they can do that. there is a practical element from their point of view and also a very important psychological one. >> todd: 25% of ukraine's energy comes from that nuclear power plant. jonathan hunt, we appreciate your time this morning, sir. >> carley: russia has air superiority despite an overwhelmingly edge over
1:38 am
ukraine. air force veteran nco daniel robinson with his analysis, daniel good morning to you. how do you expect this war to play out and what is your calculus on the front? >> good morning, carley it is difficult to tell but the absence of russian air forces suppressing to all of us. traditionally the way you would expect day one to go, you would expect the forces to come in and for them to deny runways, missiles and wanting sites. the russians seem to do that, but expect to follow-up large air components and that his lack of control of the air that has allowed ukrainian efforts to cooperate with somewhat -- i wouldn't say wouldn't say punitive but a certain amount of freedom. and you have seen that in the attack on drones, transport aircraft, a combination of ukrainian air force, and
1:39 am
effectively, and baffled. i would not expect this trend to continue but i expect the next few days for you to see the russian air force start to emerge over the skies of ukraine. the question is can they operate in the environment with soldiers on the ground and artillery and tanks on the ground while operating aircraft overhead. missile systems. and that is a difficult concept for them. i'm not sure they can do it. >> carley: i think ukrainians will agree with you which is why we have this no-fly zone. earlier this morning living in america, his parents are currently living in kyiv. he said the u.s. thinks there is no way to take airspace because it would be possibly lead to a world war iii situation. he doesn't agree with that assessment. he says, why doesn't the u.s. train ukrainians on the patriot missile system? what does he mean by that?
1:40 am
do you agree with that assessment? >> well there is a number of aspects to that question. ukrainian is on missile systems and this is something that should have been done a long time ago to introduce to theater. and i think it is a little too late to expect to train ukrainians and get them into the ater across the border and supply chains as constricting as the russian circle of the major cities. but as far as no-fly zone, luke, instinctively we want to protect. we look at what is going on in ukraine. there is nothing more that i'm sure that nato would love to be in the skies protecting ukraine. but there are a number of political limitations to be able to do that. the obvious one is the obligations of nato being forced to directly engage in russian pilots. this inevitably leads to potential for outbreak into world war iii. that could obviously be catastrophic.
1:41 am
in going on from that, more practical considerations. it is not as easy as it sounds to enforce a no-fly zone. very practical things to consider such as sophisticated missiles. >> carley: daniel a quick answer because we are running out of time but i want to ask you the associated press at a russian general was killed, a commanding general of the seventh airborne division. how big of a blow is this to the russian military? >> i think very simply, whenever a senior leader it is a devastating blow. and obviously a morel boosting event for the ukrainians. >> carley: daniel thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you carley come appreciate it. >> todd: on the run committee attempting to flee moscow and they fear put vladimir putin can declare martial law on people. >> todd, carley, more shock in the biggest invasion of europe
1:42 am
since world war ii. yes, number of reports suggesting that russian president vladimir putin will input martial law as soon as today. and people are looking for the exit. this will allow them to crack down antiwar protests as well as limit information coming out about his less-than-perfect campaign in ukraine. meanwhile, they are more unconfirmed reports, guys about the man moscow might put in place as president of ukraine and a puppet regime in place with volodymyr zelenskyy purity his name is victor janne covid, and he is supposed to be waiting for his call, and so-called uprising with hundreds of ukrainians killed and injured, and food and couldn't think of a more hated person. super feeling more of the pain. and announcing a new round of sanctions against russian
1:43 am
so-called oligarchs and family members with 27 big shots affected appear in the u.k. has put out its own round of sanctions just 1 yard of one of these cronies and seen as reportedly, guys get reddit of this three quarters of a billion dollars. the proceeds of the sale of that could just go a little bit to help prepare and a better ukraine right now, back to you. >> carley: that is a great way to use the money. thank you for joining us live from london, we appreciate it. ♪ ♪ >> todd: the media outlets with operations with threats of closures from authorities. nl fleeing the country fearing for their safety. 23rd final -- to say goodbye to the viewers. editor in chief speaking from a safe location saying are bidden to call the invasion of ukraine a war.
1:44 am
>> there is a military censorship first, me and some other medias. we get a warning from the russia government that we have two -- and we have to have permission. and part of the state propaganda. >> todd: and emotional divide, the ceo telling viewers, she hopes they will be back on air soon. 44 minutes after the hour, president zelenskyy frustrated that the u.s. did not respond sooner. >> i can tell the rulers that it began after the beginning of this war. >> todd: so did the biden administration failed to live up to its promises to the democracy? >> carley: at home, contest democratic strongholds in the midterm. next we are talking to a
1:45 am
congressional candidate working night and day to turn deep blue district read. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: fox news alert, now russians taking total control of
1:50 am
russia's largest nuclear plant after showing the facility and sparking a fire. the latest advance that the u.s. health did not come sooner. listen. >> >> i can tell the truth and it began after the beginning of this war. but we have it and my appreciation to him and his team. >> our next guest as america has lost quite a gnomic credibility on the stage. a lack of response. george logan joins me, great to have you on the program. how did biden fail, in your view? >> first and foremost i stand in solidarity with ukrainian people against the bullying and unprovoked russian aggression. our prayers and thoughts are with them all. as far as our country and our lackluster approach, when you take a look at the sanctions that president biden is now looking to put forth, why
1:51 am
weren't these put forth earlier? you take a look at the sanctions and so able to hurt the russian economy, had we done this earlier, sooner with all of the intelligence that we have, we should have done this earlier and we would have more of an impact now. leaving behind, that is what i'm disappointed about. >> todd: george let's get to the race, march, keeping their eye on the 2022 prize, the rnc sets up shop in connecticut city with registered democrats out registered republican 6-1. you know i live in connecticut so i like to talk connecticut. you are running against jonathan hayes teacher of the year. i like to refer to her as -- he is popular in connecticut but why do you think you can win this race? >> look come as a republican and african american and african latino, folks are tired of the status quo we see here.
1:52 am
one party rules in connecticut and washington. and higher inflation, have led to higher crime, open borders, and the southern border ever-increasing opioid epidemic. we need better checks and balances in washington. we can provide that. we republicans have a better message one a free enterprise and equal opportunity. one that understands that family comes first. that is something in connecticut whether talking about urban communities or urban or inner-city communities, it is a message that rings true. the republican party are the ones that can actually make a change to affect in a positive way that those folks who live in the community. it is huge to open an office of community outreach office right in the heart of the district. one that will allow us to get our message out. the messages the same, right? free enterprise, supporting the
1:53 am
constitutional rights. these are things that people regardless of the background can understand. i think as long as we get in there with the right message and are not concerned with the crowd of our moderate and conservative views, it will go a long way and bring us a victory with the fifth congressional district. it is so important that we lift the house of representatives and remove the speaker and get better checks and balances against the biden administration that is being pulled further and further left by the so-called -- and we see the impact it is having on our economy. we see internationally with the weak leadership of the biden/harris administration supported by the one-party democratic congressional role that we have coming out of connecticut. the moderate voters and consumer voters of connecticut currently have no voice in washington we are looking to change that and the people of connecticut were ready to change that and have
1:54 am
their voices heard. >> todd: of the fact that rnc has limited resources invoked to don connecticut is a big deal. george logan, we appreciate your time this morning, sir, thank you. >> thank you for your time. >> carley: all right, great stuff. the department of homeland security said that granting ukrainians in the u.s. temporary protected status for 18 months. the move means ukrainians in the u.s. will allow to be remaining in the country without fear of deportation. dhs alejandro mayorkas said in extraordinary times we will continue to offer support to ukrainian nationals in the united states. petroleum politics skyrocketing to the top of washington's agenda. a member of congress from both parties including nancy pelosi say it is time to think about banning russian oil imports as american families are being hit hard by gas prices. >> todd: we are talking to the congressman about that coming
1:55 am
up. the national security implications that independence comes in the next hour. and that -- all live, don't go anywhere. lara trump >> la
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