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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 4, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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little for them. and this even -- even more than little, he sends his vice president to solve it. >> jesse: he has to send kamala he is in delaware. they have a lot going on in delaware this weekend. relationships. relationships. all right. thanks for watching. will cain is filling in for tucker. thanks for watching ♪ ♪>> good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am will cain, filling in for tucker. so much of what we are hearing is that the ukrainian russian war, or where hearing has turned out to be false. in war, propaganda is a tool by both sides. nobody has a monopoly on falsehoods or the truth but you,
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you deserve the truth. for example, the story of the ghost of kyiv flying over kyiv and shooting down meetings, not true. or the loss of 13 soldiers at snake island, false, verified by the ukrainian navy but it's doubtful many know the truth. it's my job, it's our job, to get you the truth. last night we heard that a nuclear power plant in ukraine, the single largest nuclear power plant in europe nearly melted down because of a russian attack. is that true? how to do a separate fiction from truth in ukraine? the american people, you, are faced with the decision, decision hopefully may not emotionally but rationally they could potentially lead to nuclear war. and you should be armed with the truth. so to figure out what's really happening, we want to begin tonight with fox's lucas tomlinson. he is in lviv ukraine and joins us now.
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>> hey, the head of the international atomic energy agency says there was no damage to the six nuclear reactors at the plant, no radiation leak. up but battle raged. >> the situation continues to be extremely tense, challenging. because of the circumstances. >> they circumstances are this. as you can see from this tracer fire, the battle between russia and ukrainian forces was close enough and serious enough that president biden eminently called his ukrainian counterpart to assess the situation while ukrainian scientists are still operating six nuclear reactors at the plant, russian forces have completely taken it over. there was no significant damage to the reactors. this administration building not far away caught fire after taking a direct hit. the fire took longer than expected to ask english because the firefighters were held up getting to the building by russian forces. officials say that the fire did not affect any essential
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equipment including the six reactors which are built with reinforced concrete and containment systems are much more modern design than chernobyl. officials say russians are the ones that fired the projectile that struck the building, causing the fire. will pay scale and serious situation but perhaps not the nuclear meltdown that we feared last night. thank you, lucas, for that report. several lawmakers in washington seem intent on escalating america's involvement in the war in ukraine. you can virtually hear the drumbeat towards war and many members of congress are agreeing with ukraine's demand that the u.s. enforce a no-fly zone over ukraine which would mean to be clear shooting down russian jet. you can play out the dominoes from that point forward. they're not hard to see. today congressman adam kinzinger endorsed a proposal to kill vladimir putin. >> you know, i actually agree with them. the reason. not saying that the united states needs to do it.
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we've always said that putin is isolating himself. the hope and some of the sanctions and the sanctions against the oligarchs, the publishing does turn out. i don't know if i would put in quite the colorful way that lindsey graham did, have to be a bit more professional. but as they say. to be clear, this drumbeat, this willingness to push us closer to a conflict with russia, it's bipartisan. today democratic thomas homan chrissy houlahan called on joe biden to transfer ground attack chats to ukraine. what would happen if these lawmakers had their way? how close are we need a crossing redlines or imposing redlines on russia that they may inadvertently or willingly cause, and now we are too far gone on her way to world war iii. let's ask some critical questions before this train leaves the station. daniel davis is a retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel. he joins us now to assess.
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thank you for being with us. as i listen to these various measures, in a week's time, it's changed. it week ago we heard about article five and nato and russia crossing redlines or should they invoke poland. no hearing but war crimes and humanitarian crises. arming the writings or imposing a no-fly zone. it seems like we are making the redline tighter for vladimir putin. >> you get it, understandable that when you see russia invade a country, when you see all of the civilians buildings being destroyed, people dying, civilians. it's horrible. everybody wants to help. but we have to be sober and cold about this in terms of understanding where america's interests lie and nothing is gained by even coming close to a potential redline to wear a nato article five would be initiated and we would have to fight. because of where this could end
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up and if anyone has any doubts about what this would be like, there was a piece today in "the federalist" the time to about a 2019 simulation he took part in that was eerily similar to this with russia invading ukraine, nato wanted to put in a no-fly zone. things went sideways and ended up in nuclear holocaust. we've got to make sure that part of the simulation doesn't happen here. it's all too possible. >> will: i think that's exactly right. we all feel the humanitarian crisis that you referenced. we need to make it rational, not emotional. when we throw around no-fly zone, you bring up the simulation. from a no-fly zone we are shooting down russian planes and now we are on her way to nuclear holocaust according to the simulation which you share with us. >> yeah, that's exactly right. it could happen in any number of ways. we send in too much weapons. some of these people who are coming in from nato countries happen to be nato fighters that are on their own then they all
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start killing russians. how much of this is putin going to let before he starts interdicting these arms and weapons coming in and maybe kills western military people? you see there are so many things that could go sideways and we just have to make sure we don't even come close to that line because expanding would be the worst. >> lieutenant colonel daniel davis. thank you for highlighting those issues and helping us understand the truth that americans should be making decisions for their future. next guest just returned from ukraine. walk across the moldovan border and hitchhiked to romania. he is the founder and special operations pilot and he joins us now. thank you for being with us. we heard we are discussing with us with the train leaving the station where they are, you are in a war zone. the question is what you saw. does a call for american intervention.
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>> i arrived in kyiv and i have been recording there for a decade. wanted to access my network on the ground until the american people what was going on. i didn't think putin would invade past the line of troops that donbas but he has in the question is should we get involved, in my estimation absolutely not. ukraine is not an ally. they are not part of nato. this is the russian sphere of influence my don't believe american troops to get involved in this area. it would be a tripwire turn will much bigger conflict. >> will: the american people should be empowered to make that decision but as part of that we have to share with them was actually happening. we have to be able to access the truth. you were on the ground. as i mentioned. it's hard and some of it is understandable because of the fog of war. it's really hard for us to see what is true. what is the truth of what you saw on the ground between ukraine and russia? >> initially was very calm in the center of the city. once the invasion started we
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decided to move out and moved west about 150 miles, drove all night. maybe around south to the moldovan border because without going towards poland would be little more dangerous. the people that are fantastic. you see everybody's extremely helpful to foreigners on the ground. you do see a lot of men arming themselves in the towns and villages to protect infrastructure. there's a lot of russian saboteurs that have been in place probably for a long time. so these locals are taken it upon themselves to defend their towns. the ukrainians are going to fight back hard. i don't think putin has the structure to occupy and hold this territory for very long. i think that's pretty obvious from what's going on. he has a lot of forces but he can't protect power. that's his issue, logistics and things like that. so i think the best thing for ukraine could be a negotiated settlement where russia get some
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kind of security guarantees and the u.s. can rebuild the country or the west. there's also an issue of corruption ukraine that has to be rooted out from the roots. >> will: not so clean and simple. not so neat as we want to believe only make a righteous, bold decision. it's much more complicated. we appreciate you shedding some light on that. l todd wood. look, it's been a while since we've seen tony fauci. he may have fallen through the couch cushions in the green room at msnbc. we are not sure but he's not on mainstream media. his appearances have fallen off. off a cliff. where did they go? that's next.
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and now, we're working to bring you the next generation of wifi. it's ultra-fast. faster than a gig. supersonic wifi. only from xfinity. it can power hundreds of devices with three times the bandwidth. so your growing wifi needs will be met. supersonic wifi only from us... xfinity. ♪ ♪ >> will: the war in ukraine has dominated cable news coverage for the past week for obvious reasons. as a result across all networks the usual in studio guests are getting bombed left and right. when troops are fighting near nuclear power plant and people are dying, the focus shifts to coverage on the ground. there's one cable news mainstay who has disappeared so abruptly it's worth taking a closer look. for more than two years
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tony fauci was everywhere. no matter what happened in america. the lm riots, january 6, presidential election, tony fauci was still on television around the clock's. [all speaking at once] >> will: no matter how many time he changed his opinion on masks or how much we learned about the gain-of-function research he was finding in wuhan, tony fauci remained omnipresent. no one else on cable news had the same presence. here's how tucker described the phenomenon. >> in washington, human power is worshiped as a living god. you'll see temples to human power throughout the city as well as smaller shrines to meet scenes. the latest holy man to be beatified is a diminutive federal bureaucrat called tony fauci.
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sochi has a high priest of the coven called a paper mask is his sacred garment, cable television is his pulpit. the people of washington bow before father fauci. they throw their patagonian fleeces before him to ease his way as he passes light palm fronds in the streets of jerusalem. they consider him wholly. >> will: the clip was from december 2020. this went on for more than a year and then suspiciously this february before the invasion of ukraine the mood change. political leaders stop worshiping tony fauci. instead they are pretending he doesn't exist. take a look at this side-by-side. you see the tony fauci pillow behind the governor of michigan, gretchen whitmer. that's from last year. the next shot is from february. to the exact same location and gretchen whitmer's house. you notice anything different? no more tony fauci pillow. presumably the blue and yellow ukraine pillow is on the way from amazon to take tony fauci's place of the residence.
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that's cold, gretchen. that's cold but not the coolest treatment tony fauci received. our media is completely iced out for tony. on his sub stack, a journalist looked into it and he found tony fauci's agency, the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, has stopped uploading his media appearances to their website. the agency has a section on their website called dr. fauci in the news and after receiving near daily updates throughout the pandemic, as of yesterday, that section hadn't added a new appearance. the date well before the russian invasion of ukraine. the media is done with tony fauci and not because of vladimir putin. joe biden's internal pollsters told him to declare victory on covid and move on and that's exactly what he's doing. it's a real sad moment for tony fauci. it seems at some moment he can't
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move on from. he still is hoping to appear on one more magazine cover, throw it one more pitch at a nationals game. he still doing whatever media appearances he can get including the lamest podcast you can find on the internet. here for example, is tony fauci on something called the 85 comedy show explaining why we aren't vaccinating bats. as you watch, i want you to imagine what's going through tony fauci's head. >> is funny as this question may sound, how come the focus hasn't been getting bats vaccinated. seems like there's a lot of bats and animals in these type of things. you hear that you think wouldn't it be more prudent to just worry about getting the bat population under control? >> well, that's not an unreasonable question except logistically is impossible. there are trillions of bats in the world. how are you going to be able to
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capture them and vaccinate each of them? >> will: impossible look funny to picture a doctor sitting out there in a cave trying to inject a bat with the moderna vaccine. a little bit of a comedic image. we are poking fun but to be fair i give those guys credit. they are at least thinking independently and asking fauci original questions that make him think on his feet. he never had to do that on cnn. but now that he's resisted the comedy show, he's got to do some improvising. why don't we vaccinate the monkeys? explain it to us slowly. he doesn't like having to answer questions from an independent media, not one bit you can see that. you can see it. what's left of tony fauci's dying soul as he answers that question but he has to do it. he has no other choice. the mainstream media doesn't care about them anymore and i thought you'd expect it's made fauci a very bitter man. he's getting angrier by the day to be fair he's not the only
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one. according to the ap, north korea's leader kim jong un also feeling left out. minutes ago he fired at least one suspected ballistic missile into the sea towards japan. he needs some attention to. no one wants attention more than tony fauci and if you doubt that, check out the latest woke af daily podcast. i'm here for you. if you're not familiar with the podcast, it's not surprising. it's an audience of around 700 viewers on youtube but yesterday tony fauci was the podcast feature guest and fauci wanted woke af's 700 viewers to know unvaccinated americans are very, very, very bad people. >> many people for a variety of reasons, many of them are politically -- i wouldn't stay motivated. i don't mean motivated but they have a political tinge to it about not wanting to get vaccinated saying i'll worry about myself and i'll take care of myself and i'll take the
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risk. but when you're dealing with the transmissible virus, you have a personal responsibility to your cell phone to your family but you also have a responsibility to society. >> will: it's not clear exactly what stage of grief tony fauci is in. it's probably somewhere between denial and anger. that means you know what's next, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. it's going to be a tough one for tony fauci to admit that his worshipers no longer review him. we will talk about two weeks to flatten the ego. we are confident tony fauci will get there even if it takes a little longer than two weeks. this tony fauci comes to terms with his fall from grace, some members of congress are still doing their jobs. chip roy of texas is one of them and he's asked the cdc to turnover data from covid hospitalizations. congressman chip roy joins us now.
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this is a big job, finding out the truth and the number of hospitalizations and deaths that truly were attributable to a covid. >> appreciate you having me on. i was a federal prosecutor. i started in texas. >> will: my hometown. >> when i was a prosecutor, one of the things that cdc and anthony fauci as you lead into it, they want to sweep the facts under the rug because the simple reality is, we are all looking at what's happening in ukraine in our hearts go out and we are trying to help out. i was on phone calls all day trying to help people, orphanages. trying to deal with the ravages that putin is doing to those people. we are looking at that and talking about war crimes. i want to talk about the crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated by anthony felty, the cdc and the federal government against the american people. i want to talk about the dead americans, people who have
5:24 pm
myocarditis, who had a reaction to the vaccine. i want to talk about the americans who've lost their jobs because of vaccine mandates. whether they are military or health care workers or maybe a border patrol agent, federal worker forced to lose their job if they didn't take a jab. i want to talk about the children who can't actually enunciate their words because they need speech therapy or they had mental health issues or they've got drug addicts, people will die because they had mental health issues. i can go down the list. when are we going to have accountability for anthony fauci? he is missing right now for one reason and one reason only. the democrats are looking at the polls. it wasn't dead americans that may democrats move. it wasn't dead americans that made crouching away. it was polls. i want to hold anthony fauci accountable and if you're watching this, dr. fauci, look out because when the americans give us control in the house of representatives, god willing, we are going to get some answers on behalf of the american people. >> that's very good news and we hope there is a d of
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accountability. before you leave really quickly, we only have about 30 seconds but it's an important story. the surgeon general apparently instructed big tech to turn over information that they deem to be misinformation on covid. this is terrifying. i am sure by the way it would encompass the segment you and i are discussing now are to be uploaded to social media. so i don't know what can be done in congress but it's a terrifying proposition that the united states government is telling big tech to turn over names. >> this relates to what we just talked about, the cdc. the cdc was saying we are worried that there would be misinformation. if we put out the actual data, the actual data about hospitalizations and vaccine because we thought you might misinterpret it about vaccine effectiveness. that's your government at work and big tech is colluding with them and corporate cronyism. our job is to knock the knees out from under them and defend the american people and that's what we're going to try to do. stand up for the average
5:26 pm
american getting screwed by big government and big organizations. >> will: great to have you. democrats are admitting they don't care about covid. new york city's mayor's latest example. fox's kevin corke has the story. kevin. >> good to be with you. it's about dam time. in florida they've been that way for months. what took you so long. some of their reactions to new york city's mayor's decision to end the big apple mast mandate. beginning next week no more requirements for masking public schools and vaccination passports if you will at restaurants, entertainment venues and cultural venues. >> we have become so boring as a city. i want all my employees back, everyone of them. it's time for us to enjoy our city again. all of these nose, we we become the city of nos. i want to become a city of
5:27 pm
excitement and we're going to look to reinstate every parade, every festival, every block party. people need to get outdoors and enjoy our city again. so if you received a know that we are not doing a parade, i need to find out why. >> my the way, los angeles is taking a similar tack for relaxing mask wearing rules beginning today. >> will: kevin, thank you so much. it's about time, as you said. politicians in both parties are telling americans to shut up and accept higher gas prices. just the latest thing that you are supposed to shut up and take. if you really love democracy. otherwise the course you are supporting putin. that is straight ahead. with my hectic life you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. hey mom, can i go play video games? sure, after homework. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. what's the wifi password again?
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>> will: this is a fox news alert. russian forces are making significant inroads into ukraine. pete hegseth is looking at the
5:33 pm
maps. >> this is a map that if you looked a couple days past and forward, doesn't change that much but that does not change the calculus of the russians who have to deal with even more sanctions, how they will deal with that is interesting. they are calling for reinforcements from as far as the pacific ocean. our border almost with them in alaska. you've gotten reports tonight the potentially additional weapons are coming in. antitank, antiaircraft weapons on behalf of the ukrainians. dynamics are always changing but ultimately the russians continue to make gains. they are bogged down in kyiv but the air strikes continue across the country. let me move forward to the next map which is pertinent to some other things that you talked about, it's so important, it is the fog of war. do our best to break down facts from fiction about what's actually happening. you have specific flash points which are important.
5:34 pm
mariupol would connect the land bridge. they are being bombarded. they are turning off lights, water, heat, electricity, they are turning off the internet. it is a total siege. in this city, ultimately the russians are not attempted to occupy it. what they know they can't do is occupy city centers. they have committed almost 90% of their combat force to ukraine and they can't occupy. they put ukrainians slinks there but they are not trying to stay. they are moving on. i love what you talked about as far as the nuclear facility. yes, sir, nuclear reactors. that would be consequential. but the bombing that happened was on a administrative building which had no impact. the impact it will happen is whether or not vladimir putin decides to use this energy as a weapon against the ukrainian
5:35 pm
people. so he's moving forward. city centers, they can't control them. they're going to move to kyiv. >> will: as we talked about, we were little too quick to dismiss vladimir putin in the opening days of the war. see you in a couple hours. democrats and republicans rarely agree in washington but now they agree on one point if you truly love democracy, you will shut up and you'll pay more for gas. watch. >> the increases are pollutants doing. any politician of any party who tries to make domestic political hey, undermining support for ukraine. >> we've got to be ready for the fact that it will drive up oil prices, gas prices. and if we are standing with ukraine, we have to be prepared to absorb it. >> it's a small price, the small price to pay for supporting a country that wants to move our
5:36 pm
way that has the same dreams and aspirations that we as a nation have. >> standing up for freedom has a cost. standing up for democracy does have a cost. we have designed the sanctions specifically. >> republican congressional candidate in tennessee and joined us now. how do you think people are reacting to the assertion that it's their patriotic duty to pay more for gas? >> i think people are tired of being gas whipped. almost as ludicrous as the state of the union were joe biden's the democrats believe in funding the police. i think that when you treat the american people like this, betrayal after betrayal, eventually there's going to be a reckoning. to the elite, gas prices raising $2 doesn't have the same effect that it has on normal people. i was in lewis county, part of my district. there's tens of thousands of people down there and they are feeling these effects to a
5:37 pm
different degree than the elites. for them it's choosing between medicine or gas. when that's your choice, it gets really very fast and to pretend that it's about freedom is a slap in the face especially coming from the same people in the party establishment who went out there enforced masks on little kids for two years. they've fired some of our bravest soldiers because they wouldn't allow the government to inject something in their body they weren't comfortable. with the fired nurses and you can go on and on. to pretend it's about freedom is beyond comprehension. and i think the american people are going to send a message in 2022 that this is not acceptable and it's really rino weakness that allow this. >> will: the voice of the american people is what i find so fascinating. it is hard to stomach former senator is telling me exactly what the american people should be willing to sacrifice. i was the one when we are talking about war, i'd like to
5:38 pm
hear from the american people and i guess our first chance for that will be in the midterms in 2022. >> absolutely. right now what they're asking you to sacrifice as your wallet but what's next? it's going to be them asking to sacrifice her children. our boys and girls, to send them off to some war that the elite will profit from and that's the truth a lot of people try to avoid but that's where this goes and that's why and so important for the american people to stand up and elect the right people and primaries were going to fight, no longer do any of this stuff that the rino establishment has done. >> the american people to make that choice but it's hard to stomach these people speaking so authoritatively in the place of the american people. great to talk to you. >> thank you. stay on white house press secretary said the biden administration looking to stop exports of gas. what effect would it have on gas prices in america?
5:39 pm
ceo of the san antonio refinery joins us now to assess. i think many people are having a conversation about whether or not we should or should not shut off oil from russia. is it a geopolitical answer? for the american people right now though without effect everyone making their way to work tomorrow. >> from the san antonio refinery's perspective, we run crude oil in our backyard and we sell finished products in our front yard and then suddenly in december of the epa came out with some change in the way that they viewed some regulations. those changes would effectively put us out of business. so i can tell you on that front that domestic energy independence is not in the forefront of the current regulatory environment.
5:40 pm
>> >> will: depressing our domestic production, putting us in a position where we said in order to keep prices palatable for the american driver out there, we are buying oil from russia. we can have a conversation about whether we should or should not shut off the tap but why is the tap open in the first place question requiring not maximizing what we described is in our own backyard. >> yeah. their production has been curtailed significantly over the last year in our backyard in large part due to regulatory efforts and permits not being issued and the like. >> regulatory issues, permits being issued. suppressing our own production. if you're not careful, you wake bundy and you're like germany. you've leveraged way your own not energy independence. let's translate that. you've leveraged away your own national security. ray, best of luck with your business in san antonio. thank you.
5:41 pm
>> a biological male has been dominating women's swimming. you probably heard that story. you haven't heard honestly that much protest from the other women swimmers. our next guest is one of the only politicians whose been willing to defend the concept of women's sports. she has an ad doing just that she has been suspended from twitter. that's next. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol.
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♪ ♪ >> will: lia thomas is killing it, a slew of records. a lia post of the ncaa season best time in the 200-yard freestyle in 500-yard free. but lia thomas' success has angered swimmers because he has biologically and male. university of pennsylvania has defended thomas and lia is eyeing a spot on the u.s. olympic team. one member of congress is speaking out against it.
5:47 pm
>> meet william thomas, ranked number 462 in men's swimming. meet lia thomas, ranked number one in women's swimming. only one problem. it's the same person. some people are afraid to talk about it. not me. i am vicki hartzler. i ran and coached girls track and i won't look away while local liberals destroyed women's sports. women's sports are for women, not men pretending to be women. >> will: vicki was suspended from twitter for her stance on the issue and she is running for senate and joins us now. vicki, thank you for being with us. i would love to ask you a question that i wondered aloud at various times. whenever we hear someone has a problem with lia thomas, other swimmers, women on the pool, it's anonymous. why have women swimmers, why have women athletes not stood up in unison against what's
5:48 pm
happening with lia thomas? >> well, it's really sad. 16 women on his team -- her team, anyway. the swimmers team wrote an anonymous letter through a lawyer before the ivy league championships protesting that he would be on the team. they said they had to do it anonymously because they were told if they spoke out against their teammate, they would be kicked off the team and they would never get a job. who is speaking up for these female swimmers on the team? it's sad that they have to be anonymous or else to going to get kicked off the team. the adults in the room should be making the hard calls and should be standing up for these female athletes that have been getting up and practicing for an hour every morning since they were ten or 12 years old to have the opportunity to get to swim on a collegiate team and now to have that opportunity to win a medal, get a scholarship, achieve their dreams taken away by a male who
5:49 pm
thinks he's a woman is just wrong. we need to speak up for these female athletes and that's what i'm doing. >> will: potentially olympic spot, to your point. this entire conversation, the prism of empathy, those who want to show empathy to lia thomas but what about the empathy that are deprived of what you just said, potential scholarship, metal, olympic roster spot. you were banned from twitter for the conversation we are having right now, for that ad. i will show you this, this is a list of items, subjects which basically are verboten on social media that will get you in trouble, like you got in trouble and includes trans issues. the 2020 election of course. not the '16 election. you can question that one. nothing gubernatorial election in georgia. you can question that one. but the 2020 election. vaccine skepticism, masks, and of course hunter biden. you can't talk about hunter biden. i guess you pointing out these women are afraid, i guess they
5:50 pm
should be afraid. >> it's really sad. we have this woke social media platforms and the elitists who are determining what messages deserve to be heard and they think they are the arbiters of truth. our free speech rights are being totally trampled on. that's why we have to speak up and say this is wrong and i'm not going to be quiet. yes, twitter's suspended my account. they said we will not reinstate it until you agree to take down the ad. after a 12 hour pause, a countdown, we will reinstate you. i told them they can have their account back because i'm not going to be silent. female athletes have worked too hard to get where they are. they deserve to have these opportunities. a lot of news is going out about this particular swimmer in the records that he has set. but who is having the media coverage of the female swimmer who was denied the opportunity
5:51 pm
to even go to this championship because of this person. >> will: yeah, you're absolutely right. it's not an exaggeration to say this is the potential end of women's sports if we allow this to continue. vicki hartzler, thank you for joining us on the show tonight and talking to us about this issue. >> thank you. you can go to and help me out, support me. >> will: thank you. income inequality has increased by about 20% from 1980 to 2016. what caused that job? what can we do about it? to answer that question, tucker recently sat down with investigative journalist chris leonard who hear part of their conversation on "tucker carlson today" laid it out. ♪ ♪ >> probably one of the most important features of our economy today, the growing, widening gap between the very, very rich and everybody else, not the rich and the poor but
5:52 pm
the great middle of americans who earn a living through a paycheck rather than owning assets. >> tucker: wage earners. >> wage earners have fallen so far behind. let me say it's not some kind of philosophical argument or opinion to say that the fed has widened income inequality. it's a mechanical fact, a reality of how it creates money. when the fed creates money, it doesn't created in the checking account of normal americans. it creates it in a set of 24 accounts on wall street. these are the accounts that are the exclusive club of financial institutions. goldman sachs, wells fargo, jpmorgan. >> tucker: citibank. there are 24 of them. >> that's right and they have a license. a license from the government that allows them to do business directly with the fed. so when the fed wants to create money, it has to create it in
5:53 pm
these 24 accounts on wall street. >> important issue, income inequality. you can find the full conversation on fox nation. head over to we are continuing to monitor to element out of ukraine. it's nearly 4:00 a.m. in the morning there. we have a live report from kyiv next.
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>> will: explosions tim continue to go on in the ukrainian cities of kyiv and kharkiv. trey yingst in kyiv with the latest. >> good evening. fighting continues to erupt across ukraine. we will look at a few different areas as we report purely in the southern part of this country, there is a real concern that the port city will be totally surrounded and cut off from the outside world. we are talking about 400,000 civilians amid the cross fire. the russians want this area of land because it will allow them to connect their eastern and central fronts in the southern
5:59 pm
part of ukraine and also give control of an industrial zone that will ultimately flood with russian occupiers to control this part of the country. when we look further north, we continue to see this frontline shifting back and forth with ports in the local media here indicate ukrainian forces are launching a counter offensive at this hour, trying to take back some of that critical territory along the russian border. here in the capital of kyiv, we have heard explosions in the distance tonight, air raid sirens also sounding throughout the city. there is a real understanding of the russian troops just 15 miles away from the city center could at any point try to push forward their offensive deep into the city. this could cause severe civilian casualties here as they try to work their way into this capital. will? >> will: we will be watching that throughout the night ended to the morning. trey yingst, thank you for that report. that about does it for us tonight we are to have a great weekend. tucker is back on monday. it is time next week, perhaps, get back to final exam, but in
6:00 pm
the meantime, check out the will cain podcast, every monday, wednesday, friday. we go deep on nazis, death squads, soviet some history of ukraine, and a potential world war iii, i think you will enjoy it. grossest subscriber ever you get wherever you got your podca. sean hannity is up next. ♪ ♪ >> sean: we start this friday night with a lot of news, a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." russia has now seized europe's largest nuclear power plant in ukraine after a brutal shelling last night. thankfully, as of now, no radiation leaks are reported but this continues to remain a very serious and very dangerous threat, as vladimir putin is showing no signs of stopping his brutal battle tactics and no signs of slowing down these terrifying war crimes. we have full coverage all across ukraine with our fox team to the hour. also tonight, senator lindsey graham is facing


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