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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 7, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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the five prize. judge jeanine? >> judge jeanine: the fact that this guy can put together a speech with no mistakes no, errors. he had a game plan saying we need this, this, and this is he my hero. that's the end of it. he is the world's hero. we have got to make sure he lives. >> dana: great way to end. that is it for us. "special report" is up next. ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. we're in fox news world headquarters in new york city this evening and in just a few minutes i will speak with former attorney general bill barr about his new book "the durham investigation. the 2020 election, russia, and more. but we start tonight with an update from the war in ukraine. the 12th dave russia's invasion brought shelling and missile strikes in cities across the country. russia announced another limited cease-fire and the establishment of safe corridors for refugees. but evacuation routes lead mostly to russia and belarus. ukrainian officials say moscow is resorting to medieval siege
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tactics in some places. u.n. reports number of people leaving ukraine has now hit 1.7 million. correspondent trey yingst is in kyiv again tonight with the very latest. good evening, trey. >> bret, good evening. ukraine is rejecting russia's latest cease-fire proposal calling it, quote: unacceptable. this comes as american officials say it may get harder to deliver u.s. and western equipment into this country. >> around the capital of kyiv, growing evacuations of civilians russian flights over the city. raising fears and all-out assault will come shortly. scattered artillery fire which president volod zelenskyy targeting civilians. many escaping on foot carrying white flags to signify they pose no threat to russian forces we met on the capital's outskirts. >> our town many die.
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people just like on the streets. >> nearby, fathers waiving goodbye to their families escaping west to safety. [explosion] >> those who remain taking up arms, holding off parts of the russian advance for now. a u.s. official tells fox news little military progress was made by russia on monday, including that stalled 40-mile artillery convoy outside of kyiv. ukraine's president beg egg u.s. and european al thrice provide native air power vladimir putin is isolated and out of touch. >> what needs to be done is for president putin to stop talking, start the dialogue instead of living in the informational bubble without oxygen. >> moscow said again monday it would enforce cease-fires to let civilians leave besieged cities safely through corridors. a majority of those routes were headed towards russia and belarus. russia state media announced the latest cease-fire talks on progress humanitarian i.
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the u.n. reported russian mines were found planted along the evacuation route in mariupol in the south what ukraine calls a calculated pattern of human rights abuses. the u.n. reports at least 406 confirmed civilian deaths but ukrainian officials say the numbers are much higher. >> the ukrainians claim tonight they have shot down two russian planes from the skies of their capital as the war rages on. bret? >> bret: thank you, trey. here are some of the other headlines, the u.s. supreme court will not review bill cosby's sexual assault case. the decision leaves him a free man and ends a two decade legal drama. justices declined to review a decision out of pennsylvania that released cosby from june. over the word of a former prosecutor who said he had made a secret promise with cosby's lawyers that he could never be charged. the defense department will permanently shut down the navy's massive fuel tank facility in hawaii that leaked petroleum into pearl harbor's tap water.
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the navy lee move all the fuel. the decision is based on a new pentagon assessment and is in line with hawaii's department of health. nearly 6,000 people were sickened from that incident. the national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline is now $4.07. that is just short of the all-time high of $4.11 in july of 2008. on that news, stocks took a major hit today. the dow lost 797, the s&p 500 fell 128, the nasdaq plummeted 4.82. >> bret: now let's bring in former attorney general and author of "one damn thing as the another" memoirs of an attorney general william barr. thanks for being here. >> thanks, bret, good to be here. >> bret: focus on the situation in ukraine what russia is doing. as you look at that and knowing what you know from your past time, what do you think today? >> i think we're watching in
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ukraine is just harrowing to watch. and you know, it's easy to get down about it right now, but the big picture is that i think russia is on the sharp decline. it's hard to see how this -- i think putin has made a big mistake because it's hard to see this come to an end without putin. putin's rule coming to an end. and i think russia has been substantially diminished. no matter what happens. they are not 10 feet -- they are obviously not 10 feet tall this has not been an impressive performance by their military. in my book i discuss a little bit about what i expected to happen. this was before the invasion. and i felt that putin would view biden as weak and would try to take advantage of that by moving-by grabbing whatever he wanted. >> bret: here it is page 413 i'm
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afraid that with a wavering inadmit tent alert joe biden in office. putin will goals more assertively and find a need to find agreed upon frame works with the united states. given biden's manifest weakness putin is likely to feel is he better off making no concessions at all. you felt strong enough to put that in the book. what gave you that conclusion? be. >> one of the problems was russia gate. i think russia gate was not only a, you know, a despicable dirty trick that hobbled the first part of the president's administration, but it also affected a great damage to the united states. russia gate essentially froze the trump administration from engaging with russia that may have been a second term issue if the president had won re-election but when biden won, i felt that there would be no
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incentive on the part of the russians to try to use diplomacy to reach a stable modus operandi and they would grab what they wanted under biden. and when he had the kind of exit from afghanistan which he did, and then when he essentially took america out of energy independence, increasing the leverage of russia dramatically, i thought it was inevitable. >> bret: you say russia gate was horrible. >> the mainstream media is talking about the big lie, and the stolen election. they are forgetting that there was a big lie at the beginning of the administration of the trump administration. and that was one that was propelled and fanned by the media largely. the clinton administration played a big role in getting that boom rolling, the idea that trump victory was illegitimate because of collusion with russia. it was completely false it walls never any basis for it. and, yet, did kept the president pinned down for the first half
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of his administration. >> bret: on the mueller investigation, after meeting with mueller, you write: after meeting, rod and i walked toward my office and we paused and looked at each other with concern. wow, i said, bob has lost a step. that is not the bob i know. rod said equally surprised i wonder if he is ill. >> what was the question? >> i was concerned about bob when i saw him physically. i was concerned that he had -- he was ill. he was trembling and his voice was tremendousless. he delivered a report that was there was a gap between a few weeks between the time i got the report and the time it could be made public. so i felt i had to state what the bottom line was while we worked to redact the full report. so i felt i had to put out something that says, you know, is he going to be indicted or isn't he going to be indicted? what is there a crime or wasn't interest a crime? bottom line. >> bret: obviously, many in the media saw that as trying to
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protect the president. that you were trying to shape what the results of that investigation were. >> well, that's wrong there was no confusion after my statement. it was basically a collective temper tantrum by a lot of the media that was heavily vested in the russia gate scandal. and they were upset that this wasn't going to bring down trump. >> where do you think the durham investigation goes? >> well, i mean i personally would like to see people who were responsible for -- if any criminal acts were committed in flogging this false scandal be held accountable. and if there are crimes, i hope they're indicted. if they're not. i would like to see the thing exposed in a full some report by durham. >> bret: there is frustration though in america that every one of these investigations that seems to be launched and a lot
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of focus on it and overtime nothing really transpires. you get that frustration, right? >> i essentially do but also, you know, we set up a system in this country that should make it hard to convict someone of a crime. i mean, the system is designed to make it hard. and you need evidence yard. and you need to take the time -- the smoking guns are hard to find. so it's a timely -- takes a long time to do some of these cases. there is a tendency in this country and it's on both sides now, as more and more strident that, you know, you have to -- that the name -- that politics is all about convicting your opponent for a crime and finding a crime can you prosecute somebody on. i personally think that's misdirected. you can set out the facts that are already public and out there, but instead of doing that you know, like the shameful self-dealing of the biden family, you know, instead of setting out those facts that are
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out there, you know, you try to push it into the criminal context, which then makes everything secret. and sets a very high bar. and it's counter productive. >> bret: but knowing what you know about durham, what has come out publicly, from durham, does he have something? >> i think there will be a report. and potentially more indictments. but i don't know whether there will be more indictments. i'm sure there will be a report. i directed that he do a report. the president's campaign was spied on. >> bret: is that a crime? >> well, the motivations of the fbi people involved. that's obviously one of the things durham has to look at. >> do you have regret about that time or regrets in. >> i wouldn't say regrets, i was and am very disappointed because i think a lot of people, including me, you know, made an
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effort to have trump administration's succeed. get reelected. sound record and i think it was undone lack of self-control. and his, you know, pettiness, that rubbed a lot of voters. >> you also praise some of the policies, the former president obviously hasn't read the praising part because the letter he put out is pretty straightforward. he calls you lazy, he says that you are a creature of the radical left. that you should have never believed in the washington media and tried to be swayed by them. it's about three pages long. >> this is the usual conduct of the president when he falls out with someone and someone doesn't
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agree with him on something. he attacks them personally. and it's sort of, you know, infantile attack. i have been a dedicated conservative republican my entire life. i try to write a fair and balanced book. and i supported trump. i went into the administration to help stabilize the administration. i think it was overall successful administration. after the election, i saw him change. he wouldn't -- he would not listen to his advisers. he was very head strong and he was listening tonal people who told him exactly what he wanted to hear which was that the election was stolen. and i looked at those claims and the stuff that was being thrown out there about the machines and all the other notions that they had was just not true. it was demonstrably not true. and i felt they were doing a great disservice to continue saying that it was stolen. >> bret: in this letter, the former president says that you
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did not look into many of the corrupt things that happened, you were a big disappointment, you were afraid to act, and usually didn't. >> i instructed the u.s. attorneys to pursue any specific and credible allegations of substantial fraud that could have affected the outcome in a state or in the election. and they did. it was a little bit like playing whack-a-mole because one day it was this. and when that was blown up, the next day it was something else. and we just found all of them had no merit at all. and still they are being repeated today. i mean most recently the president on january 13th held out the idea that more people voted in philadelphia than there were registered voters that's simply false. when i looked at the votes around the country, especially in the battle ground states, the president ran behind the state republican ticket. he ran behind -- 75,000
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republicans in maricopa and pima county, the two largest counties in arizona didn't vote for trump. they voted republican but not for trump. 50,000 in wisconsin. both of those states, you know, that was much more than the margin that he lost by. pennsylvania, he ran 60,000 votes behind. and it was republican and independent defectors in the suburbs. you can't run behind the republican ticket and win the national raves. >> i heard you say that despite all of the misgivings and the reflections you have about the president at the end of his term at the end of 2024, the democrat, you would vote for him? >> well, i think the greatest threat to the united states is the progressive agenda. and i think it was a reaction against that agenda that brought
3:16 pm
trump to power, frankly. i don't think he should be our nominee. and i would certainly not support him in the primary process but it's inconceivable to me that i will be voting for a democrat in the ultimate election and so if he is the nominee, looking at things now and obviously a lot can change in three years, it's inconceivable to me that i wouldn't vote for him as the republican nominee. i hope that doesn't happen. >> bret: for people who say why do this book? why not say in your resignation letter all the issues that you had? why not come out before this book. >> i have served under three presidents. i think that perspective, you know, is worth sharing with people. it gave me the opportunity to talk about trump there some people who think he is the devil incarnate and everything he does is terrible. which is false. and there are people who think he is the second coming. and i thought i could give a fair and objective assessment of his leadership. and also discuss some of the
3:17 pm
difficult issues the country is facing, has been facing for a long time. >> bret: talk about those difficult issues tomorrow part two of our interview attorney general barr's take on chinese spying, the crime surge in u.s. cities and the illegal immigration surge and resurgence of drug cartels. up next, jennifer griffin is live and has a live report from the pentagon with the latest on russia's move inside ukraine. ♪ earn 3% cash back on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. so, it's not a problem at all. you guys aren't gonna give me the fake bill fight? c'mon, kev. you're earning 3% cash back. humor me. where is my wallet? i am paying. where is my wallet? i thought i gave it to you. oooohhh? oh, that's not it either. no. no. stop, i insist. that was good though. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ ♪ ♪a little bit of chicken fried♪
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call unitedhealthcare or go online today. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: breaking tonight victims in des moines iowa two victims dead and two critically injured following a school shooting. report breaking suspects have been detained in relation to this shooting outside of east high school in des moines. we will continue to follow that breaking news. meantime oversea as top iranian official says his country is seeking creative ways to restore its nuclear deal with world maurice. the tweet by the secretary of iran's powerful supreme national security council comes after russia's foreign minister linked sanctions on moscow to the ongoing negotiations. in recent days, negotiators have signaled that a potential deal was close but saturday sergey lavrov said he wanted guarantees u.s. sanctions over ukraine's war, the war in ukraine would not effect moscow's relationship
3:23 pm
with tehran. russian troops continue to struggle as they attempt to capture ukraine and big cities there. so now they are looking for some help. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon tonight with the latest. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. pentagon press secretary john kirby confirmed reports the russians are recruiting syrian fighters experienced in urban warfare to help them in ukraine the end quition of the setback russian troops many con scripts are facing. >> they are having morale problems. it is not clear to us that all of the soldiers that russia has put into ukraine realize that that's what they were doing. that they were actually going to invade ukraine. >> and that convoy still stuck. we have learned that as it is mostly fuel and supply trucks, not armored vehicles raising questions about where the columns of tanks that were supposed to cross from belarus and make a dash to surround the
3:24 pm
capital went. putin has now committed nearly 100 percent of prestaged combat power. firing an additional 25 missiles in the past 24 hours. mostly short and medium range missiles from mobile positions inside ukraine. u.s. officials say there is no consideration being given to setting up a noches, which would put the u.s. at war russia. >> if russian planes violate the zone that's declared, we should them down. and that runs the considerable risk of creating a direct conflict our countries and russia and thus a wider war. >> defense secretary lloyd austin ordered an additional 500 u.s. troops your honor kc 135 refueling tankers and air defense systems to poland and romaine i can't. there are now 100,000 u.s. personnel. u.s. forces deployed to europe. the biden administration is looking at ways to backfill and provide f-16s to poland so
3:25 pm
that the poles can fulfill a request from president zelenskyy for dozennens of making 29 fighter jets which ukrainian pilots know how to fly. a senior u.s. defense official says no decision has been made adding that president zelenskyy still has most of his six wing aircraft intact. outside of the russian embassy in washington, d.c. protesters have renamed a section of wisconsin avenue president zelenskyy way. it's not clear that there are any russian diplomats inside left to see it, bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. up next we go to the big board and see what the russians are doing and go live to lviv, ukraine which is becoming a hub for some of the 1.7 million people the refugees leaving that war torn country. first here is what some of our fox covering tonight. fox 17 in des moines, iowa as winter storms drop about 5 inches of snow in central iowa following a powerful tornado saturday afternoon. four of the seven people killed were members of the same family.
3:26 pm
the tornadoes has been rated and f-3 with peak winds of 10 miles per hour. miami, authorities investigate the app.ance of 350 haitian migrants near a gated community in key largo. they say more than 160 of them jumped overboard and came ashore. migrants who remained on their vessel have been transferred to a coast guard ship. and this is a live look near new york. one of the big stories here tonight from fox 5. new york city has officially shed major covid-19 precautions. masks are now optional in city schools. but they are still required for children under five. restaurants and other businesses can stop asking patrons for proof of vaccination. businesses can require vaccination if they choose to, however, that is tonight's live look outside the weldway from "special report." we're outside the beltway too here in new york and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪ you got to give for what you
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♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome back to "special report." take look at what is happening in the ground in ukraine. we talked about russian forces bombarding the city of kyiv. there is still some bombardment out in the east. the south is largely contained, kherson, again, under russian control. but it hasn't really moved as far as the areas that the russians control. it has been a lot of bombardment from the outside. they are facing ukrainians with javelins, 17,000 anti-tank weapons have flowed in from the u.s. and nato countries just in recent days. what they really want the ukrainians the making 29. this is the jet that they use poland has old making 29s they are willing to give them it the ukrainians, they would like new u.s. jets to replace them. that's a little complicated exactly. they are working on. that was it's possible but it's a bit of three dimensional chess. we talked about the outskirts of kyiv here.
3:33 pm
a lot of bombardment happening just outside and civilian casualties on the rise. that town where we saw the who are risk images of the mother and children trying to escape and killed in a mortar shelling there. trying to get out of the way. it is indisvictim that the some of this killing going to be right now. speaking of refugees mariupol has been bombarded and american red cross united nations says 1.7 million fled ukraine since the war began. 59-plus percent have i don't know to poland. and they go through the city of lviv. lucas tomlinson is there. he has talked to some of these refugees about their or ordeal.
3:34 pm
lucas? >> bret, tens of thousands of people have come here to western ukraine to flee the violence of vladimir putin's forces. >> he gives -- >> we heard explosions from the other side of the reservoir. the air alarm is on all the time. >> when russian forces attacked europe's largest nuclear power plant, this family was only four miles away and escaped at the first opportunity. >> we want our territory because putin believes that it is historically russian territory and we should be in one state. but our ukraine is a free and independent state. >> valentina's grandmother thinks the military will fail and offered two simple reasons why. >> i think because ukrainians are very strong and they love their people. >> more than 200 orphans also arrived here over the weekend by train. they, too were fleeing the violence at the nuclear power plant. lviv's mayor says 50,000 people
3:35 pm
pass through the city's train station a day. a majority continue on to poland. >> for the past five days this crew has been working around the clock to prepare 5,000 meals for refugees flooding into the train station here in lviv. >> this making shift soup kitchen explanation up through the generosity of volunteers. >> ukrainians serving their country away from the battle field through acts of generosity. >> i don't take weapons. i take this spoon. i take this fork. >> i spoke to one resident here who hopes the russian soldiers goes to hell. history of this country, bret? >> bret: lucas tomlinson live in lviv. thanks. defense secretary lloyd austin approved request from the u.s. capitol police and the homeland security department to extend national guard support for traffic enforcement in the district of columbia through wednesday. that truck convoy you have heard so much about. they drove laps around
3:36 pm
washington, d.c. beltway over the weekend to protest covid-19 mandates and other issues. took the roadways near the nation's capitol again today. the group drove slowly to impact traffic and make their point to lawmakers but did not cross down by the capitol. up next, the biden administration reacts to growing pressure to limit or ban russian oil coming into this country. >> the president's message is that he is going to do everything he can, everything he can to reduce the impact on the american people, including the price of gas at the tank. ♪ ♪ ♪ "how bizarre" by omc ♪ no annual fee on any discover card. ♪ ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates,
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(laughing) (announcer) it's time to put dieting behind you and get your health and vitality back. (woman) once you start this plan, and you do what you're supposed to do, you are going to feel amazing, you're gonna have a new life. (announcer) change your life now at bret the official global death toll from the coronavirus pandemic has eclipsed 6 million, a nile stone, a grim milestone was recorded by johns hopkins university. the u.s. is nearing 1 million reported deaths; however, some experts say the actual global death toll is higher. an analysis by a team from the economists estimated number between 14 and almost 24 million. there is increasing pressure tonight on president biden to limit or ban imports of russian oil. lawmakers from both parties are urging some kind of action
3:42 pm
despite skyrocketing gasoline prices here at home. the president meanwhile continues his consultations with allies over the ukraine situation white house correspondent peter doocy has our story. >> today's only sightings of president biden this photo of a teleconference with leaders in the u.k., france, and germany. >> the world needs to be prepared for a very long, difficult road ahead. >> already difficult for top biden officials. >> you have mothers and children dead on the side of the road. this is heart wrenching to watch. and -- ugh, sorry it is heart wrenching to watch. >> they are watching a trio of countries with spotty human rights records what it would take for them to produce more oil, saudi arabia, venezuela, and iran bargain that this administration appears to be about to enter into. >> officials insist no decision yet. >> i will note in this scenario they are separate paths and
3:43 pm
conversations. >> democrats are increasingly calling on president biden to ban imports from russia. i fully support banning russian oil into the united states. >> yet again. >> no decision has been made at this point. >> one democrat is hoping biden does more to produce energy here. >> he can still move towards cleaner climate and cleaner environment and also promote our renewables and all the things that we do, carbon free. right now we're in a war. >> but a carbon free future remains the priority so allowing keystone xl pipeline construction to resume remains off the table. >> do you think that that would make effect prices faster than getting the whole country off of fossil fuels. >> i actually don't think it would. >> so that means that even as officials are doing every action necessary to impact the higher prices they are not doing everything possible. as top biden officials are
3:44 pm
betting that fix problems with foreign oil in the future the answer is not to go in the ground here, it sin stead to go green. bret? >> bret: peter doocy on the north lawn. let's bring in our panel brit hume, mara liasson national political correspondent of and guy benson political editor of town and host of the guy benson show on fox road. the national gas price average now as of today is $4.07 you can is see that how that has gone unone month from a year ago. quinnipiac says support a ban on russian oil if it meant higher gas prices in the u.s. look at this 71% from this new poll out today. and stepping the biden administration has taken to punish russia for invasion, too tough, 3%. not tough enough 56%. about right -- what about that and where the administration is on this issue i think the
3:45 pm
political notion of from a political standpoint the notion of cutting off our own imports the united states own russian oil is going to prove irresistible. have to do it. make no mistake about it we import on a grand scale on the bigger scheme of things very little russian oil and it's not going to change anything elsewhere and someone same amount of oil to us. might create some short-term supply disruptions or shipment disruptions but it's not going to make any real difference. what would make a real difference more energy of all kinds produced in the united states. and jen psaki, who is clever has lot of about why that is not happening and how we are doing as much as we can and how it wouldn't make any difference we did more or whatever. the one thing you will not hear her say is that this administration is doing everything it can to increase
3:46 pm
america's energy production. and until you hear her say that we will know they are not doing it and if we did, it could make a difference not only to us use energy export from here. >> mara that is a big question, the allies, german chancellor schultz, according to politic dough, europe has deliberately exempted energy supplies from russian from sanctions. schultz said in a statement at the moment europe's supply of energy for heat generation, mobility, power supply and industry cannot be secured in any other way. it is, therefore, of essential importance for the provision of public services and the daily lives 6 our citizens. if you thought that europe was somehow going to say nyet to russian oil that's not going to happen. >> the ban is going to be a u.s. ban only. bipartisan consensus for it and it's going to happen. how fast it, will take germany and other european countries to wean themselves from russian oil. i know that the u.s. is going to ship a lot of ln government.
3:47 pm
germany, liquified natural gas. they have to put it in big ships and get it over to europe. but the world is going to have to shift. people are not going to want to be dependent on russia anymore. it's going to take a long time. that's why in the near term, prices at the pump in the u.s. are going to go up. >> bret: here is the keystone pipeline debated incapsulated. here is north dakota. >> i sponsored legislation to pass the keystone xl pipeline years ago. that providing 870,000 barrels a day. we can do a lot more with lng export with infrastructure in this country. taking the moratorium off producing oil and gas on federal lands, both on and offshore. >> the keystone was not an oil field. it's a pipeline. it actually would have nothing to do with the current supply imbalance. >> bret: guy, what about that. >> this we minds me of the debate we all washed out during the obama administration over keystone and energy policy and
3:48 pm
we remember as a candidate barack obama said proudly that his energy policies would create prices a run on prices where those prices for american consumers would necessarily skyrocket was the phrase and he said that was a feature and not a bug in his policy. and whenever there was a discussion of any temporary pain or momentary frustration or prices going up, the argument always would come from the other side from the democratic side saying oh, you know, well, that might be true but that would be medium or long-term it wouldn't help us immediately. well, here we are years later and i think that hypothetical future is now. so, bad decisions then are leading or at least contributing to. so pain now. and making the same mistake now will probably be cited if this policy continues years down the line when there is another pressure point. >> bret: i want to play the soundbite from john kirby about the russian forces in ukraine. talking at the pentagon today. >> they are having morale problems.
3:49 pm
they are having supply problems. they are having fuel problems. they are having food problems. they are having -- they are meeting a very stiff and determined ukrainian resistance. >> bret: brit, that's not to say eventually they are not going to bombard each of these cities into submission. but they are not exempt phi ago stellar military move. >> no. exactly right, bret. and haven't come anywhere near breaking the back of ukrainian resistance which has been quite extraordinary. the problem is, of course, the more brutish russia becomes and it has already and will continue to, in order to do that, the greater the reign of destruction and death and misery will be on the people of ukraine and, you know, those streams of refugees pouring out of there into what we used to think of as eastern europe now almost part of western europe. are only going continue to crease. this is going -- we are going to be dealing with this for a long time. and a lot of the decisions in
3:50 pm
the west will have to be made as to how we respond to this. not only just for the moment but for the future. >> bret: all right, panel, stand by if you would. next up the reaction to my interview with the former attorney general bill barr. ♪ try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. hearing is important to living life to the fullest. that's why inside every miracle-ear store, you'll find a better life. it all starts with the most innovative technology. like the new miracle-earmini,
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. >> russia gate kept the administration done for the first half of his administration. when biden won i felt there would be no incentive on the part of the russians to try to use diplomacy to use a stable modus operandi and they would grab what they wanted under biden. >> bret: former attorney general bill barr had a prediction in his book about if president biden was the president what russia would do and they are doing it we are back with our fan. mara, what do you take from the interview. >> i thought there were really two interviews in one. one was bill barr's, you know, blaming the left and biden's weakness for what is happening in ukraine. and the russia probe, but, also, there was what bill barr said about donald trump post election day. that he became petty and fixated on this false notion that somehow the election was stolen from him. he doesn't want donald trump to be the nominee in 2024.
3:56 pm
of course he said he would vote for the republican no, ma'am knee, whoever it would be. but i thought it was pretty interesting. i mean, we know that bill barr is a strong conservative that came through loud and clear in your interview. but he also has really soured on his former boss. brit? >> brit: i agree. i thought the interview was very interesting. i like bill barr. i thought he was a block of granite in the trump administration to the resisted trump's impulses come through in the narrative in the book. i look forward to reading it in full. and i would say, brit, i have a feeling that the book trump lovers are going to hate and trump haters are going to hate. i hope he can find a market for it. >> bret: what's interesting is that he talks about misgivings about the former president, especially after the election. a very explicitly. but tomorrow we are going to get into the crime. illegal immigration, chinese spying, a lot of substantive issues that he really devils into. >> yeah, i'm excited to see that
3:57 pm
part of the interview and read the rest of the book. i have started it. this is one of the few political memoir that's can remember really looking forward to. because it seems like in this town in our politics there is a dwindling number of adults in the room. and bill barr was one of them under two presidents really three two as attorney general. to brit's point some partisans who love and hate the former president will and have loathe bill barr at various times to the pointed of derangement i would say. but is he a serious person with serious thoughts. the book so far has been great. fascinating interview and more substance tomorrow. >> bret: i want to play one soundbite. >> this is the durham explanation, a little bit longer than we put in the interview. take a listen. >> what people forget about the durham investigation and i find it annoying is that, you know, durham came, in and he spent -- i asked him to spend some time looking at what i would say were peripheral issues. but we had to look at them like the role of foreign intelligence services so forth.
3:58 pm
waiting for the ig's report to be finished which really got into what the fbi's quote spying on the president's is so at the end of 2019, that's when he is able to get into that stuff. what happens three months later? covid. grand juries shut down across the nation. if -- whether or not he had a grand jury, if people know that you can't call a grand jury, they are not going to come in and voluntarily talk to you. so that definitely hampered the investigation until almost the eve of the election. >> so part of the timing on the durham investigation just an added little piece there. panel, thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight a special report salute. the images following the shelling of airport have been
3:59 pm
incredibly dire in ukraine. the search for life continues. emergency spawrnsdz battling fierce flames and workers with search dogs have rescued 15 people in that disaster so far. up next, here comes the bride, ericen couple tied the it knot at a check point on the outskirts of kiev. the newly wedded pair serving together on the citizen volunteer force for ukraine. the mayor was on hand to congratulate them. owe wants to tell them you are now safe a "special report" salute to all those making a difference during these difficult times in ukraine. tomorrow on "special report" as mentioned part 26 my interview
4:00 pm
with former attorney general bill barr. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. we cover a lot here throughout the day and the continuing coverage of the war in ukraine, a serious topic continues at 7:00 p.m. eastern with "jesse watters primetime" who suspect next. hey, jesse. >> jesse: thank you. i'm going to be having bill barr on "primetime" in a few weeks so thanks for warming him up for me. >> bret: all right. [laughter] >> jesse: good evening. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: welcome to "jesse watters primetime." tonight we begin with a fox news alert ♪ [bleep] [explosions] >> jesse: it was blood-soaked weekend in ukraine as putin's army continues to kill civilians on purpose. the situation i