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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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lives, it's worth paying attention. we'll try to be as honest as we possibly can be paid we'll be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., they show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. here is sean hannity. >> sean: tucker, thank you. we begin with a fox news alert tonight, new evidence that vladimir putin is targeting innocent civilians, men, women, and children, as russia's invasion has now stopped, it is a grinding halt. horrific images show men, women, children being murdered in broad daylight in the streets, but the biden administration still refuses to do the one sanction that would actually have the most impact, and that is blocked the importation of russian oil. now, this is the average price per gallon of gasoline, now officially higher than ever, but instead of increasing america's production of natural energy, of which we have an abundance of, biden is now begging -- and
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we'll get into detail -- iran and venezuela and saudi arabia and opec, which has already rejected him numerous times to phil fill that void. all the while telling the american people, pick up an electric car at the dealership. per usual, joe biden is mismanaging this entire crisis in the worst way possible. frankly, it's humiliating, it's embarrassing on the world stage, and tonight, the people of ukraine, they are putting up a serious fight, humiliating vladimir putin along the way, but the cost, the human toll of this war, it has been and continues to be horrific. [gunfire] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [crying] >> sean: here with the very latest russia's invasion of ukraine and all the inside of the pentagon is our very own jennifer griffin. jennifer, you said and i said at the very beginning this was likely going to be very ugly. it's getting seemingly uglier by the day. >> it really is, sean.
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russian forces continue to be bogged down, and they are relying on longer-range artillery, which is having a devastating impact on you ukraine civilians. putin has now committed nearly 100% of his prestage combat power, firing 625 ballistic and cruise missiles since the start of the invasion. that's an additional 25 missiles in the past 24 hours. mostly short and medium range from mobile positions inside ukraine, according to the pentagon. u.s. officials say there is no consideration being given to setting up a no-fly zone, which would have to cover 230,000 square miles and would put the u.s. at war with russia. defense secretary also ordered an additional 500,000 troops to europe. kc 135 tankers and air defense systems to poland and romania. there are now 100,000 u.s. personnel deployed to europe, about 19,000 more than when putin began preparing to invade.
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the biden administration is looking at ways to backfill and provide teams to poland so the polls can fill a request for president zelenskyy for dozens of make 25 fighter jets, which ukrainian fighter pilots in order to fly, but saying that no decision has been made, adding that president zelenskyy still has most of the aircraft intact. outside the russian immigration embassy, protesters have renamed a session of the avenue president zelenskyy way. it is not clear, however, sean, that there are any russian left inside to see it. >> sean: jennifer, thank you, from the pond continent. according to the u.n., 1.7 million ukrainians are now refugees. millions more attempting to leave the country, and for good reason. warning here, what you're about to see is extremely graphic and it is extremely disturbing, and these are the sites and the sounds of vladimir putin's war and the targeting of men, women,
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and children. at the direction of the slug dictator, russia has begun selling residential neighborhoods, leveling entire towns, the human toll is almost impossible to count at this time, and it's very hard to watch. at times russia will agree to a cease-fire in order to allow civilians "safe passage out of the war zone," and then he is targeting this very same civilians moments later with indiscriminate bombing attacks. now, this is an image of an entire family, including two children, apparently murdered in one such attack. this is a picture from the first lady of ukraine showing a father desperately rushing his 18-month-old baby to a hospital after a shelling garage. that little boy is now reportedly dead. and look at your screen. we are witnessing a mass casualty situation before our very eyes, and for what? to fulfill the selfish territorial dreams of an evil,
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murdering, maniacal, megalomaniac dictator? does anyone around putin, in his inner circle, generals, advisors, do you actually believe this is a good thing? or are you just following orders and making that your lame excuse. as i said before, there is one way to stop this more, and if anyone around putin has a backbone, assault, conscience, guess what, they need to do -- get him out of power by any means necessary. and i say that unapologetically for you liberal critics out there. how many children do need to see dead before you get to that position? meanwhile, putin has reportedly sent death squads into ukraine to assassinate president zelenskyy and his family. so as far as i'm concerned, what goes around will come around, and vladimir putin should watch his back. and, by the way, why are we still importing russian oil? america needs to pose here, because vladimir putin is literally selling energy to our country, every allied nato
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country, especially germany, and western european countries, making billions of dollars every single day, and in this country, we were energy independent. joe biden inherited energy independence. we were a net of energy when he became president. in fact, he gave that up. also, we have a 100-year supply of oil and gas at a minimum rate here in the u.s. some people say up to 200 years. but instead of tapping these, you know, real natural resources, the abundance that we have, the biden administration now begging other countries that don't like us to produce more oil to ease the pain at the pump when we could be going into business with texas and oklahoma and alaska. and over the weekend, u.s. officials, they actually traveled to venezuela to work out a deal with a vile dictator nicolas maduro there, and meanwhile, as we speak, diplomats are attempting to open up america to more iranian oil
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shipments. that's right, the mullahs of iran it's a death to israel, death to america. by the way, a deal brokered by russia. you can't make this up in a spy novel. this is, by definition, insanity, weakness on a level i have never seen in this country before, and it is extraordinarily dangerous that we want to partner with the countries that hate us the most we have the natural resources rate here in this country to not only take care of our needs but the needs of our allies and in europe. speculation that biden may make presidential trip to venezuela to beg them to increase their oil production. in what world does any of this make any sense? we have enough oil and gas to supply the u.s. and our allies for 100 years. so to all your climate cult alarmists in the
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democratic party, i have a question that no one has been able to answer. tell me what the differences -- how does it impact mother earth differently if you drove for oil in the united states or venezuela or iran or opec countries or russia or here? if anything, it is more environmentally responsible, actually, to drill right here at home. but get this, as biden bakes the world to produce more gas and oil and energy, prices shooting through the roof. according to good old mayor pete with his vast array of experience, americans still struggling to fill up the gas tanks, they just need to go to a dealership and shelled out $60,000 for an electric vehicle. i am sure they can afford that too. take a look. >> transportation can bring significant cost savings for the american people as well. last month we announced the $5 billion investment to build
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out a nationwide electric vehicle charging network so that people from rural to suburban to urban communities can all benefit from the gas savings of driving and ev. >> sean: this is the same guy that nonchalantly said after the keystone xl pipeline workers were fired, oh, we wanted to just go get another high paying union job. they actually have skills specific -- skills specific issues not applicable other words. find another job, oh, okay, another high paying job. great advice, mayor pete. now saying that it is time to transition to green energy. is that why they refused to drill here, drill now, so americans can save money? can you be any more out of touch than that? elon musk -- by the way, valiant genius he is in his own right, it's somebody that i think it's very interesting and incredible
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entrepreneur. founder, ceo of the electrical vehicle science called tesla, calling for more domestic energy production read by the way, against his own interest, because he says extraordinary times need extraordinary measures. look at this poll, 76% of americans agree that the biden administration is just too afraid of the radical socialist climate alarmist cult that is the new green deal socialist party. and instead of standing up to these radicals, the administration would rather you, the american people, pay more for everything. he could stand up to his own party and say, these are extraordinary times, we need to once again be energy independent. he has that option. he refuses to even talk about that option. instead, we have a 40-year high of inflation, all the food you buy met, all the gas you put in your car, all the money you spend to heat and cool your home, everything you buy in every store costs more because joe cares more about his new green deal socialist party then he does about the american people. they'd also rather important oil
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from russia, venezuela, iran, and opec, and beg and plead and get on your knees rather than being energy independent here, be it in our best national security interest as well, just so the u.s. can transition away -- their words -- from domestic fossil fuel production preached tonight, we should be negotiating with the governor of texas, the governor of oklahoma, the governor of alaska. as a matter of fact, we don't need to negotiate. all we need to do is say "go, produce as much energy as he possibly can," and wish and protect hitting two dictators in other continents. we should restart the keystone xl pipeline. we should open up those options once again. exploration on an warrant once again. we should end the ban on exploration on federal lands and simply do whatever it takes to dramatically ramp up our production of gas. but despite into any of that?
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no. when joe says he is willing to do anything and everything to bring down the prices of, you know, a gallon of gasoline, just know he is flying straight to your face. take a look at this exchange between her own peter doocy and jen psaki from earlier today. >> would president biden ever undo the executive order that stops construction of the keystone xl pipeline? >> are you suggesting that would stop the issue? >> affect prices faster than getting the whole country off of fossil fuels. >> actually don't think it would. the keystone was not an oil field. it's a pipeline. also, the oil is continuing to flow in, just through other means. so it actually would have nothing to do with the current supply imbalance. >> sean: with reaction, peter doocy. but she didn't mention there is that the administration not only couldn't shut down keystone, but auctions for drilling exploration in states shut down
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alaska drilling, other domestic drilling, and put all sorts of regulations and a hold on any new production. so she wasn't being honest with you, peter. >> well, that's the complaint, but the white house keeps telling us there are 9,000 unused oil leases on public lands. go ask oil and gas producers why they are not tapping into them. and when our colleagues have reached out to these oil and gas executives, that is exactly what they say. the reason they are not going into the ground right now is because the regulations are too burdensome, and those are regulations that joe biden put into place during his first week in office. but this white house is very sensitive to the fact that prices are going up, and they do say that they are going to try to protect consumers from higher gas prices, but there is a new study out tonight that says it is going to cost the average family this year $2,000 more in
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gas and 1,000 more in groceries because of inflated prices, and something that i reminded or asked the press secretary about today, gas prices were steadily rising, even before russia invaded ukraine, and that is a reality that the economy, with all of this aside, was struggling, and prices were rising. and what lies ahead and how high it might go, how high gas prices might go, they won't say. >> sean: can make it an explanation -- are they acknowledging has been reported in many places, acknowledging that it is part of the iranian nuclear deal that would unlock tens of billions of dollars that are held under sanctions that would allow the iranians to go forward with the nuclear program, that doesn't include any place, at inspections. but it would include the u.s. importing oil from iran.
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what about this denigration with venezuela -- delegation with venezuela? why would we bake opec, because they've rejected is now numerous times, why would we beg iran, venezuela? >> fossil fuel free country, something that biden promised to do, something really important to progressives in the democratic party, that is what they are going to try to do. they did confirm to us today that biden officials are talking to counterparts in saudi arabia, venezuela, and iran, and while we don't know the details about this iran nuclear deal and read that with that, we do know that united states and russia are on the same side of the negotiating table. the iranians won't talk to the u.s. directly, so the russians are the go-between, and when i asked jen psaki about this, she keeps saying that she thinks -- or they have assessed it is more important to try to prevent iran
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from getting a nuclear bomb. so that is why we are teamed up with the russians. while we are condemning them everywhere else. >> sean: peter, i want to be clear, i want our audience to understand, they want to fossil fuel-free america. okay. but they are willing to sit down with some of the most hostile actors and radical mullahs in iran and dictators in venezuela and countries in the middle east, opec countries, many that don't like us, and russia, who just invaded a sovereign country. it's okay to import oil from them -- how does that make us less fossil fuel independent or fossil fuel free, as you say? >> that is a great question. we are still trying to get to the bottom of that. we've noticed a big change here at the white house just since the end of last week. they had been saying that cutting off russian oil imports would just be too disruptive to the global market. they are not saying that anymore.
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and so it seems like, as putin keeps going, biden might be getting closer to doing that. and again, they have already warned that the prices are going to go way up, but now there are democrats joining republicans on the hill saying, this has got to be the next thing. we are not sending troops. at least do this. so stay tuned for that. >> sean: peter doocy, great job as always. like the only one in that room that asks smart questions. we appreciated. with reaction, former energy sector secretary rick perry. governor, s2 last time, -- i asked her less time, if we include oil, gas, coal, he said well over 100 years. with new examples, shale, is a possibly much longer than that? >> potentially, and when you add small modular reactors in there, it's for longer than anyone has looked into the future.
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sean, we knew this was coming as soon as we saw the biden administration start putting a stop to our fossil fuel production in the united states. we knew that the russians were going to use energy as a weapon. we talked about it add noncm over in europe when we were delivering american liquefied natural gas. we were basically calling it freedom gas. that's exactly what it was. we are seeing the reality of reckless disregard of reality, and that's what this administration is doing. reckless disregard for reality. the reality was, when you gave the russians the weapon of energy, they were going to use it, and let me tell you -- i'll give you a great example. alex novak was the former minister of energy.
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i met with him while i was his counterpart at the department of energy as the secretary of energy. and he has now become a prime minister, and he literally said yesterday, i believe, if sanctions were put into place, that they would cut the gas into the european union. exactly what we told the members of the european union that they would do if they finished that nordstrom to pipeline. president trump stood up, had the gumption and the vision to say, we are not going to do that, we are going to sanction these folks if it goes forward, and it gave europe a real taste of independence from russian pressure, and now they are back in the sights of putin, and he is squeezing the trigger. >> sean: let me ask you, governor, mr. secretary, let me
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ask you this. he heard peter doocy say that the left has -- they want a fossil fuel-free america, so they are willing -- they are forcing america to negotiate with some of the most hostile regimes in the world. literally it now in the middle of a war importing all this energy from russia where now, apparently, we are negotiating with the mullahs of iran that chand death to israel, death to america. now to venezuela, already rejected by opec over and over again, going to allow americans to suffer a 40-year high of inflation and have a weaker national security because of our dependence on foreign energy. can you tell me how any of that makes any sense in any way to you? >> negotiating with madman is not a good look. and that is exactly what we are doing.
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this administration does not -- again, this is a reckless disregard for reality. the reality is, maduro, the ayatollah, the iranians, they are not going to negotiate in good faith with us. the russians are going to do everything they can to put us into the greatest pickle they can put us in. and china is sitting on the sidelines, somewhat on the sidelines, watching this and deciding whether or not they are going to attack taiwan. i mean, we're getting into a real mess here, sean, and this administration doesn't seem to be doing anything in the reality side of it. because reality is they sprayed stand-up, mr. president, and admit you were wrong. push back on your woke left
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climate crazies and say, you know what, folks? your plan just wasn't going to work, and american energy producers, we are going to remove the regulations that are stifling -- and don't be confused about standing up and jen psaki saying, we've got 9,000 permits, like that matters. when they know they can make a profit, they will all out there. but they know they can't because the american government. until the messages sent -- listen, we were wrong, please come back and start drilling for the oil and gas that we have got in this country and bring america and the rest of the world that is on our side back to energy independence. and we can do that, we just need the signal from the federal government that we are not just going to strangle you. >> sean: i can't believe the times we are living in. secretary rick perry, boy, we
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really could use you back as energy secretary. thank you for being with us. and we could use the oil and the natural resources from your great state of texas. all right, you are all saying it, gas prices higher than ever, likely continuing to rise. let's not forget to predict at this exact scenario. you might recall this. >> and gas prices, you like that $2 gas, right? how about $5, and $6, $7? darling, let's sell the car, let's get a compact. biden's plan is an economic death sentence. >> sean: joining us now, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. i never thought we would see the date that country is invading an innocent country, killing men, women, children, and we don't have the moral courage to stop importing oil from that country and see the need to produce it ourselves. joe biden would prefer to talk to russia, venezuela, iran, and opec. why do i think that is a dumb
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idea, congressman? >> it's beyond dumb. it is harming americans. when you sit back and you look, president trump was right. you know it is so ironic? the first city to hit $5 a gallon with nancy pelosi's home city of san francisco. he was not only just right about the fuel and costs rising up, he warned germany and europe about nord stream 2, demand biting is his administration and his power to lobby u.s. senators to vote against sanctioning the nord stream 2. now we find what biden has been doing time and time again, harming our ability. you know what president biden said? buy american. that's what he said in a state of the union. he believes in buying american, except for american energy. god has blessed this country with these natural resources. why would we want to make america stronger in the world safer customer quite as joe biden only want to deal wite
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worst people in the world? no this, american natural gas is 41% cleaner than russian natural gas. and we can supply it to them, we can supply it to america. we can be more than energy independent. we should be energy dominant. you know last week, sean, put on the floor american energy independence from russia and 220 democrats voted no. i'm going to promise the american people this. we're putting it back on the floor they speak, and let's see if these democrats will do it again. >> sean: that was my next question. can you not peel away at least five democrats? is there a democrat in texas, a democrat in alaska, a democrat in oklahoma? is there a democrat in ohio, pennsylvania? there's got to be -- west virginia, joe manchin has been very outspoken. he agrees with us on this.
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he can get five or six democrats to say uh-uh, we are not going to grovel before dictators for the energy needs we can supply for ourselves? >> just need five in the house. give them the opportunity. 220 said no, we are going to do it again this week. exactly what we talked about earlier, the xl pipeline. you have to know this as well. the biden administration uses regulations, six permits sitting with the secretary of energy right now to be eligible to release the data or other energies, not just joe biden, all the democrats. gavin newsom, california can produce -- be one of the greatest producers of any state. but he has been shutting down the wells in california. you look at colorado, the democratic governor there as well. they have used it with the basis of their ability, made america weaker, but there harming people
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around the world. and the answer to this administration is to go to iran or venezuela? that's appalling to me and that is wrong from any single american in this country. >> sean: they are compromising our national security and they are making these horrific countries very, very wealthy, and the american people are suffering dramatically financially with a 40-year height of inflation in large part because of the energy issue. congressman, please keep us in the loop on these efforts to try to get some democrats on board. see if you can't push this through. we appreciate it. all right, more deponents on the ground in ukraine, reports of two russian planes being shot down. here at the very latest is fox's your own my own trey yingst. i read in a number of places, i guess it wasn't as many, as many as nine russian fighters have been taken out the sky, any truth to that?
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>> yeah, the ukrainians have been quite successful in shooting down russian aircraft, both planes and helicopters. officials here in kyiv are claiming they shut down two planes over the skies of the capital. the fighting is getting a lot closer to the city, sean. we have heard air raid sirens in the ninth, even just a few moments ago, a large explosion very close to where we are standing. there have been artillery units showing the outer rim of the city and many of the communities, not only here in the capital, but across the ukraine, getting hit heavy with shelling, per some significant destruction, and you can see it. apartment complexes, totally destroyed by the russians as they tried to advance deeper into this country, and the story this weekend, really grasped the world, people were tuned in seeing the devastation on the ground, this small town of about 60,000 people outside of the
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capital of kyiv. we were there on saturday and there were thousands of people evacuating. on sunday, a shell fired by the russians hit for cooked civilians and killed them instantly. we went back there today, and the tension there, as it was erupting, ukrainian troops running from snipers, and shells landing all around these civilian locations. that is what is happening, not only here, but across this country. so the coming days are expected to be quite bloody, but we heard today ukrainian president didn't volodymyr zelenskyy doubling down saying he will stay here and fight on behalf of his peop. take a listen. >> a third round of talks was held today between the russians
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and ukrainians, but there were no major developments. the russians keep saying they are going to respect humanitarian corridors, but then they shall those very pathways for civilians to flee. the reality, and civilians still very much in danger and the russians are not respecting the temporary agreements. sean? >> sean: all right, trey, thank you for your reports, and a been working hard. we are learning more tonight about the evacuation routes that the ukrainians are taking in an effort to flee the country amid putin's continued shelling against ukraine and, yes, targeting even innocent men, women, children. here to explain it much more we go to bill, at the big board tonight, a lot going on. >> in trey's reporting, bring some light to you on the map here but what is happening. they did have these talks earlier today, the russians offered these humanitarian corridors for folks in kyiv and sumy and kharkiv and mariupol to flee. they like to russia or belarus
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and that was a nonstarter. this story down here, mariupol, staggering when you think about it. this is a battle that has been going on for well over a week. there is no power, they are running very low, no phone service, people wandering around the stone asking people if they know so-and-so, so-and-so is related to a family member around town, are they alive? the ukrainians described the fighting in this town is medieval. sean, when i left you on friday night, we talked about -- they got as far as mykolaiv, it seemed there was progress, but limited progress over the last 48 hours, noted at the pentagon as well. remember, this is moldova, keep that in mind, there are at least 1500 of what moscow cause
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peacekeepers, 1500 troops in this strip of moldova, you can see what they are trying to do, link up the southern route here. if you close off the black sea, the economy, what is left of it today when the ukraine is shut off from the rest of the world. up in the northern part here, near the capital city, a couple of development. see this shaded area, sean, with the red and white striped? largely countryside, segments of the russian army have moved west from their location toward the capital city of kyiv. you're going to have -- they don't hold the ground here but there has been very little resistance, easy for the russians to move, watching this development appear. watch this sliver down here, talked about that nuclear plant from last week, another nuclear plant just north of this location that we have denoted here on the map. talk about escape routes. how do you get out of here, sean? everything in yellow is a train, everything in blue is a roadway.
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you are talking about -- over the weekend, he would two adults and two children killed by russian bomb. they were trying to make their way on this road to get on this train and come into kyiv. we had a drone video of that town, if you want to take that road out of town, you have to go through an area that has been leveled and devastated by the russian army. you ask yourself, you are living in fear right now based on some of the reports here. sean, credit, you wanted to know how far the city center is from irpin. 16 miles pretty want to know how far the airport is from the city center. it's roughly 20 miles. this, we believe now, is the root of conboy that is still stationary, it is still there, and the pentagon said today they believe there are no tanks, necessarily, in this conboy, but
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it is supply vehicles that was destined, you think now, for the airport, the original idea for the military, invade the military, take the airport, bring the troops and, establish a base at the airport. to this day, day 12, sean, that has not happened. from moscow. >> sean: let me ask you one more question on conboy. it is important. i can't understand, a, why the conboy has not been taken out, and b, why they are not moving. it doesn't make sense to me. any insight? >> i agree with you on that. i think there are ten different theories, just like there were a week ago. what i am told is that a lot of these drones, the tb two, the fact they are running low on supplies, perhaps they are even out. if you can do an arms drone in the air you can take that over this afternoon or tomorrow, but that hasn't been the case. that is one theory on the case.
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the other idea, on behalf of the russian military, how would you get 40 miles of vehicles all stacked up? there was some reporting over the weekend that suggested these were different military units that got backed up on the highway because that problems with their equipment, needed more fuel, food, supplies, and one group was running into the other, which gives you a bit of imagination right now for how this russian military can or cannot operate. >> sean: watching this one thing unfold, if they make it to kyiv, in my view, if they make it, it would be massacred. if they get taken out, huge win for the ukrainian side. they seem to be sitting ducks, why that hasn't happened is anybody's guess. >> sean, if you want hear something interesting, you're going to be locked into this when it happens. when kyiv is under siege, you're going to mention about this capital city. it's like the mighty mississippi, it is wide. there is a number of bridges
6:37 pm
that cross it. the west side of this river, that is the historic area that was built up. the east side is more residential. but if you blow these bridges and you are the russian army, you've got to come from both sides to take the town. there is no other way to do it in that case, sean. >> sean: bill, you've been doing phenomenal trying to make this understandable for everybody. remember, the last two time "tucker" to one has invaded ukraine, joe biden was in the white house, and it's his failed diplomacy, failed economic policies that, frankly, has emboldened this dictator thug. of course, the mob and the media, they will not let facts get in the way of another excuse to plant this on donald trump or just listen to whoopi goldberg. it's not even worth playing at this particular point in time. she is coming that donald trump, if he was still in office, would have given you cringe at the the american people, they are not buying any of this lunacy, because the harbor terrace poll defines the vast majority of americans get it and believe
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putin would not have invaded. it was donald trump that sanctioned nord stream 2. the waiver was given by biden. jennings now, south carolina senator lindsey graham with us. senator, you are still under fire because you said you hold people around putin -- and i said the same thing -- that they have a conscience and a soul and they are witnessing the murdering of men, women, and children, do the right thing by whatever means necessary. more and more, everybody i meet is telling me that you are right, i am right, mark levin is going to be in on a minute, he is right. >> right. i will tell you where i am not under fire, that south carolina. i've spent the weekend at home. let's say this. the only thing of got going for me is, 90% of south carolinians believe that putin is a war criminal, the biggest war criminal of the 21st century. i want to be crystal clear about this. when you record the history of
6:39 pm
these times, i think putin should have been gone a long time ago. if he gets away with this, he survives, china will invade taiwan, raking out the nuclear weapon, and the rule of law means nothing. so, yes, i want the russian people to take this man out. i don't care if we put him in jail in the head or somebody kills him. he needs to go. he is a war criminal. and senator schumer called me about an hour ago. have a resolution that supports the war crimes investigation against putin and the headache. now on it. about 90 votes to support -- >> sean: how many are telling you that they agree with your assessment that he needs to go by any means necessary? >> every single one of them i've met today. here's the deal, what's provocative is to say that the biggest war criminal of the 21st century can stay. what's provocative is to let him get away with killing these kids
6:40 pm
you see on your television. so how do we break the russian people away from putin? if you look at the russian economy as a boat, let's sink the boat. the sanctions we have imposed thus far have created holes in the boat, but there is a pump. it's called the oil and gas industry. it pumps out the water and the boat stays afloat. if you cross the oil and gas sector, no pump left, the boat sinks. let's sink the russian economic boat by imposing sanctions on oil and gas now. let's end the mystery of the ukrainian people, of the russian people. there is no easy way out of this. speed 19 needs to go, we need to crush the ruble, i daily it in a dollar short. >> sean: i'll tell you, joe manchin agrees with you. 51 senators that would vote to stop importing oil, and that needs to be passed in the house as soon as possible. senator, good to have you.
6:41 pm
jennings now, hosts of the number one show on saturday, i called in the grade one, you know, mark, there really is evil in the world. at heart, your professor and historian in many ways. one of my best friends. and i'm looking at history repeat itself, and if it plays out the way history has in the past, it's not a pretty ending. >> no. how 'bout we have history repeat itself waited under ronald reagan, who crush the soviet union economically ended, in fact, supply an enormous amount of weapons all over the world to the enemies of the soviet union, whether it was angola and africa, whether the middle east, whether it was afghanistan, where the soviets were, reagan would put up opposition to him. and it's a funny thing, it didn't create world war iii. i'm a little concerned about the speed into an wing of the party,
6:42 pm
the putin party of the democratic party. biden is a disaster. he is weak. he's not doing the things that are needed for the ukrainians to win. this is what is bothering me. why is it that the ukrainians have to lose? why is it that the ukrainians have to have their cities destroyed? why is it that we are sitting and waiting for the russians to go in and take out kyiv and kill their president? why is that? i've never seen anything like this in my life. they want mig-29s. we and our allies can give them mig-29s. they want some f-15s that their phone, oldest but mostly bakeries. we should get them some f-16s to five. we don't have to be in charge of any no-fly zone. do not have to send american troops into ukraine. and why do people think that this coward, putin, hiding in some bunker, going to use nuclear weapons? i don't get that. if he was going to use nuclear
6:43 pm
weapons, he doesn't need us. he can use nuclear weapons tomorrow. he can use whatever he wants tomorrow. but he hasn't. he's not going to. another is that sergey lavrov, that long in the tooth crack park foreign secretary of his. they are not going to use nuclear weapons, first and foremost, because they don't want to die. and what if we do lose ukraine, we, the free people of the world. may go into poland, other countries around there, what are we going to do then? then he has a head of steam. then he brings in nato. ukraine is critical to the american people. ukraine is critical, period. they need more javelins, more drones, those fighter jets, and they may be able to stop putin. what happens to him then? then he doesn't get the empire he wants, why is it assumed he will lash out. maybe the people will lash out. maybe lindsey graham, who i agree with 100%, is correct,
6:44 pm
some general, somebody will step out and tapped him on the shoulder or tap him some other way and move putin out of the way. i was on my own show saturday night, "life, liberty, and levin," and my guest said i don't understand this argument about putin, don't take a putin, be the first time in history of war we didn't try to take up the lead of history like that. nice of you to put putin over the top of my head, hope he doesn't stab me, here is the thing, we have taken out leaders of the world in the past. we have taken out generals in the past. people have heard of yamamoto during the revolutionary war, washington gave the orders to so-called snipers at the time to try to take out the generals and so forth. putin is hiding, but putin has a hit out on the president of ukraine. he is got his group, a bunch of thugs. he's got the church unions. their hitch groups are out, there have been three attempts n
6:45 pm
zelenskyy. i think what lindsey graham has said, what i've been saying, it isn't controversial at all. what is controversial, by the society, he has a mass murderer, doing things that endanger america, and china is thrilled, china has a much more powerful military initiatives, and economy multiple times the size of russia, so when they hear people in our country shaking in their boots, what we need is prudence, we need to be smart and wise and so forth, not rush into a war situation. on the other hand, i think the way we are creating this situation is quite lousy. speed 21 is not a 10-foot tall amazon. >> sean: and joe biden is begging, let's see, venezuela,
6:46 pm
iran, still buying oil from russia, and opec. mark, and doesn't get any more notes than this. by the way, your show last night was phenomenal. the great one, mark levin, apm saturn it's on fox but still ahead, newt gingrich will join us and we'll get his reaction to all developments as we continue. including nasal congestion, with powerful claritin d, so you can breathe better. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. claritin d.
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>> sean: tonight, biden's weak diplomacy is failing. he refuses to take aim at russian oil. he is still importing it, making putin and russia rich again. he is crating a massive threat to our national security in the process. herewith reaction, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, newt gingrich. really two questions for you. what should america be doing to help the ukrainians fight for
6:51 pm
themselves. i don't want a one american boot on the ground and i know you don't. and secondly, maybe you can tell me -- you are a historian, you are a professor, like levin, you can ask when we were not producing our own energy resources but we are baking opec, the saudis, the venezuelans, the iranians, and still importing energy from russia, i can't figure that out, i would fail that class. >> i'm going to say, first of all, your conversation earlier with the congressperson was really important. congress has a responsibility here. congress should step in and literally make it impossible to spend any money implementing an agreement with iran that is being, by the way, negotiated by the russians in the middle of our condemning them for invading ukraine. this whole thing is crazy. second, congress ought to pass a
6:52 pm
law repealing all of the biden anti-american energy provisions and establishing a very aggressive liquefied national gas program to help europe get away from the russians by giving them an alternative. third, we should make sure that all the weapons the ukrainians need to get to them. and fourth, we ought to declare that war crimes and treaties really matter. we are watching war crimes, and there absolutely should be a commitment that we want to go after putin and his key people, because they are ordering, deliberately, war crimes, including the killing of children, the killing of women, the attack nuclear reactors. i mean, we live in a world that is lawless, and the most vicious and evil people dominate, or we live in a world where the rule of law prevails and there are boundaries, and when you step
6:53 pm
beyond those boundaries, you suffer significant consequences. but in terms of the administration's policies, let me say first of all, i think it is a pathology. i think these people are nuts. i think that they are basically anti-american. the idea that you would say, venezuela's pond, iran is fine, saudi arabia is fine, but now texas, pennsylvania, ohio, oklahoma, boy, they are dangerous. you have to say to yourself, this is a psychological problem in the democratic party that they actually dislike their own country so much that they would rather buy oil from dictators, like the murderer who is in charge of venezuela, or the iranians with the leading terrorist organization in the world rather than from americans. i mean, it is truly crazy. i think it is the craziest thing since buchanan allowed the south to take over federal arsenals in 1860. this is a remarkably
6:54 pm
anti-american policy. >> sean: if we all agree -- and i believe we can't put a boot on the ground, america doesn't have the appetite, we can't solve the worlds problems, but we can help out an innocent country, a sovereign country, what would you suggest america and nato allies and western european allies ought to be doing? >> first of all, the courage -- i rode a recent piece in the bear, the lion, and the bunny rabbit. the bear is the russians. the lines have turned out, to everyone's shock, to be ukrainians. the bunny rabbit is sitting in the white house being pathetic. the ukrainians have proven, if we will get them the right weapons, they are going to beat the russians. they are going to beat them and drive them out of the country. putin cannot stand six months or a year of losing troops, having recently major general stopped by a sniper. the other day, 30 russian tanks
6:55 pm
were surrendered in one day to ukrainians. our job is, get them the equipment, figure out a way to get them the mig-29s, of the lawyers subject too much, and send them home, or offer them a chance to join the ukrainian national u.k. brigade, amounts that americans can go and serve as the violence she volunteers as we did against the japanese i think they're more enough people willing to fight and they need equipment. >> sean: i agree 100%. actually, i thought people were premature in saying the insurgency and the ukrainians fighting back may not have been as successful as it is. i'm beginning to believe they can win like you. great point, mr. speaker, thank you for being with us. more "hannity" after this. , i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours,
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. i think there's only so much
7:00 pm
aggravation i can take for one hour. never thought america would, in the middle of a war like this, be importing oil from russia and begging venezuela and iran and opec when we have more than we can produce here at home. it's insanity. anyway, our thoughts and prayers are with the ukraine people. let not your heart be troubled, laura is next. see you tomorrow night. use of the musical [siren] >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight as the war in ukraine intensifies, so too does the suffering here in america. so energy prices skyrocketing, experts warning that prices at the grocery store -- have you seen this -- are only going to keep going up and up. wheat has hit an all-time high. that was shocking. and with russia's role as a major supplier of fertilizer