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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 8, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> carley: united nations says two million people have fled ukraine, leeding humanitarian agencies completely overwhelmed cht the u.k.s government says 18 civilians, including two children, have opinion killed in the latest russian airstrikes on a residential neighborhood. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. tokd >> todd: i'm todd piro. the pentagon looks to send more
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american troops to eastern europe. we have team coverage with griff jenkins with more out of washington, but first live to lviv where jonathan hunt has breaking updates. jonathan. >> jonathan: good morning to you. ukrainians waking up to inevitable news that number of civilians killed in russia's war on ukraine is climbing fast and well above 400. 18 more civilians killed last night in a strike in the eastern city of sumy. two children among those killed there, is what we understand from u.k.s authorities. sumy is one of the cities where there was supposed to be a ceasefire yesterday and time for hard-pressed civilians to evacuate those cities. the ceasefire and so-called humanitarian corridors were short lived. few people made it out. in the meantime, heavy fighting
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continues, particularly in southern ukraine in the city of mykolaiv, there have been intense clashes between russians and ukrainian forces, who are fighting for every inch of land they can hold on to against the advancing russian army in the south. president zelenskyy issued another impassioned address to his people saying he is not going anywhere. listen here to president zelenskyy. >> here is kyiv in the evening. i stay here in kyiv at vancova street, i don't hide and i'm not afraid of anyone. i will stay here as long as it is necessary to win in our patriotic war. >> jonathan: we are seeing images that are equally heartbreaking and heartwarming. soldiers helping children as they run for their lives and helping the elderly escape the
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onslot from russian forces across this country. we spoke a short time ago here on fox to a soldier who is on the frontlines. listen here. >> i see destruction. i see ruined lives. i see death. the most horrifying thing, i am seeing death, not only of the military forces, i see death of the civilians. >> jonathan: and as i mentioned at the top, the number of civilians killed in this ongoing russian onslot is climbing everyday. frankly, todd and carley, that number put it north of 400, maybe higher, the simple truth is ukrainian authorities have not been able to count all the bodies at this point, todd and carley. >> carley: entire families have been killed, bodies lying on the street, it is devastating and the horrible reality of war.
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jonathan, can you give update on that 40-mile-long convoy everybody thought was going to be the big issue. is it still just sitting outside on the road in kyiv? >> jonathan: yeah. the miles long convoy north of kyiv is still there. it has become something of a mystery, carley. frankly, nobody is certain what those troops there are doing, what all that military machinery is doing there. there were reports of it being stalled because of logistical supply issues and perhaps low moral among the troops there may be some truth to that there is a theory it is merely a decoy convoy, reports of some troops sleeping in nearby forests, just so they would not be targets sitting in their vehicle. a lot of mystery about the convoy. the bottom line, we don't know
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what it is doing. we do know from ukrainian officials, they do expect an assault against the capital kyiv at some point in the coming days. todd and carley. >> todd: thank you. bill hemmer looking at how things are playing out on the battlefield. watch. >> bill: this is staggering when you think about it, in mariupol, this battle, sean, has been go og for a week. there is no power. they are running low on medicine. there are reports about operations being conducted without anesthesia. there is no phone service. people are wandering around asking peep fell they know if so-and-so is still alive. fight suggest described as medieval. there is another nuclear plant north of this location we've denoted on the map. when kyiv is under siege, you
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want to know about the capital city. the dnieper river, it is wide there is number of bridges that cross. the west side of the river is historic area that was built up. east side is more residential. if you blow bridges and you're the russian army, come from both sides to take the town, no other way to do it in that case. >> todd: zelenskyy is begging president biden for help in securing the sky. >> carley: white house is citing logistical challenges in getting fighter jets to the war-torn country. griff jenkins has details. >> griff: with little hope of no fly zone being declared over ukraine, defiant president zelenskyy sitting in his office is pleading with president biden for combat fighter jets. >> i told him, for us, the most important today is the security in the sky. we cannot allow russia to be
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active. i am sure that the president can do more. i'm sure he can. >> griff: administration is looking at ways to provide f-16s to poland as backfill to give fighter jets which ukrainians know how to fly. the white house says no decision has been made yet. >> press sect. psaki: there are number of challenging practical questions, including how the planes would actually be transferred from poland to ukraine, right? are they going to fly? where will they depart from? where will they land? those are important questions. >> griff: poland fears the move could invite an attack from russia. lloyd austin orders 500 additional troops to europe, along with refueling tankers, you see here, along with air defense systems. this brings total number of u.s. troops deployed to europe 6000
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and 52 million in refugee assistance and military aid to ukraine. here is the home, new york senator gillibrand is warning of renewed cyber threats. >> there is increased risk russia will carry out cyber attacks, particularly against new york state infrastructure and individuals. we must act quickly to strengthen our cyber defenses to counter unwarranted russian aggression here. >> griff: we expect to learn more about the threats, senate foreign relations committee holding hearing today on the hill, we'll hear what they have to say. >> carley: live in washington, thank you, griff. u.s. and moscow relations hit a new low, hope for an american imprisoned in russia. president biden will meet with
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imprisoned in russia. trevor reid's family says it is more dire than ever, he is being denied medical treatment, not to mention the relationship with the u.s. and moscow. i can't imagine what your family is going through, start with the back story. how did your son wind up imprisoned in russia? >> it's a long story, he's had a russian girlfriend for a few years. she spent summers and holidays here. he had gone there in summer of 2019 to spend the summer with her and decide what their future plans would be and take russian lessons. there was a party for her law firm in the park and everyone knew him and they were toasting america and toasting him before he left. he became intoxicated, came in contact with the police, which
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you don't want to do in russia. they took him to the police station and asked for a bribe and told his girlfriend to pick him up he sobered up. they interrogated him and the fsb charged him with assaulting the police officers and people witnessing it says it never happend and there were three hours of videotape from cameras that show today never happened. then they gave him the longest sentence in russian history. >> carley: nine years. paul ayou think your son is being used as bargaining chip for future prisoner swap. you haven't heard from trevor 200 days. you get a call from him out of the blue. how did he sound? >> he sounded terrible. his voice is short, they are
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denying his tb testing, he was exposed in december. he wanted to receive medical treatment. he sounds hopeless and it was good to hear his voice, but also sad, it sounds terrible. >> he's coughing up blood all day long. >> his life is on the line here and joey biden administration says it is a priority to get your son home. we are hearing they are refusing to meet with you. they will be in texas in your hometown of fort worth. what was that conferring like when you tried to meet with them and they said no? >> we want to say, we are happy the administration and everyone in it is working or spoken out for trevor. everyone, including the president. we met with everyone, but the president and the president is the one who makes the final decision in the issues.
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we were -- >> we were told there was not enough time in today's schedule to get us in. >> we are disheartened and wished we had a couple minutes to talk to him. our son protected him at camp david when he was vice president. >> carley: that's right. as tensions between the u.s. and russia reach all-time high sings the cold war, i'm sure the situation is hitting you in particularly unique way, it must feel like the window to getting your son home is closing. >> it absolutely does. we had been pushing before the invasion to figure out way to get trevor and paul wieland ome. it was devastating to us when the invasion occurred, we knew it would delay things for trevor. we're concerned because his declining health is really, really declining, we are concerned about that. >> carley: we hope that the president changes his mind, makes some time in his schedule
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to meet with you. your son deserves to be home. he's a member of the military, the best among us, we wish and you treftor all the best. joey and paula reed, thank you for joining us this morning. todd. >> todd: prayers to that family. war in ukraine unfold og president biden's watch and hollywood still have predecessor on their mind. >> yeah, had been president. that guy would have handed ukraine over to the russians. >> todd: okay, whoopi, biden could be ready to make another deal with the devil for foreign oil. joe concha has a lot to say about it coming up. >> carley: and we have dolly parton's tribute to ukraine at the american country music awards coming up next. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes.
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>> trump and biden voters, they
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seem to buy the idea that putin wouldn't have done this if trump were president. i don't buy that, it doesn't match logic. >> bone head had been president, that guy would have handed ukraine over to the russians. >> todd: these are real, actual tv clips, makes the russian invasion about trump, even as war unfolds on president biden's watch and america faces full-blown energy crisis. >> carley: joe concha is here to react. joe, blaming president trump for a war that didn't unfold on his watch, it is a new one, what do you make thf? >> joe: 13 months since donald trump was in office and he is still paying rent in the mind of whoopi goldberg and chuck todd. four years went by and it literally didn't happen. there is disconnect with
2:23 am
majority of the american people. under trump, isis went from being a top threat to almost nonexistent. halting testing of nukes and no longer issuing threats toward us and russia didn't invade foreign countries. have you to wonder if the debacle of the withdraw af afghanistan forces have anything to do with russia being emboldened by ukraine. and a big reset button secretary of state hillary clinton handed to lavrov. going great so far. remember that thing? and the team o'biden -- obama and biden mocked mitt romney in 2012. when you add it up, bad things
2:24 am
happen under obama and biden and stopped happening under trump and for the media to say this would have happened under trump ignored up to 2021. map irish. >> todd: what concerns me, it is less about trump and more about the disastrous consequences of the biden foreign policy, if you can call it that and media lack of informing the american public about what he's doing not only to our country, but to the world. do you think that will change as midterms draw closer and closer? i don't think it will. >> joe: probably not, no. i talk about the disconnect between media and what people are saying and feeling on the ground and harris shared a poll with newsweek and found 42% of voters say trump's policies are more to blame about russia invading ukraine, 58% blame
2:25 am
biden, including 66%, two-thirds of independents blame biden for the ukraine invasion of russia and insidious invasion and one third blame trump. that is what we're talking about, most telling part was that 69% of those responding said we need to be more energy independent here at home and stop depending on russia so much, disconnect between this administration, the o'biden administration and democrat necessary congress and on the hill right now. disconnect is theme of this segment. >> carley: there is support for the oil and gas issue at time when barely bipartisan support for anything. >> todd: the american people seem to get it. joe o'concha. my mother's maiden name is gallagher, i'm irish. >> carley: hi, janet.
2:26 am
>> janice: snow, really? i didn't know. look at the northeast. temperatures, we got to 75 around central park yesterday and temperatures are not happening today. we have this cold front. 24-hour change in louisville and huntsville, 30 degrees cooler in some areas. 46 in philly, 29 st. louis. we will have moisture in the southeast, that will bring snow to the northeast. another one behind it. looking for potential of heavy rain along the south uptoward mid-atlantic and tomorrow and thursday, my friends, look at new york. north and west, could see six inches plus and that is happening tomorrow through thursday. then this is happening thursday through sunday, we could get a jackpot of snow for parts of the
2:27 am
northeast. what? i know. greatest time to download look at that, thursday through monday, over a foot for parts of the northeast and new england. >> todd: i will have to call back lee. come back. >> janice: this is not an april fool. i keep trying. >> carley: thank you. the united nations says two million people fled ukraine as civilian death toll continues to climb. heartbreaking humanitarian crisis unfoeltds, our vice president is prioritizing this effort. >> we are in the midst of a turning point. we can address the climate crisis and grow our economy at the same time.
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2:32 am
crisis. brooke. >> brooke: good morning. the white house is warning of a long and difficult road ahead as russia continues invasion of ukraine. it is not committing to a ban on russian oil just yet. >> press sect. psaki: no decision has been maid at this point by the president about a ban on importing oil from russia and those discussions are ongoing internally and also with our counterparts and partners in europe and around the world. >> carley: gas prices are surging across the united states and new poll says 70% of americans support a ban on russian oil. house minority leader mccarthy says president biden should boost domestic energy production in order to ease the crisis. listen to this. >> he believe necessary buying american, except american energy. god bless third degree
2:33 am
nation with natural resources, why wouldn't we make america stronger and the world safer? why does joe biden only want to deal with the worst people in the world? >> brooke: president biden facing backlash from members of his own party, as reports say he is mulling a trip to saudi arabia in toefrt increase oil imports prompt aggressive squad member ilhan omar says our response to putin's mim -- immoral war shouldn't be to work with the saudis. vice president kamala harris and transportation secretary pete buttigieg being called tone deaf for promoting electric vehicles. >> todd: thank you very much. bring in tomi lahren, fox host. there are two topics people are talking about, one and one a. everybody is talking about the
2:34 am
conflict in ukraine. one a, talking about the impact on gas prices. how can kamala and pete stand up there at an event on energy and not focus on gas prices? >> tomi: it is because they are both taken deaf and they don't want to face the music and think talk of green jobs and green energy will do the trick. it will not. here is why, guess what it takes to make electric vehicles? it takes fossil fuels and emissions to make electric vehicles they speak about. i'm not saying we don't have a commitment to green energy, we do. the world is in crisis, we have an energy crisis, if we can make it here at home, that is what we should be doing, like my home state of south dakota suffering from the cancel ation of the keystone pipeline.
2:35 am
people truly need jobs. to sit there and preach to people how they should buy electric, those who can't afford to buy electric, when we have energy sitting here that is cheap and affordable. it is not only tone deaf, it is slap in the face to the american people. >> todd: just buy an electric vehicle, the average price of electric vehicle is approaching $60,000. you're out there with real americans, do you know real americans who have extra $60 k lying around? >> tomi: they don't and nothing is more affordable, including pricing at the grocery store, the american people are struggling. talk about what is go og and challenges we face, climate change is not our biggest national security threat. i would argue biggest national security threat is putting america and americans last.
2:36 am
we have commitment to taking care of the rest of the world and green lighting the russian pipeline. we need to protect our own board sxer protect our own energy independence, that is what will keep us safe and keep the rest of the world strong and safe, as well, focus here at home first. >> todd: more of the word salad from kamala. watch >> vice president harris: we are in the midst of a turning point. we have technology to transition to zero emission fleet. we can address the climate crisis and grow our economy at the same time. >> todd: do you think the american people are watching that, specifically democrats, thinking kamala and pete, the two we need, the speech we need to hear. our future in the democratic party is bright. >> tomi: we're not getting
2:37 am
leadership from the white house. this goes to show what this administration does when americans are struggling. if you have a hard day, jen psaki says get a marg rita, do kick boxing. they are not average americans and they are not struggle along with us. they will be struggling midterm time, the american people can't afford the country biden created for us. >> todd: thank you. carley. >> carley: did you see this last night? big night in los angeles at the country music award. dolly parton took a moment to dedicate the show to ukraine, listen. >> i want us to send our love and hope to our brothers and sisters in ukraine. dedicate this entire show to them and pray for peace. >> carley: miranda lambert taking home entertainer of the
2:38 am
year award. never wanted to be that girl carley pierce winning and chris stapleton taking home male artist of the year, with his performance of "watch you burn." ♪ artist of the year, with his performance of "watch you burn." ♪ and morgan waller returning to the awards, winning big for his album "dangerous," and good time had by all. white house press secretary jen psaki snatching back at peter doocy for this question. >> would president biden undo order that stops construction of the keytone pipeline? >> press sect. psaki: are you suggesting that would solve the gace prices issue? >> carley: talk about the project's true potential?
2:39 am
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>> carley: new york city is on
2:43 am
ultra-high alert for cyber hacks from russian reital iators. excuse me. >> todd: cheryl casone, this is scary stuff. >> cheryl: this is a real possibility across the country, but here in new york, officials are on high alert for poshl russian cyber attacks ark midthe war in ukraine. nypd deputy says there has not been a breach yet, but hasn't been from lack of trying or in lack of well built response. republican gillibrand says we need to prepare now. >> there is threat russia will carry out cyber attacks against individuals. we must act quickly to strengthen cyber measures. >> cheryl: gillibrand met with
2:44 am
brass monday morning with u.s. sanctions ramping up, the attacks can happen very quickly and we know that because russian cyber attacks have been going on for years. these hackers are active in russia. >> carley: and cheryl casone, national gas price average $4.17. booird administration saying, don't look at us. >> cheryl: everybody is looking at the biden administration, white house press secretary jen psaki denying the administration is slowing domestic oil production. watch this exchange with our own peter doocy. >> we're asking other countries to think about pumping more oil, why not just do it here? >> press sect. psaki: to be clear, federal policy are not limiting supply of oil and gas, let me finish. let me finish. >> executive order -- >> press sect. psaki: peter -- >> halted new -- >> press sect. psaki: let me give you the facts here.
2:45 am
to the contrary, we've been clear in the short term supply must keep up with demand. we, here and around the world, want to secure clean energy future. >> cheryl: the ceo of american petroleum institute telling fox business the ban on new development of federal land and water hinders domestic production. this is biden administration that held talks with venezuela about increasing oil production and possibly considering a trip to saudi to meet with nbs. what happens when the words jamashegogy get brought up. the iranian nuclear deal, the iranians walked away from the table yesterday, are we going to
2:46 am
have to go to iran? we're playing ball with some bad actors when all that production, could be done by domestic shell producers right now. >> carley: thank you so much for that. we'll bring in neil crabtree, xl pipeline worker. neil, you heard jen psaki say that restarting the keystone xl pipeline would have no impact on gas prices, it wouldn't decrease gas prices, what do you say tathat? >> good morning and thank you for having me. that is one thing i definitely wanted to hit on, your own colleague peter doocy has a tough job getting straight answers out of the white house. she wants to talk about the facts, i'm about to give her the fact. i don't care if we have 9000 or 90,000 leases available, no company will develop a new
2:47 am
lease, they won't let us construct pipeline to move it. this policy is any way but the american way, we're in for deep trouble. i couldn't believe when i heard maybe we are going to iran for oil, i thought it was fake news. what is next? shake down north korea for a few pairels and build their nuclear program? that is what is going to happen if we go to iran for oil. >> carley: gas prices $4.17 a gallon, a record high. how quickly would gas prices go down if president biden said all in on energy independence, fire up the keystone pipeline and let's start drilling again. >> i think you would see immediate impact. like i said and neilcarkhave
2:48 am
youton points this out all the time. we could build this thing, you hear it would take years, no, in about eight months. it would have immediate effect. >> carley: what i'm hearing you say before russia invaded ukraine, u.s. averaged 670 million barrels per day of imported russian oil. you are saying the u.s. could make that up, we don't need to go to iran or saudi arabia or venezuela for oil? >> i'm saying absolutely no problem. it is not just keystone pipeline, there are other pipelines and things going on behind the scenes. yes, jen psaki, your boss is holding up new coninstruction, not just leasing side, it is transportation side. we could have that pipeline run nothing no time, we're that good. >> carley: if this country is
2:49 am
running on oil and gas, we should be using our own. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you for have being me. >> todd: the biden administration considers a ban on russian oil import vladamir putin negotiators put their mark on the iran nuclear deal. how can that be in the best interest of the u.s.? we will discuss that. >> carley: check in with brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> brian: in 11 minutes, texas family raising thousands for ukraine exchange family. the student and host family will join us live with their hopes for a safe reunion, a real-life story and a pastor will talk about how he's helping evacuate refugees from a war zone, two million in all. and expert analysis from someone
2:50 am
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>> todd: we are back with the crisis at the border that certainly has not gone away. a dhs source tells fox news there are unprecedented migrants encountered in the reio grand sector. agents have seen 211,000 migrant encounters since october 1st. that is 92% increase over the same time the previous time period. the source also reporting there have been over 30,000 unaccompanied kids. that's 185% increase from the year prior and the rgb sector has also seen over 67,000 family units, a whopping 206% spike.
2:55 am
>> the pentagon extending national guard deployment in d.c. for two days in anticipation of protests from the trucker convoy. the convoy protesting vaccine mandates by driving at the minimum speed limit on the d.c. beltway. causing traffic for others on the road. more than 1,000 trucks are part of the demonstration. republican senators ted cruz and ron johnson are set to meet with the truckers are the convoy today. >> and did you hear about this? a guantanamo bay prisoner suspected of trying to join the 9/11 hijackers has been sent back to his home country. mohammed owe mad can a tany was detained in a afghanistan after he was detained in the u.s. from the orlando airport in 2001. the move 9/11 families and members of the g.o.p. second prisoner released from guantanamo bay under the biden administration as joe biden has said he intends to close that facility. russian oil exports making up 7.9% of the oil and.
2:56 am
>> >> jillian: some experts are saying a ban would not supply. house community member hims joins us live now. congressman, so, the biden administration may cut russian oil and gas, we don't know now we are hearing other countries saudi arabia, iran, venezuela could replace russian oil. so we could be in a situation where we are going from one dictator to another. what do you make of this situation? >> >> yeah. we are going from the trying pan into the fire. now instead of dealing with the russians we are dealing with the venezuelans or iranians. my god, all you have to do is open up american production just like your previous guest said. there is no reason why. we can't open up american production and get all the energy we need right here. energy as the putin has shown success a weapon. disarming the united states of
2:57 am
america and denying us that weapon. we should be using energy also as a weapon. we could also be using energy as a way to increase jobs in the united states and also inflow, inflow of dollars into the united states instead of american dollars going out to brutal regimes like venezuela and iran. >> todd: it makes no sense, congressman. but let's focus on the russian oil part of this for a moment. take a look at these numbers. canada, 51.3% of our oil and gas coming from canada, mexico 8.4%. russia 7.9. saudi arabia 5.1. i believe we will flip that on the screen in a second. my question to you, congressman, if i understand that may not be a huge number. may not be a large number 7.9. if you had both republican and are democratic support for this, what is keeping the biden administration from pulling the trigger? >> well, i think the reason they are hesitant is because they know it will less the increase
2:58 am
of american production it will increase prices at the pump. but you know, listen, we are funding this war. the united states is partially funding the war in ukraine. if putin gets i think over 50% of his income from oil and gas. and so we are contributing to his war machine. we need to stop that. we need to supplant it and increase american production so not only do we not import russian oil in the united states, we also start to supplant russian oil with american oil. starve him of the income he needs in order to financial his war machine. you know, president reagan back in the 1980s, what he did he spent the soviet union into oblivion by increasing our defense budgets and russians couldn't keep up. we could do the same thing with energy. can he start producing energy, selling it around the world and really cut, into you know, putin's ability to wage war. >> carley: we just got word. this just crossed. energy giant shell says it will
2:59 am
stop buying russian oil so a lot of these energy companies are willing to take a step if the biden administration isn't. i want to get your reaction to this. because, as this war in ukraine is playing out, and we are sanctioning russia. we are trying to cut russia off from the international community, we are also working with russia to broker a deal are iran. the iran nuclear deal. i know this is a huge concern to people in the u.s. as well as israel where you just came back from. >> yeah. look. i just came back from a trip to israel. and they are immensely concerned about a potential of a new, you know, iran nuclear deal. they believe that the united states is going to give away the farm and that iran is going to be posing a nuclear threat not only to israel but the united states. developing missiles that can reach the united states. it's not just that they are going to be able to develop one or two nuclear weapons that they are going to develop multiple nuclear weapons because the way
3:00 am
that the deal may be structured would allow iran to basically open up a spigot whenever they need a nuclear weapon and produce one. i don't think that israel is going to sit by idly by and watch it happen. >> carley: no. >> todd: frightening times. >> everything this president touches is a disaster. a disaster for america. a disaster for the world. >> carley: appreciate it. >> todd: "fox & friends" now. ♪ ♪ [gunfire] >> we are now in to day 13 of russia's brutal war in ukraine. russian bombardment continues. no new cease-fires in sight. [explosion] >> president zelenskyy is vowing to stay in kyiv. >> i don't hide and i'm not afraid of anyone. i will stay here as long as it's necessary. >> why is it we are all sitting and waiting for the russians to go in and take out kyiv and kill their president. i have never seen anything like


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