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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 8, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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it's surreal that i'm going through this. i'm telling my long covid story because i don't want it to ruin other people's lives like it did mine. getting vaccinated against covid-19 is the best way to prevent long covid. ♪ >> welcome to fox news at night i am sheehan and bream. breaking tonight, russia's war on ukraine will soon enter its third week as wednesday morning is now donning in eastern europ right putin's forces are continuing their onslaught of attacks in civilian areas tonight making it difficult for humanitarian aid to get into those areas and making it harrowing for people trying to get out.
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plus poland is now offering to hand over soviet era made fighter jets to help bolster an the ukrainian air force why the u.s. is distancing itself from that proposal tonight. we have team coverage from our correspondence at home and abroad and begin this hour with benjamin hall live from kyiv. good morning, benjamin. >> good morning. as the sun rises here i can tel you the last few hours we've ha a constant bombardment and the distance. we are seeing whether or not today is the day that russia forces make a move on the city. what we saw over the last 24 hours and has been really an increase and the attacks on the residential areas. they're we're attempts at humanitarian, but those we're i the end only one series of buse managed to make it out. it is a dire situation at the moment. with 2 million people now fled the country and that number wil continue growing as putin force
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continue marching to the country . he is consolidating in this out doing rather well in the north but cannot seem to make a move on the city of kyiv itself, man people wondering why whether it's a brave vehicle of the roo ukrainian forces allowing them to hold that russian forces, an another theory is that the russian tank artillery and othe are dilapidated and do not have the logistical supply lines the need to achieve the full invasion. can perhaps be read straight meeting between the foreign minister in ukraine and the foreign minister and russia and turkey on thursday per the expectations are set pretty low. it is quite simple there are some people hoping, hoping that that might deliver some kind of an outcome it remains to be see but right now here in a 30, at ten situation as it has been fo
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the last week. leaders say they are struggling to hear for the tens of thousands of refugees trying to flee ukraine. reporting there tonight as we hear from some whose lives and families have been completely offended by the russian invasion . >> we don't know when we're going to get. >> olga owned coffee shop, ukraine second-largest city, until a russian airstrike destroyed it on march 1st. >> lose everything. your friends, your homecoming your job, your business, your money, and just everything. >> russian forces have bombarde the city since the start of the invasion. >> residential houses that are getting the city population about the size of dallas, many have fled. when russian forces knocked out the power grid.
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vicki they killed our people, within our nation, we are very strong now. she sent her daughter to oral roberts university in tulsa, oklahoma. >> when i went to america for the first time and i really fel like i felt like my whole life i'd never had a real home like that, like you guys have there. yesterday morning we had to pac our backpacks. we took our favorite pictures o our family. and we just had to leave forever . >> last night, olga, her family tomorrow they continue driving, they don't know what their ultimate destination will be. shannon. >> thank you for bringing us their story. late let's bring back in specia
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report anchor brett bearberry h is back at the big map for us tonight. hello, brett. >> let's take a look at what's happening on the ground what could be happening and the coming days you see a lot of activity in the south that has continued, russian forces are moving a little bit from and moving possibly down to encircl odessa we heard there was going to be a maritime landing which has not happened as of yet, the residents in odessa are preparing for what they think will be a big battle. in marable, there are reports o bombings that are continuing, shelling, the same in kharkiv, but still encircling the city, not going in. that is this a message you're getting from kyiv, but there is more activity of russian forces and the north and central north area if you can see the forces moving in from the northeast an
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from the northwest, getting resupplied from that base in belarus, and the plan we are told is to try to encircle and cut off kyiv likely within the next 70 to hours according to the group that's been settling this very closely. the question is, the pushback from the ukrainian forces and what they are going to be able to do with what they've been supplied already hundreds of stinger and javelin missiles. the question for some of these cities is how the pushback look great it might not be until the get inside the city as we saw this where they actually went into the city of kherson, did not have a lot of streetfightin but some of these other places are expecting street to street battles. the big question broadly is about that which you just saw, the mig 29, poland announcing today and how to get them.
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the u.s. was caught off guard b this will thing and the release by poland and said that is not tenable to do that from u.s. hands to ukrainian fighters. there is a question about what happens. whether this was a move by poland to kind of call out the u.s. a little in her ally back and forth there, the bottom line is zelenskyy would like to have more of these because this guys are still not controlled by the russians, they are still open. to defend themselves in the air that's why they keep on calling for no-fly zones.
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>> president biden blaming vladimir putin for the u.s. gasoline prices soaring into record territory tuesday. critics pointing to the rise in prices saying it started months ago. good evening, matt. >> good evening, shannon. on tuesday president biden announced the u.s. is cutting off russian oil imports and warned as a result our already record high gas prices are goin to increase even more. electric vehicles and winterizing homes is the only way to guarantee people like vladimir putin can't use fossil fuels as weapons against other nations. the president insist his ministry is not holding back domestic energy. for not taking full advantage o the drilling here in the u.s. >> the decision is not without cost your home. hooton's war is already hurting
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american families at the gas pump. >> the effort to pin current best gas prices on putin's war is getting heavy criticism. senator kim scott for example tweeted what is biden talking about the rising gas prices reached historic highs way before the war in ukraine, just last thanksgiving gas prices were 60 percent higher than the were the year before, that was three months before the invasion . in right outside of the studio in los angeles tonight a regula gallon of gas is going for $6.10 , it nationwide gallon of gas is averaging $4.17. >> i never see before, never se before this is the first time i my life this is a regular price brickey get a normally come her and it's about $4.30. now it's like a dollar up, i might not be able to eat lunch for the rest of the week, but i've got to fill them up, right? >> it is hard, when you need gas , unique gas.
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that's just how it goes. if you have to get to work, you have to get to work for. >> white house press secretary told on tuesday that there is 9,000 unused root in america, credits like republican congressman from louisiana says displaying inexperienced energy policy because does not equate to an economic opportunity, for example a well ending its usefu life. >> context is important in all of these stories. , thank you. so let's discuss the economic fallout from today's top storie with san diego county superviso and freedom marks economist steve moore. great to have you both back wit us. i want to start with this our latest fox news ball and the town responsible for recent spikes in gas prices, this was in february before the invasion began in earnest they are in ukraine, 63 percent said that
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the biden administration was somewhat or very responsible fo the gas price hikes. now this is what the president said tuesday when he was asked about the gas prices. >> they're going to go out. russia's responsible. >> it's kind of hard to hear there he asked what you going t do about it he said can't do much right now because russia i responsible. your response? >> is that for me, shannon? >> s, frio. >> sorry. look, i think this was a crisis in the making for now over a year, biden sort of declared wa on american oil and gas from th very start of this presidency with the killing of the keyston xl pipeline and going after man of our drilling permits, hundreds of thousands of acres of prime land for oil
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development and gas development has been taken off-line. i've talked to three or four executives of oil companies about this issue of why aren't you drilling now that the biden administration is allowing more permits they're saying because they don't trust them. you can't have a red light greenlight policy with respect to oil and gas development it cost hundreds of millions of dollars and many cases to develop these well so they can provide the gas and oil we need these people aren't going to invest that kind of money if next month, biden says you know what's, you can't drill in thes places. so i think we are facing a situation now where we are losing $100 billion a day, $100 million a day because of the reduced output ends donald trump left office. >> a few hundred million here, few hundred million there. let's take a look at the
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national average of gas prices, this shows a change and then today we hit this new all-time high, $4.17 a gallon. now jim, you know in california it's even worse because you're average at the pump is $5.44 a gallon. how is this playing on the west coast? >> this is crazy. particularly hitting family and service industries and people like that. they are in the pocketbook very hard. right now in california we've got the highest taxes on fuel 5 cents a gallon that californian is playing for tax. my office along with my colleagues put together to the governor, that we need to suspend that gas tax for 51 cents per gallon for a year. they've got a surplus here in california as surplus because our housing prices have gone up so astronomically that the property taxes has raised the coffers more than they expected
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you've got about $45 billion exes and if they suspend the ga tax for a year it will be about $6 billion of that is the taxpayers money were saying giv that back to the taxpayers and everybody that's really struggling with these high prices. >> and want to read something from the wall street journal editorial board today following the residence remarks that he was going to push back on that he is banning russian imports o energy to the u.s., but not necessarily cranking up as you talked about it, the american oil and gas industry they said is in its assault on domestic energy president biden made the right decision tuesday in banning russian oil and natural gas imports at the same time he declared for steam ahead on his green energy transition that includes they say an assault on u.s. fossil fuels, a contradiction, i got to say i expected him to mention this, but i was surprised in the middle of this war and this tragedy and his people dying that he spent so much time really touting and pushing the
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green energy. it felt like that speech was fo different time, but that's what we got today. >> just yesterday, the transportation secretary in kamala harris we're talking about electric vehicles. people are scratching their heads and what are they talking about, do you know what percentage of shannon of cars o the road are electric vehicles? 3 percent. that means 97 percent of us are using old-fashioned gasoline. may be in 20 or 25 years as elo musk has been saying, he saying it's taking a couple decades before we get there, my point i we are going to need gasoline right now, we should be developing it here in the unite states, i worked for donald trump as you know, what donald trump left office, 14 months ago , the united united states wasn't importing oil and gas, w weren't importing it from saudi arabia, we were getting it from venezuela and we are getting it from texas and oklahoma and
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alexa in west virginia and pennsylvania. we've got to go back i have a piece in fox news we need an operation warp speed policy and that works feed should be to return to independence here in the u.s. >> it's a situation like this brings everything into sharp focus about the conversations were going to be having on this stuff right thank you very much we are out of time, but come back soon. >> following heavy sanctions an now a ban on the u.s. importing russian oil, the biden administration is still working with russia, but that's about the ongoing efforts to revive the iran nuclear deal kevin gor is checking that story for us tonight. >> good evening, questions mounting in washington after th biden administration decision t pursue energy from places like venezuela, iran, and saudi
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arabia rather than as you just pointed out unleash the full weight of america's ability to drive more energy right here at home in an effort to lower the cost of gasoline. critics point out that the team is also collaborating with the russians, within the framework of the renewed nuclear talks with iran all while working wit the iranian regime. and the search for more energy. to make matters worse, critics say the biden team is really desperate to seal the new nuclear deal with tehran and effort that some have seat flawed and risky and in unnecessary gamut that threaten the u.s. emboldening russia and iran. now, for context you will recal under the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal, russia was grante limited immunity from u.s. sanctions on iran, allowed to remove enriched uranium from tehran, and allowed to support operations at iran's civilian nuclear power plants and other
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facilities. now however, in order to cooperate with any iranian deal the russians are said to be looking for sweeping guarantees that would open major loopholes from western economic, financia and energy sanctions, recently imposed on moscow thanks to its aggressive behavior, it's all out war against ukraine. meanwhile, on capitol hill, republicans are absolutely livi at the prospect of trying to revive a nuclear deal with what some have called a rogue state with the repeated and confirmed history of breaking every singl agreement they make. >> i have yet to understand thi president's foreign policy. when we are enabling our near peer adversaries and ratcheting down on our own energy independence right here in the united states. >> the absolute idea that we ar out bargaining with madmen,
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whether it's in iran, venezuela russia, is sitting down at the table with us. dealing with the iranians at this particular point in time makes absolutely no sense to me at all. >> it makes no sense to the former at energy secretary. they argue that russia isn't trying to derail a nuclear agreement with iran, rather it' trying to protect itself from that agreement in the process overly gaining a bit of relief from american sanctions imposed on them again because of the ongoing war in ukraine. >> kevin, you have been following the story we touched on last nights of reports and the washington examiner saint iran is planning the assassination of a couple of former trumpet ministration officials prate what to be foun on this? >> one of the names we learned about today is former former secretary of state mike pompeo. yesterday you remember it was the former sect who was reporte by the washington examiner, as
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you know he was part of the trump team that directed the dilatory strike rate he has bee head of the back in 2020 and th examiner citing s. aureus at th doj says at least two members o the current force have been plotting to assassinate the former national security advise furthermore that sources the do has indictable evidence against the iranians, but they insist that the administration is resisting publicly indicting th men for fear it could derail their drive for that new nuclea deal. negotiations are ongoing in vienna. in a statement tonight the doj said it couldn't confirm nor deny nonpublic law enforcement activity adding that decisions to charge are based on facts an law in accordance to principles of federal prosecution. shannon. >> kevin, the president also facing criticism for comments h made earlier today in texas. we just have a few seconds. can you tell us what happened
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there? >> he was just sort of riffing, and this is the problem, he has a well-deserved reputation as being someone who says things that are cringe worthy. in made some off-the-cuff remarks about a couple of congressman from texas, both of them african-american and another person who he said look like he could bomb you, it was kind of thing that just makes you wince. to get much more from ukraine after this break. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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- i had an important job and it wasn't just a job, it was keeping my brothers and sisters safe. and coming back, it felt like, kind of thrown away. it's like, you're useless, you know? "we don't really have a need you now because you can't really do anything for us." that's the way i felt. if it hadn't have been for wounded warrior project, i honestly don't know if i would be here. it was the comradery that i saw it was like, i got my family back again because we all had some sort of injury or illness that we didn't have to talk about but we all felt the connection, like, that brother and sisterhood.
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>> chief correspondent jonathan hunt is back with us tonight, wednesday morning now. what are the latest development there as the day dawns? >> as we move into a 14, of thi ongoing war, it is becoming clear that the russian forces
9:27 pm
have change their strategy. they had hoped when this all began to sweep into ukrainian towns, cities, and villages virtually unopposed and take over the country that way, clearly that has not happened, they have been met with hugely fierce resistance. the policy now from putin and his forces teams to be to control ukraine, you're going t have to destroy ukraine. we are seeing city after city, town after town, village after village, almost completely leveled by russian forces. one of the worst down in the south, which has really been under such an intense bombardment for days and days now, and the video and pictures emerging from there really show a town almost completely destroyed further up north and east in the city of sumeet, it is a similar story in we're
9:28 pm
hearing this play out again and again. another southern city almost seems to be falling block by block by block. they want to beat back the russian airstrikes with their own airstrikes. they need more planes to do that . poland has said it is willing t give the ukrainians all of thei soviet era makes, they say they want to send them to ramstein, the u.s. airbase in germany to do that the u.s. has already said that's not a tenable way o doing things, so for the moment it doesn't look as though the ukrainians will be getting what they say they desperately need and certainly desperately want which is more help and the air against the russian forces, shannon. >> one of the things they fough so hard for is to try to have these humanitarian corridors, one established.
9:29 pm
how successful has that been? >> that is the northeastern the city, success is such a relativ term here. you know, the ukrainians say that they got about 5,000 peopl out of them yesterday. the russian say that there was lot lower around 700, so were not entirely sure. we did see the bus is coming ou loaded with people, a lot of them i have have to say were foreign nationals, not just ukrainians, so some success in getting that one humanitarian corridor are set up, but if you're talking 5,000 people, shannon, even at the top end of yesterday's evacuation to meet you think how many hundreds of thousands if not millions are stuck in these towns and cities that have been bombarded. 5,000 really is a drop and the ocean. it's a start, but it's a very slow start.
9:30 pm
to get those numbers are astronomical and growing by the day. thank you very much, we will check back with you. what i see in the air, we will continue fighting. whatever the cost. shores in the streets. festival, ukraine into the united kingdom. >> volodymyr zelenskyy invoking to and winston churchill. you see the reception he got. in washington it appears bipartisan momentum pressured t finally ban russian energy imports to the u.s. platelets bring in one of the lawmakers behind this effort behind acros the aisle. good to have you back. let's ask your reaction to the president's remarks today.
9:31 pm
>> certainly, we heard a few days ago he was going to look into it and they backtracked on it and the pressure from congress the bipartisan pressur from congress, i want to thank the congressman row, for doing this bill with me yesterday tha we filed to ban russian oil and gas imports, that pressure from congress, the oppression from the allies abroad, the pressure on the white house to make that decision today to go forth and ban those imports which is the equivalent of about 600,000 barrels of russian oil and gas, every one of the student with ukrainian blood red . >> there's been some confusion about a different decision the u.s. may make and that has to deal with those polish fighter jets that they make their way i transit through a u.s. base because of your background on many levels, you may be better to expand this to us, the bennett so it explain exactly why he vetoed those fighter jet for ukraine two days ago the secretary of state gave a green
9:32 pm
light to make transfers that no the department of defense is raising red flags, what is goin on? what is going on? >> it's hard to say because again, lake covid 19 we're receiving mixed messages from the white house in different federal agencies kind of gettin our wires crossed. it's confusing. when you look at poland, the number of jets that they have just under 30, why they would g to ramstein, the base in german it's a 1,000-mile round-trip bu yet ukraine is 200 miles away s why would you not just go directly to ukraine with those planes i don't know what kind o shell game is going on perhaps poland want some of our surplus f-16s, it's hard to say, but when you look at the size of ukraine, whether it's a dozen o two dozen debts that go into ukraine at some point or knots, it's not going to be enough. just a few days ago i w was reading about russia's 400 surface-to-air missile system almost as good as ou aunt
9:33 pm
anything shy of an f 35 or f-22 is not going to make it with that system in belarus like the say it is. it's kind of confusing because you would need hundreds of planes to have a no-fly space over ukraine or even kyiv to se what's going on. it's confusing to see all of that makes messaging from the front agencies to des peres get the u.s. and their allies, nato all across europe, many steps have been taken to try to help ukraine whether it's funneling in weapons are trying to have the humanitarian corridors ther are sanctions that ratchet up every day on oligarchs like putin himself on interests of russia, what more could we be doing in the u.s. to help out? >> certainly more on the humanitarian french braid if yo could freeze the airspace to have humanitarian aid command, if you could truly have a cease-fire to get the civilians outs, there have been civilians as, all of us have horrifically
9:34 pm
seen bombings and shillings of civilians and women and kids, i believe that would be the next phase of this thing. i think we need to be careful about some of the rhetoric, som of the tweets even by elected officials at this juncture ther is no telling what putin is willing to do, he's willing to lose thousands of russian troop for this thing i think ukraine has surprised him when he lived in georgia they rolled over 12 days crimea took about a month, to see the ukrainians fight bac to see the president kyiv to stand up to putin and his face the next best step i think we need to do and our allies is to try to provide humanitarian aid for those that don't have food and water right now or shelter and tried to get as many civilians out of there as humanly possible as fast as we can. >> and quickly just to clarify when you say freezing airspace over the mayor and turning corridors you're talking like a limited no-fly zone just at those corridors? >> correct, just to those corridors and just to get humanitarian aid into those places where civilians are stuc
9:35 pm
and whose lives are in danger and livelihoods. >> we have seen many promises and yet when people try to evacuate end up slaughtered in the process. >> thank you. could keep much more breaking coverage of the war in ukraine up next. when we found out our son had autism, his future became my focus. lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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♪ >> as we continue our coverage of the war, russia's war on tha ukraine, let's talk about some of the development. the debate of the foreign polic moves of the by administration
9:41 pm
with former president obama's campaign. and former national security advisor chief of staff, great t see you gentlemen again tonight. i want to read something from the wall street journal, headlined audi and marauding leaders decline calls with bide during ukraine crisis right it goes on to say both prince mohammed and jake mohammed took after declining to speak with mister biden. what you make of that? can get this sad reality is tha biden has had a very poor middl east policy. he's alienated several middle east steeps including egypt and saudi arabia. as part of it as there has been a focus on human rights and we haven't focused on energy insecurity for our relations with these country.
9:42 pm
we now know we are trying to reinvigorate by putting russia in the driver's seat for this agreement now that we need the saudi's help for increased oil production, because of biden diplomacy or lack thereof, it looks like they are not that willing to help. >> as the president has said, there will be a ban on russian energy enforcement to the u.s. the ongoing conversations venezuela, saudi arabia, iran, other places, aren't so appetizing to most americans an yet they are happening read the wall street journal editorial board says mister biden alone today skyrocketing gas prices yet remains hostage to the gree energy donors whose policies guarantee higher prices the president is enabling vladimir putin's leverage even as he claims the opposites, he talked a lot about green energy today, and yet the constant focus from the right is why not go back to the energy independence that we
9:43 pm
had more broadly more productio here in the u.s. under the previous administration. >> we talked last week on your show about the u.s. still receiving imports of oil from russia, and i said i expected that biden ratcheting them up each day and so that russians feel like they are at fault. into backing off of ukraine. with respect to what else the u.s. can do, it continues to ratchet up the sanctions and it needs to kind of support the ukraine with more weapons and the reason they are makes in ho congress taste suggested maybe us-made fighter jets because th
9:44 pm
ukrainian pilots know how to make and know how to fly russia made jets, so it's important that former soviet union block states provide those that's why they're going to come from poland they said it could also come from the baltic states pul and wanted to send them to germany which goes west rather than east where they need to go the ukrainian pilots can pick them up in poland and that's what ukraine would prefer i understand that contact with th ukrainian government they been trying to work this out with poland and i do expect the u.s. and ukraine to reach an agreement to get those jets to ukraine. ukrainian products are still which is important because ther contesting this guy with russia but as a, they need to be supplemented with more jets fro other nato states that is very important. we heard earlier giving a paraphrase of winston churchill we shall fight on the beaches speech and they shall also figh and the skies. >> a lot of discussion about
9:45 pm
these jets and the pentagon coming out this afternoon and saying that they were caught of guard by this and they didn't approve of it very poland was a sovereign nation, they could do what they wanted they didn't want that u.s. roped into this coming through this journey. he said let's be very clear, ukrainians are getting javelins and stingers from nato territory , so why exactly does president biden think loan by ukrainian pilots would be shot down over nato territory while they're on their way to defend. >> i want to say that first biden isn't ratcheting up sanctions as part of some greatly impaired he clearly put on the oil sanctions because congress forced him to pare it congress was about to pass legislation to do this and bide decided to change his policy, they presented a number of problems and apparently, the polls are worried that ukrainia
9:46 pm
pilots flying them directly to ukraine because they thought that would be too provocative s that they want to have the united states worry about it. i wonder what will happen with these ukrainian pilots fly thes into the ukraine. the russians are going to track them, track them with satellites , where are they going to land, where are they going t be fueled, and how soon will it be until the russians find them and blow them up. i think the pentagon has reason to be leery about this plan. i don't think it's just reluctance by the biden administration, i think they ar well advised to be very careful with this very time not sure it's a good idea. >> fred and david can we have t leave it there for tonight. i assume our conversations will continue for the foreseeable future, please come back soon. >> thank you. >> thanks. can keep more breaking coverage we will take you back wife life to ukraine next. and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu?
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>> let's take you back live to ukraine. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is there. good morning, there may jonathan . we talked about that area and how it has been a heavy transit area for the massive amount of refugees and people fleeing. how does it feel to you today?
9:52 pm
>> it's interesting, shannon impaired clearly, as sat, it is exploding in terms of population . it is the first and biggest sto on the way from cities in eastern ukraine and southern ukraine on the way to poland which is where as you know more than half of the 2 million refugees have fled so far so a lot of them come to live eve an a lot of them are staying here for the moment because this feels relatively speaking of course safe place for them, so the strain on services here is going to get harder and harder and harder. where hearing about people just opening their homes to help the refugees. one of our own translators here who we have working with fox, she actually opened her apartment up to refugees just yesterday because they're simpl aren't enough spaces, there is quite literally no room at the end is my producer put it at an
9:53 pm
in anywhere right now. as you have seen the pictures that we brought you from the train station here, masses of humanity, women and children mainly, all just desperately trying to get on trains, head t poland for eight a lot of them maybe will head further south t moldova, they just want to get to safety, but it is a very tough journey and this provides them something of a haven at least right now. >> it is one of those times where it's given an opportunity to see if you said, the translator you work with, just the kindness and humanitarian o people that are willing to help those that are most desperate. it is a beautiful thing and we are happy to see it. we get asked a lot about how yo can help i think everybody at home wants to feel like they ca contribute if they have something they can share the re cross is distributing food,
9:54 pm
water, first-aid supplies, fuel for heating, the power is out and some of these cities under siege, medical supplies also, you can join in and supporting the red cross relief efforts, w have partnered with them, you can donate at red and we are putting together all that we can to try to support. kevin, we know there are a lots of reputable that have done thi around the. the salvation army and many others, but we know for sure th red cross is helping to partner with us and any of those who ar watching to do as much as we ca pray. >> it's so important. we had that conversation just yesterday about the red cross and in particularly in these areas that are sort of awash in this influx of humanity i also want to share that there is a tampa -based nonprofit called project dynamo rescuing premature babies from ukraine. the nonprofit has state safely transported a few of them including a pair of twins over
9:55 pm
to poland. they were transported in incubators and you can find out more by going to project dynamo .org. shannon. >> oh my goodness. if you blink for a minute, it i impossible to keep up with all the needs they're. thank you for highlighting them. we will continue to do that. our special coverage continues all around the clock. (music) who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way.
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