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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 9, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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irredeemable. you can't think of a world with putin anymore. >> dana: judge jeanine? >> judge jeanine: in russia, also, given what he has done to his own people and the fact that many of his own people don't agree with what he is doing, i think that putin is the persona non grata of the century. >> perhaps forever. all right. that is it for us. "special report" is up next. hi, bret. >> bret: maybe time for jesse to save the world. >> judge jeanine: he took the line. >> greg: very good. >> bret: all right. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight ♪ [gunfire] [shouting] [sobbing] >> bret: russian strike hit a maternity and children's
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hospital in mariupol today. ukraine's president calling that attack an atrocity. civilians trying to escape shelling on the outskirts of kyiv are streaming toward the capital. a new cease-fire was announced this morning to allow civilians to escape towns around kyiv. western officials are warning the russian invasion may been to take a much more brutal turn, indiscriminate turn because of the frustration of russian president vladimir putin at the unexpectedly fierce resistance from ukrainians on the ground. power who has been cut at the decommissioned chernobyl nuclear plant. we will take you there. the u.n. nuclear group says it sees no critical impact of safety right now on safety. correspondent trey yingst is in the capital city of kyiv tonight. we will talk to senator sasse from the intelligence committee in just a bit. trey yingst in kyiv with the very latest. we want to barn you here some of the images in this piece viewers may find disturbing. good evening, trey. >> bret, good evening. across central and southern
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ukraine tonight, a shaky cease-fire is putting at risk thousands of civilians who are trying to escape. >> an intense search for survivors in the southern port city of mariupol after a russian missile severely damages a children's hospital and maternity ward. [sobbing] >> local officials saying at least 17 reported wounded, including children and expected mothers. >> it is a crime without any justification. >> most heart breaking incidents for a city under constant russian bombardment for days. residents cut off from power, food. the world health organization 18 attacks on health fittings and workers in ukraine. repeated efforts to bring in desperately needed supplies to mariupol and ferry residents out has failed every time. the most recent cease-fire shows some signs of success. getting civilians out of the capital of kyiv and scattered
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eastern cities, the latest of 2.1 million the u.n. has said are fleeing so far to neighboring countries. >> today we will do everything to continue the functioning of humanitarian corridors. but if there is at least one shot fired, all responsibility lies with the invaders. >> it comes amid renewed fears over ukraine's nuclear power structure after fighting to cut power to the decommissioned chernobyl plant. u.n. nuclear watchdog agency saying there is no critical impact on safety. after territorial gains in the south. russia claims forces are intensifying efforts in the north. placing military equipment around residential buildings. ukraine's military and civilian volunteers are responding ramping up defenses in many cities, including homemade metal barriers. the slow russian encirclement of kyiv is raising fears the offensive will take a brutal and more discriminate pivot. >> i grew up here, i got married here. i think most of us will stand until the end. [sirens] >> amid sporadic shelling
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residents on kyiv's outskirts continue rushing toward transportation hubs seeking escape. there are shows of resistance and patriotism. the kyiv classic orchestra playing the national anthem and ode to joy in the square. ♪ ♪ >> there is growing evidence the russians are committing war crimes in ukraine. the people here continue to brace for bloody days ahead. bret? >> bret: trey yingst live in kyiv. thanks. getting new reaction of the proposal from poland to send migs 29 fighter jets for use in ukraine. back and forth on this. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon tonight with the latest. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. the pentagon praised poland today for all of its efforts to help ukraine. defense secretary lloyd austin spoke with his polish and ukrainian counterparts in the wake of an uproar involving whether nato should provide mig 29 fighter jets to ukraine. the u.s. says flying poland's
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migs to ramstein is logistically not tenable and risks broadening the conflict. >> intelligence community has assessed the transfer of mig 29s to ukraine may be mistaken as escalatory and could result in significant russian reaction that might increase the prospects of a military escalation with nato. >> president zelenskyy says it's time for nato to do whatever it can. >> listen, we have a war. we do not have time for all these signals. this is not ping-pong. this is about human lives. we ask once again solve it faster. do not shift the responsibility, send us planes. >> meanwhile, lloyd austin met with finland's defense minister at the pentagon today and announced he sent two patriot missile batteries to poland to defend polish airspace. they are now in position and manned, we're told. u.s. defense officials say president zelenskyy still has most of his air force intact.
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>> the ukrainian air force currently has several squadrons of fully missioned capable aircraft. we adding aircraft is not likely to significantly change the effectiveness of the ukrainian air force relative to russian capabilities. >> the weapons that are having the biggest effect in stopping russian forces are the 17,000 javelin anti-tank missiles, stingers and shoulder fired man portable air defense missiles the u.s. has sent to ukraine in recent weeks. russia still has powerful air defense systems on the border with belarus and in russia that blanket much of ukraine's airspace which makes flying warplanes over ukraine difficult the pentagon says. those anti-aircraft systems would have to be taken out by ukraine's air force before it could even fly those migs to any effect. and that, u.s. intelligence assess he is, could be viewed by putin as an attack by nato if those polish migs are used which could draw nato into direct
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conflict with russia, something they are trying to avoid, brit. >> brit: more on this with senator sasse. jennifer, thank you. the threat of russia's cyberattacks are increasing as the war continues. tonight we have exclusive information about strikes that have already taken place. correspondent gillian turner reports from the state department. >> fox news can exclusively reported 21 american companies involved with liquified natural gas production, including chevron and shah near were attacked by cyber hackers two weeks before putin invaded ukraine. computers of current and former employees of these 21 companies. >> beyond this invasion of ukraine, oincreasing multiphased plan to destabilize the u.s. energy industry is now underway. it's a threat the state department has warned of for weeks. >> they have deployed it against ukraine. they have dough employed it against countries much further
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afield including the united states. so it is only prudent for us to be prepared for an eventuality in which the russians, once again, reach for this tactic. >> the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency is working to confirm these attacks emanated from russia. the intelligence community believes they did. yesterday on capitol hill policymakers says russia has designed cyberspace beyond the united states. >> very, very focused on some type of cyber activity that's designed for, perhaps, ukraine that spreads more broadly into other countries. >> lawmakers said putin's hackers have a history of being sloppy. >> russians have a history of using malware to go after a target and having that malware escape into the wild and cause global damage. >> the fbi director says russian attacks on u.s. critical infrastructure haven't always gone accord to go ahead their plans. >> even if the russians think they have carefully calibrated some form of militias cyber
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activity against our critical infrastructure, the reality is they have shown a history of not being able to kind of manage the effects of it as well as they intend. >> separately sisa and the fbi are both working with an unnamed pharmaceutical company whose top executives were targeted by russian hackers last week. we are learning tonight that the u.s. government internally is now attributing those attacks to russian intelligence training units located inside russia. bret? >> bret: gillian turner live at the state department. thank you. biden administration officials are denying a report that leaders of the united arab emirates and saudi arabia refuse to take calls from biden seeking hope with oil supply. the "wall street journal" meantime stands by that story citing numerous sources that comes as the president's energy policy is getting massive criticism from both republicans and democrats. meanwhile, diplomatic efforts to end the war in ukraine continue as do warnings from the biden
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administration that the fighting could escalate soon. white house correspondent peter doocy has the latest tonight from the north lawn. >> there's a little thing going on in, in europe right now. >> a light remark from the president before a heavy statement from the press secretary. quote: we should all be on the lookout for russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in ukraine or create a false flag operation using them. pursuing diplomacy air force 2 has landed in poland. >> obviously the vice president is on her way there. >> and house speaker pelosi is working the phones. >> i had -- oh, over 45-minute conversation with president zelenskyy earlier today. >> the president's only public event today focused on simi conductors. >> $14. >> rising gas prices are a major issue. >> if would go back to six months ago, do you think anybody was predicting we would be exactly where we are as it relates to russia and ukraine. >> so now a rebranding, white
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house comms director kate bedingfield says this is the price tag putin price hike in action. if companies want to address it the white house has a familiar suggestion. >> 9,000 unused oil leases that oil companies could certainly tap into. >> the leader of the american petroleum institute says that's a red herring. >> it takes a very long time to develop those leases. and to get them permitted. >> president biden admits russia's invasion means rising gas prices. >> i'm going to do everything i can to minimize putin's price hike here at home. >> just not clear if everything includes keystone xl. >> well, why don't you tell me what that would help address. >> i'm asking you if it is an option you guys say all options are on the table. is restarting keystone construction one of them? >> if we are trying to bring about more supply, that does not address any problem. >> she never said no keystone. she just said no plans for that remember, they had long said
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there was no strategic benefit to banning russian oil and they did that anyway. this evening, president biden is on the move as we speak motorcading to a meeting with senate democrats that is closed press. bret? >> bret: peter, what about that keystone project. when it ended did the white house follow up with workers? >> no, at least not with everybody. remember, it was john kerry who came out and said people working in the oil and gas industry can get no jobs making solar panels instead. but some of the 1500 who lost theirs on the keystone xl job site are telling fox business that nobody that works here at the white house has reached out with one 54-year-old pipeliner going so far to say even if somebody did follow through and do what they said and offer green job, that his decades of training and experience in fossil fuels wouldn't do him much good. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn. thank you. stocks rebounded today for the biggest gain since june of 2020.
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the dow surged 654. the s&p 500 jumped 107. the nasdaq soared 460 today. here is some of the other headlines we are following the venezuelan government has freed two jailed americans. oil executive gustavo core dana has been held for more than four years. also freed was jorge hernandez it last february after he was found in possession of a drone and accused of terrible. the releases come hours after venezuelan president nicolas maduro signaled an interest in improving relations with the u.s. and the u.s. signaled interest in venezuelan oil. president biden has signed an executive order on government oversight of crypto currency. it urges the federal reserve to explore whether the central bank should create its own dig call currency. a senior administration official says the biden administration views the explosive popularity of crypto currency as an opportunity to examine the risks and benefit of digital assets.
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and the first person to receive heart transplant from a pig has died two months after the groundbreaking experiment. officials at the university of maryland medical center are not giving an exact cause of death for 57-year-old david bennett. they say his condition had begun deteriorating several days ago. doctors are hoping they can eventually use animal organs for life-saving transplants in humans. up next, the ukraine conflict is leading both republicans and democrats to push for more defense spending but up on capitol hill today, covid funding was pulled out, a busy day on the hill. we will take you there live after a short break. ♪ ♪
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from across the country. they provide the potential for regular income...are federally tax-free... and have historically low risk. call today to request your free bond guide. 1-800-217-3217. that's 1-800-217-3217 >> bret: as the war in ukraine rages on there is a renewed push tonight to pump more money into the defense budget here in the u.s. and aid for ukraine. meanwhile, opposition from liberals is stalling the effort to get a spending bill through congress. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie has the latest from the hill. good evening, aishah. >> good evening, bret. it's deja vu on the hill. all these issues in the democratic party have once again stalled a very important piece of legislation. so, last night in the middle of the night, democrats released
3:20 pm
thousands of pages of a massive $1.5 trillion bill to avert a government shut down on friday. it still is very important, bret. because it includes $1.6 billion in aid for ukraine. that's humanitarian and defense dollars with rare bipartisan support. the bill also will expand the u.s. defense budget here at home to $782 billion. that's a big jump, a $42 billion jump over fiscal year 2021. now, house democrats tried to move on a vote on this bill this morning but it was stalled by progressives. they are upset over the covid funding portion of this package. you will remember, bret, congress has already dished out nearly $6 trillion for covid, since the beginning of the pandemic. this particular bill, it was going to add $15 billion on top of that. now, progressives are upset because a lot of that money it was supposed to go states and now it was going to be re-routed
3:21 pm
to the federal government. so, house speaker nancy pelosi announced today they are going to just take out the code funding piece all together to try to salvage the rest of the package. >> you are blaming republicans for the delay in a situation with the covid relief but if you didn't have folks within your own party -- >> -- no, no. that's the way it is. let's get -- let's grow up about this, okay? we're in a legislative process. we have a deadline for keeping government open. we have a lively negotiation. it has to be bipartisan. we have got a war going on in ukraine. >> so they are going to try to vote on this tonight and get this passed in the house, bret. but, by the way, because of this stall in the house, democrats were supposed to go this big conference in philadelphia and they have had to postpone and delay a number of events by the way in this conference there was
3:22 pm
a seminar particularly addressing how to resolve conflicts within the party. just a very ironic interesting day. bret? >> bret: i would say. aishah hasnie on the hill. thanks. let's bring in nebraska republican senator ben sasse a member of the budget finance committee. senator, thanks for being here. >> thanks, for inviting me. >> bret: is there a committee you are not on? that's a lot of committees. put the intelligence hat on first and talk about these mig 29 planes, these jets from poland. take a listen to this back and forth. >> if, for instance, the polish government, a nato member, wants to send fighter jets, does that get a green light from the u.s. or are you afraid that that will escalate tension. >> no. that gets a green light. >> we don't believe additional aircraft is the most effective answer to meeting those needs in the conflict. now, look, sovereign nations can decide for themselves. >> we are delivering lethal aid,
3:23 pm
do we honestly think putin is going to draw a distinction between the javelins and stingers coming across killing russians very effectively? from jets protecting the skies above? >> has the administration screwed this up? >> oh, yeah. i mean, yes, no, maybe to everything what are they for? you listen to secretary blinken and there is a process to a process to have a meeting and maybe we will green light it but no we won't that's not the right priority there is a frickin' war going on and really tough to get the administration to be for anything. this is not leading from behind. this is just not leading period. >> bret: what about intelligence assessment, according to kirby today that by providing the jets it somehow escalates and putin could retaliate in a bigger way to congressman quigley's point we are funneling in thousands and thousands of javelins and stingers and other equipment. >> well, it's important to recognize that putin has a
3:24 pm
gigantic nuclear arsenal and he will threaten to use it and the possibility that he could use a tactical small nuke on the battlefield is real. we should acknowledge that. that's reality. but what the administration is doing is constantly self-deterring by having meeting after meeting after meeting to say well, if we did, this maybe this literally hair splitting thing is the thing that would really make putin mad and then he would do something like, what bomb a maternity hospital and kill babies and moms in the process of delivery? putin is evil and the administration is constantly wrong about who he is and what motivates him and they act like lots of lawyerly distinctions is what he is paying attention to. that's not the right line. >> bret: you appreciate the side that is worried about world war iii. you appreciate the side after hearing what you hear on the intel committee about putin doubling down the cia director about he is not leaving any time soon, and what does that mean for us? >> it is clearly the case that putin wants to be perceived as a mad man. the one thing we know about him he is evil. you could think he is crazy.
3:25 pm
you could think he is a genius. he wants to be thought of as a in the job who will use nukes at the drop of a harassment the reality is yes, whether you have an arsenal that big you have to be aware of the potential for escalation. the distinction that the congressman was drawing there is exactly right. when we are supplying stingers, when we're supplying javelins, we are supplying at love munitions already migs are not the thing that will cross the line. >> what about the energy back and forth here that we are hearing from the administration about oil companies have the leases they need, the keystone xl pipeline wouldn't do anything now? what you are hearing from the administration on this front as they go towards venezuela and iran and saudi arabia? >> we have been arguing in the city for many, many years about whether or not the u.s. should get to energy independence and we are blessed with unbelievable natural resources and we should have gotten to energy independence and this administration consistently does things that make us more dependent on bad guys around the world. and so now you seeing them
3:26 pm
running to iran and mow durrough. when you want to cut off putin as we should, the right solution isn't to line somebody else's pockets along the way. it's to have a long-term energy plan. we are going to need cleaner energy over time that's true. we should be energy independent now and this administration came to office 14 months ago and one of the first things they did was to kill the keystone pipeline. this was a bad idea then. we said it was a bad grd then and now think think it's a surprise they have an energy problem on heir hands. >> bret: we just did this live report from capitol hill about the spending woes and what is happening. i mean, is this all going to come together up there this time around? >> it hasn't come around -- come together for years and years and years. i'm 50 years old. and in the last 46 years of my life i think only four times has congress spent more than 30% of its money on the appropriated process. i saw your clip from speaker pelosi say we need to grow up and become adults about this. she is the one who just led a process that released a 3,000 page bill in the middle of the
3:27 pm
night two or three days before the government shuts down after the last cr 3 weeks ago. there is never a long-term plan to get our fiscal house in order. the leadership of the democratic party in neither the house or the senate wants to get serious. >> bret: one last thing. put up this picture you met with judge kentanji brown jackson friday. your thoughts initially and how that process is going to work? >> i was glad to meet her in person. i'm glad we are taking her nomination seriously. she is a serious human being. i have lots of questions about her judicial philosophy. i didn't vote for her on the court which she now sits but we have a process to publicly vet her. and i hope she will be very forthcoming about what a judge's job is. a judge's job is not to be a super legislator. i would like to hear her clearly articulate why we have three branches and why article iii limits the discretion and powers of a judge. >> bret: going in, it looks like a noncontroversial nomination? >> i mean, replacing the guy that she is going to replace i
3:28 pm
think doesn't change the court very much. but i think that americans without regard to political party should want judges who know what judge's job is and have limits on that responsibility. i would like us to have a revival of american civics so judges don't think of themselves as super legislators and they don't get lifetime tenure to let them make law. >> bret: appreciate your time. >> thanks for the invite. >> bret: in person. up next go to the touch screen for a look on the ground in ukraine. take you live to the ground in ukraine for a look at workers at the chernobyl nuclear plant being held captive by russian troops there. >> there are no conditions. no conditions at the power plant. imagine there is no heating. there are no sleeping arrangements. the food is scarce. ♪ ♪ this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand.
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>> bret: welcome back to "special report." we have seen incream negligence movement from the russian forces a little bit of movement around kharkiv, more movement from the north and east towards kyiv a lot of bombardment in different places over the past 24 hours especially down here in mariupol that's where that hospital was hit the movement we have seen has kind of met the expectations but not really encirclement of kyiv. there you see kyiv forces getting closer and setting up an area to try cut the capital city off. doing it basically with bombardment and a lot of civilian structures as you look at the bridges. we have been talking about the nuclear facilities all throughout the country. they are a real concern and up here in chernobyl we will talk about it a little bit later, electricity was cut off. they are saying the radiation levels are fine obviously the
3:35 pm
iaea concerned about all these different reactors and nuclear facilities. now, as you look in the south. we mentioned mariupol and this significant hit other the past 24 to 36 hours. really taking a strike as russian forces are controlling the city of kherson and expected to come towards odesa. we have not seen any towards the see towards odesa. when you talk about mariupol the bombardment is significant. this is aal mariupol. this is june 21st. these two facilities can you see the cars out front of the mall. this is the after march 9th. seat devastation here on this mall and this other facility and this other building and we're seeing that in a number of buildings inside mariupol, including that maternity
3:36 pm
hospital. and the horrible images that we saw from there. mentioning chernobyl and the concerns we continue to bring these stories of people in ukraine whose lives are being upended by this war. this evening lucas tomlinson in lviv tells us about workers at the chernobyl nuclear plant being held captive by russian soldiers good evening, lucas. ♪ russian forces taking hostages at the chernobyl nuclear power plant. tonight we speak with the daughter of one of those hostages. >> basically the power plant is held by people who have no clue about the nuclear security protocols. >> chernobyl site of one of the world's worst nuclear disasters has been under control of the russian army since the first night of the invasion. natalia's father one of the people held at gunpoint by russian soldiers. >> they get like this [inaudible] once a day.
3:37 pm
they get some bread as well but, yeah, so people are huck gri there wants a shift change for the hostages and red cross to deliver food, medicine and other splice. while chernobyl's three nuclear reactors were shut down in 2,000 and the facility no longer provides energy to ukraine. it still needs to be maintained as it undergoes a demissing process. ukraine's 2022 diplomatic wants russia to agree a cease-fire to allow workers to restore power. >> shooting one can ensure them that [inaudible] will not be fired at. so they can't give any aid to the area. >> despite the power loss at chernobyl, the international atomic energy agency says it sees no critical impact on safety. one nuclear expert says the war still presents a threat. >> this sun precedented. we have never had conflict
3:38 pm
before where large nuclear power plants have been in the path of the fighting. tonight the families of the hostages pray they don't have to wait much longer. bret? >> bret: lucas tomlinson live in lviv, lucas, thank you. up next, orphans stranded in ukraine being kept from their adoptive families here in the u.s. ♪ does it shoot off like a rocket? or float off into the clouds? daddy! or maybe it takes on a life all its own. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start. ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match...
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♪ >> bret: the war in ukraine has caused many orphans to remain in the country instead of being beginning, rather, their new lives with adoptive families here in the u.s. chief correspondent jonathan hunt has the story tonight from lviv. >> hello, mom and dad. >> 13-year-old julia, one of many orphans waiting for this war to end hopes her aadoptive parents in chicago are watching this. >> i want to go to chicago. >> if it weren't for war, she might already be in the u.s. her adoption was due to be finalized just before the first bombs dropped. now she waits in lviv and plays with friends, all of them orphans. [siren] >> all of them forced to leave their previous orphanage on the outskirts of kyiv after spending five days and nights huddling in a basement as the russians attacked the capital.
3:44 pm
>> kyiv is ukraine. kyiv is our blessed capital of ukraine. >> director of the kyiv orphanage who shepherded the children on their dangerous journey has a message for the rest of the world. >> lots of innocent children are dying for no reason. we want to stay here but we ask all the countries and especially the united states to close our skies. >> before we left the orphanage, the children asked if they could sing the ukrainian national anthem for us. they did so with hands on hearts. their sense of pride in their country obvious. even as some, like yulia dream of a life safer in the u.s. >> glory to heroes they shout. the heroes in their eyes the adults who continue to care for them and every ukrainian man and woman fighting for the future and the freedom of the children
3:45 pm
of this country. bret? >> bret: jonathan, great story. thank you. ♪ breaking tonight, this hour, major league baseball has canceled another set of regular season games. this time through april 13th. it's the second time the league has called off games as it continues to lockout its lockout of players, heighten negotiations the past two days failed to reach an agreement. up next, the panel with reaction to what's happening in the ukraine war, plus the rising fuel prices here at home and what the administration is doing. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 32 in chicago as former i illinois house speaker michael madigan pleads not guilty on arraignment of racketeering and bribery charges. madigan's attorneys call the charges baseless. he served as illinois house speaker all but two years between 1993 and 2020. fox 13 in seattle as four flight
3:46 pm
crews illuminated green lasers near the international airport this week. that makes 44 such reports this year. the federal aviation administration is investigating. and this is a live look at orlando from fox 35, our affiliate down there in florida. one of the big stories there tonight spacex ends up falcon 9 rocket. carrying another batch of 48 star link internet satellites into orbit. help provide internet services to those not yet connected and to facilitate reliable and affordable internet across the globe, including in ukraine. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products.
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♪ >> how are you doing? >> good. no problems. [laughter] >> down $14. >> is it possible that joe biden will ever say go ahead with construction of keystone xl. >> there is no plans for that and would not address any of the problems we are having currently. >> they want to buy foil n. nicholas maduro and want to buy oil from ayatollah of iran. and biden last year waived sanctions on the nord stream 2 natural gas pipeline and their policy makes no sense. >> bret: a lot of talk about oil prices and what's happening with the war in ukraine. the administration now tagging
3:52 pm
with everything putin price hike when talking about the price of gas. obviously gas prices were going up before the ukraine invasion but let's talk about all of that with our panel. katie path listen news editor at town juan williams and mollie hemingway federalist. mollie, what do you make of all of this? >> the situation in ukraine has been not good and the reaction of the biden administration has been confusing. much like what senator ben sas said earlier in the program. it doesn't seem that they have a coherent strategy. they and nato have been all over the place on providing aid and this is a really bad situation brought on in part by that weakness and confusing messaging of the biden administration. at the same time you are hearing people say like lindsey graham said on fox news last night that now would be a good time to remove putin. that's also not a realistic approach to handling the situation. we should be having calm and sober minds seeking to end the
3:53 pm
conflicts an end to this war in ukraine caused by putin not expand it to other countries and not make it so that the burden of what putin has done is born by the american middle class crushing them with some of these unwise energy decisions that have come out of the biden administration. >> bret: let's talk about energy, katie and #putin price hike. they keep on saying that and referring to the 9,000 leases and yet keep on getting pushback from the oil companies and folks who deal in this industry. >> yeah. the white house has been trying to pin the blame for a lack of supply and increased cost of gas on the oil companies saying that they have 9,000 they call them leases and permits. leases are very different than permits. you can have a lease and then you have to apply for a permits and take days and has to go through a very long bureaucratic process to make sure it checks a number of about different boxes both at the federal and local level. but the white house now has the
3:54 pm
advantage of using vladimir putin as the excuse for high gas prices while continuing this argument here at home that we need to transition to alternative form of energy, that because gas prices are so high now is our opportunity as pete buttigieg has said to way in electric car. and so they actually the rebranding is good for them but bad for the american consumer and when it comes to actually produce are more oil in the united states, the white house is capable of telling the bureau of land management to be faster on the permitting process to approve more drilling here in the u.s. and yet they haven't done that and the question that keeps getting raised by jen psaki at the white house is well they have all these permits, why aren't they drilling? it's because the administration from the beginning, day one and also through personnel choices they have made to be in charge of a lot of this process have made it very clear that they're not interested in continuing to expand oil and gas, they want to make sure that it's not only
3:55 pm
just limited but also eliminated long term. >> bret: juan, i want to get to this mig 29 back and forth. you heard senator sasse say it's botched and kind of all over the place. national review also calls it that. they say the statement from kirby yesterday about poland was disingenuous neither poland or germany it would be ukrainian, not american pilots flying the migs into ukraine. in essence it was fine as poland as a nato nation to take a risk, when that risk however remote extended to the u.s. as a nato nation, the administration backed away. what do you think about this and now where we are on this public no migs to ukraine? >> well, you know, it's a very narrow needle and the united states and nato have to thread that needle. we're in a situation, you know, just pause for a second understand, poland understands that if the russians cut through
3:56 pm
ukraine, well then you are going to get to latvia a estonia, latvia, and the next step in terms of their effort to rebuild the former soviet union would be to go into poland. so, they are aware that they need to support the ukraine as a matter of self-interest. and they are there for looking for every way in which to support the ukraine. but they don't want to do it in such a way that they would be at the frontline. they would rather have the united states, nato, even germany because they suggested that, you know, the pols could send to germany and then to ukraine. they're putting everybody else on the library. for the united states, for our interest in this, it's very clear that we do not want to start world war iii. and i think that there has to be a way that can you support ukraine without allowing vladimir putin to claim that the united states is involved with provocation or even that the former states latvia a estonia and the like are now trying to
3:57 pm
undermine russia and, again, further justify what i think is unprovoked aggression by russia towards ukraine. >> bret: i get that juan. you don't think that putin lumps in flowing in 17,000 stingers and javelin missiles? you don't think that's equal to mig 29s going in? where is the distinction in putin's mind the line is wait a second this is going to escalate it? >> well, he said, bret, that he considers, you know, a no-fly zone just such a provocation. he has never said that about the other steps that you just articulated. >> bret: all right. >> so when you think about that, you understand why the migs are a step higher. that really does raise the bar. mollie there is that consider about getting something drawn in bigger and world war iii issues and that comes up time and time again. it's real.
3:58 pm
it's not a small concern. >> we do not want to be in nonstop escalation loop. this is an unstable situation and because of economic issues in play, instability and financial costs being born in other countries and by people least capable of handling those night toe poland and the u.s. clearly didn't have their messaging on the same page. a strategy without bringing on much greater conflict. >> bret: bombing maternity and children's hospitals is tough to watch no matter what. >> bret: as fighting intensifies in ukraine the red cross. fox corporation proud to be a member of the annual red cross disaster relief program. to say donate, see on the bottom of your screen here visit red
3:59 pm forward or scan the qr code right over here at the bottom of the screen. ♪ ♪ finally tonight, a special report salute. >> hurricane doesn't know at the white house. hurricane doesn't know. hurricane knows someone is coming aggressively towards dad and i'm going to stop him. >> bret: honoring animals that have served our country. members of congress presented k-9 heroes. courage and sacrifice. highest award awarded to an animal for bravery. good dong. nicely done hurricane and others. that's a salute. before we go, march is coal alan cancer awareness month. did you know that? why do i bring that up? i'm 51. the my doc said it's past time for me to get a screening. this morning i got a colonoscopy was not looking forward to it actually it wasn't that bad and all turned out well.
4:00 pm
bottom line it's really important to get screened. and to all those folks on twitter who always say i'm full of crap, turns out i wasn't. tomorrow on "special report" talk with senate intelligence committee chairman mark warner fair and membered thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. jess thanks for sharing. >> bret: too much information. >> jesse: glad you are okay. >> jesse: start with a fox news alert. children r. russian forces have bombed a children's hospital in ukraine. warning some viewers may find these images disturbing. [explosion] [sobbing]