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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 10, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> a fox news alert. the ukrainian government now says three innocent civilians have been killed in a russian airstrike on a maternity hospital. a child among the victims. russian tanks sitting 13 miles from the ukrainian capital of kyiv as they hunt for president zelenskyy. >> carley: gas prices hitting a new record of $4.32 within the last hour, president biden blaming putin for the energy
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crisis and won't answer questions about it. >> are there talks to bring iran back to the table? >> what is your name? >> andrew murray. >> from? >> fox news digital. >> fox? >> carley: not a laughing matter. heard some giggles. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: and i'm todd piro. we begin with jonathan hunt with the latest on russia's push toward the capital. jonathan. >> jonathan: we have seem to have lost jonathan, this happens in this kind of situation, we'll move on. >> carley: do we have our next guest, guy? okay, our next guest fled mariupol just before the hospital was demolished and russia laid waste to the city. >> todd: maria issue the latest update, three confirmed dead, including one child. how do you find the words to
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describe what is happen nothing your city? >> maria: it's not human, it is -- and people there are just going crazy because they are scaring and really need help and they even don't get humanitarian corridor and they don't have water, heating, connection, lights, anything like can have for civilization world. they are just blocked there. >> carley: maria, the ukrainian foreign minister tweeted, blocked humanitarian aid, indiscriminate shelling
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continues. babies lack medicine and food. the situation is people can't get out and aid can't get in. how long can people hold on if nothing changes? >> i don't know. i really don't know. my parents are there and they are calling me maybe once in four days because they didn't know how many times they will be able to call me because of the -- don't have much light to get to charge their gadgets and they don't have a connection tomorrow -- and so i don't know. they're frustrated, but they're trying to hold on. i love those people and i know that they will hold on till -- i don't know, till this ends and
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they even told me, they said they celebrated 18th of march, they just -- bombs and fireworks. that's really scary and very difficult to hear from my parents, but i hope that they will be all right. >> todd: of course, we're praying for them, as well. the images we've seen have been horrific, but the images we've seen from mariupol of that maternity hospital being bombed, we're looking at images on the screen, have been the most horrific so far because of the innocent children, pregnant mothers being bombed. if putin bombs a maternity hospital, is there any atrocity he won't commit on your people?
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>> there is -- i don't know. i was in mariupol until the 3rd of march. i escaped and i totally decided to escape when -- fall into our courtyard and i have here with me, you know issue the piece of the rocket and i just carry this with me because for remembering what happened and how much anger i have and how it is difficult to hold on in this situation. you know, really innocent people there. i'm not -- i don't know, i'm not an object, i'm a human and want
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to live my life and i want all ukrainian peep toll live their life, but they just can't for now and that is why we are so loudly driving for help and for -- the sky. it is not about the war against military, it is the war against just common people. >> carley: there are a lot of challenges to get out of mariupol, it is a dangerous journey. what was your journey out of the city like? >> oh, it was very scary because it was start of march and mariupol was blocked for the start day and totally blocked and i woke up and i just thought, could i escape? do i have a time? could i do it? there is bombs and scary sounds.
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i understood i couldn't live in those situationings and circumstances and i decided to leave. my parents gave me their car and i got my little brother, younger brother with me and we just sat in the car and drive. and for the first time our soldiers didn't allow us to escape, they told that russians bombed the road and it is just too dangerous for us and when we -- i don't know, maybe two hours, we tried again, they allowed us to go and we just went through and we went through, not just ukrainians, it
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was russians with ammunition and soldiers and terrorists and donetsk republic, we just was so scared and i was so scared to see them and understood they are bombing us and killing us. it was really scary. i was on the road like for 48 hours but to reach some safe place where am i and so it was really difficult for me because i didn't have so many experience in driving. i have a license, but i haven't drive a lot by myself and in this circumstances, it was real disaster. >> todd: we are praying for you. we are praying for your parents
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and we're praying for your people. >> carley: god bless you. >> todd: jonathan has more live on the ground, what is the latest? >> jonathan: todd and carley, that was a truly gripping interview and just shows how as we enter week three thf war, ukrainian civilians across this country continue to suffer more and more hour after hour, day after day, night after night. the bombs of that maternity hospital in the southern port city, just another example of the targeting, deliberate targeting of civilians here and it shows also urgency of getting those civilians out, something president zelenskyy addressed in one of his most recent calls to the nation. listen here. >> today we will do everything to continue the functioning of
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corridors. full responsibility lies with the invaders. >> jonathan: we are told there are hundreds of thousands of civilians stuck still in mariupol. there will be an attempt, we understand, to get more of them out today. it is clearly a very dangerous task and when you see the shelling of those civilian targets, airstrikes against civilian targets, you can see how terrified those people are to even begin one step along the humanitarian corridors. in the meantime, we are seeing disturbing pictures of mass graves, the ukrainian people having to simply wrap bodies in plastic and put them into trenches that they have dug because there are simply so many bodies and interesting piece of video we saw overnight, as well, guys, was a russian tank with the symbol of the soviet union on it. that speaks very powerfully to
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what it appears has been one of the main aims of president vladamir putin of russia, the reestablishment of the soviet empire seems to be one of the driving forces behind his decision to invade ukraine. guys, we do expect talks between the russian and ukrainian foreign ministers to get underway in turkey today, that is highest level meeting between the two sides since the war begins and provides perhaps a small glimmer of hope. todd and carley. >> todd: if you needed reassurance to what putin's objectives, look at that flag, that is all you need to know. jonathan hunt, thank you, sir. red cross working around the clock for ukrainian and helping families evacuate to safety. >> carley: fox news donated $1 million to support the efforts and cujoin in the efforts by making donation at
1:12 am >> todd: high-level meetings in poland this morning? >> carley: harris finds herself at center stage to date. griff. >> griff: vice president harris landed in warsaw with a busy schedule two, three meetings, press conference and round table with ukrainian refugees. first meeting is this hour with prime minister of poland after the u.s. rejected a plan to provide ukrainian pilots with polish mig 29 fighters which the pentagon yesterday firmly shot down. >> we do not support the transfer of fighter aircraft to the ukrainian air force at this time. we believe the best way to support ukrainian defense by providing them weapons and systems that they need most to defeat russian aggression, anti-armor and air defense.
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>> griff: volodymyr zelenskyy calls on the west to do more, warning things will get much worse if a no-fly zone is not declared soon. >> now is bad, and in future, it will be too late and believe me, believe me, if it is for long this way, yes, you will see, they will close the sky. we will lose millions of people. >> griff: the u.s. and allies worry about putin's next move as secretary of state blinken is confident russia will not prevail. >> i'm absolutely convinced that putin will fail and russia will suffer a strategic defeat, no matter what short-term tactical gains it may make in ukrainian. we've said before, you can win a battle, but that doesn't mean you win the war. >> griff: on capitol hill, the
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hill passing two major pieces of legislation just before midnight. one with bipartisan support banning russian oil imports and the other massive $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill that provides aid for ukrainian, which only passed, after speaker pelosi was forced to strip out all covid funds when it became clear she would face a revolt from members of her own party. the clock ask ticking on government funding, which runs out on friday. >> carley: serious democratic in-fighting, they got it done. thank you. white house is warning russia could deploy chemical weapons in moscow. the biden administration is calling the allegations completely false and warns it could be use as pretext for an attack. tucker carlson has a different
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opinion. >> dangerous weapons completely irrelevant, they can be used as a weapon. is a gun a weapon? not in a quail fight, when you are in a fight, it is. unsecured in a chaotic war zone. some point, we need to know who made that decision, we have a right to know. hopefully not marco rubio, someone else, will get to the bottom of it. in the meantime, we pray somewhere in the united states government there is an adult who cares enough to get this situation under control immediately. >> carley: national gas price average is hitting new records daily. remember when then candidate joe biden pushed this message back in 2019? >> set guide rails down now so between the years 2021 and 2030, it is irreversible the path
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we've set ourselves on. due away with fossil fuel and if they don't deliver, put them in jail. >> todd: no mention his own son hunter biden helped run and held a seat on the board of the company just months earlier. founder and ceo of pinnacle joins us now. ryan, from his bias against the fossil fuel industry to his obvious conflict involving hunter, how can the american people trust joe biden on energy when the stakes are this high? >> it is hard to see how that can happen. you look around the world right now and energy prices have been coming up ever since the end of covid and this point energy stability is something in serious question. how do we have access to crude oil to refine to fuel, everyday basic need like power generation and transportation need? it is a serious question. >> carley: here is a tweet
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getting attention, for months putin has been rattleing and for months gas prices have been going up, up 75 cents since he began the military build-up, this is putin price hike in action and potus will use every tool at his disposal to shield americans from pain at the pump. the white house blaming the price hike on sabre rattleing and says biden will do everything to decrease prices. what is your reaction to that? >> it is too late to say this is a putin problem. energy prices have been coming up for months because coming into his time in office, this admachine stragz and democratic party have been anti-oil and gas and it stymied investments. talk to refiners around the united states, big issue they have is access to capital. not producing enough oil, not refining gasoline, that will
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limit supply, which drives up prices. that didn't start when the russians invaded ukraine, that has been since the start of covid. this is a putin problem, that has made it ark cute and made oil access a bigger question. the lack of u.s. production of oil, lack of access to canadian crude, that is due in large part to this administration policies. >> todd: u.s. airlines are cutting back on flights, what is your warning as the summer travel season quickly approach? >> i will say this, we will have gasoline, weville oil. oil and gas industry is extremely sophisticated, most advanced in the world. you look back over the last 50 years and when there are conflicts and energy fluctuations, prices go up, be prepared for record high gasoline prices and that is due
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to anti-oil and gas policies. americans, look for oil and gas to be developed in the united states. we need a strong u.s. energy economy and call for that when you see these prices are in stable because of things around the world. >> carley: makes sense to me and todd. thank you for joining us. did you hear this? >> if you think migration has been a problem in europe from the syrian war or what we see now, wait until you see 100 million people for whom the entire food production capacity has collapsed. >> jimmy failla will react to phone-deaf comments from the climate czar. congresswoman nancy join us for a huge thursday morning show.
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>> todd: moments ago, the new national gas average reaching $4.32 a gallon as americans suffer long lines at gas stations. >> carley: that is up 21 cent necessary two days. ashley strohmier has details. ashley. >> ashley: surging gas prices is something everyone is talking about, it could stick around for a while.
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average cost is $4.33, up 7 cents from just yesterday. gas in los angeles is pushing $8 a gallon and drivers are forming huge lines at stations across the line just to beat another jump in price. average price of gas last year was $2.80, last month $3.47, last week $3.66 and on wednesday, whopping $4.25, until a couple hours ago, if you are lucky, it was that price. some places, they are much higher. if you need diesel, it will cost $5 a gallon and same for premium, price to fill up the tank is out of control, biden white house refuses to take blame for it. take a listen between this exchange between jen psaki and peter doocy. >> press sect. psaki: we ark sess we expect to see high inflation in tomorrow's inflation data.
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>> why did you decide to rebrand the rise in gas prices as the hashtag putin price hike. >> press sect. psaki: it is leading to volatility and increase in prices, hence you have putin gas price pump. >> carley: here is what peep hel to say about the soaring gas prices and inflation. >> i was paying $3.49, and it is almost up to $5. >> it cost $55 to fill it up. >> i hope it gets better. >> you can run, but you can't hide from inflation. >> carley: pain at the pump wasn't bad enough, look out for gas thieves across the country. for premium in trucks, for my fiance, it cost $125. >> carley: that guy said it best, curun, you can't hide from infl inflation. how do we fix it?
1:27 am
white house says tackling climate change is key to ending the energy crisis. >> todd: of course they are, tapping the tanks of our adversarys and keeping the nation dependent on others for energy. brooke singman has the details. brooke. >> brooke: the white house claim its is committed to ending the energy crisis. refuses to reveal a tactical plan. watch this. >> is there any talk about bringing iran back to the table because of gas prices? >> what is your name? >> andrew murray. >> from? >> fox news digital. [laughter] >> brooke: new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez also giving the cold shoulder on her constituents pain at the pump. >> do you support joe biden's sanctions on russia? do you think the u.s. should increase oil production, congresswoman? what do have you to say to the
1:28 am
price at the gas pump? you have nothing to say? nothing to say, congresswoman? >> brooke: climate czar john ker sedoubling down saying the climate refugee crisis would be more harmful than the russian invasion and account kill thousands. listen to this. >> we are seeing climate refugees around the world. if you think migration has been a problem from the syrian war or what we see now, wait until you see 100 million people for whom the entire food production capacity has collapsed. >> brooke: republicans are sounding the alarm on biden administration priorities. i caught up with former president trump who told me joe biden is letting extremists run our country while the world burns, everyone is suffering, our leaders have no idea what they are doing and senator bill hath hath is calling out the white house for avoiding energy
1:29 am
independence and searching for another country to rely on. >> what we have is administration that would rather deal with international killers than with american drillers. >> brooke: guys, the world is watching the biden administration as pressure rises as quickly as gas prices. >> todd: brooke, thank you. energy crisis is crippling small accidents. how can you keep running your business if gas prices keep rising? >> unfortunately, we have -- right now, we had to slow down a little bit what we use on a daily basis because the expense is too big and cost is going to top of the roof. people are not shopping like they used to be anymore and we
1:30 am
are cutting vehicle down, so means we went from five vehicle to three vehicle right now and also employees are suffering to come to work right now. before it was $25 a week and now we spend $50 or $60 a week. yes. just to come to work. >> todd: the two problems that you are facing, one, you trying to run your business, the costs are crippling you. your customers, if they have to pay that much more for gas, will they come out to eat or spend money at your establish snment for restaurants that survived the pandemic, could high gas prices do them in? >> yes, definitely. that's mean a lot for them, as well, because also the
1:31 am
transportation increasing everything along the way. our cost is way up and price need to be more up, that's all together makes the customers being very, very uncomfortable at this time. we see decrease in number of people that are coming because -- >> todd: i don't know how much more restaurants like you can take. pasquale, thank you so much. >> carley: george george gascon facing lawsuits from his own employees, shocking allegations they are making against him. and talking to people over at the border who are giving medical supplies.
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>> todd: two prosecutors are suing their boss, progressive d.a. george gascon, they claim they were demoted in retaliation for lax reform for violent criminals aemging the workers refused to actions they believed were violation of the law. turning to border crisis, group of migrants seen running under a bridge in mission, tex crossing into the u.s. it is unknown if the group was apprehended. 220,000 got-aways according to a dhs official. occurring during slow months for border crossings and a man accused of atagging a victim with a hammer. christian jeffers bumped into the victim, within seconds,
1:38 am
jeffers pulled out a weapon and swung several times. that victim is expected to be okay, jeffers is charged with a hate crime, assault, aggravated assault and menacing. riders feel less safe as crime surges 73% in the last year. carley. >> carley: it is day 15 of vladamir putin's invasion of ukraine and it is not just ukrainians taking on the russian army. military veterans, including from the u.s. are traveling to the war-torn country to help. dakota meyer and chad rob, co-founder of save our allies are both over at the ukrainian border helping refugees. great to see you both. thank you for taking the time. chad, day 15 means we are in week three of this war. what are you seeing? what is it like on the ground in ukraine right now?
1:39 am
>> well, team on the ground even before this started preparing and planning help to move americans and vulnerable people to safety, as well as put -- forward and help provide medical services, which is the biggest need for ngos, our team has been evacuations of people, provided everything to provide medical aid and we've seen women, children coming because male age men are there to fight between 18 and 60. women and children are coming alone, scared, cold, hungry and making their way to the border and in arkdition to that, in ukraine, trying to make their way, evacuating the country and dangerous portions of the country to get to safer places. so much need there, need for ngos to support ukraine peep and
1:40 am
he will help with this horrible crisis. >> carley: dakota, how is the effort going to get people out? there are logistical challenges, checkpoints, traffic stops and as the war progresss, it is getting harder to get people to the west to lviv and poland. how are things going for you? >> yeah, the commrekity of this situation cannot be underestimated. the complexity of it being logistical aspect, have you two sovereign nations going against each other, and the aspect of understanding they are running out of fuel soon, once power gets shut off, you have people who can't get out because the roads are torn down. trying to get supplies to them, people are getting ready to start starving, out of food, no supply, nothing going in, other than ngos trying to sustain the
1:41 am
logistical aspect to keep people fighting, in return, in the best interest of not only the u.s., but the world to be able to help sustain ukrainians to continue to hold ground and continue to empower them to be able to go on fighting so that we don't have to come in and do that and it doesn't roll into world war iii. >> carley: chad, mariupol, the maternity and children's hospital was bombed, casualties, horrific scene. it is clear as vladamir putin gets more frustrated, he will double down with no regard for civilian casualties. what is the sense you are getting from the people of ukraine? are they frantic, nervous? are they taking up arms? what are you seeing. >> the ukrainian people are scared, they had normal life just weeks ago and now their nation is being torn ark part
1:42 am
and no one in the world is coming to help them beside the ngo community. what putin underestimated is the william of the ukrainian people and will to fight. i think he overestimated the moral and willingness of his own army, you have a russian force that is some came to ukraine not knowing why they were coming to ukraine. some thought they were training ukrainians, some thought they were coming to liberate the ukrainians. some thought they were going to fight, with lack of motivation, it is less capable than we thought and we see the ukrainian people are fighting. women can leave, they are choosing to stay there. women that are housewives learning to fire ak-47 and protecting their homes, many checkpoint. the fight is -- >> carley: that will to fight is everything. dakota, really quickly, get your
1:43 am
take on the war itself. obviously vladamir putin main objective is to take kyiv, as you two are familiar, urban war fare is never good for an invading force. how do you expect the next few days to play out? >> i think it just really comes down to how far will putin take it. i don't think anything is off the table with this man. this man is purely evil, some point, we need to, how do you kill a snake? chop the head off, some point, we need to, how far will we let him go. i think the leaders across the free world need to come together, unite and start drawing the line in the sand. i'm not saying we need to get involved in world war iii, i'm not saying put troops on the ground, but putin will keep running over, he is a bully and until somebody hits him in the face, he will keep doing it.
1:44 am
>> carley: you say it perfectly, to stand up to a bully, you sometimes need a bigger bully, that situation may call for that. thank you so much for what you are doing, helping peep nel their time of need. for information visit save our thank you for joining us this morning, we so appreciate it. >> thank you. >> todd: carley, take a look, this image will leave you speechless. u.s. democrats pose withing that sign comparing climate change to the 9/eleven terror attacks. jimmy failla has thoughts about that, he joins us next. the 9/el. jimmy failla has thoughts about that, he joins us next. change t attacks. jimmy failla has thoughts about that, he joins us next. limate c terror attacks. jimmy failla has thoughts about that, he joins us next. hange to attacks. jimmy failla has thoughts about that, he joins us next. limate c terror attacks. jimmy failla has thoughts about that, he joins us next. hange to attacks. jimmy failla has thoughts about that, he joins us next.
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>> todd: mlb commissioner announcing cancellation of more baseball games. this announcement brings total to 184 games cancelled because of the first labor dispute since the '90s. earliest a first pitch would be made is april 14th. they were negotiates on tuesday. >> carley:
1:50 am
>> joe: /* djokovic will not be able to play in the united states. he only competed in one tournament due to his vaccination status. he was not allowed to play at melbourne park. biden administration is pushing to buy electric vehicles as gas prices surge. figures show an electric vehicle may not end up saving that much money, if any at all. premium rate for recharging stations can run up to $2100 a year, compared to their 1500 on similar size vehicle that uses gasoline at $4.25 a gallon. >> todd: interesting. >> carley: it is interesting. >> todd: another day, another tone deaf comment from that guy, climate czar john kerry. >> we're already seeing climate refugees around the world. if you think migration is a
1:51 am
problem in europe from the syrian war or what we see now, wait until you see 100 million people for whom the entire food production capacity has collapsed. >> carley: jimmy failla, host of fox across america on fox news radio fox nation joins us now. john kerry made this comment on the same day a maternity hospital was bombed, three people dead, including a chil >> jimmy: john kerry is a dope, nobody cares about climate change right now. on some level, read the room. if somebody's house is on fire, you don't knock on the door and try to sell them solar panels, they have bigger problems. we are not in the insulated bubble of climate insanity. for people watching at home, they need to know this took place at a climate conference in
1:52 am
houston, where they are surrounded by oil. that is like having convention at mardi gras. everybody gets up there is tries to scare everybody else into donating. like at sleepovers when you put a flashlight under your chin, then polar bears were wiped out, everybody donates at the end of the ghost story and they fly off in their jet. >> todd: we dodged a bullet in 2004 not getting this guy in the white house. get your thoughts on this, new york democrats blasted for posing with a sign, continuing the theme, comparing 9/11 issue the worst terror attack on u.s. soil to climate change. pop up the picture, unbelievable. to tie this in, there is the picture on your screen. why does climate change bring out the absolute crazy in some
1:53 am
people? >> jimmy: it is so true, let me say really quick, their excuse was they didn't know what was on the banner. yo todd, that is like telling the cops, these aren't my drugs, someone put them in my pants. come on, man. the reason they are desperate now, you are hearing kerry and seeing these people, you realize any appetite for fighting climate change is flying out the window as gas prices go up. so much pressure to begin drilling and increase domestic production at home. they are getting crazier with metaphors. i would have believed them if they said they mistook the plane for a private jet and thought climate change since ever conference flies private, maybe that is what the hook of the banner was. give me a break. >> carley: i know. you hear people say and it is so true, in the u.s., the strategy, everybody wants a clean planet,
1:54 am
why can't we increase everything, increase solar, wind, hydro. if country runs on oil and gas, can't make that leap to renewable energy and if we're running on gas, yeah, why can't we use american gas instead of iran an or saudi arabian gas? >> jimmy: when you disqualify someone for doing steroids, the next three guys were probably doing steroids, not like you cleaned up the trophy. that is where we are with oil, the answer is to boost production at home, we're rationale people issue not pretend super heroes who think we are saving the world, that is what the climate yahoos are. take off your cape and shut up. >> carley: thank you for putting things into perspective. speaking of new york, former
1:55 am
governor george psaki is part of the growing number on the ground aiding refugees we'll talk to him coming up. >> todd: talking to will cain and nancy mace as coverage on the war continues. >> airstrike become more frequent last day, everyday we have something that could lead to the city without -- heat.
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>> carley: breaking overnight, three civilians are dead, including a child in the bombing of a maternity and children's hospital in southern ukraine. innocent victims are now


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