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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  March 12, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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lot of you and a lot of americans are saying when will this end? thanks so much for watching us we'll be right back here live next saturday night at 10 p.m. eastern. fox news live coverage on war in ukraine continues with brian kilmeade next.
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♪ ♪ wow getting worse and wore hi everyone welcome to the special edition of one nation i'm brian kilmeade raging for eighth day and live kyiv with president zelenskyy economic advisor in just a moment and first toipght take you through maps to show you what's happening in war if you what to take a moment off and it is getting quite intense first off let me tell you what's happening in kyiv. it is not totally in circled yet last 24 hours somewhat of a pause this is a sense it might be reens forcing still some way to get supply in and out there's also a feeling of optimism on inside they're ready for could be coming forward and next bring you over to mariupol with a lot of fighting going on, and there's a sense that maybe there's a desperation on side of
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the russians because they bombed a hospital. like heathens and bombed a mosque with 40 people on inside no idea of casualties yet but it is not a positive situation if you're looking for mayor of mariupol a bag over his head and traipsed him out of the mayor office and didn't like the fact that he wouldn't take the flag down and telling people riot against russian armies that were sitting there. it takes tremendous courage but macs me feel as this group is acting more like isis than they are an army in the year 2022. and as we look ahead see what's else happening a relatively new hit part of the fighting for sustain fighting there. keep in mind here what's happening in the south, in fact, let me bring you through a better model for that. here's what's happening here -- downtown, now as i mention here, this fighting but there hasn't been acquiescence and occupied
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now with protest almost every day and if you wonder why odessa hasn't been hit because of the resistance here and flattened but people will not be deturd that continue to fight back an now in a good turn, starting to get reenforce so these are some of the positive things some of the challenges things and on the lout for the new nuclear power not only like to take that threatening the world and also like to knock heat, oil, gas, the electricity from the awrn people. let's go out now to greg live on the ground where residents are preparing for russians russian advance, also accepting other refugees right, greg? >> absolutely. brian, a lot of action here in this western part of the country. but as you've been noting back east that russian military tightening a little bit more on the capitol of kyiv. more ground was taken today in key sub born and troops are
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lighting themselves in fighting positions within 15 miles of the center of the capitol age siege continue around that port stiff mariupol hundreds of thousands remain trapped without water food, electricity for days now. here in a funeral for three soldier lost on friday ukrainian now says 1300 have been kill bid the russians. just some of the sights and sowngsdz of the city on edge. take a look. sunny saturday all seems calm but beneath the surface, signs of war feared coming this way. sanctioned bag buildings, sheet metal protecting windows, ukraine flag autograph by combat units. >> terrible. very terrible. beyond understand reason for these invasion. this is the other side of hundreds of desperate people coming from all over ukraine hit by the russian military coming to the train station and trying to get through at least freedom
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in poland. what started as disorganize pan sick at least a reasonable system. reason behind exodus haven't changed. terror of russians. over two and a half million on the run. >> i -- lost everything. my life, lost everything. >> yes. is it bad there now? >> bad. very bad. that's why you're coming for this -- >> coming for that person. brian. listen, as refugees leave, we're also seeing other people coming in the other direction that is foreign fighters joining the call from president zelenskyy to go alongside ukrainian troops to fight russians. also more lethal aid coming from the u.s. and others on the ground and then in sky. ofng that's the concern that russia might move to cut that off.
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so a lot of nervousness here, but a lot of energy too. back to you brian. brian: thanks so much greg joining me now to react to this news and news living because he's on ground in kyiv chief economic advisor to president zelenskyy -- thanks so much for joining us how would you characterize how things are in the capitol right now? >> you know that military actions are becoming more and more and more intense revealing, you know more aggressive to the very beginning. you know, and initially to be in ukraine did not happen. i mean, our, you know, very brave and we are able to stop russian on many directions in the country, however, the situation is still very
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difficult. you know, that russian ignoring all of rules that are critical infrastructure, to the hospital and maternity hospital to elderly people houses to basically destroyed several small cities already. so that's why we're asking allies for more reference, more ammunition and now for the president of the country also asking for in the sky and ukraine no-fly zone in ukraine. basically -- >> i know you know the west you went to school to harvard ph.d. back in the ukraine. so you understand you're not a member of nato but you
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understand world is rallying around you. you think there's been about 100 billion dollars worth of damage if the war ends today. right now, do you believe and if you can't -- don't have access i understand. do you believe mariupol and melitopol will be supplied we have supplies, water food coming their direction is there a wie to get that into them on the ground? s >> -- yeah. i think they have still, you know, quarters to supply humanitarian aid and also military to the country. we have corridors for fallen -- who are everything can be used on our reference. by the way, you know we haven't
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been lost and now assets used to be in the process every day. each extra day of the war of russian against ukraine is increasing the check and now i would say that it's already got more compared to previous number. so every day we're losing, losing we are losing our people, we are losing our peers, our infrastructure, but also you're right we're losing our mind. >> hang in there because we're going kick in assets from oligarchs and vladimir putin should pay all of this thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> you may have noticed this week that your gas prices have gone up. i want to talk to you a little bit about why and it has to do
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with vladimir putin right now there are 9,000 approved unuse permits that oil and gas companies could tap into now. to ramp up production -- brian: oil expert i go to her for oil advice and biden administration playing blame game americans getting crushed by skyrocket technician piewlg cost. yeah it is true that american resources remain untapped that's hardly the fault of the oil companies. remember when president biden kneecap energy independence last year? traveling to keystone pipeline stopping drilling on federal land here he is again deflecting. >> republic saying it is biden gas pipeline, biden said going to stop keystone pipeline, and i did. and that's reason prices went up. folk let's get something straight here. keystone pipeline was two years away and been 2% finished. >> give me a break. that enmoos could have been done
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if he would have let it gone and run off with ken to be the republican texas attorney general. and be that nominee, mr. land commissioner thank you for joining us does president biden have his facts straight? >> no he doesn't he campaign on the idea to shut down ole and gas industry not one more drop. he then unleashed a flurry of executive orders unconstitutional base. by the way against oil and gas industry and now he's blaming the industry for not being there. even though he hasn't reached out to the producers in migrate state of texas which produces roughly 42% of oil in our great country yet he's calling saudi -- royal members. he's calling venezuelan dictator and reaching out to folks that we -- we have no national security interest in and that's just disappointing another example of an america last policy and
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agenda which is unfortunately impacting freedom loving nations including ours. brian: why using unuse leases why are you so lazy and why dongt you just drill? >> jen psaki and jacob haven't been on oil site we love as we welcome you out to the basin last year it is oversimplifying drilling for oil and gas and many instance it is takes several months to prepare and complete a successful well. but when if you are a cfo or ceo of a successful oil company and you listen to the rett reck from your own president these last few years you know that you would not be aggress i have in this environment especially as we come out of covid and global command continues to pick but make no mistake if given the opportunity and we get rid of the regulations the red tape. it will be american oil and gas that will continue to innovate from upstream to down stream to -- lessen the extent and to which
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that we can make decisions that would benefit our country. george discourage financial institutions for financing giving loans to company in texas in oklahoma, in new mexico from drilling trying to intimidate the g7 nation let alone american financial be. legislature last year passed a law saying no business will do business in texas if they refuse to work with hydrocarbon industry. whether it is city bank whether it is black rock and dangerous esg movement it is wall street also working with joe biden that are trying to shut down this industry at a critical time and it is going to be texas that stands firm -- to make sure that we're creating what governor perry secretary of energy once called freedom freedom gas to deliver to other parts of the world. brian: congratulation on winning
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runoff now up against ben paxon legal issues you know you don't george best of luck. >> thank you, brian. rng meanwhile another fox news alert rocket attack near the u.s. consulate in iraq. we're just learned iran, iran -- fired 12 ballistic rockets let's get to brian for the latest. brian. >> says 12 ballistic rockets launched from iran lantded in different sites inside the capitol of iraq's region a senior u.s. official tells our gnarl security correspondent jennifer griffin they were fired from iran toward the u.s. consulate in irbel they tell our peter doocy there's no question that missiles were extended for u.s. facilities multiple u.s. officials tell fox news none of the missiles hit consulate and
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zero u.s. casualty and in the king the and erbil is unman and americans aseen who had live and work near consulate including u.s. military personnel. our fox news producer and baghdad reports multiple rocket it is landed near the consulate and one of the rockets damaged the main headquarters of tv, no one was injured. the last time brian missiles were fired from inside ranks january of 2020 iran fired over a dozen missiles at al-assad air base in response to u.s. killing iranian general ka sam soleimani. back to nuclear talks with them and not in the same room because they don't like us. russias trying to negotiate a deal and tried for empty building what's big deal. brian thanks so much. appreciate it. unbelievable. meanwhile is china president xi rethink bromance with vladimir putin we have inside look at
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that big moment and that relationship that matters so much. [sound of gunfire] shipstation saves us so much time it makes it really easy and seamless pick an order print everything you need slap the label on ito the box and it's ready to go our cost for shipping, were cut in half just like that go to shipstation/tv and get 2 months free
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brian: all right with russia increasing aggression in its war in ukrainian many are wongsdering putin mental health. wrchghts many times and this is a different putin. he seems erratic. there is an ever deepening delusional rendering of history. >> i think he's unhinged i really do. >> he's fearful. i'm really starting to question the confidence, the mental fitness he seems to be delusional isolated and then there's really terrifying not just for ukraine but the entire world. no kidding joining us to make sense of this brian taylor for years political science specializing in russian politics breen what do you think is he losing it? >> i don't think it's -- quite accurate to say he's losing. what i would say is that -- for quite a long tile really for most of his time in power which is now 22 years, he has been
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resentful and what he sees as -- rash believes leader great power and trying to restore that and he's got strong ideas and emotions that we think looks strange. but i think from his point of view, he's trying to make russia a great power in the way it deserves to be. >> so we see his face is remarkably different somewhat bloated or full of plastic surgery or botox or something and he walks odd with one arm stiff and some speculated from outside might have parkinson's. >> yeah. i mean i've seen those speculation if first thing i would say is although i'm a doctor i'm not one that can help you in a medical emergency so you should take what i say with a graven salt but what i would say about those reports is they're not new. people have been talking about his unusual walk does this means he has park sons more than a decade now and even a paper written in a british medical
11:23 pm
journal where they tried to sort this out and they said what it is is what they call gun slinger that he was taught to keep right arm stiff so he could draw his weapon quicker i don't know if that's true but what we do know is that kremlin does not like share information about his health and never has really done that. and he's getting older as all of all of us do so 70 and life expectty is 73. angela merkel says after meeting with him it is like he's in another world out of touch with reality. that doesn't -- when people thought he did not think he had a mental problem but a brutal dictator and george bush from 2008 said when arguing with him it is like with an eighth grader with his facts all wrong. >> yeahening both of those comments are in some ways reflective of the fact that vladimir putin has a very different world view than
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western leaders has a distorted view of russian history and russia relationship with ukraine, and he's got this mindset that he's in a semistate of war with the west and has been and that west has been out to get him for a very long time. but i don't think this is new. i think this is the way he's been for most of his presidency. i mean if we look back to 2004 he said that united states was helping islamic terrorist to weaken russia so this is a very old vladimir putin now that world is forced to reckon with. brian: hopely we can do stories about him in past tense and for now front and center. appreciate it. 23 minutes after hour and china has harshist criticism of russian invasion and president xi called for maximum restraighten and china is, quote, pained to see the flames of war reignited in europe she describe a situation in ukraine as worrying and said the priorities should be preventing
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from spinning out of control. then he said france and germany should make efforts to reduce negative impacts of the crisis and express concern over russian sanctions remember china asked russia to hold off on invasion after olympics were done and they obliged joins nows to mac sense of what they said and may really get to bottom of what they mean is the author of asia is expert all things china related. steve mosher thanks for joining us china really concerned or do you think they're happy the way things are going right now? >> well china is delighted at the way things are working out because make no mistake big winner in all of this is not going to be russia, however, this turns out serge not going to be ukrainian and not going to be the west which generally has lookinged back including, of course, our own country. the big winner is beginning to be china, now that's why they encourage vladimir putin to invade ukraine i would argue without the support of the people of republic of china
11:26 pm
would never dare tone serrate ukraine and i say that because russia knew sanction were coming so did china, and so they negotiated an agreement which they sign when putin visited china. they sign no fewer than 15 different agreement include on ole and natural gas and commodity like grain and started shipping grain on first day that russian tanks rolling in ukraine so russia knew that it had a market readily available in china for its goods and had a way of circumventing sanctions and other thing they defense four months ago you know, this is something that's been in work rs if a long, long time four months ago they change the shipping arrangement between china and russia. so that when china buys russian goods it owns them at the point of purchase. not when the goods get to china. so goods -- the oil or natural gas or grain can't be embargo can't be confiscated on high seas because it belongs to china. so china is delighted --
11:27 pm
brian: they'll be able to get all the of the oil and be able to get grain and be hurt but would you china wouldn't have done this. i don't know if you can see steve or not but we have a china, of course, and you see -- taiwan when you see the trouble that russia is having with the ukraine, and knowing that taiwan is had years to prepare for possible invasion and are much more military ready than ukrainians are. don't you think that might give them second thoughts about hitting taiwan? because there could be such international outrage and they need these markets and they could be embarrassed like russians are being embarrassed to a degree now? >> well that i think longer that ukrainian situation goes on more likely that xi jinping will hold on invasion remember he's behind schedule already because he said that he was going to take back taiwan in 2020. we're now two years beyond that because, of course, of the pandemic.
11:28 pm
that china released upon the world. but you know taiwan is a pretty good david to china goliath, we need to arm taiwan, though, we dongt need to think about sending troops to taiwan. we need to sending arms to taiwan. 77.of the people on taiwan say they would fight to defend their democracy against the chinese invasion. we need to give them weapons to do that. we have for example, committed to send 100 harpoon antiship miss tolls taiwan and they're not supposed to get there until 2025 but they need to tomorrow. brian. brian: absolutely steve on top that to is fight they have all of the computer chips in the world i think that most in taiwan. dwrowpght give china control with that? control of our tech center steve mosher thanks so much. >> thank you. glieng next kamala harris in hot water for a performance in poland. [sound of gunfire]
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brian: the united states willing to make a specific allocation for ukrainian refugees? and for president juda i wanted to know if you think and if you
11:33 pm
asked united states specifically to send more refugees? okay. [laughter] a friend in need is a friend in need. [laughter] >> that's our vice president and she went to europe laughing again at a very serious question about role helping ukrainian refugee and kamala harris sent to ensure and slam for inappropriate reaction on some channels. and in excellent zelenskyy rep even said it would be a tragedy if he ever became president and we cannily to be down that tweet joining me right now to discuss this former assistant secretary to the treasury monica crowley poster strategist monica start with you. in that moment she had to have answer to the question about refugees. poland took almost 2 million in and we've taken in none how come she laughed it off? >> you know brian, it is
11:34 pm
astonish that she's still so bad at this. she seems to be in a perpetual state of nervous breakdown i cannot understand it. we all knew shefts she was in way over her and head and shouldn't be near leverage of power certainly not near any kind of sensitive diplomatic negotiations unlike what she was with poland and with romanian president just a couple of days ago. and you know what's bad enough when she makes hash of domestic issues. but when she's in the middle of issues of war and peace and life and death, it is catastrophic for this nation. and for our allies -- brian: what are your thought when is you saw that because channels aren't even running that portion. j brian i was embarrassed this is not a democratic and republican issue. this is an issue of -- foreign policy need earn concern of the united states. she came not only short but the
11:35 pm
laughter, the failure to une equivocally say we will provide as much support as possible means that i have to agree with monica. i wish i could disagree but ass democrat and an american first i think this was tragic and very, very, very -- brian: good or bad republican and democrat brief her on refugees. and don't go into a press conference without the answers. or how to get away from them if you don't have them and she seem to have none or not read her eve brewing papers toipght talk oil we refuse to drill at home to degree we're off 1.4 million barrels. from where we were before president biden took over, and when in doubt the president went to venezuela and other overtures out to iran. monica, doesn't he know how that's going play?
11:36 pm
more energy resource and this president turn into america worst enemies to exploit their resources rather than guilty our own out of the ground. i don't think he cares at all about the political fallout of this. i think he and his party are completely obsessed with climate agenda, and the environment but more importantly, they look at the energy sector as the biggest of them all in order to fundamentally transform the american and western economies. and frankly the global economy, that is why they're going after this but also really what the administration is doing is strategic retreat for the united states and manage decline. >> possibly doug one thing is pretty true you wrote a book about hugo and vladimir putin and you know that venezuela peak they can't put out anymore barrel of oil and infrastructure is collapsed. so that was a -- that was a fool's errand. >> it was pathetic, brian.
11:37 pm
we should be fracking, drilling in the alaska -- area where drilling has been such a disputed issue. we need the keystone pipeline to bring in. all of this is required for energy independence, and brian, the idea that we are negotiating with iran for the nuclear deal and for as well as venezuela is wrong and puts us at great risk. >> you don't care about going against your party when you believe it is right and joe manchin is same way guess who else is like that bill maher on hbo talking about invasion of russia into ukraine and the timing. listen. >> if putin thought trump was really that supportive of him, why didn't he invade when trump was in office? it's at least worth asking that question if you're not locked into one thought.
11:38 pm
>> he won't be categorized not first tile host done this. what does it mean? >> well it means that things are so bad brian, that even bill maher misses donald trump. look, you know, they have all been locked in to the russia hoax and the midst and lies surrounding that smear that was designed to discredit and destroy donald trump. they've been fed that lie they've believed that lie. they have perpetuated that lie now for years and it almost became cult-like so to hear bill maher say that like someone emerge out of a cult and i'm glad he's saying it. i'll take it. but it's way late. and when they all -- ultimately learn the truth i think they're going to be shocked. brian: doug final thought real quick? >> when you have jake sullivan and lincoln, ran ron slane and joe biden much less with the kamala harris --
11:39 pm
you have a weak foreign policy team. i don't know what would happen with donald trump but it could not have been any worse than the response we've seen in afghanistan and now ukraine. too little is the too little and that's tragic. brian: republican and democrats getting along and bill maher saying something intrigues life is really changing. and we are indeeds one nation. thanks guys appreciate it have a great weekend. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight heated one nation -- zen zelenskyy leadership how great he's been and how special he is as compared to other great people in history. listen. ♪ ♪ [sound of gunfire]
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[inaudible conversations] >> we will fight in the forest, in the field and the shores in the streets. >> wow. ukrainian president zelenskyy in a moving speech to british lawmakers earlier this week will he go down as leader to rose to challenge in moments of crisis, well here's a look at some of the leaders who did. >> 1940 during the darkest days world war ii winston churchill uniting his people and leading nation from brink of defeat to victory. >> down landing ground and fight in the fieldings. and in the streets, fight in the hills -- and will never surrender. next year japan sneak attack on pearl harbor forcing president franklin roosevelt to declare war.
11:44 pm
>> 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy with the unfounding determination of our people. we will gain the inevitable triumph so help us god. >> 1948 soviet quest to starve out western berlin in a divided german capital thwarted by american aide airlift and punctuated by the courageous visit from president john f. kennedy. in 1963, he made it clear america will back down. >> in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is -- more than 20 years later 1987 the cold war hanging on by a thread. president ronald reagan challenging his soviet counterpart in this iconic
11:45 pm
moment. >> if you see peace, if you seek prosperity for the soviet union and eastern europe, if you seek liberalization, come leer to this gate. gorbachev teared down this wall in 2001 unimaginable right here in american soil september 11th george w. bush rising to the occasion exuding this strength our nation needed. >> i can hear you. ♪ ♪ i can hear you, the rest of the world hears you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. [applause] >> usa -- great moments joining us best selling author and rockets up
11:46 pm
charts and brad is here, brad, those are examples i'm powngdz out that ewe agreed with people that met the moment, shocked everyone act instinctively led our nation through tough time. are we seeing the same thing with zelenskyy? >> no we're seeing brian, is, obviously, zelenskyy story is being written right now in real time we don't want to elevate him too much. but what great leaders do when they all have in common every one you show is best president and people in charge rise to occasion they never could have anticipated that's where he's right now never a protracted within to ukraine to watch him react to this in such a way that that's where it begins. brian: the fda divide america people are not thrilled with him shoppinged way he was tiebl lead jfk too young many thought he got there in a questionable election he rose to occasion bush 43 remember florida,
11:47 pm
hanging chad many people thoughts he was illegitimate and reagan an actor does he really want this and deserve this job is he really that smart what they have all in common is they have their doubters but when time was called on them, they were there at the right time. and they actually answered the call. so other people that you said they answer call to defy expectations this guy abraham lincoln what did he do to stand up to the challenge? >> starts right when he goes to be sworn into office. raisings right hangsd and basically says we're not enemies we should be friends a time when no one in south voted for him and department put him on ballot and he knows that half of the country hates him. the country is divided everyone hates everyone and sound familiar to you but he instead gets up there and says let's defer to better angel of our nation and unites us and most
11:48 pm
important proclamation and ends of slavery no question that is a -- nothing he can say when he's starting but, of course, talk about rising to the occasion best of the best of us. brian: lightning rod in your book reason why i found something no one knew how we're prepared for a biological attack are we ready ?a what did you find? >> yeah. so government has about a dozen secret warehouses hidden all across the country. to deal with bioterror attacks whether it is smallpox anything else and it means whether there's an attack in new york were in florida, in texas, california, idaho anywhere in between and within four hours government has anecdotes there with push packages and an amazing thing that you can see whatting. it is one of the few times that government said you know what we maybe this trouble but we should start storing stuff and this happened decades ago when anthrax hit after 9/11 it was a strategic with early days that
11:49 pm
that didn't make it get out in america. >> in america ready for sesh things wasn't ready for last pandemic as we know congratulation on the book. thanks. >> thank you sir. straight ahead humanitarian crisis dire for refugees fleeing ukraine. founder of project dynamo brian joins us next. [inaudible conversations] ♪ ♪ buried in receipts, invoices and other paperwork that's preventing you from doing what matters most? then get the all new epson rapidreceipt smart organizer to scan, digitize and organize your documents and receipts. receipts go in, and stress goes away. it's the only solution on the market specifically designed to extract and digitize key data trapped on receipts and invoices. and it integrates with financial software like quickbooks and turbotax. transform paper documents like contracts, tax records, warranties, wills, even recipes into searchable pdfs. so the information is always right
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all right we're back one nation is, project dune mow working around clock to rescue people from ukraine as we speak and contacting by thousands of people plead for way out of that country and so far mission rescue 176 including many americans one the most notable three premature baby and two american twin boys and project, dyne stern. how are you and how are you doing this? >> things are great here. we're -- complicated here on the ground but we're holding our own. the threat is ever changing and die dynamic but need is real so we're working our way. >> how big is your team? how do you -- decide who to go after? >> we're, we have a really small foot precinct i never have more
11:54 pm
than five on the grungd and never three in ukraine any given time so we're pretty small. we're -- we're keeping us nimble. decide is the hard thing we don't decide and we figure where people are at and we try to figure out where we can get to and then we marry those up and set conditions and execute. >> hao aren cans on the ground? >> oh -- cold and dynamic threat is definitely real lots of after tell rei missiles, airplanes we've had -- shootings, we've had all kinds of stuff so it is definitely changing. it is definitely changes our ukrainian friends have given russias run for their money that's for sure. >> has government helped you at all? >> yeah we have a great relationship with the state department. they've -- our counts particular affair folks you and department of state, and also british poland
11:55 pm
help us on a number of operations. policy sometimes get in the way and some of those things but we're all definitely working together that's for shut up. for sure. >> every day here's a big day and every day here is a adventure i'm in middle of an operation as i talk to use. >> project dynamo help these guys out help them online they want to help other people make it financially possible. best of luck brian stay safe thanks for what you're doing. >> project >> meanwhile we'll be right back in a minin
11:56 pm
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brian: thanks so much for >> thank you for watching both hours of us here on "one nation" follow us on facebook and instagram and twitter. also stay with us here at fox news for continuing coverage of the war between ukraine and
12:00 am
russia it is a war of their choice me this next saturday at 8:00 o'clock p.m. we will be back here may be vp live at 11:00 o'clock p.m. we do have some news how well the ukrainians are fighting they have killed three russiann generals already. major firing within putin's inner circle. hang in there we will be watching. dan is next. >> fox news alert russian airstrikes pounding if civility outside kyiv were nato allies have carried out drills with ukrainian counterparts now the westernmost attack since the beginning of the war and on the outskirts of the ukrainian capital are a full-blown battlefield the president they are bravely declaring ukraine will stand the test. dan: you're watching a special news edition here on sunday morning. >> as that unfolds we are


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