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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  March 13, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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you are such a good guy. thank you for joining us on this sunday night, god bless. >> you god bless you, appreciate you, thank you. trey: thank you. >> thank you and thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, we'll be back for a special "sunday night in america" at 10 p.m. "life, liberty and levin" is next. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." as you watch and i sit here, vladimir putin's thugs are committing war crimes, and atrocities at his direction. as far to as vladimir putin is concerned they are not committing enough, only then
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does he believe they can take ukraine and take ukraine quickly than he can right now. you know biden likes to say bottom up and middle out with the economy, nobody knows what he is talking about, i want to use that in military contacts with vladimir putin. what he means is, i want to kill as many as their citizens as i can in ukraine, starting with babies and women, making it so horrific, that the government will finally hand me the cities and the country. and hand me the entire society. so i can get what i want. ukraine. then from there i intend to move, to move, beyond. how do we know? he told use ! he spoke about it wrote about is last summer, what is it with the analysts who don't understand this is the beginning with vladimir
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putin. we keep hearing word escalation. you know we don't want to escalate things, war crimes swab thing, genocide is another. butty can is escalate beyond, that vladimir putin hears this, his lap dog lavrov, he hears. so they increase their threats and the nature of their threats, because they hear us talking about, we fear escalation. what he doesn't hear us talking about is peace through strength, you hear from this administration is passivity. weakness. that is what vladimir putin is hearing. that is what xi is hearing and tehran, that is what they are all hearing, why do you think they attacked. he waves around the idea of nuclear weapons, we know he
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has nuclear weapons. he may use them if we dare to be involved in facilitating mig 29 old jets to the ukrainians, okay only modern missile systems, that does not make sense. if he is that much over the edge, he does not need to wait for provocation, have escalated anything? he invaded a sovereign country. there are no nukes there. there has been a phony story about american biotech centers there to develop weapons and so forth. vladimir putin wing of republican party and media and democrat party, they are
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all over it, those are old soviet locations. we're not developing biobiotech call weapons in ukraine. you see these pictures of the babies killed. you see a maternity hospital attack, that was targeted, 600 beds there, that is one of the biggest hospitals there, they target a nuclear power plant. or mark you believe those stories they attacked it? yes, they attacked it, that is why ukraine gave it up, they didn't want a nuclear response. but would vice president vladimir putin use nuclear weapons, what is he waiting for? for mig 29s to be given to the ukraine pilots through
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germany? not cutting off his oil? not ground to air missiles? come on folks, this is the problem. we get this word, escalation. it would be viewed as an escalation, the same damn general in u.s. deputy of the doctors, same joint chiefs of staff, statement president of united states. same vice president of united states, same secretary of defense, who surrendered in afghanistan. the same secretary of state, who surrendered all leverage we had with the president of the united states, with putin, prior to him invading, same secretary of state and president who are effectively arming the iranians with nuclear weapons as a speak. they are the ones who are afraid, oh, we don't want to escalate? it is deterrence, our enemies and we we're weak, they see the budget that
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democrats put up. under biden. flat lines the united states military. while spending enormous amounts of sums, on everything else. they see it, then i love the analysts who go on, we can't escalate mark, what are you talking about? the mig 29s. you know what, i miss the reagan days, and trump days, we never talked this way or thought this way, reason that putin did not invade ukraine when donald trump was had the, he respected and feared donald trump. deterrents. he talked nato into increasing his spending, even he was attacked as a russian operative who are undermining nato, no he was fed up with nato. and iran didn't in a pot,
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they feared, trump, because trump was destroying iran, he spoked iran -- choked iran, little rocket man in north korea he was behaving himself too, we could go on and on, for all attacks on donald trump, he was a foreign policy genius, sorry, john bolton, you blew it. i have a book, here, he became an activist, a worldwide figure that soviet union attempted to silence, he was asked, what do you think about this, i want to do something on this program we can't do on many others, we have a long forming
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program, putin said biggest attract of 20 century was the destruction of soviet union. he doesn't want to bring back communist ideology, he sees himself as filling the shoes of peter the great, and catherine the great and stalin. whether it is poland, he sees these like a czar, all russian lands, he sees bringing them back as a historical charge, he tried georgia in 2008. he got two that are now russia, chechnya with a lot of blood, it is his now, he is active in
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kaz stand and other stands. because of the large population, but because it had the wheat and coals. russia today is something like 3% of world economy nato represents closer to 50%. he it is very important to understand putin's psychology. from my time among criminals in prison, i know very well, that one who is the ring leader in the cell is not the one who is feds -- not the one who is physically strong estimate but the one with the knife, putin believes he is willing to
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use his knife and the west is not, and the west can only talk even if it is physically stronger, he is feeling the weakness of america, he said, i think the withdraw from afghanistan showed it would be very difficult for this government to mobilize for military weapons, he said those who stand in our way will suffer such damage. all his means of deterrents are prepared. and america cancel training of nuclear forces, pentagon said, it is because we don't want to be responsible for bringing danger to the united states. vladimir putin could not get a better sign his deterrents works, he believes he is the strongest leader in the world. because he believes he is prominent. but also because he is ready
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to threaten nuclear war and his enemies are not, he is ready to use his knife. the west is mobilized by sanctions, they are a dangerous weapon against him, they will have an affect for a long time. he understands he does not have much time, the time he does have, he has to use it effectively, threatening nuclear war. if the world is scared to continue testing the limits, peace through strength. you have the biggest bad ass military on the face of the earth, you show you are willing to use it every step of the way, whether biden or his cia director or national intelligence director, secretary of defense spokes spokesman for defense department or
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commentators or hosts on tv, people writing articles they fear putin, they fear his nuclear weapons, we can't pretend he is not a nut, he can't pretend he doesn't have those weapons, we're doing the opposite. so, the people of ukraine suffer, i am tired of watching people wring their hands about the horrors that are going on when lindsey graham said, he is not only one that putin needs to be taken out. you would have thought that the man had commit a horrific crime. it is putin trying to take out the president of ukraine. putin used assassination, he is using this undercover group, like a special ss operation that take out people. this is not enough to be upset about what is go oning on. there need to be real policies in place, i have
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heard generals that we've respected in the past, who are shunning and turning their heads and saying biden has a tough decision to make. he does not, either you address this and confront it. not with a nuclear war, but in a sensible way, reagan brought down the entire soviet union without firing a bullet. we were all over the world. what you need is smarts, you need is deterrents is strength. that is what he understands, and xi and the rest of them, i'll be right back. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health.
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mark: welcome back our first guest, a great man retired general keith kellogg. general, here is my problem. i lived through the cold war . i saw how reagan responded and you and the trump administration responded, i
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hear fear that we'll escalate if we do things that might result in ukraine stopping russia from committing what people now admit are atrocities and war crimes, i am perplexed, no one said we should be sending troops in, we're sending javelin and mobile missile units and stuff, but all of a sudden then line is drawn at old mig 29s? whether people think they are useful or not, if that is what the ukrainian pilots and military think would help, why is the problem? >> mark, good to be with you. look, what it comes down, is intentional fortitude, the ability to have guts to make a hard decision. instead of bringing your hands in a negative manner.
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the by who is escalating is vladimir putin. he is conducting war crimes, the other day he attacked mariupol and the hospital there, that is a war crime. keep need to stand up and say, that is enough. that is too far, figure a way to do it, there are a lot of creative ways. when we were in the trump administration, he would have said go figure it out, we would have, there is a way to do it, all different creative ways but don't be afraid of the other guy, if you are afraid of the other guy, then you are in the wrong business being a leader, we should push back on him. he has his vulnerabilities, we know it, we should continue to apply pressure, he will break. i am convinced. he is a shrewd operator we know, that. he is also trek in
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his way, he does not bluff. putin made a couple big mistakes already, to ukraine, first thing he did, he underestimated ukrainians. he thought they would turn and run. you look at figure in zelenskyy. he said, you know, when you attack, you will see our faces. not our back, he went to the spoke in house of commons, in england. first foreign leader, that has done, that took the worlds of churchill, reused them. he is willing to stand up, so should we, we should stand with him in anyway we come other thing that putin did, it was a huge mistake, you thought his military was
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-- it is not, that is surprised the world. when you look at what he has been unable to do in number of days he had it, you look as general milley saying that kyiv would fall within 3 days, we're past that mark, kyiv standing, fighting back, he forgot how to fight, we should take note, he has a weak military, it is. this is a guy who feels threatened, we should continue to put pressure on him. that means military pressure. that means economic pressure like with the sanctions. the one thing that concerns me. you notice that everyone is talking to president macron of france or of germany, not talks to usa? why are they not talking to the united states they don't
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believe that president biden could pull it off, i guarantee they would have been talking with president trump. interesting to note last 4 presidents, you take biden, and trump, and you take obama. and you take bush before him, the only country that putin did not -- president that putin did not take land when he was in office was trump. in bush it was chechnya and ukraine under biden. never under trump. candidly. listening to phone calls that i did, he respected strength, he understood that president trump did not know what he would do.
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he killed soleimani that changed game, and baghdadi that changed game. one example important to know with trump, early on in administration. in syria, bashir assad used nerve gas against his civilians. when assad crossed it with trump, within days we put over 70 tomahawk land missiles on that base, who was on that airbase? russians who was joint operator, russians, supplied nerve gas, russians, we sent missiles in, president trump picked up the phone, called putin said never to that again. that is how you operate with putin. strength, determination and fearless staff.
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mark: so important. yet so opposite with biden. capitulation, and surrender, our enemies do psychological profiles of the presidents. they have looked at his years in the senate, they look at his years as obama's vice president, and his years now. they see what he has done now, he is arming ups iranians. he says nothing, or does nothing about north korea firing missiles off, not far from japan, he is under mining our military with critical race theory and other stupid stuff and not funding them properly and he capitulates to russia over and over, they see a pattern in biden that goes the wrong way, just as they saw in trump the right way. when we return. i -- this issue of escalation and deterrents. that people say that putin would use nuclear weapons, i
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>> this is a fox news alert. russia escalating its attack in western ukraine with a deadly airstrike on a military base. attack taking place 15 miles from poland, 30 cruise
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missiles fired today the military range killing 35 people, injuriesing 134. checkpoints have been around kyiv, heavy shelling has been heard, an american journalist killed in a city near kyiv, brent renaud. and two others were injured. china's officials have not yet condemned russia, a meeting between top u.s. and chinese aides scheduled for monday in rome. back to "life, liberty and levin." >> welcome back, general keith kellogg, a question on nuclear issue. don't we have nuclear weapons, really big ones
5:30 pm
that are accurate and so forth. this is not like we don't have deterrents unless, putin doesn't believe biden is capable of fighting back. in this regard, i want to ask, i don't' to put on the spot. but, i had commander richard kemp on the program last sunday. you may know him, he fought in afghanistan and other places. i mentioned what lindsey graham said we ought to support taking out putin, the people of russia and around him, he was perplexed, he said, i don't understand. why would he be off the table? if you have a man, who has committed war crimes, in the midst of committing genocide, unprovoked. atrocities against little kids and women. if you have a man that is threatening to use nuclear
5:31 pm
weapons, if he is as crazy as they say, thin why the hell wouldn't we support efforts, not necessarily by us, but efforts to take the guy down? >> mark, you know you are right. if i was vladimir putin right now, i would probably be doubling up by body guards, oligarchs or military or someone in fsb, they will come after him, because he is failing. let me go back one comment about presidential decision making. a critical point. in patterns they do matter. people go shopping they usually go the same store, those patterned are set. when you look at president biden, this is the same guy that over 10 years ago, former secretary of defense, bob gates, and former director of cia said has been wrong on nearly every national security decision in last 40 years, and
5:32 pm
president obama said never under estimate joe's ability to screw something up. putin sees that, he knows there is weakness, this the same guy joe biden, in a situation room, when we went after osama bin laden, he said, we shouldn't do it, stunning to me, sets a pattern, vladimir putin knows it russians have a philosophy, escalate to deescalate. they have small yield nuke nuclear weapons, we need to send a very clear message to vladimir putin, don't even think about it. don't even go there. remember when kim jong-un made comments about the nuclear capacity of north korea, he has a red button, president trump said back to him, you have a red button but my red button is bigger than your red
5:33 pm
button. you cannot take that stuff off of the table, the whorl the world will see it for what it is, he does not just face one nuclear power in united states but three, the brits are there and french are there i don't know he wants to go there. you can't lit him make an assumption, you have to tell him that in advancement. he has to know he can't do that. you have to tell him that up front. for example, when we -- he was talking about the special combat readiness and increasing his ability to use nuclear weapons, we canceled a nuclear exercise, a test of one of our missiles, what we should have done, said, oh, you just raised your readiness level, watch this. and we have a readiness level, the defense condition, 1 through 5, be 1 is highest, are at 4, in 9/11 we
5:34 pm
bee took it to 3, in cube cuban missile crisis we took it to 2. we should say, if you really want to go there, let's dance. his generals will see, that his secretary of defense will see that, milley should call him say don't go. my concern, if you don't say something like that, to putiny will end up doing something stupid, and we'll bear the consequences to his . mark: you are right, the provocative actions are reacts that don't address reality, i remember richard nixon when he was president, they told him to stop or soviets would come to most, nixon raised the nuclear level to 3 or 4, said, no, you don't. so, they will respond to
5:35 pm
strength. they are a very weak economy. appears their military is not as strong as they thought. and just it is amazing to me that we are so in fear of him, we should be prudential and wise and make the intelligent judgments. he will keep testing you, which is what they were pointing out, general, thank you so much. f your service and your very important commentary here. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back.
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goldberg. former senior official national security counting under president trump. he is a highly regarded scholar and expert on issues related to the middle east. more directly. iran. this is what i want to discuss with you today, richard, which is, why in the world would we have vladimir putin's government as the point of the sphere, negotiating with iran on behalf of united states on another nuclear missile deal. >> it is unbelievable, great to be with you, the trump administration left that horrible nuclear deal with iran and 2018. imposed maximum pressure campaign it was working. they called it jcp oa for short, that was not
5:41 pm
working for the united states we remember in 2018, the israeli, found nuclear archive they were hides from the world, which led the a aea it find undeclared nuclear sites and have questions about undeclared nuclear activities in the country today, president trump left that deal, he imposed maximum pressure, sanction on the economy of iran. remember where that was when president biden took office. imf said end of 2020 iran was down to 4 billion in accessible foreign exchange reserves. what happened when president biden took office, he pledged to go back to that terrible nuclear deal, a campaign promise, engrained
5:42 pm
in the democratic party platform, he abandoned the maximum pressure, despite the attacks by iranian forces. the fact that they were not accounting for undeclared nuclear material, he lax -- relaxed sanctions, and iran advanced forward in their nuclear program, more than ever. closer to that line of weapons grade uranium, taking advantage of the relaxing that biden was providing, by end of last year biden negotiators, they were in negotiations for months in vienna, we are not talking with the iranians, we have to sit in a room in a hotel, and pass messages down a hall from other countries, it is unbelievable.
5:43 pm
when happened, strategy are not working, iran was becoming more threatening, closer to nuclear threshold. and so, rather than say, this not working let's go back to maximum pressure, which was work, they go to the russians last year, and say, will you takeover this negotiation? will you take the ball. we'll go through your lead, handing vladimir putin the keys to deal, they don't know that russia of going to be the controversy it is itself, we have known for years, that it was. they didn't expect vladimir putin to invade ukraine, as we know, now we see the deal on the table in vienna had been brokered by the russians, russian ambassador of vienna is lead negotiator for the deal. lifting 100 billion dollar to give acts so to the
5:44 pm
islamic republic, world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. to fund that terrorism and missiles. to keep the advances and their nuclear program they gained over last year under the biden administration, more sanctions relief than last deal. for fewer restrictions thans last deal, crazy, a worse deal, if you thought the last deal was worse this is the new worse deal. but, if we lifted the sanctions on iran, by the way most of them terrorism sanctions today of, not nuclear, we lift those on iran, central bank, all other banks, oil companies, tanker company, russia is in a position to set up a sanctions invasion hub in iran. central bank of russia, other banks that have come under sanction in russia, they will be able to to transaction in
5:45 pm
iran. in is a -- disaster. biden administration does not just get tough, they don't deter, they run away from nuclear extortion, we're setting up a tile to give iran pathway to give up nuclear weapons and fund more terrorism but give vladimir putin the get out of jail free card from our sanctions. >> unbelievable. when we come back, richard goldberg, i would like you to discuss with us, to what you know, what is in this deal? there have been resignations with negotiating team on american side. and elsewhere. and leaks by the bureaucracy. which is hostile to our country, they are concerned what we're giving up to the
5:46 pm
iranians, all kinds of worldwide terrorists get their freedom, and tens of billions of dollar more to iran. it ensures that iran does get nuclear weapons on a faster track. i want you to elaborate on this for us when we return, we'll be right back.
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mark: richard goldberg, national security expert in the trump administration among other places, what is in the teal. de. >> we could put it together from leaks and press reports. we saw resignation of deputy envoy and another member of negotiating team in december. when the united states made the decision to put russia in charge of negotiations rather than walk away. we understand that -- what iran will be able to do continue to enrich uranium, keep that enrichment capabilities, that allows home threaten the world at any time of allowed to continue develop longer range nuclear capable
5:51 pm
missiles to one day attack u.s. homeland. they will get access to 100 billion dollar to fund those activities, and banks that were going to be subject to sanction release today are terrorism sanctions. with no mandate that iran stop its sponsor ship of terrorism. and we will say, great, we're legitimizing your nuclear program, and the iaea in vienna -- continues to investigate undeclared nuclear activities. who do you do that when there is a investigation to
5:52 pm
clandestine nuclear work. this is the regime that pledged death to america, death to israel, and they mean it when they say that. you are now the world's sanction evasion hub for russia and china and venezuela and others. mark: seems that biden administration is cutting out many of the gulf arab states, the neighborhoods, and it is denying israel certain types of access to win opri or technology -- weaponry or technology that israel may need to defend itself to strike iran. so, again here we have an ally, israel, it is powerful, but we have ally like taiwan, and ukraine. which is pretty much will be left on the lurch. >> they will. we hear from administration
5:53 pm
negotiating pulling islamic revolutionary guard corps. off of the foreign terrorist organization list. that is unbelieve able. this is the organization that is arming supplying weapons, working to destroa destroy israel and gulf arab allies. the mortal enemy of saudi arabia, harming houthis, and you call the king of saudi arabia say, you can pump more oil now? why do you think they are not taking the call from the white house? this is a very backwards policy, we're hurting on our energy policy and foreign policy, and i'm afraid this iran deal reflects both. mark: it does. in trump administration we had peace breaking out everywhere, with abraham
5:54 pm
accords, and arab muslim countries making deals with the jewish country, israel. there were other countries in line to do the same thing. iran was really on the ropes, it was on the ropes, now biden breathes life back to iran. if i wanted to do everything possible to endanger the u.s. and our allies, i would do exactly what joe biden is doing, richard goldberg, thank you for your service, keep up the good work. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today, so you can have more success tomorrow.
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the international fellowship of christians and jews is on the ground in ukraine right now responding to this devastating crisis. the current situation here is very critical.
5:58 pm
there is a great concern for the more than 200,000 jewish people who desperately need food, medicine and emergency supplies. your urgently needed gift of only $45 will help rush food, water, medicine and emergency supplies for one suffering jewish family in ukraine who has no where to turn. the fellowship has been working here on the ground in ukraine with our trusted partners for over 30 years. the distribution centers and volunteers are standing by. we need your help now. your emergency gift of only $45 will help rush food, water, medicine and emergency supplies for one jewish family in ukraine. please call or go online now. >> welcome back.
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we spend a lot of our lives as individuals trying to do what's right. we care about our fellow man. if we see somebody hurt in the street we try to give them a hand. somebody needs a few bucks we give them a few bucks. we built an entire society around the idea that those at the lowest rate we should reach down and help them. because who are we? we are americans. the nation was founded on the judeo-christian ethic. this is who we are. we have been attacked him within from the american marxist movement and the media and their elements but this is who we are. when we watch these pictures, the people who are being murdered in the streets, women abused and now being told they are rate. babies killed, maternity center set. citizens are targeted with the most god-awful weapons because of a madman in russia.
6:00 pm
what are we going to do about it? raining our hands? complain? to to needs to go. we need to provide ukrainians with everything they need in a rational and prudential way to defend themselves and their country. i will see you next time on life liberty and the event on —- life liberty in the event. >> steve: breaking tonight seven ukraine reports over 2000 residents are now dead as russian forces intensify their assault with a higher countersuit —? casualties. we will also focus on the where right here on our streets and border as the us civilian death toll reaches 100,000 millions poor across the southern border and the biden regime comes under fire for not doing enough to save


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