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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  March 13, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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space war pair fair strategy and having commanded. this is actually, this makes putin feel cocky whether true or not. steve: there we are. that is how he is behaving, trey gowdy is up next with another live hour. >> good evening, welcome to this special edition of "sunday night in america," i am trey gowdy, russian forces closing in on kyiv. reportedly just 15 miles outside of ukraine's capital, mayor of kyiv is warning his people of a possible chemical or bioweapon attacks, further west, a russian missile struck a ukrainian military base near the polish border, and we're learning that russian forces tragically killed an innocent american journalist, we turn to greg
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palkot live in lviv. reporter: a lot happening here. let's talk about the attack near ukraine-poland border, we went to look sunday. >> we're here in western ukrainian town, this morning, about two miles behind us was deadly russian missile strike. it hit the military base there, american special forces and florida national guard were at last month, and we're 10 miles down the road from nato ally, poland. 30 russian missiles fired, 8 hitting their mark. 35 people were killed, 134 injured. locals stell us they could not believe it. >> we woke up on the bombings, we saw the flash of lights. the huge missiles. reporter: ukrainian military
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has been trained by u.s. there, now reportedly foreigners are coming to learn combat, and a hub for military aiden terring ukraine. -- entering ukraine. and all reasons for site to be hit by vladimir putin, and area residences to hate him. >> he is killer, all the world must stop putin. reporter: very strong emotions. we heard from the pentagon spokesman, on sunday, he said no american service members were killed or were hurt. national security adviser sullivan said if one of those missiles hit poland, we would have had article 5 triggered in the nato alliance. under sworing dangers to all here, 50-year-old award winning journalist brett
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renaud was killed here sunday, passing through a checkpoint in irpin. he was killed and another american journalist with him was injured, in mariupol 400,000 are still stranded by russian forces, they are tightening their grip on the besieged port city, officials say 2200 people have been killed there. water, food, electricity all cut off, supposedly there is a convoy of aid coming in tomorrow, we'll see. and occupied city of a protest, an amazing one against russian troops, hundreds coming out, chants. swirling around one of the armor personnel carriers that russian soldier was in, he started firing into the air. the people kept on. a lot of bravery, a lot of desperation and david versus
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goliath situation here. trey: yes, greg. for a country worried about escalating, thins have escalated already, thank you, you be safe. reporter: thank you, trey. trey: joining us now, congressman brian fitzpatrick. he serves on house committee foreign affairs, and previously worked for the fbi in ukraine, what can you tell us about the country? >> thank you. it was my last international assignment as an fbi agent, those are my friends over there right now, this special to me, the mayor of kyiv, a close friend of mine, who is now went from managing the city to walking with body armor and fully
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automatic weapons. they are amazing people there, the revolution should have told world all they need to know about the ukrainian people, when they exiled the puppy regime that was -- puppet regime that was in place at the time, they are willing to give up their life for it, they are an amazing people we need our help, and we're not giving them what need. trey: you mentioned help, what can or should use do to help? >> all this administration has done is economic half measures and military appeasement. >> they sanctioned 80% of the banks and vladimir putin controlled
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100% of the banks. it administration has not given go ahead, turkey has mig 29 fighter jets they would like to provide to the ukrainians, this administration has not given the sign off, yet 300 surface-to-air missiles are important, bulgaria, croatia and slovakia want to give to the ukrainians, this administration has not signed off on it they are drawing a distinction between the defensive equipment that is driven across the border. and one flown across the border. trey: bombing a children's hospital is not? >> that is what we're puzzled at right now, a lot of democrats, a growing number, in the house are growing frustrated with this
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administration. we understand you know, the issue of putting booting on the ground, we get that, but why not give zelenskyy everything he is asking for when it comes to defensive equipment, he is defending his country, ukraine is a peaceful, freedom loving democracy, they are only 30 years old. 30 years old, is how old their democracy circumstance close to half that country was born after 1991. after they won their independence, they no little of and want no part of the war. trey: congressman, you are unusual and familiar with ukraine, you worked there. i used to hate it when people would ask me about what my colleague said, i'm not going to ask you to explain. i will get you to react to
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small but vocal group of republicans. that praise putin, and they call ukraine evil, said that zelenskyy was a thug, what in the world? they need to talk to you i think before they get on twitter? >> completely naive. and they lack a fundamental understanding of national security. we live in a small world. getting smaller every day, we live in a dangerous world, getting more dangerous of day, isolationism does not work. it is very dangerous. i will call it out no matter where i see it, right or left. ukraine is important for a whole host of reasons not only to save the ukrainian people, but it is a signal to young democracies, across the globe, if vladimir putin is successful here, it will be devastating to movement of freedom in democracy, and sending a god awful signal to kim jong-un, and xi jinping, and all other bad
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actors who are already becoming more provocative. trey: the thug is the one killing women and children not the one defending his country and democracy, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, trey. trey: still ahead, inflation is hitting historic highs, gas prices going up before the war in ukraine. what is president biden doing to stem the current economic crisis? that is next on "sunday night in america."
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>> it's going to go up. can't do much right now. russia is responsible.. trey: in 2019, united states was a net exporter of
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energy. we were energy independent, manying we pro tuesdayed enough petroleum and other march resource -- natural resources to support our country then some. in 2021, it changed. keystone pipeline was canceled here. but, a pipeline from russia to germany was given the green light, one year to bide know's presidency inflation hit a 40 year high. gas prices have soared to highest number on record, some expert predict it could go to 300 a -- a barrel, u.s. is no longer energy independent, instead turning to venezuela and iran to make up for our shortfall, joining us senator joni ernst welcome senator, some folks are trying to figure out why is there so much hostility toward u.s. oil and gas companies but a
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willingness to deal with venezuela and iran. >> tray, this is truly -- trey, this is truly incredible, you stated that america was an exporter under the previous administration and president trump. here we have ratcheted down on american energy pro reduction and rely on others, we have to stop this, this it imperative. the prices were going up before putin started this invasion. trey: you are right, you know, to give biden credit, the job numbers were pretty good, but at this rate no one can atoward to drive to work. >> as you said on day one, president biden did cancel
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the keystone excel pipeline project, we saw about 71,000 jobs across energy sector go away. because of president biden's deranged climated policies. we see this affecting every sector now, we no longer have our own energy resources, we havely on the near peer adversaries, president is prying to trying to dreyfus away from american energy production, he is touting electric vehicles, that makes us more dependent on china and their resourcing of rare earth minerals and things to make batteries using chinese mining and slave labor. trey: i know you are in senate, if i were in senate i would not watch house hearings either, i was in the house so i watched one,
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they brought in oil and gas executives they beat the daylights out of them, okay, as of tomorrow we need oil and gas, do we get it from american companies or from venezuela and iran, i do not understand hostility toward american oil and gas companies. >> you are spot on. i don't know either. it really is a deranged climate policy, we have such valuable energy sources here. wouldn't the president want to tap to the resources and provide american jobs and american energy, rather than boosting began russia's bloody oil or the oil from iran. or venezuela. it really does not make sense, i have yet to find out what is behind president biden's foreign policy, you are right, trey, it really does not make sense.
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trey: i know i wanted to talk energy with you, i would be remiss, i have a combat vet on my show, quickly. anything you would do, you are the president, what would you do to help ukraine. they seem like they could use more help from our country. >> absolutely, ukraine means a lot to me, we need to step up our defense for ukraine, that means sending them every possible armament as they have requested. making sure they do have the migs available to them, and they have surface-to-air missiles available to them, every possible defense, we should make sure they have every tool in their tool box to press back against this russian invasion. we see on tv is abhorrent. we show -- should not it will rate it, to make sure they can defend themselves
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and getting out american civilian that live in ukraine providing them safe passage, if that is what they need, and encouraging additional humanitarian supplies to flow into ukraine. this is ridiculous. we need to make sure we are sanctioning putin to the fullest extent possible. and that goes for nato allies as well. this was where i am disappointed in president biden we have allowed others to step up and lead the way, the united states you know we need to step up, regain our position around the globe. and he is not doing that at this very critical time, every tool in our tool box we should make sure we use to help ukraine become free and independent. trey: senator joni ernst thank you for your service, have a good rest of your sunday evening. >> thank you, glory to ukraine. trey: yes, ma'am.
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>> russia cyber capabilities with been on displays for years, will they turn to the united states? we talk to an experts who "sunday night in america" returns. we came to his house... ...then we got to work. we replaced his windshield and installed new wipers to protect his new glass, while he finished his meeting. let safelite come to you. >> man: looks great. thank you. >> tech: my pleasure. that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> welcome back to a special "sunday night in america," tensions continue to rise in ukraine.
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expert warn that russia could target the united states in the form of a cyberattack. russia cyber capabilities have been on display in 2015, breaching ukraine power grid, leaving hundreds of thousands without power in 2017, russia unleashed a malwar attack in ukraine that spread across the globe, and cyberattacks coinciding with their invasion, impacting the ukraine government web sites. what about the united states? what would a cyberattack u.s. look like? joining us now former chief software officer for u.s. air force. nicholas chaillan, thank you for joining us. what would a cyber conflict with russia look like from the u.s. view point? >> well, thank you, the first thing to understand with cyber weapons to realize cyber weapons are one type use, when you use it -- one time use,
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companies patch the system rapidly, quickly you will see the malware spreading across the world, you saw this in 2017 with ukraine attacked by russia, and critical infrastructure impacted. but what was significant 1.2 billion dollars of damage to u.s. companies. these malwar and offensive cavebilities can end up rapidly spreading, and impacting everyone across the world. that is really what could be a big impact. what you looking at also is potential attacks to the water systems and the power grid companies. trey: you know you raise a great point, i want to ask, people think that government is going to defend everything, defend banks, and private power companies. is there a distinction between what the government can defend and private companies defense? >> well, the government does
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not have the bandwidth to protect all these companies, even with critical infrastructure. if you look at a grid, and water system, you look at hundreds of companies, virtually impossible for u.s. government to be able to help all the agencies at same time, you see kindergarten level of cyber security in these organizations it is easy for some of these malicious actors to get access to the systems, saw with pipeline getting hacked months ago and in florida, water system impacts and dangerous levels of water treatment were impacted. that could have directly flown into the houses of floridians. this is something that u.s. government does not have the bandwidth, many u.s. companies are doing their best. the financial systems is probably and financial organizations, are probably the most well organized.
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not worry with the financial institutions. but with the water and power that is a different story. trey: all right, continue that theme, by for kate this. it u.s. government ready for russia can or may unleash, then we'll talk about whether or not private entities or state into leak local governments are prepared, u.s. government are they ready. >> well u.s. government we have best cyber offending capability. we could impact with no issue, but then you are at risk of bee attacked yourself, and cyber defense capabilities of united states are not where they should be, we have under invested for at least 15 years now, in cyber defense. what you will see is department of homeland security with a new urgency cyber and infrastructure
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security not capable of protectingez organizations and the critical infrastructure organizations as well. at the end of the day, what you will look at with staying local for second part of the question, really, is the organizationsy having to rely on private sector to defend their systems. >> nicholas thank you for your expertise and your service to the country and thank you for joining us on this sunday night. >> thank you for having me. trey: ahead, congress approved billions of dollar in aid for ukraine. is it enough. we'll ask someone in the know next on "sunday night in america." we're 25 million prescriptions strong. we're managing type 2 diabetes... ...and heart risk. we're working up a sweat before coffee. and saying, “no thanks...” a boston cream. jardiance is a once-daily pill that can reduce the risk of
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trey: this week congress passed a spending bill. helping the 2.5 million refugees who left ukraine, ukraine welcoming the help but is asking for more, a no-fly zone, rejected by almost all u.s. military and government leaders on both sides of the aisle, concern is further escalation of
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tensions, should more be done? can more be done. congressman jim hynes is on the house, ways and means committee, what is in the aid package, whether you think something else should have been included. >> thank you, trey. the bill that was pass the last week has 14 billion in aid for ukraine. that really is part much two main things, billion to deal with fact there is in excess of two million refugees who are leaving ukraine. they require food, medical care. shelter. we and probably 12 other countries are working hard at that, it contains a continuing flow of military aid.
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is it enough? i would tell you this, trey. let's be clear. from any strategic stand point, that is the achievement of some good political strategy i think outcome -- strategic outcome, putin has lost this war here, lost it 4 days in two quick rolling over the ukrainian people he particularred did not happen -- he expected did not happen, now we has 5 to 10,000 dead russian soldiers, and tanks and aircraft and helicopter disabled right now. we don't know is does this continue to go on for weeks, months or years, he does have the military capability to draw this out for longer. >> congressman, you serve on a comeitty, you are well
7:38 pm
situated, i think, more so than others members of the house to know mind set of vladimir putin. not to say anyone can know it, but you are on house intelligence committee, hospitals bombed, maternity wards bombs and american journalists killed. is there a line we will not cross? if he does cross will the u.s. become more involved. >> president has been clear on an attack on anatedoy country. -- a nato country it is an open question how rational putin is acting right now, i believe he is a pretty rational actor, he wildly misjudged ukraine. he is a nom complimenting him but a reason able poker player. what he above else
7:39 pm
can't have happen is have nato going after him, we learned that russian military is not nearly what we thought it was. incompetence, and lack of capability over a force that is out matched 10 to one has opinion a revelation to a lot of people in the world. and he just cannot have a fight with a nato that would get ugly quickly for him. number two, fight with nato will get us into the nuclear question. you know, this is why i a no-fly zone is such a problem that involves us killing a lot of russians for a lengthy period of time. and now you are in a world where you are worried about whether someone reaches for nuclear trigger. he doesn't want either one of those. my guess, he will work very hard to keep the united states from towing much beyond what -- doing much beyond what it had already doing in terms of transferring weapons. >> we have about a minute, you are a rhode scholar.
7:40 pm
give us your assessment of north korea, how concerned we should be? >> well, you know, north korea you and i know, from you on days on intelligence committee, when they feel they are not getting enough attention they act aggressively, while world has been focused on russia, they have been launching ballistic missiles, that is what they, to a very dangerous place, i think a are angry they are not at center of attention, while we figure out russia, we have to make sure over time we're working to make the regime a lot less crazy and volatile than 2d. trey: i am sure it is a fascinated and heartbreaking time to be on u.s. house intelligence committee. thank you for joining us. >> take care. trey: joining us now florida congressman u.s. army vet
7:41 pm
brian mast, you served in sacrificed for our country, is there a 59 where russia really does trigger a more robust engagement from the united states? >> i think in my opinion, as long as hey continue to see united states being negligent, not controlling the things we control 100%. the more likely we are to encounter a nato conflict of pushing of those borders, because russia will continue to see what they can get away with right, if there is till reliance on fossil fuels, not a build up on the nato border, if we're continues to cancel our previously scheduled nuclear tests and other you know activities that we were doing with the pole -- polish military, you name
7:42 pm
it. putin will continue to push. trey: congressman, we heard about missile that came within 10 miles of hitting poland. then we see images of maternity wards and children's hospitals bombs, i didn't serve, you did, that is why i want to ask you, it is hard to watch those images notment to do something -- not want to do something more. is it really that simple where the missile lands on this side of the polish boundary line. >> i don't think it can be, we are not as a nation, we could see 10,000 or more ukrainians indiscriminately killed we don't do a thing but if the hair on a nato member is touched we're all in. that is not who we are or good for the security of the globe, we need to say, these are the borders, the
7:43 pm
parameters, you know not look at this the way that biden, they called it a gaffe in the beginning, they say biden was looking at this, in terms of a major or minor incursion, we really know, is they were planning, trying to predict that this would be a minor incursion, they could brush it off without having to do anything, no, we need to control the things that we can control and be strong in the face of all of this none is acceptable -- it is not rationale. if we try to rational news it, putins that then succeed. trey: proposed transfer of jets from poland to ukraine, it was -- did u.s. not want to be the the con-- conduit for the fighter plains. >> it nixed out of fear
7:44 pm
of -- escalation, do we go and jump on the ladder of escalation to say if russia sells jets to iran we'll be in a war with iran. no, that is not the ladder of escalation, russia can be in a pact with anyone they want, we can be in a pact with anyone we want. if we want to sell jets to ukraine, then we should sell them to the ukraine, if they use them to shoot down russia anything, that is what they use them for, but we should not be intimidated by russia in doing that. trey: if i am look at ladder of escalation, and i see a children's hospital bombs and maternity ward bombed and a american
7:45 pm
journalist killed, i am pretty high up escalation ladder, thank you for your service congressman. >> thank you, trey. trey: as war rages in europe, we speak with the first and only ukrainian born member of congress. next on "sunday night in america."
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>> to many of my friends. many of my foreign partners, who were working in kyiv, they also -- i can't people without tears, i'm sorry, i'm really sorry for my country, nobody could expect this. >> i believe that kids shouldn't see or hear the bombs falling on their city. >> it was like thousands of people. they were just outside. you know. asleep. and they couldn't leave. trey: a quote about america goes like this, you can always count on america to do the right thing. after every other option has been exhausted. i have been thinking about that quote, that assessment
7:51 pm
of us lately, what can and should be expected of america. expectations are high when you are most powerful country on earth. expectations are high when you refer to yourself as a shining city on a hill, when you refer to yourself as a exceptional last best hope for -- human kind, particulars of america are high, if we're self governed we should set our own expectations, the people set the expectations and our elected officials carry out what we decide. so what do we stand for? what do we want to be known for? how much en justice will we bear went to, we have already borne went to a country, invading a neighbors country without just cause.
7:52 pm
to brushes with nuclear disaster. our response has been to up pose sanctions. -- impose sanction, stop buying oil and gas from one brutal dictator only to buy oil and gas from other brutal dictators, we talk tough about international norms and russia ostracized from the world community. we have imposed banking and commerce and finance sanctions, that is what we've done, then the list of things we say, we'll not do. we will not send troops. we will not impose a no-fly zone. we are a tepid at best about other country using us as a conduit it send fighter planes, through it wall we have been saying, we can't bring escalation.
7:53 pm
it is good to avoid war, not good when the other side believes you will do anything to avoid war, surely there some line that russia would cross to generate american outrage and act, at some point america say, you committed an act of war, an act we'll no longer ignore, at some point where russia will exhaust the patience of the american people. russia bombed a maternity ward. russia attacked a children's hospital. let that sink in. attacking children and expectant mothers this is the moment i'm supposed to advise you the images are disturbing, a warning to avert your eyes and look the other way. to continue to impose sanctions and give lectures, you think that images
7:54 pm
are hard to look at, try living or dying through them, the old quote that says america will do the right thing when every other option has beenic 8 offed. econe told we must avoid certain things, it might lead to an escalation, how much escalated can it get? have options been exhausted yet? has your patience run out yet, your willingness to deescalate been deflated. what is an act of war, what will it take for this country to respond to russia's own actions of war?
7:55 pm
joining us now first ukrainian born member of congress, indiana congresswoman victoria spartz, thank you for joining us, how is this war impacting you, your loved ones and family. >> thank you, trey, it is interesting, my cousin with her daughter almost got killed by the bomb in next to the border with poland, i am glad they are alive. i suggested they leaf. you talk about what it will take. i believe churchill mentions that courage is important for all of the virtues, it will take courage from our president, he was talking about a crippling sanctions, yeah we did some sanctions, they are not crippling, they are squeezing the russian economy, don't wait until more thousands are die, we
7:56 pm
need to make sure we go to sanctions all russian and russian banks and put pressure on banks like city bank, andest victim invest -- investment banks. and publicly traded companies. there are a lot of things we can do and we need to do, if we cannot enforce the humanitarian corridors, where thousands of people with no food, no water, no electricity. sick, women, children, on the ground, getting bomb we need to help to provide equipment for ukrainians to defend their citizens and get evacuated. this needs to be done. it takes courage, i hopefully our president will exercise it sooner than later. trey: you mentioned president, he is the commander in chief, there
7:57 pm
are some not many, but some members of congress on the g.o.p. side, one of whom said that zelenskyy is a thug. and cast aspersions of country of ukraine, have those members bothered to talk and educate themselves before they say mind numbing stupid things. >> congress is made up of a lot of different people, there are a lot of different opinions, i woulding is some suggest they go to the border and see with their open eyes what is happening. we need to do something to
7:58 pm
help these people. i think change perspective, i would suggest some of the members to travel themselves and see what atrocities are happening. how people's lives are getting destroyed, many people. trey: we have discussed military side a lot tonight, i want to ask you about humanitarian side. what more can or should congress do to provide for refugees, and for ukrainian people, who have been under siege for weeks now? >> i think we need to have put pressure on humanitarian organizations. we provide money to, they actually stop developing plans, but have action. people now are hungry people with no food, they are coming to border, put pressure on poland, poland cannot handle it alone, we need to organize eu to help.
7:59 pm
and lead that, if we don't, it will be human trafficking will happen, disease will happen, people will start dieing from the cold weather. with the situation on the border, it important for us, we have a responsible to oversee this organization, that provide funds to do a better job of that. trey: congresswoman, i think that american people have been in awe of the resiliency of the ukrainian people, our hearts and prayers with the people of the country of your birth, hopefully this ends. i hope you will come on and continue to tell us, about what u.s. should be doing to help the ukrainian people. >> thank you very much, and i'm humbled of the support i get from the country. so american people are great. very generous people. and have good hearts, i think you know we'll defeat it together, they need help
8:00 pm
of the american people, we need to support people that want are willing to die for freedom, ifhank you. trey: so much. >> thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. good night. from south carolina. ♪ ♪ >> [ sound of gunfire ] -- i am sorry. i am sorry for my country, nobody, expect this. >> stay together for me. >> i believe that the kids shouldn't hear the bombs. >> vladimir putin brings his assume on ukraine to nato's


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