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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  March 20, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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who is leading the ukrainians? who is zelensky? that's the title of my next special.
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bongino is next. make sure you watch him. dan
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russian forces bombard ukraine. risking full scale war with nato. social knead media isn't helping. it's hard to know what to believe anymore. living in an information age at our fingertips. there are serious doubts over which parts of it are true. >> moscow was increasingly using harsh tactics to control information about war. this included jailing journalists. >> they aimed at bringing belarus into the conflict. the biological weapons are becoming a key part of the russian disinformation campaign to justify invading ukraine. dan: they twist the truth.
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but the left here is engaged in information disinformation, too. let's start with the self-proclaimed gait keepers truth -- gatekeeper of truth. according to the fact clerks at politifact, the u.s. did not double oil imports from russia in the last year. well, night try. it turns out the united states did double its crude oil imports from russia in 2021. here is the joke of this whole thing. politifact even mentioned that in the tenth paragraph its original story. fail number two. when the whole world saw joe biden check his watch during the ceremony honoring the fallen
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u.s. service members who died in afghanistan. "usa today" unleashed its fact checking army. the paper had to write a correction after their own fake fact check. fact checker fail number three. remember before the kyle rittenhouse trial politifact insisted it was perfectly legal for right house to carry a gun? false. during the trial the judge dismissed the charge against rittenhouse and the fact checkers scrambled to explain their mistake. they have one job, to keep us informed with the truth. your one job and yet you keep failing over and over. but the tide may be turning. especially in the covid information war. some vaccination rules are still
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intact. new york won't allow unvaccinated home teams to play. but they will allow unvaccinated teams to may in new york. >> i don't care how covid compliance you are. can we agree on that. that.that? kyrie can go inside and watch but he can't play. dan: people like us were getting poked fun at for bringing it up. kevin durant said it best. >> i just feels like at this point now, it reflects their authority. everyone in the world. people understand what's going
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on. now it's just stupid. dan: see what happens when people wake up to propaganda? kevin durant thinks the rules are stupid because they are stupid. there could be more bad news coming up for the supply chain crisis. has anyone asked why we are not seeing the same outbreak in the united states? have we obtained herd immunity, the same herd immunity that is called unrealistic by the media? >> are they talking about herd immunity? it's associated with that rhetoric about herd immunity. >> that not a fundamental strategy. >> i don't do propaganda so i
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can't prove we reached herd immunity. but herd immunity is not a strategy. it's a phenomenon. go to the search machine on the internet and like the up. it isn't a talking point. it's not fact checkers failing us and the media failing us. the left's hypocrisy is getting worse. remember when hillary clinton accused tulsi gabbard of being used by the russians? tulsi gabbard, russian stooge. everybody is a russian stooge if you are note a democrat butt kisser. now they are saying she took 2020 campaign donations from a russian agent for an amicing $59.95. it sounds like a door dash bill on the weekend. but the left somehow forgets hb
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hunter biden's lavish gifts. he was given a 3 carat gem. no way. folks, between the failed fact a checkers and the stream of misinformation from dpring a fire hose. a fox news alert. vladimir putin bombing ukraine cities into submission. forcing thousands of refugees to flee into neighboring nations. our next guest fled and then
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became a navy seal. thank you for spending time with us. you grew up in soviet occupied poland. you were recently in poland and you have an interesting take on what's happening with this russia-ukraine war. what did you hear when you were over there? >> for us america the russians -- the sanctions are not working as well as portrayed. there is a lot of misinformation on our side. russians are still fighting. their using terror tactics. work together as one it will be hard to stop putin.
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remember, it's more well equipped country. and the disturbing part of this, what i hear from my polish-ukrainian friends, they are afraid of president biden as much as president putin. they real lies this defense team is the same defense team that gave us benghazi and the ambassador and two of the young men were my teammates. leaving behind our citizens and allies in the hands of taliban. now they are the same team managing the ukraine crisis. the people i spoke to don't have much confidence in this team. dan: as someone who experienced come anything up close and
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personal growing up, what's your message to the people directly impacted who putin is trying to subjugate right now? >> ukrainians are leading the same terroristic state i escaped from. they snow what social i. and communism is. that's what motivates them to fight right now. they will never give up. knowing these people. and they hate socialist slavery. they will never give up. they will never subjugate this country. he will be forced to leave. dan: as a form navy seal with experience in battle tactics on
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the battlefield, putin will have a difficult time if he were to take kyiv, occupying kyiv. these where two different things. guerrilla warfare street to street, you know what it looks like. is my assessment correct? too yes. the putin army is as well trained as the western army. so it will be bloody for them. i hope they will not succeed. this is a powerful country steamrolling ukraine. the germans are still paying russia for gas. we are still paying for uranium and nuclear fuel and president biden announced he will continue to pay russia. remember president biden's family got a half million
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dollars from russia. he's not willing to impose sanctions on people who are feeding his family. stealing their boats can hardly become sanctions. dan: thanks for coming on with us. we deeply appreciate it. the u.s. is sending state of the art drones to ukraine. pete hegseth will react next.
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this is xfinity rewards. our way of showing our appreciation. with rewards of all shapes and sizes. [ cheers ] are we actually going? yes!! and once in a lifetime moments. two tickets to nascar! yes! find rewards like these and so many more in the xfinity app. dan: the biden administration is sending a new arsenal to defend ukraine. including shoulder missiles and drones. joining me now is "fox and friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth. drones changing the battlefield
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calculus. you understand military tactics. next thing you know you are pushing up daisies. >> we are talking about switchblade drones that can travel 25 miles and hover, pick a couple and drop. i hope we are sending more. i don't love situation we are doing in he particular way. maybe it's a way to prevent escalation. but we have already seen -- as we send more weapons putin has made it clear he's going to bomb further west. then get the weaponry to the ukrainians to do this fighting. you can't underestimate how it has under performed. and as these columns are in the
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open and tanks are in the open, if you have got operators that can membership them do it right from 25 miles away, that's a standoff they didn't have before. they had a couple miles max. that kind of standoff will strike fear in the hearts of russian vehicle tank operators who are already not sure why they are there. i hope it's a move that can be made without having to send jets from nato countries. dan: it's such a good point about the practical point of standoff. one thing our american military is known for is good leadership when it all hits the fan. apparently not the russian military. they lost four generals on the battlefield? that's unheard of. the reason that's filtering through the media ecosystem is the front line leadership is so
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poor the generals have to go out there and whip people into shape. leadership is important. these aren't throw aways in a combat situation. >> they haven't developed a non-commissioned officer corps and june or officer corps who can make decisions. they are driven by fear of repercussions. if if you flee from the front there are reports of kill squads for deserters. they were told they would be welcomed as liberators. if you are a private who thinks you are on a training exercise and you aren't making progress, who shows up. the general. and he makes himself vulnerable and they are picking them off with snipers and other
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sophisticated weaponry. it's a reflection of confusion, poor planning and a huge lack of morale. why would you fight hard for kyiv. a lot of these young guys, they don't even know what they are bombing. they are being told they are bombing a tank couple. they aren't using smart bombs. they are using the old ones, and they don't know if it's landing on a target of military significance. it's all based on fear. dan: pete, thanks for joining me. i appreciate it. decades of failed democrat policies. have the people finally had enough? former democrat and california resident leo terrell joins us coming up next.
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meet those fleeing. >> there is a lot of noise about what's happening in our city. you see it in the headlines, off in the right wing media. they love to talk about sphwrans. i know it's challenging with all
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that noise towns what's happening. >> san francisco's mayor is blaming the right-wing media for inflating the crime problem her city. here to break down why this is happening is california resident and fox news contributor, leo terrell. i head this story this week. san francisco apparently was so preoccupied with boycotting conservative states that they can't procure stuff to fix things in their city because they have boycotted everything. what's it going to take for liberals to wake up and realize they voted for this. >> i listen to you own radio and watch on tv. you are a truth teller. the reason why people will not wake up in san francisco is because the left-wing media protects san francisco. i live here. there is no coverage of telling
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the truth other than listening to you on radio. what you have in california is the liberal media hiding, concealing everything about what's going on in this horrible state where crime is up, no schools are open. still wearing masks in the l.a. unified school district and in san francisco crimes rampant, homelessness is out of control. but they don't vet the people in power in california. new york the same situation. you mentioned it before on your radio show. in new york, hello the "new york times" for waking up about hunter biden's the laptop. the media is in bed with the democrats and we'll never find the truth. dan: the media is an obstacle. guys like you give me hope. you were a democrat at one point. you said i have had enough of
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this. and you had this awakening. i think it can happen. it happened in new york. your thoughts on this, i think it has to get really bad for that first. in new york close to 3,000 people in a couple years. 3,000 homicides in just a few years. it was horrible. >> dan, it's terrible here. i k you to tell me how in the world a governor who is subject to a recall, gavin newsom is going to be a shoe in for reelection. there is no accountability in california. this state is so blue you can't see straight. what i'm saying is there is no hope, especially when you have a very, very weak republican party. the democrats are in charge. we have soft prosecutors in
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california, in san francisco, in los angeles, and right now it is bleak and dim. there is really very little hope here. >> so sad to see. all right, leo, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. coming up, is ukraine become a wasteland of abandoned russian tanks? what is going on over there? coming up next.
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call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. dan: the blessage with the biden administration is what, build back better? everything they build back they build back worse. what is better?
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i'm not running a reagan morning in america. i'm not running for office. you don't have to like me. but i am asking you. put that aside, you not liking me. answer the question honestly. what is better since joe biden got into office? gas prices better? i know you have a thousand reasons why joe biden isn't responsible. but is it better or not. what about food prices? is that better? i am not asking you the reason. i know you will make an excuse. but when you go to the grocery store and you have to buy food, fuel, calories, hard to stay alive without them. did he build it back better is it better or worse? no excuses. you don't have to scream at me and throw things at your tv screen. i am not going to feel it anyway, it's your tv, not mine.
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is the immigration crisis bert at the border as we watch video of people piling across our border illegally? is it better is it bert or not. -- is it better or not? how about inflation? is that better? taking a bunch of money we don't have to give to the government to spend which filters into the economy. what about our position on the national stage with others. the war in ukraine in wasn't a war in ukraine before biden got in office. whenever biden focuses on a problem and tried to build back better he doesn't build back anything. a fox news alert. as putin temperatures war rages in the ukraine, his army is dealing with serious supply shortages that are reportedly frustrating moscow's plan. joining me, retired army gingery
12:36 am
boykin. logistics, general. our military tactics 101. if you can't bring the beans and the bullets to the battlefield you won't be able to fight. but it seems like they had an issue with supplying their convoy. am i wrong? >> you are not wrong. was it napoleon who said an army moves on its belly? that was stressing the logistics. whoever does the planning and procurement for the russian military is a failure. they have not been in a maneuverable war since 1945. that was the last time they had a complex operation. aleppo and chechnya doesn't
12:37 am
count. you need petroleum products, you need ammunition, you need spare parts. and they have been a miserable failure in providing those things a very complex operation that they are running in the ukraine. dan: you have a long and storied history with special forced in the united states. you have been around the block. the russian special forces, you hear the propaganda stuff coming out of moscow. what do you think they are doing with their special forces over there? why is this going oh poorly for them? >> i think that the russian special forces -- i worked with them in the balkans in the mid 90s when we were chasing war criminals. i think they are overrated. they are like the rest of the russian military, they are in
12:38 am
decline. and i don't think that they are in a position to be able to be the game changer for what's going on in there now. putin -- he's losing this war. he's losing this war, and i don't think his forces are going to turn that around. he may eventually take the ukraine. but it's going to be a hollow victory. i think it's the end of his time as the czar. dan: general, last yes question. the picture over ukraine. the air force, like the special forces seemed to fail in controlling the skies. if you can't control the skies you are never going to control the country, correct? >> that's absolutely right. by the way, dan, as far as i'm concerned, let the ukrainians determine whether they need those 28 migs.
12:39 am
let them decide. not jen psaki. you i am tired of hearing that, it's an offensive weapon. they are defending their nation. anything we give them is a defensive weapon at this point. dan: there seems to be a lot of verbal dancing over offensive versus defensive weapons. coming up on "unfiltered." two borders, two crises. russia bombing ukraine's border with poland risking all-out war. what about our porous southern border. do you find yourself buried in paper? this is the end. the end of paper. the epson rapid
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." the only border biden seemed to care about the last few months is the border between russia and ukraine. now's worried about an influx of border crossers when title 42 ends. we saw 1.7 million, a record
12:44 am
during 2021. here to react is turning point usa president charlie kirk. the biden administration seems concerned. but we can't help anyone around the world if we can't take care of the united states first. >> that's exactly right. i live in a border state. i live in arizona. i went down to yuma and i saw the border for myself. i saw people coming across the border more want to get caught. understood the policies by the biden regime, the repealing of the remain in mexico policy, border patrol has become glorified paperwork processing operation. people come across the border and they get a court days months in advance and they are not going to show up.
12:45 am
it's disappointing and frustrating for me. we are so concerned about the russian-ukrainian sovereignty. our lawmakers take an oath to the united states of america. i wish our leaders accelerated funding like they did for ukraine to secure the southern border. dan: so the "new york times" trying to come clean on the hunter biden laptop story. you and i knew about it a year and a half ago it was literally hunter biden's laptop signed for by hunter biden. when he showed up to the repair shop he left his number and
12:46 am
address and signed the receipt. the time for this was before the election when people could have made an internalled decision about the biden family and the shenanigans they were involved in. >> instead of covering the news, the "new york times" covers it up. as soon as the laptop was discovered by rudy giuliani and his lawyer, they realized the clock was ticking. all they had to do was run met metaphoriccal interference. this was direct election interference. the media is supposed to report the news. then they were biased in reporting the news. now they actively cover it up.
12:47 am
i'll marriage the even with all the shenanigans of the election, donald trump might well be president right now if that story were given a fair hearing. dan: the polling data shows it. 7% of biden voters say they might have voted differently if they had heard the story. you can watch more about hunter biden on the fox special "who is hunter biden" on millions of ukrainian re-refugees are forced to leave their entire lives behind. joining us to talk about the cost of war. your personal journey from nypd to 9/11 providing mental health
12:48 am
services now for people impacted by trauma. >> thanks for having me, dan. it's an honor. i was a firefighter. i liked helping people. i thought i would go back to school. i was always interested in psychology. never thought i would work with firefighters, but 9/11 happened and bam, my life turned upside down. i didn't get a lot of help turning on those feelings and talking to my wife and kids. that's why i want to the get involved and help other people do the same thing. somewhat kind of lasting impacts do you think these horrors, these kids and adults are experiencing right now? what can this do longterm to these people experiencing this? >> it's pretty tragic. the long-term effects are horrible in almost everything we
12:49 am
studies, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, suicide, acting out behaviors. we don't do well with that amount of trauma. dan: obviously human beings are designed to handle stress. do you find that through 9/11 do you find with appropriate counseling and intervention you can help people live normal lives after going through stress like this? >> absolutely. there is so much hard science and research about how do you help people we don't have to guess. there is post traumatic growth. they appreciate relationships more. they have more meaning and values. there are a lot of people who can grow from this experience. >> this is the first major land war where social media and instant imagery can appear on
12:50 am
your phone or computer in seconds. seconds after it happens. does that have anne a hardening effect on society looking at these horrors all day. you can watch this stuff the stuff as though you are sitting on the streets. it's terrible. >> we have to try to limit that exposure. so many of these kids, especially in the ukraine. their lives are turned upside down and their basic resources are taking away. we don't want to take away their coping skills. dan, when you were a police officer you had to run towards the bullets. you weren't expressing their feelings. how do you help people process this? the best way of handling stress is? relationships. it's with other people. we are not designed face that alone. we have to wait for the right time in helping parents do that
12:51 am
with their kids. >> i was looking forward to you as a guest and you did not disappoint. thank you for your service at the fire department and nypd and what you are doing now. a 25-year-old model was hospitalized when she experienced stroke-like symptoms. turns out it was a blood clot in her brain. why are blood clots becoming more commonning in tony here, from let's talk credit. what are you doing to improve your credit? do i need to improve my credit? well, that depends. do you like saving money? if you had a score of 630, a $300,000 home would cost about this much after a 30-year mortgage.
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>> welcome back to unfiltered justin bieber's wife leaving people wodgeddering how something like that happens here to discuss is fox news medical contributor marty mccarry there's a lot of speculation
12:56 am
swirling around and a lot of it because we hear about it i get that. but what's appear to be rise in blood clots is there any relationship with anything going on right now with covid? >> dan there's a lot we don't know and we hear about sporadic case they're concerning because if a 25-year-old healthy person should not be having a stroke. that is causal if something happened immediately before until proven otherwise. so we've not really had much interest by the cdc to investigate what's happening and sort of piece things together. we do hear about blood clots after the second dose of the vaccine. and after the booster, we've heard about a number of complications we saw how they down played carditis and reduced on their week number of child deaths of covid by 25% they said it was a koatding ere error so vaccine complications has a lot of people concerned.
12:57 am
>> understandably so. you know, dock i've been dying to get your opinion on this study out of sweden now to be clear it was in vitro on huh7 fief that right but it showed that exposure to pfizer vaccine led to long-term production of spike protein. longer than they expected -- now, again that's not this positive i understand that. but it's kind of a concerning study doc the pfizer vaccine never designed for fight protein in your body but a temporary mechanism correct your take on that. >> you're describing exactly correctly although it wasn't in the lab these were human liver cells where they found an endiseem that lives in the bode coated the mr vaccine back and dna was found in cells now we don't know what aing fromment of dna means but it means nothing and what people very concerned
12:58 am
about rna and vaccine we didn't know the answer. the correct answer from the medical community should have been we don't know. not no it is not a problem. a little bit of humility would have gone a long way and i can tell you as a doctor when you're honest with patients they're more likely to do what they need to do and more forgiving when you get something wrong they've got so many they thinks wrong from surface transmission ignoring natural immunity trying to boost young healthy people and interval between doses. this is another thing of concern and we're going to get more research around to what's going on with this dna coming from the mrna vaccine. >> doc last question. there's a new variant out there that's making its way around certain countries on the globe a ba2 omicron variant your take on that, i heard it was maybe more contagious. but from the evidence we have early on, not more lethal thankfully from the early data. >> that's right early data is
12:59 am
suggesting that it's about up to 30% more contagious which means you get a lot more distinctal positives which means we have to get away from asymptomatic mask testing that we do it in the hospital that we can't sift out who is in the hospital for covid versus with covid. we are seeing an up tick in the u.k. and even parts of western europe i can guarantee we're going to see an increase in case numbers we keep testing like this in the united states. question is what's happening here. we think that the vaccination and people who don't have natural immiewnlty arive going away a little bit especially in older people and we also think this is just more ewe bike towings and common in population covid is part of the normal group of viruses that bumps up every viral season and we're seeing it right now and see a bump up and important for people not to get hysterical when they see an increase in cases. >> doctor thanks a lot for joining us for your expertise. before we go stream the dan bongino show on fox nation
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weekdays from 12 to 3 p.m. and don't forget to follow unfiltered on facebook and instagram at unfiltered on fox that does it for us tonight on unfiltered see you back here next saturday 9 p.m. don't forget to set your dvr if you can't make it live. ♪ ♪


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