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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 22, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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these are topical agents that'll get you the best result mean the greatest athlete in american history. the story that inspired goodfellas six million dollars just disappeared. the great american heist screaming now exclusively on fox station. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. is it this country's core institutions have not been degraded or diminished enough with pregnant flight suits and fbi to behave like nancy pelosi's pretorian guard as ifdd that was bad enough, joe biden announced in january his plan an extra preme court justice on the basis of appearance. the supreme courton. you never thought that would happen. sociology department may beyo your company perhaps, but supreme court reallyur. matters
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what does appearance have to do with ability or fealty to the constitution? joe biden never explained. he did indicate to be fair that he would prefer a lawyer for the job, maybe even a clever one . but mostly he said he wanted the black woman genetics being the single most important factor, what we used to calln. judicial temperament. how does that work exactly how the genes determine your ability as a supreme court justice or a surgeon or an airline pilot or anything elsee ? you would love to hear joe biden explain that , but he didn't insteadn he embarked on a predictably shortd nationwide search for such a candidate and located in the end the person called kentucky brown jackson. her confirmation hearings continue today for the second day. not surprisingly, given how she got this job, most the talk in washington was not about what she's done, how she thinksb she's like as a person, butut instead about how she looks such shallow or anything. here'sllow the shallowest of all senator cory booker of new jersey. >> i could not stop being just joyous that you were sitting in my office and i couldn't
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stop bringing up to youyo the historicalu nature of this . forgive me. i grew up in a small black church where i was taught to make a joyous noise under the lord. and this is not a normal dayay for america. we have never had this moment before. i grew up in a small needed another lecture about the black experience of a blue eyed yale graduate who in fact grew up in an all white town. the son of ibm executives. is there anyone on this planet phonier than cory booker democratic kentucky brown jackson doesn't seem quite so fraudulent. ud it would be impossible, but she does and this is the key. sure. a resume is strikingly similar to cory booker's daughter of academics graduate of harvard college and harvard law school on the board of the single focus today school in washington, dc, et cetera, et cetera. you know exactly how that story turns out because in the end when they tell you you're getting a black nominee, they're not talking about the son of a maid and a farm workerg from pin point georgia tech. we already have a supreme courts
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justice likee that . his name is clarence thomas. he's a great man. even if no one in washington will acknowledg now what they mean when they tell you you're getting a black supreme court justice t is that you're getting yet another democratic party robot with the same rigid, totally predictable views as your average professional class whiteed liberal. but who happens to be tannero than joe biden so identical identical to everyone else t in powero, just a different shade and the shade to be fair,t it does make all the differenceo . but the whole point of the exercise because of the way that she looks brown jackson, who again it's just a garden variety white liberal in what she believes. but because the way she looks, s this nominee will get nowhere near the vetting of a typicaled supreme court justicedi and that whatever your politics are is a shame as marcus of the washington post put it four years ago when democrats were basically accusingw republican nominee of , quote what a supreme court seat is on the line. the court and the country deserve the benefit of . e doubt, not the nominee rap all right. we're kind of on board
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with that actually . but that was yesterday. standard today. not surprisingly, that same newspaper jeff bezos is personal newspaper announced a new position post put it this way. the headline how low will the gop go antiquing on ketanji brown jackson pretty funny. it's low to ask questions of a supreme court nominee, butt we're not deterred. we n n believe in standards on s show. the supreme court, of course, won the most powerful s institutionsupl in the world. joe biden did not create the supreme court. e previousco generations did hundreds of years. we just don't own it. he merely inherited it for a short time. and sohe the rest of us have an interest in who sits on it and who interprets our constitution. joe biden sounding maybe a touch defensive has described ketanji brown jackson as one of this country's greates legalds minds. and we certainly want to believe that for for real, given this , he's probably going to be confirmed. what we think the question is, true ? is she really one of this country's great legal minds? one way to know when indicatione would be her lsat scores. the lsat is not a knowledge
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test. it measures logic and reasoning ability and no one doubts it's an accurate measure of those things which predict legalth skills. and that's why top law firms law schools have long used that test. so how did ketanji k brown jackson do in the lsat? sorry you'reet not allowed to ak because asking is racism. >> watch after judge jackson's name was announced, so is was announced... >> ketanji brown jackson tucker carlson on his fox news program ignores her nearly nine years on the federal bench and instead wondered about her scores on the lsat. do here substantive legal arguments about her actual decision making process coming from these people? all they've got is the racism they're going to gong about the lsat scores. i'm not going r to curse because it's sunday and i get fired. but can you talk about why what tucker carlson just said is so repugnant and you have
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implied you were solely nominated due to your race and not four other factors. apparently some have even claimed that you need to show your ellis' at schaus to t determine whether you are a topu legal mind. this is incredibly offensiveth and condescendingis. it's repugnant. it's incredibly offensive to the top legal minds. shut up. we don't have to show you proof. you're not allowed to ask for proof. hilarious. so you've got mazie hirono,ie the senate's dumbest member. we don't need ask for her test scores. we know what they are. she's infuriated. if anyone would suggest that judge jackson was nominated because ofe'sus her rs and after joe biden bragged repeatedly that judge jacksonep was nominated forea her race an is toora funny, they demand that you listen very carefully but they become apoplectic if you dare to repeat what they say, what's the message or shut up. you don't want to talk no more , insulin's sirf sorry not
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playing along thankfully in the hearings today a few senators did manage to ask relevant questions. here's shefaliativiv united stas versus hawkins. this was a child case where the defendant distributed multiple images of child, possessed dozens more including videos the federal sentencing guidelines recommended a sentence of ninety seven to 21 months in prison. 1 prosecutors recommended twenty four months in prison. judge jackson gave the defendant threeee monthsn in prison. well, that's pretty serious. why did you do that ? judge jackson? well, here was the response. the guidelinesstio based originy on a statutory scheme and on directives specific directives by congress at a time in which more serious child offenders were identified based on the volume, based
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on the number of photographs that they received in the mail n . ma totally total since before when we didn'tte have the internet, when we didn't have distribution. but the way that the guidelinene is now structured based on that set of circumstances is leading to extreme disparities in the system because it's so easy for people i to get volumes of this kind of material nowol by computers. >> now we'll just concede up>> front we are not world renowned legal minds or tront even techny lawyers on this show, but we're going to try to understand what the judge just said. so congress passed a law saying possessing a lot off kiddy is a very serious crime and then k anid invention. the internet comes along and makes it easier to collect a lot more kiddy. so according to noted legal mind, ketanji brown jackson, that somehow makes the act of possessing a lot of kiddy less
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bad. in other words, since the internet makes it simple, we're not going to punish as much. maybe we'resi misinterpreting what she said. that seems tohat be what she sas does it t make sense if not, it helps to understand. in the clip you just saw the judge brown was not articulating some legal principle related to the constitution that we could generalize across ourrinc code. she was instead constructing a carve out for a narrowf specific group of criminals, sex offenders. and it's not the first time. it's one of many such carveout she has argued for during her career in nineteen ninety six , for example, ketanji brown jackson argued in the harvard law99 review against sex offender registry laws. he was a reasoning quote if a community notification statute deprives the offender of his right to mobility orr bodily integrity and if ites makes him the target of widespread community reaction tosp being scorned that accordig to ketanji brown jacksonha that would be unconstitutional . why is it unconstitutional?
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she didn't explain. is that a sound legal argumente and why is judge jackson soac fixated on defending sexual predatorsksks? at was the fbi think of that . well, funny you asked about the fbi. this show has just obtained an email from the fbi's los angeles women in black affairsrk committee that some group within the fbi are seeking a a b screen right now.i this was sent out to every fbi in the fbi's l.a. field office on march 11th this month. itit is an invitation to quote a nomination party for ketanji brown jackson join us for quote, lots of celebra the invitation reads no the party was set for march twenty third. that's tomorrow in an fbi conference room. christie kunze johnson, the assistant director in charge of the l.a. field officeor is the featured speaker. this is a nominee. this is someone who doesn't't have the job, whose nomination is by definition a political question. the senateitio votes on it.
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that's in the constitution, by the way. and the fbi is weighing in with both feet on their choice, which is kentucky brian jackson. >> so we should tell you the next day the fbi's's diversity and inclusion office issued what it called an update quote the fbi must remain neutral in all political nominationns confirmation processes. accordingly, a party for anyndir manominee in fbi space would bea inappropriate. we apologize for any misunderstandingppiatete surroug the publicity for this misunderstanding. certainly not that we did. but you somehow misunderstood the publicity right? there was obviously we just read the invitation. the update included pub a new fr for the same party that removed any mention of brown jackson. not a misunderstanding. they just said out loud everyone already knows the fbi is a political force and it's decided they're on the side ofji ketanji brown jackson. so if you've got the white house and the congress in the fbi are trymaine power centers behind ketanji brown jackson, she'll probably get the jobare
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sorry, but we'd still like to see your lsat scoreik. vi travis is the founder of kicky joins us . thanks so much for coming on . soo why so touchy? i mean, the last guy who wasbe nominated before the court, they asked some forensic questions about his fo que habi, his drinking. i mean, why is it so radical to ask what your test for was to get into harvard law school? how is that out of bounds? well, if it's fair to ask people about what their highh school blurbs meant in their yearbook, seems like it's fair to examine many differenten backgrounds, particularly as they relate to your professional careertt. i mean, let's not understate how insanely absurd the brett kavanaugh hearings were, tucker . they were going linee by line through every word in the yearbook asking him like all these different anybody ever see the high school yearbook before they were ask you about't all - the inside jokes? t
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what is this ? what i mean, what is that like ? they i mean, he pulled out. it's unbelievable that he had a calendar as detailed as he did tracking everything that that he did over the course of t the summer and his life. but tucker , i don'tan seed how anyone can complain aboutan any question relating to ketanji around jackson based b on the standard that they put in place for brett kavanaugh. w and in particular, i want to go to the josh holley data that you that you cited there,it the opinion that he wased quizzing her on this is when she was a judge effectively i what she argued in response to senator holly is this tucker, child laws are too strict for child. they deserve the benefit of technology so that they don'ty have to go to prison as long as everyone was suggesting that they should have in nineteen eighty in the nineteen nineties. this is her reason for legal
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judgment. are there any people out there right now who aree parents that are thinking to themselves, you know what , now that it's way easier to disseminate childem on the internet, i think the people who have massive amounts of child should have more lenient treatment from sentencing from judges. ththis makes no sense. i'd also point out another parte of that discussion that i believe deserves a lot of attention. she gave a lenient sentence to an 18 year old in possession of child. she said he was close in age to the children that were picturedu in his childre collection. the children picture were eight years old . tucker , do you believe that an eighteen year old has very much in common with an eight year old in terms of their one being an adult, the other being in the third grade? these are not similar people. and so i think these are very real questions that go to her reasonableness to sit on the highest court in the land. and i think we deserve a robust
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questioning of her and the argument that this is somehow out of bounds is wildlysh outlandish given what we just saw in the g cabinet hearings four years ago. to greta thornburgh play it'sr: like we're going to bringyo someone on . you're not allowed to criticize. i have to say her views really c seem like those of every l affluent white liberal i've ever met. a black candidate,i' i'm serious. i think the country would get better representation from you know, she's just a carbon copy of everyone in thesh neighborhoode' i spent my life, >> t you know, anyway, this is what happens, tucker . they want cosmetic diversity. but everybody to have the exacte same opinions, no diversity of n thought, diversity of appearance. it's scary ifo you picked a rap star off the street, that person's views would more likely ber: t closer to the views of the average american than the views offd this woman. i would i would argue i've a got money on it. actually , i have been the one sixties, by the way, since people probably want to know about my lsat scores. there you go. i had trouble up in college. i know.
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i guess what wisdom never made it. great season. i thank you, clay. >> i appreciate it. thank you . so this went essentially without mention in the media and that's a shame because a few weeks ago a special counsel appointed by the legislature in wisconsin released an interimedis report on the election of 2020 in wisconsin and a specialpe counsel is called michael ableman. he was a justice on the supreme court for the state of wisconsin. he said he found and this report shows it in great detailt that partisan actors not government employees, people who are working for the owner of facebook had unprecedented control over the mechanics of the election in wisconsin is a shocking story.. we spoke to a woman for a brand new episode, tucker carlson today. here's part of what he said. >> so you get appointed to look into the election. what did you expect to find? i expected to find a heavy influenced? of zuckerberg money
11:17 pm
that came into wisconsin and affected our elections, five biggest our cities in the state, milwaukee, madison green bay, kenosha and racine. i expected that there would be influence, but i've been shocked at how deeply and this is their word embedded the private zuckerberg agentsck or employees came in actually administering the elections in those cities to i one degreeh or in some cities, in some cities they took over the elections,. a green bay as any example of mayor eric genrich rolled out the welcome mat and facilitated the takeover of a public election by private partisan interest groups who were set in motion by mark zuckerberg and guided by the political goals of david plouffe, one of the two toppo
11:18 pm
political advisers to barack obama who wroteli the book w citizen's guide to defeating donald trump and david wrote the new york times a few days after donald trump won the presidency november 11 , 2016, david plouffe wrote a letter to the new york timeser and he said the reason that hillary clinton lost is because she didn't spend enough time in states like wisconsin and she didn't do enough to turn out the african-american vote because the research shows us that african-americans tendo to vote about 86% democrat. now david plouffe was a manas on a mission and he wasn't about to let that mistake happen when it came to f fulfilling his dream oful beatig donald trump. and he then was the midwife for three hundred and thirty million dollars of marklion of mark zuckerberg's money, and zuckerberg money. and david plouffe took that money and he delivered toti this entity called ctc centerty for tech and civic life staffed with people who literallyit
11:19 pm
within a few weekshi of taking a hand in administering elections in wisconsin, taking over the public task, role ofic administering public elections. of this center for c tech and civic lifeiv, her two year obama fellowship and she didn't have far move to talk to her after she graduated from that program because the headquarterstu specifically those headquarters are right f in downtown chicago in the very office that was barack obama's m campaign officea'. and so wait a second. i thought that the zuckere effort, more than a quarter billion dollars was designed to safeguard our elections from covid. and that's why i call it a baiti and switch. so you probably thought the government ran elections. didn't imagine we would guess that mark zuckerberg, a billionaire would run our elections. that doesn't sound like democracy. n'. ounds like oligarchye, wur that's exactly what happened.
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it was an enormous amount of fraud. we haven't spentemoc likrc a loe on the twenty twenty election. but the more you dig into it,ut at least t in wisconsin, you'll be shocked. we were shocked. we were legitimately shocked. watch that conversation. ck michaeled gabler's on fox statin . well, joe biden has sent thousands of american troops tor poland which shareses a border with ukraine. where exactly are they doing win now? you may not have seen a lot on that. we have an exclusive report from the ground in also the new york times justun accused candace owens of being an agent of putin. did you get our ideas? well, from the new york times much maybe you remember like before minutes before the hot flashes and you can still get a comfortable night's sleep? i did too. i was tired of joe biden and i did not want hormone replacement, something naturally powerful. so yes, my doctor recommended
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cancer cal right now 855 one four two five nine six oh. so we've all been so mesmerized by the tragedies on our television screenshe unfoldingng within ukraine that we haven't spent enough time taking a closer look at what's happeningen right outside the borders of ukraine. and one t ofhe the things that's happened is the white housese sent thousands and thousands ofo american troops to the border of poland. now poland is a nato ally. of course it shares a frontier with ukraine. and several weeks ago, michael tracey, one of the last journalists in this country, had to go there to find outt exactly what's happening. so when he arrived, a u.s. soldier at one base told tracey it was quote a media blackout on all american military activity in poland.
11:26 pm
really? why can't we know is there are good reasons. th weey reached out to the pentago. they told us this quote we provided media coverage of troops assigned tod europe that said we are not embedding journalists where we didro in iraq and afghanistan. we are not providing extensive media access. in other words, buzz off, you have no right to know.o but michael tracey is there. soo we thought we should check in with him said he of coursepp writes on substance and we're happy to see him so i should just say don't even need tora respond. but to frame this , you've been coming on the show for at least five years to talk about russia. you kind of follow that storyy all the way to its logicallu conclusion. what do you seeing in poland that we're not hearing about here? we'll think about what the pentagon apparentlyyo just told you today. they're not even allowing hand-picked reporters, the reporters who would be disposed to have a favorableav impression of what the u.s. military is doingor in poland to come view what the government representatives you know, what the taxpayers representatives are doing in close proximity to a hot
11:27 pm
war zone and what they're doing ultimately is directly fueling a proxy war against russia. you know, on this very network a couple of days ago, ben sasse, who's this republican senator that we are told is some sort of moderate because i think he objected to the phrasing of some donaldhe trump tweets a couple of years ago. he was bragging that the us policy must be to facilitate the ability of ukrainians to kill russians, quote unquote kill russians. and that's the essence of a proxy war and that's what's what poland is enabling the facilitation of by way of the massive number of u.s. troops now that have been deployed to this country. and so if that's the nature of s the commitment that americans now have in this major war , you'd expect some measure perhaps of transparency allowed so we could understand as citizens what our government is doing.
11:28 pm
instead, there's a shroud of secrecy around these operation r . youe no know that journalists ae not allowed to take any kind of look at what the military is doing here. there wasat a congressionalthe delegation to poland over the. weekend by a bipartisan delegation of members of the house of representatives and i inquired with both republican and democrats on this trip, members of congress to just get basicha information about what they were doing an. itinerary and schedule something and what i was a told was that they couldn't provide those details to journalistst because of quote unquote security reasons. well, what are those security reasonsity? is america at war ? is poland that or apparently and yet, you know, there's such little insight that's allowed to be given as to what our government is doing here that secrecy alone should trouble everyone. i would think at least if you're disinclined to favor the escalation of this conflicti into some kind of hot war involving the u.s. ntat could potentially k k
11:29 pm
eventuate in world war three. and you know, before a couple of weeks ago, world war three was not something that most people were willing to entertain. >> m now it's just kind of floated out. there is something that could be inevitable. i think in a democracy you're>> allowed to know t what your government's doing in your name, whether you support it or not. and as you point out, we don't know. and i appreciate your reporting. michael tracy from poland. knlthank you . so candace owens is completely unafraid of anyone's . o she's oftenf accused of things. the new york times in its latest salvo is accusing her of working for vladimir putin. the reporter just wrote to candace owens quote quote we know you have advanced the idea of ukraine was you corrupt h country whichavt match comments we've seen from russian state media call ukraine corrupt is russian propaganda. so here's candace owens wrote in response i'm very confused by this e-mail. i learned about ukraine's corruption from the new york times. that's just rr one example. here is a piece of the new york times editorial board entitled ukraine's unyielding corruption
11:30 pm
response ever founded the charity brexit candace owens t joins us now to great how do they respond uganda? i mean, i also sent them even more links. i mean, that was just one link that i sent them. but there'sth 10 20 links betwen the washington post and the new york times over the last three or four years tellingthe t us about how unyielding the corruption is and really selling out to us howwn i corrut president zelenskyy is that they've magically change their mind. so i was confused., maybe russian disinformation means now for the new york times truth r given the hunter biden laptop scenario which they called russian disinformation and they now acknowledge is fully true . obviously he responded and saids thank you for sending these links and they completely move and asked me whether or not i accepted the official government narrativece regarding biolabsdi and whether they were just opened for research. ic i said this is completelyoe nonsensical. what does this have to do h with your initial question? and then i sent him another link and i said is that the official government government narrative regarding biolabs? isnt it for research?
11:31 pm
because you guys also toldra me another article that they werese funding these labs to shut down previous soviet labs and thenth he just said thank you for your time. no more questions. i don't think he's readinghi the new york times and doesn't r realize how many times they pivot the narrative. and here's the thing we know but nobody believeselieves this this russian puppet stuff. i mean, it's just ridiculous.ets a black b womanut in ther united states have never even been to russia. i mean, i can't i can'tbe think of a russian who top of my head i mean, it's so ridiculous. t i refuseo to give it any air. but they say these things when you arrive at a truth that they don't want them a t looking atn' that they don't want the public at large looking at they say, oh , look, youin over here, nevs mind. this person is a russian puppets exactly like they did with the hunter by a laptopt li until they were ready to l acknowledge the truth. so i really tried to reflect t on what it was that i was hitting at that was bothering them. and really it was me talking r about zelenskyy, you know, zelenskyy right now according to the mainstream narrative, the new mainstream narrative i should say is batman. right.tishould rothwell's just go. he he's an amazing hero and he's not corrupt. and i've been talking about their previous covering for him
11:32 pm
in the pandora papers talking about his ties to ukrainian billionaires that are that are the whole have a controlling interest in berrima. that might be a significant conversation for the press to that might be an have in a moment when we have biden's administration, afghanistan trying to get us more involved in this conflict in ukraine and they don't want that conversationad to be so instead they're going with a black female from the united states is somehow on putin's payroll, which is just totally ridiculous. oh , i know.n' feeling russian invasion.! so the biden family's patronsau in troublegh. . the u.s. military has to save him. but mentioning that i allowedno candace owens fearless as always, i appreciate it. t ssthank you . thank you both. so y what's happening in ukraine ? sad as it is, it's not at the top of americans concerns. top of their concerns iser inflation effects are getting poor, thankfully. bloomberg news has some tips to beat inflation. take the bus. take the bus. shut up. roll, take the bus.
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how's that going to work? in practice? we'll investigate that tip straight ahead. wohi, my name is hank norton. >> i'm a veteran of both the iraq and afghanistan wars and a managing partner with the napoli's called nrcc law firm. if you were a loved one , lived or worked at a military base and been diagnosed with liver disease, a compromised immune system, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, a thyroid disease or or kidney cancer, your illness may be the result of exposure to contaminated drinking water at a military base caused by pigface, a toxic chemical used for firefighting and fire suppression. these bases lawsuits are now being filed against the manufacturers this fall and my firm napoli's skutnik is taking the lead in this litigation. if you were a loved one , lived or worked at a military base and have been diagnosed with a serious disease caused fires, you may have a claim against the manufacturers who contaminated the base's
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.com now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford selectquote we shop you save outbreak of tornadoes across this country. they've hit everywhere from texas to the deeper south. we're getting amazing footage bill mugen is covering this for us tonight. hey, bill . hey,y, tucker . well, some truly wild images are coming out of the state of texas following severe storms fand tornado that hit the state yesterday, including some clips that quite frankly look like they're straight out of the movie twister. take a look at this video right here out of elgin, texasn yesterday showing a red truck driving down the road gettingk smacked by that tornado tossed around like a rag doll gets spun around and gets flippedet back upright. then the driver just casually starts driving back down the road all over again. that driver was 17 years old ,th by the way.e he justru cruises off as thatff tornado continues to destroy trees and power lines all along the road, a nearby storm chaser who witnessed that incident right there said he let the driver usehaser whont this o
11:39 pm
call his parents and he only had a small cut on his arm. he reported he told that storm chaser he didn't really see the tornado or think it wass as strong as it was before b he drove into it. butef that wasn'trove the only . video. there was one clip out of roundd rock, texas where shoppers at a wal-mart came face to face with another tornadowh coming right at them. take a look inside the inside, ! many of those people having to flee for cover inside ofs the store as debris flew all over the place. thankfully, though, only minor injuries reported from that incident. but tucker , overallnjur texas storms ended up leavingea one person dead. she was a 73 year old woman in grayson county and also left more than a dozen dozen others injured all across the state. we'll send a it back to you whie we don't do a lot of weather stories. but holy smokes. time to get back inside
11:40 pm
wal-mart. bill , great to see you. thank you .u. thanks. well, from our let them eat cake file tonight , peopleeo worried about inflation. michaelpl bloomberg's media empire has some advice for you proles. a few days ago bloomberg tweeted this quote from selling your car to forgoing chemotherapy for your dog. wewe have tips on how to beat inflation. so just letea your dog die and you'll save money over the weekend. bloomberg has someon more deepnd insights and we're quoting we're not making this up. inflation is m most if you earn less than three hundred thousand dollars a year. bloomberg here's how to deal . take the don't buy in bulk. try to lentils instead of meat. nobody said this would be fun. so what's going on here exactly? you telling us that? well, there are still geniuses in this country and some of t them ithe on us anonymously o on twitter. here's what one said quote you're watching a master level ponzi scheme. 2020 crash gets laundered through covert bailouts, covid bailouts laundered through inflation, inflationin laundered through war in ukraine. the war and its effects on the globe will be laundered u
11:41 pm
through climate change. the perps walkkef. ru is that true? jason rantes, radio host a in seattle. he joins hey jason , do youu think of this ? this is seattle. we know we just jason is speechless at no. now i know. i gett oh , there you are. okay, there i have my apologies . i guess i was i was thrown by the idea of becoming a bus riding vegetarian so i thoughtge i would focus a little bit on the gas prices since it'san been hurting soy many people. and obviously i'm going toha guess that thet bloomberg editors nor wouldld a judge actually take public transportation. bl soe grab that reusable npr tote bag to carry those organicot lentils if you're going to buy the whole foods. and let's actually take a tour of the public transportationseet system in seattle. and just to set expectations from the start, you will never find a clean bus stop or a light rail station because the homeless have just t completely taken over . they set up tents, they smoke it all. they shoot up heroin and they sell stolen goods.
11:42 pm
they pop up homeless. bizarrest sometimes p they frany they just pass out now once you actually get on the bus or light rail, you're going to find that pretty much the same problems exist and it comes with a contact high last year. so nearly a five 100% increase in complaints by bus drivers ino say homeless addicts are openly smoking fentanyl and just passing out on the bus. now i reported just a fewokyl da ago that a man believed to be homeless was found dead on a buss by a maintenance staffer after the driver had parked ater the metro base and ended his shift. so this man rode for hours, possibly slumped over dead for some or most of the right now the homeless are passed out on a bus or light rail all the time. so it's kind of easy to figure out why passengers maybe didn't say anything if they saw this guy. the whole situation, tucker , has declined since seattle politicians added fair enforcement to that list of things that they claim is actually racist. so since that point, the homelessss are taken over ,
11:43 pm
the situation has deteriorated>> . it's justt's also unbelievable. i'm against revolutions, by the way. but if you wantedm ag to foment a revolution, if you wanted to encourage one , you would get the billionaire to tell you in his personal news outlets just for go food, let your dog r die and ride the busidus with junkies that might get you to revutionary kept talking. wish they'd stop saying thank you . thanks, dr.. so we showed you a lot of tape from my interview with kid rock last night, but we could not resist one last clip from that interview on his farm in tennessee. >> the ones you who would sharet a drink with . we actually asked him that because he was sort of had enough no right here. as for kramer, arthritis a perception's reduces inflammation. thankfully he still thinks i'm too soon pain in the. but kareem, why are so many
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11:47 pm
11:48 pm
eight two to three one two three one . the results will speak for themselves and for the over the weekend issue a documentary on kid rock at his place on his farm. >> we showed you a lot of it last night. just clips that documentary isin coming out this summer. pretty goodgobeen but weod left out and this was o not intentional. we just did it by accident. maybe the key portion of the entire interview where we asked as journalists, what do you think of the ladies of
11:49 pm
the view? here's what he said."t jay w bahadur took a tumble that was passed on the set of the view the other day like there is a god 50% how you so i'm sure i'll tumble and then i'm sure i have. ed. but you know, i'm still going to enjoy it. of course, just like just like just like a proper granola crat. you know, the first and sheo says when she when they turn to character like who do i sue? god, have you ever met your brother? no. but you know, i don't hang out with have beards at all. they probably have a great conversation. you know, even if i tell them to go after himself or they said the other, i'd still sit down with him. butt i'm positive no matterm
11:50 pm
somebody's on this earth there's very few people i can sit down with and find more in common that we havee more notn in common really even bay'ah. he's very open minded man. season two, it's across the originals premieres in a few weeks. one of our episodes . well, he was less than a year ago. you may remember that the bush administration humiliated and weakened the united stateser by arming the taliban and getting out in the worst way possible from afghanistantit for twenty years. if the very same people who did that in both partieses areit agitating for a newh war with nuclear armed russia, in case you haven't seen any of here's some of what they're saying. >> the united states and nato, we need to stop telling the russians what we won't do. we need to be very clear that we are considering all options. people talk about a no fly zone. they can create>> their own if t give them the military equipment and weapons. there's a lot i think we can doo to help ukraine shoot down those russian aircraft h, bring
11:51 pm
down those missiles any more . t >> wehe ought to give them moree look,m this is a way to havehi a no flys zone in fact, to have these weapons systems ground air weapon systems, give them a fighting chance if there's a chemical t weapons attack by the russian military against the ukrainian people, we shoulde impose a no fly zone immediately. ho since you apologize for the last debacle that weakened country and killed americans, don't go on to the next thanks genius's, by the way,, whatever liz cheney is for and adam schiff is for obviously every elected republican is going to want toey jump on board and they have amazing sara murray has h not missed this phenomenon. he's out with a new piece on its called the return of the hawks.e it's out in compact magazine magazine launched today comeback mag .com. so ramahi is the publisher. he joins us this evening. all morning. thanks so much for coming on . so there was never even a pause to apologize for the last thinga they broke and now they want tot
11:52 pm
hurt our country even more . whyy is no one saying stop, stop ? yeah,ha tucker , i'm getting that weird 2003 deja vu feelingg . i remember and you. remember when the whole nation and the whole west was being goadedei into what turned out to beng o a reallyut stupid war that killd thousands of americans, hundreds of thousands ofnd iraqis. and ultimately the outcome wasst what utter waste exceptio this time the war that they're agitatingbu for is not against this little podunk vicious arab kleptocracy like saddam hussein's. it's against a nuclear armed eurasian civilization with oneen of the largest arsenals of strategic weapons on earthh o. so how is that how is that happening is very puzzling . very disturbing.hi and i think americans should have the sense that we'vee beene down this road before.en maybe we should press our elected leaders of both parties because it's really a unit
11:53 pm
party for war to take a different path. well, and if we're going to have a war with russia, which we have effectively already do, shouldn't we get new people toho run it? why would youe keep hiring the same? why would liz cheney have another shot at this like she has never done anything that has helped our country so why would shent be in charge ofh the next iteration? i don't understand in that yet. so absolutely right. liz cheney is the kind more visible face of it. but there are also peoplens who are inside governmentid who are less visible like current undersecretary of statef victoria nuland who is the subject of my piece, her careero is proof that there is such a thing as a pro-war yoona party . victoria nuland started her career in the clinton administration working under strobe talbott, then worked as an aide to vice president dick cheney in the iraq war years, then worked as ambassador to nato in the later bush years, then went into the state department under, obama where she was in part
11:54 pm
part of the benghazi debacle skipped the trump administration but now is back under under bidenen and she's totally anti-american. so let's not putut anti americas in chargee of america's foreign policy. that would be my request several more i congratulations on the launch of the magazine too. great to see you. thanks. hillary clinton still here.e. she's got big news to sharesh and of course wear will amplify it on her behalf buried in receipts, invoices and other paperwork that'sep preventing yu from doing what matters most to get the all new and rapid receipt smart organizer to scan, digitize and organize your documents and receivext receipts. go in the just goes. ce it's the only solution on the market specifically designed to extract tu and digitize key data trapped on receipts and invoices and integrates with financial software like twic books ills transform paper
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12:00 am
ever for the protection vaccines provide against serious illness. please get vaccinated. and ifll you haven't alreadyte i keep getting corona but really glad for the vaccine at this point. sayinghi you have cronon is like telling us you've got to untieg just yourself where denuke you know, grateful you watch it tomorrow night with the one who love and welcome to hannityov tonight we begin again with a fox news alert tonight . russian forces, they have been repelled from ukraine's capital city once again after an important suburb outside of kyiv was retaken by ukrainian soldiers during a counterattack . meanwhile, the besieged city we've been telling you about, mariupol continues to hold outl tonight despite horrific conditions on the ground. there are reports and president zelenskyy out there saying this entire city has been decimated. the rest of ukraine remainse in a virtual standstill and this