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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  March 24, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the top republican on the house foreign affairs committee, texas representative mike mccaul joins us. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts now. usually "the five" ends with a bear story now i'm ending with one to toss to you. >> jesse: it's a bear sandwich. >> we have healthy. thank you very much. bret. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: the democratic party should come with a warning label. danger, side effects could include irritation, bankruptcy, and possibly death. human beings need warning. this is the reason why we have a speed limit. america isn't the autobahn. it's the reason you throw out expired food. somebody slapped an expiration date on it for you. have you ever eaten tuna salad on a sunday you bought last
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monday? not good. democrats are adrenaline junkies, besides all the things they identify as, danger is their real identity. >> na na na na na, danger is my middle name. >> jesse: evel knievel didn't land every stunt and the same goes for the democrat party. like a dare devil suspended in the air at a really bad angle, you can hear the crowd gasp knowing this is going to hurt. the democrat stunt isn't s. over. gravity won. and danger is coming. and it's coming hard. and it's coming in november and probably beyond. there is an essay in the "new york times." democrats are making life too easy for republicans. well, they are doing that because they have made life so dangerous for the american people. the democrats have hurt this country because they don't like this country. you love it. and that's why they hate you.
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the left has left you behind. they don't know this country. the democrats don't represent this country. they once fancied themselves as the party of the working class. that was their brand. john f. kennedy put it this way. >> ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country? >> jesse: democrats don't do things for our country. they do things to it. they have made life here more dangerous and more expensive. the democrat brand is about as attractive as the wuhan lab. they don't speak for america. they speak for big cities and the d.c. anywhere else horn by black lives matter while you eat $20 avocado toast next to a homeless man, then keep voting
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democrat. we don't have to look too hard to see what cities look like when democrats are in charge i don't ride the subway anymore and i'm too white to jump back up on the platform. so long watters. democrats are running the country like they run the cities. corrupt pay offs crime and woke weirdness that makes everybody uncomfortable. incompetence is shrinking the party. key voting blocks like latinos are now turning their back on democrats. according to a new axios poll, latino voters are most concerned with inflation and crime. two issues the democrats are growing like a garden. democrats also keep our kids out of school way too long and then when they finally came back they left slapped them with masks and crt. americans will not vote for child abusers. democrats abandoned us and then
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they told us to shut up when we spoke up. we're not going to be treated like beggars in the dessert. now we are veering into war? and biden is back in europe? the president cares more about uniting nato than uniting america. joe jetted to have brussels so he can fight for your honor harder than he fights for us. we get it we want peace in ukraine but we would like some peace in our streets here at home, too. ukraine is interacting us. while joe tries to get his groove back overceases. how bad he has been in the u.s.a. biden is under water on nearly every major issue from economy, russia, border security, inflation. i haven't seen marks that bad since i was a high school sophomore. yeah. i was a little bit of a late bloomer. so, don't ask nancy pelosi she
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says joe biden is perfect. >> our country could not be more -- could not be better served than when this most experienced capable hands than your president biden. [applause] he is just perfect. >> jesse: nancy is like a girl who tells a fat slob looks like tom cruz so he buys her a drink. when nancy says he is perfect she wants something or she is on something we don't know. the american people need answers, nancy, you don't even understand the question. kitchen table issues don't concern nancy because she eats out every night. the democrat have abandoned the women of america which is easy because they don't even know what a woman is. >> can you provide a definition for the word woman? >> can i provide a definition had? no. >> yeah. >> i can't. >> you can't?
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>> not in this context, i'm not a biologist. >> jesse: that right there is why the democrat party is dying. democrats are stuck in gender neutral. nobody in the rest of the country goes for that garbage. twitter, idiots have placed and idiocy has spread like covid now. ready to destroy civilization 208 characters at a time. ladies and gentlemen, this is america's left wing party. and if we point out how stupid things are defunding the police, opening the border. masking 2-year-olds they run to the corners and defend this crap just because we called it out. this is called the fox news fallacy. a term coined by rye tech syria shows how reactionary the democrats have become, ready? if fox news criticizes the democrats for x, then there must
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be absolutely nothing to x. and the job of democrats is to assert that loudly and often. the problem is that an issue is not necessarily completely invalid, just because fox news mentions it. it's why they said crt isn't taught in school. and that inflation is actually a good thing. but hopefully, there is light at the end of this tunnel. the entire country is ready to move on from the rudderless democrat ship that's been spinning our country around in circles. new polling on the 2022 midterm elections show that the american people prefer republicans to a democrat on the generic ballot. so now is the time to step up. we cannot afford to continue down this america last, race obsessed anti-police path that the democrats are walking us down. we need to make our voices heard. do this. go online send this monologue to
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everybody you know. and that's a great start. kevin mccarthy is the house minority leader and he joins me now. i call you speaker because we know what's coming down, so speaker what has the democratic party done to itself and the american people. >> biggest thing they have done to the american people charging more money. watch gas higher. the real question for the american election is can we afford their policies that bring inflation and food costs more, everything costs more. can we afford their policy of defunding the police, making our streets not safe and our schools not safe? can we afford their policy when it comes to the border? now we have millions of people coming here illegally. we have people on the terrorist watch list coming into the country, but what is even worse, fentanyl is now the number one killer of people between the ages of 18 and 45. that's coming across our border
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from china. can we afford their foreign policy that makes the world weaker, their energy policy that makes us more dependent. we have got to make a that i think. that's why november can't come soon enough. >> jesse: that's your line, can we afoward it. is that what we are going to do? it's going to be about costs? >> it is about costs. i don't know if you have been to the store and i don't know if you have seen the latest studies. because joe biden is in power. because the democrats have one party rule of the house, the that the and the presidency, it's going to cost every american family 6,000 more dollars. you are going to wonder can you pay your rent. every time you go to the grocery store it costs more. i paid $6.59 a gallon for gasoline this week. it's going across this country and it's all based upon democratic policies. from day one when they went into offers. >> jesse: it's going to be a kitchen table election and that's probably smart. are you going to get into the culture war kind of play? >> we should.
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i mean, are you we going to allow men to compete against women? i mean, i think if someone is running for the supreme court do you know the difference between a man and woman? i think every person across america knows that answer. >> jesse: so, is pelosi going to be front and center? is joe biden going to be front and center? aoc? who is the villain of the election? >> we're not the villain, they're the leaders. joe biden and nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi's congress. this is joe biden's policy along with nancy pelosi. the number one vote you make when you become a member of congress is for speaker. that deck tates what the process moving forward. nancy pelosi has been running this their number one thick they started out with was overspending. we warned them about that would bring inflation. it wasn't just the republicans were warning them. democrats warned them. larry summers warned them. former freshry secretary if they
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do this inflation will come. they ignored all and moved forward. >> jesse: when you saw joe biden over there in brussels today, what did you think of his leadership? >> jesse: you know, i began to question it because this is a real challenge. i remember him telling me personally and the american public that he thought sanctions would deter putin from entering ukraine. i told him i did not believe that would work. i believe he had to do more to deter. now he tries to change the topic. he wants to blame everything else for his failed policy. be it the border, be it the gas price like denying us a pipeline that allowing putin and now he is saying the sanctions were there. because of those sanctions, he entered another country. and think about what he has warned us just the other day. he goes and tells the american public be prepared for russia to hack the companies. why would they even think to do that? why wouldn't he take the approach and tell putin don't touch one? because just last year he warned putin he said these are 16
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entities you can't go under. you can't go into by hacking? he left everything else open. i want somebody who is strong. somebody who knows where -- somebody who understands what makes america strong and stand up for that. >> jesse: do you think the president is in charge or do you think people are pulling strings? >> look, i talked to the president, i talked to him when he was sitting there about making these poor decisions about afghanistan and he told me those decisions he was making were his decisions that brought us 13 more gold star families we never needed to have. he told the american public he would not leave until every single american was out and then he pulled out two weeks later leaving americans behind. we have not seen anything like this in america since 1979 with the jimmy carter. and this is a real challenge. >> jesse: speaker pelosi said joe biden was perfect. [laughter] >> that is enough to understand why you want a change in this election. it only takes five seats.
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look, not only nancy pelosi running again, steny hoyer and clyburn. if you add up their age, no disrespect, they are the same age as this country. i think we need to focus differently and move forward. we need to look at i just took a number of members to mit taking by ai and quantum. how do we make america stronger but make us stronger to be able to compete against china? make america stronger where our energy costs are lower where we can manufacture here and don't have to worry about a supply chain and relying upon china. we should be relying upon american and american workers. you do that with a very first thing that you do, make america energy independent and make us dominant in it where we can help our allies at the same time. >> jesse: i don't think biden can spell mit i'm glad you are doing that leader mccarthy, thank you so much for joining "primetime." >> thank you. >> jesse: joe biden went to brussels, snapped at a reporter and threw kamala harris under
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the bus. stay right there. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: throughout history, america has been in a lot of tough situations. and in order for our country and freedom itself to survive, we needed strong leaders. >> no matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the american people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory. >> the future of civilization depends on what we do on what we do now and in the months ahead. >> shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear
4:20 pm
missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states. requiring a full retaliatory response upon the soviet union. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. [cheers] >> will not stand. this will not stand, this aggression against kuwait. >> whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done. [applause] >> jesse: that is not what we saw happen today in brussels. joe biden is there to meet with nato leaders and show strength as russia massacres innocent civilians and flattens whole cities. he did the opposite. when asked what he would do if putin used chemical weapons, he could barely deliver a straight answer. >> we would respond, we would respond if he uses it, the
4:21 pm
nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use. it would trigger a response in kind, whether or not -- you are asking whether nato would cross, we would make that decision at the time. >> jesse: what was that? he sounded like kamala harris up there. biden was quickly back to his old self-completely short circuiting when reporters threw more questions at him. >> thank you very, very much. [shouting questions] >> whoa, whoa,whoa, whoa, whoa. yeah, one final question, right. hey, hold on a second, please. i was supposed to be an hour ago at the european union meeting and to speak. i'm not thanking you. someone i haven't called on before. you. who are you? >> jesse: then he topped that performance by snapping at a reporter for asking why sanctions didn't stop russia
4:22 pm
from invading ukraine. >> let's get something straight. you remember if you covered me from the very beginning i did not say that, in fact, the sanctions would deter him. sanctions never deter. you keep talking about that. sanctions never deter. >> jesse: the sanctions never deter? somebody should have told the rest of the white house. >> the purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrent. >> the president believes that sanctions are intended to deter. >> sanctions are not an end to themselves. they serve a higher purpose. that purpose is to deter and prevent. they are meant to prevent and deter a large scale invasion of ukraine. >> the purpose of the sanctions in the first instance is to try to deter russia from going to war. >> jesse: this administration is a disaster. he is wandering around brussels with a big smile plastered on his face like is he at disney world. compare that with how trump
4:23 pm
worked the room at the nato summit in 2017. remember he pushed the president of montenegro out of the way so he could be up front and center on stage leading? everybody knew there he was in charge. not joe biden, he is not acting like a leader, he is acting like a senator and it is time for him to realize that he is president. >> my name is joe biden i'm a democratic candidate for the united states senate. [inaudible] >> the public doesn't want me to be the president senator, they want me to be the president and let senators be senators. >> yes, joey, the country wants you to be president. one that knows how to handle russia. right now your numbers are bad. more than half of americans say you completely botched the response to the ukraine invasion. the same way you did afghanistan, our economy and the border new the rest of the world knows it too, including putin. monica crowley, assistant
4:24 pm
secretary of treasury under trump and host of the monica crowley podcast. so, when you see reagan and you see truman and these big war time leaders speak powerfulfully and forcefully on the world stage like that and you hear mumbles go up there on a really big stage at a big moment talk like that. how does that make you feel as an american? >> you know, i have been blessed because i have worked with two american presidents. i worked with richard nixon during the last years of his life and mid career i worked for president trump at the treasury department. so i worked with two very controversial but very strong american presidents who frankly the only thing they needed to do was be. they just needed to stand there and communicate america's interest and what their agenda was and how they would execute and the rest of the world, our allies and our adversaries knew there was no confusion as to where the president stood, where the country stood.
4:25 pm
a weak american president, that is provocative. the good guys retreat and the wheels come off the world. >> jesse: i don't know what president biden's enaagenda is. i don't know whether he wants to repel the russians from ukraine. i don't know whether he wants to just keep nato united. i don't know if he just wants a proxy war to bleed russia dry. i don't know what the policy is. do you know what his policy is? >> i do not. and that's extremely worrying. because people are throwing around world war iii and we have got the american president up at the podium whining about his schedule today and being overwhelmed with the cough any y of reporters trying to getting questions. in he has not delineated what america's interests are here. what nato's interests are here. why we are even talking about this, why we are involved, why he was even in europe. there is no clarity of purpose. there is no clarity of
4:26 pm
communication coming from the president. our adversaries see this and that's why they are taking full advantage' of this moment. >> jesse: if you were president, president crowley and a reporter asked you if putin dropped chemical weapons in europe, what would the response be? what would you have said? >> the response would be that there would be severe consequences to that. and, frankly, if you are the american president, jesse, that's all you need to say. >> jesse: right. >> and then you stop talking and you allow your adversary to imagine what the american response would be. >> jesse: exactly. >> you never tell your enemy what you will do. you never tell them what you won't do. you keep him guessing. this president wears everything on his sleeve and when he does communicate, it's a bunch of word salad that makes no sense. the wheels have come off the world. america's interests are threatened. this is what you get when you get america last. >> jesse: monica crowley, thank you so much. >> always a pleasure, jesse. thanks. >> jesse: meanwhile this morning
4:27 pm
the ukraine military hit back against russian navy near the port. they destroyed a russian landing ship able to carry up to 20 tanks for 40 armored personnel carriers damaged and forced two similar ships out of the port entirely. a huge blow to the russian naval effort. the russians have total dominant over the sea has evolved, crack's are starting to show. ukrainian forces starting to take back towns in the north and now this are the tides turning against the russians? lieutenant colonel daniel davis defense priority senior fellow. so, what is the keel on the ground and the sea right now? >> well, what you see is the continuation that ukraine doesn't really care what the status is or what the balance of power is, they are fighting ferociously. and fearlessly. and in ways that really are very impressive for anybody to see. the conditions continue to be
4:28 pm
weighted towards the russians. especially in the far east fierce fighting of the entire war going on right now and where the whole thing could be decided. but that's why it's so important, i think, for what president biden is there to do that he make absolutely sure that the red line for the united states is at the border of nato not anywhere inside ukraine. the most catastrophic thing for our interest in emotional play or trying to look strong or something russia does something especially bad, that we then engage militarily against russia. because all bets are off as monica crowley just mentioned he could go nuclear. we simply can't have that. >> jesse: i agree with you 100 percent on. that was you can't go nuts over there. when you see these ships on fire in the sea, how significant of a blow to the russian navy was that and does biden need to send
4:29 pm
antiship missiles to ukraine? >> militarily, in terms of just the number of ships, it's probably not that big. it's one ship. it's important. but psychologically it's a huge blow. all the fighters when they see that, that's a massive blow and explosion and will encourage lots of other fighters to continue going on because when we got to understand it's really hard for the ukraine forces. as much as we talk about their bravery, they are under enormous on slot. these kinds of things are very helpful to them to keep their spirits up. >> jesse: i'm with you, colonel, end this war quickly without getting involved but end it fast. >> exactly. >> jesse: this is getting pretty nasty all over the world. thank you so much. >> always my pleasure. >> jesse: so we got some secret service leaks, hillary, biden, says he loves skinny dipping? >> and get hot i got hairy legs
4:30 pm
that turn -- that-that-that turn blond in the sun.
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>> jesse: nobody knows our presidents better than the people who are around them in private. every second of the day. those people are the secret service. they spend the most time with the first families and know what they're like when the cameras aren't around. so, what are some of the most powerful people in the world really like? investigative journalist ronald kessler spoke to dozens of secret service agents and secrets in the first book the first family detail. it turns out they don't like hillary clinton. apparently when crooked was first lady, agents considered her the worst assignment of all time. they all knew her number one rule don't talk to her, especially when she is on the move or she will snap.
4:36 pm
secret service described hillary as nasty, angry and vengeful. the book also exposed lyndon johnson, known by agents as being one of the most outrageous presidents in history. turns out lbj was a serial cheater. johnson was once caught having sex with a secretary by the first lady and flipped out at the agents for not warning him his wife was coming. and what about joe biden? let's go to the first family detail author and investigative journalist ronald kessler. all right, ronald, what was the juice on joe back in the day? >> well, joe, as you know, tries to cultivate an image as someone who is compassionate, he cares about the people. he is considerate. well, behind the scenes he is just the opposite. with the secret service he -- although he will chat with them unlike hillary, when he was vice
4:37 pm
president. he would on a regular basis go back to wilmington without any notice to agents. there would be no heads up, so they could never plan their lives. they could never have social activities. they never knew during the week when they would be in wilmington for several days. but, biden was even more inconsiderate with his female agents. he would skinny dip in front of female agents both at his home in wilmington and at his home in washington. the vice president's residence and he would offend female agents but, of course, there was nothing they could do about it. they signed up to take a bullet for the president but not to see joe biden naked. but none of this compares with i think one of the most shocking things you will ever hear is and of course the media has never picked it up he although they did pick up the skinny dipping
4:38 pm
story and that is when biden would go back to wilmington which often was several times a week, he would order that the military aid with the nuclear football remain at least a mile behind in his motorcade he wanted, again, to preserve this image as regular joe. he didn't want to have a big motorcade. so he would insist that the aide be a mile behind. you know, even in normal traffic there would never be time for the military aide to catch up with biden with the football if obama were taken out or unavailable there would be no way for biden to launch a counter strike and we would have been wiped out. this country would have been toast. that is how irresponsible biden was. and, yet, nobody wants to touch it you would think there would be hearings on the hill about this. you would think there would be headlines in newspapers about it. nothing. so, that's the real scoop. and beyond that, biden would,
4:39 pm
again, go back several times a week to wilmington all at taxpayer expense, sometimes he would go back and forth on the same day just to play golf with obama. and this cost over a million dollars in costs to the air force. >> jesse: i can't wait to read your next book after biden is out of office to hear from the secret service about this term. i feel like it's going to be a doozy. i do hope there is no skinny dipping stories because this is the me too era. that could be trouble. thank you very much, ron kessler, i am enjoying your book very much. >> thank you. >> jesse: new rules from the radical left, working out. if you work out it's for white supremacists. that's right. out here, you're more than just a landowner.
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>> jesse: for many of us exercise is a big part of our daily lives. it makes us feel good. keeps us healthy, some of you wake up, you go for a jog.
4:45 pm
maybe a little kick boxes, maybe lift. but what i'm about to tell you could change the way you view fitness forever. an article from msnbc says working out is actually racist. working out is tied to white supremacy. in fact, msnbc says, quote: physical fitness has always been central to the far right. in mind hitler fixated on boxing and jujitsu the intersection of extremism fitness leans into obsession with the male body, training, testosterone strength and competition. you know what that means. chris cuomo is not only sexist, according to msnbc, he is also a white supremacist. >> what did i tell you about [inaudible] >> civility, shoulders back.
4:46 pm
nice and tall. >> nice. >> jesse: msnbc article goes on to claim that online fitness chats have been used to lure young men into fascism, that's right. fitness chat room become a nazi. so careful, kids. you know what they are saying, nor did i track neo nazi and bench press for bigots. you get the picture this is hard to believe, isn't it? we thought so. so we decided to do our own "primetime" investigation. and we went under cover. and infiltrated a meeting of underground white nationalists and here's the tape. ♪ ♪
4:47 pm
♪ ♪ >> jesse: johnny joey jones is a fox news contributor, wow. i didn't know you weren't going to be in a suit but, yep, looking good, johnny joey jones, what do you make of this article? >> bro, i mean, dude, i mean bro. listen, i'm coming to you live from my fascist dungeon i would like to call it my home gym in the basement. what's funny, let me read to you things people enjoy physical fitness and also nazis they like solidarity. heroism and brotherhood. i don't know, i can think of a few people that are pretty good people. probably not fascists that think that way. we have an obsession with the male body. masculinity, testosterone strength and competition. i mean i guess everyone that plays football is a fascist. i mean, but to be a little bit -- i'm all worked up right
4:48 pm
now. i just finished my workout i got to wipe the sweat off. when it comes to physical fitness and keeping yourself healthy. i want to live long enough to see my daughter get married. that's because i want to get my body around. i walk around on moss set particular legs if i'm not top heavy i'm not going to get anywhere. how can i push a wheelchair without big arms. >> jesse: let me see the big arms. >> the jim is that way kind of over there. listen, in all seriousness, i work with an organization called merging vets and players. they get retired athletes who are kind of washed up and gone through emotional struggle and retired military service members who have also gone through personal struggle. we do a workout together and we sit down and talk about our problems. as brothers, sometimes our sisters are involved as well. it's not all men. and we talk about the fact that we used to be a part of a team that would put ourselves through extreme physical tests in order to achieve a shared goal. does that sound fascist to you?
4:49 pm
does that sound like it's a negative thing? we could say hey, fat is beautiful. we could say die at 34 from a heart attack it's no big deal. instead we continue to try to challenge ourselves. challenge our bodies. we'll can't all have hair like you, jesse. we have to find our esthetic ability somewhere else and for me it's in the gym. >> jesse: you are looking good in the gym. i'm never wearing a tank top around johnny joey jones that's for sure. thanks so much. we really appreciate it. now go do something in there. i'm not even going to say. i don't want to be accused of being a racist. thank you. [laughter] >> jesse: next, i asked the world's hardest questions when we return. ♪ ♪ without killing your lawn. this stuff works on dandelions, crabgrass, clover. this stuff works for up to three months. this stuff works guaranteed, or your money back.
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4:55 pm
expectations for our supreme court justices. common sense is a must. that's why it was so shocking that judge ketanji brown jackson couldn't answer this simple question. >> can you provide a definition for the word woman? >> i can't. >> you can't? >> not in this context. i'm not a biologist. >> jesse: though leftists have tried to change the definition of woman the last few years, but she couldn't even try? apparently this is a tough question for everybody as proved in the upcoming documentary "what is a woman." >> what is a woman? >> what is a woman. >> what is it? >> i don't know. >> i've been asking everybody this and almost nobody can
4:56 pm
answer this. >> congressman, thank you for being here. >> i think this interview is over. >> i wanted to know what is a woman. >> matt walsh, the star of that documentary and host of the "matt walsh show" joins me now. you never got an answer from the congressman, did you? >> i did not. a quick sneak peek, you say talk the experts, we managed to get in a room with all of the top experts on this subject. academics, activists, surgeons. we asked them very basic questions, what is a woman. but basic questions about what it means. gender ideology, although it has taken over society and become totally ubiquitous, it collapses under the slightest bit of
4:57 pm
pressure. it crumbles right in front of you. that's what we've discovered in this film. you >> jesse: what's the mostshockid when you asked a basic question? >> the shocking answer is a nonanswer. when you realize that this is what they talk about all the time, they've also convinced somehow society to take these ideas seriously and when you start asking questions about it and realize that there is nothing going on here, nothing underneath the surface. i can pick any example. "there's a difference between sex and gender." they can't answer. they can make the claim, the assertion. they can't explain it just like they can say trans women are women. what does that mean? what exactly is a woman.
4:58 pm
they can't answer that either. it all completely falls apart and all you have to do is have a slight bit of skepticism and this whole house of cards totally tumbles to the ground. >> jesse: the socratic method. i love it! in five seconds of that, what is the right answer? >> a woman is an adult human female. that is a woman. >> tucker: that's all that >> jesse: that's all the judge needed to say! we are anticipating the release. thank you so much, good stuff. >> thank you. >> jesse: time for some text messages. perhaps we should ask josh telling judge brown who gave birth to her children if it was her. why? why not her husband. i'm curious since i'm not a biologist. jonathan or lancaster, california, i'd understand if kn the room as i was walking out the door. rose, minnesota. i'm surprised kamala harris
4:59 pm
doesn't want everybody to bow when she enters the room. i am too. cindy from phoenix. we've been converting to the metric system since my parents were in school. do they really think we can wean off fossil fuel in one year? very good point. her last night's text about who would pay to rebuild ukraine? i don't know. but joe's brother will get the contract. dead on. brian from oakley, california. jesse, what do you eat for breakfast? well, i eat a number of things. this morning i had avocado toast and an apple. people are laughing. sometimes i have yogurt with nuts. sometimes i fry eggs. sometimes i just have toast. i mean. sometimes i... you know what? i'm embarrassing myself. i'm going to move on. sandy from wisconsin. why did the democrats have a war
5:00 pm
on women? that's a good point. luke, georgia. isn't march women's history month but judge jackson can't define a woman? it's just... history month. that's it. brian from virginia. jesse, i'd like to audition to be the new johnny. we have a johnny! tucker is next. see you soon. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. we are trying to find things to be happy about and if you look hard enough there are a lot of them. one of the best things about a supreme court confirmation hearing is that you get to see the u.s. senate in action and this is new. you know that the senate has 100 members, and you know that they are somehow important. they are in the constitution. they wear dark suits and


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