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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  March 27, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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thank you for loving and caring about women's basketball. trey: yes, ma'am. >> thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. i hope you have a great week ahead, good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." we have two great historians newt gingrich and victor davis hansen. we are digging deep in to the on going war in which russia invaded ukraine and
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the u.s. supreme court. that has a enormous impact on what is going on here. let me begin with ukraine. what are putin's intentions? we have individuals on radio and tv who wrote columns and great to know his intentions, i know. how do i know? he wrote about it. in july last summer. 7 months ago. among other things in 5,000 word essay, not probably been discussed with you in many newsrooms, because they are lazy. he makes it clear that this is about more than ukraine, to him ukraine does not exist, it has always been russian, they are not ukrainian people, they are russians, he talks about poland and hungary.
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she not so much stalin. he is more catherine of great. if you will. the piece that he wrote or someone wrote for him, on the kremlin site it goes back 1200 years, like hitler. what about america? does america have national security interests in ukraine in europe, nato? 85% of the american people surveyed a few days ago, said yes. ukraine matters to the united states 85% to 14. those who say we have no national security interest or interest in ukraine are in a small minority. how about zelenskyy? she all that bad guy he said
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to be with russian propaganda and surrogates repeating talking points, 76% of american people approve of zelenskyy. as most politicians in america. should we do more to help the ukrainians maybe get them mig fighters? 63% of american people say yes. a huge percentage of republicans can be found in all these figures. the outliers are not the people who say maybe we should do more to help ukrainian friends? we're not talking about stupid things like sending troops into ukraine or having our jets shoot down russian jets over ukraine in a no-fly zone. we're talking about things that can be done. the way that ronald reagan brought down the soviet union, and supported the
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northern align and others against the soviets in afghanistan. the way we took on soviets in angola. and on and on. these can be done and should be done. we are not the imperial power. we are not the colonialists, some of the american firsters found like american lasters, they seem to flame blame us and point to military blunders, i agree with them in many respects. they point to afghanistan, and afghanistan and libya to vietnam. let me tell you, that is nothing to do with what is going on today. nothing. who is the aggressor? it is vladimir putin, he is slaughtering innocence civilians, blowing up cities, one town on black sea is 90% leveled.
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wherever putin goes, that is what he does, he destroyed syria there. he destroyed chechnya area. he is a man who killed his way to the top. a man who assassinates to hold on to power, he is shuffling decks around him, his hand-picked generals,y removing and replacing his yes men, some are disappearing, what are trying to leave the country. that is what we're up against. we get stuff that united states should not escalate tensions. excuse me? how are weessca
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lating tensions? by supporting an ally? i don't think so. he keeps threatening to news -- use nuclear weapons, that is amazing, he is a war criminal. he is involved in horrific atrocities, he threatened to use nuclear weapons now and then, then people here, putin wing, say how dare you talk about potential of taking out putin, he is a war criminal, he threatens u.s. with nuclear weapons, and he should not be taken out? that is about as stupid as it gets. not saying we have to take him out. but we could encourage others, have you heard the
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head of his military has been missing for two weeks, nobody knows where he is? wonder if they already tried? we will see. i hope they succeed if they do. embrace what he wrote, it was on the kremlin web site, he tells you what he wants to. there is an effort to smear zelenskyy, the president of ukraine. any time something is done, they don't tell you putin locked up his main political opponent for another 9 years on trumped-up embezzlement charges, they don't tell you about that or the assassinations he has been involved in. he is trying to as is snait
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assassinate the president of ukraine. sending in headhunters. they are trying to smear him, there is a great piece in the cato institute commentary. how russia has been promoted . themed is not about rinos and the republican war mongers, and neocons. really? neocons. you know that is democrats,. jewish democrats who switched over to reagan
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because they supported his approach to soviet union, this is used potentially to create -- who is behind this. this. jewish intellectuals. nobody is accusing you of anti-semitism. as for the washington war machine, there is no washington war machine. the united states military is being depleted of resources, the men and women in military are not treated with respect as fighting men and women, they are taught critical race theory. there is a washington war machine. the opposite would be done. have there been blundering in our foreign policy? yes, but there is no collusion or conspiracy between federal contractors, neocons and washington war machine, the events in the past have nothing to do with
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that vladimir putin is doing today. the attacks on zelenskyy, the president of ukraine, i don't know. you can hear them echoed by syrian dictator assad. he calls him a zionist jew who supporting the nazis . he proclaims. they have zero principles, sounds like some people here in our country. the ugliest truth. not many people knows that leaders of nazi in ukraine. -- >> this past september. some of that is true by the way about nazism in ukraine.
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some is true about nazism in the united states and sent anti-semitism in the united states as you will recall. and hamas shooting missiles to israel and activities in new york which were horrific. number one victim of hate crimes in this country are jews, but in say fantastic country, we don't harbor nazis. nor does ukraine. that is not my point. my point is there are two types of opponents to supporting ukraine. one are typical passivists, who are just wrong.
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moranic. we have a lot to do here in the united states we can't pay attention to other country, we have our own border to secure, why would we worry about the border with ukraine? excuse me. we should worry 'about both. we had president donald trump who understood that. many of them condemned donald trump when he took out suleimani. said it was very provocative. why were we involved you see the wounded warriors program, tunnels to tower program, many of the people they are helping have head injuries and lost body parts as a result of what the iranian regime did with suleimani running the terrorist operations, they attacked trump when he attacked syrian and their airport.
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killing several hundred russians. when they were gassing their open people, donald trump is not one of these passivist, isolationist type thes. there is a doctrine after that sort, then a different one, there is a putin-type mouth piece operation. they are involved in the sort of things that is a assad is, trashing zelenskyy. also defending acute -- he needs space. and they come up with nonsense like you ukraine wanted to join nato, so therefore putin wanted to put an end to it, ukraine just said it would not join nato, and the cities of still obliterated. that said, the ukrainians are fighting like heroes, to
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fight the russian, russian military machine is vile in the way it attacks. my view, the ukrainians deserve all of the support they can get, if we can contain this war to that part of the world that would be a good thing, so it does not bleed to nato countries and to taiwan. this is a separate and wholly grave issue that needs to be fully addressed. we'll discuss this and the supreme court of united states when i come back. we'll be right back. with directv stream, i can get live tv and on demand together. watch: serena williams... wonder woman... serena... wonder woman... serena... wonder woman.
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when are open to looking at reality, he gave a long speech to russian people before he invaded. he has a lifetime of saying same things, said greatest disaster of 20th century was the collapse of soviet union. he is committed to reestablishing the russian tradition, ukraine is a key part of russia. i think he has been shocked because the ukrainians slowed down, and someplace defeated the russian army. i think he thought they would collapse, it not clear he could ever occupy all of ukraine. and yet, i think he can't figure out an exit strategy, he is out on a limb. i think that the job, this is the crisis of western democracy. if we don't have the guts to
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stand up to this guy, he is a war criminal. he was a war criminal in chechnya, in syria. and he is a war criminal in ukraine. he was a war criminal at least international criminal when he killed russian dissident in great britain using poisons that could only be made of russia. he approach is one out of any reasonable rule of law. the question is does the biden administration and our allies have the guts to stand up and ensure that ukrainians win, if they get the equipment, they would probably beat the russians that would pose for putin's crisis of whether or not his regime could survivor if they are defeated and enough body bags that go back to russia. mark: i think a mistake is made when people analyze this in a vacuum. what takes place in russia
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and ukraine, affects eastern europe and nato. it is going to affect china and taiwan. it is affecting iran and israel. and other places. people in these regimes are watching carefully. some are participating. trying to see if the united states is will doing -- willing to stand up for its allies in a rational way. when you raise these issues, you are accused of being a war monger or part of the rino establishment regime. what do you make of that? >> look, i think liberals -- liberals saw the "lion king" and thought it was documentary. they see the lions and
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zebras thinking they always sing together. you explain to them, the countries where leaders are terroristic, they can't believe that is true. they keep saying to us, don't understand there has to be a better way. well. i tell you, without the weight and might of the united states and great britain, hitler would have won, that world would have been horrible. we're back in the same business, you have two dictatorial countries that are big, russia is weak except for nuclear weapons, but china is strong in many ways, if they decide western democracies are gutless in the end we have words without weapons, not willing to stand for our values,
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this world will get to be so much more dangerous almost overnight, people would look back and think this is the time our civilization crumbles. mark: seems majority of americans agree, 85 to 14%, 85% believe that ukraine matters in the u.s. american people are not stupid. they know a genocidal monster when they see one. they know the threat of that axis that developed and it has potential to bleed into other countries. they want this contained and addressed as best as possible. without doing stupid things, blundering into a war by sending troops and so on.
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the american people agree with your strategy. is that correct? >> i think that american people are largely in touch with reality. let's start with that, they believe that you have to stop predators, you have to stop people who would attack you. and it is a gut deep instinct about nature of life, you have to go to a place like harvard, yale or princeton to learn of in weirdness to -- fantasize you can deal with evil by placating it and having nice conversations, normal people who are not subjected that kind of brain washing understand that is crazy. mark: guys like biden who use vladimir putin as our negotiator with iran who' intercontinental ballistic
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missile with nuclear tips that could blow out a u.s. city, seems to be an issue of sanity. we'll discuss that and the supreme court when we come back.
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>> this is a fox news alert, i am jon scott in new york, white house doing damage
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control, as president biden left church this morning, reporters asked what he implied during a speech in poland, the aides say that president biden was pointing out that mr. putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over the region, not the power in russia or suggesting regime change. >> in ukraine. president zelenskyy accuses united states of bee coward es. >> i'm jon scott, back to "life, liberty and levin." >> welcome back, newt gingrich. first what do you make of biden having putin negotiate for us, with our other enemy
5:30 pm
the iranians. >> this is an extension of the obama plan to try to have iran plant off israel, it is an anti-israel move, left is desperate about it, it is crazy. it makes no sense. this is the leading nation of terrorism in the world. they openly state when they want to do, that is eliminate israel and then drive drive us out of the middle east. they are, it say fact. -- it is a fact, they would prop up putin have to putin's help with iran, that is insan tune. insanity. mark: i don't think that american left, i don't think that putin, or republicanism, i think one thing putin fears is what xi
5:31 pm
fears in china, should is representative government and democracy. in addition to being imperialists, and so on, they hate individual liberty and freedom. >> now the u.s. supreme court, we have a nominee, who was chosen among a group of people for other reasons she is african-american and a woman, we have a limited list to choose from. he chose the most radical one among them, and she is asked to define one of those qualifications, what say woman, she refused to -- to do it. >> she laid it out clear, she didn't define what a
5:32 pm
woman is, i'll show who you is so radical, they, not part of any reasonable mainstream, you put a person like that on the court,. i think she seems to have a pleasant personality, but she has nutty ideas. i'm old fashion, that i think that there are men and there are women, i don't think we have birthing persons, we have mothers, i don't think that guys pretend to be swimming matches and then they are heroes. i think that we should be blunt about this. this is a fight we need. she should be disqualified unless she come back and explain what a woman circumstance and whether or not words like he and she are acceptable pronouns.
5:33 pm
that i want to change us. get us to memorize 72 pronounce. >> it is antiscience i might add. i would say this, she is promoted critical race theory in many instances. she plays rope-a-dope like she does not know what critical race theory is. and newt gingrich, ask you this, is this a winning argument for the democrat party. not a single democrat in senate has spoken up again her biden of all people who could have chosen, chose her, that parental
5:34 pm
grassroots movement where people want to control their schools, they will come to supreme court, she will vote so what is the definition of a woman. >> right. the challenge i have, elite media, and many of largest corporations have so sold out on this whole tran sexual issue, it is up hill, it say much harder argument than right to life. for some reason, the left has totally rallied at the fanatic intensity around this question. you know biden twice said to transsexuals, i have your back, he didn't say that to people who happen to be heterosexual or christian or jewish or muslim or to latinos, to particular narrow group, the left is fixated on this. as the ultimate symbol of what they really believe in you talk about maybe 5 or 10% of the nation, is
5:35 pm
an issue that one more thing, recent polling numbers latinos becoming republican, african-american are beginning to break, supervisor of school buyer of the recalled in san francisco. over 70% vote lead by asian-americans, you see americans wake up to culture war, this is first nominee who represents the radicalism of the modern culture war, for that the reason, she should not be confirmed. >> absolutely. anybody who votes for her is voting for a radical political activist to the supreme court, i tire of conservatives who say we should not firefight this one -- we should not fight this one, you stand and you fight, this is a lifetime appointment. newt gingrich. i want to thank you for what you have done throughout your life. thank you my, friend, god
5:36 pm
bless you. >> thank you. mark: we'll be right back.
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by talking to your doctor about twice-daily xiidra. like i did. i prefer you didn't. xiidra. not today, dry eye. mark: welcome back. one of great minds in america. victor davis hanson. hoover institution senior fellow, author of a recent book, the dying citizen. i want to ask you about what you see going on in the world. you see russia has invaded ukraine. you have an ancient historical knowledge. what is putin going to do. if we ramp up our support
5:41 pm
ukrainians, would russia keep bombing stays. bomb city. >> i think he has a second strategy, if you can't take the country, he will take maybe from kyiv and line from black sea to belarus and everything to the east. that means he will create his own desolate border lands. in his mind, he has to justify to the russian people, why 15 to 20 thousand of their young people have been killed. i think he will say i destroyed ukraine for 30 years, they will have no military, no ability to have a nation, this will send a signal. that is a strategy. not to take over the country, he does not have the ability to defeat ukrainian forces, occupy the country, put a puppet government in. he can't do that, he will destroy it. that is where we are.
5:42 pm
mark: in ukraine he probably created a number of communities, maybe millions of people now, who hate him. who want revenge. who will fight back for the territories. russia will have to contend with that in the future, no? >> absolutely, we were remiss in october when he massed troops in the border we could have been flooding ukraine with stingers, and javelins, we didn't do that. now. if he goes to kyiv it will look like leningrad in 1941 to 44 or something like that or russian siege of berlin. it will be messy, he will not like it they will
5:43 pm
fighting. we are in a quandry, we want ukraine to survive, we suggest if they negotiate, putin will see they are negotiating from a position of weakness. the only way that they will survive, if they choose negotiations is to have some type of leverage at the negotiating that means defeating and killing russians, which means more devastation for everyone. mark: russia has a fairly small economy. it has very powerful nuclear weapons, you have to wonder how long they can keep up with this,. the next question, is communist china and xi, openly an ally of russia. he looks at this, he looks at taiwan. what do you think he is thinking? >> i think he is troubled. i think when the invasion started high green lighted
5:44 pm
it -- he green lighted it, thought we'll cover you into commercial or financial opportunities, even if you are sanctioned by the west because you will take over ukraine quickly, we need your minerals and natural resources. you are desperate so you will sell it to us as a discount and we'll charge you a lot to keep up your -- commercial and global role. that is what he was thinking . now i think he thinks, wow. what if the taiwan fought like the ukrainians, what is world sanctions were applied to us, i think he has his finger in the wind, telling putin, we're with you, if
5:45 pm
you win, but if you don't, don't count on us. it is important that putin loses. he pays a price for it, that will tell the chinese, you really don't deposit go down that route, but should he destroy all of eastern ukraine and announce there is a victory, they are all left, then i am worried that china could say we could create a desert in taiwan and call it victory. mark: shouldn't we be arming up the taiwanese now? >> you are right. where taiwan is now to where ukraine was in october. we don't have to announce it. we should be sending, javelins and stingers and sams in the hands of the taiwanese, that can start training a nation in resistance to tell the
5:46 pm
chinese, you may be able to come in here you will pay a terrible price. in the streets of taiwan. i think that would be something that would scare the chinese. >> in december, ukrainian asked biden for these harpoon missiles, they knew they would be attacked from the black sea. he wouldn't give it them to them. >> that was very -- you know that was not really widely reported. at the time. that did a lot of damage. if they had those missiles the russians would not be getting close from the black sea. that is most vulnerable type of sea craft when you have hundreds on it. that is very dangerous. i'm worried about ripples that are coming out of this ukrainian mess.
5:47 pm
iran, i think we have overlooked that. the idea we're using putin, like john kerry did that in 2015, invited putin to the middle east. if you think what is going on in iran, this is mind boggling, creating a scenario where russia controls airspace of syria and they will be now maybe, wink and nod telling israel, this country is going to get a bomb, we're doing the negotiations, they may be under our nuclear umbrella, if you have any idea of pretempting, be careful, we may retaliate in kind to you, and if hezbollah sends missiles from syria we're not going to discourage them. i admire zelenskyy, but he said that israelis did not only vote against the
5:48 pm
russia, but sanctions them, i thought, yeah, they should. but if they do, we created say mess now that putin could unleash hezbollah missiles to israel. and maybe they will protect iran under their their nuclear umbrella. that would ensure a disaster for israel. that all gets back to the moment of weakness that convinced putin to go to ukraine. mark: all right, we'll be right back. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the entrance they make, the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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mark: welcome back victor davis hanson. u.s. supreme court, my contention this nominee is most radical in modern history, given her answers and lack of answers. >> i agree, reminds me of 2009 confirmation hearing of sotomayor, same thing, she was very radical. yet, she was passed off as a moderate or sensible or uniter. anybody who pressed her was attacked as incentive to
5:53 pm
filmnist or latino issue -- feminist or latino issues. the left, we set the rules don't dare ask ask a woman of color -- it is frustrating to watch. >> she won't define women, she knows she will be voting on the court, should she get there on the issue of transgenderism. yet, joe biden chose her in part because she say woman. how perverse is that? she won't define what a woman circumstance yet she is a historic figure because she is an african-american woman. first to be nominated. then pretends she does not know anything about critical race theory. which everyone heard by now, she talked about it and promoted it. then they are right the republicans who point out how weak she is with the
5:54 pm
child porn perverts who are watching their computers and the sentences she handed out. >> and she deferred to biologist has to give her a give nation, if i ask you, difference between sun and moon, you say i can't tell until i talk with an astronomer. she knows difference, but her definition would probably disqualify her in the eyes of the majority of american people, they get a hard radical, but they have a shields of a race or gender armor, you don't dare ask the tough questions, and you shame moderate republicans to being sexist or racist, then you get person on court, they reveal their true ideological bend. mark: this is the fundamental principles they believe in. the radical kook.
5:55 pm
>> thank you victor davis hanson. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back. (fisher investments) it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same, but at fisher investments we're clearly different. (other money manager) different how? you sell high commission investment products, right? (fisher investments) nope. fisher avoids them. (other money manager) well, you must earn commissions on trades. (fisher investments) never at fisher investments. (other money manager) ok, then you probably sneak in some hidden and layered fees. (fisher investments) no. we structure our fees so we do better when clients do better. that might be why most of our clients come from other money managers. at fisher investments, we're clearly different. hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this. your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep
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mark: you know. it is interesting during 4 years of donald trump, the. otherwise here is the home, things were going pretty darn well, the economy was strong even during the pandemic vaccines were being developed. and border secures, military was build up. but the left was rioting and president tries to confront
6:00 pm
that too. keep this in mind when it testimonies -- to the next election, do you want to have some normal see back, throw these people >> breaking tonight as biden astonishing regime change gap in poland. >> for god sake this man cannot remain in power. >> you might think the same thing for god sake is just the president he didn't mean it and tonight he clarified that. >> . >> we do calling for regime change? >> no. steve: he only said


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