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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  March 31, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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biologist and i don't feel qualified to say madam speaker. >> laura: i'm not a comedian i feel qualified to say that's funny. final day of the month to buy freedom marts mere proceeds going to america first. next month a different charity. check this out freedom matters hoodie you love it you know you do. go to laura gutfeld next >> this is a fox news alert, i'm griff jenkins live in la arrive. the defunct ca money al power planned under ukrainian control. ukrainian state power company says the pullout came after russian soldiers received quote significant doses of radiation. they it reportedly happened as they dug trenches within the plant's exclusion zone. the fighting continues elsewhere. perhaps most intensely in march
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yaple, ukrainians near a production plant the last hope near the city. meantime they blocked 45 buses from evacuating civilians from that city. and near the capitol of kyiv, ukrainian forces claim they destroyed a convey of russian tanks. earlier this week russia voweled to scale back operations in areas around kyiv in the northern city but the russian shelling continues especially in irpin the key suburb liberated just a few days ago. >> we knew they were being pushed out but when our army came and i fully understood we have been liberated. it was happiness beyond imagination. i pray for all this to end and for them never to come back. if they were to come back, it would be terrible, simply terrible. >> volodymyr zelenskyy the president of ukraine voicing skepticism over russian withdraw. he says it's just a military tactic allowing for a troop
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buildup ahead of new powerful attacks in the southeast. russian and ukrainian negotiators are set to resume peace talks hours from now but expectations for a quick resolution to this war are low. i'm griff jenkins live in lviv. stay tuned to fox news for more information. now back to gutfeld. >> greg: it is. well, hello to you, my favorite friends. it's a delightful thursday night and we have some delightful guests along here with me. like dagen mcdowell, and she looks great. but i guess moonshine every day for breakfast will do that to you. and we've got jim norton here, now that they closed the high school across the street, he's allowed back at fox. but he still has to stay 60 feet away from and i did. so the academy finally released a statement announcing disciplinary proceedings against will smith after king richard acted like a major [bleep]. i hope it's not a slap on the
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wrist. do you see what i did there? this is comedy gold. they claim he violated their standards of conduct including inappropriate physical conduct. contact. because that's only allowed in hotel rooms involving producers and terrified women. or as they call it in hollywood, appropriate conduct. they also claim smith compromised the integrity of the academy which is cute. that's like claiming chris cuomo compromised the integrity of cnn or jeffrey calmer comp mired the integrity of the keto diet. what integrity do they have after embracing the most disgusting humans on for decades. weinstein. will's a choir boy by comparison and claim smith was asked to leave after the incident but he refused but tmz says no, with the academy saying he could stay which sounds to me more true. because how do you expel the prom king? don't ask me i spent the prom
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crying in the bath. but the oscars are a super rich high school approaching its expiration date and will smith was the big man on campus and you can't kick ma whommed a lee out of a party especially for hitting someone. the academy calls this slap shocking and traumatic which seems to be the words of the week for people who haven't seen any footage of ukraine. never mind poor chris rock. that's the worst hit he's taken since reviews for grown up two. i didn't see it. but does this look traumatized? >> did i miss anything? there's like, there's like a different vibe in here. but probably not. well, anyway >> greg: now they say they're traumatized and cohost wanda sykes traumatized as well. >> i just felt so awful for my
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friend, you know, chris, and it was sickening. it was absolutely -- i physically felt ill. and i'm still a little traumatized by it. >> me, too. me, too. >> greg: how lucky a life do you lead when you suffer from ptsd from witnessing a slap at the oscars. please it's just celebrities who did nothing at the time making it about themselves. what a shock. even the three strong independent women hosting the show, why didn't any of them run to rock's aid. the three could have merged into a host transformer and kicked the fresh prince in the ass. not like they can't work as a group. en we're going to have a great night tonight and for you people in florida, we're going to have a gay night. gay, gay, gay. gay, gay, gay. gay, gay, gay. gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. gay. >> greg: oh, talk about traumatized. everyone at home was scarred by
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that. so we're even. the academy also apologized to rock thanking for him for his resilience, they promised next year he can wear head gear and a mouth piece but then apologized for the nominees and guests for what transpired. fine. but do you remember how the room greeted smith moments after he won for best actor? [cheers and applause] >> greg: that's the kind of heroes welcome reserved for a hero or me entering the steam room at planet fitness. do you think these people really deserve an apology, one thing jim carrie said in his entire life that i agree with. >> i was sickened. i was sickened by the standing ovation. i felt hollywood is just spineless en masse and it just really felt like, oh, this is a really clear indication that we're not the cool club anymore >> greg: maybe so.
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he's come a long way since this. ♪♪ >> greg: what a joker. he clearly wasn't vacation nated for hypocrisy. of course later will was seen dancing as an oscar party clufrng his award like a joke he made about his wife. i have to say it didn't seem he or anyone around him weren't too traumatized. maybe because they weren't. video shows jada pinkett smith laugh even after rock was slapped. even the kid was talking on social media. wasn't until the next day when they woke up and saw the real reaction. who's laughing now. the fact is the oscars needed a good slap in the face as they bend over backwards to please the woke they forgot how broke the industry is. the ceremony is worse than the movies who think the average ticket buyer is excuse me and
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the people in the auditorium get smaller and smaller. next year they should all be sitting in booster seats. they act more frightened like frightened high schoolers dependent on sitting in and standing out so desperate to be friends with the bullies so they embrace it the sanctimonious moralizing so they can maintain rely fens in an industry that cancels through renegade. at the oscars the diversity identity trumps diversity of thought. no wonder they hate joe rogen. if anything smith gave us something to talk about even if we're talking about is how screwed up he and hollywood is. the joke wasn't about his wife's head, it's about what's inside of everyone's there. >> let's welcome tonight's guests. if you slap him, he'll just ask for another. comedian and cohost of the jim norton and sam roberts show on sirius xm jim norton. >> no surprise, she's a vegan because she takes no bull.
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fox business anchor dagen mcdowell. and she takes her insults with a grain of salt and tequila. fox news trip for kat timpf. and when they say he's got the whole world in his hands. it is a true, my massive side kick and the nwa world television champion tyrus. oh, boy, did i spit on my tie. jim, i've been looking forward to talking to you about -- have you heard about this story yet? >> jim: greg, it's not that i'm scared to talk about it but i always tivo the oscars so i haven't seen it yet. no spoilers >> greg: i don't want to ruin it for you but there was some controversy and i assume as a comedian you support the hilarious will smith. >> i really do, and chris can put me in a movie will ten. first i want to apologize to everyone here for the fact i'm wearing ankle socks. it's humiliating and i have disgraced myself on the toon.
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i apologize. >> tyrus: you're good. >> jim: you wearing them too? you're wearing sneakers at least i'm wearing shoes and these and my ankles look really feminine >> greg: no wonder i'm attracted. i'm hearing a lot about comedy clubs they're worried about security. do you think that's overblown? >> jim: they're not worried, the only person who ever slapped me is the owner after ticket counts. it hasn't opened a pandora's box. it was disgusting and the reason they stood up and clapped is because these dopes see everything like it's a movie. like they saw drama and then he goes up and he cries and they saw redemption and then they gave him a round of a plows and act of forgiveness so then the whole thing was like a movie and they're a bunch of far sa cysts who didn't want their party spoiled. >> what you said in the beginning i want to be in the movie. that plays the role. will smith, he's the prom king a lot of people want to work with him so they let it slide.
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>> jim: i love chris and am friends with chris and i thought it was disgusting. however if i was alone with will right now i would be team will and be like oh my god how could you stand there -- i'm a prostitute like everybody else in the businessman man exactly it's all about selling yourself day began and everybody there, everybody there, they got dirty hands, you know what i'm saying? try not to get dirty hands. >> dagen: i do because i'm not a prostitute in that business but i hate celebrities, i hate all of them greg except you because you drink great wine and you share >> greg: i know and i like the fact that you consider me a celebrity. that's hilarious. you're the only person. >> dagen: not true i have a seen people genuflect in your presence >> greg: because i go to mass. >> tyrus: a sick 0 would say >> greg: a sick 0 would say, thank you. >> dagen: i want more chris rock at the oscars. these pampered, needy super
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sillius use the world moral iced and ass crack people would watch it if you took them down a notch. ask nicole -- i want full done rickles joan rivers god bless them, god speed. but ask nicole kidman what keith urban looks like without his wig on. or like ask jessica chastain, like, you know, the gucci gown, you look kind of puffy. are you pregnant. >> i thought she was pregnant. >> dagen: maybe she is. maybe she isn't. maybe she just has pms. her doesn't fit right. but will smith with a movie, his emotions were all over the place, goes from being just enraged to like weeping. menopause. new genics, total tea. he needs to up his testosterone. >> greg: i never tried that stuff. i probably could get a discount working at fox right? maybe i should ask like for a
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review box. tyrus, what do you think? why don't you and i go on like a little tea. >> tyrus: my t levels are great. half half. >> tyrus: i'm good. last thing i want to do is wake the gorilla up. >> greg: i have no idea what you mean. have your thoughts -- because we've taken a bite out of this apple, what, three times. >> tyrus: more times than we needed >> greg: exactly. so any new interspec shuns or thought. >> tyrus: just that article you sent me and i was like dam why does he have to be so right. we want to be at the head of the table. we want to sit at the table. brothers, sisters, we want that recognition. they have changed the oscars to suit us in every way. they got rid of the orchestra brought if a d.j. they made extra jobs for more hosts. and we're at the head of the table and we ruin the dam party. it's like, we had the dinner, we
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didn't tip the waiter. we were rude to the high tech girl, we didn't tip the valet we ruined the experience for everybody and we're going to blame it on some old white guy. like we always ruin our own [bleep] and it's frustrating and drives me crazy because there's no one to blame but us. anyone had has any issues with black actors or rappers, will smith was the crowned jewel of how to do it right in the black community. he was the guy who did company rap et cetera, he gets up there and pitch slaps a fellow brother just trying to work. chris i'm proud of him because i can relate. he was on the clock. if chris wasn't on the rock he probably would have flue with the right but no brother is going to lose his job. he might sayle' see you after work but he'll tag him back. but it goes back to the repercussions of this, will ace not going to feel it but we're going to feel it. the young brother looking for his first -- man, i don't know.
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it always kind of -- they always say [bleep] runs downhill so it will affect guys on the bottom trying to come up because they're going to see that. just like young rappers come up and you think about death row how they destroyed amp theaters and stuff, no you're not coming in our building. it has an effect >> greg: you see that with live concerts, insurance companies won't insure those concerts and every time there's an event or something like that that happens. kat you're kind of an expert on trauma >> kat: yeah. yeah. >> greg: so i read -- i noticed i think amy schumer's taking a month off. taking a month off. she said he'll see you in a month >> kat: yeah, because of -- yeah, i guess that's trauma. but i would, if i could take half that one. i would love that. i would love to have a trauma that occurs at a ritzy awards show rather than, you know, in hospitals and on buses like so
8:16 pm
much of mine has been >> greg: yes, exactly >> kat: because all relative. i'm lucky too i've never been on a battlefield but i think that's something you could talk to your therapist about, your friends about. most people aren't going to be feeling too sorry for you because pretty much everyone's gone through something worse >> greg: exactly. but i think everyone gets asked about this topic so they have to have an answer and they can't say -- a lot of people just can't say what they really want to say. >> jim: by the way i think those actors were secretly happy a comedian got slapped because they hate being made fun of. >> tyrus: they can't handle it yeah. >> jim: none have a sense of humor. so when he made the blubbering speech it gave them an excuse to applaud. that's why they didn't stone face because they were happy to have a comedian slapped in front of them. >> tyrus: everyone was hurt, those three powerful woman, every one had a microphone the rest of the show and any one could have said what you did was
8:17 pm
wrong and been a real hero and took a real risk. and even one pushed her show on hue 0. you know what i'm saying they're not broke up at all >> kat: now that i've had some distance from the experience, i'm deeply traumatized. >> dagen: any decent woman has zip ties on her dam purse. >> tyrus: they could have shame on you you're better than that how dare you sir. that would have changed -- but they didn't. it wasn't in their best interest >> greg: we have to move on. i'm wearing a zip tie as we speak. up next money grows on trees to fight covid disease. when we found out our son had autism, his future became my focus. lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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ha ha >> greg: covid relief programs were failures because the if he said spent like drunken sailors almost a rhyme and gave away so much money it drew swindlers like flies to honey.
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now joe wants more that will probably also walk out the door. yesterday day began president biden spoke with congress for more covid money otherwise we won't be ready for the next covid surge even though tori spelling has more of a come back chance than covid. more of a surge, that's what i learned when they kicked me out of the boy scouts. except the government hasn't nailed it when it comes to keeping track of our cash. prosecutors are calling it the longest fraud in us history the theft of hundreds of billions of taxpayer in covid relief if you understand, 80 billion stolen from the paycheck protection program also known as ppp. thank you. although the joke's on the fraudsters thanks to biden inflation those billions are now only worth millions. apparently the crooks went on state web sites and took names of existing businesses and registered new fake ones without
8:23 pm
proper security to validate the info the fake company with fake employees and fake employees would apply for a ppp loan and get approved no problem. thousands of people did this here and overseas and billions went to crooks overnight. luckily for the government i developed an anti crime device. here's the demo video. >> hey. hey >> greg: you're the business lady here and i know that's your professional title. the reason why no one is caring about this is because they don't see it as their money to begin with, that it was like printed. but they don't realize this will cost everyone thousands of dollars in inflation, all this money gone. >> dagen: it's more than based on some estimates, more than half a trillion dollars was stolen in insurance -- unemployment insurance, and then the paycheck protection money. they didn't let the banks do any due diligence on this.
8:24 pm
this is worse than the mortgage crisis and the no documentation loans of 2008. the government has no way of looking up how many employees you have at your business that actually exists on planet earth? so don't worry about getting busted for not paying your taxes, they have no idea what they're doing. but i will volunteer to be the re-po gal for all these cars >> greg: cars, yeah. >> dagen: i have a lot history of attracting skive bags with vehicles and they will come to me like a magnet. lambeau loan we call them in south florida >> greg: tyrus imagine what you could do with that money. we have a homeless problem mental illness, easily a hundred billion dollars could have --. >> tyrus: i don't have to imagine it because i saw the effects of it. let's not forget, the people that got the money, they were scamming people who needed the money. restaurant restoration act, the
8:25 pm
ppp, young -- small businesses were waiting for that money. and who was put to the front? women and minorities for one. they were going to get the money first. so when they get a proved, like, hey your money's coming, congratulations, you're dealing with a pandemic and a louisiana hurricane, don't worry, help's on the way. so what did a lot of small business owners do they took out loans to cover the losses until the money came and then they got a letter from the government saying sorry, there's no more money. so not only are they out of business, now they're in debt and they owe their employees money. they're ruined. and that's just in louisiana. businesses everywhere boarding up and closing up because they believed in the government, they did the right thing and everything was taken from them. so they're like, yeah, some people bought cars, but the government officials who let this go down because it -- there was old school guys who owned strip clubs, they got their money >> greg: yeah. >> tyrus: they got moved to the front. so, yeah, we look at it like the
8:26 pm
money went here and there and they bought lamb geneies, a good chunk of americans are getting ready to move out of their foreclosed homes because the united states government let them down map man kat you trust the government implicitly. >> tyrus: says no one >> greg: do you feel betrayed >> kat: this is why i get so frustrated and people think i'm a jerk because i get upset in how much i pay in taxes and really being a jerk has nothing to do with it. why are people still fantasizing this money goes to people who need it. like unless there is a terminal illness where you can cure it by riding around in a lamborghini, i'm unaware of that. because this money they might as well have put it in a big pitt and just let people fight over it >> greg: i would love to see that >> kat: because then we could have gotten great viral videos and it would have been just as wasteful. >> tyrus: i agree with you because at least americans had a fighting chance to get their
8:27 pm
money >> kat: that was their gist fix we have to get money out as quickly as possible to people who need it most. you did that except you forgot about the people who need it most part. >> tyrus: hunter biden got it >> greg: and bought art supplies. jim did you get any rereef money and what did you spend it on. >> jim: i did maybe i'm wrong as a stand up comedian to claim 700 employees and say i ran a hospice. when they said ppp i thought it was a beverage. no, i didn't get anything. my accountant actually asked me, do you want to apply? i'm like, no, i can't because there's a public -- i get it though it's hard to turn down a ferrari. if there's covid in the area i could drive away. but no i got nothing >> greg: it's terrible. it's ugly and never going to end because we're not educated enough to see it coming. up next democrats start to panic
8:28 pm
as their hopes sink like. >> hmm, titanic. h? didn't see that one coming. neither did they. >> tyrus: felt like i did. ♪♪ ♪simply irresistible♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. now starting at $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep. driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye? ask your doctor if a 90-day prescription is right for you.
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(♪ ♪) ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. i'm griff jenkins live in lviv. the defunct chernobyl power plant under ukrainian control. russian soldiers leaving more than a month after taking it over. the pullout came after soldiers reportedly received quote significant doses of radiation. >> the fighting continues elsewhere. perhaps most spencely in mariupol, ukrainian soldiers there conducting urban warfare near a production plant is their last major strong hold in the besieged city. near kyiv ukrainian forces claim they destroyed a convoy of russian tanks. shelling in the area continues despite a russian pledge to scale back operations around the
8:33 pm
capitol. meanwhile russian and ukrainian negotiators will resume talks but expectations for a quick resolution are low. i'm griff jenkins in lviv. back to gutfeld >> greg: looks like voters will dismember the democrats in november. still they face a blowout unless dead people turn out. chuck todd crunched numbers and concluded things ain't looking good for democrats heading into the midterms. >> the bottom line is generic battle on if the democrats are losing it means they'll get walloped. in summary right now you have essentially three numbers here that all point into dangerous territory for the democrats and the incumbent party. >> greg: dangerous territory. reminds me of the sign outside cavuto's dressing room. nbc news has a new poll showing republicans have a 17-point advantage in enthusiasm with a 67% saying they're very interested in the midterms compared to just 50% of the dems. people are more enthusiastic
8:34 pm
about rectal examples than they were about democrats although a similar sensation. do the ladies of the view support a legislative cue? >> who wants president biden to rule by executive order which is not how it works. >> he has to. he can't build consensus with crazy people. >> how did they put the view together. finally politico reports biden got mixed messages, progressives want him to act unilaterally while mod rates want him to play ball with republicans. but he's in enough trouble with one message let alone two especially if ter' who am a i and how did i get here. what's joe think? >> oh, yeah, yeah. look, look. come on. i can make deals. i'm a back room guy. you know, i get in close. i don't just massage shoulders. i massage hearts. and brains. yeah, yeah. i'm an organ guy. come on man. i'll massage your liver with a
8:35 pm
nice ciante >> greg: who knew the view was for authoritarianism. sonny is not so sonny more like gloomy. see what i did there? little word play on my name >> kat: that was good >> greg: i think i'm the first person to do that. i think you should -- >> kat: really breaking ground. i don't know how i'm even going to answer, i'm incredibly intimidated. also like she's a lawyer right >> greg: yes >> kat: i knew i should have went to law school because there's no way it could be that hard if she thinks that's actually something that makes sense. it's not a dictator ship they can't say they're crazy i'm going to make whatever laws i want. that is the attitude that is the problem. joe biden and, you know, democrats are still dealing with, yeah, you know, they're all racist, they're all trans phobic and get your fourth booster and we're the best and they're stupid. and people are like, hey, you made me poor. everything's so expensive i don't have money to buy food.
8:36 pm
i think's the kind of stuff people are focused on >> greg: exactly. jim you've written so much on democrat politics i get your news letter it's fantastic. >> jim: thank you very much >> greg: i read all your books twice. if you had the president's ear what would you say. >> jim: like i say in my news letter no we in us. i think the democrats problem is they seem to have their priorities off average people -- they think the only thing worse about hitting someone with a hammer is making a mistake about preferred pronounce. harping on language and scolding and they don't realize they should focus on important stuff like the genitals of college swimmers >> greg: this goes to your, your own -- what's the word i'm looking for? >> tyrus: point? >> greg: point a you made a number of times about the external. >> tyrus: yeah >> greg: the people that play with the externals. >> tyrus: they live in the external not the internal, they have first world problem and the rest of americans have real world problems.
8:37 pm
they're arguing about pronounce ukraine's fighting for their lives. there's differences. but if you ask the wrong democrat, there is no difference >> greg: right, yeah. >> tyrus: so it's one thing, it's always nice when crazy calls somebody else crazy. you can always feel good that somebody completely out of their mind is telling you out of your mind which you should sleep well. if she thinks i'm crazy then i'm normal and i'm good. because americans are outrages and if not the little meter's on red and the little cute thing. it's not we might be in trouble? you're past trouble >> greg: right, we're in deep. >> tyrus: right. it might be just red wave? no, it might be a complete like red titanic just sunk everywhere. and they have no one to blame but themselves. you attacked americans at their core, you attacked law enforcement, families >> greg: parents. >> tyrus: education and then you mess up everybody's money? but, hey, we're going to make sure that everyone's called dreamers at disney land. thank you >> greg: thank you. >> tyrus: i feel berman man solved the problem, no more
8:38 pm
genders at disney land. you know day began we ran a sound from chuck todd called it a walloping. i like that word. >> dagen: i prefer the puffed up overconfident clarke -- what's his name? chuck todd >> greg: yes. >> dagen: and that applies to democrats and the tv jack jaws where like then when they get shellacked, that's when you get to watch their pomposity melt into horror and shame. like one of my favorite days of my entire life was november 9th, early wednesday morning, 2016, come to work driving by the javitt center where hillary clinton didn't show up and all these people are like sitting on curb crying like somebody had thrown their barbie doll into the fireplace. that just makes me feel warm on the inside thinking about it. >> greg: i've thrown a few barbies on the barbie. >> jim:. >> jim: you know what greg? i almost have a respect for
8:39 pm
sonny. en a i'm not just saying that because she's hot. come on, jim. but, no, i almost respect the honesty of what she said because's emotionally how everybody feels. it's as nine but it's how we all field if your person's in charge why can't -- >> jim: just do it >> greg: i want an executive order every day, you know? >> jim: it's stupid but every person who likes the person if charge feels like just make it happen >> kat: not me i want total anarchy >> jim: i wouldn't mind that either. >> tyrus: she's fun to negotiate at home. >> dagen: she has a job because she's capable of sitting in her chair and not falling on the floor. >> jim: true, but also sunny, she's bright. i don't want to stop. i don't want to stop. [laughter] >> greg: oh, geez. yeah. coming up will cnn plus become a cnn bust?
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take horse dewormer than pay for a cnn performer. i tried. cnn's new streaming service, the cleverly named cnn bust -- i mean cnn-plus may already be streaming down the toilet. embarrassingly low prescription numbers and layoffs around the country all pointing to cnn plus being the biggest bust since my all white version of soul train. they might rehire zucker to refire him again. even fallen knows it sucks. >> cnn plus launched today a whole show about cnn footage. check out some of the slogans to get people on board. cnn plus, the airport bar experience right on your phone. next up cnn puff the most trusted name in news according to you said that? and finally there's cnn plus your daily dose of anxiety now
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on mobile. oh, gosh >> greg: i give him points for trying. that's why we're number one. of course maybe cnn plus will turn the corner and become a huge hit. but more likely a word that rhymes with hit. tyrus. >> tyrus: yeah, well -- >> greg: if no one's watching it when it's free how can you expect them to pay for it. >> tyrus: there you go with that common sense thing. how many times have i told you >> greg: i know, i'm an idiot. >> tyrus: if you practice fake news on other people you're certainly going to have fake news on yourself. you didn't show it about you the whole part of this story is chris paul basically begging colbert to be on his show and colbert lightly trying to stay on tv, uh-uh. i spoke to the -- i've been trying to get this one guy on my show and i spoke to his agent his manager and producer and colbert's like, oh, ra he will? and then he put it on his poor band member. is it him? no it's you. he it's like i guess i'll do it
8:46 pm
then. can't cancel me look who i got coming up. it's bad and sad but they should expect it when your ratings are like 40. but now you have to put it behind a pay window? nobody hates themself that much >> greg: that's true. you know, dagen, i do think that getting chris wallace was an attempt on get younger viewers to capitalize on his fresh, good looks, his edginess and his undeniable sex appeal. >> dagen: yes. musical talent, too? >> greg: i've watched a lot of his work over the years. >> dagen: great, great >> greg: amazing. >> dagen: i will spend stupid money on stupid [bleep]. i can spend 300, 400, $500 a month just on boosters for candy crush. i paid to see both rat and night ranger >> greg: i love night ranger.
8:47 pm
♪♪ motoring ♪♪ go ahead. . >> dagen: yeah. i cannot think of one thing that anyone at cnn could do that i would pay for. because toobin being toobin, he has to pay people to watch him, not the other way around. >> kat: i quit the candy crush boosters. >> dagen: it's my big achievement >> kat: it's my least harmful habit but i did quit that >> greg: it's a start. get rid of the easy ones first then get rid of the heroin. jim more of a bad or good thing. >> jim: depends what the bad thing is. if i'm spending six bucks a month i want something with journalistic integrity like only fans. yeah, it's hard to sometimes get enough of a bad thing but cnn is an uninteresting thing. i can't watch it because it's uninteresting. i don't even care about the politics i just find it dull and i have no interest in watching it. but i will get the app and support them >> greg: you can't develop a relationship with those people because they succeed the interest out of them kat and
8:48 pm
it's a lousy name. they shouldn't have included the brand this the band >> kat: exactly the guy is like it's hard to build something new and that's true but that's not what this is. you're building something from the arm of something that's already dying. people don't want to watch cnn. people are like, i got it, more cnn. i don't understand it. it's the least surprising thing in the world and also we can't actually find what the real numbers are which must mean they're really really bad >> greg: exactly because the fact they're not even launching it or making a lot of hoopla about it means it stinks. >> jim: by the way do you know how hard they had to work to lose me? i relate to every person on the network. i behavior like toobin on sdub i have the conduct of sucker. they had to work hard to let's see me >> greg: i can vouch for that. up next can you still pitch your ride if it fits six brats inside.
8:49 pm
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8:52 pm
>> greg: we are short on time so here's a story on five words. tyrus, you're the only one who really needs a mini van. >> i drive a truck because i -- first of all, this story is
8:53 pm
wrong. who thinks kim kardashian's call? you've got your publicist, your baby daddies, liposuction doctor. she represents all that is wrong. the plastic surgeries, the ridiculousness. this story is dumb. a minivan is not a good move. >> greg: jim, my problem is the name. minivans, they are not many. that's like calling me a mini person. >> you are neither. i didn't mean it. >> greg: i might slap you, but then again... [laughter] >> i'd say it again louder! speak i can leave. >> greg: we like people watching. [laughter] do you have any thoughts about minivans? you should never be seen in one. >> the only people who think
8:54 pm
minivans are cool are kidnappers or independent porn producers. awful vehicles. any door, a little sliding door? they suck. they are terrible. >> greg: i don't know. would you ever see yourself in a luxury minivan? a mercedes sprinter? >> if to tyrus' point. in terms of kim kardashian, you forgot the latex which causes all kinds of lady problems. >> when you have a filtered life, it's not good. >> she is not a small woman. i say that in a complement or a fashion. so maybe the minivan provides more freedom of movement. with the backside let large, going to be hard to get into a previous, perhaps. >> she's not a minivan for the
8:55 pm
car, she got a minivan before the car. she has so many cars. >> electric vehicles. every body, use it as a substitute for a real cause. >> they get back in their hummer. >> i don't have interest in a car because you have to drive it places. imagine, oh, what do i do, help me. >> i been doing that for years. >> greg: have you figured down the ever considered getting a car and leaving it? >> not anymore. >> greg: i thought that the solution for the housing crisis. >> may be francis mcdermott can do a boring film about it. >> and win and oscar. >> rest her soul. not a good thing. >> greg: i like the road and i like where the road takes me. sometimes i just got to move. >> as long as you are willing to have a driver. >> that's the line from the mug
8:56 pm
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they make me feel like i've got it all under control. [crowd cheers] because i do. okay, that was awesome. voya. be confident to and through retirement. >> greg: we are out of time, thanks to the great jim norton, kat tim, tyrus. i am greg got felled and i love you, america i am greg got field and i love you, america. >> shannon: welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bremen washington. breaking tonight, russia breaking its promises to de-escalate its attacks. russian forces have doubled their air strikes in recent days. even as talk set to resume just hours from now. president biden


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