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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 1, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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know what's going to happen. but i don't want to know. it's none of my business. it's part of the deal. you swim, you swim with johnny. [laughs] all right, that is all for us tonight. "tucker carlson tonight" is next. and remember, i am the watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." pretty much everybody in america feels awful about what is happening right now to average ukrainians. they didn't ask for this war and they are really suffering, so your heart goes out. you feel compassion for tragedy no matter where it is. whether it's a landslide in sri lanka or a war in ukraine. so you feel compassion appeared on the other hand, you may at some point over the last month ask yourself, why is the
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invasion of a faraway eastern en country suddenly the biggest thing that's ever happepened in our country, in america? it's kind of strange given every thing we've got going on in the u.s. right now, and what is it with biden's response to this work was right but it's weird too. biden keeps telling us these energy sanctions are going to crash putin, but they haven't come of that is clearly not true. putin is fine. the ruble has almost completely recovered since the day russia invaded. so much for destroying the russian economy getting the russian military to withdraw from ukraine. and yet, we in the u.s. are paying higher and higher gas prices thanks to these sanctions. biden is not hurting vladimir putin, biden is hurting american citizens. why? what exactly is this about? the first thing you should know and never forget is that nothing changes a society faster than a war, even a war in another country. if you want to reorder a society you are going to need a major crisis in order to do it. the democratic process is not
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going to work for you. the democratic process will never get you to total transformation because of voters almost never want systemic change. they prefer incremental improvement, and that is why they tend to like the very same people to office year after year. they do that because radicalism, big change, scares them. they are not looking and they are never looking for massive, abrupt changes to the way they live. so again, if you want a revolution, you're going to need some kind of emergency to justify it. let's say for example that you wanted to change a country's 25f voting in order to make that system much more vulnerable to mass election fraud, which you would commit. how would you go about doing something like that? you couldn't do it by referendum, no! you might need to declare public health emergency and then institute voted by mail in the name of fighting a pandemic. he should try that because that might work. or for another example, how would you go about taking full control over an economy built on fossil fuels?
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you would first have to break the existing economy, because if you gave people a choice over how to power their vehicles, homes and businesses, not many of them would choose windmills. no, they would go with what they have, which is oil and gas. so you have to take that choice away from them. he couldn't let them choose and you couldn't do this by democratic means because no legislature whatever vote for a change like that because they know voters don't want it. so instead, you might use a war underway across the world to declare an energy shortage in your country, and then make fossil fuels unaffordable for the average person. in that way people would have no choice but to switch over to the new system, which not incidentally, you and your friends and your donors would control. so that would be one way, may be the only way to get a green new deal without having to get it through congress because it never would go through congress. do you think that's what's happening here? you'd hate to think so. he wouldn't want to think your government would intentionally exacerbate the suffering of
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millions of gradients of the lands in order to take over america's energy grid beer but that seems to be exactly what is happening right now, and we know this because the administration has essentially told us so. as of tonight the vast majority of electricity we use in this country for everything, about 80% of our electricity comes from just three sources. natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy. the biden administration has pledged to get rid of all three of these things. there will be no more coal plants, joe biden said during the campaign. john kerry, our agent climate czar, agreed. no more coal plants operating in the united states by 2030, he said. no clue on how we are going to power the cities that are totally dependent on coal fired electricity. but here's how he explains how all of it pretty darn soon it'st pumps and solar panels. >> under my plan before the congress now, we can take advantage of the first generation of electric vehicles that a typical driver will save
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about $80 a month from not having to pay gas at the pump. if your home is powered by safer, cheaper, cleaner electricity like solar or heat pumps, you can save about $500 a month on average. >> tucker: wow. so we just need to completely change the way that you power your home by getting rid of coal, power, gas and nuclear energy and you can save on averr more, $500 a month. you just have to power your house with solar panels. it's simple. so where do these solar panels come from? as it happens, they will come from china. we can be certain of that because -- just say all of them. so we are going to be even more reliant -- offend the chinese .it's going to be worth it, bidn says. we are going to upend the entire
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economy make ourselves completely depend on a country that seeks to displace us. but you are going to save $500 a month on your energy bill. $500 a month, not a small thing. but it's not actually true. shortly after biden spoke in a ritual we are becoming very used to, the white house issued a clarification. it turns out that biden meant to see if he weren't senile would have said, you are going to save $500 a year. that is one 12th of what he promised, if we turn over our electricity production to china. $500 a year, not a month. he was only off by $5500. $500 a year or something. it's enough to fill your su maybe three times. watch. >> it cost tech entrepreneur $140 every two days to fill up his 2021 cadillac escalade when he cruises the streets of southern california. prices vary depending on where you buy. at many stations it's still way above $7 a gallon. still the highest in the
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country, that we have had a dip of the few cents in recent days, hardly a game-changer. >> tucker: oh, it's just $7.50 a gallon, no big deal, it's always been this way. no, it hasn't. pretty soon they will tell you that but we just want to say for the record that that is not tru. in 2018, which is not ancient history, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in california, most expensive in the country, was $3.60 per gallon. now it is double that. how did that happen? does it have anything to do with the current president's pledge to phase out fossil fuels forever? gasoline is a fossil fuel. he wants to phase it out. shouldn't surprise you that is more expensive. or could it be vladimir putin's fault? did putin do it? here's what prager you found out when they spoke to people who are actually buying gas. >> how do you think the gas prices have gotten so high? >> i think it's to do with maybe all the sanctions on russia are part of it. speak of the united states stopped importing russian oil o.
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i don't have the details quite right but that is what i think. >> part of that is definitely true. a lot of it is somewhat because america isn't energy independent. we don't produce a lot of our own energy anymore but russian oil is only about 3% of the oil that americans get. the price of gas was going up before russian oil beer to get our own energy and oil production. >> it would be a lot easier and a lot more reliable too. >> yeah. >> that is an interesting thought, i have not thought about that before. >> tucker: that is a pretty interesting response. people know it has something to do with russia, they've been told it's all putin fault. the kind of now there is a connection between the sanctions between russia and rising gas prices. but they don't understand as it is much deeper than that. they are blaming russia. there's a reason the people pushing this love it, it's an excuse for the disasters they have made, the disasters that benefit them. but as you can see, there's a lot more going on here than just
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a war in ukraine, in a matter what they tell you. february 2021, a year after the corona pandemic began at a year and month after trump left office, the average price of gas was $2.50. since then it has continued to rise. by last november, months before the russian invasion, the per gallon average was $3.39. no, the war in ukraine did not do this, putin did not do this, putin did not by the way sanction himself. energy inflation is a direct and intended result of white house policies. the whole point of these policies is to make it impossible for you to use fossil fuels, because you can't afford it, and then substitute those fossil fuels which you could afford with new green energy that you have no choice but to use. they are saying that is essentially out loud. here's the speaker of the house, they're lying to the presidency, nancy pelosi. watch her explain it, even though we could probably produce our own energy in the
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united states we own which is t, we are not going to do that because cheap oil would devalue her family's investments in renewable. sorry, we mean cheap oil would destroy the planet. >> we cannot use this as an excuse to reverse everything we are doing to save the planet. >> tucker: [laughs] did you hear that? everything we are doing to save the planet. these are the people of presiding over the dirtiest 8 out of 50. california, who don't go outside except in their own royal gardens. they could care less about the environment, who are trashing the environment, and raising your gas prices in the name of the environment so their families grow rich. we can't stop what we are doing! she's just saying it right out there in english. we are doing this, which they are. so this is a lady with huge estates all over the country, brags she has a $30,000 freezer,
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telling you've just got to suck it up and be poor for the planet she doesn't care about at all. so who is benefiting in this? china is benefiting from it, we already told you that, that's obvious. but the biden administration's donors are benefiting from it too and one is not the secretary of energy. thanks to reporting from "the washington free beacon" which we are grateful for, we know that jennifer granholm help millions of dollars in stock in so-called green energy companies while she was serving as the secretary of energy. so you hold energy stocks while you are the secretary of energy. where's the justice department? jennifer granholm did not sell these equities even after she took office. is that a conflict of interest? of course it is, it's criminal. but jennifer granholm didn't seem bothered. she was never charged with anything, the bite administration is invalid eithe. this is the whole game. make your donors rich by saving the planet.
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jennifer granholm is still running the energy department and here she is explaining her stock portfolio would really benefit if we decarbon i.d. fossil fuel industry. >> we want to invest in the -- to become energy independent with clean energy as the medium to long-term strategy. >> tucker: it does kind of answer one enduring mystery, why would they put someone in the secretary of energy who knows nothing about energy? has never been in the energy business, has no idea what the energy grid is, has no clue how your iphone is charged overnight, none at all. and yet she is the secretary of energy? oh, because it is an investment scam and they're all in on it. check investments right now in renewable energies since the man-made energy crisis that joe biden and his sanctions set off and you will see it is quite a robust market right now. who is benefiting from that? right, people like jennifer granholm he or she wants to force you to subsidize her
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investment. that's the medium to long-term strategy. no crisis in the last decade has given them better cover than the invasion of the client state of ukraine that jennifer granholm can't even find on a map. there's a reason they are focused on ukraine and it's to give you the green new deal whether you want it or not. marc morano is the author of "green fraud: why the green new deal is even worse than you think. what thanks so much for coming on. if you've written and reported so much about the green new deal. no chance congress would ever pass anything like that because nobody wants it, but a war into which we are now being drawn because of their policies is a perfect cover for giving us the green new deal whether we want it or not. >> yes, it is. introduced the green new deal in congress and never scheduled hearings, votes, there's no town halls, there's no constituents, no one wanted it. they didn't want to vote. they didn't need a vote. biden declared that every
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cabinet agency would be a climate agency. i'm one of the biggest things about our energy that a lot of people miss is the defining of our energy. through the banking system, through the sec. they are now forcing climate disclosures on everyone. they now have their claws, federally regulated in every aspect pretty much of any business going forward if this keeps up, without a vote of congress. that's what they're looking for. and they know the green new deal want to pass a what they're going to do, the covid lockdowns actually gave them many aspects of the green new deal with the immediate lockdown, but now going forward, they are doubling down, using the russian invasion. of the solution to the russian invasion is the solution to climate change, it happened to be the solution to covid which is more working from home, less driving, less freedom, more restrictions on your liberty. regardless of the crisis, it always empowers the administrative state, the bureaucrats and those in power. >> tucker: may be the point of the crisis is to do that and this is not a civic show but i
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hear the word "democracy" role of the tongues of virtually every authoritarian in washington. is this how democracy works? you use a diversion to get massive societal changes around the legislature and impose them by force? is that what democracy is? >> what they've decided as they are going to rule by emergency declaration, by crisis management. this is how they want to do it. the covid emergency declaration gave us, particularly blue states, some red states, every governor became a dictator virtually overnight as they imposed whatever mandate they felt like. whether it was mask kids, vexing passports, you name it, they could do it because they were empowered. look back in history, the fall of the roman empire was due to abuse of abusing power. centralization of power in the middle ages, german republic, 12 year declaration in germany led to of course all the abuses in germany. now we've got the patriot act, this kind of crisis management.
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now they are using right after the covid crisis, they're going to pile on with this. people would not volunteer to give up their cars, their suvs. but now you have reports like international agencies calling for stopping the car on sunday, do, even license plates, lowering speed limits, suv taxes because we are in this energy crisis. they are achieving things they could never get to the elections. >> tucker: people will tell you the oceans are rising are buying $30 million houses. i don't believe you anymore! [laughs] marc morano, we are out of time but i appreciate you coming on. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so biden is continuing to expand the power of the federal government to spy on americans. one member of congress finally has a plan to stop illegal surveillance of american citizens in america by our intelligence agencies. he's next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: here's a question we know the answer to, what is the point of american intel agencies? couldn't be clearer in the law. the point of an american intel agencies to monitor what happens in other countries and then
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report back to the president the president of the united states if he can make better decisions about u.s. foreign policy. my fear that is what we have the cia , the only reason. these agencies are not allowed to spy on american citizens because that would invalidate democracy but they are doing it on a huge scale. in they are doing it on direct orders from the biden administration. not the conspiracy theory. it's verified, it's true. new legislation from congress seeks to stop that. this legislation has been introduced by congressman chris stewart of utah. the congressman joins us now to explain. first of all, thank you for doing this. this is illegal, nobody seems to care, we should care. what would your legislation do? >> to emphasize what you've already -- the intelligence community, nsa, cia and others -- is to concentrate on foreign threats, foreign terrorism, for nation-states. russia, china, north korea. it was never ever intended that they would look at u.s. prisons
5:23 pm
until this administration comes along and says those other threats are important but the real threat we are worried about is domestic, violent extremism, white supremacists. because this white supremacy threat is so great, which by the way is nonsense, but by their thinking because this is such a great threat, now we need to use the power, the tools we give the national security agencies are the cia, we are allowed to apply them on u.s. persons. that is why you have a situation like a year ago where the office of director of national intelligence, not the fbi, not homeland security committee dni using the tools of the national counterterrorism center providing briefing to congress on what? white supremacy. by domestic terrorism. it should enrage americans that they would think they are allowed to use this awesome power. if you think you want to build an american kgb, if you think that is a good idea, then keep
5:24 pm
going down this road. but if you think it's a horrible, fearsome idea, then please work with me. i'm talking to members of congress, please work with me to try to stop it. >> tucker: they've spied on this show, they've admitted it. i've spoken with two congresspeople whose job it is who told me directly they were being spied on by the intel agencies and they didn't do anything about it. i wonder how many congresspeople are too intimidated to push back on the paris of these agencies? >> well i guess we are going to find out. it's not just the press, we know that brent and lied about it when they were spying on members of the senate. for heaven's sake, if the last four or five years have taught us anything it has surely taught us that senior members of the fbi and department of justice were clearly deceptive to congress, deceptive to the fisa courts, deceptive to the american people and once again they want to increase that ability, enhance that ability by
5:25 pm
drawing in these other agencies. once again, there's no reason for it, no need for it. there is enough terror threats and other threats for them, it's not like they've got extra bandwidth like they don't have anything to do. and very clearly the department of justice and fbi, that is their responsibility. not the cia, not the nsa. >> tucker: exactly, so nicely put. we are rooting for you, congressman stewart. we hope you come back and tell us who didn't vote for the speed that will be interesting. thank you very much. for the course of the pandemic, tony found she has rejected science to be very basic concept of natural immunity. it turns out years ago when he was and try to sell a vaccine on behalf of pfizer, he had a very different -- and we have the tape. it's interesting, stay tuned.
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i'm steve, i lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo and taking release. since taking release, my sleep is way better. my inflammation has gone way down. i'm nonstop now, i feel way better than i did before. i don't sit down in life anymore. >> tucker: we've done so many segments on this show on the
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addiction crisis in this country. there is functional and alcohol and wheat thins and all kinds of things but perhaps the most dangerous addiction of all is the addiction to publicity and poor tony fauci went right down the hall. he's a publicity wino. fauci has constantly, virtually every hour, given interviews to media outlets that lionize him give the problem is he talk so much that every now and again he forgets where he is and says something true. that happened in late 2020 when he sat down with "the new york times." he was asked whether natural immunity might also be an effective defense against covid. fauci admitted to the times that he in fact has been lying about natural immunity in order to convince americans to take the vaccine. the times reported that "fauci acknowledged deliberately that moving the goal posts on natural immunity" to sell pfizer products.
5:32 pm
but back in 2004 when there weren't pfizer vaccines to sell for covid, tony fauci was honest about natural immunity because he wasn't paid not to be. he said it is your best defense against another infectious virus, the flu. watch this clip of tony fauci. >> she's had the flu for 14 days. should she get the flu shot? >> no, if she's had the flu for 14 days because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself. if she really has the flu, if she really has the flu, she definitely doesn't need a flu vaccine. if she really has the flu. >> she should not get it again? >> she doesn't need it because it is the most potent vaccination, getting infected yourself. >> tucker: the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself. oh! that is probably not news to millions of americans who recovered from covid and were told they would be fired unless they got their fourth booster. that was tony fauci before he
5:33 pm
decided to move the goal posts on behalf of pfizer. so the biden administration has informed us that thursday, yesterday was international trans a day of visibility. of the daily wire michael knowles pointed out that the whole day of trends a visibility is ironic. the whole premise of transgender is him as we must deny visible bodies for invisible gender identities. that is pretty deep, but whatever. joe biden yesterday celebrating trans disability. >> to everyone celebrating transgender day of disability, i want you to know that your president sees you. jill, kamala, doug, our entire administration see you are, made in the image of god. the parents of transgender children, protecting their identity is one of the most powerful things you can do. >> tucker: no one is attacking transgender kids, young people.
5:34 pm
most of them have been led to where they are by adult predators. speaking out, watch. >> it is so wonderful we have a president biden who supports us and advocates us and who sees us. >> tucker: come on here the level of self-parody becomes unbearable but we can ask the most obvious question, if sex distinctions are faked are we have women? we are happy to have him join us. thank you for coming on, this has consequences, it's not simply about one group of people and their fight for recognition or quality or whatever the point is. we are redefining sex. what does that mean for this civilization? >> tucker, it's a big deal for civilization. i think when you hear the president of the term made in the image of god, right, he's referencing biblical language
5:35 pm
about -- but god made male and female and whether you believe in genesis or genetics, that is what everyone has believed basically up until seven years ago. one of the big problems with this is this entire movement has been aided and abetted, i would say primarily by two groups. one, some of the most powerful women in media, journalism, politics, business, whether they work at cnn or msnbc or "new york times," or who spend an entire career talking about how -- to achieve equality. and then they've allowed themselves to be cowed into silence by a small group of men who -- challenges and a large group of craven activists. so -- rachel maddow or jamele hill, again, whether they work
5:36 pm
at espn or msnbc, they finally found a group of men they are willing to submit to because when rachel living speaks and when leah thomas speaks, these women feel that they have to be silent. in effect, they are about diversity and inclusion and equity themselves out of existence. >> tucker: that is so deep and so true. and so nicely put, thank you for that beauty think they realize it? >> i think they know it's because one thing that you see, you may have congressman cori bush talk about birthing persons, but then when they start to talk about abortion they will tell men to shut up because this is a woman's issue. so every once in a while and i sure will, but that will knock them right back into reality but what they are doing, they are robbing young girls of opportunities in sports, in culture and politics, and they are completely undermining the message they've been given for the last six decades.
5:37 pm
they've been telling girls, speak up for yourself, don't be afraid and in many respects they've gone from i am woman, hear me roar, to singing this is a man's world. >> tucker: it's almost like they don't really know what they want. just throwing that out there. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: a few years ago, a decade ago there was a show called "lie to me." the premise was simple, people lie a lot and when they do lie they give up tells. it was a fictional show but the premise was totally real. there are experts mostly in law enforcement that study deceptive behavior. retired fbi reynolds is one of them and we thought it would be interesting to spend an hour of him on an episode of "tucker carlson today." how to catch someone in the act of deception. here's part of the conversation. ♪ ♪ >> people live for a lot of different reasons and that is where detection, deception, i
5:38 pm
like to look at it as, i don't try to find where they are lying because once you start listening to someone and say, that's where they live, you stop listening to everything else. i like to listen just for deceptive language, and how people try to deceive. >> tucker: interesting. there is a little bit of overlap between what you are describing and what we do. watching people with power explain why they are doing what they are doing, what they plan to do and certain words are invariably a tell. >> oh, yeah. >> tucker: describe some of the deceptive language you notice when you're talking to criminal suspects? >> let's take it from an over the world type of look. when you are looking for someone, if you are listening to someone and you are trying to determine deception, the first
5:39 pm
thing i look at is the balance of what they are saying. because it's a truthful statement. a statement that has veracity, the majority of it should be about the topic at hand. in the political world coming to listen to any of these politicians talk, they do a lot of double-talk. asked a question, they will answer everything except that because they don't want to talk about the real answer. >> tucker: [laughs] retired fbi agent frank reynolds come amazing interview, super interesting and applicable to politics, for sure. that interview streaming now on fox nation. home prices are skyrocketing. it's essentially impossible for young people to afford a home. would they ever have a chance to buy one and why can't they? why are prices rising at the rate they are? that is just ahead. we will be back from los angeles, california. out here, you're more than just a landowner.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: -- has spent the last several years at "the new york times" and is now at "the washington post" to
5:45 pm
present people with the wrong political views online including children. of course passive-aggressive in being the main motor ruling class operates in, she has decided she's the victim and the people who complain are actually the perpetrators. she did an amazing interview on msnbc that revealed so much. we will let you judge. >> i've had to remove every single social type. i had severe peace from this. i contemplated suicide, it got really bad. you feel like any piece of information to get out on you will be used by the worst people on the internet to destroy your life, and its so isolating. and terrifying and terrifying. >> is horrifying. i'm so sorry. [crying] it's really hard. >> tucker: go look up what she's done to a whole bunch of different people including really young people in "the new york times" and "the washington post" and ask yourself if it's fair because
5:46 pm
she identifies as a woman for her to claim victim status. an answer is no, it's not fair but it's exactly what they always do. this is a huge door that is not covered enough, home ownership is basically impossible for most people. it's basically impossible, so-called institutional investors are buying all the houses to turn them into rentals. that is healthy. why didn't he biden administration stop this customer can help, they are abetting it. on "60 minutes," the ceo of a company's explain he's actually doing a good thing because young people like she don't want homes, they want to rent, they don't want to own anything. watch this. >> home ownership is increasingly out of reach. >> in our portfolio, the majority cannot buy homes, cannot afford to buy a home or don't have the credit to buy homes. to think if you asked a lot of millennials and that tend to be our primary residence, they would probably tell you they don't necessarily desire to own home or to own a car. they've grown up in the sharing economy and what is important to them as lifestyle, so if they
5:47 pm
can move into this, what we call a turnkey or hotel ready home and have a low maintenance lifestyle, that's a very them. very compelling. >> tucker: the follow-up, he landlord man, do you want a home? do you want several homes? really? you don't just participate in the sharing economy? you will know nothing and you will like it. senior editor of "the federalist" at a great piece on this. is it true that most young people, you are a young person relative to me, do you want to participate in the sharing economy handle nothing at like it? >> no, that's a corporate minds that we've been being fed for the last ten, 20, 30, 40 years in the united states, disposable everything, water bottles, rental income, nobody has a car, you don't need anything. the corporations will take care of it for you. but this is adding a serious, serious impact. about one in seven homes bought in the united states were bought by one of these institutional investors.
5:48 pm
, whether it's a pension fund, sovereign foreign fund committees of the people buying up these houses in that number gets even higher when you get to houses that are under $300,000 which means they are affordable to people in areas that have good school districts, like houston or phoenix. places where young people should be starting their lives off. and some people need to rent. i've been a renter before but sometimes you can't afford it, sometimes you need to put it together. it's not morally wrong to rent but there is something that is different about owning. it's not only that you are making an investment in your life and future but it angers you to a community. i don't like gardening but i spend my weekends sometimes out there working on the flowers. i'm interested and invested in my church of my local schools, they are good. i care about crime in this neighborhood. i want to pick up litter and make sure it's clean. these are moral aspects to ownership that really changes the figure and corporations don't get any money off of morality. they just want to rent it to you. >> tucker: quickly, why wouldn't the biden administration sago wrecked somebody else's country, do it
5:49 pm
to paraguay or china. you're not allowed to do that crap here because it is wrecking our social fabric. speak up because it would take serious political capital. it's not impossible. wire corporation protected with a limited liability where individuals and partnerships are not. why want that ceo is his many houses or cars of his company goes under but a partnership or small businesses can? that is something you've been talking about since i met you, why is labor text more than capital class rank that is insane. that is the inverse we've been having in society that treats the workers and young people as buyers in the corporations get richer all the time. >> tucker: yeah, and i'm not liberal and i think that appeared on the liberals are for it, it's weird. great to see you tonight, chris bedford. >> thank you. >> tucker: george soros have been working to convince you that hungary is an authoritarian regime, not a more successful one then the one they felt. don't look too closely at
5:50 pm
hungary! but in a recent video former director of one of george soros' foundations admitted that hungary's government is popular in hungary. a democracy that is working with popular consent. here's what he said. >> what is representing, this government was some tweaks and tricks, enjoy genuine popular support. what has represented a broad come of this government enjoy popular support and is in power only because of scheming and curtailing freedoms. >> tucker: that is the george soros guy admitting that. why are they trying to tell us that hungary is a scape customer it may be because hungary's government tries to serves the needs of their own people. why is our government not doing that for me. we went to hungary and talked about the biden administration's claims that he is some kind of fascist. here's his response.
5:51 pm
>> when the president of the united states describes you as a totalitarian thug which is a very serious thing to say about someday, i would note, that suggests that why wouldn't the biden state department work to prevent you from being reelected? >> sooner or later the americans realize that it is better for the leftist, liberal government in the united states to have a partner, democratic supported long-term by the people, hungarian people. >> tucker: visiting fellow at the matthias collegium in budapest, hungary. he joins us tonight. i know there's a delay, thank you so much for joining us. here's my question, i will let you answer it. hungary has an election coming up this month. a number of american groups are seeking to influence the outcome of a foreign election. do you think they will succeed and oust putin from outside
5:52 pm
hungary? >> it's great to be with you this evening. the quotations you played at the beginning were shocking but unfortunately, they weren't surprising. i think what we've seen in recent years as the term democracy has really become weaponized. when democracy needs to conservative results it is cast as the greatest danger to civilization, the impending authoritarian doom and when it confirms liberal results than it's the greatest victory for democracy. it doesn't get much more democratic than a referendum. election here is on sunday and there is a referendum coming up on sunday on the most important social questions of our time. hungarian voters will be asked what they think about protecting children from adverse education in schools and in the media as well. polls around that show overwhelming support among conservative families here who
5:53 pm
are protecting their children but actually what the left has proposed, through some of these ngos that you mentioned is that voters who oppose the referendum just going to the ballot box and spoil their ballots. so much for democracy. i think all this shows the left knows their ideas are not really popular with people and they have to impose them through supreme court rulings and the like. when hungary presents the opportunity to confirm those from a confirmed conservative viewpoint with a democratic process, it's a real threat to them. current polls show the government has about 48% support and the opposition, which is a mixture of parties ranging from communist to the neo-nazis, that is another story that hasn't been covered at all on the western media except i think by you, current polls show that is the difference. but there's a large number of undecided voters. all of this is happening in the context of the war in neighboring ukraine. hungary has welcomed 600,000 refugees and really showed
5:54 pm
itself as a welcoming place for them but it wants to stay out of the war, the war is really driving the election, and we will see what happens on sunday. >> tucker: we certainly will. they stopped using the word "democracy." it is too insulting seeing them use it in its opposite meaning. thank you for coming on and i hope we will talk to you soon. we spent some time in hungary because we think it is really interesting. it's not our country but we can learn something from it. our "tucker carlson originals" documentary is streaming now. more news trade ahead. . i had a blood clot in my lungs. i thought i was gonna die. i was worried that he was gonna grow up without a mom. i don't want this to happen anybody else. get your vaccine.
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>> in the weekly cable news update, kamala harris on msnbc. another white house spokesperson is splitting the scene.
6:00 pm
so here is the interesting thing. access has said that she has told senior officials she plans to go to msnbc. here you have the two people you would never under any circumstances want to watch talk both going into television. is that programming or is it torture? we love you. see you on monday. ♪ ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. welcome on this busy friday night. president joe biden is off for ice cream, sleep, possibly medical checks. his presidency is imploding, his approval numbers are crashing, and the american people are all suffering and it's getting so bad that it sounds like circle back


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