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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  April 2, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ if. ♪ if. >> lei, everybody, i'm march a -- lara trump and welcome to the big saturday show. here's what's on tapped tonight. todd. >> the biden administration playing the inflation blame game saying that rising prices are a caused by everything from putin to covid, but there's new evidence that the administration should actually take a look in the mirror. >> uh-huh. tyrus. >> what it is. a bloodbath and a shellacking, that's how the media's
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predicting the midterms will go for the democrats. so why is the media admitting they're in trouble? we'll debate that tonight. >> and lisa. >> yeah, the happiest place on earth becomes the wokest. tonight a gay disney employee blocks the company in a scathing point post. >> but first, it was the slap heard around the world at the oscars. now will smith is no longer a member of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. here was that slap from the oscars last week. >> jada, i love ya, g.i. jane 2, can't wait to see it, all right? [laughter] that was a nice one, okay. i'm out here -- uh-oh. richard -- [laughter] oh, wow, wow. will just smack thed -- smacked
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the [bleep] out of me. >> keep my wife's name out your [bleep] mouth. >> wow, dude. >> yes. >> it was a g.i. jane joke. >> keep my wife's name out your [bleep] mouth! >> i'm going to, okay? that was the greatest night in the history of television, okay. [laughter] >> will smith announcing his resignation if from the academy in a lengthy statement where he said he was heart broken. he also said, quote: my actions were shocking and painful and inexcusable. the list of those i have hurt is long and includes chris, his family, many of my dear friends and loved ones, all those in attendance and global audiences at home. i betrayed the trust of the academy. i am resigning from membership in the academy of motion picture arts and sciences and will accept any further consequences the board deems appropriate.
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change takes time, and i am committed to doing the work to insure that i never again allow violence to overtake reason. okay. lisa, so will smith has officially resigned, and i said, well, what does that mean? if you resign from the academy, is in that big of a deal? well, it turns out among some of the things that happen is he no longer gets the screeners, so he doesn't get to see movies before the rest of us, and he can no longer vote for any potential nominees. now, i have to imagine his wife probably gets the screeners, i'm going to say he's intoing -- she's going to allow him to go ahead and watch with her. what is your reaction to this? because it doesn't seem like he's going to be barred from possibly receiving an award in the future. what do you make of all of this? >> i mean, the consequences are devastating, right? [laughter] if i mean, look, it's all such a joke, right? first of all, what grown man slaps another man? i instantly have no respect for
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will smith for that alearn. but -- alone. but i also have a hard time believing he's defending his wife's honor when they have an open marriage. maybe start at home many in defending your marriage and not against chris rock. i find this all very entertaining, to be perfectly honest. i find it humorous. a group of people who always want to virtue signal to us, tell everyone how great they are, and they don't really know which side they're on. if it was jada pinkett smith who's obviously a victim of bullying from chris rock, or is it condemning will smith who used violence? it's sort of an entertaining to watch hollywood try to react to this and figure out what to do. but i also think will smith needs to seek some help. i mean, this is a guy who went from laughing at the joke to slapping the guy, to then yelling at him and crying on stage while accepting his oscar. so he should use this time to
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take away, you know, not do acting, stay out of of the spotlight and really seek some help. go get therapy, work on your marriage, work on yourself. >> yeah. i think it definitely showed us a different version of with -- will smith than so many of us thought was there. he's always played this nice guy role, and we've never if really seen this side of him. tyrus, i think it was a night that reminded so many of us why we dislike the hollywood elites, why nobody is tuning in to these shows anymore. it was such a bunch of hypocrites there. he slapped chris rock on stage and then the entire audience stands up and applauds for if him not that long after for winning an award. it looks like that maybe the most that that that's going to happen to him at least so far is that he has resign from the academy. so it's basically, you know, the rules that apply to the rest of us don't really apply to these
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folks. it kind of frustrates people, and it's no wonder that there's a big disconnect between hollywood and the average person. >> well, there is a disconnect, but something's still connecting. i think we saw anytime you're with a narcissist, you're always the one who looks like the crazy one. they drive youd to do things out of character, and you make horrible mistakes. and we see that a lot of times in really bad relationships. and i think the highlight of this this was how december functional his -- dysfunctional his relationship is with his wife, not just to mention the personal business that she spewed all over the place. and on top of everything else, we've all been out, we've all been on dates with someone that's disrespected, and the average guy would stand up to do manager. and usually -- something. and usually the woman would grab you on the arm, no, honey, this is your night. that clearly wasn't happened. will smith is responsible for everything that he did, but the transparency of their relationship, you could not see more who's pulling the strings,
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etc. and as far as making light of him resigning, i actually respect that. he didn't have to do it. the academy certainly wasn't going to do it. i mean, literally there is pedophiles still holding aa cadmy awards, and for him to do that was more -- him understanding the significance of what he's done. it is a great honor as an actor to be in that class, and he resigned from it. ultimately, it's going to come down to what chris rock feels about that, if he's man enough to reach out to him and apologize. all like to see that. at the end of the day, most of the people in that that building would work for isis if isis got a movie company. they have no pulse and no heart, and they would have clapped and cheered because they probably they could make more movies with will smith than chris rock, and that's probably what it came down to. not to mention the rest of the show was horrible. horrible. the virtue signaling, the hypocrisy, it was just
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unbearable. i didn't actually watch it. i was on my xbox, my buddy text the, yo, chris rock just got slap ared by will smith, and i was, like, yeah, but i'll lose all progress if i change now. that's how important it was to me. [inaudible conversations] >> yeah. i don't think anybody was actually watching it. but one person who i think agrees agrees with you, tyrus, agrees with what lot of what you just said is bill maher. take a listen to what he had to say about the hypocrisy. >> these are the very people who are always talking about microaggressions in the workplace and how you should not have to face an uncomfortable moment or, you know, people touch you with unwantedly. suddenly, they were okay with this. it just seemed to sew -- to show, to me, broken morals. you really have no principles. when it's a star you like in the service of some sectionalty like
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your wife shouldn't be insulted even in a mild way, then it's like, well, too bad. it was a bad night for liberal hypocrisy. >> wow, i'm agreeing again with bill maher. todd, he's basically saying if you're just going to pick and choose what you think is right and wrong based on how you feel in the moment, do you even have morals or principles? i have to agree with what he said. >> yeah. and then he went and summed up the night with this amazing thesis statement basically saying the democratic party and the oscars have become one and the same thing. now think about that for a moment. that is a very astute point, because when you think about it, look at all the movies that were awarded. there are all these, like, arthouse, artsy flicks that, quite frankly, nobody watches. middle america doesn't watch. and these are the same movies that are talked about by the same very, very small minority of people on twitter, and the
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twitter world thinks that this is what everybody's talking about whether it's movies, whether it's politics, whether it's their view on things when, in reality, middle america doesn't have that view. in reality, middle america wants to watch a movie that makes them. [laughter] they got to the gas pump and tried to fill up which has made them cry. that they don't want an arthouse flick and then told, hey, go buy a tesla. that's not the real world that most of us are living in, and that's not what hollywood should be focusing on, yet hollywood's a microcosm of the democratic party. we have what we have. >> yeah. i can't tell you the last time i went to the movie theater to watch a movie. i think a lot of people can't say that either. all right, coming up next, a fox news alert. new reports russian forces are retreating from kyiv. a live report from the ground in ukraine when we return. ♪
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[background sounds] [gunfire]
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>> we're back with a fox news alert. explosions rocking ukrainian city near a nuclear power plant and as ukrainians fight for their lives and country, president zelenskyy tells fox news victory is the only acceptable outcome of this war. >> translator: a victory of truth means victim my -- victory of ukraine and ukrainians. the question is when it will end. that is a deep question. it's a painful question. besides victory, the ukrainian people will not accept any outcome. >> and there are new reports tonight from the british defense ministry that russian forces are withdrawing from key areas around kyiv. jeff paul live on the ground in lviv. jeff, what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah, todd, russia claimed this week that they'd be pulling out troops from cities like kyiv and chernihiv as a way to establish
2:16 pm
mutual trust with these ongoing peace talks, and after a few days it would seem like more intense fighting in the cities, officials here on the ground say it does not now appear there is evidence of a withdrawal, and that's clear by some of the images out of the kyiv region as ukrainian forces push back any russian forces that remain in the area and, in fact, some officials on ground tonight saying that kyiv has been liberated. but ukrainian forces are still skeptical of this pullback, and that's for good reason. ukrainian president zelenskyy believes russian forces have created a catastrophic situation especially for folks coming back to the city. he's warning folks not to return because russia has placed mines around home, on abandoned equipment and even on the bodies of those who have been killed. u.s. officials and ukrainian officials also saying there is the possibility of redeployment in the area and in some cases a rerouteing of russian troops to the east. >> translator: they have withdrawn troops in certain areas probably in order to
2:17 pm
strengthen the grouping of the occupying forces for further offensive operations in other areas. >> reporter: now, the besieged city of mariupol more than 100,000 civilians remain trapped from the outside world. there are very little resources there to sustain life in that coastal city at the moment, and when agencies like the red cross try to enter the city to bring in aid or to rescue people, so far they have been on a wide scale very unsuccessful, so it's leaving people who are in mariupol to risk their own lives to try to get through all that russian shelling and the russian troops out there right now just to get to safer cities, in particular to western ukraine like we're at here in lviv. todd? is. >> jeff paul, thank you very much. you mentioned the rerouteing of troops to the east. there's concern, isn't there, that this is all part of a russian strategy, a new strategy if you will, in light of their failure so far in the bulk of country to really split ukraine
2:18 pm
in two. one, an area to the east that russia controls and, two, an area to the west that ukraine holds on to. is that the sense that you're getting on the ground? >> well, it would seem like a strategic move here to sort of break this land corridor that many of us have been talking about here. russian forces right now are in crimea which ukrainian officials still considered an occupied territory that's essentially theirs, so they're trying to kind of connect everything from the east all the way down from mariupol and also control the coastal port towns along the black sea. >> hey, jeff, lara trump here. just wondering, i feel like for so many of us watching from around the world it's really felt like that russia was far overestimated in this war, and ukraine was very, very much underestimated especially when we hear things like the fact that russia is retreating. of course, that could be a false
2:19 pm
flag, at least from certain areas. what is the general sentiment from folks on the ground? do the ukrainian people feel like they were underestimated and that they've far outperformed expectations? >> reporter: i think that's sort the feeling in general for ukraine and the ukrainian people. they've dealt with the russians for quite a long time. and it's something they've had to fight for and now are continuing to fight for, even as recently as 2014 in dealing with crimea and now you have their entire country being invaded by russian forces. so there's a lot of fight to them. they're a very proud people and, of course, they're going to great lengths to protect their freedom and their way of life. >> what up, jeff? tyrus here, man. first of all, how are you holding up? >> reporter: oh, it pales in comparison to what these people are going through right now, tyrus, it really does. >> you know, i kind of get that weird gut feeling when i'm looking at -- at in that
2:20 pm
withdrawal -- i'm very skeptical for peace. is there any talk on ground that there might be because of a chemical or nuclear attack? is there any concern of that? if. >> reporter: it's certainly been a topic of discussion that when you pull troops out, manager if else is going to be coming back in. there's also the concern of just doubling down or bringing in troops from elsewhere around russia to come back in. but i think it underscores really we don't know where this is going. there's only one person who truly knows what's going to happen next, and that's vladimir putin. >> hi, jeff. lisa boothe here. appreciate the work you're doing. as a appropriator in the fog of war with -- reporter in the fog of war, how do you get to the truth? there's so much propaganda. obviously, if you're russia, you want the perception that you're doing better than you are, if you're ukraine, you want to get the u.s. to be more involvedded.
2:21 pm
we also are have an administration that recently lied to us about a drone attack in afghanistan telling us it took out a terrorist when, in fact, it was an aid worker and children, so how do you get to the truth in the environment we're operating in? >> reporter: it's difficult. and part of it too is the distance especially where we're at because a lot of the fighting is happening in the east and we're, of course, in the west. and and i think this is when you really rely upon your fellow colleagues out in the field and trusted reporters and especially the people here who call ukraine home who are working with us right now. you really have to lean on them, and you have to be cautious about what you're reporting and what it really means, sort of reading in between the lines to sometimes find that truth. >> jeff, you and all our teams there in ukraine doing an amazing job. thank you for what you're doing and thank you for joining us. >> stay safe. >> jeff paul live in lviv. next, a gay disney employee slams the company as the
2:22 pm
happiest place on earth becomes the wokest. the fallout over one of the world's most popular companies next. ♪ you know that when the truth gets told -- ♪ you can get what you want or you can just get old. ♪ you're going to kick off before you even get halfway true ♪♪ ave been like for them. and as i pass it on to my daughter, it's an important part of understanding who we are. ♪simply irresistible♪ ♪ ♪ ♪simply irresistible♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. now starting at $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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muck hey, baby, there ain't no easy way out ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." move over, seattle. the new most woke place on earth is disney, and its customers and employees are taking notice. a gay worker at the company is slamming the media giant over its stance on florida's parental rights law saying disney does not speak for me. the bill does not mention the word gay once. the purposely-misleading nickname was a trojan horse. it drew people in, it got them fired up because they thought the bill was attacking g ark y people. the detractors use this to lure you in, but they wanted to hide
2:27 pm
the gender ideology part of the bill which is what people should really be concerned about. the public was being played, and gay people were being used as pawns. i think disney world is overrated, too many people and it's tooing, expensive. tyrus, about this, as the author writes, the bill does not mention gay once -- >> not even, no, not once. >> but, tyrus, we've got the media, we've got the left, they're calling it the don't say gay bill. how did that happen in. >> well, as an actor, i happen to know that we read scripts, and a lot of them are really long, thousands ask and hundreds of pages sometimes. this was, like, 6-7 pages long, so try reading it before you go against it. but again, this goes back to what i've been saying, and i jussed to say this was 10% -- used to say this was 10% of 10% on twitter, but this is literally 10% of 10% of 0%. it's all about individual achievement and virtue signaling to the individuals who do it.
2:28 pm
they're not interested in helping the greater good, it's about themselves. we saw this with black lives matter, a but individuals who claimed they were fighting for us, made a lot of money, bought a lot of homes and got in trouble with the irs but yet never helped the victims or the people in trouble. that's what the woke is. they're just the big bully at school, and when you stand up to them, they just find somebody else to pick on. that's basically what this is, again, because a lot of my gay friends, especially men, one of the most proudest things that they are a proud gay man. that is the point. they're not something else. they are still a man. so when you hear them attack, when they say boys and girls and things like that, it has nothing to do with it. and 99% of, like, for this individual who stepped up and said they don't represent me, they don't represent any of you, and that's the point. >> well, it seems like, i mean, progressives have their a finger on what's going on on twitter, but not parents. lara, i want to read you some of these quotes from parents who
2:29 pm
are slamming disney. an oklahoma mother says, clearly the executives at disney if don't know everyday moms and dads like us. and then a new jersey-based -- said they tarnished their brand. another parent, an ohio-basedded parent says this: it is time to void your household of all things disney. lara, literally all this bill does is it says to school employees, you know, don't instruct on sexual orientation and gender identity for kids under 8. if why would progressives oppose that? >> who would oppose that? who in their right mind thinks we should be talking to any child about sexuality, about sex? if i mean, gosh, kids just grow up quick enough as it is. we really want to accelerate that? it is absolutely mind mind-boggling. but i imagine that walt disney is turning over in his grave right now seeing how absurd this stance is that disney if took. they didn't need to take a stance at all.
2:30 pm
they didn't need to get involved in this at all. when corporations and companies do this, it is always the wrong move. it always hurts them, it always makes people dislike them because you have to remember that half the country, and i would say far more than half the country at this point, disagrees with whatever stance you're putting out there. it's just really insane sane because you think about disney as the place as a parent that you can turn to for wholesome entertainment, where you're allowed to go escape these sort of things with your kids, and that is no more. people have very clearly seen that does not exist. there is an agenda. maybe best there's been one all along that we didn't really know about, but i'll tell you one thing, i have never taken my kids to disney. fortunately, they are young enough that they're not yet interested, so maybe we got out of this whole deal scot-free -- >> they're going to miss z that mom and dad -- [inaudible conversations] they're going to miss that mom and dad money. >> todd, you know, first of all -- >> they will.
2:31 pm
>> -- i saw your reaction to my if controversial statement about disney, so we'll get to that. but first, you know, they're messing with someone in governor ron desantis who really isn't backing down from this fight with disney. he's calling into question this special self-governing status that disney has in the state of florida. they've had it for 55 years under state law. he says, you know what? maybe they shouldn't have this special self-governing status. there's also been a state representative who's said as much as well. should they repeal it senate should they get rid of it? >> i mean, it's a total boss move by desantis, and i think it's a great play. whether or not it'll actually come to fruition is unclear, but desantis knows he has the people on his side. to tyrus' point, this is a very, very small subset of employees at disney -- that disney is trying to placate. to lara's point, think about the people that are not going to go to disney world because of this. it's the mom and dad and two and a half kids who are no longer going to spend a week at disney,
2:32 pm
disney properties, going to the parks, buying the food. yet they're appealing to, again, that person on twitter who may go there once every couple years to get some selfies with their friends to put on instagram. it is a horrible business move. and to focus on the hypocrisy of it all. where are these employees? are they not fired up that disney's trying to do business in about a dozen countries that prohibit home homosexuality? it seems like that's a great area to start. >> well, that's a great point. like, insulting us, right? we all know that they're maybe the only ones -- or they do and they just don't care. i'm just not going to disney because i'm cheap. i don't have kids yet. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> the prices have skyrocketed. >> yeah. what is it? >> i don't fit in the rides, so i never go. [laughter] >> you're a very large, strong man. >> 6-8, 348 pounds, they weren't
2:33 pm
thinking of that when they built it. i'm not tic tinkerbell. >> >> not with tyrus are. >> biden keeps blaming record high inflation on everything from putin to covid, but now there's evidence that biden should actually look in the mirror. that's next many. ♪ another one bites the dust. ♪ another one bites the dust. ♪ and another one's gone and another one's gone -- ♪ another one bites the dust ♪♪ you can't prevent what's going on outside, that's why qulipta™ helps what's going on inside. qulipta™ is a pill. gets right to work to prevent migraine attacks and keeps them away over time. qulipta™ blocks cgrp a protein believed to be a cause of migraine attacks. qulipta™ is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie can help you save on qulipta™.
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find what we wanted, where we wanted. so we could finally buy our first "big boi house." big boi house. big boi foyer! big boi marble. big boi quartz. word? ever get a sign the universe is trying to tell you something? to each their home. the clues are all around us! not that one. that's the one. at university of phoenix, you could earn your master's degree in less than a year for under $11k. learn more at muck we didn't start the fire. ♪ it was always burning since world's been turning. ♪ we didn't start the fire -- >> in case you're wondering what the theme is, it's billy joel. a lot of music involving mr. joel, and we all love him because we're all from the new york area. welcome back to "the big saturday show." pridingen taking -- president biden taking no responsibility for the inflation sweeping the nation. >> our prices are rising because
2:38 pm
of putin's a action. the significant reason why prices are up is because of covid affecting the supply chain. the reason for inflation is that we have a supply chain problem that is really severe. at the bottom, the bottom of it all is covid. >> a new report from the federal reserve bank of san francisco says that may not be the case and that, you guessed it, government spending may be the true culprit. the report says, quote: fiscal support measures designed to counteract the severity of the pandemic's economic effects have contributed to this divergence by raising inflation about three percentage points by the end of 2021. lara, how bad does it look for joe biden when he blames literally everything else? he blamed tyrus for inflation at one point. >> what? [inaudible conversations] >> not only does he not blame government spending, he actively says, no, government spending has nothing to do with it. and then the san francisco fed
2:39 pm
comes out and says, no, it's government spending. how bad does he look, lara? >> i mean, he always looks bad. he looks bad no matter what he's saying. but particularly when we have proof of exactly the opposite of what he's saying, and everyone knows what changed. i mean, go back to who our president was before president donald trump and how different things felt in america. yes, at the end of his administration there was a pandemic, but people were doing great under donald trump. businesses were booming. my gosh, the average gas price was $2.57 a gallon. imagine if seeing that anywhere. i mean, your head would explode these days because that's unthinkable that they were that low. it has all changed since joe biden became president of the united states, and it is because of his bad policies and all the piles of the democrats -- policies of the democrats. you can't just print money and think there's no ramifications. of course somebody's got to hold
2:40 pm
the bag at the end of the day and, unfortunately, it is now the american people. it's crazy. but, yeah, todd, he looks awful. >> and we're holding the bag to the tune of a $5200 per year. that's a nugget that i don't know a lot of american families have have necessarily budgeted for. think about that. you come up with your yearly budget, you have to add an extra $5200 on that because of inflation. also, lisa, this san francisco fed basically said the reason that this is happening is because the united states government pumped money in because of covid is. it also said a lot of other countries did not doha same thing, and they are -- did not do that same thing, and they are not experiencingen inflation problems. it's not like we had a better outcome with regard to covid, lisa, than other countries. so my question for you, where's the money, booth? >> todd, you need to go to kickboxing, you need to go home, you need to have a margarita and
2:41 pm
go out and buy a $of -- $60,000 tesla, because clearly that's the most responsible thing to do. that's what irks me, just the administration's disdain for the pain and suffering of americans, that those are their responses in how to address all this. and what's even more frustrating than that is, obviously, all this is caused by the government itself. it wasn't covid that shut down the economy, it was the government that shut down the economy. i don't need a fancy to tell -- study to tell me that all this led to inflation. who thinks you can shut down an economy, that you can kill all these businesses, inject trillions of dollars of taxpayer money into the economy and and just magically turn it back on and everything's going to be fine? you don't need a fancy study to tell you that's not going to be fine, that that's going to lead to some serious problems. and then they keep making it worse and adding insult to injury, using what's happening in ukraine to push their climate change agenda instead of pushing
2:42 pm
here in america where we can do it clean and efficiently and it would be to the betterment of america? we're going to rely on regimes that aren't going to do it in a more clean fashion? it's all a joke anyway. but, yeah, you know, i'm just irritated with all of this, and this biden guy's gotta go. >> well, lisa -- >> gonna join you on that. >> the fancy shmancy folks at cnn have a response -- >> well, they're wrong. >> the key to reducing our economic exposure to high gasoline and diesel prices is to simply use less gasoline and diesel. that's something, of course, that will take a long time to play out, but it's a more effective and way to reduce our exposure to this volatility. >> tyrus, you're fancy -- >> yeah, yeah. no -- said no one ever. >> yeah. so according to the cnn expert on gas prices, you're a parent.
2:43 pm
are you not supposed to take your kids to school because you can't drive as much as you did to take them to school? are you not supposed to go to work? >> first of all, you kind of said a double negative. you said cnn expert -- [laughter] let's not go there. second of all, it's gonna take a really long time for that to happen. yeah, like decades. here's the thing, there's nothing more warming to an american's heart when your commander many in chief blames problems on other people and is other places and has no solutions, and that's what this is, no solution. and then they blame, you know, it was the trucking stuff coming in and being delayed and being all this stuff. you know what why? -- you know why? because of your federal mandates that made it impossible for workers to work, and then you pumped all the ppp and the restaurant restoration act, these wonderful things to help women and minorities and small business owners? 40% of that money was, went to other places, and americans never got it. there was so much corruptness.
2:44 pm
hunter biden's art show got money, but everybody else got approved for money, they took loans for money and then there was no money. so that's why there's so many businesses out of -- that have gone, so many americans who are dying at the pump because they're still hurting from your help when you pumped free money and you just printed money, and you didn't even make sure it got to the right address. see what i mean? i'm getting upset, lisa, see what i'm saying? if i'm supposed to be a meanhea- [laughter] this is the most corrupt administration we have ever seen. just the free money that they sent out to the meshes -- americans went to buddies, friends. matter of fact, in louisiana people, they put minorities and women to the front, and you know what they did? they said it was unconstitutional, put 'em in the back, and all the strip clubs got the money. so you do the math. it's not putin, it's biden and his progressive, we're seeing this is why the woke progressives should not ever be
2:45 pm
in power. >> amen. >> they be in power next year? the media predicts the midterm elections will be a bloodbath and a shellacking for the democrats, so why this surprising admission? we debate it next. ♪ ♪ [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. ♪♪♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system.
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♪ just like the one-winged dove -- >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." the 2022 midterm elections are approaching, and many polls indicate democrats are this trouble. now, even the liberal media is saying this could be a bloodbath for the dems if the biden administration doesn't start make some serious changes. >> it looks like it's going to be a bloodbath for the democrats if they don't turn things around. >> if you have 71% -- forget, 65% wrong track is a bad number. 71%, that's why it is in the is shellacking category. >> you know, todd, i'm going to start with you because that little clip, they left out the part of "the view," sunny, who thinks the world revolves around her -- see what i did there -- the best way to fix these problems is for biden to do
2:50 pm
what? executive orders. your thoughts. >> no. that's not how democracy works. this is from the crew of people on the left that constantly tell us how democracy is in trouble. okay. if democracy is in trouble, then why do you consistently push forward, oh, executive action is just the way to solve all problems. no, it's not. executive actions do not involve congress. congress is part of our denial crass. you -- democracy. you need to realize that when you make a statement like that, sunny, you're saying that dem cat doesn't count and we should -- democracy doesn't count and we should live in a dictatorship. she also went on to say that aoc is right, they need to cater to the far left if they want to win the midterms, said is nobody else ever aside from that 10% of 10% of 10% that you mentioned on twitter. >>ny's so bright though, how could she get that wrong? okay, i'll stop. lara, i'm just going to play this. [laughter]
2:51 pm
go ahead. aoc dropping knowledge. i want your response at the end of it. >> folks may think that these are kind of independent or swing voters that are contributing to his polling and what not. it's actually young people who have not really been served. their priorities were many in bbb which senator manchin has essentially stalled. and, you know, student loan debt, significant forgiveness of student loan debt is what the president can do to serve them. >> so play to the young people who don't want to pay their loans. that's what, that's where we're at? >> right. well, of course. i mean, this is how they think they're going to get votes now. they've tried everything else, and nothing has worked. i'm just going to say to joe biden, yes, please take advice from alexandria ocasio-cortez, please listen to her as we head towards the midterms and really focus in on the very far-left, fringe stuff that she wants you to do because, you know what, tyrus?
2:52 pm
nobody wants any of it. you know, you looked at things that people like aoc and her squad have advocated for like defund the police, and in recent polling people said they were the least likely folks that they would vote for, anyone that wants to defund the police. guess who it's most likely they're going to vote for? people who want to fund the police. it's sort of astoppishing to see that -- astonishing to see as this ship is sinking for the democrats, it's also on fire. they haven't course corrected. they are still coming out with people like aoc trying to give this nonsensical advice that is bad for america, that is going to get us into a bigger issue and is going to make life even worse for the american people. but i guess at this point i'm just getting my popcorn and sitting back. i'm ready for the midterms in november. >> oh, yeah, it's going to be a show. lisa, i hate to do in this to you, but nancy pelosi said that if we don't -- [laughter] if republicans get in the seat, it'll be the end of democracy.
2:53 pm
i'm just going to let you go. >> obviously, everything's going swimmingly right now finish. [laughter] it's a choose your own adventure novel about what's wrong with the country. there's something for everyone to be fired up and angry about by what's going on in the nation if; inflation, the border, ukraine, leaving americans behind in afghanistan. it has all gone to hell under joe biden. look, i was in 2010 are republicans pick up 63 seats in the house, i'm getting flashbacks. you look at every metric, wrong track, right track, gop fund raising last quarter, i think there's at least 53 gop candidates raising over $53,000. you look at approval ratings, literally every metric is bad for democrats. so i am a praying that we get a little bit of sanity at least in congress to, you know, kneecap joe biden so we can get him out in 2024. >> oh, i feel you.
2:54 pm
>> tonya harding action. >> ooh, not the harding. don't go anywhere, big saturday flops are next. ♪ saturday in the park, i think it was the fourth of july ♪♪ when tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our insoles are designed with unique massaging gel waves, for all-day comfort and energy. find your relief all of this is humanitarian aid in store or online.
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2:58 pm
nothing brought me as much right as this. maxine waters, homeless people to go home. >> i want everyone to go. >> we don't have no home, that's why we are here. >> she then tried to get the story squashed by telling a reporter you don't want to publish that, it will be back for the people, bad for you. bad for you, maxine and that's why you in the clip were perfect for the democratic party and why you will likely lose this november. >> she's a real nice lady. bless her heart is what we say in the south. delta airlines flight made an emergency landing after a windshield in the cockpit shattered at 30,000 feet in the air. look at the cockpit, the window.
2:59 pm
isn't it enough with tsa and masks? now you have to worry about the windshields cracking on the airlines. i hope we never have to experience a flight like that. >> today former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick with the come back to the nfl and the university of michigan spring football game. it fourth and 99 how your football career is looking, i'm not saying it's over but it's over. >> he's undergoing a woke makeover, new york times looking for insensitive words from the popular puzzle game. as soon as everyone does something, i don't want to do it so i've not done it. >> it's good if you're not jumping out for. >> exactly.
3:00 pm
>> i'm not going to lie, it's almost as fun as the maxine waters clip, i've enjoyed this. >> nobody does it better than i do. >> who tells homeless people to go home go? come on. >> do you know who does that? vaccine waters does that. >> tomorrow 5:00 p.m. but big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott next. ♪♪ ♪♪


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