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tv   Lawrence Jones Cross Country  FOX News  April 2, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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buzzwords and jargon and get you lost in the weeds so that you forget what you are talking about see when you can see this on fox nation weekdays from 12 - three, domestic and it is a furnace tonight unfiltered indo for you to set your dvr and will see back here next saturday night and 9:00 p.m. >> good evening america big show on cross country kriemg crime is america is out of control and police officers who defend our safety is runs being handcuffed retired nypd officer goes on the record. >> jumping, graffiti, public drinking -- the perception of crime an the crime and it is chaotic and it is just -- >> you don't want to miss exclusionive interview and while crime and inflation cry rocket
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white house thought now would be a good time to reohm the border. >> there will be an influx of people to the border. >> wasn't it just last year that the president himself told migrants not to come. >> i can say don't come. >> plus a slap for ages will smith is out of the academy -- and we attended chris rock's first show since. >> it was a better show. >> finally dr. fauci says don't be surprised if lock downs return. >> we should be prepared and flexible enough to pivot towards going back at least temporarily to a more ridged type of restriction. all of that enso much more and don't want to miss any of that and first a fox news alert russian forces retreating from capitol of kyiv but they're leaving traps behind.
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jeff paul is live in lviv with the latest. jeff what can you tell us? >> lawrence days after it appeared fighting had actually gotten more intense in kyiv region officials now say there's evidence of a russian troop withdrawal. some even going as far as saying that kyiv has been liberated, however, ukrainian forces have skepticism about all of that and for good reason. ukrainian president volodymr zelenskyy believe russian forces have created a dangerous environment for civilians trying to get into kyiv he's warning people who do return to kyiv might not want to be doing that so quickly because they believe russian forces replacing mines around homes and abandoning equipment and in the bodies of those who have been killed. those who have lived through the attacks in kyiv say assault by russian troops were relentless without remorse of who was being targeted.
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>> such dying in ukraine -- >> should see this -- >> besiege city of mariupol more than 100,000 civilians remain trayed from the outside world. there are little resources to sustain life in that coastal city at the moment in the agencies like the red cross, are trying to get folks to evacuate and get aid in but every time they do they say they're having a hard time doing so for the people who have mansioned to escape and get through nonstop shelling and bombardment by force they end up here lawrence in lviv which have become somewhat of a safe haven for those getting caught in the cross fire. lawrence. lawrence: jeff paul thanks excellent reporting. joining us now is retired army general and author of chasing the lion. anthony tata general thank you so much for joining me.
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what is your reaction to the russians leaving? is this a defeat finally for putin? >> hey lawrence thank you for being with you. i think it is premature to call it a defeat, i think as the reporter just mentioned there's movie trap, there's improvise explosion devices there's mind feels of, you know, russians were digging in and prepared to fight. i would call it a repositioning of forces, i think what putin sees is that the zelenskyy rally in country rallied the nation rallied as troops, rally the world, and they're count attacking from what we in merle call entireon lines of communication which are better than attacking some russians are from exterior inloos of lines and resupply and get momentum and it is a good example like you see in the very far east from the bass region, the european forces and i command
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ukrainian troops and coast which i was 101st airborne commander there and they commanded a deep attack into russia using time hospital attack helicopters and that shows some real sophistication there. so if putin is quote unquote retreating, he's doing so because ukrainians are pressuring them hard and fighting from interior lines of communication. lawrence: general, my colleague bret baier did a exclusive interview with the ukrainian president zelenskyy with comments that i wanted to get your reaction to. let's attack look. did you order the attack into russian soil the ukrainian helicopter attack on a russian military depot across from kharkiv acrossed border in russia? >> i'm sorry -- i do not discuss any of my orders as commander in chief.
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what matters for us is that you and the whole world should know that we are a country at war. we were attacked. >> so general my question is was this just the president projecting strength or was this the ukrainians first offensive attack? >> well lawrence what i would say is that's a yes. you know, he's being very coy about it as he should and wouldn't give away operational details and let's remember while we're all applauding rightfully zelenskyy, the biden administration's first official policy position on this war way back when it started over a month ago was to remove zelenskyy from power they offered him an exit out. and think about that that's putin main goal is to get rid of zelenskyy right now and have regime change to own that country. and the biden administration offered hail way out nobody is talking about it.
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and they wanted zelenskyy famously said i don't need a ride i need weapons i need support and so what you see there is a good leader and think about if he were not there what would be happening and thank god he's there rallying the troops leading the nation, and fighting hard and he's an excellent leader. he's a combat leader. he's a commander in chief and combat that is focusing his forces on defending their nation. lawrence: this ukrainian people thought it was an insult when the u.s. decide they were going make this offer to get him out of there. this is a leader that wants to stay and fight and command these forces -- general thanks so much for coming in on the breaking news. >> that you think. thank you. >> russian forces are fleeing from chernobyl but did they leave a nuclear mess behind and advisor to the secretary of
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commerce seth thank you so much for joining the program. you know, aye been reading some of the reports and it said that you know, that they were digging trenches so my question is how does this happen? >> well, i don't think this news is correct. we're waiting to hear from the international atonic energy what their evaluation is. topsoil along the roadways -- somewhat show that soil have been remove and remediated over last 36 years. there have been people with radiation detecters throughout that region clearing out any radio act eve hot spots. idea that russian troops were randomly digging trenches and found something very radio active, is i think quite farfetched. and after 36 years, given how those materials would delay that someone got a few radiation sickness from it -- i think strains i would wait to hear from the international atonic energy agency if they
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would validate any of these claims. lawrence: why are they targeting these nuclear facilities? what's the end goal there? >> we really don't know for certain. clearly, they've been targeting important infrastructure in the country trying to see the control. and other nuclear power plants is to control the power of the country nuclear provides 5% of the electricity to ukraine. so that's clearly a strategic asset to control if you're trying to cease the country. i don't think russia counted on the townspeople around these plants in ukraine's military and people at the plants themselves to put up so much resistance. >> also a report going around about russian jet equipped with nukes. entering the swedish air space -- i guess my question is, do you believe those reports a, and b, if they are true what should be
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response from nato? >> right, well first of all sweden is not a nato member country head and russian planes into u.s. air spaes and i'm sure response by nato aircraft would have been immediate to make sure those aircraft get out of the space immediately. i think that souid has handle the the distinct very well out at sea in swedish air space we don't know for sure there were any nuclear weapons on any of these planes russian did not land planes and see what's inside. but clearly, it is a provocative move clearly there needs to be statements from nato not to do this in any nato member country and perhaps time to start making statements about supporting air spaes and nonnato member countries nearby -- lawrence: seth thank you so much for your insight we have to run. thanks so much. fear is growing that a major
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biden policy shift could trigger a mass migration event at our southern boarld. plus -- you know how we've been covering homeless crisis in liberal cities? well maxine water just told those people to go home -- >> i want everybody to go home. >> we ain't got no home. that's why we're here. ♪ ♪
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welcome back so bhiefded aings r mrgs is set to set the trump era policy 42 next month. but even democrats are warning that nixing public health illegal immigration will trigger a, quote, mass migration event. that's on top of the thousands of migrants rushing over our southern border every day. like these groups that fox caught on camera and eagle path texas today. joining me now someone who seen the crisis firsthand former acting i.c.e. director my friend tom. so kate who is the communications director admitted on camera this week that it is going cause this mass in?rowx
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why even do it? >> welt look there's already a mass influx. i mean who is he kidding since become president last year we have what 1.9 million which was historic high and already this year lawrence we're at a glide path if you look what the we've done first six month of the fiscal year over 2 million that's what title 42 is in place so already mass migration and title 42 it is numbers like you've never seen before. look just last month it got leaked and saw the report 62,000 got away. in one mongt 62,000 people enter the country illegally and not apprehended and made to the united states, and secretary didn't want to say border is closed border is secure 62,000 got away. if we look at -- project rest of the year you have over 700,000 got aways you're going to have well over 2 million encounters, and that's with title 42 in place so when they lift had 2 god help us as a
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nation we have lost operation control of our southern boarld. we've lot since joe biden become president with these kind of numbers we haven't had control of the border since trump left office. and that's a stone cold fact base on everybody can look at. >> the senator from west virginia joe manchin is telling president to reconsider border agents fox digital to get that. you've been on the ground at the border patrol and you're at i.c.e. what is it like to be a border agent when all of this is happening to the country and the president is essentially endorsing it? et >> well look the president has abandoned border patrol the secretary has abandoned border patrol look 20,000 men and women wearing that uniform i qoar that back in the 80s most of my life these guys are american heros and they will show up to work every day put lives on line for a president or secretary that doesn't want to secure the
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border. and what they're seeing is tragedy look lawrence, what this administration suddenly came in office we're going undue trump policy because they're inhumane and people suffered let's be clear president biden more migrants have died under president biden than any year of my career. two over hundred thousand drug overdoses most of this fentanyl and coming across border highest ever and we're not talking about the migrants that die in mexico, migrants that died in panama. look, these policies are killing people. so people need to be concerned we're in trouble as a nation and that is talking about the national security issue. border patrol is 17 and fbi screening database and 6 00,000 gots away so how many of them are nonsuspect terrorists this is an issue we need to be concerned with. >> thank you so much sir. now i want to bring in arizona
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attorney general mark brnovich thanks so much for joining the program you're one of the 14ag callings homeland security secretary -- to resign tell me about this breaking news about repealing 42 what is your quick topline thoughtings on it? >> title 42 is one of the last remaining toolings that we have in our tool box to stop this catastrophe at the southern border is we all know that more than 2 million people entered if this policy is resngd we will see 500,000 additional people illegally enter our country essentially entire population of a place like kansas city, missouri. so what the left is doing is they're overwhelming our social system, the safety net, and quite frankly our communities are less safe because of the massive influx of methamphetamine, and fentanyl coming into our community. lawrence: so the president switch gears with you but same area in that 5.8 trillion dollar
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budget that he proposed is also proposing that 1150 million dollars of that budget be directed toward legal fees, attorneys fees for illegals. >> yeah. lawrence i all rightly was at the u.s. supreme court a little more than a month ago personally arguing that it is biden administration resending public charge rule to give welfare benefits and essentially monetize incentivize people coming herein when you see this budget literally they want to decrease number of i.c.e. beds by 25% and literally give 150 million as you just indicated to lawyers. essentially lawyer that are defending people that are in the country illegally. my goodness there's a hardworking middle class guy who group here in arizona people are struggling my neighborhood to buy groceries and gas -- they can't afford 40e78 homes and now democrats in congress and cartel kelly want 150 million dollars of taxpayer money to lawyers -- so they can help people break the law.
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quite frankly i thought this was an april fools day joke when i first heard it. i mean, but yolk is on american taxpayers. the biden administration their policies in his enablers in congress are making us less safe, and americans are dying and now we're going waste taxpayer dollars to incentivize people breaking the law it is crazy. lawrence: you have american people that are living pay dhoak paycheck gas prices are going up every time they go to store to pay more for beef and other goods in the store. and you would think that the administration would be more concerned about them instead they take the taxpayers money and they want to give them to illegals. attorney general thank you for standing up for the people of arizona. >> thank you. you got it. anthony fauci warns new covid variant are likely does that mean lockdowns will come back? plus a report with a tie between the cdc and teachers union we thought that was going down. we'll have the details on that. that's next on cross country.
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lawrence: we should be prepared and flexible enough to pivot towards going back at least temporarily to a more ridged type of restriction. americans across country demanding an end to lingering
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federal and state covid restrictions that continue to overstay their welcome. but doctor fauci says it may never be clear where lockdowns were worth it in the first place and now he's warning of more potential restrictions. [laughter] congress mark sits on the house sub committee on coronavirus -- crisis task force he joins me now. all right congressmen, so we've seen the impact on average day people and businesses as well as the students. why is he doing this again covid is never going to go away and continue to mutate. >> fauci just wants i think he's gotten addicted to fame i don't know why he keeps saying this stuff they overreacted massively and tennessee my home state we did not shut down our economies we did not shut down our schools and -- we're doing just fine. so doctor fauci is a little out of touch with reality. >> yeah. some would say he loves cram i
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have this report that's on your website released about the coordination between the unions in the cdc you say in this -- in this first finding that they were approving the draft before they went out to the public. how does something like this happen? enches well, it happens because there's a massive conflict of interest the unions give millions of dollars to this administration help them get elected and, of course, the cdc who by the way, should be consulting the science and not the unions you know gotten this draft basically written by the union if you look at the report five of the paragraphs are almost very bait m very -- you think of a high schoolers report who doesn't have a footnote when you coif that much stuff. that kid could get an f for
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plagiarism. it's obscene and i just it makes no sense -- well it makes sense if you understand where the money goes. and the money goes from the unions to the democrats and they hired, you know, cdc director. lawrence: always follow the money. speaking of the cdc director this is what she had to say. watch. we in that context engage as we often do with organization and groups that are impacted by our guidance and our recommendations at the agency. so said in a statement they saw input from 14 different organizations to, quote, adequately address the safety and well being of individuals and guiding and aim to protect they say these inform to benefit in official feedback do you buy it congressman? >> not at all one we asked for name of're agencies and vice hat
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seen it yet but i'm sorry i thought the krrk dxes full of md and ph.d. consulting science not the teacher union and teacher union wrote the thing you can look at it it is almost very and no footnote of the copy of the union this is medical journals they're doctors. they know the requirements. we have over 100 journals core journals in this country every one have criteria you're to disclose any conflict of interest financial conflict of interest they didn't do that. and you have to appropriately document your sources they failed to do that. these are the doctors that the cdc who are supposed to be leaning on the science. they're leaning on the people who gave donations to the democrat party. >> unbelievable congress man thanks so much for joining me. >> thanks lawrence. >> so my next two guests are actively wore to recover from the impact of the remote learning and brook cofounders of
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the literacy education they join me now in studio ladies, thanks so much for joining me on the program burt first how bad is it? >> unfortunately this school year has been a little bit of a disaster. many students at least 50.of students entering the classroom right now came in not meeting bench marks for their grade level what does that mean? that means you're in a class of 20 students ten come in and they're not able to learn the curriculum that's been taught because they haven't learned previous year curriculum so we really have a reading crisis in this country reading levels are at 20 year low at this poangt. >> mary what do you see in the classroom? >> well we're working with children lawrence all over america virtually and in person. the hardest hit grades are kindergarten through grade 2 these children are learning or meant tore learning foundational skills for reading -- and for success in school. they just have not been able to get those skills and then going back to school in person, was
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wonderful. but wearing masks unfortunately was a challenge for learning phonics, your letter sounds, learning how to make the letters -- they've been hardest hit. k-2 -- lawrence: wow. brook when you see the potential dr. fauci saying that there maybe another lockdown that means that these kids may be going back to remote learning i don't to scare people this is a serious topic. can you undo that type of damage if we go through this again? >> we're going to see more setbacks that's unfortunate situation here so if i'm putting that in real first term average is coming into the classroom this year not knowing their letters and sounds. those are skills that we start teaching in prekindergarten at age four and those are skills who solidify at age 5 and 6 and 7 don't know that and kick the can down the roads and eight-year-olds who don't know their letters and sowngsdz as mary was saying phonics has to be taught explicitly not
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something to pick through osmosis and if we miss more instructional time that's problematic new york city one of the largest scringts school district has a chronic absentee rate los angeles 46.are chronically absentee because students use school as optional. parents are afraid of covid, substitute teacher because out sick and school is becoming optional and that's a problem. children need to be in school and learning. lawrence: what is the mood in the classroom from the students? are they agitated? because they're not getting the proper learning -- >> absolutely. children want to learn. teachers want to teach. this is not an indictment of teachers or schools. children want to be there. and yes, they are happy in new york city at least that there's no more masks. they feel free. but they feel frustrated at
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times because again there's, you know, they go to remote or they have to be out for several weeks so there's such disruptions in learning that there's a frustration. i mean, let's not even get into the social emotional impacts of school closures. on children of all ages -- so there's an excitement yet there's still a frustration on their part because we have not figured this out. this was an experiment back in march of 2020. it didn't work. lawrence: shouldn't be experimenting on children. and i'm not sure we know ramifications still enough -- but thank you merriam for fighting for our kids y'all are two of the good ones thank you for stangtding up for them up next crime is surge in major cities across the u.s. and police continue to be demonized by the public. the media does it too. i spoke to veteran police officer about it -- and what he thinks is to blame.
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welcome become to cross krkt a crime wave continues to impact american cities from coast to coast. and new york city a 12-year-old boy shots in the head and killed thursday. authorities have confirmed he was just an innocent bystander in chicago, gunfire erupted throughout the city friday killing three and wounding seven including 15-year-old boy. and houston a texas sheriff deputy died thursday night after being shot in a grocery store parking lot. he was buying food for his sister's birthday so with criminals i spoke an nypd veteran who spent nearly 30 years on the force keeping our streets safe. he told me about how the war on cops is making it more difficult
7:39 pm
for officers all across america to safely do their job. watch. [sirens] i'm with scott at the 44 rt precinct this is where it all started. j back in 1991. what was life like back then? >> it was a violent place back then i think my first year cover 1.6 square miles and i think we have 89 homicides in that 1.6 mile area just in that precinct robberies were common place. how did you clean that up? >> public got sick of the crime media was outrage and they call upon politicians at that time mayor david dinkins to take action and mayor dinkins push through what was called a safe streets safe city program which brought money to hire cop in four years. sorchg we have show of force that talked about what was the
7:40 pm
next component as it relates to police and leadership that clean this place up? >> a lot of it had to do with broken windows and broken window theory enforcement basically that small violation of public disorder lead to larger crimes and style jumping, graffiti public drinking, the perception of crime leads to crime. if people think that a place is chaotic and they can get away with small violation it just -- snowballs. >> overall crime just in this precinct alone is up 92%. what happens? >> a lack of will on the part of the leadership of the city. they don't want police to do the job anymore. >> the people that i've talked to all of the time they say they want someone, they want the police to come could be soon behind bars so who are the people that say you guys got to get out of here? >> i think in last couple of years there's been -- more people turning against the
7:41 pm
police because the media has turned against the police. >> you think it is the media? >> social media is a big part of it. >> yeah. >> media plays off what's on social media. >> talking about antipolice sentiments that's geng on. now you have cops actually being shot at. targeted -- you experience this when you're on the force as well. smg yeah unfortunately i did. tragically during a three-year period from 1949 to 1997 just working this area. i had three police officers shot in the line of duty. >> two officers in new york now first grade detective that were killed execution style. is there any similarity from how cops were starting to be treated° that high crime area in time to how it is right now? >> to be honest i think as far as the way that public treats the police officers it is worse now.
7:42 pm
>> it is worse now. i really think it is hatred for pleasers has belt up so much that people are just walking up to them and shooting them and for no reason. rng you feel like these criminals are empowered to go after the cop? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i think amount of hatred that is expressed towards police officers on social media if you go on twitter some of these twitter pages are just i mean openly calling for asac nation of police officers. lawrence: cream overall in new york is up 60%. >> yes. lawrence: what is it beginning to take to steady the ship? >> the will the people of new york and take the city council to back the police commission as i did. it is geng to take the people of the city to back the cops. and not be so quick to be reactionary police work is violent and confrontation and people have to thralls you can't get violent criminals off the street with kind words. lawrence: tough love from a man
7:43 pm
that did it every day for over 20 years we appreciate him and bring in tracy from san francisco police officers association. lieutenant thanks so much as always for joining me. you know, one thing that we continue to see is these d.a. and progressive cities one in your city as well. that it is you see the wrap sheet you see it is a known criminal they continue to commit violent acts. but they let them right back on the street. when is it going to end? >> thank you. i mean, you're exactly right when is it beginning to end how many chances do you give a person who clearly shows that they're not ready to turn over a new leaf? and want to do the same thing over and over and over again -- and they just feel that it's their right now, you know when the detective was talking you know, there's a 200% increase of ambush of officers between 2020 and 2021, 19 officers were
7:44 pm
killed ambush style, an he's right about people just coming up and feeling like they can just commit a crime against the police officer or any citizen. you see them pushing them off the subway platform what is that? >> lieutenant -- i tiewk my sources all across the country. they can't steal the police academy nobody wants to do the job until they don't want to lose their family if there's an that accident happened or they want to be thrown urkdz under bus or they don't want to lose their life in liven duty because people are just walking up to cops and literally -- assassination style killings them. you talk about detectives who lost their fliefs would you want that job? would anyone want to be a cop today? no, we can't even fill our police academy no one is come toes to rescue and those left that have to pick up pieces and banding together and go out tods our job because communities need
7:45 pm
us. right the communities are under attack. we just had a drive by shooting with the ak47 yesterday in broad daylight so, i mean, criminals are so emboldened because these prosecutors aren't prosecuting. they don't care about prosecutorring anyone. they want to open jails and let everybody walk out and do whatever the hell they want. with no consequences. so an attack on a police officer is really a attack on the moral fiber of society and once you allow that to happen and continue to happen unimpeded will tear down society and good luck you're on your own. lawrence: playing all of these different situations happen across the krpght where the criminals are just emboldened they do what they want to do. lieutenant if you were in charge and you could enact some policies day one -- what would you do? >> i mean you commit a crime you're going jail. you know if i can wear triple
7:46 pm
hat. that simple. be the proximate result. like if you're getting arrested you're going jail and you're held responsible. you know did your parents do what you wanted to do no right there were cons chemical weaponses to bad behavior and what you're seeing playing out on the careen is just some good awful bad behavior because people are like well i'll do what i want to do because who will check me beau -- no one is getting checked lawrence no one these criminals are running rampant doing whatever they want, and people who can afford to have security or who are establish living behind gated communities that's for the little people to deal with. right not them. so again, who is beginning to check them if it is not us who will check them? >> lieutenant you're so right about the parenting. my parents i'm from texas they would always say a hard hair make a soft behind. >> yes. i've been there. heard that. lawrence: that's right. thank you for joining the program tonight.
7:47 pm
coming up breaking news moments ago involving will smith net flex and sony, we have the details plus the fans told me at chris rk's first show since notorious slap. that's next on cross country. for under $11k. learn more at
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welcome become to cross country so just moments ago new reports claim netflix and sony are pausing some of will smith upcoming projects that announce account latest fallout after smith slap comedian chris rock at the oscar from making a joke about his wife. here now to weigh in fox news contributor john concha so reaction to the brags news is this it for brother will? >> lawrence, the dominoes are falling now. right, we've seen this movie before will smith is likely on his way to being canceled and as reported will smith resigned also to avoid being removed from the academy awards board. i did the same thing once at a pizza place i did in college you can't fire me but i quit and smea is screwed here. they should have removed will submit after he slayed chris rock they did and all of the actor who is gave him standing ovation i'm sorry helped underscore why most americans think members of that industry
7:52 pm
are profoundly out of touch with the rest of the country. and that's why lawrence, 25 years ago, 57 million people watch the oscars on abc i know i did. 57 million think about that -- last sunday 15 million tuned in. more than 40 million viewers gone. why? because escapism is gone it is largely a political show, and it is aimed at one direction as we know lawrence so now with will smith -- you got to think now it is geng to be hard to see him again because first thing you think of is him slapping chris rock and not of independence day or all of the other great movies that he's been in -- right like king richard and therefores that where we are. >> it goes against his brand that is the main problem that he's dealing with right now. i have the opportunity to go to boston to catch chris rock's first show i twawk some folks i thought this is what they have to say. watch this. >> organically. what do you think about the performance? >> it was tight man that was
7:53 pm
chris rock. >> i love he didn't brick up will smith scenario. but -- >> talked about it more? >> by i understand -- >> hype made it a better show regardless of the fact he didn't talk about it. >> so i went to the show he took the high ground high road so what do you think? >> lawrence he hasn't really reacted to this in any way shape or form publicly right in other words will smith apologized. and chris rock didn't respond on instagram or any sort of interview or stand-up as you know saying okay i accept your apology. he's not said anything in any way shape or form all i do know is -- that tickets for chris rock for $50 are going tore $600 you saw a big demanding for this guy so if he doesn't say anything maybe he's angry about what happened
7:54 pm
more money he makes at this point but i have to think that chris rock is thinking ultimately he didn't want this to happen. but at the same time he is benefiting from it. >> he says show he's still processing it and he's going eventually address it and it will be funny. i want to change gears to another l.a. story -- this is auntie maxine talking to the homeless. watch. >> i want everybody to go home. and i want you -- >> we ain't got no home. that's why we're here. [inaudible conversations] >> i mean unbelievable. go home -- really? look -- maxine waters lawrence, resides in the richest 1%. she's reportedly worth millions of dollarings. i don't think a lot of people know that so, of course, telling homeless to go home to homes they don't have. meanwhile you know overall we have a president who will turn 08 80 this year a vice president
7:55 pm
without a tell prompter can't put a coherent sentence together she's in her 80s as well nancy pelosi who increasingly act and says things that are profoundly weird did you watch "state of the union" and how she angted there. we're the united states of america we can do beaters and must do better lawrence instead these are our leaders right now telling homeless to go back to homes they don't have -- maxine waters out of touch, so many people in hollywood -- i'm sorry in washington and hollywood for that matter completely out of touch with what the american people are going through right now my friend. lawrence: you said it. how about you go home auntie maxine because you don't even live in your district why don't you represent your people. joe thank you so much. we'll be right back. my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth,
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struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside and play with my daughter. i can ate anything. like, i don't have to worry. clearchoice changed my life. that oddly satisfying feeling when you don't do it yourself.
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well that was fun thank you so much for waving we'll be back here next saturday live at 10 p.m. eastern time remember to
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follow me on social media. lawrence b. jones 3 on facebook, and instagram, and twitter. it is always a pleasure. good night. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. i'm aishah hasnie live in warsaw poland for war rear rei people of ukraine negotiator says peace talks with russian reach a point for zelenskyy and putin could be meeting possibly in turkey negotiators reportedly have reached an agreement on enough elements for a potential peace agreement. the head of the ukrainian delegation says russian negotiators have agreed to all of ukraine positions except where crimea is concerned.


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